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MURDERED: Breanna Moore


Breanna Moore was a young woman on the very cusp of the rest of her life when dating violence turned to murder and stole her entire future away from her.

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Hi, crime, junkies, I'm Ashley flowers and I'm bread- and you guys it's been a minute, but today I'm gonna pass over the MIKE to bread to tell you in up a sword and to tell you an episode on pint of a surprise day. This is an irregular scheduled episode. We wanted to drop it in your feet, ass, a surprise because this month is actually teen dating violence awareness month and we couldn't find in a story that really represent this Imogen normal crimes on key format. That's like thirty forty minutes long, but we are so passionate about this cause and we think it so important for young people to hear that we wanted to do this extra many episode for you yeah. So the story we happy today goes back to an all too common problem, intimate partner violence and we ve talked
Not a before like when we talked about Michel Schroeder and and will even taller, we ve seen how domestic violence isn't limited by the age or race or gender of the people in the relationships. It can happen to anyone anywhere at any time, and if you didn't know before com drunk use, you deserve safe, loving relationships. As a lot of you know, I fell into an incredibly loving carrying relationship when I was a teen, but not everyone is so lucky to discover that, especially at such a young age- and we want to tell you a story that highlights just how important this issue is: we're going up nor to Alaska. To me, a young woman who was on the very concept of the rest of her life when dating violence, turned to murder and store
entire future away from her. This is Brianna Moors story: Brianna more just sparkles she's upset happy and woman living in her hometown of Anchorage Alaska and got to love her. Most people call her Bree because it just fits her personality better and as a Brit, I get that and her personality just draws people to her, but her kindness really
some clothes and she's, not afraid to be goofball, and one for favorite things to do was to cook at her families home and do is amazing, Julia Childs Impression, when I think it's just adorable she's the youngest of three girls and is incredibly close to her sisters, brandy and Brok as well as to parents, putsch uncertainty and girl. After own heart she loves animals, has a pet chameleon volunteers, animal rescues and one day, just comes home with a bulldog Bobby that you name is the only way to do it like you can ask your parents right you just once it's there, the can't say now and she is born for Alaska. She loves being outside she's, a huge adventurer and she's, not afraid of getting dirty and loves. Go dirt by giving and fishing just being out on the water brings her so much joy and she actually wanted to become a doktor. She decides that you,
to work with people in addition to helping animals like she considered of that. But she thought you know I can volunteer at rescues and I can be a doctor. So she gets her start right after high school working full time at a local Dennis office. As an aid, and they didn't really want to hire her at first because she didn't have like any experience, but her boss, David told the Alaska dispatch that she kept coming back and asking for a job until finally, they are like what fine and that didn't surprise her parents at all because once pre put her mind, something she would never give up and the job turned out to be a perfect fit. Bree takes to really well and it gives her a really good introduction
you know a working career in a medical practice, so, while breeze working at the Dennis office, her boyfriend, Josh Almeida, is working as a mechanic and pushing Cindy have met Josh. They think he's a really nice guy plus they know his family. So the really comfortable with this relationship- developing Josh is a little bit older than Bree. They started dating when she was nineteen and he was twenty one. According to the Katy being news that aired back in two thousand eighteen, it is a whirlwind relationship from the start, but her parents really see no reason to worry about him. He seems perfectly charming. He's mature he's a hard worker. He has a job plus he embraced seem to work really well together. As a couple. You know she adores him and he seems to adore her right. I'm just gonna say it's it be kind of hard to like I have a problem,
like if you, your daughter, being so happy exactly and freeze parents really don't see any red flags or anything that would make them worry about this relationship. So on the outside. Everything is fine, as Josh and breaking dating. And the longer they date, the more time they spend together, which he knows, kind of natural and restart spending most of our time, which I she picked them up and drop some offered different places and, as a result, you know she sees less and less of her friends and family. Yet you know, I think, there's something about that: young love that, like first love, specifically where you do you like just folly to fast, like it's, your Experience, and- and you think this is it- and I don't even remember, like you kind of do just like your friends disappear. Global world disappears in that person. Becomes your whole world, actually, you probably even have some vocal feelings about this because again like
married. My high school boyfriend and you are there for all of its. We got you disappear for five minutes with, isn't that right. So I can totally identify with like that. Falling in love can be a lot in really in over your head super quickly, so returns twenty on March, seventeenth, two thousand fourteen and again things are going really well at her job she's, a super hard worker she's popular with their coworkers and everything seems to be moving in the right direction and from what her parents can tell she's. Incredibly happy and then three months later early on the morning of June, twenty sixth Butch and sending a knock on their front door to police off There's our standing somberly outside their home and I ve come to deliver the worse news. Any parent can hear Vienna has been killed and at First Cindy thinks that it's not a car accident. It's the only thing that makes sense, but the truth, as their about to find out, is much much darker.
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I put my hair and knowing what may curls of bass are products that dont have a key stuff. Like dies and caravans and mineral oil has made my experience, a painting, nutrient buns collection and absolute dream, with bouncy shiny curls all day long, so experience something new and discover. What's good, with panting nutrient blends collection, the Anchorage Police tells indian budget, their daughter, Brianna, has been murdered, shot once in the head and killed instantly by her boyfriend. Josh this news sense, but in Cindy into shock they can't believe it murdered. They can't even begin to wrap their heads around anything. They ve been told, Bree can't be dead, she just can't be God and they ve never seen anything to indicate that Josh would even be capable of hurting her, let alone killing her, but as the reality sets an
nightmare begins to unfold. They start to learn the truth. The man they thought love their daughter was not at all what he had seemed Bree's boyfriend Josh with a convicted felon who had a long and troubling criminal history by the time he was murdered in twenty fourteen dating back years before ever met. There's a run down of Josh's criminal record for the Anchorage Daily NEWS after he was arrested, and it is incredibly troubling almost from the time he turned. Eighteen, all the way up to that June of two thousand fourteen Josh had constantly been on the police radar, starting in February two thousand Levin when he was arrested for try to run someone over with a track and driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level of point one: seven, one percent and
We do know what the legal limit is. So its point, zero, a re right, so his blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit, and on top of that they found a handgun on him when was arrested and there's more in November, two thousand eleven Josh's convicted of disorderly conduct for assaulting his own mother and Leslie You're later he went to a party got drunk before throwing a woman on the ground. The hosts of the party were obviously shaken and asked him to leave and he did, but he stole one of their. Frocks on the way out and a lot of Josh's arrests involve drugs, alcohol guns or even a combination of all three so major warning signs that he was not a healthy young man fit to be in any sort of romantic relationship, but those troubling part was getting
because Butch instantly more later learning court Josh had more history with the law, because in two thousand thirteen he was put on trial for four charges relating to an assault of his former girlfriend. So do we learn anything else about this other Crawford like what happened to her? Ok. So, according to court records Josh was actually violent towards multiple romantic partners before he ever met Brianna, but he only went on trial for domestic assault against this one girl. After he logically, be the daylight out of her, and this was the person he dated right before he met pre. Her name is blurred out in the records that I saw, and I don't know how you feel about her name being public So I'm gonna preserve her privacy by calling her k and, according to court records after night of drinking Josh, picked K up off the bed through to the ground.
She hit the door held K down, landed and when that in the head grabbed her by off the wall and hitting her in the rib cage with. He then put his knees on her shoulders to keep her in place. So he could keep punching the head before grabbing a mirror off the wall and hitting her in the rib Kate, without he then put his knees on her shoulders to keep her in place. If you could keep punching and at some point during all this Josh even fired a gun and shot both case house and car and she finally managed to escape and ran to Josh's parents for help will and an ice whom they called the police rate. I would say that they really helped early. They gave her a pair of hands, so she had something to wear acts and then they went to clean up the crime scene. What I Trust me, I know, and not only did they clean up the house and all the blood and the gun.
And the shell casings, but they also hid Josh's gun and then took Josh home. Kay eventually got your appearance and her dad was the one hundred calling the police and Josh's doubtful was eventually questioned by the police hours later, but he lied about cleaning up the gun and the shell casings and I'm honestly shocked that fill
German Almeida Josh's parents were never charged with evidence tampering, especially considering this was far from Josh's first violent offence. Instead, the Almeida got total immunity from the state and didn't testify Josh's child due to their fundamental rights against self incrimination, but yet they both admitted they cleaned up the blood, the gun and showcasing that the crime scene and Josh round up eating acquitted in November two thousand thirteen you're kidding I now and get this no one told Butch or Cindy or Bree any of this history, not a word. The charges don't come to budgets in due attention until they see Josh in court for his bill hearing on June, twenty eight right after breeze murder, like kind of understood like Amerika. I do understand that they have never been to Alaska. How small town is, as would there be somebody who had even tell them, or I mean to neither does meaning the sky for the first time at how what they know I agree but
again. Like priest parents had much ashes, parents he'd, they met the family. You would think that if you love someone and you what your child be happy, you would want to give them a heads up or something I don't know it's I mean not from parents who covered up for their son. I mean it's unfortunate, but unfortunately not surprising right and the moors are just totally stunned, because this goes against every seeing that they thought they knew about the man. Their daughter was so devoted chill and there is poor USA today in two thousand nineteen, that Josh was actually on probation at the time of breeze murder and keep in order to stay away from guns and alcohol and drugs as per the preservation and again breeze parents were completely in the dark about this. They no idea that Josh had any kind of record no idea that Josh's Pair
we're taking him to anger management classes and a meetings multiple times a day to comply with probation and in fact the night Bree was murdered. Josh had just graduated from a court ordered anger management class. So the moors learn the truth about Josh. They learn his parents inaction and they learn to that. The night that briefly shot in Josh's House Josh's mom waited two hours to call the police. What yeah? Why so? On the night, Bree was murdered, Josh's mom was awoken, her son screaming and when she went downstairs to check to make sure everything was all right. She found Bree dead of a single gunshot wound the head, and instead of calling the police right away, she hid the gun in the dishwasher again tampering with the crime scene after her son committed a violent acts, so she did even here the gunshot it was it was.
On that wall, corrupt yeah and once Chin and Almeida finally called nine on one and the police arrived at their home. Josh first told the officers of the scene. He had nothing to do with Breeze Duff according to Josh, he and bring had been drinking down the basin of his parents, House and Josh said he left her to go to the bathroom and Russia's teeth get ready for bed, and he just hurt this loud bang and ran back out into the bedroom to find pre. So he sang he's trying to tell IRAN that she killed herself exactly our
and there is even a probable cause statement from all the officers on the scene who right away sort of the evidence, was completely inconsistent with death by suicide like free, had been shot through her forearms as issued lifted. Her arms to herself and Josh is arrested on the spot and charged with second degree murder. The toxicology reports confirm that pre had absolutely no drugs or alcohol in our system at the time of her death. Ok, but what I don't understand is you talked about how violent Josh could be in his path is so hard for me to believe that absolutely no one had a clue that Bree was being her like. I get her parents how to being in the dark
and even if they didn't know like did anyone in her like see anything like friends coworkers like a random person at the Dennis office. Like I mean I've known you ingestion through the years, and if I saw something between you, two like you and I are close enough, I would notice and like would absolutely say something to some one, even if those debris or her parents or other friends just because anyone else seeing what I'm seeing yeah and actually it didn't, go unnoticed. Butch talk to some of Brisco girls after she was killed and what he learned shocked him more than once. Bree came in to work with a black eye and went. She came in looking battered and act like super super out of it really this oriented and actually went and threw up in the bathroom sink, and it sounds a lot like a concussion symptom right yeah, unlike obviously, but not at all, bite. Vomiting and confusion are right there in the list of symptoms of traumatic, brain injuries. So
Breeze coworker saw major major red flags and signs of abuse, but instead of saying debris or talking to her parents. They just decided not to get involved and as which in Cindy learn in the weeks and months after breeze murdered. Freeze colleagues aren't the only ones who saw troubling signs. In fact, Butch Talk to one of brief sisters and asked her. You might pre deactivate your facebook page. Bree. I told them that Josh said that she didn't need a facebook anymore, because she was with him now so Josh's trying to control who she communicated with, which is a really really common tactic with abuser. You know to isolate victims, create dependence, but since Brady and broke didn't know that at the time they didn't think anything of it not until it was too late yeah I mean that on its own. I don't even know that I would, I would say some area would be super we're to me
and just because of all the things we know the obscenity dine, but without having the information like from the coworkers and knowing that she's. You know coming in with black eyes that you always don't have all the puzzle pieces to put at last. It can seem innocent enough, but a kind of goes to show you that, like these warning signs are there, and these should be ignored right and again, like Greece sisters are seeing a couple things her coworkers, I see a couple things, but they didn't know everything and they were seeing everything. Josh's parents, Philip Enchanted, omega dead, and they did nothing to act on it. After Josh's, satins, Butch files, wrongful death lawsuit against parents actually to find out what happened, to bury and to develop evidence that Philip and Chin and oh meta, committed felonies in connection with breeze murder. He actually put together this video all about. It
twenty five minutes long and it is very intense and willing to on our website. But I want to go through a couple of things here that I thought were really interesting. So legal minded crime junkies, you guys know depositions, are kind of like testifying trial, but it's not trial, and your help the same responsibility of telling the truth, taking an oath, etc, etc. But what developing Shannon do they lie under oath so I'm gonna play you some audio from Phillips Opposition and she doesn't seventeen and just take a listen to what he says here. So at any time. Prior to that murder. Did you ever learn from anyone that Joshua has been in possession of a gun? specifically from anybody know, I mean they share even mention it in turn,
up until the time Calvary again since you had. Idea that Joshua any firearm up until the time Calvary again. If you had sounds like up until the time a breeze were you didn't, have any indication Joshua ever again, so that wasn't your rate, our society, Now a little bit later in the same position. This happens early. I asked you whether or not you are aware the Joshua had any Ganges Hunter sensual your testimony was time. You were where Josh at several to go at three that testimony so now sounds like you're telling me Do you remember incident where the recent dramatic we'll have to reading. This is for my
exactly ass up until Crystal clear up until now up until now, up until now, just now the statement by Joshua. You did not remember that your son had a gun that was taken away and switch. You voluntarily gave over to the police ok earlier with established, you told me under oath Joshua would never have gone my knowledge until I learned That was the first time he had any asked the collar Is it true? He you remember five weeks or so then I ll show you the safer. Joshua. His I handed over founded law and she turned
After reading the statement, you are now testifying that only I just previously forgot that there's, Shannon again under the same old, seemed opposition so such a mighty, and actually don't know if you're mad yet, but my blood is boiling and hears and again under the same oath in the same deposition, what time guns. You are aware, Joshua the one in a way that was when I was a kid.
The one used this is about is the only winners were so let me get this straight. His mother, I knew tat. He had a gun before Bri was ever murdered and she knows that he's used that gun when he assaulted and the woman in and we. Just think it's like find that he still has this right and she's lying because again she says the only guy. Not she knows about is this gun that was to kill Bree when there was another gun in case assault a year earlier. So absolutely lying and honestly, both of them are it's right there on the tape, and I will this video- and it made me sick to my stomach because there's Shannon Almeida sitting at this deposition from two thousand seventeen com,
can be admitting that she never told Bree or her parents about any of Josh's issues with mental health or guns or prior domestic violence. Because- and I quote, she didn't believe that Josh assaulted, Kay. What she's she could she cleaned up right? How does not believe that happened? I haven't no idea how she could sit there and say that Knowing that K had been assaulted, she went to Shannon and Philip. They gave her a pair of pants, Shannon and Philip seen that the crime seen, there's literally nothing to deny happening. I mean do you think he's just street applying in her deposition issues when get in trouble. Or do you think she really has this twisted belief she wants to believe her sons, a good person and she's kind of just in shape of denial. Articles really good chance of that, like even when my kids you something silly in and break something in my house. I I went to bed,
that's not in their nature. Its small but you'd want your kids to be good. You want to be proud of them. I get that and I get that Josh is not that for by it, lying under oath at a deposition about things that are such blatant lies. I can not write my head around it and to make matters worse after securing evidence in civil case to prove that Philip and Chin, and both committed felonies and connection decrees murder. Butch drops the civil suit in order to move forward with having the army does prosecuted for perjury that we just heard them commit, except the state won't prosecute you're hitting me. The Bush has presented multiple prosecutors in the state of Alaska, with the village. And they all said yeah felonies have definitely been committed and in many cases they ve wanted to move forward to hold Shannon and Philip Almeida accountable with the car,
nation of homicide, yet no charges have been filed to date, there's gotta be so frustrating for breeze parents and is determined now and he is given the video to lawmakers all over the state. But despite letters, multiple alaskan officials, nothing they're, just nothing on the books yet to prosecute the army does, and I think that's a question that going to be asking for a really long time and I hope the alaskan public asked there Did officials to the culture of silence and inaction around domestic violence is deadly everywhere, but in Alaska as the more family learns. The problems run much much deeper than they could even begin to imagine so, according to you, as a two day, fifty nine percent of adult women in Alaska have experienced intimate partner, violence,
actual islands or both and among indigenous alaskan women. That number balloons to a staggering eighty, four percent who experience violence during their lives as adults or children, or both eighty four percent is not an ok number. Any number is bad. Eighty four percent is unacceptable and, alas, was actually mean the deadliest stay in the country for women, with a rate of three point, four homicides per one hundred thousand people, which is over three times the national average and the reported rapes in Alaska or two and a half times the I shall average and we know rate is chronically under report. At I'm sure the real number is even higher and when breeze parents find these statistics out, they are horrifying Cindy said into doesn't eighteen about how she which saw a thing on tv just a few months after we was murdered. Talking about the rates of vat
against women in Alaska and how they were just totally shot because they had no idea. Any of this was happening in there. They'd, let alone in our own back yard, and there obviously still grieving honestly. As apparent, I dont see that grieving process of losing a child could ever stop, but in the midst of all of their pain and all of their grief. Butch in Cindy get curious, because if a girl, like Brianna who no one would ever think entangled in an abusive relationship. Let alone could wind up dead at the hands of an intimate partner than other women could too the numbers say. These young women are already dying out of warming rates and them, We want to know what's being done to prevent this, so the first thing they do is educate themselves about the real plenty of dating violence among young people? And I learned
almost seven percent of adolescents killed between two thousand three and two thousand. Sixteen were killed by dating partners, and ninety percent of those victims were female, like free ones, Cindy ambush start getting deeper into the numbers, the harder it becomes for them to just stand by and do nothing and the? What? If game is always dangerous, but I can't help but ask themselves what? If Bree had known about the signs of the abuse of relationship? What if she had been educated about warning signs and red flags what if they had been better educated, which he still be alive today, and with these questions in their minds, the moors decide to learn everything they can so there's so much. They didn't know about team dating violence until it was too late. It stands to reason that other people don't know about it, either right rain, so Butch and Cindy make it their mission to educate others as they educate themselves and data side. The best way to spread this information is through schools. So they start at a local level and work with their representatives to draft some law
that would make teen dating violence. Education mandatory in Alaska squalls that way, kids would learn to recognise a warning signs in their own relationships as well as learn what to do if they see their friends and violent situations and get an idea of the resources available to them. If they themselves are being heard, they'll ask and state legislator was already considering making it mandatory for schools to teach kids about sexual assault under a piece of legislation called errands law.
And thanks to Bush in Cindy's activism, each before for better known as the Alaska Safe Children's act passed in two thousand fifteen and includes a provision in formerly known as the Breeze LAW and Aaron's law, and that provision ensure students in grades. Seven through twelve learn teen dating violence prevention, education on how to recognize domestic violence and also where to turn if their experience at Breeze law fit right. In with the Moors mission of Prevention through Education and above all, they want to teach kids how to break the stigma, break the silence and save lives in the process, and Bush made a great analogy
How, if you're out with friends and lastly, let's say you and I are out to dinner- and I start choking on my suit. What would you do the Heimlich call nine when one I've known you try to save me at least strides yeah yeah, of course, exactly like you wouldn't think twice about trying to help me or ethnic. It was none of your business because you'd know how to help me and the people who knew Bree was being hurt like the co workers who saw her bruises, they kept silent, partly because I didn't know what to do in this situation. Breeze parents went to stop that from happening ever again as Butch puts it don't be Fraid to save someone's life, while Butch Incendiary, educate themselves and figure out how to best edgy others. Josh's trial looms large as apparent, I can't think of
many things worse than having to face that. But the moors are spared that heartache when Jost accepts a collegial and plead guilty to secondary murder. On July Thirtieth, two thousand fifteen about six weeks after the Alaska Safe Children's act passes. The plea agreement carries the stipulation of open sentencing. So it's up the judge to determine how long Joshua spending present anywhere from ten to ninety nine years and though their spirit, the agony of a trial, the moors are, come in to see justice done all the way to the end, both Butch end Cindy Testify, Josh's sentencing and Katy. Ba NEWS said to hear Cindy talk about, but daughter she lost and the life Bree lived. The fullest was just heartbreaking and Butch testified about the danger Josh poses to the next woman. He would date
he ever did again, and perhaps it was moving thing of all- is breeze older, siblings, brandy and Brook tell the court that they brought Brianna with them and present a bag holding their sisters ashes. It's all that they have left her and it's just so heartbreaking and so moving and the judge agrees and Josh was sentenced to seventy five years in prison visas. Asylum
a portion of the Moors grief, but they dont yet realised that their work with state and local lawmakers is just beginning when the Alaska, safe children's act becomes law into. Doesn't fifteen Butch in Cindy more dont consider their job done armed with bananas memory? They take their messages to schools all over the state, sharing Greece story and putting a recognisable face on the epidemic of teen dating violence. They make a website breeze law, dot, org and print posters directing teens, who need help to call the national team Dating Violence prevention. Hotline at love is respects dot, org distributing thousands of copies all over Alaska with the same message, but
Said earlier, don't be afraid to save someone's life. They also don't stop lobbying state government. Although a section of Alaska, safe children's act is already and formerly known as breeze law, that title is really just a nickname and has no legal standing. The moors want to make an official to ensure breeze legacy is memorialize and legislation designed to save the lives of other young women like her, while some lawmakers unalaska objective naming the law after a specific person at the risk of kind of narrowing its focus to a single case instead of the broader alaskan population, Cindy points out that we have the umbrella system as an example of a right, nice will name boosting awareness of an issue and together she and Butch keep fighting. Finally, on February Fourteenth two thousand eighteen Valentine's day, the Alaskan House of Representatives unanimously votes to rename the house bill to one for a section of the last.
Safe, children's act, breeze law, the? U S, and it is obviously a little bit busy right now, but breeze law is actually due to come back before the. U S government to be discussed as national law, some time this year in twenty twenty. So you meant that they're doing this in schools as well. Do they have any way to like measure? If that the programme is working, school. So far, the numbers suggest yeah. There's some really interesting stats from the Alaska Youth risk behaviour. Survey done in two thousand seventeen and get this. According to the survey in two thousand fifteen nine point: five percent of teens in grades, nine, through twelve reported experiencing physical dating violence and a little over ten percent, reported that they'd experience sexual dating violence and two years later in two thousand seventeen that has gone down to seven point: three
sat reporting, physical dating violence and five and a half percent reporting sexual dating violence. So it's gone down by nearly half, so that's fewer kids being her and more kids having the tools they need to look out for themselves and their friends. So if they see signs like breeze peers did they know what to do and while regional, more died way too her name lives on Breeze LA works to make sure other bright lights, get their chances to shying away from the threat of team dating violence and again every single prison. Listening that includes you. If you are pushing about your relationship- or you think someone you know might be an unsafe dating situation, you can visit, love is respect, dot, org for more information. They ve got a quick exit button if any the website in a hurry, or you can call them at eighty, one. Eight hundred and sixty six, three hundred and thirty one nine thousand four hundred and seventy four or text love- is that love is all one word,
two to five to two and for more information on teen violence in Alaska. You can visit lovers, respect our org breed lotta org and the alaskan Native women's resource centre at a k and w our sea or as only find all that information, as well as our sources on our website. So be linking the video there way you can watch the army does deposition for yourself: that's crime, junkie, podcast, dot com and make sure I was on Instagram at Prime junkie, podcast and we'll be back with our their scheduled programming next Monday
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