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During the 80's and 90's, a serial killer was operating out of Ohio, killing sex workers and leaving their bodies along interstates. Could their killer be a truck driver who called himself Dr. No? And could his crimes extend beyond the Ohio state lines?

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come on sleeping beauty, you out there tonight sleeping beauty. Come on. Now I know you oh. You don't know me so you can marry the first thing about doctor know, but you will.
Was full body chills right. It is still the same show my God. This still the same host I'm Ashley flowers and I'm Brett, but I wanted to. Is all of our listeners a sense of what we're dealing with in this episode, a serial killer, who is totally faceless, totally nameless, but for a given
the radio name doctor know our story starts on June 12th of nineteen. Eighty five, that interstate. Seventy one in Mansfield, oh about five hundred and thirty in the morning am Mansfield. Trooper named Kevin Tilter was making road checks looking for any disabled vehicles when he spotted something strange in the dark, as he drew closer he quickly realized. It was the body of a young woman. She had been badly beaten and left only partially clothed, and although she was unresponsive, he could hello that she was still alive? Trooper teller gave this girl mouth to mouth. While he waited for backup to arrive. She was eventually trance to a hospital, but with no identification on her. It took a few hours before police could run her brains and compare her face to mug shots taken just six months prior
when the same girl was arrested for solicitation using the prince in the mug shots. They were able to confirm that this woman was twenty five year old Marsha. Matthews martial was the mother to an eight year old girl and she had a family who loved her a family that would have to pull life support from Marsha just two one slash two days after she was admitted to the hospital, because the machines were the only thing keeping her alive Marsha's family donated her eyes, her liver and her kidney for transplant to three other patients around Ohio in an attempt to make something matter from this horrible thing that had happened to them but when the world, when was over, when the dust settled the family had nothing, no mother, no Marsha, no answers, no justice and the police weren't any closer than the day that trooper tilter found her in the days after marches attack the sheriff's sergeant John,
Here was investigating the case talking to other women who work the lots with Marsha talking to drivers who I've been in the area at the time, one man admitted to having contact with Marsha about two and a half to three hours before she was found. They could have been having a sexual and owner, but the guy said that Marsha woke him up around two hundred and thirty, like he had requested, so that he could get back on the road. But then, after that he didn't see her shortly after around three hundred o'clock in the morning. Another woman at the truck stop said that she saw Marsha getting into another semi with an Arkansas logo on Doranna Man behind the wheel of two and a half hours after she was seen getting into that car is when the trooper found her along. The side of the interstate leads are few and far between. In this case it seems
they had some dna, but nothing great yet that they could do with it. This was the mid 80s, so they would wait for more leads to surface or for technology to advance. They expected this to take time. What they didn't expect were for similar cases to
piling up around the state. Just a year later, on July 20th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six at a truck, stop rest stop along the highway. At the intersection of I seventy one and I seventy six in Medina County Ohio, a truck driver had stopped to take a pee. The rest stop was closed, so the trucker looks around for a place to go to the bathroom and he came across the body of a woman dressed only in a black camisole tank. Top she was placed behind is three foot concrete barrier that was placed along an exit ramp. It was clear that she had been beaten across the face and she had ligature marks around her neck, suggesting that she had also been strangled. Unlike Marsha, this woman was not laugh. Still breathing her killer had learned police were later able to identify this woman as twenty three year old Shirley Dean Taylor, a sex worker
in the area who was originally from Virginia. Was it obvious for law enforcement to connect it to Marshalls No, they were actually found in different counties. So as we continue to talk about each victim, that is something important to point out are all found in different counties, all initially investigated by different departments and not connected too much later. One of the things police make note of when investigating Shirley's case is that besides, that came a cell top the rest of her clothes were missing and never He did not her pants, not her underwear, nothing else. Police did the usual. Missing, but no one saw surely getting into any semis the night that she was last seen. There was one report, The only lead they had to go on. Other girls who are working in the same law is surely a lot in austintown said that they heard surely get solicited that night by someone over the cb
someone calling himself doctor. No they had a name, but it was a fake name, a name that could be changed on a whim. So it led those investigators nowhere later that same year in December, another trucker came across another body of an even younger woman left just along the side of the road in Ashland County Ohio. This was eighteen year old April Barnett and her body had been completely frozen likely because the conditions outside April, wasn't beaten or hit with a blunt object. Like the other two victims, she was strangled, which is different, but we did see strangulation in Shirley's case right. So it's not out of the realm of possibility that still the same person right April was likely a victim of sex trafficking as well, not by this guy who killed her, but she had a boyfriend named Anthony Pick. It
and I'm going to air quotes boyfriend because he was also her pimp and he'd been arrested in the past for transporting minors across state lines. So she was so young again just eighteen that I'm sure he suckered her in when she was just a child and trapped her into this life. Anthony told investigators that he didn't know who did this to April? He didn't know the last guy that she was with, but he did know of a guy who roughed her up a few days earlier. He gave the police the plate numbers to the guys truck and the least tracked it down to a thirty seven year old man named Alvin Wilden, but they never interviewed him years later, when the harden was asked about why they never questioned him when they tracked him down. They ended up citing an overwhelming number of leads that they just couldn't handle. And a lack of funding that same lack of funding and the fact that more cases were popping up for Ashland, county law enforcement and, let's be real, the fact that April was a set
worker living on the fringes of society, with no one really wanting to interact with or push police. All of this played into the reason that her case went cold, but April's killer was just heating up and he was ready to strike just two months later. In February of nineteen eighty seven in early February of that year, a local sex worker named Anna Marie Patterson was picked up by the police for loitering and solicitation. She made an offhand comment to one of the officers before her release that she knew who was killing these women at truck, stops but said that she was afraid to name him now. The officers didn't press her and they ended up just releasing her, and I don't know if this is because again
They didn't think she knew what she was talking about or in the officers minds there weren't multiple cases again. These are all happening in different counties right, so I don't know if they didn't take her seriously or what, but they let her go. The very next day Anna Marie disappeared after she was released her husband, who also acted as her pimp. They went to the austintown truck. Stop that's the second time. You've mentioned the austintown Is that pretty popular? Is it a really common route? Oh yeah, from what I can tell it was like v truck stop in Ohio, the most massive, the most traffic by truckers. So it was a spot where girls could pick up a lot of men so go to this truck, stop in Austintown Anna Maria and her husband together, and he clicks on the cb radio to see who is out there and who's. Looking for company that night, the radio crackles and a voice comes,
to the other end. Any lady so there free for the evening doctor know I guess feeling lonely. This is Reno, we not dealing with you doctor. Now we already told you come on sleeping beauty. You are theater night sleeping beauty Come on girl, no, I know you I think hearing doctor knows voice was jarring to Annamarie, because she ended up leaving that truck stop shortly after,
Many of the summaries of her case that you'll read on line will say that she went missing from that same lot, but in one of the earliest reports of her case that I found in an actual are article from nineteen. Ninety. It says that Anna Marie's husband drove her to a truck stop just over the border in Pennsylvania. My assumption is that they left the austintown lot because of mister know, but it is possible that he followed her because after Anna res husband, dropped her off at the new lot in Pennsylvania and drove away. He never saw her alive again when a week went by of not being able to find Anna Marie. After dropping her off at that law, her husband reported her missing to the police. Now this was actually Valentine's day, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven that he made the
police learned that not only is Anna missing, but she is also six months pregnant at the time. Her husband is sure that she wouldn't have just run off and he tells police about the Misty. Various doctor know who was calling out to Anna Marie the week before using her cb handle sleeping beauty. Time goes by, but Anna Marie doesn't turn up week after week until March 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven when a sleeping bag is found along. I, seventy one in Warren County inside the bag is the body of missing Anna Marie her cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head and she had ligature marks around her neck in another strikingly firm your fashion to the other victims. Anna Marie was found only wearing a maroon colored shirt,
underwear and pantyhose, but the rest of her clothing items were missing. This again fit the pattern of the other woman who were killed to a tee, but she was found in yet again another county, where a totally different team of investigators were going to look at her case, you're totally unaware of the killings before her ok, but it took a long time for them to find her, though right yeah, I feel, like the other girls were found within like a day or so going missing. How is she not found if she was in the sleeping bag along the highway for over a month, well. That is because she wasn't along the highway for almost a month, and this is one noticeable difference between the women. Were killed before Anna Marie and
all the ones who would come after her Anima Marie was left on the side of the road likely just a short time before she was found, but she was likely killed just right after going missing wait. So she wasn't there the whole time. No, her body had been refrigerated and preserved her killer for over a month. So what was different about Anna Marie? He kept her frozen, kept her with for a long time and when he finally did dispose of her body, she was the only victim who he covered in any kind of way, wrapping her in a sleeping bag. Do you think the killer was just getting smarter, or was he trying to conceal her for a very specific reason like her pregnancy or something so
has to be for a specific reason, because, as the story continues, you'll notice that no other victims, like I said before or after her we're, covered or frozen in this way? Okay, so we think it's because she's pregnant or because she had already gone to the police one or both I don't really know, but it gives us one more piece of information about this killer. He has access to some kind of large freezer, possibly even on his truck, If he's driving around or refrigerated truck, which could narrow down the list of our suspects. I would have never thought of that right, but just like Anna Marie had been kept on ice for over a month, her case would be put on ice for much longer leader that summer, the body of another girl, is discovered in yet another county near Dayton. Oh this time off of I, seventy the victim was found on August tenth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven
wearing only blue jeans and pale blue underwear, both that were pulled down to her mid thigh and the cause of her death was strangulation. Unlike the other victims, it was difficult to identify this girl her. Weren't in the system for past arrest, and there was no missing person reports in the state that match a seventeen to twenty five year old caucasian woman. Who was about five five and one hundred and twenty five pounds and who had a rose tattoo on her left? Breast and a unit
tattoo on her right with not even a name to associate with this victim. The investigators had no idea where to begin no witnesses, no suspects that could be name dove. Absolutely nothing. Then. For almost three years, Ohio was quiet until another, unidentified body was discovered in licking County Ohio on April 19th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety only dressed in her underwear. This twenty to thirty something woman was found near a pilot travel center off of I seventy she had been beaten on her head face and neck with a blunt force object. When her autopsy was done. The medical examiner was able to
term in that she had engaged in sex some twelve to twenty four hours before she had died. They tried to connect a missing persons report to this woman nationwide, but nothing seemed to fit six women in Ohio, six separate counties, none of which were wising up to the fact that a serial killer was operating in their backyard and they wouldn't wise up until a reporter, named Michael Behrens started to put together what was happening piece by piece article by article and on March, tenth, one thousand nine hundred and ninety. He published his terrifying conclusion in the Columbus dispatch there was a serial killer operating in their backyard. The same person responsible for killing these women, but even more frightening Michael, was sure that this killer wasn't just operating in Ohio Michael believed. He could link the killer to at least three more
tons in neighboring states. The other women Michael identified as being victims of this killer were Jill Allen, Lamonica Coal and Terry Rourke all found killed from nineteen. Eighty seven to ninety in ninety along the highways and all had clothing missing, but these women were found in Illinois, Pennsylvania and New York. So again, his article went live on March, tenth immediately. The public and law enforcement were concerned. How did they miss this by the fifteenth? Just five days later? The Ohio attorney general and ounces that he has assembled a task. Of course, bringing together investigators from Ohio, New York, Pa Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee, because in the five days, Data it they realize there could have been even more victims than Michael had identified there a lot of suspects that came forward as the task force investigated this as a whole in nineteen
the one. Michael did a follow up article about one specific suspect. That literally gives me full body shells. He tells the story of an incident that happened years earlier in the midst of the killings, something that was strange at the time. But it didn't raise any red flags like it would after people knew what they should looking for so here's the story back in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven again in the middle of this killing spree. There's an accident involving one tractor trailer on I, seventy one, this rigs
lid on a patch of ice and ran into a bridge when the truck crashed more than two hundred pieces of women's clothing came pouring out of the cab? In addition to the clothing, there were also handcuffs chains, leather restraints and a stash of pornographic material. The driver was critically injured and taken to a hospital and eventually went home and was on disability for some time due to his injuries, but all of those pieces of clothing of those handcuffs and restraints and chains, they were all just returned to him. What yeah? We will never know if those two hundred items were in Imerys pants, or Shirley's underwear, or if the clothing could lead to other girls in other states, who've been found, but not yet linked to a serial killer. So the officers investigating this accident didn't think
that any of that stuff was weird for him to have. I guess not, I think, a lot of our listeners know, and actually you know I work in transportation. I am actually around truck drivers all day everyday at my nine hundred to five hundred right right, there's no reason for any of that to be there too. I think, women clothing, no I think Brown run around with that. No it's! It's such a like wild West sort of occupation that the guys out there are like I hate to be a stereotypical, but like there guys there, men and um like the porn. Ok sure I thought I'd even questions like that. Yeah sure, let's, let's just let that slide, but everything else ton of leather leather restraints. Women's clothing
chains hand because I hate work in the same department of Transportation company. I help investigate accidents for my company and if that was found on one of my guys I feel like. I would also have some questions. Did he give any excuse for any of these items? Well, I don't know what excuse he gave police for if they ever ask for one at all again at the time they had no idea. There was a serial killer on the loose taking women's clothing as trophies, but Michael the guy, who did the article followed up with the man's wife when he did a follow up in nineteen. Ninety one and her story was anything but believable. This is
but the truckers wife told the reporter back in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one about why her husband was traveling with all of those clothing items with those handcuffs and chains an restraints. She said: oh, it's not weird that he had two hundred pieces of women clothing. You see he was doing his own laundry back then, and he must have grabbed laundry by mistake and taking it with him in his truck ok, so I have two kids now plus me and my husband, and even our worst laundry day, two hundred items of just my clothes is one more than I own and two would never. Happen on the same day. I cannot agree more two hundred pieces of clothing items for a laundry day is crazy and you see things will never know now, but I wish we had any kind of inventory about what was taken in that accident where they
anything remotely like hers. Were they even the same size where they her style? Were they like the same type of clothing, because I feel like a handful of them were found without pants or their underwear? Was it two hundred pieces of panties well and I mean to your point right before it's. Not only does it need to not match his wife, but like yes or do we have a size, four pants and then a size, ten pants and clearly they don't all belong to one right. Now, that's a really good point, so they were either hers she has the most insane wardrobe I've ever heard of or she is covering for him. What about all the other stuff they found? Well, she said that the hand cuffs were no big deal because they were from his old job when he used to work as a private security guard. As for the other things, though, she
You could not find a reason for the chains or the leather restraints, and she just said that her husband was a hoarder or like a pack rat, and he kept everything yeah, I'm not questioning him keeping things, but my question is more on. Why does he have them in the first place right and something else? I find really interesting about this suspect is over and over. In the articles that I was reading, it was said that anyone who looks at this case task force included wondered if there killer used to work for law enforcement or some type of private security, because they thought it was more than just a coincidence that every single victim was found in a different county, not one of them doubled up. It made everyone wonder if the killer was familiar with how law enforcement worked, an would know that they wouldn't be communicating an piecing these together. It sounds like this driver is.
Our guy right I mean he is my favorite suspect, but his wife at least at the time said it couldn't have been him because he was home. She points out the fact that he was on disability after that accident for eighteen months, and she said that he was home every single day with her and during those eighteen months. Three of the eleven. Happened. So, according to her, it's a no go. I would love to know if they are still together and if she still has the same story like
ivory investigating this case. Almost thirty years later, I would want to start with her weight again transportation worker. Here there are a lot of companies where you can be on disability and still work. We is that a thing yeah, so disability works for employment. So you get hired. You have like a certain amount of rights in your state. If you will and then there's independent contract ing, so independent contract ing means that the company that you're in a contract with doesn't need to provide benefits, doesn't need to provide pto, doesn't need to provide anything and you're a one thousand and ninety nine contractor so.
Though it does count towards your income. You can still work while also on disability or social security. I work for a one thousand and ninety nine company. All the truck drivers that I work with are one thousand and ninety nine, so none of them are employees, they're, all independent contractors, so I th I was even strange for her to say that for eighteen months I mean, unless the guy is in a full body, cast you're telling me he didn't leave the house for eighteen months like you would go crazy, so to me, I already was fishy and I was like I'm sure if he wanted to get his big rig and go travel he could have, but this is even breezier yeah. I have contractors who just came off to
or about to go on disability and they are able to continue to work because of this contractor status. Now they are limited to how much they can make 'cause. It all goes into income, obviously, but he only quote unquote killed three times in that eighteen month span would fit within that profile. I think wow. So in this article that I read it said because after the task force had been put together, it said that investigators are going re look into this, but after that article I couldn't find any follow up on this clothing. Hoarder trucker
and he faded into obscurity like so many other suspects. The closest they ever got to a consistent lead was the description of a truck that multiple victims were seen getting into before they died. It was a black or dark blue Peterbilt truck, but their driver was a ghost with a fake name behind a cb radio, That they could never tracked down the task force. It never made any arrests in the case and whether it was because of the women's professions or because it's just human nature, to move on to the next biggest scariest monster. The public also for got the story, as well as the years went by other names, got added to this list as possible victims. For example, there was an unidentified woman found in April of one thousand nine hundred and ninety two who got associated this killer for awhile,
years later, she was found in Ohio having died from blunt force trauma and she was found wearing just a blue short sleeve shirt, one white tube sock, a men's brief style underwear, and she had this gray baseball cap and a ladies Catholic, boot that were laying next to her. She remained an identified for a long time and for a brief time, which is why she wasn't associated with the killer right away. Police believe that they had caught her killer, there was a man named Dennis Hetzel and I think his phone number was found with her and there was actually a bite mark on her body that matched his t
and in one thousand nine hundred and ninety three. He was secretly indicted for her murder, but he ended up getting extradited to Texas in nineteen ninety five to stand trial and eventually served time for reaping his two young daughters. Now he ended up dying in prison and if you look at ninety percent of the places on line, they just say that this Jane DOE's case is closed because he did it. But her name does pop up with this serial killer. Every now and again- and I found this one place on line where they quote an article, but the actual link to the article doesn't work anymore, and it says that eventually his dna was tested against a sample from the victim and that it didn't. Meaning that Dennis wasn't our killer, and this woman could have been another victim of the same man that were calling doctor now again
many years ago, by an this case, of a serial killer, gets further and further from people's minds, and it didn't resurface again until two thousand and nine when are unidentified victims start getting named. The first was our girl found in one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven, the one with her and and underwear pulled down and the tattoo of a rose on her left breast and the unicorn on her right. She would find get when over in Kansas City, a woman named Stephanie Clack gets a call from some relatives. They tell her that they've just been watching a tv show called the forgotten where you
search to John and Jane does to see if they match any missing people. They were telling Stephanie this because twenty two years before this call Stephanie had been eating pizza, with her sister Paul at talking about buying Bon Jovi tickets, not a care in the world, but then Paula left, and she was never seen again for twenty two years. At the time, Paul is family tried to file a missing persons report, but because she was twenty one, it was very difficult after some time they. Finally,
got her on a list and although there would be occasions few and far between where they were asked to look at pictures and try to identify Jane DOE's, it was never Paula. So when Stephani learned about name is this system at the tip of her fingertips, she figured what's the harm she sat down at her computer started in putting her sisters info caucasian female twenty one missing from Missouri. But nothing came up, so she tried one more thing caucasian female twenty one. Then she left the location, the lank just in case somehow her sister made it out of the state. There were ten matches, one by one. She filtered through them
through nine or not her sister, but then, oh, my god, she looked at the profile for number ten. She was looking for something distinctive, something that only her sister would have, and that's she saw it? This Jane DOE found in Ohio had both a unicorn and a rose tattoo Stephanie said when she saw that she knew she had found her and she just broke down crying dna test would confirm what she already knew that Jane DOE was Paul, let Beverly Davis. She was killed just two days after sharing that pizza with her sister. No one knows how she got to Ohio or why she would have even gone there or or if she did on her own. Perhaps she was picked up in Missouri.
And just left there, but this is the first time we realize that our killer isn't just picking up sex workers because, as far as I could tell Paula had no history of that she did have a history of hitching rides though so it seems, our killer was confident enough to pick up someone who might even have a family who is looking for them, and he was intelligent enough to know that by leaving her in another state, it would be harder to identify her, and this would be the case of all of our unidentified victims the last unidentified woman. I talked about the one where they thought they had. A killer years later realize he didn't because of the DNA. Will she had a daughter who had always been looking for her and in two thousand eleven her daughter submitted her dna to name Miss then in two thousand twelve. The investigators who had her case had submitted
this Jane DOE's, DNA, Tenemos name and they were able to match them identifying her as Sharon, Lynn, kids, ear ski now. She was actually from Oregon, but was visiting friends in Florida when she vanished in nineteen eighty nine alittle over two years before she was actually found She was a mother who had recently divorced after seventeen years of marriage and there wasn't a history of prostitution, but at the time she vanished, she didn't have anywhere to live. She had no address and she was kind of couch hopping or going place to place visiting friends, the third unidentified girl we had the one found in a one thousand nine hundred and ninety she was identified in twenty. Sixteen, as Patrice Corley she'd gone missing.
Louisville Kentucky back in early. Ninety and her sister in law tried to report her missing back then, but they actually wouldn't take the report because they said she was in a blood relative. She never dropped it, though after a new police force was formed when two agencies merged she went back and tried to file again this time when she filed they got a hit on an old I owe Jane DOE. There was also a Jane DOE found in Ohio in April of eighty one, who might have been the killer's first victim again, at least from the ones we know about in Ohio. We actually did an entire mini episode on our patriotic, the ten dollars level. Where we talk about how new dna technologies were used to identify this victim, she went missing from another state outside of Ohio and then was found dumped alongside the highway. This is terra
because this whole time we've been talking about Ohio and maybe the surrounding states. But really this killer was picking up women from all over the country and then just leaving them in Ohio will not even that I'm worried it could be even bigger. Not only is he picking up women from all over the country and then dumping them in Ohio, but the one in Ohio are just the ones we know about what, if he's been picking them up from all over and also leaving these, men all over in many states across the country and we We have no real scope of the magnitude of this killers work now. The years between these murders and now have seen a lot of truck driver serial killers put away. I mean Gary Ridgway the river killer. We actually didn't episode on him. There was a man named Robert Ramparts, who's in jail now for murder, and we know that he traveled a lot in Ohio and Pennsylvania. There was another truck driver
real killer named Sean Patrick Gobble who's in jail for murders. He committed in North Carolina in Tennessee, but it's mentioned that he was questioned in death from at least seven other states and he also drove a dark Peterbilt truck like the one. Some of the victims were seen getting into an the victims. He went to jail for were also found along the highway yeah and we've had so many listeners send us links to articles about Samuel little. He claimed still over ninety victims. Any chance it could have been him well. So yeah I actually checked an. He was in jail from late eighty four to early eighty seven. So if the cases are truly all connected, I don't think that he's our guy, but I am glad that you brought it up 'cause. I had a feeling a lot of people. Would so there have been a lot of names over the years, but no one has ever had to answer for their crimes and the families of these women. Many of having young kids, who grew up without mothers have never gotten justice or there. Any
examples in any of the cases that could be tested against suspects today. Actually, yes, there was dna in a couple of cases and, for example, I know from a news article that in Marsha Matthews case they had a good enough sample to submit to Codis, but since this case is still unsolved, I'm assuming you're killer has either never been caught for another crime or he's in state and jail in a place that has a yet collected his dna for comparison. But what about all the? this new things we can do with DNA if they have a sample. That's good enough for code, is I mean, couldn't they try? Well, I think it did ends on. If there are any usable samples left once it's been processed for code is I don't think it can be reused and sent to a place like pair bond for genealogy testing? Ok, but if they have any usable symbols left I mean, if they're truly connected I only need one sample to catch the guy. Who did all this right? Do you think they'll send it off
honestly, I don't know, I don't know if this case is a priority for anyone, I'm guessing no based on how hard it was for me to even do this episode like I have. Never researched harder or had to dig farther back in old newspapers. Then I have to tell this story. I don't think the priority for anyone, and if no one is putting the pressure on police, like Michael, was back in the day when he did the article like now one going to do anything and not because they're like ignoring it, but they're, going to focus on new cases that are popping up every single day. I so hope and wish that the families are still pushing authorities to to go after justice, he says I do too, but honestly, not just the families are crime. Junkies can start talking about it as well. Sharing this episode on social media get people talking about these cases again to generate some in. They are very well might not be. Anything usable like I just don't know,
because no one has ever even covered this case again in so long, and you know what, if there is something an it's, a problem of re sources like I'll put my money where my mouth is. If anyone from Ohio law enforcement is listening and you have the power to put a request in for staying in any of these cases, if you have any evidence in this case, that is usable and could be retested, but it's just a problem of like funding reach out to us. You can find our contact info on the website. I will personally contribute a fun testing. In this case, these women need justice. Their families deserve answers, and I know the justice system isn't perfect and most of the time they're doing the best they can with the little they have. So, let's all help we will contribute
Actually? We will get these tests done if, if that's what it takes and we need you crime, junkies to start talking about the case. A lot share this episode a lot, so people can't help but take notice because for all we know doctor know is still out there. Maybe he's picked a new. Ground. Maybe he's picked a new name, but he could very well be in the semi truck that just passed you looking for his next victim.
Again for anyone listening in Ohio who works in law enforcement. If this is something that can be retested again, I know there's not always samples, but if there are, and if it's a problem of finances, we are happy to help reach out to us, and you can find our information on our website, along with additional information on this case. Crime, junkie, podcast, dot com forever,
spread if they want to follow us on social media, to follow us on Instagram, at crime, junkie, podcast and on twitter at crime, junkie, pot? And again I was serious you guys. We need people talking about these cases. Nothing gets done if nobody talks about it so on Twitter, on Instagram on Facebook share. This episode tell your friends to listen. We had the summer of justice, but let's just continue that we've got all of these new technologies and I hope, there's a way to bring some answers to all of these families. We will be back next week, you guys with a brand new episode. This episode of crime junkie was researched, written and hosted by me with co hosting great praise, God, all of our editing and sound production was done by David flowers and all of our music, including our theme, comes from Justin Daniel, crying junkie, audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck? Do you
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