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WANTED: Monsters of Ohio Part 2


After Asenath Dukat, 11 more young girls in Ohio were kidnapped and murdered. Many under eerily similar circumstances. Is this the work of one or two predators or are there many monsters still on the prowl in Ohio?

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Crime, junkies brought you by our friends at simply safe, simply safe was designed to be easy to use while protecting your whole home. Twenty four seven just order online, the click of a button opened the box placed the sensors plug it in and your home is protected around the clock had to simply say, dot com, flash crying junkie and get a free hd camera for my listeners, high ground junkies, I'm your host, Ashley flowers and I'm bread, and this episode is part two of our monsters of Ohio series. So you haven't listen to part one. Yet please go back and do so with important to understand a sea of do caught story for you to know why almost a dozen other cases grabbed my attention and convinced me that there was something unusual happening in Ohio in the early eighties, one or more monsters lurking in very specific areas and preying on young
rolls Brit this rapid hole? I got into actually started from the very first time. I try to start my research on a scene it now. I had heard about her case kind of in passing and interest like tucked away in the back of my brain for the next I could start research on a new case and by the time I got around to it, like her very unique name was escaping me. So I googled girl,
or unsolved, Ohio, eighties and something popped up for a young girl named Tele processor I didn't think that that was the right name, but ass. I started to read the details. I honestly started questioning myself, you see. Kelly was a third greater who, on September, twentieth nineteen eighty two went missing while walking home from school. Columbus, Ohio, which, for those of you who are familiar with the area, you'll know that Upper Arlington, where see me live, is basically a suburb of Columbus Liken seen his case. It was Kelly's mother who got worried when she didn't make it home, and by that evening she had called police want a massive search for the young girl that same night. Yes, she's like what eight or nine they have to
well, yes, so she's, actually, eight just like scenery was, but there was another reason they went so hard so fast, just like in senior case there was actually an attempted abduction or attack on another girl just a few days before so. Every one in the area was already on higher lurked. In this previous attempted attack, there was a guy in a red truck who tried to abduct another eight year old girl, but he fled with another person drove by now the first night passed with no sign of Kelly, but the next day the Columbus dispatch reported that police got there. First clue jobs were able to track Kelly sent from the elementary school to the intersection of north
Street and Maynard Avenue. Now North high street is really close to a house to university and it's always super super busy. So in fact, when they start looking for witnesses, they even find to patrol officers who may have spotted Tele the same day. She went missing, but the thing is these spotted someone who looked like her much much later in the evening, like nine o clock at night and the officers remember seeing a young girl that looked a lot like Kelly with an older man, but at the time they didn't stop to question them. Wait. They know she's missing, but I hear anything I dont know if these two guys didn't know about it search again their patrol officers. Maybe they had nothing to do with it. All I know is that they said that they see this girl. She looked, she knew the guy, so they never stopped them. The next clue that they got was actually on the same day. A local lawyer came forward and said: hey
I found something in the middle of the road and I kind of just through my car. They really think anything of it until my daughter side and sheep watching the news and made the connection, what did they find? He found a blue raincoat which match to the description put out by police of one that Kelly would have had with her when she went missing now. It's interesting because most news reports just say that a jacket was found and he puts it in his car and and give it a second thought, but the accident Beacon Journal actually reported back in eighty to the times we on that one of the sleeves had blood on it, which to me is strange because, like that something would remember and not something that I would just thrown back and I see and never think of again, though again, I don't know how accurate this is, was only reported in one place, and I have no idea what police thought of that at the time. So at this point they have what they believe is Kelly's coat and they are going to start
searching in that area, but in the meantime, police actually start making a connection to another. Local man who, right around the same time of tallies, disappearance, had been accused of molesting an eleven year old girl in the same area close to where Kelly went missing from, but when they go to talk to the sky he fleas.
Area which is never a good look and so police put out a notice that they're looking for this man who they believed to be in West Virginia now, while they search for him, they keep their search going close to where her jacket was found, and it didn't take long before they actually found Kelly. She was found in a cornfield according to a Columbus dispatch article from nineteen. Eighty two she had been strangled with some kind of ligature and she had been quote sexually assaulted, but not rate. Now, here's the thing police think that this guy, who fled, looks pretty good for the crime, but once he hears that police are looking for him in relation to a murder. He actually,
comes back to clear his name. He said that he fled because of the Mullahs station charges and when they actually look into him, he was already out of the area by the time Kelly was adopted, which left please with nothing, and it didn't take long for Kelly's case to go as cold as seen. Each and every one in the area wondered if the same person or persons got away with murder for a second time or maybe even more than a second time, because, just like the research foresees case, lead me to Kelly Research on Kelly, led me to seven more girls who led me to more girls in nineteen. Eighty, two, the acronym beacon journal, published an article titled nine abducted in two years within one hundred and fifty miles, both see me and Kelly were listed among the nine, but they were almost like bookends in the list of girls in the town
line of when they all went missing or were murdered. Fini was the first, but just ten days after she was murdered. Another eight year old girl from Maple Heights Ohio went missing. Her name was Tiffany package and on Friday, the thirteenth of nineteen eighty, her family was preparing for camping trip and tyrannies. Mom asked her to run to the store to grab some buns before they lacked according to the Charles Project, if any did in fact make it to the store, which was just a mere half block away from her house, she made her purchase and she was seen leaving around to forty five but after she walked out of the store she was never seen again. Tiffany is actually the only girl on my list of
as in that, has never been found, which makes our case incredibly hard to solve. Though there was a man who everyone thought did it for a while: a guy named Burgundian Lee Flag, nor he first came onto polices radar because of how much he inserted himself into the investigation. He wanted to help with searches wanted to make tee shirts to sell with Tiffany missing person info on it, and his constant pestering of the family became so much that they eventually cold police and had him arrested. Now it's worth noting Brandon was not a good. Do. He had a history of grooming and molesting young girls and shortly after Tiffany disappear. He actually went to jail on charges unrelated to Tiffany but related to another young girl. Naturally, they looked into him in the early days of the investigation, but they just couldn't get the timing to fit. Brandon was working on the day that Tiffany went missing and his job with some like
de two miles away from the site where she disappeared and although he technically got off work before she vanished, it was I mean literally like minutes before she vanished and would have been physically impossible for him to get to where she was an abduction her at the time that she was abducted, so it seemed his. By was enough to write him off until of years later when he starts confessed
to any one and everyone who will listen, that he murdered Tiffany and the thing is his multiple confessions often contradict themselves, but there was some things are just stuck out like according to court documents in the early days when Tiffany was considered a missing person, Brandon had taken someone with him to quote, go out and search for technical body and again well before anyone considered her to be decease, so a little bit fishing that something that, like people latched onto and apparently he also asked his family to destroy some content in a metal box that was in his car, like once, he became a suspect and he specifically told them that this box pad some kind of evidence regarding Tiffany is murder, eventually
I think the case got cold enough and Brandon confessed enough. That police must have thought he did it because they actually end up charging him with her murder. But what about his alibi? Will that still the big question? The prosecution suggested that maybe he just had a friend like punch, the time clock for him, but no one has ever come forward and reported doing so, but I think they wanted to just closed this taste and it worked. He was found guilty of trial and it was considered a win for the prosecution, but many people think he didn't do it, and those people include Tiffany S, father and the lead investigator Brennan is still in prison and he's fighting for his release, saying that there might not even be a crime enemy he likes to go so far as to say maybe she's still alive, which to me is a real stretch, but there are definitely question
about whether or not he should be in prison for this. I guess my question is: why would he confessed so many times if he wasn't actually involved, will in court documents? He suggests that at the time he confessed he was about to get out of prison for his other crimes and he wanted to stay. There were yet a place to live three meals a day, but I mean who knows it that
Will we see a lot of false confessions and I can never makes sense of most of them, but Brandon still sits in prison, but here's the crazy part to meet, because even with him sitting in prison in the time before and after other girls continue to suffer a similar fate. Support for crime junkie comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by quick in loans. Home today is so much more than it was yesterday, but at rocket mortgage, whom is still all about you during these challenging times rogues
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Similar way to see me and Kelly like strangulation and beatings, so in her case due to herd dance de composition, there was never an official cause of death which potentially could have made it very difficult to see any kind of pattern. If one was forming, but eight months after Tammy went missing another fourteen year old girl named Julian Hebert, goes missing from Dublin. Ohio join had ridden her bike to a local, grocery store and she's seen by people in a phone booth out in front me You call and later someone spotted her bike still there, but Tiffany was just gone and here's the thing after some time but like within the same day. Even her bike ends of disappearing too. It would take two months before her remains were found three miles from her home and like insane his case,
She had been beaten and we know she's been molested. No early on police were only looking at some of these cases as possibly being connected because of the locations like sees case, and this one were considered as possible links because they were very very closely both upper Arlington and Dublin are right. Around Columbus, while Tiffany and Tammy case were more like North EAST, Ohio, your Cleveland and then even more He says start popping up in North EAST Ohio in October of eighty one three months after Julian went missing and then just one month after she was found a nine year old name, Demeter Sullivan disappear, while walking down the street near her home in Akron Ohio of all. In these cases hers was one of the least reported on and one of the very few case I found where she was initially listed as a runaway.
Nine years old when all these other disappear those and murders- are happening in the same areas yet in this was super upsetting to see, because when you look at why her case was possibly treated differ we too me only one thing stands out: Demeter was black and all of the other girls were white and it took a long time for her case to be taken seriously and it took five months before her body was actually found in a shallow grave. Oh, that's the first girl that's been found or someone like actually attempted to hide or bury the body right right
So that's notably different than the other cases we have, and I can't say if there were any other similarities as to how the other girls were killed, because by the time they did find her. No cause of death could be determined again because of the lack of reporting. I dont know what was done to try and tracked down the killer in her case, but without clarity and left to wonder if they had tried harder. If more had been done, could it have stopped the next couple of murders, because just seventeen days after Demeter went missing twelve year old, Tina, Harmon vanished under mysterious circumstances. Tina was twelve going on twenty. According to James Runners book this Euro Killers Apprentice Tina like to steal cigarettes from her arms purse and she would hitchhike from her home in question. Do a truck, stop game room
to hang out with her friends on a toolbar twenty nine. The Tina was hitching rides to make her way to that game room, but on her way, she stopped at a convenience, store to pick up a fudge sickle when she never made it back up with her friends or ride back home. She was reported missing when police start looking into her disappearance. Witnesses described seeing her talking to an being followed by a young die in his
one is just as police were feeling like. Maybe they were making headway in getting some tangible leads teen, as body was found by hunters forty miles away, like many of the cases before hers, she had been raped, strangled, reach, clothed and then left out in the open to be found, though the one notable difference when we talk about comparing her case to something like senior case is that in teen, as case seamen was actually found on items of her clothing, but in nineteen eighty two there was much they could do with it. However, there was some other physical evidence that they found that they could use back them all over her clothing or small orange fibres and dog hair. They couldn't tell where they came from appetite, but they knew that it they could ever find a suspect. They would have some really solid physical
is to compare to police, tried hard to find that suspect looking at people in her family old boy friends, but they kept hitting wall after Wall either the person had an alibi or they were ruled out in some other way. But according to this issue keys thoughts blog after a few weeks, they got pointed in the direction of a couple of suspects that looked pretty good for it in their mind, a woman board. That said around the time Tina went missing. She remembered driving with her daughter and seeing a young girl struggling with two men in a ban on this list. He said it felt so wrong that she sighed, like honking her horn and that distracted The drivers and the men long enough to let this girl run away, but she said that the Van made a u turn and went back after the girl and apparently this lady just kept drive.
Was that she didn't stop or do anything else? No. She didn't even go straight to police she's telling them this story after teen has been found, and I literally can't explain this. Any more than that like it seems bonkers to me, but there they were with an eye witness all too late and only a very fuzzy description of the two men in their vehicles. So in through early eighties fashion, the police asked the witness to be hypnotized to get more of a description, though it doesn't end up being super useful at all. However, that actually ends up being unimportant, because somehow some way a pair of friends comes on their radar, a guy named Re Rucker, an earnest holbrooke, no both guys have alibis for the time Tina was taken,
but they aren't anything police can't like excuse away and their willing to excuse them away, because they also find a witness whose willing to testify that these guys confessed to her and may even use this witness after she gives them incorrect information. Oh wait! What do you mean will, according to that same blog, she tells police that they confessed to her. Said they beat Tina today, but the problem is that police already know at this point. That's not how she died ran, but that's deal doesn't stop police just and finding another witness who can corroborate other parts of this story and based on bees to witness testimonies and would jet nothing else they charged both men with murder and re is put on trial first and found guilty o k, soul
They have been responsible for any the motors before this will, I don't even know if the public had the chance to make the connection to any previous cases, because here's the thing just a month after Ray is put away for life. Another very similar murder was committed in this murder to those who support it ray and earnest was proof that the guys who were charged were innocent right now in life. Is there something interfering with your happiness? For me, its lots of little moments of stress that snowball into unwanted anxiety. I think it all comes from a new normal and balancing everything in life from
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on July seventeen nineteen eighty two eleven year Old Christa Harrison was just across the street from her home collecting Cannes in a baseball field with a buddy, her age name Roy according to James Runners Book Roy said that around five o clock he sees this van pull up. A guy gets out and starts walking towards Christa, now he's too far away to be able to hear what words are exchanged, but he can tell that the man's saying something to Christa and then she goes to the bleachers and sits down. The guy sits next to her and tries to touch her and appropriately, and she start crying now again Roy still a viewing all this from a distance away, and he sees Christa crying the man whisper, something in her ear and then makes her.
Up and follow him to his van she's, put in the front seat on the floor in between his two but passenger c and driver seat, and this guy drives away and as he's driving away, he yelled out the window by Roy Roy Random. Chris, his parents house told the family what happened and they immediately call police. All Roy could tell them with this. Guy seemed young
like maybe in his twenties, and he had like shoulder link Brown here that kind of curdled at the ends. In less than a week, Christus body was found, she'd been sexually assaulted and strangled and then left in the open, fully clothed. But this time the victim was wrapped in plastic. Now you might be thinking like ok, so far, a lot of these cases seems similar, but it doesn't mean that it has to be connected to Tina. However, according to that suit keys thoughts right up when the forensic teen look at Christmas body, they find the same orange fibres that were on Tina, increased his hair, meaning she had to have been in the same places Tina right. But how would that be possible if Tina killers were being held by authorities when crystals of ducks
killed now the prosecution didn't want to say that they got the wrong guy. Even though, is becoming clear to investigator that they were likely dealing with the same perpetrator. So initially Christus case had to be worked independently and at first it seemed solvable. There was an abundance of Evan. Found near her body, and there was even a second crime scene with items that linked back to hurt me. They had men's clothing, gloves hares and even a cardboard box covered in her
blood, but they re on down led after lead and kept coming up empty. They tried to link the clothes to someone, but no luck. They try to link the cardboard box to a buyer of the product that package and though they got a long list of names, none of them actually popped out as being the potential killer so dead end after dead end after dead and family and friends watch the case can colder and colder, while at the same time earnest was about to go on trial for teen as murder I mean. Is it swell that earn, as did kill Christa, either for the same sick reason as Tina was killed or even just to try to make police think. The killer was still out there after his friend was in jail. Note so for my understand he was actually awaiting his trial in jail and couldn't have killed. Christa now, you would think that maybe the prosecution would bring
Think the charges maybe not push forward with the trial, at least until they had a little more info and Christus case. Yeah you'd be even more inclined to think that when you learn that one of their two witnesses who said that the guy's confessed to murder, you know legit, the only reason they have these guys and to begin with the right one of these witnesses backs out and says that he was basically forced into testifying as a result of threats that police made against him, so they got one witness instead of two another murder committed with the same forensic evidence on the victim. The case should be dropped right, yeah. Definitely, oh, no. The prosecution still moved forward in August at eighty two and some how they got another guilty verdict. The next month is when Kelly Processor was murdered
and then, just eight days after Kelly was killed. Seven year old, Don Re Hendershot went missing from Maslen Ohio, while walking home from her elementary school. According to legal documents like within the first week or so, police focused on one of her neighbours, a guy named Donald L, more after police. Confronted him, he actually confessed to Dawns murder telling them. He went to school to pick up his own step. Children and other kids from the neighborhood who he was supposed to drive home, but when dawn gotten his car alone, he just hook off and he took down to a wooded area where he tried to molest her and then ultimately killed her. He first tried to strangle her and then he ended up shooting her in the back and listen there
little doubt of his guilt or innocence, since he actually led police to wear. Her remains were in the woods, but even Donald Arrest didn't stop the killings on June twenty fifth nineteen, eighty three, a ten year old name, Debbie Smith, went missing from this same town, as dawn according to Cleveland, seen dot com. She was with her brother David, and they went up to this concession. Stand at this alike, fair thing to buy a drink and he turned his back for a second and when he looks back she's just gone now in her taste, there is something new after she went missing. She made a distraught phone call to her mother, though I couldn't find
exact, like report of what she said, but I dont know that it matters because her body was found near River Bank in August and an autopsy showed she had been severely beaten, stabbed and rate in another. Weird wist there was also candle wax found on her body and, according to the serial killers apprentice book candles were also found near by now during this time, both arrest and re kept appealing their convictions continually pointing to not just the lack of evidence in their cases, but also the fact that there were still girl going missing and being murdered regularly, since their incarceration and here's the thing, even though they were both charge with the same crime under the same set of circumstances when they will try to appeal their convictions, one is granted a new trial and the other
is not how I honestly don't know like there are certain things within the legal system that I will never be able to understand like to me. This is so painfully clear. You guys, you were on trial for the same crime under the same circumstances rate some judge finds that bit yeah, you should get a new trial how'd you different judges. Lucky the same exact stuff that this other guy shouldn't. Yet, let's incredibly frustrating and I cannot comprehend it and we ve seen so many things like this happen, where it seems so painfully obvious from the outside, and it's almost like we're. The red tape is what's getting in the way when the rest of us are like. Yet, though this is, it shouldn't be this heart, and this is just I think, one of odds situations- and I dont know how to solve our europe- will ever be solved. It clearly like a broken system now right.
He ended up getting a new trial and in the new trial he was found not guilty. While earnest got appeal after appeal, rejected and had to remain in prison. This went on into nineteen eighty three. Until a shocking nine, when one call comes in the Clark prosecutor's office said that in October, a nine one. One call comes in from a local resident. Who has this career easy story? They say that eight naked woman with a shade ted in handcuffs dangling from one arm just appeared at their door and told them that their neighbor had abducted and raped her. So this neighbour cause police police come by and they're waiting for said neighbour, a forty something
the old man named Robert Buell, who, before these had never really popped up on polices radar. He was a city employee with no real criminal record, but that's not to say, police had never heard of him because you know, or else his name came up where on the list of people who made a purchase, that would have come in a box just like the one that was found covered in crystals beloved and when they search robber bills plays they find carpet fibres that match the fibers found
on both Tina and Christa, and they find dog hairs just like the ones on Tina, and then they find candles that match the kind founded Debbie's crime scene and here's where things get even crazier to me. So they decide. Ok, he must have killed Christa. So they charge him with only Christus murder a hold up. I thought everyone said that Tina and Crystal were definitely connected like When I say definitely I mean forensically yeah I mean they have the same fibres and the same errors, but to be clear, we still have some one in prison for teen as murder, yeah yeah. Do they happened to let him out once they arrest you actually they do not. Here is how it played out. So Robber Buell is charged for Christus murder in November of eighty three earnest then appeals his conviction of Ghana,
like ok, you let out the other guy who's convicted of this. Now you the rested another person for the murder of one girl that you say is linked to the same person who killed Tina. I shouldn't be in jail for killing Tina, like chain of thinking right seems like they should let him out, except they don't. Oh you're kidding me. The community had this same frustrated reaction. In fact, the backlash was so severe that the prosecution actually had to read consider, though it didn't mean that arrangements are gonna, get out right away, Robber Buell went to trial, was found guilty and actually sentenced to death, then in May of nineteen. Eighty four earnest finally got his conviction overturned so
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for the betterment of you checking will be provided by Betterment Financial LLC in partnership with Envy Casey Bank. According to a nineteen eighty three article from the Akron Beacon Journal, bugles name, also started getting brought up, in other cases like demeanor and Tiffany, and it was basically just kind of told to the family look. We got the guy he's on death row. There is really no point going through more trial since he's gonna die. This is just good enough, I mean, but is it who Emily it left a lot of questions open for the family Lecoq you think they're connected, but again the biggest question here is what, if
they are not. Then we need to be looking for more or different killers throughout his entire imprisonment and through all his appeals, Buell maintained his innocence and even got people to buy it like lawyers and priests who just thought he was incapable of doing what he was charged of in his final words before his execution in two thousand to Robert said Jerry, and surely I didn't, kill your daughter, the prosecution knows that and they left the real killer out there on the streets to kill again and again, and those last words left a lot of people to wonder. If maybe just maybe he was telling the truth. Was there some one else and for a long time, the author, James Runner Kinder, believed that there was lucky that listen? This dude is definitely a bad guy but run or pointed out in his book that at the time of the murders robber,
nephew actually lived with him and to render it made way more sense that the nephew could have been responsible lie so they're, really a whole host of reasons for wine increased as murder. Remember her friend really said that he saw a younger got like in his twenties and Buell was me older in his forties. Also, when Robber Buell got caught, it was for kidnapping and raping that woman who got free rein to her neighbours. She was twenty eight, which is not quite the same victim profile as these very young girls- and there are a lot of other weird coincidence- is- and I would encourage everyone to go- get runners book if you really want to dive into this. But the biggest thing of all was the fact that the murders of young girls in Ohio still didn't stop after Buell was in part and though there seem to be a long lapse in time before the next case, which was in
one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine, when Amy Mihaljevic went missing after school and was later found, murdered left in a field know her case has been cover: by numerous documentaries and books. We actually covered her case in depth in the most recent fan of episode, but it's worth noting that, like Debbie Amy also called home after she went missing, but before her family actually realized, she was missing and this might have been able to give the kidnapper more time to get such a a we're coincidence that we see in these two cases that we don't see in any of the others.
And like so many of the other girls Amy was found in an open field and she had been undressed and then redressed by her killer. Amy's case goals, cold and really there's nothing like it again until December of nineteen. Ninety five: when thirteen year old Barber Barnes, goes missing while walking to school. Ok, you have me like mom paranoid right now. My kids are never walking anywhere like from the house of the car. Nowhere ever and even carrying like my twelve year old, I back the definitely not walk into school, though yeah. So it's interesting rightly, this is one of the patterns. I kept picking up on again and all of the cases, but in so many of these it seems these abductions happen either on the way to or from school- and I don't know like statistically, if that is a very like high time of crime, went when kids get
acted like how dangerous is it to be walking to school? For me, I look at it determines timely. A kid goes, a school at the same time and gets home from school at the same time, like almost every single day. Ebby super easy to establish a pattern of when, are or are not going to be there if someone's gonna be home when they get home. That's true, you're thing about a predator who, who probably is watching who was figuring it out, I mean that that makes a lot of sense. Now barber was found months later buried in a shallow grave near her uncle's property, and even though he failed a polygraph, pretty field reported that police could never linked her uncle to the crime, and so it remains unsolved after one thousand nine hundred and ninety five, the rash of killings to stop, or at least slow, but most of the cases remain open and unsolved,
and even some of the ones that work technically closed or solved are still by many people considered not actually closed, and maybe when the wrong person is in prison in two thousand eight Tina harmonise family was kind of tired of hearing that good and again, they had been in prison, he was sentenced to death for Christus Murder and the prosecution of yet you know it's fine, you you got just as he doesn't mean you don't need to be connected and Tina a hundred percent, and there are no that's not true. We want to know because again, if it's not there. It was things detest. Now she was one of the only victims that had actual dna on her. If we can be a hundred percent sure, why wouldn't be so? They demand to know once and for all. If he was the one who killed Tina. So dna testing was completed and by two, thousand ten indian line confirm that police
made a match between Robert Buell, an Tina forensically, so his nephew didn't do it well. His nephews dna was not on Tina. And it's the little bit difficult, and this is one of the things that runner points out too in his book. A lot is nothing from the nephew was ever test it, which seems kind of bizarre to mean knowing that he lived with Robert during this time, none of his print were tested none of his dna, nothing that belong to him like his car as vehicles whatever so, yes, the seamen they compared from teen as crime scene was definitely to Buell, but that doesn't tell us definitively, but he didn't have an accomplice that he didn't have help
I'm here. I really I have no idea unanimity. We, he was definitely a bad guy. He deserved to be imprisoned if there was something else that could explain what happened after you know, he went to prison in the killings kept going. I don't know here's what I do know there are twelve young girls who were killed in Ohio between nineteen, eighty and ninety. Ninety five. Ten of them were within just a three year time span and in very close proximity, and I actually made a map bread to kind of give you a visual Barbara is the only geographical outlier, she's kind of not in these two pockets and Barbara and Amy cases are the only two that happen much later than the others. But it's weird I mean when you look at it its possessor right. I mean it's already kind of unbelievable that all this is happening in the same state. In what you said, a fairly common
traded amount of time. But the fact that you can narrow it down to these two distinct locations is kind of bizarre and there's something else that I kept coming across. That again, I know they're not all linked, but maybe my group, all of these together and ass, these bigger questions, because the ray of the cases took place in the month of June. Two cases took place in July to in September four in October, and then just one in December and that December one is barbarous case. Who also has an outline indeed and location. So you take hers out. We have eleven, statistically this is kind of bananas that eleven cases are happening in two tiny areas and the only happen
four months of the year. What was happening in Ohio? Why those months now Tina Harmony case is the only one to date that has been confirmed by police to be closed. Using dna evidence and Dawns case was closed through a confession where someone actually led them to her bodies. We know he's the guy, but the right asked, were really kind of left to wonder about, did Buell or more or have more victims did you'll have an accomplice who helped him or carried out his work or continued. Did the two men from a scene its case continue their deviants beyond upper Arlington? Maybe someone we haven't talked about. I again, I know all of these cases are connected, but I don't think it's crazy to think that some of them might be, and I don't think it's out of line to ask the question.
What was happening in Ohio in the early eighties that allowed multiple monsters to prey on these girls and get away with murder. I know there is at least one police department looking to answer that. I spoke with the Columbus police about Kelly Process case and they actually confirmed for me that they are actively working her case and exploring how new technology could potentially solve it, and for you, pod, above all, there actually documenting their re investigation in podcast form. So if you want even more in depth dive into Kelly's case go check out their pod task called the fifth floor. Perhaps we will get answers to Kelly's case, and maybe that could lead us to answers in some of these other cases, because each girl that we talked about Tiffany, Tammy, giant, Meta, Tina, Christa Kelly, John Debbie, Barbara and Amy. They all deserve true just
this again If you want your morn Kelly's case, go check out, the victims were applied cast. Did you want to learn more about Amy's case. You can get a full bonus episode in our fan club and, if you want to know more about these tangled web of missing and murdered. Young girls check out. All of our source material are website for a full list of articles and books that we use, including James runners. Cereal apprentice links were. All of that will be on our website, crying junkie, podcast outcome, and we should follow us on interim at I'm talking. I guess we'll be back next week
with a brain you, crime junkie is an audio chuck production. So what do you think Chuck deal? move
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