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MISSING: Tara Calico


A bright young college student vanishes while out on a bike ride, leaving behind a mystery that's endured for over 30 years.

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Please note our source material stated the book in the photo is title My Secret Audrina, by V.C. Andrews. The book actual name is My Sweet Audrina.

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Hi crime, junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers at I'm, bread- and today I want to tell you about a mystery in the me says: when a bright young, college student rides away from home and vanish into thin. Air investigators can only find the barest hints of what could have happened to her and that question still remains to this very day. Over thirty years later,
This is the story of tar, Kaliko, real, quick crime junkies. Before we jump into the episode, I wanted to make sure you realise that its that time
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with her mom, her step, Dad John and her stepsister shall, in the real community suburb now Tom a really active girl. She did track and cheerleading in high school and now that she's in college he still likes to stay busy by playing tennis, and she goes a regular long long bike cried for exercise. So patties not surprised when tar says she's gonna go on her daily bike right that morning now, since tars own by got a flat tire Couple of days ago, she asked her mom if she can take her hot, Pink Huffy Ten speed bike out. Instead, an patties like sure no problem around nine thirty that morning, tar is getting ready to head out and she tells Patty that she's been me back. By eleven thirty, because she's gotta meet her boyfriend. She has this tennis came later and she hasn't college classes. Now she says if I'm not backed by noon. Please come get me
and this may sound a little weird to say, but Taras really good at keeping a schedule and since she's already got plans at afternoon I mean she just wants to make sure that Europe shares illusion, the time like she wants to be punctual, so tall. Says goodbye to her mom turns on her walkman and sets off on her usual routes along New Mexico State Road. Forty seven now patty in love. The Torah took this route so much because it's kind of isolated once you get outside of the neighbourhood policy, One time when Patty went biking with tar one morning along this same exact road. She so where's that they were being followed by a driver which freak out enough that she didn't want to go on a right again now, Patty Obviously like brought this up to tar and she told her listen, you at least need to be carrying mace. I don't even really want you on this route at all, but Taras like no mom you're behaving dickie less like we live in a safe place. This is a comfortable area
Nineteen, not nine, and the really isn't it the amount that party can do about that. You know she says you know I voice my concerns. I don't love, but Torah is an adult so that morning eleven thirty am comes and goes without any sign of, and now obviously this is back in the days before cell phones or even pagers. So it's not like big in just call or page Herbie, like hair you on your way homes Patty has to wait and really eleven thirty one, eleven thirty five, even eleven forty passes and parties, not that worried. Yet after all, it wouldn't be super odd for a bike right to run a little bit over but went there still doesn't come home by noon. Patty decides to go out and look for her, just like Torah had told her to do Patty New right where to look because, like I said, tar bikes that same route, basically every day, it's a seventy,
miles, stretch along state road, forty seven heading south beast out to the railroad tracks away from Rio communities and then seventeen miles back. She drives and down the road hoping to catch a glimpse of the familiar pink bike, but mile after mile after mile. She sees nothing, no sign of her daughter, no sign of them is there any sort of like station or Rostov that she might have stopped out for a break nope. There is nothing so by now patties, definitely starting to get worried because torrent again, we said super punctual person like she's, always on time. She always keeps her schedule pretty tight but at the same time passed he is still trying to say, logical and not immediately jump to the absolute worst conclusions? Now you have, the bike could have gotten a flat tire or something could have happened. These things
you know go wrong and she probably gonna see tar there in a lot about it later. But when Patty gets back home, her hopes are dashed when her worst fears start true, because by the time she gets home, having driven those seventeen miles, beer and Back Torres still isn't there together with her husband, John, whose tar step dad they call the police to report her missing. According to add, Pierce is reporting Albuquerque Journal law enforcement takes this case seriously right away and the search efforts get under way that Tuesday they take Patty and Johns word that this is super out of character, Torah and beyond that all of tar, as friends say the same thing. This isn't like cars so dependable. She would never just right and again she had plans. Why make your mom come? Look for you if you weren't they are coming back, doubling
see a county, sheriffs call in help from departments all across New Mexico. We're talking the state police, the burning LEO County share of some Albuquerque. They have bloodhound teams come in and they have a state search and rescue team all come to join in the efforts out searching on foot on horseback even bring in some atv like this is a hard core search operation pretty much right off the bat and it pays off because that very first date, horror went missing. Searchers, find some vital clues that make her families hearts sink there. Right along state road. Forty seven about four miles away from Rio. Communities are bicycle tracks like kind that wouldn't match the one, she was writing so without a bite to eat Compare them to it's a little hard to do a full analysis right away and say that you are a hundred percent. This is hers, but it's definitely what their thinking but
tracks. Didn't actually led them to tar or her moms bike investigation discovery reported that the tracks look kind of spun out like there must have been or could have been a struggle in that area, and they also report that very close to the bike. Tire marks. They also find tire marks a car along with a piece of broken tape. Player, know this tape player, matched the same distinctive, yellow, Walkman. The Torah had and would always take with her, and if there is any doubt that it could be hers, they also found the Cosette that had been in the walkman near by It was from the band, Boston and Patty and John are guarded because they know Torah love to listen to music, while she was out riding all this had to belong to and finding these things felt like a very bad sign. I mean all of this looks like something not. Rate happened was findings. Evidence able to help no it on their searches or find what
says anything: oh yeah, I mean because again we started with that. Seventeen miles structure wrote so we have a much more condensed area and police do actually find a handful of witnesses. Who say they saw a woman matching tars, just should the morning that she went missing. There was a pair of ranch hands working that morning and they tell law enforcement that they saw her heading north at about eleven. Thirty, which bits right in with the time frame of her being on her way home, just like she promised now. This is our focus again. It narrows down our time frame a little bit, but it doesn't get us a whole lot closer to Torah. So, while police and the see a county sheriffs are still out searching Torres It isn't just sitting back and waiting path. You, John and Michel, are all working tirelessly to recruit volunteers to help look for any sign of what might have happened, datura in order to bring her back home. The they're on Wednesday was really bad bad enough that an error, search, debts grounded and much
Two patties dismay: this really gross damning windy, rainy and it's perfect I'll wash away all of the evidence that they're, probably so desperate to bite, but even with the weather setbacks, the dolls don't give up and by Friday they ve gotten over two hundred people to join in with the search for Torah. According to the Albuquerque Journal, ground forces are focusing on the east side of state road. Forty seven, where it's more isolated and while they're out searching other members of law enforcement, are searching for more witnesses who might be able to shed some light on what happened that day and they get a break several or witnesses come forward and tell police that not only did they see Torah, but they saw her being followed by an older model. Pickup truck with a shell camphor this same witnesses they. The Torah had her headphones on and she didn't seem to be aware that she might have been being followed and if she was,
aware than how could she tried to protect herself from whoever was behind the wheel of this truck now, even though these lead seem promising at burst. None of these clue led to anything solid, not the walk men, not the witness descriptions of the truck, nothing and so all the all can do is wait and keep grasping onto hope. The months go by unlike too many missing person cases Torres disappearance, cools off with no new leads. The case eventually goes cold, and then in the summer nineteen eighty nine Torres step dad gets appall that turns the investigation. Red hot is absurd, was made possible with statistics. Prison I kind of heat closed shopping using you're a medium, so you get the medium of the rock and it is wildly wrong. Sometimes too big sometimes
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friend tells him is cool. Easy, and I have to tell you it so This woman at a convenience, store all the way in port St Dot, Joe in North Florida. This is on June 12th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine now she's in the parking lot at this convenience store and she sees a white Van with a guy sitting in the driver seat. It's just nobody in the passenger side and this is a big deal at the time. But then, when she comes back out of the store, the van is gone and there in its place, is a Polaroid picture lying on the ground. She picked it up to one look at it and was so shocked, but she knew she had reported to police right away and here, but I'm meant to send you. This picture more is a refreshing me, there's probably one of the most infamous pictures in the true crime communities. I'm sure you ve seen it. I know we ve actually talked about it in another case, but it might,
good for you and for the audience to just get a little refresher. Oh my god yeah. I definitely members This picture at some point in time. It's a picture and you can't tell where it's set, but there are two. People fixing a teenage girl and maybe a younger people. Maybe like elementary school age, the alligator ten, and it appears that there, bound and of tape over their mouths and their both laying down on like a couple of blankets and pillows, and there is actually a book net to the girl right, I can't quite make out anything out of, and you can't see their feet. The picture ray and you you taking that. You know we're making the assumption that they're bound but like their hands, are behind their back they're. Both I kind of laying on their hands- and there There are the image but, like you said, they have duct tape on, and I mean just like the looks on their faces I think what you had to very jarring photo yeah, it's chilling. Actually, this picture came
like I mention in another case back when we were researching the Zachary Bernhard case by earlier because for a moment, police wondered if the boy in the picture was him now We see that didn't end up like coming to any kind of conclusion, but now this picture is back because the ito it's been found in Florida and police in Florida got work like right away soon. Is this woman called them turn in this picture there trying to identify the people in the polar right and the woman who finds the picture help. Please everything she knows. According to the thought catalogue she described driver as this die in his thirties with a mustache Emmy is bay, but it's all they have and armed with this disease, some of the guy and the Van the police actually set up roadblocks right away looking for this person, but despite their best efforts, they can't find anything and there you know working working days. Turning the weak there trying to identify these people, it's not going anywhere so when six weeks go by
and the floor to police still don't have anything to go on. They turned to the public for help to see if any one might goodnight whose in this picture, which is how it got on, occur, in a fair, were Johns friend, solid, so backing Mexico when John here's, this story from his friend about seeing the picture on account of fair about how this lady found it he's instant on high alert and, according to people magazine, he calls the New Mexico police immediately, and in Paris family rush down to Florida as soon as they can in their joy by the FBI, who takes over as lead in the investigation and their first priority is to get that photo back to their lab for analysis. You can imagine just from looking at this picture. This picture at the time gets eight line of media attention all over the country, because everyone, wants to know? Who are these kids? Where are these kids and or the still alive because clearly they
seem ok in this photo now, even though Tipp Start fly in. Nobody can connect the boy and the girl with solid names till John DOE calls the police in Florida in says. Listen, this might be our Torah and I The great like comparison. I want you to look at this picture of terror and then looked back at that Polaroid. Oh my god. Now, I can totally easier, even pang of the Pollack in her bangs, which is kind of distinctive. I think, like. I don't disagree, that this could be her. Torres parents or even more confident and its terrible, because it's like their biggest hope and their dark his fears colliding like if that is Torah than it's wonderful she's alive, or at least she was as of June. But you know, then you have to wonder what speed done to her, and where is she now right now? Patty is totally convinced that the girl in the Polaroid is her daughter. She says it is totally ta
without make up and when she hasn't gotten a pearl in a while, and specifically, she points to the sky are on the girls leg and she says that matches a scar. Torah has, but even beyond physical resemblance Torres family says it something else in the photo that makes them even more certain of the woman's identity and its that book that you mentioned but use that you couldn't tell, but when the F B, I you know, blew it up, and even recognise just kind of the logo of the book, because the book is called my secret Adriana by Andrews it is the family is so familiar with what the book looks like and they can recognize it right away because, according to Patty, that's Torres, favor book? And that's not the only clue that the book has, because, according to the Albuquerque Tribune theirs phone number scratched into the books spine. The problem, though, is that law enforcement, can't see all the numbers now police have
Never said how many numbers they can see when I I can hardly see anything so I mean, obviously they enhance the image significantly and at leading. Even Like accuses the number from Florida. Is this a number from all over the countries at the first couple numbers? The last couple numbers like we have zero details about this? All that they ve ever said is that they were able to get over. Three hundred possible number combinations with what was visible and that only fifty seven of those were actual valid phone numbers which, on the surface sounds this may be like a great leap like your narrowing down a little bit except none of these numbers pan out two viable leads, and it's just another dead end. Ok, but what about the boy like if we are to believe the Torah? Do we have any idea who the little boy is still Initially, yes, bathing
They do you know who this boy is, and this is where the photo starts to get even more mysterious because another set of grieving New Mexico parents, Michael and Marty Henley. They see the picture and there like oh my gosh. This looks exactly like our missing son. Michael Junior, According to an article in the Santa Fe Mexican Michael was nine years old in April of nineteen. Eighty eight when he went missing from oh so Ridge. In the Zuni mountains, which is in north western New Mexico, and he went missing while he was up with his dad on a camping trip to hunt Turkey's now this air Korea is about a three hour drive from where Torah went missing, pretty much us rate shot about a hundred and thirty, maybe a hundred and forty miles west, depending on which route you take now just light with tar
There was this massive search operation that didn't turn up any leads, and Michael's case also went cold until this fateful photographed turns up. Link. These two families you'd never met never had any other connections before together now something I think that is interesting about This, though, is that the Hamleys and the doors actual react a little differently, because we're Patty is cut minced- and I mean one hundred percent dead- Certain- that the girl in the photo is her Torah, even though the FBI analysis even totally done yet the hand these are a little more cautious- and I don't know It's like an emotional protection thing or what but just a little more reserved. Yes, it looks a lot like their sign, but they are now willing to say it's a hundred percent him. Ok, so I know that they did. Appeared within a couple months of each other.
Is there any way to narrow down or let confirm that its possible for these two and together at the same time, so that there is one way that they can do this and they actually want to research. A little bit more into the Polaroid its self to see, you know either. You and I like her up with polarize to me. They ve always been around, but around this time right they were fairly new and they knew that they could probably track. Even when that Polaroid film was like made and distributed so law enforcement reaches out to the Polaroid people till I get this information and they find out that this specific type of film in the picture became available in May of night. In eighty nine, so the photo Hadrian been taken after that. So it's totally possible that these two in the image, could be Torah and Michael, but even with diamond again it's just kind of confirming: ok, yes, possibly but
families in the dull- that's all they can do is wait because they have to wait for the expert analysis to come back from the FBI to give them the like definitive answers that they're looking for, The problem is when the results do start coming back in the analysis isn't actually definitive. I know the photo gets taken to the LOS Alamos National Laboratory, which is this super renowned research facility in New Mexico, but I've actually seeing different reports about what they come up with. So, according to the Albuquerque, Tribune back in two thousand three John and Patty. Say that the national lab told them that, based on the ears and the Hare lined the girl is definitely Torah, but in two thousand eight, the Albuquerque Journal reported that the lad police said no its not her so you know who's virgin to believe or maybe like with additional time and testing. It told them something different. All those years later, either
though there is no like pure consensus, not from the national laboratories or the FBI in is to eighty nine FBI says, while they don't think it's Torah, they're not able to look. One hundred percent concur do you know that way or the other that tars the girl in the picture and Patty Kinnock? at that. She won't accept that at some point- and I were unable to clarify exactly when. But sometime during this agonizing summer of searching for answers. She actually Scotland Yard over in the United Kingdom involved, and they do another analysis of the picture adding the confusion because Scotland Yard says yep it's definitely Torah and all back and forth is beyond heartbreaking, but Patty and John never give up. Even after the photos, initial burst of publicity dies down and the perspective leads go nowhere because to Patty she
believes that her baby girls alive and she will stop at nothing to bring her home tragically though, for Michael Hamleys parents, they do bring their son home not alive, but to rest. His body was actually found in June of nineteen ninety up in the mountains about seven miles from where he actually disappeared and according to magazine Michael died from exposure weight. So he can't be deploying the picture no, but that doesn't change a whole lot because of its not Michael, I mean it still leaves them as the question of who it is well, and I mean enemy I advocate, we also have to consider the puzzle Let us follow is being fakes like, of course, it's a real power sure. But I'm remembering now reading into this little bit when we did salaries case and didn't people magazine to pose a question like: are those people in the photo
really in distress. Money mean I mean, like you said, you can't We see if either of them had been tied up like you can't their hands. You cancel their feet. There could oppose that but there's no visible rope or handcuffs or anything, and they aren't as like tensed up as you would expect. I guess an sense, I'm lumbering an article specifically mentioning how both a boy and a girl dont have like red. This around their mouths that they would have tabled been there for a long time like irritating their skin plus people posing for The picture is nowhere near the end of the list of we things we never learned. So I guess dont know. Here I mean it's not for me, I put a lot of thought into or consider, but I guess it's totally possible consider
we still, I mean to this day- dont have a hundred percent confirmation of whose, in that picture right, but regardless faked or not, the image stay with the goals and haunted by this photo and their desperation answers, Patty and John Stay, I mean, as involved as they can, with the investigation, and in ninety ninety one they actually go through the training to become auxiliary deputies with the Valencia County Sheriff Department, and I didn't know that people do sign me up. Couldn't find Valencia accounting requirements, but I did get the current ones for a nearby county and basically have to pass a background check if to put in a certain number of hours. Go through this Like Reserve Academy, get law enforcement certification, I mean it not just and even like sign up, I'm a deputy, the pretty intense process. But at the end of all of this John and He can carry weapons, they can talk to
law enforcement agencies on behalf of the Valencia County Sheriffs Department, so it basically gives them more access than the average citizen, but still less than a police officer. Now, with this new access, Patty gets pretty close to old, Valencia County sheriff me unnamed Lawrence Romero, because Laurens actually also lost child over the course of the investigation. He lost his son Lawrence Junior, who die from suicide in nineteen ninety one so they kind of bind for the great loss that they ve each experienced and she becomes so Go to the police like to the point that Tars brother Crest, told people magazine into doesn't eighteen that they actually said her all kinds of material, so she can help them with the investigation and I'm talking like super gruesome picture, of dismember bodies to see if, like vice, I'm off chance. It could be Torah and even though it kills hurt like deep down in sight
look at these pictures, she's not able to stop, and these are fears that I mean it's hard enough for these seasoned officers to look at like let alone a grieving mother in the imo no state that she's in, but no matter what Patty keeps looking agonising over every single photo. They send hoping that it's not Torah in two thousand three Patty and John left New Mexico for a fresh start in Florida even now dozens of miles away in the new state, the stress of Torres disappearance, weirs them down grinding away, patties health and mental functions until she finally passes away in two thousand. Six. Still waiting for tar to come home, and still we for answers about what happened to her daughter, but it would have been two more years before any kind of answers would come in two thousand eight just years after patties death, the new Valencia
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getting sales construction real estate. Eighty and many more so, if you want tend to be more effective than ever with Monday dot com for your free, too weak trial. In an interview with the Valencia County NEWS Bulletin. That's published twenty years to be exact day after tar. Kaliko went missing Valencia counties, or if Renee Rivera says. He knows exactly what happened to tar up and he knows exactly who's responsible, but Not all in this same interview. Renee also says that these two suspects, who were teenagers back in nineteen eighty eight when terror vanished, had help. He says that when they got of her body. They didn't work alone and that he believes tar Kaliko, never left New Mexico alive. Not even Valencia County. Now, as part of his theory, he clarifies that he doesn't think Torres
in that Polaroid, even though it's never been linked to anyone else's case. Now, he's been on this for a long time since, like ninety six, so he's used to all kinds of wild goose, traces from Tipp stirs and psychics, and everyone in between, and he says, he's followed tons of Leeds and dug up multiple places. Tar was rumored to be buried. Need to have it all come up empty? but now he's ready to lay out what he believes happened to Torah okay. So what happened so according to rename these two teenagers were driving along in an old pick up, just like how the witness is described and when they saw horror writing her by down state road. Forty seven, they decided to follow her. He said that these guys actually knew Torah and were kind of maybe like at calling her harassing heart, just kind of being jerks
eventually. But then things took a really bad turn because they actually hit Taras bike with the rock now Renee does say that he thinks it was an axe. Like they were trying to run her over anything but accident or not tar balls off her bite and from there These two men panic and they picked her up with her and her bike in the truck they a doctor, dump her bikes somewhere along the way, and then Renee says that he thinks maybe she could have been hurt from the fire maybe she was threatening to call police I somehow things spiraled her abductors panicked because they were afraid of going to jail k, but assuming he's right. It doesn't really speak to what happened to her after they took her will accord. Two were nay in this same interview. He says that when the He's got rid of taras body again memories.
Didn't do it alone and Anna. You know. I don't think he has a theory of exactly what transpired exactly may be, how she was murdered, but he thinks that these guys. Had help from at least two other people, but though he thinks, like you those who they are. He won't name them formally after this interview goes too. Rice Torres, surviving family waits with like this horror. Anticipation, desperate to see these two mystery guys arrested, so they can finally learn what really happened to fill in all of those pieces get the closure that they waited for four twenty long years, but here's the thing even though he says he's got a solid case already put together against these two unnamed suspects, Renee he won't pull the trigger an arrest them wait: White He says that he won't do it without some really rock hard evidence like Taras body or her bike, or even a piece of clothing
No Torres family is beyond frustrated by this because our Why go public with such a bomb? Shell, if all do is just let it fizzle and John tool in particular is mad and in his mind, the sheriff Should never have gone public if the department wasn't going to make a move and I totally get his anger. He lost a child. He watched his wife live with her grief an open wound. He had to listen to every their theory, I mean for years and years and years so now. After losing tar, then Patty. I can only imagine that Renee refused to a rest. His suspects had to feel like a slap in the face to John and his daughter Michel, who, at this point Michel's can taking over the investigation after Patty passed away, ok, but to give Renee the benefit of the doubt. I can see that maybe he met like to try and put the
pressure on you know in the hope that these two guys would turn themselves in and confess, maybe later to as bike or remains or anything maybe? But I mean it Just- doesn't happen that way. Nothing comes. This and Torres family is left yet again to just watch and wheat with no arrest new information Torres disappearance cools off yet again. The investor she does continue, though, and more anniversaries pass, including the twentieth anniversary of the infamous Polaroid from nineteen eighty nine. An honest twentieth anniversary, something interesting happens Jordan, with Nagel reported for thought catalogue that back across the country, in port Saint Joe Florida, the chief of police him self. A man named David Barnes gets a pair of images in the mail of a boy with
Parker drawn over his mouth, like duct tape to imitate the boy from the original Polaroid. Not long, investigations reported that these photos are postmarked four June ten, two thousand nine two days before the anniversary of when this photo was found. Now, at first David This is some kind of Gatt somebody trying to be funny or more, like you know, maybe flip off the police, but the local newspaper gets the same photo postmark from Albuquerque the same data David got his and when they receive They turned bears over to police just to be safe, and the thing is I mean just like. The girl has never been a hundred percent positively idead after twenty years. Neither has the boy so law enforcement does have to take it seriously. At least for a little while, even though their still pretty shorts bs right, because what is it actually is connected exactly
like we ve seen so many times before. In this case, these strange photographs come to absolutely not. Because there's just no way for police to identify the boy, we intend to track down where these came from other than where their postmarked and honestly be photos. In relation to Torah deal like kind of a stretch to me like someone with time on their hands, someone who is kind of evil and and us, wants to mess with police and bring up this horrible time in a family. Life as time continues to pass after two thousand and nine Taurus step sister. Michelle gets more and more into the investigation against kind of taking the mantle from her dad John who took it from Patty, and she does every
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was when I was making denounce in recent Span Club episode, the fact that I haven't heard our doors undergoing help me know that she was safe and counted the edge of how scared I was out, and you guys all of this coverage and Hoddan Bout Search, just fifteen dollars a month with no drugs, no hidden fees, no fine print and no pushy salespeople sign me up and everyone. Oh please, try simply saved they had simply safe dot com, slash crime, Jerky you get free shipping and is sixty day free trial. There's really nothing to lose that simply served outcome, slash crime, junkie,. In October, two thousand thirteen twenty five years after tar Kaliko vanished law enforcement, Nowadays, we are re opening her case, which
fizzle out after Renee announcement in two thousand, eight didn't led to any arrests, Nicole per as reported in the Alber cookie Journal, that a task force made up of federal and local officials is being assembled to try and find, answers once and for all- and this is a sea He is crew, am we're talking agents from Homeland Security, the Valencia, Sheriffs, Albuquerque Police, multiple other sheriffs agencies, state police, like they're, not messing around here, yeah, that's a pretty intense group, but I guess my question is what made them reopen. The case inform this superintends taskforce. Was it just that the case has been quiet for so long or was something new I'm not a hundred percent sure the Albuquerque Journal article says that they were interested in solving just a generally called cases and looking at old evidence with modern technology, and they had been.
Talking about opening Taras case for about a year before this actually happened. But I found something: now that I have to think is related so later that seem October after the case is reopened. Members of this ask forest conduct an interview with a former Valencia County, sheriffs deputy named Frank Methuselah, and he tells them about a death bed statement that he took while he was with the sheriffs department. According to the police report. About this interview, Frank of the task force that a man named Henry Brown wanted to confess some things before he died and that he knew exactly what happened to Torah and who killed her as boring tells the task Force Henry told him that bad in eighty eight, he used to live down the street from a trailer where this other guy lived, and these are the best other guy to have his buddies over to get high in party in the statement that he built, and hence
would go over to actually party with them and, in all sounds of innocent enough right, but the name of the I who lived in the trailer was Lawrence. Ramiro Junior way is not old sheriff son, the one who died ye up as Frank, tells the task Force Henry said that he was down in the basement. One night right around the time, torrid disappeared and he saw what he called a grave wrapped in blue tart, basically, the right size to be a human being howdy, then there these three guys warrants and his buddies, Leroy and David and miss their unnamed man with red hair and the kind of start talking about how they knew Torah, because she used to date of and if there is and how they knew that she took the same by great. Every day how they seen her on state road, forty seven on her usual route, and they were
driving this old pickup truck and knocked her off her bike? according to Henry, they don't stop there. He tells us that Lawrence Leroy, the red Head and David kidnapped Torah, took her out to some gravel it's near by and sexually assaulted her and she, even though she just been pursued Eliza, told Henry, that she'd threatened to go to the police, so Lawrence got a knife and stabbed her. Then he says that they put her body in the basement and leader took it out to the Red Heads house, dumping it in a nearby pond appear. We Lawrence like to brag that, since his dad was the sheriff he could play, Let's get away with committing crimes and ass for the pink bike. The group said the date Did you a junk yard? Where would never be found now, by the time the task force, Here is all of this again Orange Romero Junior has been dead for over twenty years. Henry.
Even dad and Frank has resigned from the department. There really is a way to prove or disprove any of this, but I think right back to it, report that we talked about from two thousand and eight, and I see a lot of parallels. You know when we're it comes out he's like I've solved it I mean you got the teenage boys, you got an old pickup truck that accidentally runs into not necessarily plan and Torah, need to tell law enforcement, and even this idea of a possible cover up and I would even explain why there was never an arrest, but I feel, like we see a lot of times: it's not always about justice. It can just be about policy x, I feel, like we ve, seen that too many times, but the reality of it is that we don't have actual evidence of this I mean we don't have evidence of anything. We don't even know what law enforcement did with this information. The most recent update I Fine comes from Julian Gutierrez Krueger, who reported in the Albuquerque Journal this.
Like two dozen eighteen, that it was unclear what steps law enforcement took after this whether they searched that pond or the house or the trucks. Like honesty, we have no idea and of course there is still the photograph, even if that not actually tar, Kaliko bound and gagged in the back of the on. Who is that women and who is the boy next to her. Their stories deserve to be told in their family these are surely missing man I mean it's been years and years and those families deserve answers, or I mean if it really is fake? Like you posed, we need someone to come forward and confirm that, so we can remove this from the investigation and from the narrative. If it really has nothing to do with the case overthrow, years later. The mysteries remain as puzzling as ever. Tar calicoes fate is still unknown and Michel won't stop until she gets the truth. She's actually teamed up with a former class me up
whereas named Melinda, who has an investigator podcast dedicated to solving Torres case, and in April two thousand nineteen Melinda did say that she's gone some new information that she's turned over to law enforcement, though we don't know exactly what that is or if it has the potential to solve this back in October. Two thousand nineteen, the F B. I posted that they are offering a twenty thousand dollar reward for information about this case and they ask any with information to please contact them at tips, DOT, FBI, DOT, Gov or by then at five five? eight nine one, three: zero zero.
Again, if you have any information about Taurus case, please contact the FBI at tips, DOT, FBI, DOT, Gov or by calling them at fifty thousand five hundred and eighty eight nine hundred and thirteen And, as usual, you can find all the pictures from this story and our source material on our website. Crime, junkie, podcast, dot com. And be sure to follow us on Instagram at plunging. Keep August we'll be back next week with a brand new episode, but hang around for a problem of them
story. Crying junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think chuck dear? okey Ashley everyone, I'd really upset with me, and my ratings scale has at last month and said that I considered a six point: five to seven was actually closer to it. But here I was like I was at least like a hard. Nine. Ok, that's for sure, but here is that all you chose this month story and I don't even know what kind of rating scale for getting into oh yeah. I didn't unless, like we are talking about puppies who grow up to be hath,
Healthy dogs who have a litter of puppy is like a bike. Everything is Okey Ashley, everyone, God really upset with me, and my rating scale has at last month I'm not gonna fool around our listeners grab your clean acts because I am hoping that I can get through it. If not bread. I might have to send the story over to you, but I'm gonna. Try is aiming at a very sweet sweet story and it came. To me from one of our listeners named Anthony's. I'm I'm ominously, just gonna read you the exact message that he sent me look at my name. Is in and I'm actually more of a recent listener. Although I am fairly new just started three weeks ago, I have been to listen and am only the at the soon's away from being caught up. I love those dogs segments. You do after episodes telling stories of dogs, and I have quite the tiered Joker about our puppy names.
Oh my family lives on a farm in a small updating, your town called Appalachian, and we adopted a pure bred, great Pyrenees, puppy to live with and guard our she'll love. Yes, but when we brought him home with us in January twenty twenty, he was only eight weeks or so he had to stay in the house to grow get comfortable for the first three weeks or so he had to be near another one of our house, dogs or one of us humans, as he had some pretty crazy separation anxiety. We would put him in a candle at night in the house, but every night for three weeks he would yelp and wine. Until someone woke up to let him out and every night for three weeks straight, it was always meet,
I came for me all ready. Oh, I know I would totally be a sucker for the pub I did have a chop right like that's. Why he's, probably so not well behaved as he wait like he's levelling like nowhere near create trained, but he's a very nice of you, so burger boy. I would take him out of the candle then take him outside to go to the bank Nor am I to three I am, but when I would bring him back inside, he made it abundant we clear that he wanted nothing to do with going back inside the kennel. So inevitably I would sit or lay down before with him and he would curl with me until he eventually fell asleep. Also, I can kind of just imagine those like fluffy white pup, just like Maria no I'm not gonna India in so cute and they curl of together some one would wake up every morning, it's say, I'm or so and come get the poppy from me. So I could get an hour or two of sleep in bed again every night. That was our think. He wanted to be comforted and as much as I wanted sleep, I wanted him to feel safe and comfortable more
Oh God, spoiler it's coming as he grew in size mostly from eating the dog. Food are much larger dogs ball waste. Did showing him around the farm and introducing him to the other animals and dogs he'd be staying with in the sheep pen. Sal was a happy and playful puppy even ass. He grew and himself sleeping in the most random of places in the house. When Sal was big enough, we integrated him out to our path the sheep and the other dogs, and he couldn't have been happier he would lay with the little way ends and our other dogs, and if one of the older sheep ever try to challenge sow the other dogs would come to his rest. You I love animals like all. Obviously, this farm life sounds amazing one day about three. Ex ago I noticed sow, was limping on his leg, pretty bad. I brought it to the
mention of the other family members wondering if any one had a definitive clue of what happened and no one seemed to know so I went Indeed, my normal routine of looking him over made sure he didn't cut his pawn. Anything felt for broken bones looked for any and of blood on his snow white fur, to signify any kind of injury to explain this sudden limping nothing as a family. We came to the conclusion that he might have pulled muscle chasing one of the sheep in his playful banter, and we all agree to keep a close eye on him just three days:
later. I noticed instead of getting better, he actually seem to be getting worse and was applying even less pressure to his way. So we took him to the vat to see a babe combined, something that we couldn't to explain this and what they found was going to take the very breath. Out of us all upon X, Ray scans, a dark spot was discovered on his elbow, not a mass, but instead the lack of bone that should have been there. When we asked for further review, it was concluded that our poor, eight month old, happy with wife puppy, had a very rare form of bone cancer and it was incredibly aggressive. They informed us that it had already begun to spread and deteriorated the bone in his elbow so bad that it affected the nerves to so he couldn't control the PA at all. The dock said he probably wouldn't make it through the following week.
You're going to be okay once act as they told us this. He looked back at us in smiles, his usual everything is awesome smile. So we brought him. Home knowing that time is short, but warning him to be happy for as long as he could we let him stay with the sheets and dogs outside at night. In during the day, we made sure some one was home to bring him in the house and give him the loving that he's so deserved. Just two days ago, on labour day, I went out to the sheep pen to spend some time with him, but he refused to get up even degree So I did when any dog living person would do, and I sat down
the dirt. Next, where he was legs, then I started putting him only this time, no smile, I got there, they got it as a pat him. I couldn't stop the tears from filling my eyes. As I knew what he was trying to tell me and for a moment the only thought in my mind was I'm not ready to say good bye as please that by entered my mind, though, he leaned his
onto my leg and fell asleep. Leaning against me, as I put him the way he did when he was so small, and that's when I knew that he was telling me it was time I stayed with him for what seemed like ours, just calmly, putting him and soaking up their feeling of him lying there with me. When I entered the house afterwards, I knew we would have to call the bat sow had to be put down Tuesday evening to end his suffering, and then we had a funeral service. If you will and buried him, on the property that he grew to love and care of his home, and then he goes on to say this is a sad story and I know I saw apologise for that, but he said he'd basically telling it to us, because he wants to bring some kind of awareness to dogs with cancer in some way. He said he feels it
not enough. That's heard about it, and he knows that Cornell University College of Veterinary science does a great job in treating the animals that are especially in his area, but he said, is not commonly talked about unless you're in the situation we are dog is the one with cancer and needs and needs that. So actually all you told me about those ways. Can you look up cancer research in die? that's all I mean you had to have normal is coming. I know, but like this, why is this? I see even more heart, ranging then I couldn't even imagine You know we usually to highlight shelter at these arguments, but you don't, like you, the main reason Anthony sent a story was to talk about dogs with cancer and how to help the repair onerous, find the help and support they need after you know that cancer diagnosis- and I was looking into this because you asked me- do and I found the animal cancer found it-
can and their slogan is uniting pet and human research for a cure, and they are passionate about helping fund research to find a cure for cancer, not only in pets but in people to ease- and they have this incredible program called the canine Cancer Genome project that actually helps map the genomes of seven of the most common canine cancers and make sure that research is shared, the only with veterinary researchers in uncalled, you feel, but also with human cancer researchers to help grow the field and the possibilities of targeting cancer therapies for us humans and are furry best. Friends and the animal Cancer Foundation has a ton of ways yet plugged in with their organisation, whether its donating volunteering or fundraising, and they have this programme that
I personally cannot wait to participate in it's going to be too cold here in northern Vienna to do it now, but next summer my We and I are definitely going to be doing a city pop cafe. What is it? eliminate stand. That is human end up friendly. They email you a little kid with everything you need to help raise funds that will go to help fund pet and human cancer research, and I can't way and person I want to thank Anthony not only for submitting cell story, but for helping me, the more aware of this cause and making sure that, in all cells, life isn't for nothing legacy will live on for years to come here, so keep an eye on it Some are pathetic, crying junkie puppy, who have an eighth day on you guys want to figure out how to get involved, will make sure all of that information is on our website and bread.
You hold in your rating system. Very team. This is a fifty year, boxer you're, getting better at that.
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