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On April 3, 2019 someone claiming Timmothy Pitzen approached a stranger in KY and told them he had escaped abductors. The news went wild with this information as the public waited for DNA results to come in. We learned that the man was not Timmothy but it reignited one of the most mysterious disappearance cases in IL history. On this episode of Crime Junkie, we will tell you about the day Timmothy left school with his mom in 2011 and the strange circumstances surrounding their whereabouts after.

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playing a joke last, because it was truly a bizarre day for true crime stories, like I woke up to breaking news that there A development in the Mora Murray case, which, for a brand new listeners, go back and listen to our two or on missing, more Murray you'll get how crazy. This is like what happened, but FBI State police were searching a home. On wild emanistic road, which is the same road that she went missing on and over the last few months, there's, been like a ton of speculation about this house and Fred more as dad always heard rumours about this house would try and search a repeatedly with the owners, would never let him in and then finally, the house and it's getting sold to new people who let him and let civilians searches come in. Apparently, this is a couple of months ago three separate civilian searchers, with cadaver dogs hit on these same spot in a basement like every time boom boom boom
so they end bringing in ground penetrating radar and there's an anomaly in the floor right where these dogs head so the family, Other people who are really invested in this case wanted police to go dig up this basement for, but at first police were like no, so a kind of died off for a couple of minds. And boom out of nowhere. The state, police and FBI are at this house, and we see them carrying in jackhammers and Fred, says something to the effect of like listen. There. A fine, a body there and I think it's Maura's. So I don't know about you. But I was holding my breath all day. I I was at airport flying and like freaking out, because I wouldn't have access to talk to you about this. As the press conference is happening,
yeah and it my mind that, like the thought of her actually being there so close to where she actually went missing from I mean yeah, it would have completely explained how she went missing so quickly, yeah, but at the same time it made me rethink everything. I thought about the case, because I've always thought there was like a missing person in this puzzle, someone who was with her or someone she was going to meet and her being like in this house, a few feet away, didn't really fit in that, but then they did a press conference in the afternoon and police announced that the only thing they found in the basement was like some piping or like a pottery. I think they said pottery that was under the basement floor and there no body of any kind, not maras and no one else's, and the press kept asking. Why did you search them like why now? Why do you do this and the police couldn't say it, but I feel like that
danced around it a little, and I kind of wanted to answer for them like if I were them might be like people aren't trusting us to do our jobs, they wouldn't leave us a known about it, like we ve said for years that the house had nothing to do with that. We'd already investigated doing this, to get them to shut up like that kind of the aid that the day like it can. We were finally we're gonna, do it if you won't leave us alone about it like now, we did it. Will you please just like Let us do our jobs mean I'm actually now yeah. So that was a fool rollercoaster of emotion and then, but then, yes, the day was not over, then all of a sudden out of a small town in Kentucky a teenage boy approach, some people in a parking lot. He looked disheveled had bruises on his chin and when people asked him who he was or if he needed help, he said his name was Timothy Pitzen, a boy
was abducted by his own mother from Illinois back in two thousand and eleven, and this boy that he had been kept in hiding by strange men who are keeping him captive, but he had escaped, every one on the internet was losing their minds because the story of Timothy pits and disappearance is a very bizarre one, one that is unexplained and has been debated fiercely in the corners of the internet for years. So I decided I should tell our crime junkies that story today, so you can appreciate what a big deal it was to hear that he might have been found.
And then, at the end, I'll tell you the outcome of the most recent breaking news. On May eleventh two thousand and eleven James pits and who goes by Jim dropped off his six year old Son Timothy at school, in their home of a Roar Illinois. It was like any other day for Jim Nothing felt off. There is nothing in the back of his mind. They made him worry about his son during the day and the worry wooden.
Until the afternoon when he went to pick up Timothy from school and the office said well. He is not here gems, like what do you mean he's got here? They tell Jim that less than an hour after he dropped off Timothy for School, Jim S, wife Aimee had come to the school to retrieve Timothy. She told the office there that there had been a family emergency and he had to leave with her. She didn't say what kind of emergency and the office that didn't dare to ask. This was his mother, so she signed a man. They leave together both Timothy and Amy, showing no signs of distress. Jim at this point had no idea. What's going on, there was no family emergency. What was Amy talking about and be did she know something he didn't or maybe she was just wanting to play hockey with her son, but it's weird that she hadn't mentioned anything to him about it, not even like a hay,
dont bother picking him up. I've gotta, nothing! No so Jim goes home to see if they might be there and are not here. I'm calling Amy over and over but keeps getting sent to voicemail. He checks Amy's work to find that she hasn't been there either. So Jim keeps leaving messages Amy. Please just call me, let me know that you're okay, when he doesn't hear from Amy he tries reaching out to her mom and dad other family members and friends, but call after call. He learns that she wasn't with any of them, and none of them had heard from her, and no one had known about her plan to take them in the ETA school or where they might be going Jim begins to assume like most people. Would I think that Amy's mad him. That's why she was picking him up and you see their relationship, wasn't all roses and had been pretty rocky recently, and there was even talk of divorce. Jim wasn't abusive to Amy or Timothy was nothing like.
Where Amy would need to like run away for their safety, but they would fight a lot. Jim was Amy's fourth husband, and he suspected that she was still in love with one of her exes. Some time before this day on May eleventh, Jim had even caught her messaging, her ex husband and he made her choose him or meat. Amy chose Jim. They had a family together and she wanted to make it work, but making it work seemed harder and harder. Every single day, so Jim decided to give her the night away a decision. He would later come to regret the next morning when Amy and Timothy still weren't home Jim decides. He needs to notify police police filed a report and started looking for Amy and Timothy, but just a day later it seems like. Maybe they didn't need to on May th
M gets word from Amy's family she's called that she called her brother in law and her mother to tell them that everything was totally fine. They were in danger. She doesn't need some time away and she'd be back in a day or two Timothy could actually be heard. In the background, I one point making a comment about being hungry. But, like that's me, every five minutes the family said he found it totally. Fine, maybe people little kids yeah. Maybe they really just did need to unplug. It still seems kind of like a weird way to just get away like I can't imagine picking up on my kids and just be like we're gonna go away for a little bed and just not true. Anybody and not answer Justin's calls right, he'd be freaking out too yeah, definitely yeah. So I think it's super weird as well, but I don't have a ton of background on Amy prior to this to know how normal or abnormal this was for her. Some people are just like way more spontaneous and
there is I think year I was even to say there are people in like my extended family, that this wouldn't be that of course, for them, but For me and all the people I know I'm close to it, be We really off the beaten path for us to do this, yet so you'd be for me too, but clearly this didn't raise any red flags for her family. Like again, her husband is willing to of her the night her family, when they heard from her, was like ok, they have seen some time away, so this must have seemed pretty normal for them now. There was something, though, that she said at the time that wasn't cause for concern, but looking back on, it might have given some insight to her state of mind and what she was about to do when talking to her brother in law. She made a she said. Timothy belongs to me. What does that even mean well mother in law didn't know, but when her husband heard about this later, he thought maybe he did know what it was about when they had had that fight about her ex husband. Jim had made a
man he was basically like you know you have to choose the like go ahead and leave see what happens. I'm going to get custody of Timothy, I'm the stable one, I'm one of the job and you won't see him anymore, so maybe she was feeling kind of threatened. I don't know how long ago. The fight was they clearly. This is like something: myths, that's kind of a big thrice. I can see it like festering in her mind. Definitely, but Jim wouldn't know how threatened that she actually felt for another day through the thirteen TH and most of the fourteen TH, the family remained ignorantly blissful about Amy's, true intentions that is until May fourteen, when Jim would get a knock on his door that change his life for ever. Police are at gems door and they have some awful news. They have found Amy in Rockford Illinois made that the Rockford and had come to clean her room that afternoon and found her deceased
she had died by a parent suicide Amy had used a razor blade knife to cut both her wrists and her own throat after ingesting a lethal dose of antihistamines. Jim can barely speak. This is so hard to believe people just talk to her yesterday. Why would she go out to Rockford to take her own life but, more importantly, one thought kept coming to the top of his mind. Do you have Timothy? Is he okay, no cop said that Timothy, Was it in the room with her? I'm I'm somehow relieved that he wasn't there to see that I mean. Surely it it was a brutal to go, but they had no idea where he was not that he just wasn't in the room. He was missing. There was no sign of him in the hotel room, no sign of him in the car and when I say no sight
him, not just him like no clothes, no toothbrush, no backpack that he had when he left school none of his stuff. It was like he vanished into thin air, and this is so confusing for GEN, like getting hit with everything all at once, he's realizing his wife essentially abducted their son. Now she's deceased, their son is not missing the police are trying to calm him down, and they say it's their number one priority to find Timothy and they're going to do everything they can to track Amy's movements from the time that she picked him up until she was found, and hopefully that's going to lead them to TIM but when they start getting her records like her cell phone banking info toll passes and they start looking at surveillance footage from the places she with Timothy things seem to make even less sense. Investigators are able to tell that after Amy picked up Timothy from school
She took her car to repair shop and I don't know what was being done. There was like something getting fixed or just an oil change or whatever, but whatever she was preparing for it seem like she was preparing her vehicle to do some serious mileage in the upcoming days. While her car was being repaired, she took Timothy to a local zoo once they get back to her car the to drive up north to key lime resort in Gurney Illinois. They stay the night there and then hit the road the next morning, and they can be seen on surveillance footage. So we know Timothy's with her. They both looked just fine, so everything seems normal Timothy Amy. They all seem happy. Amy doesn't seem like me, an egg or under any kind of distress. So no one really knows: what's going on out there like finding these videos after they leave girl
Illinois, they drive even farther of north into Wisconsin about two hundred miles away from their home. There's this water park resort there, where they check into an Timothy again, can be seen on camera with Amy everyone looking totally happy totally fine and brought it actually want you to take a look at this surveillance footage. I put it on our website. Crime, junkie, podcast, dot com. If anyone wants to see it, there is like a couple of places where they get spotted on camera. Every single time again seems totally fine. He seems happy almost like a little many vacation. I mean yeah they're, just walking through to the elevator he's looking around at one point in time. There like a cash register, and he kind of stars to stray, is wandering around she's constantly has her eye on him. Making sure that he's not going too far gas, so that's, then, like checking into the
the next motel mean it looks how I am with my eleven year old, honestly yeah. So on May thirteen is when they leave the resort and they drive to sterling rock falls. This is like four hours south of where they were so they went. North them in back south, like their trail, doesn't really make sense, but maybe there's like hitting some spots they wanted to now. We know she was there, because, when police look up the cell phone records, those calls that she made to her family, saying that everything was fine and that they would be home in a couple of days were made from cell towers. In that area, We also know, based on her credit card transactions, that she went into a dollar store and bought some stationary. There wasn't any footage from the store that I could find. So I own of Timothy was with her and I haven't seen like whether he was report. It anywhere so he may or may not be it. I'm not sure I mean, wouldn't he have been with her everywhere else, it's pretty safe to assume that he would be with her right. Well, yes, except
When they look at her next transaction, it's from a grocery store and when they pull that video of her walking in she's alone. Oh there's, no Timothy, oh my god, really yeah. So we aren't one hundred percent sure where Timothy is is he in the car? Is he no longer with her? If so, since, when so after buying this food? This is around like eight o'clock that she bought this on. The thirteen Th Amy then drives to Rockford Illinois and checks in at the Rockford in where she would be found. The next day she checks in at about eleven p M was Timothy, seen at all at the Rockford. In no the person who checked her. In said, they never saw any little boy with her and from all the other hotels and resorts where we have
video. We see that he was always by her side, so I have to believe that he was never there, which probably means when she went to the grocery store. He wasn't either, but, like you never know, she checked into the hotel at eleven p m there are ours between, like wonders of the store twenty checked in where she could have done something with him. But what that something is is what makes this case so crazy, because when Amy's body was found the next day it was found with a note,
and that note is what has everybody scratching their head over this case. So many years later, so there was a rumor to be three notes. In total, one in the hotel room were emus found. Another was mailed to her mother and possibly a third was rumored to have been mailed to a friend. All three notes were written on the stationary that she bought from the dollar store. At the same night. She checked into the end, which, for me kind of sheds light on her state of mind throughout this whole thing, like we see her on video at the grocery store after she bought the stationary, she clearly bought the stationary
to write her good bye, no time, and then we see here on video just a couple hours later: she's cool and calm and collected just like she is the rest of the time. So to me that says, all of this, like is something that she's been planning and finally putting into motion. You don't think the station I could have been for anything else. I mean what like why, by stationary on a road trip. I don't know all this just seems so calculated, but I also know more of the story up until this point. So let me continue and fill in the pieces for you. So the note that she sent her mother reads like this. I've tried very hard to fit in and be happy and to be good to those around me, but somehow I've always felt, apart from from
TIM helped with that for a while? But maybe, if Jim and I had been better, I would have been okay, but everything fell apart and this time there were just too many pieces for me to pick up again. I can't take the chance of Jim hurting TIM because of my choices, so I've taken him somewhere safe and he will be well cared for and he says that he loves you. Please know there is nothing you could have said or done. That would have changed my mind, I'm sorry for the hurt and difficulties I know you're
the to. I just hope you'll be able to forgive me one day, I'm sorry what yeah we don't know. What the no to her friend said, because, as far as I can tell, it's never been publicize, but the one left in her room is very similar. She basically apologises for the mess that she's created and says that TIM is safe with people who love him and he would be well cared for, but never found so she's saying she gave him away to someone I mean basically that's kind of how it comes across, but but who do we know she knew anybody in the areas where she was travelling to and from war. That,
the million dollar question, or at least one of them. I think the first question is: was she telling the truth in her note? Did she really give him away to some one, or did she do something more sinister, then? The second question that is, if she did give him away, who could she have possibly given him too, to answer the questions? Police have no choice but to take inventory of what little evidence they have to try and tracked down Timothy. There were a couple of if they find that make them believe possibly Timothy, could be dead first in the room they find a nearly empty bottle of child medicine. So the first thought is: maybe she drug Timothy but remember she had a lethal dose of Anna history means in her sister. So I wasn't able to find any report. Unlike the amount of medication,
was the medication something she bought. Issues on the on was in a new body old bottle. Was it the amount in the bottle the same as in her system? So I dont know that there's always speculation around this, but my personal feeling is that she probably took this medicine herself. You know there was barely anything left in the rooms are for this bottle to be there to me that, means that it has to be the one that she took shortly before she died in on that. No talking about what was found in the room, I mention that nothing of Timothy's was found and woods we're to me. As well, is that the clothes that attention, He was wearing weren't either the ones that she was wearing earlier in the day, so she's seen on surveillance, video, but the one that you looked at. There's like this black shirt with white writing and apparently the that he's found and were not those but the closest. She was seen an answer.
Sounds like were found anywhere else, either really yeah and not only was her stuff missing but, like I said everything that Timothy would have had like his backpack from school, tooth brush. All of that was missing as well, and we can tell, by her credit card transactions that she had bought stuff for Timothy, like clothes and toys,
But none of that was found in the room or in her car either. But if she gave Timothy away what would be the point of getting rid of her stuff too? I don't know to me. This is one of the things that makes me think she did something to him, something that would have left evidence on her clothes like a blood or maybe dirt if she buried him, but you know for most people, that's not what makes people think something happened to Timothy. They think something bad could have happened because of other things found in Amy's car when police search Amy's car, the first thing they saw was not good. It was a blood stain in the back or Timothy would normally be like what size of blood stained. So here's the thing I've heard different repair
some say it was a lot of blood. Some say it was a significant amount of blood. Some say it was a small amount of blood and apparently this bloodstain is very subjective. There are no photos of it, but either way when police test it it was Timothy's. So something may have happened to him while he was in the car, possibly but not necessarily similarly now here's the thing? So many people point to that saying: that's proof that she did something but all of their family, that Timothy always got bad nose bleeds and the stain was an old staying in their adamant about this, and they don't want people getting distracted and just like writing him office.
Was Timothy's blood found anywhere else in the hotel room or anything? No, they even checked the same, like razor cutting knife that Amy used on herself and his blood was nowhere on it. It was just hers, so the fact that his blood is isolated, the car could really back up what the family is saying, but they did find something else, and I dont know what does something else mean. So you tell me what you think so on the under carriage of her car. They find a bunch of long like unkempt grass and they find weeds that we're like Queens Lace and black mustard seed. There's some grab
so this tells police that at some point she pulled off of a main road onto some like side, gravel dirt area, maybe even pull down to some kind of field of some kind. And now, depending on what you think of this story, she either pulled off to dispose of a body or she pulled off to make a transfer and give TIM too. Who ever it was or is that's keeping him and taking care of him? police, were able to use the magic of science to help them narrow down the actual specific grass and weeds and, like I did Bowser, and I know they can do this, but they narrowed it down to one specific county he searched a ton of areas by foot and with dogs, but they didn't find anything no sign of Timothy which to me means, like a view,
narrow down all the places, and you search those places, and he wasn't there, then doesn't he have because someone else clean, it certainly sounds like it. Where else should you Look, I mean I don't know so I tend to think like wherever she was. It has to be some kind of meat up point, but with who, like don't get me wrong. I hope is ok, but this makes zero sends to me. She takes us wild road trip with what seems like no direction and then just like meet some one to give her kid to what are the odds Well, maybe not so solemn, maybe it wasn't a total stranger. She met on this road trip because remember how I told you that they pulled off her records like including her tall passes yeah well, what they learn from her tall records was really bizarre. Today's episode was made possible impact
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Is there was nothing to indicate she may contact with any one by like phone or the internet, but it going out there did she make contact with a stranger before and, like then come up with this idea? Was it pure accident that she ran into someone she had she heard about someone like all of this is still a huge mystery yeah and here's the thing I keep coming back to like okay, say she convinced someone to take her son, I'm sure she had to make up a story about why he shouldn't be with his dad, but don't you think after so many years, the person keeping Timothy would realize that maybe whatever they were told, isn't real Mean Timothy is not a baby. He's gotta be at least a little bit aware of. What's going on and asking about his family and his dad as mom it's just, so unreal and I totally agree like I think, he's asking questions. I I think sixes young enough that,
under the right circumstances. You can probably still get them to believe, like maybe they're part of another. When I think it depends on the actual kit as well, but like more than that, I dont know how this other family would have bought into whatever story. Amy told that like I'm, u lesser just like kind, evil people who wanted their cannon don't care that this other family is suffering. I don't know They wouldn't realize that she delighted. I go he's he's abusive and we have to keep my son away eventually, like he's doing was everywhere. They don't you like. Wouldn't they have seen that year and I mean again because I foster kids of a whole bunch of different ages. I've been exposed to kids who asked questions about their biological families a lot and it Even for me it becomes an opera conversation with other adults when they say things and I have to say, like oh they're, asking This parent yeah, you think about the who isn't me. You know like I feel like a special six role,
they have no filters. If his faces on the news people are look, for him in not even the area but the country and he's asking questions or talking to people about his mom and dad his real mom and dad. I feel like that, be really hard to conceal so yeah. Here's a thing like others had been this theory that has emerged that I don't love does I think that is like looking at the evidence and then coming up with a theory. I think people are like will will why hasn't come forward and kindly built this theory around at the kind of puts into this nice tiny package. But the theory is that perhaps he was given to someone from the amish community and then that way he really is isolated with like one community, they don't have the radio, they don't have tv, so they're, not here during the story of Timothy's like loving family has actually looking for him. They may have never is
almost disguised sky yeah. They may have never known like what happened. What amies like real real fate, was so a the theory that keeps coming up over because again I mean it's nice and tidy. It seems to be the only one that explains how she could convince someone to take him and love him and care for him, and then those people, then eventually don't find out that he actually still has this family, who wants to take care of him and love him and care for him well, but all of her letters specifically stated how she was keeping Timothy from Jim. But what motive would she have to keep to put away from her family? I think the truth of it is that at the time this happened, she just wasn't well and I don't know how that was affecting her
Personally I mean she clearly was feeling possessive over Timothy aiming again. She told her brother in law that he belongs to me all kind of like. If I can't have him, no one can mentality, possibly so in her mind. Maybe she wanted to have complete control over what happened to him even after she was gone, and I can't decide if the note that she laughed was her trying to be kind or her trying to be cruel, like option. One is that this really is the truth. She thought She was doing what's best for him he's with somebody and for whatever reason she thought he'd be better off their option. Two. She did something to him. Maybe she didn't want to be remembered for that way or maybe in her head. She thought that it would be better for the family to think that he was up there and happy than to know that he was deceased, what she had done, so she says he's with somebody else who loves him and is taking care of him, or in three. She knew. How much it would hurt to not have closure, and this
just like one more stab at her husband when she was just like in a bad place, mentally I'm sorry to like backtrack a little bit, but did all of this come out of nowhere like I mean she clearly wasn't so and mentally stable, because her family wasn't even alarmed when she picked Timothy up from All an hour in and took him on this crazy road trip? Will yes, it knows who she had a history with depression, and even had another incident where she took some pills nearer cliffs edge and almost fell over and people thought that that was an attempt to kill herself. So there is this
history in that regard, but even with that, every person who knew her in her family still to this day says that she would never do anything to harm her son and they all fully believe that he still alive but years and years went by no one came forward. There is no sign of Timothy until this April when that boy, who was claiming to be fourteen years old said he was Timothy Pets, and now this was crazy because I think it had everyone, like all our kids piracy minds going like he said he was being held captive by some and that mean that, like his mom gave him about people or worse, was his mom murdered and he was taken in all this. People to know when we were looking, but within a couple of days DNA had been taken and it was found that this
boy who was actually not a boy at all was not Timothy. It was actually a twenty three year old man named Brian Michael. Rennie Brian is a man who seems to be very mentally ill. He's presented himself apparently in the past, as a juvenile victim of sex trafficking before multiple times. This is like something that he puts on he's been arrested, now he's going to trial for false claims, but he's caused a lot of damage? Jim says that this whole thing has ripped open. This wound do so why, like it happened yesterday, and he's grieving all over again, but he said that he hopes that out of this tragedy, maybe something good will happen. Maybe people will start talking about his son again and start looking for his son again, He says that to him the worst thing people can do is assume at his son is dead. He does not think Amy killed him.
And he doesn't want anyone else to think that either because, as soon as you do, you'll stop keeping an eye out for him. As of this recording Timothy would be fourteen years old, you can actually go see. An age progressed picture of him on our website: crime, junkie, podcast, dot, com, I'll also poster on our social media, and we hope everyone will go, look and keep an eye out for the real Timothy pits and he was six when he was taken. He may not even know he's missing anymore and depending on who he's with they might not know that a good families looking for him so share his picture, share his story and hopefully, one day Jim will really. To reunite with his son. Don't forget you
and check out those pictures on our website crime, junkie, podcast com. We also have all of the surveillance footage in one video there that you can check out as well. The age progress picture will also be on our social media. You can follow us on Instagram Crime, junkie, podcast and on twitter at crime, junkie, pod and we'll be back next week with a brand new episode crime junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think chuck disapprove
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