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SERIAL KILLER: Highway of Tears


Loren Donn Leslie was only 15 years old when police discovered her remains on a lonely logging road off Highway 16 in British Columbia. Since the late 1960s, women and girls have gone missing from the communities that surround Highway 16, or been found murdered along the desolate 450-mile stretch of road known as the Highway of Tears.

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that out of the way, let's do we do best. Let's get to the content, because today I'm gonna be talking about one of Canada's most notorious and deadly highways highway of tears. I'm gonna start our story,
eight one November night, in two thousand and ten, there is this rookie hours. The MP officer on patrol that ceases, big black pickup truck racing out of this logging rode on a desolate stretch of highway between the communities of Vander Hook and fourteen names in British Columbia. Now this might not have been a suspicious site if it had happened in the middle of the day. Maybe but it's like nearly ten p m and it's cold it dark in late November, and the truck is not only moving fast but also driving soup a radically like something. I just didn't seem right to this bounty. So the officer who had only been policing for like a year at that point, radioed for back up and started to follow the truck. Now, given the location he suspected that the driver might have been poaching, which is like hunting animals illegally like either
without a license or without season whatever. So, according to this May two doesn't sixteen episode of forty eight hours called highly of tears. The officer pulls over the truck and he's kind surprised to find this twenty year old guy, like basically a kid in the front seat, he's even more surprised when he noticed tat. The young man had blood sneers on his face, his in and his legs Jimmy on his pants notes. If that's the other thing that stood out to this officer, he could see his bare legs, because this kid was wearing. Short, even though the temperatures were well below freezing that night, and he knew that, like anyone spending any amount of time outside would have to be laid up for sure. So the officer asked this kid about the blood
is the more he shine light into the car, the more blood he seemed like there was a pool of blood at his feet, so the officer kind of prompt him like what were you doing where you poaching and the kids like fesses up to it immediately cuz I kept you up. I was, but I wasn't poaching with a rifle. He said that he and a friend had club here to death with a pipe ranch which might listen. I don't do any poaching ever so. I dont know what I'm talking about, but that seems really like an odd way to do it, and the officer was understandably sceptical. I mean like again who clubs are dear to death with a pipe range in the dark of night in the dead of winter In short, like none of this is making any sense, but according to a two thousand eighteen,
globe in male article. I read the guy basically just hold the officer that he was a quote redneck and that's just like what they do. Ok, here's the thing I grew up in the stakes I kind of get this culture, but I have never heard anybody doing something like that exactly it does not feel right. So the officer holds this: twenty year old driver in custody at the scene on possible poaching charges under the why
life act, and he calls in the game warden. Now, Wall police wait for the game warden to arrive. They start searching this guy's truck. They found the pipe wrench that he claimed to have used on the deer. The blood is still on it and they also find a knife which was covered in blood. They also find on the front passenger seat. A backpack attached to this backpack was this little stuff toy dangling from the zipper and it didn't seem to fit to the office are like nothing guys can carry around backpacks with little stuff things on the zipper, but it didn't seem to fit with who this guy was Dyslexia, plain, dear clubbing, redneck in a big truck, and That is, of course, because it was in his when they open the backpack. They quickly find a wallet, and in that wallet was a children's hospital card with the name of fifteen year old, Lauren Leslie, now at first the officer isn't sure. Would any of this means I had it been,
online with this girl with him earlier in the night, so he decides to contact Laurens family to see when the officer phones, Laurens Home, he reaches her dad Doug Leslie, an officer asked him if Laurens Home and her dad. I know why an officer tells him that he found this de bracelet in someone else's vehicle, someone that he pulled over off logging rode on highway sixteen and he was checking to make sure that they hadn't been stolen do now, knowing that Lauren isn't safe at home the office or starts to get a really bad feeling like he needs to find Lauren. So he tells her dad that he's going to check things out, I'm going to call you back when date soon. Now, when the game warden finally arrives, the officer pointed him down that logging road with a truck, had left fresh tire marks in the snow, and he said: listen just follow those tracks down that road. Let us know what you find: again thinking that finding a deer or a moose, maybe an l care, but the game
wordy, didn't find any of those things. Instead, those fresh tire tracks led him straight to the body of a young girl, half buried in a gravel pit, no signs of life and fresh blood all over the snow and according to an article in the Huffington posed her body was still warm to the touch whatever had happened to this girl had just happen now shortly after discovering who they believed to be more in the worst possible thing happened. Someone came driving up to the scene and it was her father in an interview for that same two thousand. Sixteen episode of forty hours he said, would he got out of his vehicle. The first person he saw was a game warden, who was white as a ghost and dug introduced himself to the officers on the scene and said that go use. Looking for his daughter, he wanted to know what is going on in he's a good man. I got your call it freaked me out. I kept trying to call her phone over and over. I couldn't get a hold of her and when I wasn't,
bring back like I just a site is driving on highly sixteen till I found the cops here. I am what the heck is going on now. Police, of course, are really hesitant to provide any information about any thing. At this morning there were way too many unanswered questions, but what they did tell him made his stomach sink. This wasn't a routine traffic stop anymore. This was a homicide. Investigation This episode was made possible by instinct part, which I literally just use ten minutes ago, because I'm here at the new first, we are running low on all my favorite snacks like beef, key and moon cheese. Well, maybe more she is. I've tried to twenty six times. I'm always convinced, and I mean just one more piece north I really like it, but is. I ran out of almost everything I don't have time to run to store because I'm working late tonight, I'm working on ads, I'm working on scripts done that and I just ordered thing on insecure cart,
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This was the information they needed to confirm. The body in the woods was in fact that a fifteen year old Lauren now at this point they still had the door ever in custody, and they already made an arrest, but now, instead of poaching charges under the wildlife, He was the number one suspect in the homicide of Lauren Don Leslie. Even though they have their suspect, though so many unanswered questions swirled do everyone's mine that night, what brought her There too, this desolate stretch of highway in the middle of the night. What happened to her in those woods who was this man in the truck and did she know him if she knew him at all? Police began their investigation by learn as much about war and as they could and the more they could find out about her. The easier it would be to answer those questions about how she ended up in those woods with a man who were father said she prattle didn't really know
they learn that Lorn was a quiet but friendly fifteen year old living in the small Northern British Columbia, town of Vander Hoof. All of her friends describe her as a super sweet always ready to lend a hand and help other people and the police also That not Lorn was legally blind. Section only had fifty percent of her vision in one eye and none in her other and because of this she had to wear prescription glasses, but all the people who knew her said that if it works glasses. You would never know that she was blind. Now. Lord had a close circle of friends in her home town. Like girl, she went to school with an according to her mother. She had a growing circle of friends in the nearby town, a prince George and her parents really worried about the time that their young daughters spent on the road between Vander, hoof, imprints George, because what I've heard of talk to a girl that lives in canada- and she said, Prince George- to be kind of a rough police, but more concerning than hurt, is being in Prince George was how she got
like she got there along highway. Sixteen, which was then and still is today, infamously known as the highway of tears. Now this highway of tears is a four hundred and fifty mile or seven hundred and twenty five kilometres stretch of highway that runs from Prince George, is basically the center of the provenance of British Columbia to Prince Rupert wishes on the western coast. But between those communities. You'll find like a couple of small logging towns like Vander who for lorries from and twenty three first nations, but mostly what you'll find is absolutely nothing on both sides of the roads are just dense, dark woods. There are no street lights very little traffic like it is just this stunning uninterrupted natural scenery, which is incredibly isolated and remote people have said in the past. This is the perfect place to commit murder and go undetected and the perfect place to dump a body, and let nature just cover your
racks, and that is something that is said because it's something that's been happening there. For decades, women have been going missing or turning up dead along highway. Sixteen, since the early sixties, how many women in total, while the sad, there is no one really knows how many missing and murdered women and girls are connected to the deadly highly of tears. Now officially, the Arcy MP say that there are a teen official victims from nineteen sixty nine to two thousand six. These eighteen, women and girls are part of the army and peace official highway of tears, investigation which they're calling project Iep Hannah, but local estimates put the number over food Eddie, like you said earlier, this is like an infamous stretch of road and become so well known that if you travel the road today, you'll see actually huge billboards that re quote: girls, don't hitchhike on the highway of tears killer on the loose end quote.
Then, though, people have known about the dangers that work on this highly for nearly fifty years, women and girls are still going missing and the reason for this life, like they're, like there are a couple of reasons like the first, is that a disproportionate number of victims along the highway of tears are indigenous. Now, according to it, you doesn't sixteen article in the New York Times the first nation communities in that part of British Columbia, like so many others across Canada are marked with high levels of poverty, incarceration and substance and alcohol abuse. So in many places they lack even the basic amenities like safe drinking water and public transit, so that public transit peace is really important because people who live in those laws towns and first nations along highway. Sixteen had no access to reliable public transportation until two thousand seventeen just two years ago so near the question is
What do you do when you don't own a car? Neither do any of your friends or family there's no bus to get you to school or work, and you have to run into the town for like Aaron's or to see doctors you'd have to hitchhike right now, I'm in a quick reminder like the cases that we talk about of missing and more women and girls. Long highly of tears, from like the seventies eighties, even nineties and like talking, was never really encouraged, but it was far more common than it is today, which is not to say had taking, does even happening. More totally does but risk you're not like when you have a job to get to cause. You have to feed your children like you, do what you have to do, and for many that meant relying on the kindness of strangers along that stretch of highway, that you knew could be dangerous. Now lots of people fear rise at least some of the way who met there and along the highly of tears, were simply like in the wrong place at the wrong time. Victims of crimes of opportunity.
They want to be alone and vulnerable in this isolated area, surrounded by woods, but police also haven't ruled out the possibility that there is this serial killer or more likely serial killer. Where's that are preying on women and girls and using this long stretch of highways, their hunting ground killers like Bobby Jack Fowler by we Jack Fowler, was an american construction worker who was known to travel extensively through the? U S and Canada for work always and beat up old cars and often picking up hitchhikers along the way so he had many run ends with law enforcement as a violent sexual offender dating as far back as the late sixties. But it wasn't
how much later in ninety ninety five that he was finally put away for good. He had basically tied a woman up in a motel room, tried to sexually assaulted her, but somehow some how she was able to escape, like she literally jumped out of the window naked bleeding, with ropes, still tied around her ankles. Unlike her testimony was enough to land Bobby Jack in prison for sixteen year sentence for attempted rape and kidnapping. Now it wasn't until many years later in two thousand and twelve, that Arcy MP named Bobby Jack or an official suspect in three of the highway of tears, murders they suspected him when they learn that, in the nineteen seventies, he'd been infringed, George British Columbia working at a local roofing company. Now after he was suspected DNA evidence conclusively linked him to one victim Colleen Macmillan, who, according to the Vancouver son, was just
sixteen years old when she left her lack rehash home in August of nineteen. Seventy four to hitchhiked our friends house, just a short distance away. Now her body was found a month later near a logging rode off of highly sixteen shortly after this police also named Bobby Jack as a suspect in the murder of gale ways and PAMELA Darlington, both of whom are nineteen years old and both of whom disappeared in eighteen. Seventy three now he's also been suspected of murdering for teenage girls in Oregon as well, and you ll notice, I'm saying he's a suspect. Now that he's been charge and there's a reason for that, because Bobby Jack Fowler died in prison in two thousand and six. So when police announced that they were naming him as a suspect in those highway of tears, murders a key already been dead for six years. So do they suspect him to be responsible for, like all the highway of tears, mark or missing person case. I know so I mean that she died in two thousand six and he was imprisoned a long time but
for that and while he was locked up or dead, women were still going missing and being killed. I think he was just one of a number of predators lurking along that stretch of road. So well, Bobby Jack is clearly not a viable suspect in Laurens murder. Understanding one of the men who preyed on women in this area could give police a better understanding of the circumstances surrounding Lawrence murder in little show you that kind of why her parents words so worried about her ass. She travelled along this highway to and from Prince George yeah. I mean this highway has decades of bad news around it exactly through as there looking at this dangerous stretch of highway they. Still don't know. If Lord was killed by someone. She knew or a complete stranger and, as it would turn out, the man that they pulled over that night was in fact both. It doesn't take long for police to learn the name of the man that they pulled over that night. Coty legible, Cough Laurens Pair
I believe that Lorn met Coty by chance during one of these trips that she would take to Prince George, but it's also possible that they first met on a canadian networking site called next Toby, a where we know for sure he message her for the first time on November first and like so many young people, especially in small communities, Lorn encoded, we're both spending hours each online at night, Laurens friends say that she was super trusting. She was very quick to develop relationships with people she met on line like people trusted her, they confided in her, and she did the same and Coty scene nice he was just twenty years old and by all accounts he was this popular well liked young man just starting out on his own. He was training to become a mechanic and he had a job at a card dealership in Prince George, and he lived near by and the house that you share with three roommates, all of which were women, all of which were close friends. It feels very safe and he had a steady girlfriend to it
he was studying to be a teacher. Macleans magazine goes on to describe him as basically this country boy, with a baby phase and a bruisers body. He was six foot to two hundred and twenty pounds and this is kind of what I mean when I say worn both knew him and he was a stranger she felt like she knew him. They talked a lot. They confided in one other. She felt like she knew a lot about him, but she only knew what he wanted her to see. She wasn't aware that he regularly used drugs specifically crack cocaine or that he had a minor criminal record, though even if she had known she still wouldn't have truly known or the darkness that was in his heart and really no one dead. According to the son, Cody did not have the kind of background that you might expect in, like a twenty year old caught virtually red handed it for a violent murder. There was no dysfunction: no child abuse, known
but he came from this. Well, did you family in Fort Saint James? He had a dad that coaches hockey team, like his parents, were so together. He had whether siblings is a really normal do yet again, no red flags in his upbringing that would make you think this is who he was gonna turn into so twenty seven days after their first exchange Lauren decides to meet this stranger, who she feel she knows the to arrange to me at a school playground near her hometown. Andrew Hoof, now Cody, who is over the legal drinking age in Canada, said that he's gonna bring some alcohol and according to Huffington, pose. This is where she was last seen alive in that school playground and an eye witness placed her there with a man wearing shorts, which important because, remember, though, short our memorable, because its November twenty seven in Canada is freezing freaking cold in northern British Columbia. Now when police are kind of appeal
seeing this together and looking at their interactions, its super clear to them that from the very beginning, the two Very different ideas about how this night was gonna, go because in their text message history, which was presented by the prosecution of trial, it showed a message from law that night, that said, quote we're just hanging outright like nothing. Sexual end quote but Cody had other plans. The only people who know for sure what happened that night or Coty and Lauren
here is what we do know for sure. When Laurens body was found off that logging road, her shoes, pants and underwear had been removed, she had been sexually assaulted and she had suffered massive trauma to her head and had multiple stab wounds on her neck like this was a gruesome seeing it was a senseless cry. But what came next turn this tragedy into something truly horrifying with Coty in custody? On first degree, murder charges in the death of Lorn Leslie police began. What would be a lengthy and surprising investigation? Investigators had a lot to review in terms of physical evidence like they had a crime scene. They had the place where Laurens Body was found. They had Cody struck. They had the one that you.
Driving that night, along with the place that he lit and, of course they how Bourns body, which was sent to an expert forensic pathologists in Pennsylvania for review. In addition to all of that, they also had Cody and Laurens Digital Records and asthma. Queens magazine put it the tracks that Coty left on the internet were just as important as the tracks, his truck made in the snow. That night now while they're doing this like investigation in putting this case together, police were also quietly comparing what they found during their investigation into Laurens Murder, with the dozens of unsolved cases along the highway of tears, and they found some eerie similarities. Investigators found that Wall Cody was parting on weekends. He was also a frequent user of cocaine and he would often source that cocaine through sex workers. Now this is how police believed coding met thirty five year old jails to Jingo a mother of six. Who was last
in October, ninth two thousand nine now Jill was a frequent user of cocaine and was involved in the sex trade, and she was reported missing later that month by concerned, family and friends. Now any hope of Joe coming home was dashed when the woman's body was discovered, half buried in a gravel pit. Now, according to the Vancouver son Jill, had suffered multiple blows to face and arms and her torso. Now at this time, jewels remains had been found. Just over a year before Lorn was discovered. These victims had almost in common in life, but what had happened to them in death was shockingly similar and sure enough. When police tested the dna found on jewels body against a sample from Cody, they got their match you. So there was a year before so. Coty would have been like what nineteen, when he committed them, are yet nineteen years old I mean everyone knows
We tell a lot of murder stories here on crime junkie, but it always rocks me when we talk about someone who is basically still a child committing these horrendous crimes. I mean taking in Canada he's legally in adult, you can buy alcohol at nineteen in British Columbia and just eighteen, the Providence next door, but to be night. In an already linked to two murders is crazy, but it gets even crazier. Remember there are dozens of unsolved cases in and around Prince George Eighteen that the Arcy MP is actively investigating. As part of that project, a panic so investigators keep going and they find dna evidence linking Cody to two more cases. This episode was made possible by story worth story worth is what I used to give my husband, an incredibly memorable
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By going to story worth dot, com, slash, junkie, you'll, get twenty dollars off your first purchase. That's story worth dotcom slashed junkie for twenty dollars. Cody is linked to the murders of thirty five year old, Cynthia Mass and twenty three year old Natasha Montgomery both who went missing in two thousand and ten, not the last time anyone saw Natasha was on August thirty. First, two thousand and ten she was leaving a friends house, but her down nay, was found in bloodstains that investigators founding cooties apartment and they found these bloodstains on in acts that they dug out of the linen closet and in addition to that acts. Her dna was also found on those pair of short that Coty was wearing when he was arrested by police for Laurens Murder, weak
for its part of like a murderer uniform or something what its we're right. So it makes me wonder if maybe that's why he was wearing shorts in the dead of winter, like they're, already a mess already a blood on it like in his mind, might as well not ruin other clothes like if you think about it. Natasha went missing at the end of August or like early September, which is like a much more reasonable time to be wearing shorts, so I mean baby was it may be worth a mental thing for him? That was just like the thing that he wore or could just been like, convenient yeah I'm in its does bizarre now. It was also include these house where they found the dna of the other woman. Cynthia police found Cynthia's dna on a sweater and saw that they found in cooties truck along with a pic acts, tool and a pair of shoes from his apartment. Cynthia last seen on September, tenth, two thousand ten leaving a friend's place with a man that no one could really remember or identify at the time, and then, a month later, her body turned up in a prince George Park naked from the waist down,
like Lauren and Jill and probably Natasha, given the acts that they found. Cynthia had died of blunt force, trauma to the head and puncture wins at trial. The prosecutor would tell the court that Cynthia had a hole in her shoulder blade, her jaw and her cheek bones were broken and the injury to her neck were probably caused by someone stamping out- oh my god, now all four women don't Natasha S body has still never been found, died. Incredibly violent deaths and based on the media, coverage coming out of the local and national price. It seems like people in Print George, and especially in quotas, hometown of Fort Saint James, which has just a population like sixteen hundred like they all really struggle to make sense of how so much violence could come. When such a young person against women who were again virtually strangers to him
truly did rock these communities. Now, before I tell you about the trial and about where Coty is now there's like one important thing I want to address like it is impossible to tell the story about the highway of tears without acknowledging the fact that, it is overwhelmingly a story about missing and murdered indigenous women and girls like to have coteries victim Cynthia MOSS. Natasha Montgomery were from first nation families. But, as is the case with so many other stories that we told your on crime junkie or at least try to tell their is so often just not enough material out they're mine indigenous victims to build an entire episode like if the media didn't follow these stories to begin with, but we can ever find enough where's material to write a show, and it is awful because I feel that the cycle just kind of continues and continues.
And seen it before the worst super passionate about telling these victims stories, especially victims. Who stories may have gone unheard otherwise, and there are several cases of missing emerged women connected to the highway. Sixteen that have been covered simply on local and national media, but the ones who have been covered are usually young white women leading to an article that I read in your times. Indigenous women and girls make up about four percent of the population in Canada, but they represent sixteen percent of all female homicide dams and an analysis done by the globe and mail. In dozen sixteen found that indigenous women are seven times more likely than their non indigenous counterparts to be victims of serial killers seven times. That is crazy. That's incredible! The Arcy MP count twelve hundred missing and murdered indigenous women and girls across candidate in the last three decades alone, but other estimates put that number is highest four thousand
here's a no one really knows for sure what the real number is, and that is a really sad fact in and of itself- and I tell you this not to downplay or devalue the tragedy of learn, lessons death or the death of any other victims that would cover the show. I just want you to know that in were trying to do things differently here on crime junkie, but it's hard, and we recognise that there is a gap in the public history books and Sweden. Love to do everything we can to start trying to close that we will keep trying mean we were really passion about telling Amber to Carlos case, and I would have thought that the perfect example exactly almost as employees yeah but, like you said, there's does often not a lot for us to go off of and the best way for us to get information in cases like that is when you know like a family member reaches out and wants to help contribute to their families story. Yeah Emmy, that's a great hall, but we love hearing from family members like if you have a story that you want told em again
this is the only way to get information is when people reach out to us or when it's been reported on. So you know we we want to close the gap, but we need help to do it. So going back to Cody's trial, the defense made a critical decision during Cody's murder trial. That I'm glad they made. But I feel like we don't see very often these days. They put him on the stand in the way they did and honestly, I'm not why they made this decision from what I've read about this case. His testimony did him like zero favours now. Initially, Cody pledged not guilty to all four murders, and by the time the prosecution presented is evidence and Cody was called to the stand. He had changed his tune in his testimony. He said that he was
and an even involved in all four killings, but that Lauren Leslie Murder had been a suicide and that the other three women were killed by a drug dealer, and he just happened to be there all three times only what I don't mean to skip over the drug dealer thing, but wasn't Laurens cause of death like blunt far stronger today, ahead and shit like multiple stab wounds, there's no way she could have done that to herself listen, I agree, but this is what he is saying at trial. He told the jury that fifteen year old born was quote a site, go who for no apparent reason like jump from cooties truck right, and into the darkness of a dangerous highway and started to hit herself with a pipe ranch in stab herself with a knife. I have never heard such a ridiculous statement. You'll you'll never heard again because it didn't happen at the trial. Exports testify that either of Laurens Injuries, meaning that either the blunt for strong or the stab wounds would have been fatal. So
there's no way physically for you to deliver like a fatal, stab or a fatal blow to yourself and then continually. Follow that up with the other leg is just not possible right now, according to Coty, though he said he did Hitler and a quote maximum of two times to put her out of her misery. Now his entire testimony had do have been absolutely in reaching for the victims, families? He told the court that he was there for the murders of Cynthia Jill and Natasha, but basically just out of like a wild stroke of bad luck really because he said like I'm, not the person responsible. He blamed the death on, drug dealer that he would only call acts, and there were two other men known only as why and Z, which is like
really. The worst defence I've ever heard my entire life. It was super clear to everyone that the evidence against him was incredibly strong and, in his closing arguments, coteries own lawyer asked the jury to find his client guilty of second degree murder instead of first degree, which is what the charge was and the one that he put not guilty to. But after less than twenty four hours, the jury was back with a verdict. Coty legible off was found guilty on all fours counts of first degree, murder in just a few days after that, the judge who presided over the case handed down the maximum sentence in Canada. The time which was for counts, counts of first re murder and he got life with no chance of pearl for
one in five years. No during sentencing the justice who presided over the Prince Short Court for nearly twenty five years was visibly emotional at times during the sentencing, and he told the courtroom that, despite coteries inability to take responsibility for his crimes, there wasn't a single shred of reasonable doubt that he kill Borin Natasha Cynthia in jail and in his remarks the justice also noted that the budget for the Arctic. Peace investigation into these eighteen missing and murdered women. Girls under that project, Iep Hannah had been reduced by eighty four percent and in the courtroom during sentencing and quoted later by CBC. The justice said quote: it is a mistake to limit the seriousness of this issue End quote meaning like why are we reducing the amount of funds being put towards such a big? There are literally billboard still up that those same don't I take this highway goes, there's a killer, but we're not going to
ok, fine ray the problem is solved. Let's not take money away from there are still so. Many women and girls and families crying out for justice Now we know that Cody, legible coffee is responsible for at least four murders. Bobby Jack Valor was named as a suspect in the deaths of three of the eighteen Arcy M P, on their official list. There's a man named Gary Taylor Handlin, who was just recently found guilty for the murder. The twelve year old girl named Monica Jack, and this happened like forty years ago, money was last seen. Writing her bike near Niccolo Lake. On me, six of seventy eight. Now her bike was recovered right away, but it took seventeen years before her remains, are found in eighteen. Ninety five, there was another their guy who popped up over the years name, Leland Sweats, sir. He was convicted of murdering his own brother. And eventually they looked at him as a suspect in at least one of the disappearances, though he has never been officially connected to any of the cases
I believe that there have been a number of predators lurking along this stretch of lonely road and I think there could be new ones popping up every single day. The highway of tears isn't home to just one killer its provided a secluded hunting ground for many and I'm not sure which is more terrify adding. We talked about this in the list like it scarier that there's one guy or that we have many of them running around, but police say they won't stop looking for answers in the case of all the missing and murdered women and girls along Bcg highway of tears. At the time of this recording the Arcy MP are still running that Japan a project and they I said: if you have any information about these cases, you call their tip line at one hundred and eighty seven hundred and seventy five. Four thousand three hundred and forty eight
Two till we have barely scratched his servant on all of the story is bigger. Tell about the highway of tears. We're gonna include all things are blog for all of our sources, for more information, we're also going to have who to contact. If you know anything about the cases so visit our website, crime, junkie, podcast dot com and be sure to follow us on Instagram at crime, junkie, podcast back next week with a brand new episode
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