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SERIAL KILLER: The Hillside Strangler


Between October of 1977 and February of 1978, a serial killer terrorized women in Southern California. Originally preying upon sex workers in Los Angeles, this offender began to target young women irregardless of race or background, before simply vanishing for good. It wasn't until a year later that police were able to link a separate crime to this spree, and from there, began to track down the culprit... or, in this case, culprits...

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This episode is brought to you by simply safe, go to simply safe dot com, slash crime junkie, to build your system today, high crime, junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers and I'm bread and you. I know that on our show, we are big into personal safety and we ve, given you several rules to follow to help keep herself safe. One of those rules is to remain sceptical of everyone all that your coworkers, your neighbours, even figures of authority, because you never really know anyone ever this role has come into focus throughout several of our episodes, but this rule is perhaps best exemplified in today's story, which is one of the serious crimes breeze that maybe you ve never heard of this is the story
of the hillside, strangler archery, begins on October 18th, eighteenth nineteen, seventy seven when a detective is called out to a crime scene just outside of just Angeles. California, along the California, along free,
the body of a young woman had been abandoned, just off the freeway and she appeared to have been brutally murdered. As the detective examined her body, he quickly spotted the marks around her neck, her wrists and her ankles. It was clear that she had been bound with a rope before being strangled, and this was later confirmed by a coroner to be her cause of death. The coroner also determines that the victim had been raped before her death, more than the ligature marks or cause of death. There was something that stuck out the victim had been thoroughly cleaned by the killer prior to being dumped along the freeway indicating to the police that this was a premeditated crime, not an impulsive one.
This victim would later be identified as Yolanda Washington, a sex worker that lived in the region, she'd been killed at another location and then dumped along the side of the road, but with almost no physical evidence, there was little that police could do. They didn't know, Are you wander had been targeted or even where she was originally killed, and they had no idea that this was just the beginning of the largest and the longest case of their careers. You see Yolanda was the first victim of this killer, but she was not the last not by a long shot less than two weeks later. On November, first, one thousand nine hundred and seventy seven police were called out to look for a suburb about twelve or so miles north of LOS Angeles. There
in the middle of a residential neighbourhood police found the body of a young woman link, face up and completely nude. Actually, when the police got there, the body had been covered up, but those only because as the body had been found first by the home owner, whose dry way that she was in and he had covered the body of with a tart so that children on their way to school and others headed to work, wouldn't have to see it. But the body of this young woman had basically been dumped in a driveway naked and showing similar signs of physical violence as the first victim. In fact, the circumstances of the death were so similar. The police immediately connected the two crimes
His victim had been bound at her wrists and ankles, and a similar ligature had been wrapped around her neck likely in the process of strangulation. Unlike the first victim she had been raped prior to her death killed elsewhere and then dumped in a separate location seems like such a bold move to dump a body in a super residential area in a driveway like or the chances that somebody actually see. The killer will actually based on how she was found. Police theorize that she likely had been tossed out of a move. Car that seems impossible for someone to peoples do not, if you have more than one person who might have been involved, which quickly became the running theory because of this particular
he's so we're in a new type of dumping ground, but there was something else that was different about this victim as well. She was much younger than the first, in fact, early estimates by police and the coroner put her age it around sixteen years old, but she was eventually identified as just a fifteen year old girl named Judith Lynn Miller, who had recently attended Hollywood high school, but a dream
opt out and run away from home police began, reaching out to those that new her before running away and discovered that she had been finding work as a sex worker in the week since Judith had last seen on the night prior to her discovery October, thirty first, which of course is hollowing exactly and on that night at least one witness told police they were call seem due to get into a large to tone Sudan along the iconic sunset boulevard. This would really become the first led for detectives, as they continued their search for the repeat offenders, who was targeting sex workers in and around the LOS Angeles area, but this notion that the killer solely targeted sex workers would quickly fate within day is police would find yet another body, and this victim had no prior connection to any kind of sex work on November six. This is just five days later
Another body had been found just outside of the heavy chase country Club in Glenville California. This is about ten miles south of where the last victim was found. Like the first two victims, this young woman had been bound with, would look like rope. She had also been strangled with the rope in what investigators referred to as a five point. Ligature marks and she, like the other victims, had been raped. This third victim was twenty one year old, Alyssa Casting nicknamed LISA, who was not a sex worker. Listen found work as a waitress and was actually a dancer with the allay knockers, which was an all female Dan's troop that was like some popular at the time like throughout the seventys and early eighties
She had no history of drug use and seemingly had no relation or tie to the first two victims, Alyssa had been at work the night before the discovery of her body and was last seen by coworker, is leaving the restaurant that she worked at now. Just hours later, she was found in an isolated area having fallen prey to a killer. That police believe is targeting women, regardless of occupation or social status. At this
We, the investigation into the string of murders was entering full tilt. Three young women were now dead, seemingly murdered by the same offender or offenders who had managed to kidnap, bind rape and strangle all three before dumping, their bodies and separate locations. Police knew the cases were linked, but had no idea who they should be looking for, at least not yet. In the meantime, the public at large didn't really have an idea of what was going on. The first two cases had not raised much public awareness. After all, the first victims were sex work.
And the public's apathy towards sex workers has been noted like since the days of Jack the Ripper mean yeah, we saw the same thing happen: waves, Gary Redress, the Green River killer, the fact that the media and the person really the public don't give these cases attention is what allows mend, keep killing exactly and while police were looking for the killer. It wasn't until this third victim was found that they even really began to take them. Peace is seriously like. They knew they were linked, but it wasn't getting the notoriety until now. They now have to kill using the same method to murder, women and whoever he was he was no longer just targeting sex workers by all indications which they had been abducted by the killer and
not gone along willingly. So the urgency in this case was now ample up significantly its during this time period that some I'd encounters were no doubt not only by friends and family of the three murdered women who reported these findings to police, but by those with no real relation to the case at all. This included a girl named Katharine Lorry Baker, who was the daughter of the famous actor Peter Lorry at some point in early November, Catherine had a chance and with two men claiming to be LOS Angeles police officers. Now they even had badges, which they flashed at her, and then they demanded that she go with them for questioning and she's like when they came up to her. They seem like they were ready to arrest her, and she was just
minding her own business and had no idea what to do. She was totally taken off guard now. It wasn't until the two men looked at her wallet when they saw pictures of her with her father that they seem to back off a little bit at this point. Peter Worry was decease, but he was still one of the most well known actors in Hollywood history. After seeing this photograph, the two men seemed spooked. Was she just like too high profile for them? I think that was the problem. These seem to drop interest in Catherine, and they kind of just like wandered off Catherine assume that this was a case like mistaken identity. They could get this happens when they look at her wallet. They think oh, maybe you're she another eight percent we're looking for- and she doesn't think anything of it until months, leader, so keep this encounter in mind because it comes up again roughly two
weeks would pass until police learned that another body had been found. However, in one day, police would discover that this unknown killer or killers had nearly double their victim total. This next discovery took place on a hillside, near Dodger Stadium, where a nine year old boy without treasure, hunting with some friends. That's when he stumbled upon two figures in OECD Park, which looked almost like mannequin from a distance. Ok, but I think we all know it's never America, never! The boy did in fact discover that these were not mannequin, but rather to girls, not much older than him, who had been stripped, naked and left exposed to the
laments. The victims were twelve year old, Dolores an subpoena and fourteen year old, Sonya Maria Johnson, who had last seen about a week prior, the two girls had boarded a bus in front of applause and they rode the bus approximately two miles, and there are some witnesses, saw them approach a two tone. Sudan sound familiar, and that was the last time either girl had been seen. I assume they ve been reported missing re. Yes, they had been. These were too typical young girls who had spent the we. Hanging out. They are coming home from the mall when police believed that they had been abducted. Again, there was a witness, citing of them getting in the Teuton Sudan, which base at the girl seemed to approach willing
Lee, but other than that there wasn't much in the way of evidence. The two girls had been missing for about a week and by the time their bodies were found. They had already started to decompose. What about their cause of death was similar to any of the other victims. It was. Their cause of death was strangulation, just like the other victims of this unknown killer, and the police will learn that the girls had been raped before their deaths as well, even despite their young age, but due to the fact that the DE composition process had already started, there was really not a lot that they could tell and limited how much they could learn at the time. We, especially since it was nineteen. Seventy seven. Unfortunately, these were not the only two bodies that police would discover on this same day. Earlier that same day, another body had been found just outside of Glenville. This body had been found by hikers who stumbled upon the nude figure while hiking and the victim was later identified as a local college.
Christina Welfare was a twenty year old, honour student at the arts and our college of Design who, like our last few victims, had no history of drug use or sex work. She was, by all accounts, a punctual responsible student who is but I too have been yet another opportunistic victim of this savage killer. Christine his body had the exact same ligature marks as the prior victims at her wrists. Her ankles and her neck and she had been strangled to death. However, unlike the other victims, she seemed to have been abused pretty violently before her death. In particular, there was some perusing over her torso and would appear to be signs of some pretty serious sexual trauma. Most peculiar, though it appeared like Christina, had been injected with some unknown substance. We
do you mean by this is the strange part. So investigators wondered if it was some kind of drug that they couldn't tell what it was at first and they thought maybe this could indicate some kind of possible connection to this killer, but Christina, had no track marks on her body. That would indicate that she was irregular drug user. She just had to puncture marks on her arms, which had come from a syringe, the substance when they were able to you, take it out and test. It was later determined to be wind acts like the wind x. You have under your think right now that window exe whites yeah. It was, and still is unknown. Why Christina had been injected with this, but it was believed to either be like a misguided attempt to like harm heard, may be just as he would happen or an attempt to cover up the climates
so in one day, police had found three bodies which they now attributed to the same killer, bringing the total victim count up to six at this point. But just ray days later on November. Twenty third, another body was discovered this time near the LOS Felix off ran along the Golden State Freeway. Unfortunately, this victim was found too late for any significant testing to take place. Police asked me that she'd been there decomposing for weeks, but they were at able to identify her. The victim was twenty. Eight year old, Evelyn Jane King, an actress that had gone missing rigour that month, sometime think or on maybe like November night, just like the others, she'd been strangled to death, but due to decomposition it was empty. Simple to know if she had endured any kind of rape or torture prior to her dad. So now this killer has murdered. At least seven women and girls over
Hurry short period of time has only been like a month yet not even and police finally had to admit that they had a serious problem on their hands. There, investigation really had nothing to show for it. No suspects, no persons of interest, not even any serious, leads other than rumours of each new tone sitting on which, back in the seventies, like super comment, yeah. So, finally, in an attempt to get ahead of this killer or killers, a task force was assembled to catch the man that the media was calling the hillside strangler. This episode is made possible by audible long before podcast, I relied on audible exclusively for entertainment. I've been a member since two thousand and seven, and I still look for
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All one word: you contacts that two five hundred five hundred on November, twenty ninth police were called the location of yet another. Body which had been found near Glenville. I'm not Washington like yours. Thing over and over and over again, this victim had ligature marks neck ankles rest just the same, and it was telling to get her that she belonged to the same crime spree that officials had been investigating for around a month. At this point, it wasn't reported at that I'm whether or not she'd been sexually assaulted like the other victims, but the coroner noted that she had electric burns on her hands likely some kind of torture inflicted by the now named hillside. Strangler. This victim was Lee were in Re Wagner. She was eighteen years old and lived in the San Fernando Valley with her parents. She was a business major near by knowledge and was normally punctual, reliable. However, the night before her disk
every she had returned home as expected, and her car was found parked across the street from her parents home with her door, just wide open, a witness that lived in the house across tree said that they saw Lauren return home that night and they said they saw her, be abducted from her car not by one man but by two. These persons that one man was older, shorter and had bushy hair and the Other man was younger and bury tall, and these were the first physical descriptions that they had of their killers and this gate police their first com mission that more than one man might be involved in this killing spree. There had been rumours beforehand and I mean again because we had that one body who they think are thrown out. It was assumed, but this is something definitive. Ok, that's interesting at all, but coming Stop and mention that they saw her get abducted year. Did the witness the Liese report this immediately so able
If so, I guess on a hundred percent clear to me, but from what I can tell the police found Laurens Car with the door ajar for they ever found her body the next day, and so I think, the two cases and are being connected, but I do think there was a supper investigation into why her car was just found, abandon. Ok, that's right. So a few more weeks would pass before police learn that the hillside Strangler struck again, and this time the strangler had been more brazen than ever before disposing of the body in downtown LOS Angeles, on my God on December 14th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy when police were called to a deserted lot near Ellie City Hall, where the body of a seventeen year old sex worker had been abandoned, the damn Kimberly. Diane Martin had endured an extended period of torture prior to her death, which had been exactly like the other victims. But this
stances of her death gave police even more cause for concern. You see Kimberly had heard all of the news about murdered women in the area, especially since the killer had been targeting sex workers, so she decided to stop working on the streets and had signed up for a call girl agency which she believe would result in her client being documented or vetted in some kind of way. Unfortunately, it was this decision that put Kimberly in the path of this mysterious offender. On the day after her murder, Kimberly, had been called out to an apartment in town. However, the address that was given was a vacant apartment which wasn't being occupied or rented by anyone just completely empty and
Killer had simply broken in and used it to lure Kimberly out there. When police checked in on the phone number used to contact her, they found out that, of course, it was a public pay phone from, like the Hollywood public Library to try to do everything to protect yourself and couldn't write so frustrating. I know she tried to do everything right. She had taken steps keep herself safe. Unfortunately, beast killers had been planning on that and they used Kimberly's paranoia to their advantage. They were one step ahead of Kimberly and they were one step ahead of police, not leaving behind a single usable clue. It seemed like who ever this was had done, a heck of a job covering their tracks, police believe that Kimberly had been subdued inside the apartment and then taken to a second location where she was,
murdered and possibly where the other crimes had taken place. Because of that again, there was no way for police, attract them or their whereabouts, and nothing left in the way of physical evidence over the next couple of months. Investigators struggle to find who they now believed were to killers and they had very few, even witness sightings to work with, because often the locations where many of these bodies were left had been abandoned place. These were rule isolated areas, often inaccessible to even cars. So this kind of added to the fact that police believed it was two people, because police believed would take. Two men working in tandem to carry out and deposit these bodies where they were later found, so to take it back to our story. Earlier, you remember the witness, citing. I told you about of the woman who said that she was accosted by two men, pretending to be officers yeah, that was the
There's daughter, right, right, well, police finally start to link her citing and others like it to the hillside. Strangler case police believed that the two men had used the authority given to police officers to subdue their eventual victims and might have pretended to be cops to get these girls to go with them willingly. The tactic we ve heard other cases like these days, but back then in the seventies. This wasn't a well known thing like I almost feel like brand new. I do know how often that actually happened. Despite having some general descriptions of the Two men, one yelping tall young and the other being older and short police, still had no idea. Who they were. They also didn't know what their motives might have been other. Then you know being driven by some kind of sure motive and wanting to harm women. We have this like kind of tentative connection between some of the victims who might have been sex work.
Hers, but other than that. There's no relationship whatsoever between any of the girls and women targeted after a few weeks with No new body showing up it seemed like. Maybe just maybe the crime spree had officially come to an end. Up into this point, police had been well to go more than a week or two without finding a body led to the serial killer. But following the discovery of Kimberly, there would be a several we gap in which no more linked bodies would be found. Of course, there was still missing and murder cases that peaked the interest of investigators, its loss, animals in the seventies after all, my. But there was nothing definitive that they could connect to the hillside. Strangler that is until February of next year,
more than two months later, when the body of one more victim would be found in the most bizarre of circumstances. On February 17th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight. Now a helicopter flying overhead in your cliffside spotted and Datsun. What's Datsun is a type of car that was made by Nissan so seeing this car they originally feared that maybe this could have been an axe and over the cliffs I, which happened like not too long ago. There was a recent accident so arrest. You effort was wants to check out this car. Now police quickly found the orange car and discovered that there has been no car accident. The Datsun had been intentionally driven off of the road and inside the trunk.
Car police found the body of the vehicles owner a young woman. She was twenty year old, Cindy Lee Hudspeth, who was a student in the region and who worked as a part time waitress, and this was another victim, but did not have any ties to drug use or sex work, but who had been rate, tortured and strangled. Just like the other victims. She had the exact same ligature marks. No one knows exactly when Cindy had gone missing, but she was believed to have been target. Because of her young age and good looks following her murder. She had been set in the trunk of her own car and in literally pushed off the clear, which is where her body had been found, some time later again. We don't really know how long it had been in that trunk off that cliff despite police. Not knowing the exact circumstances of Cindy's abduction, murder. They knew one thing for sure: the hillside strangler had not gone
Beware, whoever they were, they were still out there and they were preparing to kill again. It would be months before police for confronted with another case that had the similar m o this time to victims and this time in a completely different state. The bodies were found in Bellingham Washington, ok, guys, I'm a hundred serious now get out of Washington. I know I'm serious you going to make a short that says that we should cancel Bellingham and we're cancelling pileup over, on January 11th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine to young college students. Twenty two year old, Karen Mandic and twenty seven year old, Diane Wilder twirler to a staircase and strangled from behind when police found them. They had all the signs of the hillside strangler. But this time there was a ton of evidence
pointed right to one man, a man named Kenneth Bianchi, the security guard at the college. He was apprehended by police, the view next day after the murders and when Police and Bellingham noticed his driver's licence was from California they put two and two together. They thought, oh, my god, this man be the man that the entire state of California has been looking for when they finally look into Kenneth. They realise that he, a tall younger man, had ties to a short older man, his cousin, Angelo bono and here's what they learn about. The two men Angelo Jim, Europe was born in nineteen, thirty, four in Rochester New York, and he was raised primarily by his mother, but they didn't have a great relationship in his teenage years. Angelo began a lengthy criminal career which would eventually include crimes like grand theft, auto assault, rape and failure to pay child support, as he got
older, you see Angelo married a few women in his early adulthood, but those relationships would always turns sour when Angelos true nature broke free. He was an incredibly abusive man who didn't seem to respect women at all. In fact, he didn't even seem to like then very much. He used women for what he wanted from that sex money in all of these relationships. Angelo would end up becoming incredibly vile and abusive, but not before popping out a couple of kids with each one of his wives swell and considering you said he wrapped up some failure to pay child sports, I'm guessing. He wasn't a super dad oh yeah. He was an absentee father who basically turned into an all round scumbag eventually, Angelo, moved out of New York to California, where he carried on with being a dirt bat. Basically, he became a self proclaimed. Ladies man, who was able to get young unimpressionable women to do what he wanted and that, like them,
I write about him that I just couldn't stand. Is people claimed that he in a really was able to quote put women in their place illustrate? But it's out here in California that Angelo was befriended by his younger cousin, Kenneth Bianchi, who, like Angelo, had grown up in New York. Now Bianca was born in fifty one to an alcoholic sex worker and he was actually put up for adoption as an infant and was eventually adopted by his aunt and uncle, but he had a bit of a troubled childhood. Unlike Angelo Kenneth was apparently like very bright, but his parents scolded him a lot for his laziness, and they chastise him for being a compulsive liar from an early age like to the point where he would lie about things that weren't even important just lying for the sake of lying itself. As of now
was in bad enough. Can it also had a number of personality issues, uncontrollable anger and he had issues with wedding. The bed like one of the Mcdonald triads this kid had issues, but those for all exacerbated in eighteen, sixty four, when Kenneth was just entering his teenage years and that's when his dad passed away, all accounts, this seem to mess Kenneth up even more than he already was from here. He began to withdraw into self and his relationship with his mother was even more splintered beyond repair for the next decade or so. Kenneth grew up in this weird broken household, eventually marrying his highschool sweetheart and working a series of dead and jobs. The marriage fell apart pretty quickly and from there can it began pursuing relationships with other girls that he liked even sex workers who feel pity for him, but they won't
interested in dating him. However, he started stealing valuables to give these women flashy things, because he thought that's how you bought women's love. It's during this time period, when Kenneth is just kind of adrift looking for purpose in life that he comes into contact with his older cousin. Angelo now, Angela's nearly twenty years older than Kenneth and from Kansas Perspective like he had it all put together, he had found steady work as an upholsterer. He lived in sunny LOS Angeles California, and he always seem to have this group of like young, attractive women around him. After living a little bit of adult life in Europe, can it made the decision to move out to California in seventy five, and he and Angelo actually move in together now that their living together
an attractive women around him after living a little bit of adult life in Europe, can it made the decision to move out to California in seventy five in he and Angelo actually move in together now that their living together Angelo seem to provide a lie? passion of all right. But we know that Angelo wasn't the best person in the world, so this relationship would eventually begin to sour. In the meantime, Kenneth struggled to adjust and he really was able to find work in color, foreign yeah. He didn't have any skills or knowledge that could make an qualify for any like really good job and events. He runs out of money at this point of time. Angelo and Kenneth could have like buckle down, found better jobs, try to be better people, but they find the laziest way to make a quick book and they commit a bunch of crimes in the press ass Angelo comes up with his plan to make some easy money. He said the two men are going to find a couple of girls to start pimping out, and they would you
that money to fuel their California lifestyle. Within days they found to potential candidates to teenage runaways that were simply looking for a place to crash once these girls were living in their home. Kenneth and Angelo began to force them into their plan that these girls never consented to. They began pimping out these two teenagers and began to express an insane amount of control over these two girls. They acted as their pence. They would take almost all of the money that they earned and they would- ever let the two girls out of their sights? These two men became incredibly possessive and abusive and soon began harassing quartering and even raping these two young girls. Whenever they pleased and when these two girls try to like leave, they were basically locked in there
without food or water until they became pliable again, the scheme lasted for a while, but eventually thank the Lord. These two girls were able to escape with the two girls now gone Angelo. Kenneth were left high and dry, they didn't have a source of income anymore, so they begin looking for another young impressionable girl to take money off of, but when they came, find anyone be kind of conflict is new plan, baby in asking around in illicit circles for a trick last, which, if you're like me, and you never heard of a trick list before it's a list of customers who have like frequented local sex workers. So low, Equally, I think they're looking for this list to try and use it for blackmail or extortion purposes. I feel this is kind of a lot of work for two people who don't want jobs like wouldn't be easier, get to me the just get a regular job. It seems like they're, going through a lot of work to not work. Just like you said,
their work to not work pays off in. They seem to find some one willing to put together this trick list for them a local sex work, earning Deborah one day, Brett and another sex workers shop at their home and sold. Then this supposed trick list which Angelo and Kenneth could use to blackmail these men. Like I, the money. However, they quickly find out that this list was a complete faith and they begin plodding revenge against the sex worker that sold it to them now, murmurs Deborah Ann one other person is other person. Name was Yolanda Washington, which you might recognize as the name of our first victim of the hillside strangler. She often worked on a stretch of road along Sunset boulevard and that's how they knew where to find her Angelo and can pretended to be a couple of undercover police officers and they arrested her eyes. She worked away
is told police that they were called Yolanda, getting into the back of an unmarked to tone Sudan before her body ended up being discovered, no Yolanda was the first victim of the two men, but we know she wasn't the last. They would go on to kill ten women over the next few months, conducting all of their crimes in virtually the same manner. Now they approach most of their victims as undercover police officers. Apparently they even used fake badges and in many of the cases they would at the women to go with them willingly and once they had them, they would take them back to Angelos upholstery. Shopping England Deal, and this is where they would torture the women and kill the women other than the first Damn Yolanda Washington, all of the other victims were chosen at random, Angelo and Kenneth had from what we can tell
no motive other than a general hatred of women which expressed itself in terrible violence, as you heard this carried on for several months with police finding bodies. Quite literally every week at one point, most of the victims were abducted and killed between October and December of nineteen. Seventy seven, which just so happened to be the period of time, which Kenneth and one half of this year or killing do, was wait for it. Attempting to become a police officer, with the LAPD. What's yeah, I'm not joking. He had quite literally started participating in numerous ride, along and by all accounts was becoming friendly with local police officers, as he was committing these crimes with his cousin know in December of night Seventy seven the murders began to slow down and there's a reason for that. Police had finally started to pay attention to the crimes and were actually
turning to narrow in on Kennedy. He had done something to put himself in investigator sites and they had pegged him as a person of interest around this time. Kenneth told Angelo about his relationship with the police or the right along like hanging out with them, and he mentioned that he had even been question once or twice by investigators, and, as you can imagine, this did not go over well and Angelo. Expel loaded with anger between the two Angelo seem to clearly be smarter one, and he realized that police were likely onto Canada or both of them and had likely been playing Kenneth for a fool. So he blew up on Kenneth and in so many words basically like Then you need to get out a California or I'm gonna kill you myself, so in me a of nineteen seventy eight. This is roughly three months after the last murder. That's when Kenneth moves to belly him Washington and gets the job as a security guard. Kenneth kill. Those too
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quickly had leaned his older cousin to the crime spree as well, and together they were each charge with ten murders and numerous other crimes, including kidnapping, rape, sodomy, and that was not even including Kenneth Bianca's. Two separate crimes from Washington State which he was charged with alone prosecutors, believed that the case against Kennedy was more air. Tight because he had done such a poor job of covering up the double murder in Washington, so they decided to move against him first. If they could get a conviction on him, then it would be a lot easier to take Angelo to trial. However, as the trial got started, Kenneth tried to establish mental illness as the root cause of his crimes. He heavily implied that he had a dissociated identity disorder, which he basically said.
He split off into a completely separate persona that he said was the one that carried out the violent crimes and he even gave us identity a name. He called this person, Steve Walker and police, later found out that this is actually a college student that Kenneth New and they believe that he probably had just like thought of the name like in court as he's making up the excuse that the first thing that popped into his head- as you can imagine, this wasn't a very successful legal defence and the court psychologist examining him so right through it, and they said they knew faking it, because most people who have this disorder have like three or more persona is so when Kennedy, here's this of course. You like trying to play along and he's like just kidding. I do have a third and his name's Billy Of course you do yeah. Thankfully, this fool just about no one and the mental illness argument was pretty much de away, so kind
had no other option but to turn on his own cousin and begin cooperating with prosecutors, who are planning to pursue capital punishment against him. Now he agreed to testify in exchange for leniency and plead guilty of the crimes that he'd been charged with. The king against Angelo, though, was a much tougher affair than Kenneth trial had been. The trial would be delayed for several months, as prosecutors tried to figure out the best way to incorporate Kenneth testimony against his cousin, who, like all accounts, was like the mastermind and the originator of all this stuff. Angela's legal team. Try lay the groundwork that Kenneth was the corrupting forest and Angelos life, and this is actually a much more effective defence than you might think during the trial. Can it seem to do everything in his power to obstruct The trial and in general became a terror. All are unreliable, witness to think he was trying to defend Angelo, I kind of think so.
Everything that I read. It seem like Kenneth plead guilty because he wanted to escape the death penalty, but he didn't want to turn his cousin, so he It began dragging his heels throughout the trial, was trial actually eventually became the longest in american history. You know how long it lasted. I have no idea. How long do you feel like is the longest in american history. Oh gosh, like a couple of months, maybe two years law, yeah, it came to a head in nineteen. Eighty three, and that Angelo was finally found coffee on nine counts of murder and finally convicted during his sentence. Be overseen judge who actually went on to become like the chief justice for California Supreme Court, they told Angelo that he wished. He could impose the death penalty upon him, but that power was out of his hands. So what were the senses and will because of his plea deal? Kenneth had accepted a life sentence with the possibility of
Parole Angelo. On the other hand, who fought the charges received a stiffer sentence, he got life without the possibility of parole and he's already like fifty at the time. So this is basically a death sentence for him following their convictions, both of the cousins prepare themselves for lifelong stays. Imprisoned Kenneth is actually sent to a place we ve heard of for he is at the Washington State Penitentiary in Wala Wala same place as gay redress, and Angela was sent a collar patria state prison in California. He was therefore a few years, but actually he died in September of two thousand and two of what newspapers reported as a massive heart attack. Kenneth is still behind bars today, just outside of Waller Wala. However, he has not been locked up without instant during the research of this episode. I discovered this a little TED bit about chemist
that's equal parts, amusing and terrifying. I guess falling his arrest. He struck up a relationship with a woman named Veronica and she's. One of these, like you know, we ve heard before their women, who are tracked two men in prison- I don't if they want to save them. I do not think the values whenever it as did did you know that those actually term for that really yeah and I have no idea, I'm pronouncing earthly by. I learned a little bit about that. The term for that is high priest Ophelia. I think, but it basically is like Bunny inclined syndrome, Yeah yeah, it's one hundred percent, a real thing beyond I've heard of it happening in a lot of big cases. Is it something I'll never understand, but these two apparently struck up a relationship during Kenneth incarceration
and they got married months later. This isn't a month later after he'd been found guilty, the two came up with this insane plot with it. Basically, it started that Kenneth had to stock I'll, his own seamen- and I don't like where this is going somehow he like smuggled it to her, and she takes this see man arranged, to meet up with a sex work or at a motel not too far from the original crime scene, and she actually attempted to Wrangle, this woman, of course this woman survives, and on her in and in custody, Veronica spills, the bean she made we says the plan was apparently for her to strangle this woman plant, the seamen at the crime scene and then make it seem like the hillside. Strangler still out there in the real World Oak, okay, but it still his dna right, but that the part that I,
understand when I thought you were going to say like he had a secret twin or something and nothing regulate butler. Their plan was say that, like oh kinder than Angelo, we're just Patsy's and they taken the fall for the real killer. Put it her own dna at the crime scene like girl ahead. It is still the dumb one. Yap, though, is he ever going to get out. I Not he was denied parole in August of two thousand and ten, but he seems prepared to apply for pearl again in the near future. I think his next parole these actually twenty twenty five and for the sake of his victims. And are surviving loved ones. I really hope he does not get out. I fully believe, in rehabilitation but like you're, not mentally, will you weren't a child in this, have been like? You raped and strangled a dozen women
took away daughters and sisters and friends from people, and I have no sympathy for you any more like they don't get another chance and I don't think he should get one either. I totally agree this case has been adopted. Into all kinds of tv shows movies, books, documentaries, and they actually remains one of the most well known criminal cases and all of California history. However, it's not really talk, about anymore and kind of been overshadowed by a lot of similar cases that unfolded in the years, or even in the same area like Green, over killer TED, Bundy BT, Kay It is a shame, and- and I am not saying that- because I think we should memorialize these too horrible men, but we don't hear about the victims and their lives when their stories don't get told. A hundred per cent I mean the people we should remember here. Are Yolanda Washington, Judith Miller, lists a cast in Jane King, Dolores Paita, Sonya, Johnson, Christina Wechsler Lorn Wagner, Kimberly, Martin Cindy Hudspeth, Karen Mandate and Diane. Why?
these were all real people who are meant to have a future that was stolen by these two horrible men. You know there was nothing good that came out of what these men did, but I do think there is something we can learn from every case to protect ourselves. Do not give men like this power over any of us and its prime junkie life, or that we ve said before, like if you get pulled over by an unmarked car or someone who is claiming to be an officer like it's ok, to ask questions, it's ok to call in and verify they are who they say. They are you don't need to be aggressive array, good, but you do need to make sure everything is on the up and up because able men will take advantage of the fact that we want to comply with police, and I think it's always important that we he got in the back their minds. I feel like I'm hearing more and more stories of stuff like this happening, and likewise a bewildered be rude. Stay live
If you want to see pictures from this case, we'd you'd like to take a look at the source. Is our team used for this episode? You can take an even deeper dive into the case. You can go to our website. Crime, junkie, pie cast dot com and there's also a direct link to the blog posts in your show nodes, and with that we will be back next week with a brand new. But if you, light over the pick me up after all this church crime stating for this month after month
Crying junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck deal move ok. So today's problem, it is not a sad as last month I from thank goodness, I feel like we got some, not awesome feedback that I did in fact ruin every Wednesday yeah. Many many tears bulgarian citizens a little bit sat in the beginning, but it does have a good at making love an upswing. Ok, go for so today or what are you talking about APOLLO the Husky? I love huskies and one day on her lunch break. Our listener page does, as one does and was scrolling through Facebook, and she saw a video of the saddest loneliest dog she has ever
and it was posted by her local shelter, and actually I don't even know how they film this, because it was the saddest most depressing video there's this dirty sowed husky and he is limping down the hallway of canals and page said it just broke her heart and like it, it broke my heart reading it and it turns out this shelter is packed. They are even having trouble. Puppies adopted and they posters, video and said. I know it's a longshot, but this guy doesn't even have a candle to sleep in right. Now. All my gun if he doesn't get adopted today in all he'll, be sleeping in this whole way without
bad or a space of his own and page goes. I know it's a long shot. I e mail this to my boyfriend and just be like, please. I have said so many of these males and so she's, like I'm gonna. Try and our boyfriend calls her up and says see if we can pick up tonight you serious, and so they call the shelter they get everything lined up and they brought APOLLO home that very same two pictures. I wanna see pictures page actually sent me pictures from the first day they brought him home and like he is dirty and sighed Anne
It's it's devastating so ass. I just sent you a picture of how you, literally still at the shelter and and their holding up his his right PA, so they bring up hollow home and he becomes best friends with their other husky Titus unworthy, though there are like inseparable, but obviously like he was limping there's something wrong with his legs. They taken to that and they find out that his right front plague is actually shorter than the rest of his legs, and it's not connected to his shoulder at all. How is it possible? The vet said that it's likely the result of someone jerking him around by her way when he was a baby, my heart breaks for Baby APOLLO. Like I literally line when I read that sorry, he can't put really much weight or press
your honor at all, but it doesn't cause him any pain. It's kind of just like a deadline, so the vat and page decided not to amputate. So he just kind of runs around this floppy right leg and he loves rescuing. He still super active he's, so cutie so lucky that he has a new home. I know and page said APOLLO is the laziest boy and has its own spot on the couch, where he'll just lay for like hours and hours and hours Charlie doubly, does it that's the husking em he lay claims is certain spots and literally will be like sitting on the couch and, if Ericsson, his spot, he will stare at Until he moves. Oh no I've, I've gotten Charlie ere I know yet. I can assure you that yet so he saw some anxiety from his days before. Finding his family by big only had him for a year and page so that users grown leaps and bounds and matured as a dog.
So that's APOLLO story. I told you ever be happier than last time. You grow more a good boy and, since page actually told me the shelter that she got four APOLLO, I think it would be really more if we get at least one more crime junkie to adopt,
a project from so I went on their website and I found what looks to be the goodest boy. Obviously his name is Kate and he is one hundred percent a month. It looks like you might have some shepherd in him by his story is kind of sad too. He was actually an owner surrender and he had his own boy became for a family as a young school aged boy and the family, ultimately just couldn't take care of him any more, and so they surrendered ham, hoping that he can find another family that has the resources and opportunity to to give him the best like that he be so both polo and catering on our website. You can find more information about Katyn and all the other projects at the Pall county, animal shelter on our website. That's crime, drinking podcast, dot, com.
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