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MURDERED: Madeleine McCann


Madeleine McCann was just three years old in 2007 when she disappeared from her family’s room during a resort vacation in Portugal. The whole world watched with bated breath for the last 13 years while authorities searched, chased leads and named potential suspects. Most assumed we’d never know the truth about what happened to Madeleine. But you know what they say about assumptions…

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oh stigma on getting mental health assistance and better help is making it easier than ever crime. Junkie. Listeners can get ten percent off your first month at better help, dot com, slash crime, junkie, that's better h, e l, p, dot com, slash crime, Genji, high crime, junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers, and I am- and the story I have for you today- is wine. A lot of you might know- or at least thank you know, because when we hold our highest level fan club members and asked them They wanted to hear us talk about the murder of Madeline Mccann, many of them had like a wait. What moment and they're like What you mean, murder is a missing person case law, which makes me think that you haven't heard the whole story: the story the three year old girl who disappeared from her bed during a beach holiday with her parents and with the whole world,
watching investigators spent years interviewing witnesses chasing leads and identifying suspects, but they could never find a trace of the little girl were more than a decade. The story ended right there and that's what's been told and re told so many times until the summer of twenty twenty, when a surprise, His announcement shocked the world. This is the story of Madeline Mccann
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With them for a little bit after they eat, get them ready for bed talk them in and the maybe share a bottle of wine or just relax while the kids fall asleep and a little later on around eight thirty or nine Kate and Jerry would leave the kids asleep in the room and then head to the restaurant to meet their friends right, because this is like a friend asian, almost like a pretty big group of people yeah according to notes from a police interview with Jerry, there were nine adults and eight children, including the Mccann family. So this restaurant that derives the gold topos restaurant was like a two minute: walk from the Mccann's apartment and what they would do is basically take turns leaving the table every fifteen minutes or so to check on the kids and usually they would like Pekin
The rooms do like a visual check, but sometimes they just listened outside the window to make sure that no one was awake or upset or crying or anything and, like I said this was their usual routine they've been doing this every single night of their vacation, so they had this routine down pat and it was working for them. We're, the other parents doing the same thing with their kids to o absolutely, and I mean one of the couples even had a baby monitor, which meant that they had ears on their kids the whole time so late unnecessarily do like the up and down routine. They only left if they heard their kids. Or crying or or whatever, but there was like a constant check in with everybody's kids yeah and again. This is the reason they picked this restaurant and this is why they ate their every single night, because it was the closest to their rooms, which made it the easiest to do these regular checks. It felt safer now, jerry is the first to get up and check on the kids at nine p m. This is less than half an hour after they arrived at the restaurant. He goes
into the room through the patio door and notices right away that the door to the kids room is open to like a forty five degree angle and This is interesting because they normally leave the door open just like a teeny, tiny crack so strange, but nothing to like cause him a ton of alarm right away, because when he looks- and he sees all three kids Madeline in her bed, the twins in their cribs every one is sleeping peacefully. So knowing everyone's fine. He heads back to the restaurant. The next Jack is at nine hundred and thirty and Kate stands up to go but another one of the dad at the table. This guy named Matthew, Oldfield, whose kids are sleeping right next door to the Mccann said. You know what no like. I'm basic daddy, get up I'll just check on yours, while I'm up to which he does, and he sees nothing out of the ordinary and he comes back to the restaurant. Around ten p m Kate leaves the restaurant and heads to the apart
just like Jerry, she noticed his right away, that the door to the kids room is quite a bit more open. Then what she thinks is normal or usual, and when she reaches out to close it again. The wind slammed the door shut, so she opens it and sees the twins laying in their crab but Madeleine's bad is empty, and not only that but the window to the room is wide open. and so are the shutters. That's definitely not how she left them. So a meal I take checks the entire apartment thinking, maybe Madeline wandered out of her bed Looking for them. Looking for the bathroom I mean, maybe that's why the door was open. Right, laugh rang, but she's nowhere to be found. So she runs back to the restaurant totally frantic I mean I've decayed even imagine had been the pan, oh yeah, a hundred percent yeah you looking to go, get Jerry and the rest of the group and tell them.
She can't Madeline, and so they all get up and they all start searching right away. Kate, Jerry and their friends and even resort staff, spend the next minutes. its searching the hallways and around the apartment. Building. Along with like the pools, the tennis court, like any part of the resort that they can think of or Madeline might be, but they don't find any signs of her and that's when they decide they need to call in the police police or on the scene by tat Thirty p m that night and when start looking around, they don't see any sign of forced entry into the MC hands sweet. Now there are two doors till I get to this sweet or apartment. What everyone a call it there is a man door like a front door and then there's this patio door and the patio door was the one that was visible from the restaurant, that the family was at the front door. Had been locked all night, but the
or well, the Macan often left that one unlocked during the evenings, because they worried that opening and closing the front door might wake up the kids, which seems totally valid to me right, but also like if I'm right now. We have this like point of entry that potentially wasn't long right right now search for Madeline last most of the night until about four a m and later that day, Kate and Jerry speaks to the media. For the first time about their daughter, words cannot describe the anguish and despair that we are feeling as the parents of a beautiful daughter Madeline we request that anyone remit information related to modeling disappearance, Norma,
so trivial contacted portuguese police and help us on a bike safely. Please, if you have modeling let her come to her mommy. The brother and sister. So this is now the day after Kate discovered, Madeleine's empty bad and on this day, police sit down with Kate and Jerry and all other members of their group, nine adults in total, remember, and they all tell virtually the same exact story about the day. Madeline disappear, they say was clearly normal. Just like any other day at the resort and reading The witness statements which have been translated from Portuguese and posted on the Mattie case files, dot com, they all say was nothing out of the ordinary with Madeline, nor with her parents and the Mackenzie.
Go further to say that they insist they have no enemies, no secrets, no reason that someone might want to hurt them or their daughter. There. that Madeline would never have gone freely with a stranger without raising an alarm like, Basically, there thing like if someone came and took her, she would cry she would screens would shout of what s going to fight re? Yes, but after a link physical search on the night she disappeared and a full day of witness interviews. It honestly meaning to look like that might have been exactly. happen, even though no one her cries or screams, it seems like the only lodge call explanation: no one policed huh To this woman named Jane, Tanner she's, one of the other parents on the trip she tells them. Something that supports this theory potentially of an abduction She says that around nine fifteen on the night Madeline disappeared. She saw a dark haired man wearing a dark coat,
carrying a small child in his arms, and he was carrying this child away from the complex where the Mackenzie partners and there's something about this scene that that religious and sit well with even at a family resort, were dazzling carrying their kids like all the time at all hours. That's totally normal there's something about the way that he was holding this I'll this child having bare feet and how quickly he was walking it wasn't natural, it wasn't a dad, it wasn't yeah it wasn't him doing that for them. Yes, she said the whole scene just fell off to her and really stuck out. In hindsight note, she provides a pretty detailed description of the man and even does a sketch, but police don't make any request to the public to help identify them guy. So, while all these interviews are happening, is anybody still like physically searching for yes, so police
still searching and at this point not even just the area immediately surrounding the resort anymore, I mean they have they cover that they have expanded farther out. Big reach out to border guards and airports to watch for Madeleine, oh and according to an article from BBC News hundred volunteers, volunteers are also lending a hand. But even with all that searching is almost no movement in Madeleine's case. That is until over a week later, when police finally hone in on a suspect. This. Episode was made possible by better help. If there is ever a time to talk some stuff out, you guys it's now counselling is the only thing that has kept me saying in twenty twenty and just because it's hard to see someone face to face right,
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four year old property developer living. Just a hundred and fifty feet from the can't holiday apartment in private illusion according to Dan Halls reporting to the sun, this man named Robert Murat, actually reached out to portuguese police and offered his help to translate for them like help with the investigation. Again, these are a bunch of people who speak English and he kind of came forward on his own, offering his help because he is fluent in both English and Portuguese. He tells them that you know I'm doing, because I just your horrible about what's going on with metal, and I have a daughter she's about the same age linkages much be so difficult for the here I mean I don't know like, but we this before I I don't love it. People just decide to like insert themselves into an investigation like that totally. Unlike
there's a fine line right like I definitely there needs to be good people out there. I would hope that if I was in this situation there was someone who could kind of bridge that gap that person would come forward and we even support people volunteering to help searches like we get that right, but this seems a bit much and end. The police are suspicious of it too, like something isn't quite right or doesn't sick, quite right with that and then, when one of the local reporters tells them that Robert has been kind of like sniffing. around asking a lot of like worthy detailed questions about the case. That's when police decide to bring him in for like some official questioning, while they do They also search the house that he shares with his mother, which again is super closed, the Mccann's apartment and
one other thing is remember that man, Jane Tanner, said that she saw carrying that child yeah. Well that man was walking in the direction again. I said earlier he's walking from the Mccann's apartment, but he was also walking in the direction towards Roberts House, Jane said that she felt, like the man was not a tourist, but that the guy so hearing the child. She believes do than a local. Why did she think that? So it's interesting detail. So Jane said that the man she saw hearing the child was wearing a coat and occasionally at the resort, didn't really tend to wear heavy jackets like the one that this guy was wearing this she said you know we might bring like a sweater, we might bring like a light jacket, but not like this full wool coat that I saw this guy wearing. That's just not something vacationers tend to pack like in their tiny back. We don't have to take up space with a coat, so police questions
Robert Long and hard in connection with Madeleine's disappearance and because they identify him publicly as an Aguido, which is the portuguese word for person of interest, the media relentless in their own investigations and coverage of Robert, but Anyone who knows this case well and I know a lot of crime. Junkies will knows that things kind of go a bit. Why? At this point, like We hear a little bit about robbers and then there's no announcements and there's no leads and no sign anywhere of Madeline right, just kind of stops. Their yeah This went on like this for like three months and then it was early August, when police go back the Mccann's holiday apartment this time, three months later, with cadaver docks at the three months is sucked. A long time, though, like is the crime scene even intact at that point, according to
reporting by Caroline Gammell for the telegraph the apartment sat empty for like a month. But then went right back into rotation with other tourist staying in there like renting out so right. This is a resort exactly so for, like two months people kind of were coming and going. That seems like it would really kind of taint the results of anything along our dogs, will totally and Charlie Parker, story for the sun into. Doesn't nineteen like right after the network's documentary was released about this part of the investigation and in it he quotes one of the dogs handler who says that for them, though, the length of time, I guess, really isn't a huge issue for the dogs right, but the Mccanns weren't, the only ones who stayed in that room so
I guess. How are they know that the dogs were picking up, Marilyn's sent or blood versus someone else's sue? That's just it right like big here, so that it, if it had been preserved being three months, is like no big deal but, like you, have a ton of other people in there and there's no way that Agog Intel like this, isn't Madeleine's cadaver sent verses, anything or any one else. Having a cadavers right and I even think it like. I have kids like if one of them cuts themselves against Isabel gonna, pick on that verses, Madeline in a situation like yeah and the dogs handler actually said as much in an interview with Charlie Parker for the sign I may, work trying to focus on these two months or people are coming in and out and, like kind of where my my mind immediately went to, but the handler said that the dogs could actually totally pick up sent from days months or even years before they make hands were even in that apartment, so just because, like they're in their pay something up, we can't prove that it
Madeline we can produce after matter we can improve, it didn't happen before Madeline, but for whatever reason they bring in the dogs anyway. There are two dogs we have Eddie, whose train to sniff out cadavers and then there's keel, whose train defined blood evidence and wall, are sniffing out this apartment in this area and the resort whatever they actually both alerted their trainers, not just in the apartment, but specifically in Kate and Jerry's clause. And then also the trunk of their rental car, which it's important note like they didn't even get that rental car until twenty four days after Madeline and missing and the is when you investigation begins to shift and in a really big way from this idea that Madeline was taken by some one, a stranger, possibly a local did thinking that maybe Kate,
Jerry may can themselves might have had something to do with their daughters and disappearance of it. So this is the part about melons case. I remember the most vividly this intense focus on her parents, the working theory had something to do with them. Maybe shrugging her so big, have their dinner out without being disturbed right. Yes to the police, this theory on this front was that basically, Kate and Jerry gave Madeline a sedative that night, that she would sleep while they were at the restaurant but may be, they gave her too much and because of that, she died, like I think, always presented, as is like accidental situation right, not like malicious or anything like that. Yeah but then, like the theory, was that, in a panic, according to an entertainment daily article by Nikola Ages, the police theory. Was that Kate and Jerry, like again panicked, hit her body faked an abduction but didn't like
bury her until weeks later when they actually like rented that car, which Never fully understood that theory, because where would they have kept her for weeks that no one would find? I mean we talked about it. They had police, there's volunteers. They were like all over have resorted to write like the searches were massive and I don't feel like her as ever even had a moment of privacy in that time right. But at the time sources from the portuguese police I'm in themselves are telling media that they are sure. This is what happened. It was the only explanation that makes sense. They say it explained why Dogs alerted why there was no trace of evidence at all, and one in Stu Gator basically told a local paper that the intruder theory wouldn't even work, because it would have been impossible to get through the window carrying a child which, like doesn't quite
yeah. I mean the window. Wasn't the only way to get in and out of the apartment right plus it wasn't even the easiest one. The Mcas were completely honest and saying, like yeah, we definitely left the patio door unlocked. So we could slip in and out without waking. The kids like someone easily could have come in there. Through the unlocked window, but left through the patio door totally- and I mean more than this window thing because again, I think there's super easy way to like poke holes and that I think a lot of what was really driving the theory behind, like the parents being involved, at least for the police and probably for the public who really jumped on it right away, was really like the cadaver and where and why and when in all like the fact that the alert at, but even with that, to me problems with that too, because a the crime scene had not been secured again even beyond that we had to handle could be picking up something from
four years before the MC hands were even their way and be we're talking about a rental apartment and a rental car like who knows what went on before the Machan moved in who knows who had the car before they had it like the again the opened it back up to people like to me. Yes, it seems like superficial fishy, and we have a missing girl and is wild that these dogs alerted, but I don't think it means that the parents had a child in her trunk or in their apartment clause. Oil- and I guess I come back to this issue cause like. I love a good crime, fighting prepped, but there's also the reliability issue with cadaver dogs. I mean we just talked about it in the Fort hood: up how cadaver dogs literally stood on top of where Vanessa's body was buried and Dah never alerted right, Absolutely and the Mccann's basically make up public statement, refuting every point that we kind of just went through. I mean you can clearly hole.
the nine at this, isn't just in hindsight late. They knew all this stuff, then too, but even there eight man even poking holes in it it doesn't stop the police or the public from really going after them in a serious way. eventually on September TH two thousand and seven. This is four months after Madeleine's disappearance and Jerry and their twins finally have to head, to England without Madeline, and at this point the investigation, kind of balances between portuguese police and law enforcement in London and both the London Metropolitan Police in Scotland Yard and in the years that followed there, searches, there are sightings, there's age progressed, pictures several dna tests. I mean at one point: Kane Jerry even go an opera and there were lot of moments where we thought we might have an answer. Like some good news. Often it was potentially terrible, but nothing
ever ended up coming of any of them. Nothing solid so for years, case made headlines. We may documentaries, people covered it on podcast and the theories around what happened to Madeline and how it happened to her were almost endless. Again, the most persistent of all of those theories was that Kate and Jerry were responsible for their daughters, disappearance, the media and the public scrutinised every word every action, every single move that they made for years and that's how it went on for years, but then out of nowhere. This varies. Where the summer of twenty twenty german law enforcement officials, not poor he's, not the Scotland Yard, not London, german officials, shock
de much everyone in the entire world. When they make an announcement, they say that they have a suspect in custody for the murder of Madeline Mccann. This episode is made possible. by ember. You guys I'm one of those people who is either blazing hot or frigid to my core, mostly frigid, to my core, but nothing in between when are used live in Arizona. I would always say that I swear there like trying to make up for how hard it is outside by freezing you out inside of places, and it's like that all over. That's why I have stopped fighting strangers about the temperature control and I got ember to regulate my own body temperature ember wave, is the first bracelet that helps you feel cooler or warmer at the press of a button. It's like your own personal little here or air conditioner. I use it at the office at my house at the grocery store. I used to use it on planes. Do you guys remember playing
amber is offering our listeners fifty dollars. I? U can get this limited time off by going to em br, wave dot com crime junkie, And the discount will automatically be applied at check out at fifty dollars off your are today just go to Be- are wave dot, com, crime, junkie,. In June twenty twenty german police name forty three year old sex offender, Christian Bruckner as us expect in the murder of Madeline Mccann. I me, I know we all kind of expected suspected it, but this is the first time ever actually been considered a homicide right right, police. in Germany, say there now treating this case as a homicide investigation, but here's the thing they don't say why, yes
now. The good news is christian is already in prison when the news comes out, he serving seven years great two thousand five sexual assault on he said The two year old american tourists in wait for it prior to loose whites yeah according to Kate Kelly's reporting for the news really Christopher was a known sex offender who travelled regularly between Germany, Spain and Portugal during time of Madeleine's disappearance, so police say that two thousand seven. He was actually in Portugal Right The area of the Ocean club resort like
I'm not talking about the same town, I'm talking about less than half a mile away. How do they know that, just from like witness reports yeah? Well, apparently, he drove this really distinctive, yellow and White Volkswagen Camper Van that he was actually seen driving around the prior delusi area in the days before Madeline vanished and he'd, been in Portugal at that point, for a while trying to stay off the radar of german police who I had apparently been watching him constantly because of his long criminal history, which includes deft drug trafficking and child sex abuse. Sherine Kalil reported reported the New Zealand Herald that that he lived in house about five miles from the Ocean club resort, but that he had a quote and disgusting shack. End quote, there was even close less than two miles away, but beyond the circle investigators say that they actually have evidence that puts Christian literally at the scene of Madeline's abduction.
In between nine and ten p m on the night, she vanished, like surveillance, footage note, not surveillance footage but you're not too far off. It is digital evidence base that his cell phone was active in the area of the hotel during that window of time, and not only that but Christian seemed to fully the area right after Madeline disappeared. He had this. Car, a nineteen eighty three JAG De registered, then he left portion entirely and I guess like thinking that it be better if you his chances in Germany, which probably tell you something k, but I'm having a heart I'm leaving a predator, a legitimately convicted sex offender, driving it is vital to creep Van would have never made it on any polices, radar back in two thousand seven yet and you're, not the only one. I kind of asking these questions so sixty minutes Australia released in episode on this case back in June when the news first broke and they
right upset that he just wasn't known to portuguese authorities. At the time of Balin's disappearance, disappearance mean again, he was certainly known in Germany, he's in Portugal kind of staying away from german authorities and if it had happened in Germany, I think that they probably would did him right away, but at this time and he wasn't on portuguese radar for anything, but make no mistake. This dude is aimed bad dude and not even like just about you like this guy had been caught and jailed. Something like seventy teen or eighteen time My God and every time, he got out. He would just like start right up again over and over and over you mentioned Madeleine, and this american tourists are there, neither victims that he's connected to there are so many more Christian was charged for molesting a six year old girl back in eighteen. Ninety four, when he was only eighteen and then he quickly,
but out of Germany, like literally running from policemen, didn't come back until five years later and he did serve time for that assault. He served two years, but it did nothing to stop him from re offending. because in two thousand seventeen he was convicted again a child sexual abuse and served fifteen months and then two years later and she doesn't nineteen- he was finally convicted of that two thousand and five sexual assault on the American in prior to lose thanks to a tip and some deep, dna evidence so they like we're able to go back and connect them to an even older case. So I guess my question is How did they connect him to Marilyn's case just cause? He was in the area. Will this is where it all starts to kind of come together to thousands event was, was the tenth anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance and so story was kind of like all over the news again Christian away
only happened to be at a bar in Germany at the time drinking with a friend, would one of these stories like pops up on the news, and he says to his feet, and I know what happened to her into a story by MIKE Sullivan and assign he told his friend, that he quote unquote snatched Madeline after stalking of the families in inquired illusion for four days only got so, he was stalking them and he knew the routine. He knew that the patio door was be unlocked that they would leave her alone yeah. He knew how much time he would have, and in this same conversation with this guy at the bar. He apparently also shows him a video of himself raping a woman
and at least one article. I read the video was of him assaulting that american tourist, so the friends sees this he hears days and the French goes to police and that's how Christian ends up connected to both Madeleine's disappearance, and then american tourists as well, but wait. You said this was the tenth anniversary back in two thousand and seventeen yeah. So if you're wondering what exactly happened, because again, we didn't hear anything till two thousand and twenty honestly- have no idea German authorities made this announcement back in June. They straight up said we ve known about this for years. No. If they were keeping quiet, so they could gather evidence. I have Why do you what was going on? Ok, so you mentioned the six year old girl, another young girl and then, of course, Madeleine and then the sexual assault victim
the tourists from America. You said that she was in her seventy S, yeah like yeah in her seventy s that just doesn't really seem to fit his victim. Profile to me yeah. I had the same fountain kind of of search on this actually Mark Hoffman, whose dislike Sherman crime analysed. Who appeared on that same sixty minutes, Australia episode, I talked about he addressed this very thing. He basically said that there is a difference between child molesters and pedophiles, he said quote its really important to understand that many child molesters are not pedophiles. So for them it's not about the young age itself about weakness, it's about vulnerability and it's about feeling some sense of power and quote: that's that's really interesting I feel like pedophile and child muster a kind of get used Changeable II,
look at time space totally, but I totally agree with that statement. There's extinct difference when you look at what other kind of assaults they might be capable of yeah, and in this case of this this old molester. It gets even worse because, as people start connecting the dots between Chris, can an Madeline a really horrible trend starts to emerge, and it turns out my
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Day from when Madeline went missing. This is may two thousand fifteen a five year old girl named Garrick was with her mom dad sister and two brothers they're like visiting another family about an hour from their hometown in Germany, and the kids are, of course like it their way from home they're having a good time like basically having a ball playing outside together, while the adults pulled together this barbecue dinner and in helping set the table for dinner, which, according to reporting by Clare, Duffin and SAM Greenhill for the daily mail, was down by like little clearing just next to the woods and that's where she was last time her dad saw her. with only only gone a few minutes when the realization every everyone that like no one, has laid eyes on her and so
immediately. You know everyone's probably like well, where in where in? When? Did you see er? When did you see her? And everyone has like this moment of panic, pretty quick and everyone splits up to search the woods and around the house kind of yelling, her name thinking that she must have like just gotten several lady got lost somewhere kind of wondered off, but these search frantically for five minutes and at that when the sun is starting to go down and her parents are beyond panic beyond for doubt and they call police Densher report her missing in very much like the same story. We already heard this massive search began right away and continued through the night in the next morning, and he continued for four days with dogs, helicopters, searchlights loudspeakers even thermal imaging cameras There were reports of as many as a thousand volunteers that joined police to help search those eight thousand six hundred acres of woods looking for Inga, but they never found a single trade
So how did Christian get on the radar for this one? You know, I'm sure he was initially, but at some point, police learned that he was. in the area around the time, Inga disappeared, disappeared and February February. Two thousand sixteen German police officers raided the property where Christian had been living in his ban. Police spent a searching the building and digging on the property looking for evidence related Inga disappearance specifically, but if they were looking for a bit, Eddie, which some media at the time speculated they were. They didn't find one, or at least not what they were expecting anyway, the body that they found when they were digging things out with actually the body of his dead dog and underneath his dead dog works. Six. U S! Bees that contained in mountain child sex abuse material when their search was dying.
least walked away with eight thousand pieces of Oh my god. I mean we're talking, not just the stuff on the usb drives, but they also found several children's swimsuits along with that as well. But here's the thing even with all of that there was nothing to connect Christian to Inga, which is like why this search started in the first place, the scottish sunrise. That Christian was charged in relation to the child sex abuse materials, but not in connection with Inga's disappearance. The investing and into her disappearance, was officially closed by german authorities in two thousand seventeen, but they re when did again this very summer, when Christian was named a suspect in Madeline case. What do you mean? They closed the case, though, I wish I had some more information on this, I'm a little unclear and how it works over in Germany, like I to a similar closed due to the lack of evidence like maybe you're,
no sign of her there's, no evidence anywhere, there's no suspects and even with all the searches like I kind of the cases wasn't going anywhere and until a new lead came, they Baker, If those maybe like their version of a court case yeah, like I think again, I think we're used the terminology we use here in the: U S, we're, like other cases, closed its because we know who did it it's over, and unless we have answers, we, we kind of always here that there are technically open, even their not being actively worked now, even though they reopened at Inga's case is still unsolved and it's not the only one are also looking at Christian as a potential suspecting the disappearance of Renee Hosty, who is a six year old, who was holiday with his parents in Portugal, in June of nineteen. Ninety six, in his case his family like we're all going for this walk and Renee ran up ahead like just out of sight and when his parents caught up, they don't see him, but he they see is closed
like just kind of in this pile, but no Renee. In one article I read his grandparents described how his footprints just literally stopped for years. They and the police assume that is with some kind of horrible accident that we're nay had decided to go swimming in the ocean had had drowned, but the is another one where, like you know that I don't think, worked for a long time. We kind of continue what happened, but this is one that has gotten reopened again now because it fit the profile of how Christian has been operating, and they know that he was living in the area at the time additionally belgian police say there now investigating Christian in connection with the July nineteen. Ninety six murder of a sixteen year old, named Corolla tits up who was on Vacation Belgium when she met a german man. She was last see with this german man at a bar, and she was me
for six days before her body was discovered in the sand. There have also been ports, the german authorities- have reopened the investigation into the murder of a nine year old, named Peggy NA block vanished, unmade, seventh, two thousand wine on her way from school back into and for a man was actually tried and convicted for her murder. But the conviction was later overturned and introduce an eight in another man, a convicted sex offender confessed to police that he disposed of her body but denied having anything to do with her actual Dat, F R. Twenty four news reports: back in June that Christian had been released from prison just before or she went missing. Now I think it's clear: there is no question at this man is a monster, but the depths of his depravity like idle I don't know that any of our listeners can truly rap their heads around at the opposite.
Sixty minutes, Australia, I mentioned, talked specifically about a conversation Christian had into those in thirteen in a pedophile chat, room. That is just shilling, and I think it gives you like the back Insight into this monster, so you're gonna hurt Two men read the back and forth exchange, but I want to give a warning to our listeners that it is graphic. The first voice that you're here will be reading Christians messages and the second is the other person. was chatting with how's it going pretty good, address me onto a little girl who doesn't want then catch, something small and use it for days. It's not
without danger. Oh, if the evidence is destroyed afterwards, I will document exactly how they will be tortured, cool. Well, let's see not only talking, but also doing it. Oh my god, yeah like I said, not a good. Do like? No wonder there looking at the sky for like every cold case in Europe right now, and obviously this man is a parents worst nightmare, and I think I speak for every parent that has thought or that worry in the back of our minds that makes us feel like we cannot take our eyes off our kids for even a second like got just in case. Something is looking right around the corner and Christian. Why is he why's that bad thing right around the corner and you're in all these. is that you ve brought up. If he's responsible, he was literally right there in the places people should have been saved, that they were field
comfortable, camping trap, a family vacation ease the actual boogeyman totally, and I guess here's my question that man that was seen holding a child and maybe kind of running away from Mccann's apartment that night she disappeared. Do they think that that was christian thirdly night. So they did go hard, trying to identify that me in quite a few times over the years. There still actually lots of speculation that Christian had an accomplice that helped him get Madeline out of her room that night. So there thinking it's kind him that doesn't mean that that man didn't have something with made or the child that person was holding wasn't Madeline truthfully. We just do not know at this point, but the best like the most definitive thing I've actually heard is sometime around two thousand and thirteen unless it's changed. British investigators said that whoever that person saw that man that child is probably just a dad carrying his daughter home from one of the daycare facilities at the ocean club again, this was the.
she doesn't thirteen when they kind of. Like said hey. We think this is what this is where, where seven years out now, with a suspect that that might change, I mean this story is very much still developing. So we be watching it for updates and will likely talk about the updates in our headlines. Episode in the fan Club Crochet is in a german prison now and he will be there for the next seven years or so there were reports investing are trying to retest some trace DNA found in the Mccann's holiday apartment, and I am just crossing my fingers, that technology has advanced enough to get a profile to put him definitively there, and maybe just maybe we will finally get Just- as for Madeline MC, can you
in fine all of the pictures and source material for this episode on our website: crime, junkie, podcast, dot, com and me the followers uninspiring at Hampton Court podcast, and will we back next week with a brand new episode? Crime junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck do
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