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When Terrance Williams goes missing, most law enforcement officers consider him a low-priority; He wanted, or needed, to disappear. But when his last known location is with Deputy Steven Calkins, suspicions are raised as to whether or not this is a random disappearance, or a plotted out crime.

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We're actually gonna put a clip of the bonus episode at the end of this one. So stay tuned for today's story. I am taking you to Naples Florida in January of two thousand and four, a twenty seven year old Man named Terrence Williams, had recently moved to Florida following his mother. There he went define work because he actually had four kids with four different women back in Tennessee and make
child support was becoming increasingly difficult for him, so he goes down to Florida and gets a job in construction and, in addition to his job in construction, Terrence actually ends up getting a job at pizza hut, as well just to put some extra cash in his pocket. Now, turns had recently lost his driver's license back in Tennessee because of a DUI, so he relied on his mother to take him to and from work each day Sometimes he would get right from his roommates or pick up rides, but was mostly his mom transporting him everywhere. He I'm beginning his license back soon, though, if all went well and he didn't have any violations, he would be getting it back in June, so in December of two thousand and three just before this story starts, Terrence actually decided to buy an old cadillac and from what I can tell he wasn't using it a ton he was still getting rides from his mom all through January in the car would mostly just sit there waiting for him waiting
time when he could actually drive it legally and register it. So our story really begins. On Sunday January 11th, two thousand and four Terrence had been getting along with his coworkers at pizza hut pretty well, and he was enough of work when one of them invites Terrence to a party that they were having parents mom, picks him up from work that day and take him back to his house. He actually wanted to go home first because he wanted to change out of his uniform and into something normal before going to the party, but this let him without a ride to the party. He try it's a talk, his roommate and friend Jason into coming to the party with him so that he could ride with them, but Jason just isn't feeling it, and so he wants to go just chill at home that night. So parents does something really dumb. Instead of just getting a cab, he decides that he's going to take out his new Cadillac, not long after he leaves Jason, actually gets a call from Terrance and he's calling from a hey phone and he's like dude. There are
everywhere. I just need to pretend, like I'm talking to you for a little bit and kind of wait this out and hope that they leave. So I don't give them any reason to stop me. So to have some kind of chat on the phone for a bit and finally, tears is like ok, it's all clear, I'm going to do you later. Jason doesn't realize this at the time, but this is the last time he would talk to Terrance and he is no reason to think that Terrence would try and call him later so when he goes to bed that night, he leaves his cell phone in the living room. Now, when Jason wakes up the next morning, Terrance isn't home this isn't super weird right away, though, because Terence would go away for days at a time sometimes an he would stay with. Other people stay with friends stay with his mom. It was just part of their normal routine, not to see one another sometimes, but is a little off is that Jason had some missed calls from an unknown number on his cell phone around four hundred am
call, this number back- it's actually one of of co workers from pizza Hut and she didn't know why Terrence would have been calling him or using her phone, and she said that he actually left the party sometime between five and six in the morning on the 12th. Jason is thinking that maybe he was calling for a ride, but clearly Terrence ended up leaving on his own, so he doesn't think too hard on it. But when
still isn't back on Tuesday, he reaches out to Terence's mom by email just to see, if maybe she had seen or spoken to him, because something is just making him feel off about this whole situation. When he hears back from her, she hadn't talked to him at all and to her. This is a sign that something is really wrong. They normally talk every single day so for her to have gone a day or two with no contact and then to be contacted by his roommate to say that he is and come home. She knows that something isn't right. I feel like this is a recurring theme in the last few episodes we've done. You mean where, like someone just kind of, is in in touch with anyone and at first they think it's normal, but the more they ask around it's not at all yeah. Yes, so for the next day Jason and her and his mom start calling around friends hospitals, jails, literal, Anywhere, Terence might be
a call in to his work and find out that he's missed work all three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, once his mom learns as she goes to a branch of the call, your county sheriff's office, to report him missing and here's something we also have heard before they give her a response. That is all too familiar. No, in their main, like list he's a grown adult he doesn't have to check in with you. He doesn't have to talk to you every day. So if you haven't seen him in a month, they come back and let's talk a month a month, it's so long yeah, but in his mom, is not having this, so she doesn't blow up or she doesn't make a scene. What she does is she it's an army on it. She calls all of her family back in Tennessee and starts having them call around to all of the same hospitals, all of the same jails, all of the same sheriff's offices and dispatchers, and this is proof of what we said in our. If I go missing episode, the
Mickey Wheel gets the grease because the sheriff's office said that, because of the sheer volume of calls that they were getting, it couldn't ignore it exactly. They said we decided to take this seriously and I think that's a mistake that a lot of people make their think that you know we have our whole family together. So we're going to send one person the police office and surely they know that there's a whole family behind them worried, but they don't. If it's just one person, it's not a big deal. If you make a stink, they will late notice. I love that. So the sheriff's office ends up sending somebody out to Terrance. Is mothers house to take a statement now while this is going on, she still has family calling around asking questions and one Terence's is finds a massive, please he finds out that Terrence's car had been towed from a cemetery on the 12th of the day that he was last seen. I'm sorry what! Yes,
Apparently it was obstructing traffic and seemed to have been abandoned, so a deputy ordered a to when they go check out the car sure enough. It's his his jacket was inside a carton of his brand of cigarettes were inside. It's just like heat vanished into thin air. They find out that the car was towed, in fact on the 12th around noon, and is the same day again that he was last seen, leaving that party around five hundred or six hundred in the morning now, even though his car was towed from the looks of it, it seems the car had been completely abandoned because there was no incident report or arrest record to go along with the to which you would have expected to see. If there was the person in the car, and especially if that person was driving an unregistered car without a drivers, license so the family decided to go to the cemetery and actually talk to the people working there to see if they remember seeing anything and they do
boarding to their version. Terrence was with the car. They Ledbetter Deputy, had his emergency lights on, but no siren and had over the Cadillac into the parking lot from what it look. Like where they were kind of far away. It seems like the deputy had asked this guy for some kind of id and then enter putting this guy in the back of his car. Now he then actually came up to the people working and asked if he could leave the car here for a bit and then come back or have it towed and he said yeah, that's fine and he was back somewhere within fifteen minutes to one hour where he, it's the car moves from a parking spot to the side of the road where it obstructed traffic and then he tosses the keys outside of the car and drives away
now. The family has a witness saying that Terrence what is in the back of his deputy's car, so they want to talk to that that p, to find out what interaction he had with Terrence and we're he took deputy, Steve Calkins, is the one who took this reporter, who called for the tow and so It's actually his day off, like once. This all comes to a head, so a dispatcher ends up calling him and the whole interaction. Just like isn't awesome, though I have a transcript of part of the call which we can read for you. I hate to bother you at home on your day off, but this woman here has been bothering us all day. You car from Vanderbilt Anna one hundred. Do you remember it uh? Oh no, do you remember? She said it was nearest cemetery cemetery at this paintball guns assured the dish faster that there was no one with the vehicle. Well. Somebody at the cemetery is telling the mother that you picked up the driver and he's been missing since Monday. Well for PETE's sake. Now
When he says he has no idea what they're talking about the dispatcher just takes his word for it and tells the family what he said. He had no memory of the tow or interacting with someone just four days earlier. The sheriff's office isn't ready to drop this complaint. Quite yet, though, on Monday January 19th a week after Terrence was seen in his car was towed and gators make contact with Deputy Steve Calkins again and this time his memory seems to have improved he says now is that on that afternoon he actually saw Terence's car was having problems, so he pulled him over to see what was going on both pulled into the cemetery lot and Terrence begged him for a ride and said that he was going to be late to work. First Steve says that he tells him like. No, you just need to call a cab
But then he says that he has second thoughts about it and he says this guy seemed so nice and he was so polite he's just trying to get to work, so he ended up offering to give him a ride to the circle k where he worked. Um circle k he didn't work there. I thought he worked at Pizza hut right, so stay with me here. He says that he drops off Terrance because he's in a hurry and Terence told him that his registration papers for the car were in the Glove box. Well, he goes back to check and he says that the papers weren't in there at all. So he starts to feel frustrated like this. Kid is lied to him, so he
both the circle k, and they say that no one by that name works there, which we know so now he's even more upset he's like this. Kid has lied to me. So this is when Deputy Caulkins says he moves the car to the street and he says he doesn't do it to make it look abandoned. He says that he did it so that way, when he called to have it towed, the towing company would have better access to it. Now This mom doesn't buy this story for a second, she says first of all, his car was working just fine. She was even the one to go pick it up from the tow yard and it was functioning perfectly and no one had worked on it. So the story isn't adding up what kind of problems with it having and then all the sudden is like remedy by itself. She said Terrence was not friendly with law enforcement. He had that D. Why he had a couple other run ends with the law back in Tennessee, and she said there is no way that he
we have asked the deputy who pulled him over for a ride instead of just calling her now some that I can't quite shake either that I don't hear be brought up in like any of the message, boards or documentaries on this is. I find it super strange that deputy Steve Hawkins had Terrance's keys at all that to me doesn't fit in with the deputy story. He says: okay, the car, breaking down, so I go take this kid to what I thought was his work and he gets out, but in what world like if that actually happened. If my car is broken down, I get a ride from a cop somewhere like I would my keys with me, because I'm going to go figure out like have someone give me ride, figure out how to fix my car. Why would he be leaving the keys with the deputy yeah? It makes zero sense right. So again, nothing really to solve their, but just one of those points that I haven't seen anyone make but like has been itching, my brain, so investigators doing their jobs, decide to pull the security footage from the circle K.
You say you dropped him off. Well, then we should be able to see him there, but there no Terrence No deputy caulkins anywhere on the footage. From that day, about the same time. The family decides to file a complaint against deputy caulkins. They think that he's lying and that he didn't follow proper protocol. Internal affairs is actually brought in mind you once the sheriff's office had to start looking at one of their own. They actually had already brought in the floor. Department of law enforcement in the FBI to oversee the investigation, to avoid any kind of accusations of a cover up, which is like super smart on their part, yeah, that's very, very smart, yes, but now We also have to bring in internal affairs once this complaint has been filed, and once internal affairs takes a look at this complaint, they
they are extremely unnerved because they had just closed in eerily similar complaint against the exact same deputy. You see back in October, just three months before Terence disappeared, another man had gone missing. A toy three year old man named fully based Santos, was living outside of Naples Florida and would into the city each day to work a job in construction. Now the problem with this was that Felipe was an illegal immigrant, so he was unable to get a driver's license or be insured, so on Tuesday October 14th, two thousand and three, when Felipe got into a car accident while driving to work with his brother, I'm sure his heart just sank into his butt, but he didn't try to run from the accident he actually pulled over with the other driver who need hit and she flagged down a passing patrol car Ann not the troll car was deputy, Steve Calkins.
According to the other driver, Felipe Leaping, was put into the back of deputy caulkins car and to this day he has not been seen again now when the family heard that fully pay was put in the car and be fully expected him to be arrested and perhaps even subject to deportation so right when we find out about this. They go to the local jail, but the pay? Isn't there the try asking around but they're, not really getting anywhere, and it's two weeks before they get a copy of the incident report, which has a narrative from Steve Hawkins. That says, everyone at the site was amicable, that he did fully bay in the back of his car, but fully Bay was so polite that he, dropping him off at a circle k, so he could get a ride home. My god sound, familiar did say, however, that he issued fully Bay three citations that he would need to pay on and show up in court for
now, when they talk to the other driver to verify Culkin story, she says. Yes, he did get in the back of his car, but she said that it's, it wasn't all a amicable. In fact, it was deputy, Steve Calkins, who seem to be super upset and worked up over the whole accident and at the state he even said something in an angry tone about being so sick and tired of handling instances like this, with people who had no driver's license and no insurance so believe these family filed both a missing person report and a complaint against deputy caulkins. They said, listen, he should have been arrested and if he would have been arrested, we would know where he was at right now now mind you fully pay was illegal, but he was not on polices radar. At that point, when called issued him that citation and then he'd. Appear in court, because he was missing that put him on law, enforcement's radar, and now he had a warrant out for his arrest. So some people were looking at this and being like. Well, of course
I can, I come back, see he's running from a law. He has in a way arrest warrant out but like it doesn't make sense, it's kind of like a chicken or an egg thing like he does appeared before he got it got that citation and got the citation because he probably with somebody, make the disappear, and and he would have gone to court how you been here, but he is not here. You know what I mean, but he was, but he had disappeared before the citation which column court yeah like no, it's totally confusing yeah. So there was like some people being like he has a reason not to show up and everyone's like no like we're pretty sure he wasn't showing up before then and like he didn't even know, this is the thing so welfare is gets involved at this point for the first time in deputy caulkins career and after two months of investigating, they find the deputy caulkins should be exonerated from any wrongdoing. He was Mpd was seventeen years of unblemished service and sure he didn't arrest the guy, but maybe he was just trying to be nice and give him another chance and technically he did. Nothing wrong that day and he
do anything that was against their professional code. Now these family gets a letter saying the deputy caulkins has been cleared and it is just seventy two hours after the get that letter that Terrence went missing after his encounter with Calkins, my god? So this is a small department and I think everyone was on edge when almost the exact same thing happened with another man in a similar situation, internal of there's processes, Terence's car and they said that they recovered some quote trace evidence, but they won't release what that was to the public and if it's that small, I'm not sure it helps the time, because even Calkins eventually admitted to having mood his car into the road. So like I would expect some of his dna to show up there right. As you know, my greatest fear is that my ridiculous amount of hair shedding
Get me in trouble just show up at crime scenes. One hundred percent support the idea that is my sitting in a car trace evidence gets transferred, yeah and so again saying that he was in the car. Now, if evidence showed up somewhere else, like in the trunk or in the back seat that doesn't quite fit with his story. So I'm wondering if it's like that and that's worth noting, but again they did not release what it was at this point they bring coggins in for a taped interview and they give the polygraph which he ends up passing so they process his car to and his car was immaculate, they still don't have enough evidence to fire, Culkin's or even accused him of foul play, so they keep running down leads and they, keep watching him. They act I put a gps tracker on his car thinking that maybe, if he did do something to these men, he would go back to where he took them.
From the gps records. They identified twelve areas where they think searches should be done, and they, aerial searches, use cadaver dogs, but none of the sites reveal any new clues that might help find fully pay or Terrance twelve locations seems like kind of a lot I wonder if someone in law enforcement maybe have tipped him of. I mean like you said it was a small department. If people were looking into him, what are the odds that someone? Let him know about it? I actually had the exact same thought as I was researching this episode, because for them to identify twelve places that they thought were maybe remote or like off his normal Route like a lot to me as well, and again. This guy had been in law enforcement for seventeen years had unblemished record like you make friends, and so I can easily see now granted normally like deputies and internal affairs, like internal affairs, aren't friends with people, but I could see somebody like getting away
this and being like hey heads up, think. Maybe you should watch your back. I think, even if it's I think, they're following you, and he's just taking them on a wild, goose chase. Now again, speculation. But it was something that stuck out to me too, because it was shocking that they found twelve place his that they should go. Look at that they didn't find anything in these twelve places. So, while they're tracking his movements, they're also looking into his story now remember his story is that their interaction was super brief and he actually end up saying in his first interview and he'd. Only gotten Terrance is firstname. Well, they decide to pull all of the recordings from Dispatch that Dayan they find another call from deputy caulkins that contradicts every he's saying that he told them. Oh my god, yes, oh body chills you guys in this call is super gross. Like you can tell. Hawkins is trying to mock african american people, but he's doing just an awful voice
and he's like. Oh, I got this homie Cadillac off the side of the road blocking traffic and him and his dispatcher or like kind of laughing about it, and he's basically saying he calls in whatever code is to say that it's totally abandoned and he's like. You know this person is going to come back looking for it and it's going to be gone, so not only is he being a super tool, an grossly offensive, but he's lying again in this call. He says that he just found the car obstructing traffic and that the car is abandoned, which, Why is he hasn't seen or interacted with the driver at all? Then? twenty minutes later, he calls back into dispatch again requesting that dispatch. Do a background check on a man named Terrance Williams. Now again, To this point he said he never knew Terence's last name so Terrence had
told him, which means he had more of an interaction with Terrence. Then he's been telling people. Can I pause for a second? What's the likelihood that he ran the plates and found the registration for Terence? He didn't, because that was the whole thing the car was on Register Terence, when he bought it didn't, have a driver's license and was unable to actually register the car. So there was nothing that could have led him in that car to Terence Terence, didn't have id. The car was registered to Terence that set on my God. Yes, So it's twenty three minutes after this call he ends up making. The call for the tell soon what did he do with Terrence in those twenty three minutes, because we know he didn't take him to the circle k so the past couple months, I've been traveling a lot more since that we've been touring for crime, junkie lie
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Why at calm, dot com, crime, junkie,. When internal affairs brings him into question him about this. He's like I don't know where I got the name and he kind of like tries to fall back on your questions and he's like. Maybe I found it on the paperwork in the glove. Roxanne they're, like nope nice. Try. You already told us that there was no paperwork and the they questioned him, the more his story begins to fall apart. The issuing him another polygraph, and I don't know what questions they asked him, the first time that he was able to pass This time the questions are much more pointed and they have a lot to do with what happened after the car was towed. Like Where did you get a date of birth to run a background check? Was he with you after the car was towed, and this time he fails Peacock inns insisted his last interaction with both men was at the circle k, but after that
failed polygraph. He stops cooperating with investigators. Ann has not cooperated to this day, He was eventually fired from the sheriff's office for non compliance with rules, regulations, untruthfulness and conduct becoming of an officer, but they they still don't have enough proof to charge him with any wrongdoing in the disappearance of either Felipe Santos or Williams. I mean I think, we're all on the same page that Culkin had something to do with it right yeah. I don't think, there's a theory like a viable theory where he actually drops these men off at the circle. K never sees them again. There's not like some circle k killer in this particular town or anything right I mean his story again. Just doesn't even add up. He lied about knowing Terrance is names again. He still had Terrance is keys, which is super weird, so I think we can conclude that he did something to these men like. But what is the something sort of series? One is that he killed.
Like maybe she snapped, and I go back to what that driver said who had an interaction with him after fully based on toes, is accident and we told her, like I'm so sick and tired of dealing with these incidents where people on driver's license they don't have insurance, because that is something not fully Band Terrence had in common, like Terrence, was an illegal immigrant, but he had gotten his driver's license take away. He was driving uninsured and he could have been sick and tired of it on top of that they're both minorities. Right now, what I find surprising about this this theory, though, is that she literally goes to this whole thing. I can see him, maybe he that he snaps and does it to flee, based on TED, as he goes through the entire. I a investigation, they they come up with nothing and then right after that he does the exact same thing so risky right and like he knows that I am going to investigate it's not like. He got away with it the first time and nobody even questioned him. So if you're going to
they do this again, you don't even come up with a better story and, like he knows all of his calls are recorded when he calls into dispatch. So He knows you're, going to check the circle K2 like again, nothing nothing else. I might not even like a different story, but like a different like motive or interaction. It's the exact thing. Yeah yeah I mean this. Guy is an officer. He knows how investigations work an he did nothing to try and cover his tracks so we find bodies later and it turns out that he did kill them. I'd almost have to wonder if there are more like if he was so sure that he get away with it that even after an internal affairs investigation, he does it a couple of weeks later like that is bold one hundred percent, the other theory that it actually heard- and I actually heard it on another podcast who covered this case many many years ago, called the trail went cold. Is police have been known to do something called Starlight tours. Have you ever heard of this
I I've heard the term. So it's really prevalent, I guess in Canada, with the royal mounted police up there and aboriginals and apparently what would Nothing there and it's been known to happen in the USA as well, is when there's somebody who is vulnerable, who maybe wouldn't come to police and report. This kind of abuse police officers were do instead of arresting them. Instead of writing up a report is take. These people have committed some kind of wrongdoing and they they drive them super far out into the middle of nowhere and they basically just drop them off and they have to find their way home and it puts them through a ton of hardship again, especially if you're talking about Canada or in temperatures can get super super low or Florida when it can get super super hot. So
it's a theory in this case that may be what he used to do is. He was just so pissed off and annoyed at these people who are driving without licenses, who he didn't think should be here or he thought less of so he would put them in his car to ride them miles and miles and miles away and leave them, and then something would happen to them to where they didn't make it home whether they succumb to the elements. Whether something sinister happened to them in the in their in their home, but that two cases they happen to be back to back, but that's he kind of maybe was able to pass a polygraph. Sometimes is he technically didn't do anything to them, but he also left them in a very vulnerable situation. Oh my god. This is still, though, surprising, to me, because,
Phillippi Santos. If you took fully Bana Starlight Tour and then there was an internal affairs investigation, you think you'd clean up your act for awhile. Maybe not do that again. If you know that, like oh gosh, I drop this guy up in the middle of nowhere and he actually might be dead yeah right, but but I I can't I don't know now the one thing that I keep coming back to as well. As I know they put a gps tracker on his car after the men went missing, but I wonder if they did any kind of mileage tracker to see how far he could have driven the day that since, like was with him in his car? Because did he have other stops? That day? Was there like just a chunk of time that he was missing? You would think it would give you some kind of radius to be like. Ok, the men have to be within twenty. One hundred miles But I don't know if that ever happened. So We don't know. I think we can all agree that he had something to do with it, but until a body is found
we're going to be left with just questions and no answers and the actor Tyler Perry actually got really invested. In this case. In the last I heard he still off. Bring one hundred thousand dollars reward to anyone who has information on this case that can lead, to either than being found or an arrest. If you are in the Naples area the FBI located in Tampa still has a team looking at this they're not active, but the case file is still open, so you can call Tampa FBI office last. I heard that number was eight billion six hundred and sixty eight million three hundred and eighty one thousand one hundred and fifty three thanks, guys so much for listening to our episode today. If you want to see some pictures, you can always go to our blog crime, junkie, podcast, dot, com or check.
About on social, we're on Instagram as crime, junkie, podcast an on twitter at crimson, there's also so many some people in our Facebook discussion group was going to Facebook and search crime. Junkie, podcast discussion group and don't forget. If you want an extra fix, you can go to peach tree on. We release an extra mini episode for everybody today and remember after the credits were going to play a bonus clip from our peach and upset. This episode of crime junkie was written and hosted by me, edited by David flowers, mixed and mastered by brick. Pray lot in all of our music, including our theme, comes from Justin Daniel crime. Junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Jack? Do you approve, like I mentioned
super religious and she had been a for a long time. So when she got to stand for a check, she spent a lot of time at the Stanford Memorial Church. It was her go to when she would go pray or just to spend some extra time relax. It was like very peaceful for her and one evening in particular. It was around one thousand one hundred and thirty Arlis Bruce decide to go for a walk around campus Arliss to go drop some mail off. She had a bunch of letters back to family and friends at home, and so they were going to walk to the mailbox which is like across campus, and it was October. So it was finally starting to get that like cool kind of crispness. You only get in Tober November. Yes, so the pair walked for awhile, but they walked and a bit talking. They start to bicker about, whose job it was to put air in the car's tires like exactly yeah, exactly the kind of fight you have as a married.
Like it doesn't really matter, but you guys are just bickering yeah, don't ask me how to load the dishwasher, something there. How is something that we have that same one Arliss got frustrated with her husband and, as they were nearing the church actually she's. Listen, just give me some time alone like she wanted to go inside and pray and bruises like yeah, that's fine with me, so he lied leaves walks off to go home and their apartment is about one slash, two, a mile away from this church, and so our list goes into the church to pray, Bruce kits and he does this thing that I think we all do, or at least I do- and I assume everyone else does is he starts like preparing to have this fight. Like what point is he going to make an like? I bet she's, going to say: they're gonna stand yeah, I'm all about that. I'm going to come back with this, and I bet you'll say this so he's like prepping for this fight. Meanwhile, back at the church, Arliss has walked in and there are two people already inside that notice. Her come in. She went and sat all the way at the front, knelt down to pray and, as the two
got up to leave. They notice a young man entering maybe two thousand and twenty five years old with blonde hair, down the middle. Too long after at about one thousand two hundred and ten, the security guard pops his head in the church and made an announcement that the church was closing up like it did every night at midnight. He was running just a little bit behind, but he as when he comes in to make this announcement. He saw no one know. Arlis know do people that had just left. No man with sandy blonde hair church was completely empty.
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