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When female college students started turning up dead in Santa Cruz in 1972, local police had no leads and no reason to suspect their friend Ed might be behind the grisly killings.

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and the story I want to tell you today is about evil that manifests young. This particular evil has been studied quite a lot over the years and there is a lot to be said in the whole nature versus nurture debate, what shapes us as kids and makes us who we are and how we as humans can overcome even the worst childhood traumas, but every once in a while the worst circumstances don't just come from outside forces. They come from within and lead to murder. This is the story
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work. Is this super rural area in this year of mountains, sort of smack dab in the middle of this state, its farm country, not super exciting, and things like this don't happen here I mean really as far as the police are concerned, things like a teenage boys murdering his grandparents in cold blood, don't happen anywhere, and yet, as soon as they get out to the camera farm, there's Edmund, who everyone calls Ed waiting patiently to be arrested and taken to jail. Naturally, the first question the police ask him is why he did it at says that he killed them because he was mad at the world, but he doesn't stop there. He says he also killed them because he wanted to see what it felt like to take a life simple as that police are chilled to the bone by how calmly, at his saying all of this, almost as if committing a double homicide is just an average part of his day,
No, since he's already confessed, Ed keeps going and the whole terrible story unfolds. According to add, it started after a fight with his grandma Maud when his grandpa, whose also named Ed without running errands. Now- our Ed and Maud had a tense relationship and the fight asked waited when she tried to take his gun away. That gun was a Christmas gift from his grandpa and he didn't want to give it up so, instead of giving it to her, he wound up shooting her in the head right there in the kitchen of their farm house, and then he shoots or a couple more times in the chest.
Just to make sure she was dead. According to an article on crime, libraries website ed, goes on to tell police that he killed his grandfather, so he wouldn't have to find out that his wife was dead with modern body still in the kitchen. Ed went outside with his rifle and waited for his grandfather to get home as soon as he pulled out at cocked. It took aim and fired finishing the grizzly work that he started inside, even though most veteran. Officers in the force or shaken by the brutal murders, because here's this big strong boy am he's nearly six foot for I just aged fifteen he's smart as a whip and com is, can be well. He explains the rationale behind doing something so too. Terrible. They arrest him right away and since it is a minor he's under the California, youth authorities jurisdiction, but get this there, Sir appalled by the murders that they kind of I mean I want, is a cop out, but they realized this kid
His crimes are way out of their Lee yeah. It's just unfathomable to the justice system at the time that a child who commit crimes like that, so they turn him back over to the adult branch of California. Legal system was trying a minor as an adult like a thing back then like. Yes, I get he's like a big kid, but he still fifteen like it seems not ok from Dakota Legal Ready. Prison? No, I don't think they were planning on putting him in regular prison. According to the buildings Gazette back in September of sixty four, the first thing they do a sentence edge of an indefinite turn. He's been given a psychiatric evaluation and diagnose as apparent weeds, gets a frantic, but the judge like everyone else, considers these murders to be just beyond comprehension, and so, instead of sending Edgewood typical juvenile facility and their doubling up gonna send him to an adult facility, he's actually sentence to add Escudero State Hospital, which is a maximum security, mental institution for the criminally insane. After he's locked up at out Escudero
Doctors, psychologists and law enforcement all remain kinder fascinated by yet I mean he's staying out where we literally stands out because, like I said before, he's a big guy in still growing, but he stands out because he's also super well behaved and still so smart like really really smart doctors give at all sorts of assessments and IQ test and he registrars at your genius levels. According to us, FBI agent, John Douglas in his book mine Hunter, gets so good with the test at the hospital authorities. Let him look at the tests and even they let him give has to other inmates like this guy, is literally giving psychological assessments to adult male sex offenders. Him is like disturbed teenage boys only God, I mean to me that you seem so out of line now. Ed's behaviour, while he's incarcerated, led some of his doctors to question the paranoid: schizophrenia, diagnose
ass. They keep studying him and re evaluating hand an edge, because he's so bright is able to figure out just what wanna, hear remember how we could have kind of talked about this in color, but so too, how he learned to appear sane and rehabilitated in front of the parole Board so that he could go free, yellow, that's pretty much exactly what else does and to me. This is a big sign of how dangerous he really is, because not only does he now have access to these of you, but he's using the information within these to get his diagnosis reduced to a personality disorder with passive aggression, right, he's figuring out how to game. This is he's totally gaming, the system and Passiveaggressive he murdered two people in his own family like there's nothing passive about them,
yeah. I mean you think that right I mean he very actively killed two people, but the penal system. California, at the time, is more focused on rehabilitation and not necessarily punishment. For but you did and without being so young and being such a model prisoner, they look at him almost like a success story. Bear rehabilitation strategy is working by the time had turned twenty one in nineteen, sixty nine, his doctors or so impressed with the progress as made while incarcerated that he is released from the mental institution on parole in December of that same year, even though his doctors advise against it. It goes to live with his mom car now in active on the
Civic coast in central California is about a hundred and eighty miles away from where he murdered his grandparents in north fork and on the outside. Everything seems like it's going great. Maybe he was rehabilitated. The city of Santa Cruz, your by is university town with plenty of educational opportunity and eggs. Man actually works at you, see Santa Cruz, and so she gives at a parking pass so he's on campus alot, and he sees plenty, of Kuwait. Out hitchhiking now mind you he's still on parole, so he still under law enforcement supervision, but as far as they can tell he's, taking it seriously and behaving himself according to an article on biography, dot com. He starts going to community college, but when that doesn't really work out, he actually applies to be a state trooper. Ultimately, Ed actually gets and down for this, and not because of his criminal record, which they don't actually know about, but because of his sheer stature, apparently because he was so big that was just
a no go, which I didn't realize was a thing, but by the time he's done growing. Ed is a whopping six feet now. Nine inches tall in a hundred pounds, yet he's a giant dude and thus outside the states, physical requirements truthfully. I dont even know that they got far enough to look into his criminal record or, if they just kind of take one look at him in there, like you, don't have a uniform that fits ya, hear you're too vague buddy either way, he doesn't take it personally, and the local law enforcement in Santa Cruz actually becomes pray, fond of him, because they all into paying out after work at this same bar, this little place called the jury room and to the cops he's just big at their friend, the gentle giant after getting turned down by the California state, troopers Eddie, it's a steady job. Working for the California Department of Transportation doing road construction, it's good, solid work, a steady, paycheck, further vindicating,
rule boards believed that adds making great progress, and he really is now a valuable member of society there so confident in him that his record actually gets expunged in the fall of nineteen. Seventy two There is actually this letter of recommendation from his psychiatry arrest and I'm writing is actually kind of incredible on here, but I'm gonna, have you read it to everyone? If I were to see this patient without having any history available or getting any history from him, I would think that we are dealing with a very well adjusted young man who had initiative intelligence and who is free of any psychiatric illnesses. It is my opinion that he has made a very excellent response to the years of treatment and rehabilitation, and I would see no psychiatric reason to consider him to be of any danger to himself or to any member of society. So, as you can see, everyone from police to men
health professionals or a hundred and fifty percent, confident that Ed's cheered and ready to live a happy and productive life. Meanwhile, though, the city of Santa Cruz, near where Ed's living is suddenly rocked by on thinkable tragedies Episode was made possible by better help. Personally, the last few months have been tough on me and I know they're tough on our listeners too. So I was so happy to see one of our listeners tweeted us the other day that they had decided to start counselling again and they were able to do it safely and affordably because of better help. A while ago I tried to get into sea a counselor and either half of them worked. Seeing new patients or the week was absurd, but better help will assess your needs,
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Starting in the fall of nineteen, seventy two, the Santa Cruz Police, suddenly see a series of shocking murders and disappearances transform their sleeping beach town into a hotbed of horror. As far as police can tell it starts in August when a skull turns up in the Santa Cruz its police use dental records to identify as belonging to a nineteen year old college student named me. An who'd gone missing from Berkeley nearby with her friend Anita with Marian Skull. And no trace of Anita police are forced to assume the worst about what happened to these two young women, then, in the middle of September a teenage girl named Eco also goes missing from Berkeley. According to open Tribune, she disappears, while she's waiting to catch her bus into San Francisco for a ballet,
what so with Anita and are ye missing and Marion dead? Santa Cruz concern turns into a full blown nightmare by MID October and it begins to escalate on Friday, the third, When a homeless man named Lawrence White is found dead after being beaten to death, with a baseball bat Same month a young woman named Mary is declared missing after she doesn't show up for a job interview them. In early November, a priest is being and stabbed to debt in his own confessional booth, both the public and the police or yawned shaken up by this in part because at the time and this is the early nineteenth seventys in the United States, statistics, said that ninety five percent of murders, weren't premeditated most of them- happened as a result of fight or domestic incidents gone really really bad, so the type of murder happening in Santa Cruz are just I mean in comprehensible to them. The local police have never see
anything like it and they put out warnings to the public's. If, like be careful, use your common sense about strangers, don't hitchhike but the fear within the community keeps mounting knelt before this Santa Cruz. A really relaxed place, the type of town where people move to to get away from the big city hustle and enjoy life by the ocean and now suddenly, the whole town is terrified that they might have a serial killer on their hands. The Santa Cruz state troopers share their fears, were there big friend, Ed at the local bar, and they lament that they dont have any lie beyond a witness from the church and no way of stopping whoever this person is as one thousand nine hundred and seventy two turns into seventy three police don't realize the worst
yet to come in January. Another woman goes missing and reappeared in a terrifying fashion. When part of her dismembered body washes up on the shores, according to the Santa Cruz Sentinel she's identified as Cynthia shawl who went by Cindy Cindy was nineteen years old when she died and she was a local Cohen like Marianne and Anita. As of all this is in bad enough. On January, twenty fifth, literally the very next day after Cindy's, has identified the killer. Terrorizing Santa Cruz kills five p all in a single day, fatally shooting and staffing to families and their young children- oh my god, oh and the killer isn't done to more co ads from you see Santa. Whose name Alison and Rosalie go missing on February, fit the next day for teenage boys, are shot dead at an illegal campsite at estate park, just north of Santa Cruz, so
two murders breeze and two more missing college students in just twelve days. At this point, was anybody connecting these to squeeze like to me? At least the ammo seems Oh dear friends, but I guess I don't know like if law enforcement was using embryos and crime patterns to really analyze these things in the seventies. So I wasn't able to find anything definitive about this. At that exact point in time I couldn't tell if there is one person it behoves via people but you're right there, such a variety of victims here in terms of ages and genders and how all of the victims are killed and plus to me, like I said before, this is a whole different, type of mortar than anything Santa Cruz police had ever seen before like right. All this stuff is happening at once. Having bodies are turning up left and right. Some of them are in pieces. It's alive by anyone's stand. And whether they thought this was one person to people. Ten people.
They knew is it something has changed in their town and it had to stop, but before they could stop it another of remains is found on February twelfth this time the victim was stabbed and dissected the next day the police get yet unknown. Their call about a murder. After an old man weeding his long is shot in broad daylight, but, unlike all of the other murders. This time they are able to catch the eye. Or a man named her but Molen and in a strange parallel to add back in sixty four after he killed her grandparents Herbert very calm. When he's arrested, he doesn't resist. He just kind of willingly goes with police, so police get him in custody, but before they can officially charge him. The dissected remit
and come back with a positive idea from dental records, its Mary, the young woman, who never showed up for her job interview back in October. So with this new identification and her being in police custody police are obviously kind of desperate. To tie him. To me, all of the missing and murdered people in the area, but according to Katy doubts article on as, if gates website, the police and the d, a can't find definitive evidence that ties him to all of the crimes, and so when they can't make these connections like they want to the deal tries to kind of deflect the responsibility onto non local killers using Santa Cruz, as basically like a dumping ground, Ok, so they believe that there's more than one killer, but they dont know silly when a consent to more than one local person right- and I think that's what trying to say, and I think they wanted it to be him, and you know they might have been believed. It was him, but they didn't have the evidence to prove it lay and
the only to scare the public to be they get with a bunch of maniacs just we're running around among or really I mean, I think that they knew that it was to separate people. If they want to depend on her cause, I would make clean and neat. I don't think they could, because they noticed something interesting about the technique used in some of the cases. It seems that in some of the cases there are two very distinct, very different ways that the bodies have been mutilated. Ok, define how so bore the cases where there was dismemberment or dissection some of them, and I hate to say they were done at her, but the main one I mean they were. Some of them were need or like a killer, had some iron somewhere slop ear and messier less planned out. Even exactly
one of them. It almost seemed like someone was a mess, encourages hacking around where, in other cases it seems like the killer, really had ninety of what they were doing so even after herbs arrest, more bodies turn up and these bodies have that very neat and clean style of dissection and dismemberment. Now this is happening in early March, when some hikers in San Matteo County, which is just north of Santa Cruz, stumble upon a school in job own. Once law enforcement arrive on the scene, they noticed that the jawbone doesn't match the skull, but their able to locate a match, school near by when they do a search. The remains are taken back for identification, and dental records proves yet again that a killer is still preying on Santa Cruz coeds, because the results come back as Alison and Rosalie, and the two girls who went missing back in February, ok, but if they went missing back
Before her was ever arrested. It still could have been him right. So that was my thought to again. I think there's like a very clear distinction between Herbert killing and as other persons killings, because for clarification, the ones that they were, To a tribute to her were those see you're, less organised, decapitations and dissections. To me, it's not surprising that we continue to find bodies and bones, but I think there was this some sort of like belief or maybe like a naive hope that somehow me In a rest, we just mean, like ok, we're we're done well. Going to find any more bodies. We can all move on, except that's not what happens. In the media in Santa Cruz really pressure. The de about this like if you ve, got the guy. Why are people still turning up dead and his answer? pretty illuminating. I think because he says- and I quote, we then have another homicide
a maniac, on our hands all obviously so. On February, seventeen heard is charged with Hen counts of murder for the nine people slaughter during the two squeeze on January, twenty fifth and February sex, and for that guy was weeding his line on February, twelve, even with her off the streets, the police and the d, a are just at a total loss here, the city, feels like it's on edge, no one feel safe and worst of all, they have no idea how to stop. Who ever this second pillar is and then just before Easter, the Santa Cruz police get a strange phone call one that changes everything they thought they knew about this investigation. This episode is made possible by Monday dot com. You guys are probably totally up to speed by now and realise that
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Monday, dot com take care of what slows you down, so you can free of time to focus on the work that drives you to start your free fourteen day, trial, go to Monday dot com on April 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and seventy three, the Santa Cruz police are just beyond shocked when they get a call from Ed Kemper. Because their buddy, big Ed, tells them an extraordinarily disturbing story. He says that he's killed own mother who he's been living with ever since he was released from that hospital back in nineteen sixty nine. He tells them about how he waited for his mom to fall asleep before sneaking into her bedroom to bludgeon her to death, with a claw humour as if that's not brutal enough
Ed tells them, but he cut out her tongue and lira necks and put them in the garbage disposal before cutting her head off and using it for Dort practice. It also says that he engaged in sexual activity with his moms severed head now. This is just totally beyond comprehension on its own, but it goes on to tell them that he's also murdered his moms best friend Sally and cut her head off too, and that police will find her body in the closet at his moms apartment. But to follow this up and says they can't come arrest him in Santa Cruz, because he's actually in Pueblo Colorado where he took off after killing his mom in her friend according to the Santa Cruz, No, he says police need to come got him before he goes on a killing spree and takes even more lives now at first and you're, not gonna, believe this police think it's just a prank call them,
not very funny wine, but they know he's a nice guy, he's told the harmless, so they hang up and brush it off. It actually takes ed calling back, and this time he asked to speak to one cop in particular, some one that he knows pretty well and someone that he things will take him seriously. So what makes them finally understand that use not kidding about them So it has to end up giving them details about the crime that only the killer would know and little a little. It finally starts to sink in for police. This is no joke. This is real and the police know that had one chance to stop a killer and even Ed himself seems to understand that he needs to be stopped because, as the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph reported, he said He quote just got to worrying about the murders. End quote so there clearly
weighing on Hame staying on his mind, and he knows, but he's never going to be able to stop and at some point it's gotta catch up with him. Even the their reeling from Ed's confession and how he's describing these heinous acts the police keep talking on the phone while they traced the call and get in touch with long. Horsemen out in Colorado where he is, they work fast to locate the phone booth that adds calling from and the Pueblo police make, An arrest, meanwhile, the police, back in Santa Cruz, hurried to the duplex, were Ed's, been living with his mom and sure enough, just like he said they. And his moms mutilated body and Sally stuffed in the clause, only God, but Shocking as this all is Ed, isn't done because once he's in police custody, he also says that he's the one who's been killing all of those hitchhiking students he's claiming to be the colored killer. That's held Santa Cruz
terror. For months, the Santa Cruz, yea and other law enforcement officers hurry up to Colorado to pick it up and bring him back to California. To answer for his crimes to their surprise and whore Ed's not only willing to talk, but he's almost eager, like it's a relief to tell the truth and kind of unburden himself. From all of these feelings, yeah I was going, when his demeanor was during all those like. Was it just as cool and collected as when he had confessed to killing his grandparents yeah cool com collected. I'm here I think there was a little bit may be of fragile like him. Knowing that again, it's gonna catch up with him he's never going to be able to stop. But again he was more This unburdening, like oh, I can finally tell someone what I've been
they doing and who I really am biography. Dot com reported that Ed tells police that he'd been planning his actions for years, pretty much as soon as he got out of that mental hospital. He said he bought a car and made his own kill cat with things like handcuffs and plastic bags, but the urge wasn't out of control. Yet he still was very organise. So he waited by its own estimate. He says that he picked up somewhere around a hundred and fifty female hitchhikers around Santa Cruz, and then nearby counties between one thousand nine hundred and seventy and one thousand nine hundred and seventy two and he let them all go before. He picked up Marion and Anita and started to kill, and I don't a hundred You know why, but a little part of me wonders if he was practicing. How can I act that makes these people com? What? How do they act like what what startles them? He was still
carrying his prey, and he was learning the same way he learned in prison and in figured out how to act right when he started his link with Mary, Ann and Anita Head says that he took them back to his mother's house and dismembered them both engaging in sexual activity with their bodies before disposing of pieces of them in the Santa Cruz mountains. I know you said earlier that we found Marianne Skull, but what about Nita that ever find her body? So to this day, no trace of her has ever been found. Despite some pretty intense searches, both Anita and Mary, and set up ads patterns, and his proclivities, though, and as he tells police between May of seventy two in April of seventy three, he killed eight women at confesses to being responsible for some of the disappearances of some of the hatch I can co edge, who went missing while herb was still also doing his killings in the area. He said that what he would do as he would use his official campus parking pass it. He got from his mom to lure
victims into this false sense of security. Like oh yeah, I'm I go here too. Well, I didn t totally comfortable exactly I'm the same as you. He talked to them once they got in there, are you to learn? Their names may play. Conversation seemed like a perfectly normal guy right up until it was too late. Just like with mom and Sally Anita and Marianne S able to give a highly detailed accounts of how he killed a Ye Cindy Roseland an Alison, and he tells investigators we're parts of their bodies still are now. Although parts of Cindy's body washed up on the shore police don't find her head until at actually takes them too, where buried and its buried in his mother's back with every passing story. It becomes more and more obvious to law enforcement, just wrong. They were about their big buddy Ed and I won't go into
details about the killings, because I mean he was one of the most disturbed killers It's so grows so much dismembering and necrophilia. I mean horrible step that you usually see as deviants escalates, but with Ed. It almost seems like it was there from the very beginning. Mean behind the gentle giant, exterior with a monster capable of acts that almost divine the imagination, and none of them ever suspect him like he was never any of their radar as like a possible prison of interest no, never it super jarring for these season cops to realise that they got so fooled. You know because, as they know now, whenever they talk about the case, as was listening to be polite, he was
listening to learn their techniques and to stay one step ahead of them. I think this goes back to a crimes like you're. All of you never really know anybody. I think those are first rule. You never know anyone ever as police, keep investigating into the murders and the de prepares the case over the summer of seventy three which, by the way, actually also happens to be about the same time that Herbie trial starts and trial starts with the revelation that hurt Hilda, Mary and cut off her head. We what yeah. I mean that wasn't one of the ones that he was tried for so his lawyers opening statement, just kind of drops that factoid, along with admitting that her also killed Lawrence White and beat that pre set back and seventy two, so I mean Whaley Throat in was like oh no big deal just bring my clients body count up to thirteen, instead of like what you already charged him bore anyway, so at the same time
trial is going on. The Santa Cruz detectives also start digging into Ed's background to see what they can find out about him, and we want the truth. This time not the illusion of a nice guy, because in order to understand his motives and what drove him to do such horrific things police know that they have to go back to the beginning. Have to learn everything there is to know about at camper crunch and he is supported by progressive progressive. Has you covered when it comes to car insurance, starting with built in savings like discounts being a safe driver, and you can say when you start your quote online or have multiple vehicles on your policy in that drivers who switch in sea with progressive, save over seven hundred fifty dollars. On average, my husband, I both use progressive when we bought our first house, so we had multiple cars and even bundled in our home insurance with progressive for even more savings start a quote online and see all the discounts
yourself visit progressive dot com today, national annual Average Otto Insurance savings by new customer serving two thousand nineteen potential savings will very discounts very and are not available in all states. In situations. Ed's willingness to talk about his crimes doesn't fade and he starts giving interview from prison before his trial even starts between the interviews as well as numerous interrogations, police are able to dig deeper and deeper into Ed's backgrounds in the months leading up to his trial. They learn that he's been different, pretty much right from the minute he was born. He wait a whopping, over ten as a new born in nineteen, for I just crossed my legs right. I mean this shocked both his dad, who was at the second and his mom Cornell, because while they were both tall, neither of them expect to have a son anywhere near this size, the difference between ad and other kids
only intensified as he got older, because there really no way around the fact that it was a weird kid, a fact that he himself admits to in custody his mom both highly domineering and fond of belittling her son. She was quote a complete alcoholic psycho according to Ed's half brother David, although he got along well with his dad Ed and his mom had an increasingly toxic relationship and Katy DOW reported for us have gate that by the time at turn ate his mom was totally convinced that it was going to molest his stirs, and so she took the barring him down to the basement to isolate him from the rest of the family. Ok, I know this was a different time and the dialogue of mental health and child psychology was totally different than what it is today and I'm never going to claim to be an expert. But I've gone through a tunnel trauma informed
training in foster parenting and, like isolation, is one of the worst things you can do to a child psychologically like that, anyone trying to keep his kid anyhow like taken to a therapist thing nothin. I could find no end in spite of this because of its ed's behaviour. Only can used to get stranger as he gets older and it gets even stranger. After his parents divorced his mom moves Ed and his sisters to Montana hundreds of miles away from his dad back in California. Now at all, had about relationship with his mom, but the divorce and being taken so far away from his dad makes the relationship much worse and his violent tendencies start to manifest in earnest by aged ten edge, torturing and care. Link family pets which, as we know, is a huge red flag of anti social behaviour right. He tells authorities how he liked to play make believe with his two sisters, but instead of making
stories about castles or dinosaurs or normal things that you d expect from little kids. Eggs fever games were electric chair and gas chamber where he pretended to die in really horrible wait, he would also mutilate his sisters, dolls and talk about killing his teachers while adds cruelty to animals continues. He hasn't hurt either of his sisters by the time he runs away at age, thirteen heading back to California, to his father, except instead being really happy to see him. His dad is already remarried with a whole new family and a whole new life, so edges are really into that he sends ed to live with his parents. Dad Ed and Maud at their farm up in north fork. California Something was at the time that aid was gonna grow up and just somehow grow out of his issues, and it eventually he'd be fine, except as it's all too obvious. In retrospect at was not fine
It culminated in the worst way possible when he killed his grandparents. Also. I think one of the important things we have to look at is s release, kinship, with his mind in how it impacted his life. Obviously having a bad parent does even begin to excuse anything he did, but that hatred and resentment really fuelled him for years and at himself pointed to his mom as the driving force for his rage. Here I want to pay you a clip from one of Ed's interviews where he talks about her, and I want you to tell me what you think it was sprinter. It was able to modify it kill What happened anymore? Girls scottish stay between me and my mother, and it's gotta. I can't get away from her we're still fighting she's still belittling she's One like a pauper on a story, and I entertainer she knows all my buttons and I dance like apart
that PAN am leaving got physical. Where I had physically her and thrown her on her bed, trying to emphasise a point which is threatening the killer. So here I take up these two young Ladys in Berkeley, Ashby Avenue. One has flowers in her the two little dots therein, Grannie dresses and their hitchhiking couple real experts wanna see how together, I can resist the temptation and they get my car they want to go one way. I know they need to go the other They got a waiter insisting on we're headed right where first two colors murdered and I'm cinema so who my girl I gotta do is relax and they'll. Take me to their death, got a gun in the car. The same. What I've been doing, I insisted This gently as I could I took them- work needed to go to their college
was one week before I murdered my mother. I said she's gonna die I've, gotta die or like tat are going die and that's when I decided I'm going to murdered my mother. Oh my god. I don't even know how to process. What I just totally unnerving right, the way he talks about is so creepy. I literally have full body chills about how normal it is for him to talk about this he's not even being elaborate and kind of charming about what he got away with. Like some serial killer interviews. You see he's just like this happens, and this is what happened, and this is how I did it, and this is how I rationalized it like you would buying some. Like an expensive cheese at a grocery store, honestly plus, is it just me or the sky like the complete archetype of what we think of what we think of serial killers he has of use of parents, animal cruelty, violent venuses. It feels like
checks, every single box, no you're totally right, and you know one of the reasons it checks all of the boxes is because air was one of the first Paul used as like the poster child for what a serial killer could be so a pair of former FBI agents who helped pioneer criminal profiling. I Quantico Behavioral Science unit was, John Douglas and Robert wrestler? They actually do a lot of interviews with ad and it's what they learn from hand that influences how society now as a whole thinks modern day, serial killer. So to me, I that's why he fits into the box. So neatly he was the one who created the boxes to a certain extent exactly and that impact can still be felt today
thirty seven years after his capture and conviction, Ed's grim legacy and references to the horror that he caused can still be found in modern pop culture. He was a part of Thomas Harris's inspiration for Buffalo bill in silence of the lambs. Clips of his interviews have mixed into songs by bands like system of down, and he was recently a character on Netflix, his head show Mine Hunter, which is based on that, but we talked about earlier as far as ed in reality, he's actually waved several parole hearings over the last few decades and seems to recognise that he's not safe being out in the world he is known as a model prisoner and while the fascination with his terrible crimes continues. Ed Camper remains behind bars where he belongs and Warehouse day for the rest.
Of his life. If you want to see me, yours or our source material. For this episode, you can find all that information on our website crying junkie, podcast dotcom angry the ball is in the at times, and keep up gas will be back next week with a brand new episode
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