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MURDERED: Birna Brjánsdóttir


One Friday night, a young woman headed out with friends in Reykjavik, Iceland, for a night on the town. She left the bar in the wee hours of the morning, meandering down the street. Then -- she disappeared. What unfolded in the weeks ahead would shake this tight-knit country to its very core.

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Lord, I'm so excited to hear about this. I again, the amount of like places we have westerners. It never ceases to amaze me we did. This thing I'll back, which I would love it, people did this week. So wherever you your listening from you know, this episode is gonna, come out a couple of months where a little bit ahead for once in our life, so I prayed o the Lord were not in corn teen anymore, but I am right now in this moment, and I would to be anywhere but isn't my home, my recording studio toys or where ever your listening from, because even if I'm out of quarantine, I promise you were not traveling. Take a piss, where are you listening to this episode right now put it on Facebook? on your instagram story on Twitter and tag us in show us where here listening to crime junkie, because its boy Was my mind, it makes my heart explode and were so thankful for all of you every single day, especially your people up.
All the way in Iceland is truly incredible and I can't wait to see where you guys are all listening so exciting. So I'm not sure if you know this bread, but Iceland has a crime rate that for us in the. U S anyway, seems almost impossible to hold out like super low re, only like one or two murders per year across their entire country. Oh my god, police, don't even carry guns, and there have been years were police didn't have even one single homicide to investigate it's, a really peaceful country, a country where people take care of one another which is why, in January, two thousand seventeen when twenty year old woman goes missing from downtown street after a night at the pub it shake every one to their core. This is the story of beer brigands d
here. For twenty year old burn up Friday, knights were usually spent out with friends. Maybe they go to a house party to a pub to play cards. No matter how she started the night most of the time like any twenty year old there, she would cap. The night off, with dancing at one of the clubs in downtown rate, giving the night of Friday January, thirteen was no exception according to an article,
An ice and monitor beer, not in a few friends, had gone to a popular music than you were. A bunch of local Indians are playing the night like doesn't usually get under way in Reykjavik until well after midnight. So she expected that it would be a late night, but the next day when beer and doesn't show up for her shift at work. Her friend Maria is a little concerned Maria knows beer, and I had been out the night before so it's possible that she may have just overslept. So she calls bitterness cell to check on her, but she gets a message saying that the foam is off not like ringing and rolling to voice mail, but like switched off, wouldn't call still go to voice mail, even if the funds, I thought, the same thing I couldn't find a detailed explanation of this. Like I dont know, if there was some kind of automated message telling the person, but it wasn't going to voice mail because of this reason I really no idea, but everything I read said: the phone was not just going to voice mail but actually turned off. Ok got it, and the years of,
I don't know about you, but I never turn my phone up unless they have to do like a hard restart for software update or something and beer. Nor was the same but also not showing up for work even been late for work is not like her at all. So Maria thinks me her phone just ran out of battery or something so she said calling around should the girls that Vienna had been out with the night before, but when she gets a hold of them. They tell Maria that they had actually left the bar at two p m with how to peered up they tell Maria that when they decided to call it a night burner was still having a good time and wanted to stay so she did and ages assume that she went home. Afterward Maria hopes, their right, but their assumptions aren't enough for her. She needs to know where her friend is. Over next call was to mom seo. She says I keep calling Vienna, but I can't get do you know where she is? Have you been in contact with you but see? I haven't seen her either
article. I read by sea on rice in the guardian, beer net is described as independent and the girl definitely did what she wanted, but she was also Lee Responsible and it wasn't like her to just go off the great without telling her family. First, we did her friends just like leave her alone at the club. Yeah, that kind of stood out to me to write, as we done other cases like this, where you almost again working in hindsight, it's our crime, drunk, you rule, don't leave your friends. If you came, their aid together, but the shorter sir, is yes, but based on the research I did for case. That's not unusual, or at least it wasn't a cause for concern again crazy for us. I'm drunk used to think about here. In the U S, especially but again, Iceland is a super safe country and people you feel so they're, like they all take care of one another. Now see a try, not to worry, but it's no use. She is a rack almost right away. So cheap
as baroness dad, because Bearded actually lives with him in a suburb just outside the city, but he says that he hasn't seen her either see you spend the rest of that day with her stomach in and finally, when evening rules around, and they are still no word from beer. Not. She calls the police to report her missing at first police kind of hesitate to even take a missing persons report Vienna is young. She was out with friends. Maybe she ran into someone and ended a crashing out of friends place or mean? Oh, maybe she went home with someone. Maybe just needed a break from her parents. They tells you listen, don't worry, just sit tight, And waded out a little bit, she's, probably gonna turn up any minute, but to appease her, they do tell her that in the meantime bill look into it that same night It's Saturday now see it decides to start looking for herself. She writes opposed on Facebook. Saying beer
he's missing and ask anyone reading the message to help find her and within a few hours, bitterness picture has been shared thousands of times after asleep night of calling emergency rooms every half hour or so Sunday morning comes and finally, she gets an update from police. They tracked bitterness cell phone and the data that they uncovered Give them a much better sense of her movements based on the data police. Believe Vienna had left the downtown area just before five, thirty eight. Yet at which point they say she got in a car, or at least her phone did, and the car drove south of downtown to a fishing town about five miles away, and then her phone pings at five. Fifty in the morning in that fishing town and then nothing wait. What do you mean? Nothing will at first again, police were thinking like. Maybe her phone battery must have died, but actually that's not what happened
they could tell, but the phone had been manually, switched off and listen gettin have no idea how their able to differentiate between a phone losing battery or a phone being shut off, but slanting magazine reported back in January. Two thousand seventeen, as the story was unfolding, that at first police tell the public the phone had run on battery, but later come back out and confirm that has actually been switched off, so they must have access to some kind of data or records that actually tell them that when police ass you of her daughter new anyone in that area or had any kind of connections there in that fishing town, she says no way her daughter has no business in that town. No friends, there are no reason to be there and now, knowing where she ended up, makes see it even more concerned, but honestly, a kind of just fed into what police already believe. Now they agree to keep looking
but what it looks like to them is that beard and just went home with somebody after leaving the bar and without any evidence of foul play their convinced that she still is going to eventually show up, but beer has been missing for a full thirty six hours at this point and that feeling in the pit of sea his stomach that was telling her something is it right is now screaming at her that something is horribly wrong. So she does what any frustrated mother would do she starts her search. She recruit some relatives and a few of being friends and they drive out that tiny town where her cell phone was last known to be at least start just knocking on doors. At the same time, police agree to at least keep looking and their looking, specifically, not necessarily for her, because they kind of thing shall show up but they're looking for surveillance, Ambrose that might have picked up some thing on the street that Friday night were beard. I was last known to be out at the bars and they do and
giving their hands on cctv. Footage from outside the borrower. Piana had been, and from a few other cameras in the area and with this footage bacon see with their own eyes, baroness last movements and what they see Willie changes the way they look at this investigation. This episode was made possible bye, honey. We all shop online locked now, probably more than ever, and unless you just love over spending and tossing your hard earned money out the window. You have to be using honey. I've been using honey for you There's long before my pie casting days, it literally is one of those things that feels too good to be true sounds too good to be true, but it really is in its all. True you just add the honey extension to whatever browser you use. It just takes a click and then any time DR check out page this little honey guy pops up and says: hey got some coupons for ya,
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is ready to meet the demands of delivery. Culture get started at cheap station dot com today put on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in chrome junkie. That ship station dot com then enter offer code. Crime junkie, ship station that come make ship happen. Ok! So I much in a video and in this first out she is walk. No street she's, definitely kind of staggering or stumbling like she's, not walking with, like maybe a purpose you would say, and it looks like. Maybe she had dropped something and stopped look at it and described like dodging in between other pedestrians on the sidewalk. Sometimes she almost runs into them, but she definite seems in
executed. Yeah me when you say she's not walking. The purpose, like, I think, is even more than Thou arguing, visibly see her like moving side, decide here and she's carrying something our hand, oh and she just a bite of it. So must be some sort of like rob or like handheld item. She can yeah, but she looks like she knows where she's going. I should not like looking around to see if she sees anything familiar. Doesnt seem lost to me and we're in a third video clip now and she was walking out of the downtown, like centre, could he's pretty much alone in the street its weird. Has it's completely desolate completely yeah? It's well lit, but like there's, no one else, they are alike to cheap, has like a jacket or something kind of draped over. Her elders and headphones around her neck, like you would, as if you're used to walking home ever yeah yeah, so the video tapes stops there because, after that, beer non basically disappear
years, so there were no more cameras. Oh no there were more cameras. There was more tape from that downtown street, but after being passes that camera she's, just not on them anymore, according to an article in ice and monitor burn, it can be seen last in front of number thirty one Luger vaguer. That's a street address. And she seen there at by twenty five, a m now have another camera shooting at the same time, less than a block away, but when they look at that tape, there's just nothing on it. So, police think either she turned down aside road or she got into a vehicle and based on the cell our information she had to have gotten into a vehicle exactly and that's the police are thinking and all of a sudden beer disappearance is looking a little more sinister to police cause she's, not walking with some one that she's gonna go home with she's, not with fright
or saying hi to anyone. She gets in a car when she's in a state that is concerning now, it doesn't take long for police, to narrow down which vehicle Vienna might have climbed into, because there is all these cameras, because, just after she disappeared from view like within thirty seconds, a car drives by headed in the opposite direction shit and police think that whoever is driving that car might know something about their missing girl. The car police aw driving past, where Vienna was last seen, was a red key, a real but finding red key Rio was proving to be a bit of a challenge, There were more than a hundred Red curios registered in that area and they didn't have a clear shot of the licence play on any of the surveillance, video, so police you that their only option was to track down all of the drivers and all the Red Curios, and that was gonna take days. If not long,
they needed something faster it they were gonna find beer not so on Monday afternoon investigators decide to call a press conference everyone in ice. It is already following the story I mean it's literally. All people are talking about at that point, and police even getting calls from the public with offers to help in the search, and they want to capitalize on their by asking the public to help them find the driver of hard, potentially the last person to see bearded. That night now appear the police and Iceland never hold press conferences and rarely talk to the media. So this was a huge deal but a story written by Anna Bjorn send for the BBC and she called the icelandic police, a quote: surly bunch, like they're, very tight lipped when it comes to investigation. So the minute this press conferences cos. LT reporters and really everyone in Iceland takes notice. The lead investigator provides a photo of beer not entail
the press that she was last seen wearing black genes, black lace up Doc, Martin Boots, a grey sweater and a black fleece jacket with a hood. They also release photos of the red. Here real asking for anyone with information about who might be driving it to come forward, and then they just wait. Monday comes and goes with. No contact from Vienna no leads on the red here and no real progress on the case. So, on Tuesday, policed aside, it's time to go back out to the people. Again to release the Cctv footage, along with the information they have so far about for phone activity to see if any thing comes up, so if you remember the last place that her phone was active, was this small fishing village outside of Reykjavik? Will that's were ice? in search and rescue is focusing its search and its in that town.
Two young guys brothers in their twenties, who, according to the guardian, had no connection to search and Rescue or beer, not literally just stumble on the first big piece of evidence? In this case the two guys decide on a whim to head out toward this harbour in this small fishing village and in this One area between the road and the water were three really big oil tanks, and next to that, basically is just like a mess of building supplies now think see really see what's there. If anything, the areas like fenced off from the road, but the brothers decide to kind of poke around anyway and dear right. Next to some pipes they find a pair of black boots. No, they remembered from the police, description of what burner was wearing that she had on black boots those Doc Martin specifically, but they didn't even know what Doc Martens look like, so they google it and
You know that was exactly what they were. Looking at of course, police say for one hundred percent certainty that these are Baroness boots Bureau Wasn't the only person who had a pair of dock martens, but they are the same color, the same style, the same size, so it's the best lead that they ve got so they re focus their search to this very specific location, They fly drones. They put divers in the water, these search all around the harbor, but they turn up absolutely nothing police, are asking around to see surveillance footage of the docks near where the boots were found, and it's on one of those tapes that they spot just the thing that they've been looking for. A red She or Rio Army surveillance tape. They see the car head into the dockyard area just after six a m on Saturday morning. This is just a half hour.
Or so after Vienna was last seen on videotape, so the car pulls up next to a two hundred foot fishing trawler called the Polar Nanotech and a guy gets out of the passenger side, Who did you super greeny, but not so grainy that they couldn't see that the guy was hammered. They were Jim slowly, walk away like swaying and stumbling before finally boarding the ship. The car drives away again and returns about four hours later, when the driver of the car also board the ship. Now the only thing, when remotely weird about this. Is that he's carrying a garbage bag when he boards, but that is an illegal, just
kind of weird. So did you ever see Buena on these tapes at all, so they don't actually see beer or not, but what they do see is the cars license plate number, which gets them one big step closer to identifying their two mystery men. The car turns out to be a rental which was registered that weaken to a twenty five year old fishermen from Greenland, a member of the crew working aboard the polar not in his name is Thomas also note. There might not be anything super obvious on the tape, like something criminal happening, but there are just too many coincidences like the car driving into frame right after beer and disappears her phone paying off towers near the ship, her shoes, turning up in the same area All in all, police want to speak with Thomas and the other guy in the car, the one that stumbled out of the passenger side this guy
we later learn is named Nikolai and, along with talking to these, two police also want to get their hands on that car Unfortunately, neither of those things finding the guys or getting their hands on the car was going to be easy. The car was already halfway across the kind. We rented out by another driver and the polar near not had left the icelandic port on Saturday evening and was now hundreds of miles away with the two men police wanted to speak to the most on board. While they try and figure out where the ship had taken. The two men police hunt down there next best leap that rental car it takes them some time to track down, but they are able to and when their finally able to take it in and search it more closely. There's one thing that raises their suspicions right away: the car
been clean and not just like tied up by the rental company. I mean deep cleaned with chemicals. The smell was almost overwhelming. It didn't take them long to find possible traces of blood to not a time just a bit visible to the eye, so officers grab a sample and send it off to the lab for comparison against. Baroness dna during same time cause that's gonna. Take a while to come back. They also track down more surveillance, footage from the area around where the polar Diana had been docked. They get a tip from the winners of a near by golf club, that their camera picked up some weird activity, at least weird. In the context of this investigation, the foot,
it shows the red here real drive into the golf clubs parking lot. Just a couple of minutes. Afterburners bone was turned off, but the driver of the car notices that there's a camera and in speeds away. No there's nothing obvious on that footage, but its suspicious, and it just kind of continues to go into this idea that whatever is happening with these drivers and this car. But something is wrong here. No ever since the discovery, a beard his boots search had been focused in that same area, but in the day, since those guys found the boots. Aside from the weird video footage, the search had turned up nothing with no sign of her. Anywhere. They looked in Iceland investigators, no, they needed to get onto that boat, but arresting Thomas unequal. Like isn't going to be easy there on a Greenlandic boat in Greenland's waters, the Iceland police have no jurisdiction over them, but they are about to get a break because at the same time the icelandic police
trying to figure out how to get Thomas an Eagle eye off the polar near knock. They have no idea that their cooperation with the media is about to pay off bigtime. It turns out the captain of the ship actually reads in the news that two guys on his ship or under suspicion for being his disappearance, and not just any passengers mine you He only recognise the names because Thomas and Nikolai were part of his crew. So wanting to do the right thing and help out anyway, he can the captain on the boat around. In my head back toward Iceland, and in True, like role I'm gonna help solve this case, move he also what's down the wifi, to try and prevent the crew from reading in the news about what was happening is hidden one like give away why he was turning around. I am team captain so hard right now. I know now he know
time is of the essence here, the longer it takes police to get these guys in custody. The more time they have to destroy evidence early, Wednesday morning, four days after beer no went missing. The icelandic polices Biking Squad Board a helicopter and fly out to meet the polar cannot as it sailed into icelandic waters. Ok, the vikings glide you're kidding, I love is so much. I not met that's the english translation of the Icelandic were which I'm not even can try to attempt to say here, but according to article I mentioned in the guardian. Iceland doesn't have special forces, but they do have this elite coward terror unit within their police force and that's the Viking squad. I am obsessed with it
We have to do it. I said some guy with want to watch this movie. To be honest and honestly, this is perfect for a movie, this arrest was like a scene from an action movie. The sea is rough, the day that they come in its dark, because it's basically always dark there this time of year, and he takes the Viking squad several hours to get to the ship by helicopter but when they got there at the officers repelled down out of the site of the helicopter onto the deck of Red Thomas and Nikolai yes and make buying them both to their cabins for the duration of their like twelve, our trip back to Iceland now, when there were initially confronted with the accusation of being involved in peerless disappearance, both of them deny having any involvement. It wouldn't until eleven p M on Wednesday night, when the ship sails into port in Iceland that the police and the Viking squad would really get to lay into these guys. For answers, but when they die,
the ship is met by more than a dozen police vehicles, lights, flashing officer from the Viking Squad, Lee Thomas Nickolay off the ship in handcuffs pass. The officers pass the search and rescue team who are still scouring the area forbear now and straight into the police state for questioning when they start asking the guys about what happened that Friday night, Nikolai says it was a bit of a blur for him. He said that he decided to go out for some drinks on his last night in and he arrived at the bar just before midnight and shouted for a while with the bar tender. She the bartender later corroborate this part of the story and says nickel. I was air just drinking and chatting with other people at the bar to so apparently, this particular place has a roulette we'll mounted behind the bar that people can spin and win prizes and nickel. I decided to spin the lucky we'll as they call it an ended. A winning eight
large beers and he drinks all of those along with several shots. That's a lot of booze. Did he finished some all? How long would it take him yeah? So he was therefore about three hours, from midnight to three a m when he's consuming. All of this legal lighthouse tells police that, by the time his crew May Thomas arrived around three a dot. He was already a mess. Thomas sits next to Nikolai at the bar and has to drinks himself, and they probably would have stayed longer accept. Nikolai gets himself kicked out of the bar because he passes out at the time. So they leave and somehow Nickolay is able to rally and the two guys. To one more bar before finally calling at night sometime around five a m, but before they head back the ship they decide to take a drive along the main downtown street, the same street beer and had seen walking on the night she disappeared according to report
in ice and magazine, Thomas and legal. I say that they picked up not one but two women on the street. That night wait a second woman, so they say, but police have been over the surveillance footage from Street over and over again enters no one else. They are during that time. Also, nickel. I can't police. Even one single thing about these two women and as they try to pry more details out, and eventually he tells police he's not even super sure. There were two women here where members one really but Thomas now he's adamant that there were two women. An eagle eye was too drunk to really say for sure drunk enough that he actually fell asleep in the car. On the way back to the ship and remembers, nothing from the drive, but Thomas's memory is a bit more reliable. In fact, unlike Nickolay Thomas had an answer and an explanation for pretty much everything
Thomas tells police. He didn't know either of the women that they picked up that night. They were both just strangers and he could remember them well either, but when they show him. Your beard. He finally admits that she was one of them a K. So where is she so? He says that after he dropped an eagle eye off the ship, he drove the car to the end of the harbour and climbed into the back seat with Burma and the other woman. He tells police at the full drowned for about an hour and then, after that, the women ask him to drop them off at around about near the highway. That goes to the airport, and he says that was the last time he saw either one of them there's something about Thomas and his story that just isn't sitting right with police. They can account for virtually all of Nicholas time. We see he tv forage, not just the footage from downtown burn. A walking along the street also footage from the port where the ship was docked. An Eagle eye story, checks out, but Thomas is a difference.
Story. They have no idea where Thomas was from the time the car drove away after his supposed like make out sash too, when he returned to the ship, and not only that he switched his own off during those hours and police want to know what Thomas says that he was parked in front of fitness centre sleeping and he had his phone turned off. So no one would wake him up, but police check the cars amateur and see that there's no way that he was just part and sleeping he had to have been driving during those hours. I mean not only that why sleeping your car like he has a place on the boat. Why not just go back and sleep it off? They are totally makes zero sense and police know that they just need a way to prove it, so they go back to the surveillance footage their able to corroborate the first part of Thomas and legalised story.
Police see the car pull in beside the ship. Nickolay gets out stumbles on board and Thomas drives to another part of the harbour. Their Thomas stops. The car gets out of the driver's seat. They can see him like hop into the back seat. Just like you said right on the tape police see Thomas in the back seat for about fifteen minutes before he gets out, comes back to the front and drives off. Can they see anything? That's going on inside the car from the footage, vague hand, but they do see that the windows are steamed up and that might have been enough to make police thing. Thomas was telling the true, except that wasn't the only footage they found from that morning. They also found footage of Thomas from leader that morning
I like ten thirty when he had up a local supermarket, want to guess what he by I mean. I have some thoughts by its cleaning supplies, clothing and plastic bags. A new plastic bags or tarps would be in there. They always are. With those in hand, he headed back to the harbour near where the ship was dark and spent forty minutes scrubbing the back seat of the Rio, which totally explains the chemical smells exactly when police asked Tom is about this. He says that one of the women puke in the back seat and that's what he was trying to clean up for good measure. They do track the surveillance from the fitness centre. Where Thomas said he slept and no surprise. There was no sign of him or his car anywhere on that tape and then there's that garbage bad that he was carrying when he finally imported
ship police now knew that whatever evidence might be lacked. However, much of beer not might be laughed might be on that ship. They need to search for if nothing else, maybe they can squash. Some of the rumours whirling around the town that Burma was being held captive on board and what find when they finally do get to the Poland cannot takes everybody by surprise when police search the polar neon off, they find two things worth mentioning: the first burners driver's license bent and tossed into a trash can on the ship and the second with drugs like a lot of drugs, one million? U S, dollars worth of drugs lights, I know in more than that, it all in Thomas's cabin
So now, in addition to a missing young woman, they have a huge drug bust on their hands. The question was: what, if anything, did the drugs have to do with bitterness? Disappearance police hold both Thomas an Eagle eye in custody for now, but they don't press charges, they can't the evidence police have so far he's a grim picture, but what they don't have that matters most right now is beer. They need to find her if they're gonna ass any charges, so they double down on their search Everyone- and I mean every one in iceland- is waiting for news in figures are under time pressure not only to bring beer in a home but also Neil, these guys to the wall by sea nay January twenty. Second, they have more than eight hundred people involved in the search effort forbear. Now they have people walking, they have vehicles on land and in the sky. They ve covered more than four thousand
three hundred miles or seven thousand kilometers by this point, and they had pretty much nothing to show for it and men at noon on Sunday January, twenty second occur, scarred. Helicopter was flying low along the coastline in the same area where the polar Nana had been docked when the pilot spotted something. There on a lonely stretch of shore was peering his body when they I'd be or not. She is naked, but there's no evidence of sexual assault. Her face was badly beaten and she had been strangled before being dumped in the water worst of all. The autopsy showed water in beer as lungs, which meant that she was really alive. When she went into the water, only cause of death was drowning. It is unclear to police whether she had washed.
Shore in that area, where her body was found or if it had been placed there. But one thing is a hundred per cent clear Bureau had been murdered when police in Iceland find out Vienna was dead, the messages of law of an grief- flood social media that night people all across the country. And in the neighbouring country, Greenland, put candles in their windows and it's hard to capture how strong the outpouring of loss was from across the country it was like. Bureau is everyone's sister, everyone's daughter or friend, Iceland had always been a safe place. Everyone had always felt safe, walking down the street even the same street that she had been walking down, and the idea that beer and could be picked up at random and killed by a stranger, was so difficult for people to wrap their heads around a truly was a loss of one of their own. Exactly
a week after beer in his body was found more than a thousand people marched down LUCA vaguer in her honor retracing the steps that she walked, night, leaving flowers and candles at the place that she was last seen her moral service was attended by more than two thousand people, including the president and the Prime Minister of Iceland, and every single person wants the same thing at that point: justice Forbear Una, whom police are certain they have thereby in custody, and that guy is Thomas on February. First, they release Nikolai without pressing charges, because police are competent that he had nothing to do with baroness disappear since he was too drunk first of all, but he was also back on board the Polar Nana during the hours police believe Burne was actually murdered, but even though
they had their guy. There were still so many unanswered questions. Why did beard and get into the court that night? What happened during those fifteen minutes in the back seat and why did Thomas even kill her to begin with police believe that whatever happened to Purina happened during those fifteen minutes in the back seat of the car? Whatever did happen that night caused injuries to bitterness based?
and neck pet left a lot of blood in the car on an under the back seat and spatter all over the place, including the steering wheel. That's how violent this attack. What's my god, the coroner's report suggested heavy blows to the head likely caused by fists after she was beaten. Police then believe Thomas drove a half hour further south to appear where he dumped beer not unconscious, but still breathing into the ocean. After that, Thomas visits, the supermarket for clothing cleaning supplies and garbage bags, then he parks the car cleans it returns to the rental company and then boards the polar Nana thinking he could do. Sail away from what he did on March thirty, eight police officially charge Thomas with bitterness, murder and with drug possession. Now he pleads guilty to the drug charge, but not yet. He on the murder charge and here's the thing by the time the trial
in August. Thomas has a whole new story to tell the night beer no went missing so we're how it first that he said he and equal. I picked up two girls that night right will now is it there was only ever one girl just beer. He says that he was minding his own business when out of me aware beer, no just like climbed into the back seat of his car. I'm sorry what she just jumps into strangers car I know it seems a little unbelievable bite. There might actually be some truth to this according to a story in the ice and monitor catching rights from strangers. Isn't totally unheard of in Iceland. Apparently there is underground ground uber, like service that locals use like a ride, sharing Facebook group where people offer or ask for lifts strangers it's cheaper than it Maxie, so I guess it is entirely possible that burn up hopped into Thomas is key that night thinking maybe was a ride sheer anyway in his
glory in court, Tommy says that he decides to give this drunk stranger a lift home. You know being the stand up guy. He is. He says that he pulled over at the golf course to take a leak and when he got out of the car his crew me Nickolay jumps into the river seat and dries up with beards still inside Thomas's nickel. I returned a while, after alone telling Thomas that he had driven the girl home now. Police are like Colonna happen. We saw. I am citing the story to exactly there like listen. We saw you on the surveillance tape and that's absolutely not what happened. Nickel I didn't get out of the car all and he definitely wasn't deriving anywhere like the guy- could barely walk when he got out of the car right and wasn't he also asleep the entire time Italy and here's the thing I may, even if you want to ignore all of that nickel, I didn't
they and here's. The thing I may, even if you want to ignore all of that nickel, I didn't even dry like he had never learned how he didn't even have a license. Evidence is way more than Thomas could explain away. Besides the surveillance footage of Thomas Cleaning, the car and the hours of time that couldn't be accounted for at all police even had more a doctor who examined Thomas when he was taken into custody, noted scratch marks on his chest consistent struggle Baroness driver's licence, which they found on board. The ship had Thomas's fingerprints on it and they found his d on the shoelaces of her boots, if that's not enough, police also found traces of beer, his blood on Thomas's Jack it and a friend, Dick Analysis of the clothing that he was wearing. That night showed that it had been in contact with blood, though it had been why away by the time police got it ultimately
There wasn't a shred of evidence to suggest that anyone other than Thomas was responsible for peer NASDAQ Thomas was convicted on both murder and drug charges and sentenced to nineteen years in icelandic prison and that's where he sits today. Still professing his innocence. Burma's murder has changed Iceland in many ways. If you look around you'll see more surveillance cameras than ever before in San Rice, a story for the guardian. She says that young women especially, are more wary more careful, more cautious of the need to look out for one another there was even a woman. Only ride share group that popped up shortly after bitterness, disappearance all through the investigation and the trial Social media was full of posts that said Egg AIR, Vienna or all my friends are beer. In its making the emotional even say I don't like this case. I don't know why, but, but I think it's an important message and I think
That's why her story resonates with so many people in Iceland, and maybe all of you, out there listening today to what happened We that night was senseless and tragic and random, and it could have happened to any one of us so remember to take care of each other out their crime junkies, because We are here now, if you want to see, pictures or source material. For this episode, you can find that on our website, crimes on key podcast dot com and be sure to follow us uninspiring at times of equally cast we'll be back next week with a brain
at the same. Crying junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck deal? Ruth,
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