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MURDERED: Diana Alvarez


In 2016 a young girl went missing from her home in the middle of the night. It would take four excruciatingly long years before her family would get solid answers about what happened to her.

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life. I have my room, I seven plus on a timer through my smartphone, so it goes off honest schedule. I don't even have to think about it and it cleans up all of the dog hair, the dust the dirt the food crumbs, and then it goes to its clean base to unload at all, and I only had to change that bag like once a month. I'm telling you. This thing is keeping me saying. While I work from home for offers visit I wrote, bought dot com, flash crime junkie again, to learn more and to see offers good. I robot dot com, slash grain, junkie, high crime, junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers and I'm bread, and today I want to tell you a story that was hold to me by Delia the Amber. The host of our other show counter clock and she was a reporter in Florida for some time, and she told me about a case that has been rocking southern Florida for four years, though the case didn't get much national attention, it was, and I have to give us
sure, banks to Michael Braun and Melissa Montoya. Really I mean to news press in general because they were the only ones who really kept this story alive in the press. Without the reporting. Much of this story would be unknown: a story of a young girl whose innocent was stolen by a predator this is the story of Diana Alvarez. It was Sunday May twenty ninth two thousand
sixteen, when Rita Hernandez in her living boyfriend started with a thought, was going to be a normal day. Rita at the time was very pregnant and moving slowly, so her boyfriend rebate was helping get all five kids up and moving for the day, but there was. Problem, Diana readers oldest from her first marriage was gone. The family lives in a small, more home in Fort Meyer. Still, it wasn't hard to search the entire place up in doubt she was nowhere. They know this isn't right so right away some time between six and seven in the morning the family calls the local sheriff's office to report Diana missing a deputy is dispatch, and from the very beginning there is a problem. The language barrier, Diana Stanley speak Spanish, while most of the County- sheriffs deputy, speak English through peace together. Translations, three persons of interest immediately emerged for police, both adults living in the home, that's Rita and a rebate, and a twentysomething man named Jorge who
lived with the family for some time in their trailer, but who had recently moved three hours north to Orlando. According to Michael Braun and Melissa, Montoya reporting at seven forty, two, an deputies ask rebate to call for hay, but rebate, says the deputy doesn't have him, ask anything really related to Diana just weird questions like his date of birth, where he was right. That second wish Jorge told him that he was in Orlando, where he lived heading two Okeechobee, which is like an hour and a half south. Why would they be asking for saint aubert like. Why not ask where Diana is. I found that strange as well, and I kind of think that this was be, the language barrier thing coming into play. The deputy says that he wanted the family to ask if he was Diana or new, where she was, but the family says that they were just asked to ask his date of birth. So maybe the deputy instructed them wrong. Maybe there was something in the middle there. That's the truth I mean, and honestly maybe
was one of the questions that they asked. It could have been that the police wanted to get some more information on this guy's. They could look into him before actually call you a personal interest or a suspect cause. I'm you at this point. They don't know any, about Dianas whereabouts annual. I kind of lean towards that, because the detectives first focused hard on the two adults hour in the home. Not necessarily Jorge though Rita and a rebate, insist. They know nothing and a couple of hours leader. They even call Jorge again, and this time he tells them that his car broke down we're in Orlando. So for a second. They think o like he's in Orlando with a busted car, maybe he's an unlikely suspect Wilson These are conducted around Diana Trailer Park, deputies, question Rita and rebate for ten hours, Ruby
he's even given a polygraph which he passes, but it takes thirteen hours before they're cleared and released during that time that they were being questioned at around one hundred and five that afternoon, the sheriff's office requested information on a quote suspect named Jorge Guerrero Torres. That's the same hey, who they just gotten the date of birth on that morning now, in addition to trying to find any relevant information on who this guy was and media, but his record was, it seems like from email communications that police were also trying to get a picture of him in case it was determined that this was their guy No during all of this, there is still been no sign Diana anywhere near her home and no helpful information on the people who lived with her by the time the sheriff's office press is again for pictures of Jorge at five hundred and twenty four p dot m. That night presumably because Rita and rebate are cleared, and there is still no doubt
Annabel Lee County Sheriff's office, send the request for an amber alert to the Florida Department of LAW enforcement at one thousand one hundred and forty five p dot m on the 29th. That's what like seventeen or eighteen hours after she went missing but seems like an eternity in case like this guys, but it would actually be even longer before the Amber alert goes out because it seems that either it wasn't approved or the request was received at midnight, highly clear to me. All we know is that an amber alert doesn't go out for Diana on that night. Even seventeen or eighteen hours after she'd been missing from her home. It was gonna, take much longer and for a while, there's just nothing new
sign of Diana in any searches, no amber alert to try and find her outside of the immediate area and no idea where she might be, though, police or hard at work behind the scenes trying to piece together. Her last movements and the movement of Jorge and they're getting closer police scheduled a face to face interview with Jorge on the thirty first, the third day the Diana has been missing from the time it took them to make that appointment. Then get in a helicopter to see him. I mean this is just like a twenty minute span. According to militiamen toys, reporting, Jorge Ryan, that's never again. No, never! But police get lucky when they're in Orlando, because the Jorge, isn't there any more? He left something else behind some of the behind the scenes work police were doing was trying to trace Jorge using his cell phone, and although he appeared to be on the run before they can
meet up with him. He's bone was still located in Orlando, but here's the thing when they actually find it. It isn't in Jorge Possession anymore a grounds keeper who was working about a mile from here. He's apartment found the phone and it looked like it. It has been like tossed into this big, ditch kind of thing, with his long grass and this guy said he found the phone like pretty recently like right after Diana went missing, and he said he didn't have the Pascoe too. He couldn't open it, but a call had come in on it after he found it and he was able to that cop- and he said it was from a man who said that he was the owner of the phone, but he told the guy. Listen! why don't you just keep it and then the guy hangs up so now, police have the phone, but they can't unlock it without the security coat and they can't get the code unless they find Jorge. But just as Jorge is
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to kidnap their kids before you see in two thousand thirteen. The couple was living together with their kids in Georgia. Now at the time they were married anymore, but they were still living together until they could afford to live apart later that same year, once they started living apart, things got kind of contentious dad once more time with the kids he start showing up on announced and one day he drops in says he wants to take Diana out, but moms like no she's in school. You can just pull her out of school to go out to eat, so he took the younger kids leaving Diana in school, but then, at the end of the day he never returned with them.
Rita and tracking him down to open Toby Florida and she and the filing a hand, written motion with a judge that was recounted in the news press and here, but I'm gonna. Have you read this? The motions as Martin took my kids said he was going to bring them back and he didn't. I was in Georgia. He took them to Ohio, then ok, Toby Martin told me he got passports for my kids, while he was in a higher, I think he's going to take them to Mexico, ultimately be judged. Denies the motion to had the kids returned to Rita, and he kind of basically says listen. Pretty much. You're only option is to take them back the way that he did so she dies. Rina ends of staying with her kids in Florida living in call your county at first. Where she met a rebate and then the Toullier move together to Fort Myers. Now after this Rina emits that,
the relationship might have gotten a little bit better. Dad come he pick up the kids, he take them to Okeechobee for the weekend here and there and he would always bring them back. So why would a change like just out of the blue and why only take Diana you see the year before Diana went missing, her dad had gotten deported. I guess his immigration status was an up to date and law enforcement found a bunch of weapons in his car. So The thinking was, I believe that he didn't have his weakens any more to see the kid, so everyone's wonderingly. You know. Maybe he was desperate now, as far as I can
Why just saying it? No one knew, but maybe it was just easier to get one kitten to another country rather than three. So police obviously have to look into this as a possibility, even if they think they have better leads like Jorge, because a big part of any investigation is not just finding the truth, but also closing all of the doors that lead to other possibilities. If you leave things open ended, I mean that's exactly the kind of thing that can come up in court and leave reasonable doubt borders. The problem with posing this without is that it's gonna take a lot of time and effort Bacon make phone calls and they do, but dad saying like hey she's, not here, doesn't do She was gonna take months and months before they can actually get someone down to Mexico to check this out once and for all, I'm sorry months. This is a missing child. We don't have months to spare. Won't you see they take their time.
I'm because in the very early days as they start learning more about Jorge, it seemed more likely that he did have something to do with her disappearance and dad was just a door that needed to be closed, not actually where they were going to fine Diana. They had to prioritize and one of the big things that made them think whore was there guy was his cell phone records record show that the night before Diana was reported missing, whore haste phone travelled from his home in Orlando to Diana Home in Fort Myers, and it was in the area of her home for about three hours between men. In three a m again, this is the morning that she was reported missing. Now. The phone then left the area and travelled to a specific part of Okeechobee County called Ye Hog Junction now remember Okeechobee is where Jorge told rebate that he was going the morning. Diana went missing, but obviously he said that he was heading there from
Lando and not from her home in Fort Myers, will interesting Lee. What the records show is that his phone stayed in Ye Hog Junction for a couple of hours, police or more and more sure that there is just something really wrong here and Jorge is thereby so they flood the media with his picture and make a second request for an amber alert on June. Second and this one? This one four days later does get approved and when you Lord goes out. It does exactly what it was intended to do. I mean I'm, making it all the more frustrating that it wasn't done sooner, but they needed some kind of brake, because the search round Diana place had been called off the day before without finding anything. But after is alert, goes out any within hours. His car is located and then a woman comes forward. Who will be the key to capturing Jorge
this woman, whose name is Antonia, tell us police that she was told to go pick a guy up. Another in a ton of information on this particular story. So I dont have a lot of detail, but it seems like it was kind of like a friend of a friend ass, kind of thing like hey, I need a favor. Can you give this guy? I know ride but before she supposed to give this stranger acquaintance Maybe someone she kind of knows a ride. Her husband sees this guy's very face on the news, so they call police and they set up this little sting operation. She shows up and pick him up just as planned, but soon as he closed the door and they take off driving down the main road police, pull the car over an arrest Jorge. What do they arrest, informally was Diana with them was kidnapping no to both. She was it
him and they weren't arresting him on anything related to Diana. He was undocumented, so they were able to hold him on charges related to his immigration status. But while they held him, it allowed them to ask him important questions related to Diana. You know what are your whereabouts? The previous days. Look: let's get some information. Your phone mostly questions about that phone. He willingly gives law enforcement the pass code and what they find on the phone shocks, even some of the most seasoned investigators in a password protected folder. They find very graphic and sexually explicit images of a child images that date as far back as two thousand fifteen were they Diana police work, saying, according to an article four Michael Braun and Melissa Montoya from the time police said, the child in the images had not been identified
honestly, I dont know if they even could identify the child right away. Some reports I read about this finding on his phone suggests that the pictures were very close up images of body parts, so it is possible, at least in some of the images that may be a face, wasn't scene which would make it harder to linked to us. If a victim, but Diana or night, it was clear to authorities that these pictures were of some one under age and therefore it gave them something very solid now to charge him way. So, on June, six he's charged in court with possession of child pornography and he's held without bond. Ok, just give me a second I'm trying to peace. This timeline together, you mentioned that the images on his phone went back
far as two dozen fifteen yeah did, he even know Diana or her family than won't be. So yes, in fact, he knew the family as far back as two thousand thirteen. What police learn is that some time back in two thousand thirteen Rita met Jorge while they were both migrant workers. Picking cabbage from I can tell they weren't like exceptionally close or anything, but they knew each other well enough that act, Rita moved her family to form Myers into. Doesn't fifteen Jorge reached out to a mutual friend name, Mario and was like hey? Can you ask Rita if there's any work down where she lives? and reduces yeah, there's plenty of work whenever so. He ends up coming down there. He gets a construction job in Fort Myers and Jorge and his brother Pablo actually
in then with the family and that when they rent that room from them in the trailer and then police get the bombshell that blows. The case against Jorge wide open phase observed was brought to you by ship station, we all we have to adapt to a changing world, especially right now, and if you somewhere mine, are you prepared to meet the demands of our new delivery culture? That's why you need ship station fixation, helps. Mine sellers of any size, get orders out quickly, save money on shipping costs and keep all your customer happy through the number one choice of online sellers, no matter where you're selling Amazon at sea, even your own website cheap station brings all your orders into one simple interface that you can access from any device. Even your cell phone. I used.
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She was like a little puppy who followed him around and wanted to be near him all the time and listen we all been nine and we ve all been in love with our Sunday school teacher, or you know some adult male figure. You get my heart. I am oh geez for those kind of like little. Crushes are natural, but something about the way he showed affection back to Diana didn't sit well with red and her boyfriend. So they asked him to we. What Jorge revealed to police in custody was, they were right to be uneasy, and this is where I cannot emphasise enough to parents trust your gut. Your job is not to be your kids friend it's to keep them safe and if you feel like something is wrong, there is a good chance. It is because Jorge
police, and these are his words, not mine, that he had a relationship with Diana and starting in June, two thousand and fifteen. They began a sexual relationship and those photos on his phone were of her and were taken in December of that same here. No, she was just eight years old when he abused her eight and it wasn't just sexual abuse. He was grooming, her. They had been exchanging communications, I believe, from a cell phone in her family's house, and then messages would get deleted to ensure that her parents never found out. Oh my god, so do the police think that Diana went with him willingly like he didn't just like snatch her out of her window or something
they ve, never said that explicitly. But I mean it's an easy puzzle to kind of put together with confirmation of his sexual abuse and his phone being in the area. The night she went missing. Police are more sure than ever that are on the right track and their convinced that the same way Jorge Digital Trail led police to hand it will lead them to Diana renew their search efforts in June, while Jorge, sits in prison, unwilling to cooperate in the search for Diana this time their searches aren't focused as much on the
home, but rather that area and ye hot junction were Jorge spoke, had stopped for so many hours. That has to mean something officers keep thinking, so they search and they search, but heavy rains make the search is difficult and day after day they come up empty handed by June. Sixteen, the search is called off without finding anything. As the weeks passed read, it becomes more desperate for answers. A small part of her still holds out hope that her daughter is alive and if she's going to believe that part, she has to believe that time is of the essence and though she does something that I don't know, if I could do on July, fourteenth she goes to the jail to meet with Jorge face to face too
eggs him to tell her where her daughter is? Not only will he not tell Rita where her daughter is, he tries to deny all of it. He says the pictures aren't Diana. I never do anything to already confess that they were of her well. So I'm pretty sure that at the time he had only can To law enforcement in they hadn't told anyone, yet at least that's my understanding, so Rita wouldn't have known what, when he's like straight applying to her face, he just halls Rita, he loved her. He loved her feet So much he would never have done anything to Diana and he actually just points the finger back at readers ex husband and set. It must have been him. He took her. They have the wrong guy, ultimately Rita, left that day with nothing. She tried to come back and see him again to beg him again, but there
and he refuses to see her now around this time in July, police release a negative information to the press because they need their help. They say that the date Diana went missing or haze car broke down, and they believe that people stop to offer help so on Like twenty first, the Orlando Sentinel, which is a newspaper, released up where he lives closer to where the car would have broken down, they release a short piece saying that police are looking for a good Samaritan who stopped and who would have helped Jorge sometime between maybe six thirty and eight thirty in the morning, and they believe that this person may have give him a right to a gas station. Now, around the same time, news press publishes an article stating that police were looking for another good Samaritan, this time, a woman who stopped to help him but someone he wouldn't have accepted help from their US
he heard a come forward because I assume they want to know if she saw anyone with Jorge. Specifically, probably did you see a young girl with him after those call out four witnesses? We don't really hear much more about this story in the press for a few months, not until October with Jorge safely, tucked away in prison waiting to stand trial for his child pornography charges authorities finally make it down to Mexico to visit Diana S Father and closed that door once and for all. It feels we'll get like almost a formality because they do justice. Quick visit with him verify that she is and they are with him in the home, but really without searching anywhere outside of the home, and then they kind of dislike pack up and ship out things kind of go silent, again,
for a while and then just before the one year anniversary of Diana disappearance, things start heating up again for his trial is set for May of two thousand seventeen and there's this flurry of activity surrounding his case in the months right before on April. Third paperwork is filed with the court that finally tells the public for the first time that the photos on whore he's phone were in fact of Diana. At about the same time, searches are renewed in both the area where the car broke down and in Ie Hog Junction, where his phone with stationary first, Long but again, in both places they find nothing. Do you think that these searches kind of got initiated because of the anniversary or was there like a tip? I ask you: something
was either of those I mean they're, looking in the same places that they ve already looked. So I definitely think it's a new tab. I dont think they're just doing it because the anniversary is approaching. I think they're doing it, because the trial was approaching. You see, horrors attorney was fighting hard to suppress evidence in the child porn cases Alex Cardona wrote a piece for news press that outlined the defensive strategy. They were actually trying to get all of the pictures on his phone thrown out is evidence because they said that they were obtained illegally. So I think they were like desperate for anything else in case went Brill, but how were the images obtained illegally? Didn't he give them the pass code for his phone? He did I mean they had. A warrant too, is not likely just like went in there, but what his defence team said is that he had some kind of expected right to privacy for his phone and particularly for that password protected folder with the pictures in it and the prosecution says like.
A buck. Oh you through that phone away into a ditch, and even if you want to say that it was an accident, you called the guy who found it and told him that he could keep at. So you gave up all right to privacy. Worry tries to combat that by saying. Well, I thought the phone was broken. I didn't horse it because you have called me for an interview and spooked me which, by the way, Thirdly, what happened he said. I thought it was broken. So when I threw it away, I wasn't giving up my right to privacy, but then he calls it an confirms its not broken exactly. I know this is it acted out like an episode of Perry Basin but in my mind, like I definitely imagine, Perry being like Sir I'd like to bring your attention back to the grounds, keep any like slowly gestures behind him like. If you recall this man said you called him on your phone. You can see that this is true and he's a guy do and then So do you admit that you knew the phone was broken and you gave up your right to privacy?
lawyer sure that's exactly how it went. You're only read it for all either way they got him, and the judge agrees that the pictures are in, but there's a catch. They can't bring up the fact the Diana is missing in his trial. They can have the pictures They can even say that the pictures or of Diana Lending hand say that Dianas missing it took a long time find a jury locally, who wasn't already familiar with Diana case and that she was a missing person. But after a couple of days, they settle on twelve people for a four day trial in those four days, Rita had to sit through what no parent ever should hearing detail after excruciating detail about. The message is exchanged between her young daughter and this disturbed older man. When all is said,
don. It took about thirty five minutes for them to render a verdict and on what would have been Diana's tenth birthday may 16th, two thousand and seventeen. They found Jorge Guerrero Torres guilty later that summer in August, two thousand and seventeen Jorge received his sentence forty years. In federal prison. No, this is a victory for everyone involved, but it's not a total win. These are still just child porn charges. Diana is still missing and her mom won't feel vindicated until she knows where her daughter is and Jorge is held accountable for taking her away. But just then when it seems like this is the best that they're gonna get for justice. The case is flipped on its head. This episode was made possible by new it's a real time re now you guys, and my number one goal is my happiness. I can't be too
or myself, and I don't need to use this time to get the best shape of my life. Sometimes cookies make me happy, so I have to Sometimes, why makes me happy so I have wide and though I want to be here, b and do the things that make me happy and eat the things that make me happy. I do want to keep a balance and maintain my health. Health is so important right now and that's why I love new, it's not about dieting. Not about giving you a list of things you can't eat is about fitting into your regular every day. Life. Even when that life has been turned on its head, so you can still had the things that make you happy but knew just helps me not go overboard and helps me make better decisions. You dont have to change it all. In one day, small steps really do. Big progress sign it for your trial today at new- that's an oh! Oh, am dot com slash crime junkie? Would he have to lose visit new dot com, slash crying junkie to start your trial today
That's an o o m dot com, flash crime judge just a day after his sentencing, the d, a slaps Jorge with two new felony charges in relation to the disappearance of Diana he's charged with lewd or lascivious molestation of a civilian less than twelve and battery of a child. Now this isn't murder charters, but it These it's something honestly, that's kind of a huge relief to me. I mean we look at the the knowledge, a case that we did a couple weeks all along with Andy's case friend Nablus, and there was so much so central evidence and its kind refreshing to see law enforcement move on a case, especially when it's a lot of just circumcision. Stuff right, Amy and circumstantial of it seems so Lear and they We have a lot of circumstantial evidence. Not only do they have all the phone location record, the text messages the pictures on his phone, the history
with Diana, but they also got some new witnesses. The year since Diana disappearance, particular The man that we'd mentioned before Mario of who is Mario again so far, in our story up, Mario with thee like mutual friend that actually reconnected, Rita and Jorge when he was helping Jorge, find work and for Myers, okay, so everyone industries kind of Mario is actually Mary to readers. Sister, though Rita sister at the time was living in Mexico so Mario is able to fill in some pieces for police he's a time Diana disappeared. He gets a call from Pablo whose Jorge brother Pablo asked Mario for a favor hate. My brother's car got in a crash and I need you to
get up from the shop. He says you are my brother can't do it because he's travelling blah blah blah. Could you just do me a solid, so he dies, but he said there was something strange when he went to go pick up the car in tow. It back to Okeechobee, like Pablo, asked he didn't say: Any signs of a crash, no damage like nothing messed up. The only thing he noticed was that the bottom of the car was just coded in mud like it had been off rolling, Mario later told, Melissa, Montoya from news press that police interviewed him multiple times and even gave him a lie. Detector test. He said that he thought that they did that because they were looking for some kind of a complex that may be helped Jorge either do what he did or, to it
east cover it up. Ultimately, Mario says that he had no idea what was going on or that horror he even with capable of doing what he'd been accusing convicted of. At that point, a hold up, so he didn't get a call from Jorge. He got a call from his brother. Pablo, yes, and hello who lived in the same trailer while Jorge was abusing Diana. Yes call me crazy, but could this be the accomplice? The police are looking for your crime, junkie, brain is working a little bit like mine, Mario said that the two were always together, but I mean have been zero. Formal allegations made against Pablo and he doesn't come up a lot and reports about this case. I mean he really just gets like off here. It mentions here, and they are so. I don't If any one else has the same suspicions, but either way. Mario was on the days witness West, and all of this could get brought into trial, but there is another way
that is even more damaging to Jorge a former jail cellmate named one in an article from wink news dot com from back in December, two thousand seventeen. They summarised documents released by the Lee County, Sheriff's office. These documents said that Wall Jorge and WAN were together, Jorge asked wine how much time he would face, for quote the murder charge now keep in mind. This is before he'd been charged with even the kidnapping stuff. He told his sell me that he was probably gonna get charged with rape, kidnapping and murder, and he went on one says to detail what actually happened on the day. Diana went missing according to one story, Jorge picked up, Diana and was going to take her into Mexico. But when he crashes, car everything changed and he thought he had to get rid of Diana before police showed up on the sea
What ya know? Listen, we know jailhouse informants or the end all be all, but it's a story that makes sense with everything we know the broken down car the mud at the bottom of it, but something about this: play feels off. To me. Remember Mario said it didn't. Look like there was a crash just a bunch of mud on the bottom of the car. So if we were to speculate for a second and say that it was the off roading that actually stalled, the car out he would have only been going off road to do something to Diana and presumably to hide a body and its because it that that your car doesn't work. But one story is kind of the opposite he's in there crash and then that's why he went off road. But if there was a crash the car broke down, then you don't oh to where you should go to get the mud on the bottom, your cards, I make sense right. Basically, it's the reverse order of how it should have happened yet, and I I I don't think I can fully piece it too
there, because I have no real proof of what was wrong with the car. I mean. Maybe something else happened. Maybe the mud had nothing to do with it. I just pointed out to say that we still don't have the full story and, as the second anniversary started to approach Jorge was still not saying a word to officials. It was starting to feel like that Ruth might never be known that the battery and the loot acts charges were the best that the family was going to get, but then on. May third, two thousand eighteen. This happens. Good morning. Everybody we're here today to announce a couple of things. The first thing we want to announce isn't a grand jury has returned. An indictment prefer. Degree, murder, kidnapping lewd or lascivious molestation against Jorge Menu. Wow, Guerrero Torres for the death of nine year old. Diana Alvarez.
We're standing here with our law enforcement partners? We want to give a huge thanks to delete canny Sheriff's office, the FBI, FDA Lee and the Department of Homeland Security, in this case Billy County Sheriff's office. The detective standing beside me and all the sheriff's office did a tremendous amount of hard work, a thorough and extremely complete investigation on this case, culminating in this grand jury indictment for the charge of first degree, murder and the two other life felonies made the decision to convene a grand jury in this case with the help of law. Forest meant, because we would not rest until we saw Torres held responsible for what he did. This little girl how did they find her? Nobody? They actually did it. So the day is moving forward with a nobody case right while they were. It was a case that was going to take a long time to build many of the witnesses and people
while in the case where all over the country, even in other countries. So they were given a long time to kind of track everyone down and get this trial as nobody case. But in March of this year, twenty two After almost four years of Diana being missing everything changed according to Fox Forest, digital team.
Surveyors found Dianas remains in a wooded area of YE hot junction. The same general place that police had been searching so many times before she was there the whole time finding her there exactly where they presumed. She would be only strengthen their case and prosecutors are now seeking. The death penalty Jorge has pledged not guilty, and proceedings for the case were actually supposed to start in March, but because of the covert nineteen outbreak, everything's getting pushed and at the time of our recording he's scheduled to be back in court the day that this episode is supposed to air April, twenty seven, two thousand and twenty. But honestly, who knows if it won't get push farther back at this point, but at least
twenty, seventh or whatever date in the future. There is hope, hope for justice, and maybe that will provide even the smallest amount of peace to Diana family, it so important to know the warning signs of grooming and child abuse and to know what to do with you see it darkness to live. Is a wonderful organization that has a number of resources on this topic and you can visit them at d to EL dot org? You can also directly to them on our website, along with pictures and source material. For this episode, just go to crime, junkie, pie, cast dot com, can be sure to follow us. Uninstall M outcome to keep on gas and stick around for a rapid of the month
crying junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck deal Ruth ok Ashley. So today we have a very special profit named ever and she was submitted by her mom Louisa and Louisa had been willing to adopt a dog, her entire life same, but for a bunch into four reasons. It just was never the right time and I'd like to pause here and say to be fair. I can vouch for them being very different, but it's like dogs are kind like having kids like those rights are never going to be a perfect. I'm so Louisa had just ended of super toxic relationship. That was a times abusive. A few years earlier and had been dating, is really great guy, the first great guy she found after this terrible relationship she got out of only to have this guy,
break up with her, and she had moved for what you thought was her dream job, but it turned out to be a complete nightmare and she felt like nothing in her. Life is pending out and she found herself getting increasing depressed and she did. But I think a lot of us do when we get to that point. Look at pictures of dogs on the internet and she came across this beautiful pit mix at a local shelter and knew that this was her dark. She contacted ashore. Her and lined up a meeting for later that week and ever was about five or six years old at the time and had just been rescued from tee Rwanda, and it super clear that she'd been used for breeding and had already had like, Several letters of puppies she'd been living on the streets, and when she was taken to the vat by the rescue, it was discovered that all of her teeth were broken and a ton of them had to even be removed as a happen. All of them are broken right so, based on the damage, the vet speculated that she had broken her teeth. Wellbeing.
Aged and she had likely tried to power away through the metal wire almost completely destroyed. Her tell her baby and lay They found out that not only did ever have a baby lodged in her abdomen. She also suffered from and will continue to live with premature arthritis and a tick born Louise was able to take over home that very evening. They first met in the park and despite having only known each other, for a few hours ever hopped up on the couch, Louisa and cuddled up right to horseshit they win inseparable ever since, and despite all of her health troubles, there is a sweetest happiest dog, loves, kids and babies, I think a pit thing like. Oh my gosh. There are big sassed such bad wraps, but they I have found the pets are the most like heartily. Lovable like soon we just little booze.
Are truly like the Teddy Bear of dogs, and no one can tell me any differently. She greets every person. She needs they wagging tail and a request for pets, and even though, can still be really painful for her. She loved playing with other dogs Louisa, has done everything in her power to give EVA the best life possible, not only because of EVA's rough start in life, because, even though Louisa adopted from paper EVA is really the one who rescued, which take the easy, we can all economic every one of my stories and like the good guys, it's terrific low, real. Oh, my god, I love. Oh, my gosh, join you see a picture of above it'll be on our website. Can you described me those years you could take a flight with those hearers? Oh, my goodness, she's the curious little black dog with a little bit of white on her pity, pause in her belly interest above her nose, and she has Yoda ears that just stick
out locked down again she's, like a dog version of baby Yoda to be, I feel, like gonna take flight with them. They are. The you'd is things foreseen literally. I got these pictures from Louisa and I will I responded to the email o empty those ears in it and before even set things like self, Here's the hand, those adorable lobby ears, I still can't get over them. I am UPS Cooper, a kiss on the nose for us. I love well relish needs all the groups and just like flippityflop her little ear. And, of course, we're gonna feature and adaptable profit today as well and actually or listener, actually contacted you directly, and you were super kind for that information on to me for the segment. So today's adaptable profit is Deasey. She is a four year old, german shepherd Husking Ex she's super com, which seems unlikely, but she does look like the perfect lazy doc.
All the pictures on. I have she's around seventy pounds, but could stand to lose a few pounds which or beef navies beavis she's sick. Sweet friendly, well behaved and is even completely house in create trained and listener, Joe, is in or round in Georgia had said that she would be able to help transport at least part of the way and even sends applies with easy to her forever home. Is currently fostering deasey and needs to find her home as soon as possible. Yeah really like touch my husband. She reached out she's like listening fostering these dogs and I can't keep them forever. They have to find a proper home. You guys have such a big reach like please just put that out there. So I hope that anyone who like lives in that area surrounding area will at least take a peak. I mean the perfect time to bring a puppet into your home. Pigs blocks
either an usher, but actually to mention user dogs. There were two dogs, but one party got knocked at all. I only have daisy to feature today which honestly, like I'm thrilled about I'd, love to have no dogs needs to be adopted because they're all have loving homes, but Daisy go out there all that information on her, as well as how to contact artless, know Joe for more information and pictures, of course, will be on our website. Everyone go kiss. Your problem for me
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