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MISSING: DeOrr Kunz Jr.


An idyllic family camping trip in the Idaho forests turns into a nightmare when 2-year-old DeOrr Kunz Jr. vanishes without a trace.

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job well, without Monday, dot com when you're teamwork is effective. Nothing can stop you to start your. The fourteen day trial good, you Monday, dotcom, high crime, junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers and I'm bread in the story I want to tell you today is as tragic as it is baffling a family goes on vacation in an Idaho National Forest to take advantage of the great outdoors only to have their dream trip descend into a nightmare when their little boy goes missing. This is the story of deal
Coon's. Junior on the afternoon of Friday July tend to those in fifteen police and law enforcement in Lamb, high County, Idaho, get a pair. Nine one, one call to twenty eight p m from a distressed mother named Jessica, Mitchell Jessica, says her two year old son. Do your has gone missing while her family was camping out in the salmon Chalice National Forest at Timber Creek
the limb high county sheriffs respond immediately and once they arrive unseen, they get the story from a distraught Jessica. She, and a few, others left their home in Idaho falls to go on a family camping shook the day before the full group included Jessica, her Sunday or her fiance, who d or senior and he also goes by the name for now, just because Grandpa, Bob Walton and Bob's friend Isaac Jessica, says they all drove about two hours northwest and had gone to timber creek campsite. After Darn Bobby, used to go out to timber creek as a young man, and he says that he wanted to share his love for the outdoors and specifically for this place with his family and his son, Thirdly, with little do your suit the next morning after they get their job, because says that she and Vernal took to your into town to go shopping lead or which is like the nearest town about half an hour away when they got back. Isaac decided that he wanted to go fishing on his own. You don't just get some alone time, so he went off
all Vernal and Jessica went to go fish somewhere else, while do your stay behind with his great grandpa Bob when they get back to the campsite some time after New York? wasn't playing your bob like he was supposed to be their little Blake with me And no one knew where he was Bob said he thought to Europe was with Vernal and Jessica bethought euros with him, and when they realized something was very very wrong. Jessica tells police. That sheep or no Isaac and Bob search for about an hour before calling nine when one to thirty five that afternoon right away search and rescue team is sent out to scour the campsite for any trace of d or according to Jessica when he disappeared. Yours wearing bellew, pajama, pants, loose boots and a camel print jacket no initially, law enforcement are pretty competent. That they'll be able to find your and get him back to his parents safely, because, as one of the sheriff deputies told Idaho State Journal, kid
stores age, who wander off on their own dont, tend to get very far and about seventy five percent of them. Usually found within like one fifth of a mile or so from where they took off run. Even though this is a dense and rocky terrain with some like swampy areas near the water. The deputy goes even further There are saying that around ninety five percent are found within two point, eight miles or less, so you can see why there's hope that your will be found safe and sound okay. So this might be a dumb question, but I'm cool Clearly unfamiliar with Idaho is Timber Creek just a name or is it like an actual creek nearby? So it is actually a creek timber. Creek is a creek and just like you pointed out. Your possibly drowning is one of the searchers first thoughts and one of their biggest fear. So they searched the creek right away but they find no sign of d or their. However, the idea of an accident drowning can't be written off yet because that's not the the body of water, near by there is also the stone
reservoir and so police and divers up to that reservoir to search there as well, but just like at the creek. They don't come up with anything to suggest that he was ever there after twelve hours and help from over a hundred and seventy searchers and volunteers who take to the woods on foot horseback tv I mean even have handlers with canine dogs out there and helicopters. They all do scans, throw the entire daylight and into dark, but there's no sign of de work anywhere, no eventually they have to pause the search when the darkness becomes all consuming, no matter how hard they wanna try, they just can't do a thorough search without daylight. The search for looms again the next morning at last, the full day and its. Then, on the second day that this case starts to get weird because the Lamb, high county law enforcement officials suspend volunteer operations forty eight hours of searching what. Why would they do that? So they don't get
explanation, right away, like all the public hears is like no more volunteers searching but the sheriffs department. Does put out a news release later that same day that clarifies things a little bit more and basically they say hey. This is rough terrain out here we're having trouble keeping track of every single volunteer coming in and out, and if someone gets her, what we may not be to go, get then the help they need, because this is such a remote area, so a kind of mixed like out there in the woods, is actually reasonable enough for me to think like hey, we don't want to put some one in danger so right they didn't actually stop the search for DE or their does not using civilian volunteer helpers, any it's more like a public service decision right so around this. Same time. Then something happens. Tracking dogs pick up a cent they pick up. This sent on Stone Reservoir and the searchers heart? Just drop according to Andrea lights in the Burlington Free Press, the dogs are brought.
On day one to try and traced yours movements, and you know, in a worst case scenario, find his body. No one wanted this little boy to defy statistics and be found dead, but if the evidences, they are? They have to follow it and get the truth. There's just one problem as they quickly discover the search area has been contaminated. What do you mean by contaminated, so According to Heather truly article on inquisitor dotcom, someone else I swear, I never saw a name or anything like I couldn't find her any details on this. But someone had come out just stone reservoir and scattered the crimean of a loved one around the water. So when the dogs gotta hit, this is the sent that there are picking up on and fix saving it's what their trained to do right, like they're, just fixated on the wrong person right now, like blunder kind of forces, the sheriffs deputy to admit that they really didn't secure the area properly, which allowed this person.
To get in with the ashes sometime after your went missing, or I mean even essentially it could have been before he went. Sing again they have no idea when this person can begin leading cordon off the area or keep this theme secure. I mean almost at all. They just have people kind of like roaming, free coming in and out enemies. Did you write like it's a large state park? No proof we. I dont think this was malicious, idle. Think someone did this to throw police off and police, don't treat it like a deliberate attempt to throw them off either, but therein arrest, and they know that they wasted days searching for something that has nothing potentially to do with the case, and this is an awful mistake, because police know that their racing against time here every minute counts when a child is missing, and so they broaden their search to add more possibilities about what could have happened on that day, like could have Wild animal had snatched your or could someone have abducted him, no police.
Get rid of the wild animal theory pretty quickly because they're just nothing to support it. If an animal had grabbed your odds. Are there would be some blood We would see pieces of his clothes ripped off or maybe one of his boots that had fallen off right, but there is none in like that, not a here, not a fiber, nothing and too the two year old boy. There's no way to your would have gone quietly if a wolf or a bearers, then came a like dragged him off. Some one would have heard something I mean even Bob in failing health and on oxygen, twenty four hours a day would have heard a little boys screaming. So he some oxygen had like for the great held, I guess as apparent I'm I'm wondering why you would like leave your child with someone like that. I don't get me wrong buzz and great Grandpa's are amazing and I rely on them a time. But if I
that someone wasn't in the shape till you run after my kid I dont know how come to my view that two year olds are fast. I can vouch for that Argentina, same maize like everywhere. All the time like you can barely keep up with her, and I guess it's kind of baffles me as to why, like yours, parents be very hunky dory with a situation I dont know re like. So I think that, maybe, since it was a family trip and Bob had been to that area several times before, like maybe just really cross their minds. You know I mean Jessica, infernal like trusted so well, please, you're still digging into these possibilities and searching for DE or big it outside help when the FBI offers their assistance on July thirty. I note shortly after this in August, a parallel investigation. Pops up when retired: U S. Marshall named Frank veiled offers his services to Jessica and for no as a private, investigator right away, Frank says, his own Tipp line and starts conducting his own interviews with Jessica or no Bob and Isaac, and he starts working his own.
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Frank is only on the case for about a week when he comes up with a theory to him. The only plausible theory is that do your was kidnapped now this this time, the Lamb High County sheriff never viewed kidnapping as a strong possibility. The probability to them was just too low. You see there one road that goes in and out of the timber Creek Campsite, so pretty much interest rate one way shot, so anyone in a car would have had to use that road and their car would make noise. People would have heard it and you thinking like with off road view, wholesale for Wheeler. That's gonna! Make noise too, with the kidnapper took off on one of those Jessica Oh Isaac and Bob all told police that they didn't hear anything like that and when you think it's even less likely that a potential kidnapper would be on foot so to police. That kind of just like rules out the theory and they never put out an amber alert or two
Do you like a kidnapping victim in those early days that he vanished but to Frank, probable or not. He sure that that's where the evidence is pointing him and he even comes up with a possible suspect so. Remember what I told you that Jessica, Infernal took tea or into town the morning that he went missing, yeah so Jessica tells Frank in his team. While they were at that stage, stop general store. She noticed a stir, range man was staring at, do your and it put her on edge because, like in her good, the way this guy, Looking at her baby just felt wrong like he was big saving and staring for He too long, so she and getting out of there, because of that she describes this me as being in his fifties with long white Haired that was curly at the bottom and Jessica also says that he drove a jeep
That's not a lot to go on right, like not for Frank and certainly not for law enforcement may, but according to people magazine investigates about a week later francs Tipp lying gets a call from a woman who says that she was hiking with her little boys were about the same age as do you're when she saw die out there in the woods, and she got that exact same feeling. Jessica did like this. Guy was looking too closely. Kids and maybe even like following or stalking them her description. This guy that she saw out in the woods matches, the guy Jessica says that she saw at this stage. Are I mean right down to the black Jeep Rubicon at the man was driving Frank shares, his concern, and his evidence with law enforcement. Both the lamb. Hi, county sheriffs and the FBI take this seriously and they do get involved, hoping that this is the breakthrough that they ve been waiting for. Find the owner of this black cheap Rubicon and he goes in for questioning and while he said
again. I'm friends with that stage. Stop manager he's like. I wasn't at that store the day that you are went missing and he's also but an alibi that checks out which puts investigators right back at square one. Throughout this Baileys worst nightmare The police and the sheriffs are relieved that Jessica, Vernal Isaac and Bob stay cooperative. They all volunteer to take polygraph tests, and Jessica and Infernal do their part to keep to or in the public eye, even as August passes into September, and the case starts going cold, While all this is happening. Local law enforcement has really seen how the community has rallied around Jessica and Vernal. I mean these people are holding vis. Old, organizing, fun razors to help pay francs expenses and they keep up a pretty steady stream of social media posting keep attention on divorce case and then what day in the middle of September, a couple of months after your went missing. Facebook
loads after a picture appears online of an unidentified little boy who was just found instead California, which is down near allay. I mean this is over a thousand miles away from where your was last seen, and this boy just happens look a lot like to your here, but I must send you these two pictures side by side there from the EAST, Idaho NEWS and tell me which, when you think is, do your and which, when you think, is the boy that was found. Oh man, these kids look really similar. It looks like the same kid yeah, but I think I will save but the one on the left in a lime, green shirt is the or yes, yes, you're right, but bizarre rightly, they have the same to me the same shape eyes. Their noses are the same. The Maumee blonde hair get even the cut of their here. It is bizarre how similar these to look so for them.
Reason this post goes viral. I mean totally bananas because this little boy was found at a motel, instant and with zero, clues to whom he might be. He was just abandoned their somehow. He ended up there and beyond. The strike resemblance like the age matches, the height matches the weak matches. I mean it could totally be do your. So if this kid is d or Frank was right all along, and he really was kidnapped rate like that, only way he could make it all the way down to California exactly Enzo Lemme County law enforcement agree that the similar areas are striking and they instantly make some calls to Orange County California to follow up and what they It is both uplifting and devastating. So by the time call, the child in the photo has already been identified. But it's not do your this little boy. Had wandered off and had been returned to his panic, mom, safe and sound, and he got his happy ending while Idaho police have to
Jessica and Bernard that their son isn't coming home. This is a real morale blow for law enforcement, but they're not giving up. Yet. However, there is someone on the case whose giving up frank, whose just kind, vernal, private investigator, just up in which the case out of the blue in September, about two weeks after the Viral post now, he'd only been working for them, but about like six weeks in total at this point. Wait what why would he quit so at first, he won't say now frank send the family or resignation letter that privately kind of lays out. Why he's quitting, but there's no way for the public or so like any one connected to the case are looking in on the case to know what that resignation says, or what reason that he gets now. This feel a little weird to law enforcement, but I mean I don't know it's. We want to make a bit so they don't think too much of it. At the time I mean they still have a little boy to find just
and Vernal higher another private investigator. In November, a man named Philip Klein whose based out in Texas bring him into work the case and when he comes he's really optimistic, that he's gonna be the guy who's able to solve it as Philip ramps up his own investigation police the sheriffs in both Lemme County Annan, Bougainville County, where, during his family, live keep up their investigation. Despite the passing time, search, efforts out in the forests are hinges on the hopes of making a breakthrough before winter but despite more dives into the stone reservoir and more scouring the timber creek area, again and again and again, they dont get their miracle and in January. Two thousand sixteen Frank, the first investigator resurface is: he decides to go pub, with his formal resignation, letter that he had sent to Jessica, Infernal back in September and this resignation letter sets off
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infernal in detail why he stepping away from the investigation he initially sent this letter to them a few months ago again when he resigned, but he waited we'll January to send it to the press, and this letter is damning because he's very suspicious of Jessica and for no and he's angry, because he things that they lied to him so here, but I want you to read the full resignation letter. I think its super important, so the resignation letter says dear dear and just got as I previously informed you today via my text here, well, your telephone at eight thirty one I am. I am withdrawing from the investigation because of circumstances beyond my control, including, but not limited, to a breach of trust. On your part concerning a refusal to allow me to make this case national. I am perplexed as to why you did not want me to
the ties of twenty thousand dollar award. I was willing to put up personal funds in the hope that the public can provide information leading to the whereabouts of your son. When I agree to assist you, I informed you that I would work my out of pocket expenses, I was willing to forego my normal, our leafy, my population was that both of you would be absolutely truthful idle. Both That, if I felt that you are not telling the truth stalling me, or otherwise misleading me that I would withdraw from the investigation in my professional life. And both of you lied and misrepresented. The true facts that could solve the mystery of your missing son There are other aspects of his case that I cannot go into at this time, but simply put, I believe, the surgeon we'll all be non productive, the search are only used by you to cover the possible crime that one or both of you may have committed. My suggestion is that you,
cooperate with the Lamb, high county sheriff and tell the truth. I do not appreciate the fact that one or both of you are spreading rumours that you have paid me. I have not received reimbursement to cover my expenses. I also feel that your explaining the public for and your game. How can you live with yourselves sooner or later, the truth will come out roof what's this all about is a really kind of cryptic no one not even to cryptic armies appointed but like the sooner or later it will come out, is eerie to me, but make no mistake. Did you mention reward at all earlier through. No, you didn't miss it, but that's the whole thing. So from his letter, it sounds like he wanted to address eyes a reward. Take this case national and I mean, according to his letter, put up personal funds for it, but it seems we he's insinuating from this resignation letter is that they told him not to show when this comes out. Police are giant, but here's the thing
Frank's, not the only one who thinks for now and Jessica, have not been totally honest after being on the case. For about six weeks, the families second private, investigator Philip Who is turning over everything he finds to police is starting have his own suspicions. A big part of his doubt is coming from banal and Jessica's polygraph results because remember how I said: LEO that they had volunteered to sit down for paragraphs like back in August or something like that visa womb they have both done the task multiple times between August and up to January, and both Jessica, an Vernal failed not once but multiple times over. The course of the investigation now renewal for his part gets angry when he's asked about feel the tests and he lies a Phillips team about the results, while Philip is still working with the family, and Vernal goes from being like this mild mannered grieving dad on TV to like how,
dear you, when he's kind of confronted by his own private investigator, he gets very like in your face, condescending and super defensive, like I want you to listen to this. Listen to him talk to a member of it. Steam. In this recording that was released to Katy, be news and tell me what you think, Why did you lie to me about your polygraph test, because that's what I was all jack, there's an interview the words were changing closed it, but I think you're. In complicit passwords example why anybody could win, We ve been told something completely different, that they told you that you absolutely failed with deception guide. All sweetheart that now that you're saying I'll prove an antidote, everybody yeah, he sounds really defend, say he dies right, and so this puts Phillips investigative senses. Right on edge like something isn't adding up here so heat Vernal, unjustified that he suspicious and he has his doubts about their stories and Adam
you can imagine that relationship breaks down in a hurry and basically right away Philips contract is terminated in pretty much the same day that he tells Renault and Jessica. All of this, and in that the relationship is over, except Philip, isn't done. When, though, he's not working for viewers parents any more, he is still suspicious as all get out and he claims and anonymous. Member of DE yours extended family pays him to keep investigating, The lamb, high county, sheriffs agree with Philip suspicions and on January, twenty fifth, two thousand sixteen. This is six months after do your vanished, his parents are publicly named as suspects in his disappearance. According to cable tv news, the sheriff decides to name them suspects, because the stories that they tell to both local long for and the FBI about what happened that day, keep changing even little. Like weird yours, favorite blanket was and where his city cup was like cats changing every.
I find that they tell their stories endless like it's one thing to get little details wrong because trauma does weird things to the memory, but Jessica and Renault go beyond that like way beyond lemon give you an example, the select they went to that stage, stop in town to get some stuff right, so Vernal tells investigators Do your got really excited by this, like beer, delivery, man parked out front and the jail we guy was super nice and even took you're too, like sit in his truck, but police in private. Best gaiters found the delay. Craig. I and he's like I have way deal you're talking about. I never saw a kid I certainly never put. It may trot because as a violation of company policy. So please Why? Why are you lying about this and for Jessica's part sheet investigators about a guy who was working out, a feed store, and he was like pumping He saw and playing with d or through the truck window when they stopped a fuel up except again, they
I find this guy- and he too is like I, ever saw a kid in a car. So all of these changing stories provable lies, are really making the police like side. I, the parents, pretty hard yeah. They were like such weird things to lie about to like completely unnecessary embellishments to this release, simple quick run to a store in my Pinion like yeah, detailed enough to make its unbelievable, but vague enough for them to believe that the police couldn't really track down in their life, but the subtle, but obviously they did write like they did track these people down. And to me these people that they tracked down like it makes no sense for these strangers till I like it, they saw a boy or interacted with the boy. They would have said, so it makes no difference to these random people. They'll just tell the truth, but their truth is directly contradict Jessica, infernal statements and what they're saying ok, so the parents- I was can't eat their stories straight or even settle on one story. But what about
in Bob, like are their stories checking out so here's the thing I think its super interesting. So Isaac story is consistent, but Bob's isn't an odyssey bar, is like the one related to just go infernal accordingly. He's Idaho NEWS Bob told Philips investigators that he thought that there was an accident out at the campsite, but he will you tell them anything else about what might have happened or what would make him think that an accident had happened, and since we know Philip worked for them from November of she doesn't fifteen to January of sixteen Bob. I do have made this statement some time in that timeframe, but get this on a two thousand. Seventeen episode people magazine investigates about this case, which it was called. Whereas baby do your Bob told them that your was playing over to the sight of him after Jessica in Vernal left to go fishing, so he
like your, was out of his direct line of sight. He glanced over every once in a while to make sure you are was still there and he was a fine and then maybe, just like China went missing. So it's like another inconsistency leg into doesn't seventeen. He doesn't bring up this idea of probable accident at all, but we didn't Bob originally think that Gmos with his pair and the parents thought euros with. Ah yes, so it's missiles Sophronia like super hard to put this all in a timeline and when these stories are being said, who there being said to begin, from what I can find their like three very distinct stories that Bob telling as well and again. We know his health is failing. We know he's older. So is this him. Lying in being manipulated, or is this a sign
feeling agent in memory in something like that- I just I honestly don't know ye- are there so many stories at this point in time? And now Bob is adding even more yet in your right, like we know that the human mind is fallible in general, it comes to memory, but this even more extreme than that. Yet I mean for Bob's inconsistent story. To make sounds to me, I mean someone would have to come out be like he suffers from dementia, because it's not like oh dear, was aeroplane to my left and really use plain to my right. I mean you, ve got one where he's with you one week he's not with you and all of a sudden, like an accident that you're talking about its very, very strange and all of is changing stories, make the entire family look worse and worse in the eyes of both the public and police and the once supportive Unity eventually turns against them, even Local law enforcement, who usually temper their words in public, go on the record with some pretty harsh words: the Lamb
county sheriff at the time as the guiding. When actually says it has to be a homicide. Those are his exact words, but even with the numerous failed polygraph analyze and the changing stories, Whole law enforcement know that they don't have enough to build a case against Jessica, infernal so well, They are named as suspects they're not arrested then in March, two thousand. Sixteen were now eight months after that, fateful day out at Timber Creek Philip drops a bombshell. He goes on record with the EAST, Idaho NEWS and announces that cadavers search dogs got some heads back during that initial search in July, and it's weird like sort of cagey about whether or not it was the same hit that came from the ashes scattered at Stone Reservoir, which we already talked about, like obviously, that's everyone's first thought like do. You're late to the party I heard about that turned out to be nothing but Philip kind of persists. With
this insinuation being that this is a different hit, He won't elaborates on it because he says he doesn't want to damage a potential prosecution. So it's kind of a big question mark and since Philips, a civil investigator Emmy he's got different jurisdiction and rights than police officers conducting an investigation. Now the Idaho law enforcement don't see him as being like a hindrance or anything there's kind of mutual respect or need they at least the same common goal of finding the truth about what happened to your. So I think might be led into what ass, he might be trying to protect the investigation, protect the prosecution, but are these is also getting a little bit frustrated that you get there not doing what he feels. They should be, and he's tried like drop, hence here and there and like, even though he is cooperating with them. They may not be cooperating with him. We but here's the thing. That's not all Philip has to say, because he claims Jessica told him that she,
He knows weird yours body is according to fill up just broke down in an interview with him and admitted to knowing the location of your body, and just one thinking like Oh well, you know like he doesn't work for law enforcement. He got fired, maybe he's just taking his own. Hunch too far like making stuff up. He also says that She didn't just confessed to him. He says that she also broke. Down in an interview with law enforcement and told them the same thing which to me is a huge accusation and sound like the cases overrate won't, not quite because, as Philip tells the reporter Jessica, climbed up, super tight after that in wouldn't say anything else about it. Neither to him or police billet didn't give a real. Good time line of when just come made this revelation, but since he only work for them for a couple of months
My guess is that it happened some time between that November. In January timeframe, note to be super clear. I couldn't find anything to corroborate Philip story about Jessica, telling him or law enforcement that she knew where her sons body was but get this while Jessica's run, you asleep denies ever admitting such a thing to any one. It seems like it could be a possibility, because the police action offer her immunity deal in exchange for telling them where D or is in two thousand nineteen Jessica herself admitted to offer being put on the table, but she's. Never clear exactly when it happened now, obviously, police of
he named her as a suspect, along with her fiance there already suspicious of them. So I mean they might have just made this deal, offer as like a shot in the dark. Something too like shake their case loose may or any. Maybe it could be a little bit more pointed if she had slipped up at any point in time and said more than she meant to then maybe bat, why they made the offer they made it confident that she could take them to where he was no these have never commented on this. So any opinion either way would just be speculation. Ultimately, The whole thing just raises a ton more questions in a case that practically bursting with them, even though Philips claims lead to increased mission and scrutiny around Jessica, Infernal, Idaho, enforcement, still don't file any charges and the case stays colt except Philip, isn't finished with his revelations and his next revelation poses
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code crime junkie. To get your first thirty days for free in July, two thousand sixteen around the one year anniversary of wind, you were vanished billet posts along report on Facebook com. You mean that his investigators searched vernal, unjust, goes all department in their home of Idaho, falls and found a toddlers camel jacket, some bellew pitching pants and a pair boots, and if you remember, these are the same clothes that do your supposedly wearing when he went missing. According to be. Oh. I news, and I too, who falls Vernon and Jessica had been evicted from their property for not paying their rent and when they laughed, they left behind a bunch of stuff and Silt Philips team of investing.
Leaders, got permission from the landlord to go in and look around. So in addition to the clothes Philip said that they also found some twig, cars that Jessica, Infernal had previously said were missing. They found a credit card used by an unidentified family friend to buy things Ronald never told Philip or his team about, but they dont worry. They go the detail about exactly what those purchases may have been or how they relate to the case, but healing makes a specific point of talking about it. So at this point the assumption has to be that your never made it to the campsite at all. I mean first there the witnesses that supposedly saw him at the store and there like. No, then there's no trace of him or his clothes at campsite and in the closest possible missing in are found hundreds of my The way there's no way right. So Philips firm posted there report on their facebook page, and it says that their investigative team quote cannot find any person that saw the
I'll go up the mountain either the day of the event or the evening before end quote. Here's the only snag, though so Grandpa Bob's friend Isaac. The guy who story has been consistent this whole time, the guy who was fishing when your went missing yeah. He is adamant that do your was actually there so does Philip think that eyes again lying or is it just lumping him in with everybody else and considering him an unreliable witness. I have no idea in an interview with the EAST, Idaho NEWS Phillips at that his team is getting some statements Isaac made, but he really doesn't go into detail specifically about those all the play me is that, based on believed your ever made it there? I have no idea How is it please into that? I mean like Sir, what else in this case, there's nothing to one hundred percent prove or disprove what either Isaac or Philip are saying. So,
Let me again, who knows it's one big scattered jigsaw. Puzzle and no one, including the police, know how to put the pieces together. Law enforcement adds Phillips theory to their list, but they're not ready to discount the original story that you're really was at timber creek. I guess my biggest question dealing what makes them think that he was it timber creek. You know you, don't that's what I dont know again. There are obviously in Peru probably holding stuff back from our Blakeney. I dont know if they did find some. Saying that they're holding onto I dont know again, if you go back to that those javert on hates that we felt was insinuating happened. That was number from the remains, maybe that something maybe they picked up on assent of his, but the fact that are not like writing, write it off like the fact that he was the ever there. Don't write like you so like the added to their list. They basically aren't ruling any options out. Yet free things on the table. Still now, Philips claims. Don't.
Led to any arrests, but as time goes on and yours case stays, cold relationships start to deteriorate, Jessica, Infernal, break off our engagement in two thousand sixteen in the months after their names, suspects and Jessica gets. Mary to another man. Shortly after- and I know we talked before, but how in a grief and the grieving process are huge structures on relationship and they can be an effective bunch of different ways for bunch of different people so while some people might look at this as a sign of what Well, I don't think that then separating or getting someone else's. That strange well and also more than anything. I see this as a opportunity like if one or both of the oars parent were involved in any way and they're not other anymore. It seems it can be the perfect time for one of them to flip on the other, like we see it all the time, there's no alliance between them any more, the
dissolves, maybe there's some tension still left. Why not open that door? It's interesting! You say that, because in September two thousand, seventeen Jessica me A statement to investigation discovery where she says that she He believes Vernal could have hurt. Do your vernal disputes this immediately, of course, but when we look back on everything we know about the case, the lies. The inconsistency is the alleged confession about George body Jessica. Offered immunity the finger pointing to Vernal, I mean it all just adds up to questions was there an accident that got covered up? Did something premeditated happened to him? Did he ever even make it up to that campsite and if did where could he have gone at police? Didn't search like I'm, not gonna. Take this case and shake it until everything comes loose and we finally get the true in her. As recently as the
summer of two thousand nineteen dilemma, county Sheriffs Department is still making trips out to timber creek to search the area with cadaver dogs on the hunt for missing pieces. According did the KGB renews news report. From July of last year, the dogs get a hit and find a boon, but after the bone is sent to the FBI. To be analyzed, it came back, is just belonging to an animal. So to me, at least, if law enforcement are bringing to divert ox out there for years afterwards, I feel like they think that dual might have really Bennett the campsite and is still out there somewhere. Seven, I agree it from everything there doing from everything there saying it still seems like they are so focused on that campsite, whether that means they think it was an accident or a murder is kind of anybody's gas. Since we have no idea really happened, this poor kid and long for and has never officially clarified. If there are a hundred percent. Certain do your was out
air or not. What happened to him as it hey, no charges have ever been filed against Jessica, Vernal, Bob or Isaac Bob passed away in two thousand nineteen and to date do yours case is still officially opened and if is alive. He would now be seven years old if you have any information that might lead to solving this case. Please call the limb, high county sheriffs department at two zero, eight, seven, five, six, eight, nine, eight, zero, If you want to see pictures me story or to viewers source material, you can find out. Information on our website, Rhine, junkie, podcast, dot com should have always on Instagram. I'm junkie pike. Us we'll be back next week with a brand new episode
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