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MISSING: The Beaumont Children


Jane, Arnna, and Grant Beaumont left their home in Adelaide to go swimming at the beach on Australia Day 1966 and were never seen again. Their disappearance changed Australian life forever.

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Hi, crime, junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers and I'm bread and since yesterday was Australia for our wonderful listeners down under the not do that, we, I think we d by mechanical bonds, are returned to draw straw and I think that really bad, you guys but anyways we later celebrate by telling you about one of the most infamous an enduring mysteries in australian history. But before we tell you Story, though, we want to send our thoughts to everyone in Australia during this horrific brushfires season, the Australian Red Cross is on the front. Lines of disaster relief, and we encourage everyone to donate and support their efforts like we are doing, you can find link on our website or you can go to Red Cross dot, org dot a you know, Today's story is one of those cases that never really, let's go of a country's national imagination kind of like John Binny Ramsay for us here in the U S is more Madeline
can for those in the UK in nineteen sixty three young children left their home to go swimming at the beach on Australia Day and were never seen again. Their disappearance changed australian life forever and thrust caution into the forefront parents mind all over the country. This is the story of the boma. Children
January twenty six nineteen sixty six is a scorching hot day in Adelaide disk the weather the city is brimming with excitement, because not only is it Australia Day with this long weekend coming up, but there is also an upcoming ashes cricket test match. So this city is teeming with sports fan from all across the country. This the australian state, Capitol Adelaide is this coastal city on Saint Vincent Gulf and since the which is due to get up to forty degrees Celsius reads like a hundred and four degrees. Fahrenheit, the local beaches are packed on this day Everybody has the same idea to beat the heat by heading two, the ocean maybe looking at one of the local restaurants, pick up some lunch doing just like the usual stuff to enjoy the day without just hiding inside until the sun goes down. All in all, it is a good peaceful Wednesday in the city, but then on time, between five and six p m that evening, everything changes a middle aged married couple comes into the station green
usually known as Jim and Nancy Boma are worried. Sick because there are three young children left home to go to. Glenarm beat that morning a little bit before ten o clock and they never came back now they work. Back to be home first around like noon, but they ever showed, and at first there mommy, as you just kind of assumed that maybe they lost track of time. Maybe they missed the first buzz and then there can be on the second, so she wakes for the next bus to come, but they are not on the two o clock, but either so the parents try searching on their own at first, but after hours, with no sign of the kids, Jim and Nancy knew that they had to go straight to police accord. To Alan Whittaker and Stuart Moons book called searching for the Beaumont children and their followed. The sat man, the police spring into action right away when they get it scripture from their parents. They learn that Jane is the oldest at nine years old and she's super responsible,
an excellent caretaker for her younger siblings, there's a seven year old, ANA and four year old grant, and they learn that she left the house in a pink bathing suit with a little white purse to keep her money. It now Joe It is also the swimmer of the three, so Jimmy Nancy were confident that she would keep an eye on ANA and grant and make sure that they didn't go too far out into the surf at the very start of this investigation police to want to believe the initial. The initial thought is that the kids, the kids lost track of time kind of like what their mom thought realise like actually how late that they were. Maybe that made them freak out more and things kind of like escalate, rightly maybe they're paying out somewhere cause. Maybe their parents are angry with em cause. I didn't come home on time right, that's what they're thinking so with that in mind, police actually start their search at the Beaumont home in hope that the little ones I kind of snuff beckoned heights and where, the heights and where are we for mom and dad and wait for them to be so upset now to be clear at first,
investigators aren't suspicious of Jim or Nancy. They just want to cover all their bases to see if this can be resolved quickly. Fortunately, it can't a long and thorough search at the house, doesn't turnip any sign of the children and by now is getting dark outside and gin and Nancy keep reiterating to police that their kids would not willingly be outside after dark. So indeed to eat or start mobilizing more local resources to widen the search in What did you do that? The utterly police and five boats from the sea and rescue squadron out to the Saint Vincent goal to shine their bright light across the dark waters in hopes of spotting something, but over and again, there lighters just flashes on still dark water. They come up with nothing with me, people getting involved in all this activity. The local media now starts noticing, what's going on there, thinking like hey, something is happening, and a boy
The ten goes out at about ten o clock tat evening, not mind you. This is like a full twelve hours since the kids got on that bus that morning and they pushes Bolton out to the evening of tv radio asking anyone if they ve seen the missing kids, while the news in the missing children is being broadcast, police are still hard at work. I planned Elk the Sydney Harold reported in nineteen sixty six that police even had Aquila divers go into the Glen O Boat, Marina to search under water, but the water with super. A key, and there was like almost little to no visibility, but despite the setbacks, they continue or through the night on land and sea, even checking storm drain that flush into the ocean, and they also have people Travers, up and down the rocky coastline. Looking for cabins and landslides anywhere that the kids could possibly be
This point there thinking is starting to change. They no longer think the kids are hiding, but now they start to wonder if maybe the kids got into some kind of accident. You, like you, know it kid logic. When You know, you're doing something. You're going, you know on a strange adventure, see you go into a cave or someone bury you in San and it seems everything seems like a good idea. So there thinking like it Jane, aren't I grant or maybe stuck somewhere, and they can't get out like time is of the essence plus aren't I grant, aren't great swimmers, and so there thinking gosh they could have gotten carried out baby Jane went. She was a strong stomach, trailing rescue them, but chiefly old, and they like you, have all the more reason to find them quickly and we not go like too dark to fast, but was now being an option at this point like or our police really just trying to find them in some sort of freak accident on the beach. Yet so, according to the book, the saddened me and police start off the investigation with three main scenarios in mind about what could have happened either a kids drown B
they ran away or see that they ve been kidnapped. Drowning, gets, ruled out pretty fast, because the sea had been calm the day before when the kids disappeared and the beach had plenty of lifeguards. Who Everyone assumed would have noticed if three children like went in the water and we're getting swept away, plus none at that once belongings were found left on shore, which is what you would expect to see if they had like gone into the ocean and then never come out. So drowned gets- ruled out pretty quickly, and so does the idea of the three kids just running away like they're, happy kid there's nothing in their past behaviour and to suggest that they would leave home like that. So police have too quickly set that idea aside as well and since the kids are thought to have run away and the aren't thought to have drowned. Leads investigators with the most frightening prospect of all that some one was able to take not one but all three young children from a crowded area in broad daylight- If someone snatch them like someone,
had to have seen it. You said it was one of the busiest stays on the beat trade yeah. I mean it was like you pack, even if they didn't realize, right away that it was a kidnapping, something we have enough. These three kids just randomly go off with a stranger. Someone would have had to witness something there had to be witnesses. So yes- and this is where all the media attention really comes in handy because not only does that media attention led to the biggest volunteer mobilization in australian history, like Sarah Garcia reported for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation into as eighteen, but it also means that information starts flooding into police stations now, Some of these so called tips or hoaxes. Some of them are from credible witnesses and coupled with what police no from Jim and Nancy a picture of the kids lie. Movements really starts to appear, including some information about a person who may hold the key to the entire
your investigation. Numerous witnesses who were on or near Glenville Beach on the day that the kids disappear. Tell investigators about seeing the Beaumont children playing with an uneven I'd man now these statements, South Australians police incident report place the children and their mysterious companion at a place called Kali risk. Park right near the beach before they disappeared. There are also people who I just saw the children alone, so in that book searching for the Roma children, it said that the bus driver who pick them up member them getting on the bus at about ten o clock. Now, there's this guy Tom who's, the local post man and he remembered saying hello too little grant who greeted him back and seem totally happy and fine and initially I couldn't remember if he saw them in the morning of the afternoon, but please enter checking his ship schedule and like his records and determine that he had to have seen them in the morning basin when Tom was working and they put
that, citing and around ten fifteen right when he starts his shift, their one of James Classmates reports seeing the siblings that morning at about one thousand, one hundred and fifteen, know all of those siding so far or just of the kids. After this, though, other witnesses come forward who say they saw the children with his unidentified man. Now there are three set witnesses who saw them together. There is a man who was in town to watch the cricket match their. A middle aged woman and then there was this seventy four year old woman and together they help police like pieced, together the activities of the kids later in the day now, as far as police put together. It seems that the seventy four year old woman likely was the first to see the kids together with this man. She's is that she saw them some time between eleven and eleven thirty in the morning and then all three of the witnesses, give police a description of what this stranger looks like according to
article I found called the disappearance of the Beaumont children, murder and misadventure, and it's on the crime travellers website. All three witten says described the man as being in his mid too late. Thirty's tall entail and with a long thin face and light blue We hear that was neat and parted to one side, but in listing led the middle aged woman tells police that she didn't more than just see the man. She actually spoke to him Melbourne the age newspaper, reported in early February of sixty six that this man approached her at Gleneesh Beach a little bit before noon, and he was with the three kids and he approach her telling her that their money had been stolen and asking her. If she had seen anyone like rummage, through their things, because you exiting right near their staff, so that had happened. She would have likely scene it now. She, see anything. She doesn't remember anything. They didn't talk anymore beyond this, but she was able to help police that, based on his accent, he was definitely australian.
The seventy four year old woman actually sit down with a sketch artists from a local newspaper and described the man was thing in this portrait of a strange man that police are now desperate to locate and here I am actually going to send you a picture of the sketch that they came up with. Ok, so aiming to pretty normal. Looking guy, you got kind of longest face a big forehead. I guess My question is: if they saw him well enough to describe him for the sketch, like what else did the wit, like pick up, I like how is act. The kids. What was demeanor? How are the kids with her stuff like that? So it's interesting. So, according to the age newspaper people, scribes. Seeing this man quote frolicking with the kids before June, which sounds to me like he was kind of like play We then everyone is having a good time. Not let you know, I think it's completely different from what we might imagine of hinders like shoving in a car or forcibly taking men and what we have from this lady to about him like coming up in asking about the money, it sounds like the kids were,
acting with him and and probably felt safe, like they could trust tat right now. What soup interesting is that, since they appear to be enjoying themselves with this stranger, I find it strange that the last credible, citing of the children actually doesn't include him. So there was a staff member at a bakery in general, and this bakery was in very easy walking distance from both the beach and colleague reserve and person tells police that the three kids came into by themselves. Some lunch around midday- and this is in itself- is an unusual since Jane Arning Grant had been to this very shop before and they were recognised by the staff. What is what is how they bought their food, because the shopkeeper tells police that the three kids paid with a one pound, note: ok, what's so special about that. Well aware pound note with a lot of money back in sixty six, especially for young kids, to have but
not only that police knew from Nancy, but she only gave Jane each shillings and sixpence to cover their lunches and bus fare. All about was in so the play. Thinking? Maybe the strange men gave them one pound note exactly plus remember how this man said that their money had just been stolen, like police, have. Consider if that was alive. What if he stole means money and then gave her this money. Ok, but why would he still less money and give them more back so possibly to earn their confidence like. This is a widely used tactic for manipulators like getting a victim to rely on you for something or making them feel like you, helped them and then maybe they owe you or puts them at ease, raise all learning
the siting of this man and even the last item without him. But this one pound note is making police more sure than ever that the children have been kidnapped and likely. The three kids went away with this man willingly unknowing of his true intentions. So, once they have this sketch from that woman. This goes out to all of the newspapers, all over Australia, while police and Adelaide search for their records of sex offenders in the air. Yet to see. Maybe any of them match witness descriptions, but here's the thing of all the sex Andrews in the area and listen, there's always more than you expect. I would encourage people to just take a look at their own neighborhood. I think you'd be surprised, but of all of the sex offenders listed in the area of data come up with any one that good match or makes for a good leave, now
In the meantime, while this is going on, the searches are still going on as well. They having given up on finding the kids, but it's getting harder to hold out hope, because every search is turning up, nothing. Days turn into weeks weeks into minds and in September eight months after the vote children went missing. A police officer in town- and this is about like two hundred miles east of Adelaide, overhears and interesting. Precision on his phone line. Now this town is a really small one located like right between Adelaide and Melbourne. So what's happening is this local officer is basically trying to call the head office of Melbourne when, according to the book searching for the Roma children, he there's a woman mention bringing the Beaumont kids back from Hobart on the island of Tasmania means we is trying to make a call out. I guess I don't understand,
how he's overhearing this conversation. So from what I understand he's able to hear, because some how some wires got crossed- and I actually had Look up what this means for myself and a kind goes back to really old phone technology. So I looked up on Astro Telecoms, about frost wires in apparently take a pretty common problem in the old australian phone systems. Infrastructures are basically you got on line and you had crossed why're. You could hear part of someone else's conversation, so the fact that he heard this is totally legitimate, but here's the problem the officer who hears this thinks that it's a hoax and everyone he talks to the police and Adelaide the police in Melbourne, like they all think it's a hoax to, except for one man detective sorry, Stan, swaying and he's with the south Australian. These in Adelaide. He is so convinced that the call is real that he actually calls Jim in Nancy to tell them that he believes that their children are still alive now wall.
Informing the family of what he believed to be true. Other members at the south, australian police were tracking down the woman who actually made the call. You know of telling the family member and they were the real truth that the officer who heard the call only heard parts of the conversation and I guess once they heard the whole thing in context. They come to believe that there is no real. Connection to the kids. They don't even think it was a hoax. Just some asked wires and, honestly, like a painful coincidence, They gave the boy months false hope, so that in and obviously with a little bit embarrassing having raised the families hope, but as it that's not embarrassing enough. Just two months later in November, police find themselves up against a dutch psychic, who is just adamant that he knows where the kids are buried. This man flies all the way to actually from the Netherlands ten months after the Beaumont kids disappeared and it gets a world when a media attention like this guy's
SK. We made a name for himself by claiming to be able to use its powers to solve missing person cases back in Europe and a guy He had some look and some may be pretty basic guess work According to the satin man in August? In some cases he also got access to some confidential police files that I'm sure helped his co power. Prs along so based well he's already famous when he roles and, and so the local papers make a huge you'll of his coming down. Word gets out to the point that there's a crowd of Adelaide citizens at the airport waiting when he arrives, hoping that Almost a year, he's gonna be the one to like swoop and solve the case and five. Give the family answers note to be super clear, policed, pay him to come in. His trip was funded by a wealthy, Adelaide citizen who actually paid all of his travel expenses. So he gets trust. And claims that the beaumonts are buried in a warehouse in purring park, so this is a spot
he's seen in his visions or whatever and its way He says they need to look in order to find the kids now keep in mind has no actual evidence to back this up. So ultimately, police won't go and excavate. Anything based on his back visions are got. Instincts are whatever alone. According to time families article which we talked about before the psychic claimed that Kids were murdered. Actually he says that they die as a result of some kind of accidents and that mystery man described by had nothing to do with their disappearance and the police I'm sure you can imagine are initially ready, skeptical lay end he can't get them to dig right away, and this is my favorite part. He basically only stays in Australia for three days before telling the public life yeah. I'm done like I'm goin back to Europe like kind of wash, and a bit like they won't do what I say so piece out now:
spite him leaving what you were kind of thing. Police are like no we're not gonna do this. He leaves everyone drops it, but because got so much media attention and because the authorities were refusing to excavate where this psychic said the local an Adelaide actually raise money to finance the dig themselves like they were crowd, funding back and like sixty seven and only God and do kind of reminds me a little bit of Marie case, like member. There was like that house that everyone, every one was like you have to look. You have to look and police like now, like we're pretty sure now things there like we ve been finally did because there is so much like public attention that I think they are. Finally like. Ok, we're going to do this, but then, after we do this,
they were. Finally like. Ok, we're gonna do this, but then after we do is, can we just do our jobs and Cameroon calm down night, plus a didn't help that the place that the he wanted Antlike dig up? Was this warehouse in someone like owned it? It's not like they were digging in the middle of a field, so there was a lot of supper police like had I'd, try and work around ok but leg. How did the public work around like a Imagine the bigger just shut up and be like we're. Gonna You're absolutely right be owners are not happy about it, but after four months of media attention and basically demands from the public, they kind of final does bowed to pressure and agree like ok, you can do this one specific area where the psychic said the kids are buried, but what they aware house owners say, is police have to be there to make? that everything is in order, and so what happened is a few months later after the psychic goes back to Europe with police present, they actually star
a dig on March, first of nineteen sixty seven fourteen months, after Jean ANA and Grant had gone missing now, digged eggs nine days but when it concludes no evidence whatsoever is found, and the case goes back to being cold again, knelt by them, time over a year has passed since the children disappeared, so police. It has to ship to other cases, there are new cases popping up every single day, and this gets farther and farther from their minds and though the public never forgets the case further and further from the forefront of the public's mind as well, that is until in MID February of nineteen sixty eight. This is now two years since the kids, when a February of nineteen sixty eight, like style, arrives at years. Since the kids went missing power written in very child, like style, arrives at the Beaumont home. It's postmarked
the Melbourne suburb of Dandan on over four hundred miles east of Adelaide, and it claims to be from Jean and the is what it says as published in the satin book. Bread, Actually, gonna have you read this mom and dad. We are there's no need to worry about us. Oh, we really missed you in the past two years at the beach. That day we were walking to the bus. Stop when a man in a car stopped us analysis, we wanted a ride. I said that we and that is how it all started the men not let us right before. He is letting us right, because he saw the story in the heralds night and felt sorry for you. Both He was just a lot for about six weeks and then he did not work. Just so much aren't I talk about you often but grant does not remember you at all. After more than two years we have been, well said all the time I ask was ANA and grant hope that you are both well The man said to me just now: he will willingly let us go if you come over to Victoria
to get us as long as you do not call the police he's a that. If you do the deal is off. You have to pick us up and from the Danton on Post office. Ten minutes, nine o clock next Monday, the twenty six February you dad have to wear it coat and white pants, two men will know you. The man told to tell you that the police must not know it all. He said that if you do tell them, you may as well not come so please do not tell them. The Dandan Post Office is in Victoria. In case you did not know. Please do not tell the police the man did not mean to harm us. We still love you, both love, Jane, honour and grant. This is Jane, who is writing now Jim does what any central parent would do and he hands the letter immediately over two investigators and he D this because right away, there are some inconsistencies that stand out to police. Like Britain,
if you notice, but the letter writer actually miss, spells, aren't as name her name is actually spelt. A are an end, a The letter writer only spelt it with one end and apparently, The handwriting doesn't match any of genes school papers because of these The important inconsistency is police are confident that this is another mean spirited hoax, designed to toy with grieving parents, but detective sergeant stand Swain the same guy, who was so sure that the crossed wires call was a clue, is totally convinced that the letter real and he's so sure that that he manages to persuade Jim and Nancy to make a secret trip to Dandan O K. But the skies been kind of embarrassed before in front of his colleagues bible something that ended up being nothing. What makes him think this one is, like a fur sure real deal, so here's a
Stan and tells the bow minds that he himself compared the handwriting in the letter to the samples in Jane School books, and he decided, but it was a match which, feels like maybe he's going a bit road, because the department already said that that they weren't imagine that these were a fake and according to searching for the Beaumont children stands boss, told him like. Do you got to let this go, but he just couldn't so going over. His superiors heads and getting Jim and Nancy's hopes up once again is bad enough. But it is boggles my mind that this guy is willing to do it a second time when it seems just as unlikely to pan out to something real like to me. That's just border rule but cruel or not. A desperate, Jim, guided by Stan follows the letters instructions exactly. He gets the right clothes stay, outside the deals on post office. While stand, keeps watch and a phone call action
he comes into the post office saying that quote the man has been delay, but he'll be there soon. We is actually legit will kind of seems that re right, so they wait and we wait and Day Fade into evening, and neither the children nor this mystery man ever show up now. The next the same thing happens: Jim stays in front the post office while stand, does surveillance eager any sign of the children or their abductor, and this goes on for three days, then media get their hands on the story because get this stand actually booked. Oh hotel room under his real name and porters lying out that he's therewith, Jim and Nancy, so the whole blows up in the press. The operation is essentially busted, Because of all this attention to this led in the press, it actually
alt in more letters from the same town arriving at the Beaumont Home back and Adelaide someone claiming to be quote the man actually rights to Jim and Nancy himself, this time, taunting them for involving police and even blaming them for not being able to get their children back but this one real, I mean the general belief is that this is yet another hoax. Even the call, even the call so does the standby let go of it now. Well, so, in that book searching for the Roma children and actually kind of talks about this by the time, all of this goes down. India and non in sixty eight Stan is obsessed with the case, and he Those two views this as just a little sat back and set up the disaster that it really is like his ability to separate himself from the investigation is just totally gone and enforced. Jim and Nancy who suffer the most because of that right be keeps getting their hopes up.
Right and treating this obvious red herring as a credible leave effectively and stands career and law enforcement so he's kind of dying. The Bowman's returned to their home town. They kind of swear off talking to the media once and for all, and once again the case goes cold. Now five years go by with no developments, no new leads until August twenty fifth of nineteen, seventy three, when something tat double an all too familiar happens too, Young children go missing in an early, similar fashion to the Beaumont. Now it's too girls eleven year Old, Joanne, Ratcliff and four year old, Kirsty, Gordon now bagel me the a highly public location, again in broad daylight there at the families they oval stadium to watch an australian rules. Football match with their families now joined. Is there with her parents, lesson Kathleen and their family friends, Frank while Kirsty is there her grandmother read out now.
Reader knows: Joyance parents. She let Julian take Kirsty to the bathroom around three fifty p m during the matches third corridor. She expects that the two girls are come right back, except after about fifteen There is still no sign of them, so Lessingham lean start searching around the stadium, but there are unable to find any trace of either Kirsty or Joanne. So vague The oval had office and ass for basically an announcement to be made about the missing children, but since plays in Peru grass. The announcement isn't made until after the quarter ends, which cos bastard eaters and the family a lot of valuable time. Oh my gosh forget about the game. There are two missing at all, yet you'd think be off staff basically kind of rationalized it by saying look if we made this announcement, while the gains going on no one really gonna hear I had no one's gonna pay attention. There is really no point which may be:
but can we at least try is like by feeling like I'm the parent? I wouldn't care like. Let's do it now, let's do it later. I want you to keep doing it until you find my kid, but anyway, so least get involved, and these start their search effort and right away similarities between Joanne and Kirsty disappearance and the Beaumont Children's disappearance start to appear, like think about a boat. Abductions happen in a very public locations with the Beaumont. You have a crowded each and a reserve, and now you ve packed stadium with over twelve thousand people when Kirsty Joanne Vanish, also just like it. He's the missing Beaumont kids witnesses. In this new case, put the two girls in the company of an identified me on one of old. Employees is gaining, can tell us police that he saw a man with the two girls to girls who matched the girls description, trying to lure some kittens out from underneath a car that was parked in one of the EC
Many sheds on the ground near the stadium and ten didn't think this was weird at that. Crying because I guess a lot of stray cats, kind of hung out in around or near the stadium and kids were always willing to play with them, but he described this man as being about five foot, eight inches tall middle aged and He was wearing this kind of distinctive gray, chequered sport jacket, with brown, pants and brown hat beef. And another witness as well. This time is a teenage boy who corroborates KEN's accounts and they don't get to talk to this guy. Like a week later, the can Times reported back on August thirty, first of seventy three that the teenage witness a man forcibly maneuvering the two girls toward one of the exits and into the public parking lot and the teenagers said that the man was actually carrying Kirsty under one arm and dragging a struggling Jovian away with the other, and his description of the man matched can down to the man's gray coat and brown hat so
armed with these two mounting descriptions, a local Adelaide, our teacher actually paints a portrait. The unidentified man and when depiction is shown to the public it shocks. Everyone. The portrait of the unidentified man from the Adelaide Oval disappearances resembles the sketch of the stranger who was last seen with Jane Arnett and Grant Beaumont and here. I want you to check this out for yourself, Brett. This is the same guy. This is exam the same guy I mean the long delayed I with a head on. That's the only different. Yes, a long face the forehead emigrant. You can't see his hair because of the hat, but everything else is exactly the same. Look to me, the only difference is you know the guy. Overfeed hammered home over guy he's described is around five. Eight and Beaumont Guy is described as over six feet tall, but that high.
Currency is kind of negligible. In my mind, like witnesses can be off and depending on their stature, I think that something that can easily be misguided o definitely I'm were five to everybody's told so too, but more than anything they consider the cases as possibly connected, because the M o is so similar like the victims are similar. Both crimes are so brazen and yet police have to look odds having a dangerously skilled cereal abductor in their midst? Now whoever's Joanne and Kirsty seems to be just as good at hiding them as whoever took Jane ANA and grant again days, an into weeks and months with no break in the case and no clue about what might have happened to them and just like, in the Beaumont case, Julianne and curses case, those cold you, go by with no definitive links outside of basically conspiracy theories, but in
eighteen, ninety seventeen years after the Adelaide Oval Disappearances- and this is now twenty four years after the Bowman's went missing the ITALY media learns that this the australian police, are diving in this place called my pong reservoir, which is thirty four miles south of Adelaide. Now, ordinarily, this could easily be brush off as like a training exercise or just something police one confirm or deny whatever bite there. Died just so happen to take place after a witness in another murder case testifies that the Beaumont are buried that reservoir. We go back what other murder case, so It's actually multiple murder cases, so one is going on there. Actually, some really horrific killings in and around Adelaide in them, you're late, seventies and early eighties, and they were known as the family murders and I'm
in a touch on them briefly here, but were actually gonna. Do like a more in depth. Audio extra over an hour fan club. So if your interested you go to a website of european defence libyan check that I, for the episode but let me tell you: these murders are pretty gruesome from nineteen. Seventy nine to nineteen. Eighty three five young men name, Alan Neil marked Peter and Richard GO missing an hour later found dead. Now four of the five were Rug and sexually tortured and autopsies determined that the all died from blood laws stemming from severe anal injuries caused by. Insertion of a blunt object. Neil mark Peters bodies are found in pieces and Mark had been cut, from his naval to his pubic bone and then re sewn up with parts of his small intestine missing, do we know how the first person died. War not really so Peter went missing during the same time period as the others, but his body was accidentally burned by a farmer who are these. They had no idea, there was a corpse on his property and he was doing some like controlled burns. So
it's not known for sure how he died. All that was founded Skeleton cut into pieces like kneel and mark and the Connect it is on how he'd been mutilated after he died now D, the connection than that they all seem super similar. Only one of these murders is ever officially salt. Several of the victims were drugged with the same who prescription set it at so police use pharmacy records. The kind of a narrow down there are suspect lesson it pays off when they is Adelaide. Man named Bevin, police ghetto and for his house, where, according to the book searching for the Beaumont children they find, but the drugs as well as Heron fibres linking him to Richard. Who was the fifth victim now better. Is charged and convicted for riches death in nineteen eighty four and sends to life in prison. Then, five years later in eighteen, eighty nine he's charged with killing Alan and mark the stories bananas, but I'm getting super lost. What's the connection to the four months ago, so
in Bevin Second trial, is where this mysterious witness, who we only know, as MR be due to confidentiality, testifies. That Bevin was the one. That snatched the Beaumont children, and he also says that he's the one that took Kirsty and Joanne from that late, oval stadium as well and its because his testimony that he's the one that says that the kids are buried at the reservoir and so The police are doing this day, then these records come out and the public is kind of putting together, and so now, all of a sudden, Bevin name is linked to the Beaumont kids and you can imagine the media goes. Nuts, like this is not one not to, but three of the most infamous crimes in south are strictly history. Tied Pie only together and potentially committed by the same person, whose already like in jail and off the streets like it seems like it could be. A wonderful success story like almost too good to be true and real.
Mystically it might be, especially since in the book searching for the Roma children, Mr Bees credibility as a witness is seriously shaky and baby. We bring that up in court as well like he admits, are participating in one of the rates and he we agree, detested by after being granted full immunity and He insists that he deserves the full financial reward for quarter. Solving the crime which ok, makes no sense to me of your also participated in right raping some of the victims. Now I couldn't find me They got their word, but I mean, since none of his testimony about the bull minds are Adelaide. Opel was ever proven to be remotely true. I would be shocked if he actually got anything now: the additional murder charges that Bevin went to court for are eventually dropped and during the trial he's not convicted. But thankfully, here is still in jail for killing Richard and, in my view,
and then this is just my opinion. I don't think he's the one responsible for the Beaumont for the family murderous absolutely, but the Beaumont in the Adelaide oval kidnappings don't match the family pattern. To me at all, like four: the five missing children that were talking about our girls and the This girl that we talking about is eleven, whereas in the family victims, those victims are boys that range from fourteen to twenty five right. The victim profiles don't match at all. Yet he's doing some reading in the California Department of Justice website at came about sexual predators and while some do exhibit more variety in their victims like different ages or genders other key like a specific preference, and that seems to be what Bevin does and since the other killing he did. A family murders are so consistent. I dont really see him deviating plus he would have been This early twenties. At the time the kids went missing in sixty six, which is really too young to match the descriptions of the man seen it
b, but I guess it's worth mentioning is you would do any research on this case like his name is going to come up? Ok and if he was one small, like even the way the boys by were found, but the kids weren't doesnt really add up exactly. But there is a lot that doesn't add up to me and Bevin, never been charged with anything related to the Beaumont or badly oval disappearances. So after that in nineteen. Ninety, the Beaumont case, goals cold yet again and in one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, the dancing on letters are proven once and for all to be a fake when fingerprint analysis directs police to a man who had been a teenage. Back in the late sixties and he's never been named publicly, but according to a third ease, he's actually admitted to writing all the letters as a whole could now time keeps passing, and while new theories often connect new suspects, the Bowman's case like including some they're pretty notorious child killers across Australia. None of them seventy rape and murder of
and seven year old pair of sisters now he's charged with other by a whole host of offences. Perceptually assaulting a young woman in other girls in fences. Perceptually assaulting a young woman in other girls and in his own family and the reason old pair got to he's charged with the other by a whole host of offences for sexually assaulted, a young woman in other girls and in his own family, and the reason I even got tied to initially was that Andrew Rule actually Rapporteur for Son, Harold in two thousand one that a witness saw Arthur on tv after his arrest, and he placed him at Adelaide Oval with the two girls matching Joanne and Kirsty Description, and in their thinking. Well, whoever took those girls are thought to have taken the bowl minds and that's kind of where that connect And is made but eventually police, completely clear him of any suspicion in the Beaumont and Adelaide Oval cases and I totally ruled out by like two thousand one now
Five years later, in two thousand seven, the Herald son reported that convicted child murderers, Derek Percy, had been questioned by police. Like back in two thousand five in relation to the Bowman's, and although he is thought to be responsible for at least eight other childs death, south australian police told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation into doesn't fourteen that he was Definitely not a significant person of interest for the bull minds like he was already in prison when joining Kirsty we're snatched up. So if the theory of the two cases being connect, it was real, like he couldn't have done both an he doesn't really match the description from the beach. Now, despite possibilities, and you know the case getting renewed over and over. No, like real, credible links ever emerge and eventually public fascination dims, though it never fully dies and of actually a book is published a full forty years after ANA and Grant disappeared and
This is when writer, Alan Whittaker and his research partner, Stuart Mullins, published a book searching for the Beaumont children, which is considered one of the most definitive and comprehensive accounts of this mystery and what are we reference a couple of times throughout this episode? I highly recommend debt, but when they I wish this, but it's two dozen six now mind you and despite the forty year lapse in time, every one was about to be shocked to find but there was still secrets out there waiting to be uncovered and people who held, though seekers were finally ready to talk, because that's when Alan Stewart get a phone call that changes everything that day and the police thought that they knew about this case. The person who called Alan and Stuart is a woman named Angela who believes that her former father in law had something to do with the Beaumont children's disappearance. She says
her Ex husband, a Hayden confided that he saw his father with the Beaumont on the day that they disappeared now first Alan doesn't take Angela too seriously. He's gotten calls like this before and he's had his fair share. Runnin We want to be sleuths from all walks of life, but, as the conversation continue, Alan, realises that not only is Angela's story fascinating, it's also really believable. So he is or do some investigation basically into Angela her background. Basically, there trying to collect references to see she can be considered trustworthy we like to make sure that she's, legitimate yeah and Oliver references comeback, glowing so Stewart reaches out and he ranges a meeting and the one meeting turns into a year's long investigation by authors, experts, private investigators, retired, detective and others.
With dozens of interviews, all around Australia in their meticulous hunt for the truth and their findings become another book which data the satin would. We ve also record drop this episode yeah now the time of the book refers to a brand new suspect, the satin and the satin man is Angela's acts father in law. Now the authors in their book you suited them for their subjects, police and numerous news outlets like the Australian Broadcasting Corporation new, daily and CNN have all confirmed this. Man's true identity. So who is it? His name was Harry Phipps and he actually died back in two thousand for without ever be on polices radar. Now he was never investigated in his lifetime for any connection to the Beaumont children, but according to those who knew him best, the hairy seen in private,
was a far different man from the one presented to the public. The first and best known sign of Harry's will called a double life is right there in the books title his obsession with satin here He was infamous within his family and their inner circle for having a satin fetish, like not a house, the finnish or interest, but one that was so consuming that, literally no one was allowed to even where satin near him, because just the sight and sound of the fabric caused an instant on tolable arousal and, according to the book Harry made, own satin pajamas and dresses for sexual gratification, and he kept them in a leave room in the house that the rest of the family was forbidden from entering I'm sorry, we white satin we have heard some dark stories about people who have dark twisted,
fantasies and turn on, but obviously I did not see this one come weird right. What's saddened, that- and I, like you, can't see it. He can't hear it Russell may be around. He can go to weddings, obviously like I'm so floored by this entire thing as weird as it is, because it is totally it doesn't make you a child. Doktor. Well know that true, like be obsession with, sat and doesn't, except according to Harry Sign, Hayden, there's more like lot more harry was a. Violent alcoholic who loved fire arms and his son says that he had guns all over the house and tea who said that he had frequent outbursts against his immediate family and threatened them many times with his weapons, but it gets here beyond that. Hayden
I did in Angela that he had been violently reaped by his father multiple times a week for many years growing up and the abuse only stopped when he got big enough to defend himself and basic. His dad's fetish of sat in kind of end up haunting him because he said he was haunted by the swish of the satin fabric, coming down the hallway. So here where his dad like couldn't be around it. It was it was too much he was to aroused like I don't. You think he could be around it later, because it brought so many awful trauma memory. Lane was too traumatic and triggering for him now. Obviously because Harry was never on anyone's radar, none of this was reported to the south. Australian police at the time and Harry was never charged with a crime, but by that I'm here- comes into law enforcement. Attention through Alan and Stuart bathed collected a whole,
laundry list of circumstantial evidence that cast a Heine of suspicion on him now burst. There is his status and his wealth Harry was a very sick. Sl Business Man and he owned the castaways factory in Plumped, which is like a suburb of the area, now being rich and well connected and prominent and Adelaide Social circles was a great cover in the nineteen sixty like Harry didn't fit any. An idea of what they thought: a pedophile wise insult police net, or even looked in his direction, plus remit, her how the Beaumont KIDS bought their lunch at that bakery. With that one pound note yeah, so apparently Harry was big on flaunting his well by handing out one pound notes to Hayden and his friends till I get them out of the house on Saturday, so he could be alone with his sat and it would be like our ten dollars. For our parents. Yes, like here, here's the some money now go away and it's a hat
the kind of continued into the next generation, when Hayden Son Nick who apparently like lived with Harry for a time after his parents, divorce like you, give him money as well so I'll he's never publicly said that his grandfather did anything to him. Nick also ledges that sexually inappropriate experiences like occurred with Harry as a child, though we don't know what that is explicitly now in the book. Nick tells Stuart about how Harry would run up against him when they went swimming together and it's kind of like the most, that we got. Ok, but didn't He didn't that he saw the Beaumont KIDS with Harry yes, so this is like biggest piece of circumstantial evidence. Australia's seven news did a documentary about here into doesn't eighteen and they Audio of an interview that Hayden did with one of the satin means investigators, where he recalls, Sir, the Beaumont children on
day that they disappeared at his family house, on Australia Day, one thousand nine hundred and sixty for you the house. They sell our only chance. Usually the zone of themselves ass allows zeros and those did you in your users sharing unconscious.
Harry was usual ass. We can. And we shall see for now- No, that argue, is a little rough to hear so. Just to summarize, Hayden said that, basically, he saw three kids at his family's house on the day that the Beaumont kids disappear and wine was drastically shorter than the other two and that will match because Jane and are now what kind of close in height issue and grant was much shorter. Being the youngest then he's. As they were gone, the front doors wide open and he hears later that day or at some point that day for gunshots. Ok, but that doesn't mean anything because he said he heard gunshots all the time right right. No, that's that's totally accurate, but later on that
same interview. Hayden says that he saw Harry putting some big like pvc bags in the trunk of his car, which again The time didn't seem weird to him, because it's how Harry would transport his satin dress as to other proper, these he owned, and he said you know to be very clear. I never saw the children leave the house with By the way I have mentioned this get his house just happens. To be within a very easy walking distance of colleague, Reserve and Leno Beach. Now Hayden believes that the kids were buried at Harry's factory. In what he calls a sand pit now, Harry's factory, again very close, everything we're talking about it was just a short drive from the beach does Harry, have any resemblance to the sketch Brett, be resemblance is on hand, I want to send you this gift. So we took a video that Australia, seven news made and we made it into a gift, and it is the sketch image
and then a kind of morphs ensue. Harry's picture on a hang on just a second you're gonna you're gonna flap, oh my god, that is right eerie, like obviously he's older than this. But he would be war extra. Here's a thing so Harry was forty. Eight nineteen sixty six, so the little bit older, but he kept himself in really good shape, and so he actually always looked much younger than he wise honestly. The areas thing for me is the hare line. Is he's got that like don't I forehead the hairline spot on. He does have kind of a long face like big the ear shapes the nose shape. This is creepy we talked about a lot where sketches, look really really really similar does aspects. But, honestly, I think this is the most like accurate one I ever saw,
especially for to me. You know at this sketch has like some prominent features like that forehead and long face, but it also can be kind of vague, but, my goodness is close. So I'll put this and give honour instagram. If you guys, we need to see it, you need to see it a crime donkey podcast on interim, but despite all of the coup incidents is so far the South Australia police declined to get too involved when out is your first get in touch them missus? Back, like two thousand seven, I mean here. He's been dead for years at this point, so it's not like they can really arrest ten and the kind of electing a we ve got a ton of active cases to work on. So, according the Satin man book police say that they already reviewed their evidence and talked to Harry's widow, which was his second wife and found that she's a dead end, but AL Stewart decide to talk to her anyways. Now she was Harry's housekeeper,
before they got married and also took care of him after his house, or did you really decline? So she had a front row see into his weird fetish is now I wasn't able to verify her real name like I could, with the other people, so I'll just call her normal, like they do in the book, so Stewart arrange a meeting with Norma who still is the same house in Glenelg, and he goes to talk to her, Now, right away, Norma does two things that he finds out. First, she denies ever talking to the South Australia police end. She brings up the Adelaide Oval disappearances completely on pro. Both in relation to the bowl minds now she's. We firmly in welcoming, though, like happy to talk about Harry happy to show store all over the house, and she takes him in the basement as part of their tour, and he catches sight of something really strange down there.
A little white children's purse up hers very much like the wine. Jean Beaumont had the day that she vanished, so Stuart asked her about. Hers without necessarily like mentioning why he's interested or or that it's connected to Jane and normal, it's a kind of upset in says they owe you know. I just bought it out of thrift store, which is kind of we for a woman rage like they kind of point out that she's got but like a lot of mean she's pretty wealthy like. Why is she buying a child's purse? Are thrift store so they tell these about there's that by the time police are alerted and they get to the how it's not their exactly Norma claims to have thrown the purse away, and it is never seen again, ok that so shady that, like if you just bought it or bought it in general, and it was just hang on your house like Why? All the would you just pitch?
I mean that's exactly what I thought too, but without the purse, though, police are forced return to seeing Norma as a dead end. Yet again, years Pass Alan Stuart, continue their research and once the satin man is published in two thousand thirteen, even more people come forward and one again. This kind of stirs, like all of the public interest, is completely renewed and Time all the rude interests like they actually have a person of interest in their sights and we can maybe now use new technologies are trying to locate the children, and this new technology reveal something that may finally thought is called case. The southwest in police use ground, penetrating radar technology to search around Harry's old factory in Adelaide the one that Hayden thought that he had buried the kids. At the sir.
According to Nigel Hunt, the Advertiser newspaper turns up an anomaly in the soil which can indicate that its move or that some being or some one is buried there so arm with that precise location, police now get involved and they excavate a one square metre space in search of anything to definitively tie Harry to the Beaumont children. But, like so many times before, diss Digg turns up nothing. I feel, like families of these kids have just seen so much like hope. That's dashed in hope, that's dashing do they have any failing? Origin are so around like their parents like this is fifty years out, oh yeah, so there actually at the time that this happened there still alive and still in Adelaide, and
that actually one of the reasons that police really start looking into areas assess back because they want to give Jim and Nancy some closure. After all, these years of waiting for the truth and truth is kind of an odd, thing, though, because even when its hidden in the darkest family secrets like those of a man like Harry, it begins to come, eventually so the geishas of his horrific sexual deviancy take on a new life in January, two thousand, a eighteen when Strain TB premiers a new feature called seven news investigate. The Beaumont children. What really happened? a woman who chooses to remain anonymous, identifies Harry the man who brutally rate her in nineteen, seventy nine when she was just fourteen years old, time. She was living with her family right near Harry's factory and she kept quiet for the same reason as Hayden and so many other sexual assault victims. She was
involve about what happened. She had a fear of him, maybe a fear that no one would believe her that again, since here he's dead and all the physical evidence of sexual assault, is the law Bon there's nothing for police to investigate, really her story. Just kind of corroborates that he wasn't a good guy, but this same seven news documentary dies, bring forward, something that they can look into because a man The main David who was Teenager back in sixty six when the Bowman's disappeared comes forward and tells the info two gaiters or producers of this show that once he did a unique job for Harry David, says: Harry hired him and his older brother Robin to dig a hole at the castaways grounds behind the factory during that Long Australia, day week and just days after Jane aren't, I grant Beaumont had vanished now, according to David,
whole was about seven years, long about. One yard wide and about as deep as a young boy is tall, and he said it was located away from where that two thousand and thirteen dig had taken place. Now they didn't think thing weird of this job at the time, because they had no reason to doubt Harry's Aquino, again, Jesus nice, upstanding citizen. He was paying them good money for their labour, but D said it wasn't until decades later, when he saw that Harry was on the news that he finally made the connection to the Beaumont children. So, armed with this information, as well as a fresh location to search police, archaeology, and forensic experts returned the old Castaway factory MILAN Macmillan wrote for Newcastle starring. She doesn't eighteen about the search team who had basically what found was more soil anomalies right near where David said he and Robin had dug back in sixty six, which makes sense could have you know,
nominees can show anything even digging and we know they dug there and right So it's not a lot of front, but it didn't least enough to spark yet another excavation and before the day, police, officially name Harry as a suspect in the disappearance of the boma children. So, on February, sect two thousand eighteen. The second dig at castaway begins, but it's called after less than twelve hours when investigators turn up nothing, but some old animal bones k, but that doesn't clear Harry like they ve only Doug. Couple of places on his property yeah exactly and especially with this, like mountain or at least a hill of circumstantial evidence. I think Harry is still a fantastic suspect and I don't think that they were moved him from their suspect less. I have no doubt that he
So will be wise, a sadistic pedophile during his white time and the scars that he left on his victims are clear. But who knows, it will ever get a one hundred percent clear answer about his possible involvement with the Beaumont, like like police, I believe that the Adelaide Oval disappearances are connected to the boma kid. So if Harry's responsible for wine, it's totally possible that he's connected to the other so much time has passed, memories, feed and many of the poor well who encountered him including haven. Angela, are now deceased near Beaumont herself passed away just a little. Go on September. Sixteen a two thousand nineteen in Adelaide at each ninety two and her husband, the Bowman's father gin, he's actually still alive, presumably still carrying the hope that
ever unlikely. It might be. After all, this time he might still learn the truth about what really happened to Jane ANA in Grant on that.
All day. If you want to see photos and learn more about this case or see the sources that we used, you can find all of that on our website. Crime, junkie, podcast, dot, com and don't forget. We have a special minisodes about the family murders for a fan club members were you can find that on our website as well. Just put the fan club tab and it's available for you right now, and also, if you like, please make a donation to the disaster relief in Australia for all the brush fires. You can learn more about what they need and what you can do at Redcross, DOT, Org a you, and if you need a little pick me up, you can stay tuned for a brand new product of the month story and we might also be taking us to Australia
ok, Ashley for profit of the month I need a good programme story. Ok, so this one is about a hero. Papa it wasn't submitted by a listener. It was just browsing the news and seeing a puppet beating some light. They always are so. This is about Patsy and Patsy is a Kelpie border collar mix which I think we may have talked about kelpies before actually do you know my one fun fact about kelpies now I know not. Okay, so one of the oldest dogs ever to be recorded Maggie. She was thirty when she passed away was a count, but you have told me, I didn't remember the breed, but you tell me this every time I get really sad about Charlie right cause like an aggregation. Our dogs are kelpie, is right: leg, yeah, yeah, yeah, the people, the character,
sticks up, I'm not sure you're hurting dog. I think all three of our very different dogs and you're gonna live so thirty, so yet kelpies all across the board, so popular a farm with her family in Korean Victoria, Australia and weed but an earlier. Everyone is aware that Australia is experiencing devastating brushfires. Are claiming the lives of people and the environment, but also the Meanwhile, I feel there as well as dumb sick animals. But Patsy out here and she's gonna change that Patsy bravely heard something like nine hundred she's out of the fires way and to safety, and even stayed with her owner Stephen Hill to help fight the fight as the closer and closer to their home. Get out of here. Are you crying like, with your are very close to zero she's saving, all the sheep parapets trumpets trumpets? Yes, let's take them, but a few
sheep have not made it, but her honor Stephen said that there was no way he could have saved any of this little known how many they do without hats ease bravery and smarts end just willingness to help she's needed and like a little, a full body chills right now I go about your cry, I'm so inspired by patent. Here, all the rest, now hasn't instagram, which of course I must swear. They followed immediately. What is her interim handle its Patsy, the wondered hug of coy online and we're going to our website because it's a long handle, but I'm upset for their and there's like there's one The other I literally just like wept out, it's a The video like her almost like pay Patsy look at those she and then pans up to a bunch of sheep and pans back to Patsy and is like that's all because a few pats you did, it does exist,
and I'm not gonna try an australian access because I'm going to budget but like it tops it's like the chariot half of the entire video. I wept is ugly honestly the wireless hopping and with a small correction, because I have not stop trying to find her. Since you said it, it's Patsy. The Korean wondered on. She is amazed in her ear is amazing. Footing is again. We're linger interim because I definitely must adopt such a long handle. But I'm obsessed, but when the post said that Patsy officially has front seat privileges for life, I for one thing that is incredibly well deserved. I think it's great I'm a profit euro, I'm so happy so again, not as oil is no problem but a problem. It makes me proud to crops ok, so we talked about problem month. Patsy raising
there are other dogs in Australia who needs homes to especially during this time I was right, and so I found a door of appropriate and I'm gonna be honest. Actually I chose him. One because he's from Victoria, which is where Patsy its run here, that the victorian dog rescue butts to his name was too good to pass up. His name is abandons pickers girl. Ok, how can you not love him? So I chose over the name, he's a coolly, I had no idea about. I people and you know what they are for us: U S, folks, thereby quickly. I'm kind of australian hurting dog Progresso, the cradle can a strange bird or blue healer can mix between that coolies love them inquiries and kelpies because of the best of Britain
so I picked him up because of his name. But then I read his profile and it was like meant to be had to finish off this problem of the month with this problem, so I read his profile and it states the legend says beckons was originally raised, heard she like his breeding suggests, but he got surrendered because it was too kind to the sheep. Stop it I know- and so he was adopted again by a grounds- men which is illegal, landscaper U S people and he was able to go to work with his person and just run around all day outside with it with his human witches, like I'm, not getting now I'm not getting happy, because I know he's up for adoption. Where does this go wrong? He lost his human psychologically and never got to say good bye whistle he's a back up for adoption. Actually, I need to stop crying, as it gets really cute soon he's
super social. He loves meeting me dogs in people, and I would at a time like this, he enjoys bad so much lays down and rolls around them about enough. I just- I'm obsessed with em, so if you and Victoria Australia, or more specifically in abstract, would probably butchered, I'm so sorry and are looking for friend chuckled begins and his friends at the victorian dog rescue will in turn website he's supersaver Cute, I'm because my bag in someone's highland, he lost his head and everybody and austrian, We love you, I we love, you
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