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Episode 150: 76th and Yates

2020-10-23 | 🔗

On May 8, 2013, a man named Timothy Jones was arrested in Chicago. He says it wasn’t until he got to the police station that he found out that he was being charged with murder. He didn’t even know someone had died. Earlier that day, a woman named Jacqueline Reynolds had been driving through the intersection of 76th and Yates Boulevard when she was hit and killed by a police car. Because the officers driving the car, James Sivicek and Jairo Valeriano, had been pursuing Timothy Jones, Timothy Jones was charged with felony murder. We speak with Timothy Jones, Livonia Noble King, Keith Spence, and Guyora Binder.

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come and see how much you could be saving national annual average. Auto insurance savings by new customers surveyed in two thousand nineteen potential savings will very discounts very and are not available in all states in situations. How did you meet Jaclyn Reynolds? We broke press as we were a seventh Grade We went same grammar school together, we graduated and we went to high school together and with good friends ever since the of friendship never never stand it will just evolve. the years went old. For the women in this Slovakia, noble king, she lives in Chicago where she is Grew up and where she met her best friend, Jaclyn Reynolds, Do you know when you first remember meeting her Did you know right away that you were gonna, be friends from that they were the first day we met one another. We both France from that very first day
when we were waiting to get our classes. I spoke to her first. We always talk about that that I said how was your name, and at lunchtime I went home with her and we've been fast friends ever since you know over the years. Of course, we met other friends and they became very close to us too, and to this day it's like about five of them, that became very close, but Jackie, was the kind of friend that I never had to be jealous jealous of her another another friend, because she never I not acknowledge who I was to her and how much she cared about me and how much she loved me and she was saying, I love. I love Lavana, you know and would kiss me you know that was the thing she was a big kisser in a big huge. they state best friends for more than forty years and lived in the same apartment building we made.
Decision. Even though I have heard we made a package that waiting time emergency could each other's names down and fattened Bertha, you know that's how we gave it unmeet two thousand thirteen Laval, noble king was home in Chicago when the door Bell Rang, and
I went to the door and it was two gentlemen down there at long black cotton and they said my name and said they need to speak to me. While I knew it was some kind of a police authority or something so I buzzed them in and when they came upstairs, they said Livana. We need to speak to you, there's been an accident, a fatal accident and at the time of them talking, I looked at one of them. He had like a like a folder, but on top of the folder is Jackie's purse and he was talking- and I stopped him and said. Why do you have Jackie's purse and he said a I and I stopped, but I said why do you have my friends purse any fella buying. It has been accepted and ass. It did she leave me and he said yes and I went up under the kitchen table ass. What again before model our added when abounded the table, Livonia noble king, was told the Jaclyn Reynolds
had died while she was driving through the intersection of seventy six and each boulevard in Chicago she'd been hit and killed by police car. I was told that the police came, through and when she got in the middle of the road. The police car hit her tea bonder and killed her instantly. So you were told that the cop car that had hit excellent- was chasing someone or what what did they say? I said hey what's in pursuing someone and that they are, you know death when Jackie get hit they will perform caught. It was ahead of him. That's what they told us. According to Chicago police, the officers were chasing a twenty year old Meme Timothy Jones, Timothy Jones had just gotten home to Chicago from college at Lincoln University in Missouri, where he played football and wisdom.
to be an accountant. According to Timothy Jones, on May seventh, two thousand thirteen He went to the apartment of a man named Lee Davis. He testified that a friend had solidly Davis credit cards and the he Davis, owed them seven thousand dollars he'd gone to the apartment, to collect the dead Hey Davis asked him to come back the next day, so the next day on May eight Timothy Jones and his friend went back to the apartment or the plan would be just going over there to get the money that he owes and what we got there. was saying that he asked some of it, but he did have a one. There is a disagreement and Timothy Jones took a Nike Shoe Box, an Ipad and an Iphone He dropped his idea without realizing it led it is his girlfriend called the police.
Our buying them all, even while it you didn't, like others, carbon out. What was your thought? I mean. I was your thought I better run. You know what what happened immediately? Did you start running out? Did you get into a car? What was your? What was your first thought when you set up the police are coming they are led by the former get away. Rarely like you, I didn't want to get away You know a think: Timothy knew that you know. being from the south side of Chicago growing up. the environment that he grew up in it. You you from the police because they know- they don't do you any domain, you any good attorney. Keith spends you know he knew that the play
called called on him. He knew that know they they did know go into the apartment, Maybe they run out the apartment they did have opened the guy shoes with them so I think that was enough to make him make him make run okay police officer named Ronald Pitman, arrived on the scene and reported by rail, that he had seen a man later identified as. Committee Jones fleeing the scene holding a gun Did you have a weapon on you no weapon at all? He said this from the beginning, He says he and his friend got into a car with a third man and drove from the apartment and he's they stopped when they hit a parked car officer. Pittman's police car was right behind them. In Timothy, says officer, Pitman pointed a gun at them,
Timothy got out of the car with his hands on his friends, ran away Timothy got back into the car into the driver's seat and drove away officer. Pitman got back into his police car and follow Timothy did you have a plan about where you were gonna drive? Did you just say, I'm gonna get as far away from here is possible. Did you know What street you are going to go up? No, I was just trying to get the size from behind I mean. Eventually I was going to drive home, so I guess you could say that for as far like at that moment I was just trying to take the sign officer. Pitman later said that he kept following the car because he believed Timothy Jones was armed to other officers officer James check
and his partner officer, Hydro, Valerio, join the pursuit in their police Suv officer. Civic check was driving Timothy drones drove east on seventy six street and cross the intersection at each boulevard. He told us that the light was red and that he drove through it. The police officers were behind him on seventy six street and then, according to Timothy Jones, all of a sudden he looked around and the police weren't following him anymore. He says he thought the chase was over and that he'd gotten away, he parked his car and started walking a police officer approached him and asked him his name. He said Timothy Jones, which match the name on an id police had found nearly Davis's apartment.
Timothy Jones says it wasn't until he got to the police station that he found out that he was being charged with murder. He didn't even know someone had died, I'm fed judge. This is criminal, we'll be right back, Support for criminal comes from that recruiter hiring. And be challenging Monica can relate to having a hard time finding person right person for at job at company construction company, so to zip recruiter, zip recruiter center, the best candidate for her role around five minutes after she posted her job and she hired him the next day,
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I had no idea until I was in the police station and they told me that I was being charged with a merge. I've been charged for the murder case. I knew I didn't kill anybody. I know I didn't come to close to killing So I have no idea what happened until I'm for the session. Here's what he learned about seven seconds after he ran the red light on seventy six street at eight bull, barred the police Suv entered the intersection. Also running the red light. Hitting Jaclyn Reynolds Car killing her instantly because the police hidden, killed Jaclyn Reynolds during their pursuit of Timothy Jones, Timothy Jones was charged Murder. So so felony murder is one of the three or or theories
liability for for murder in american law law, professor or a binder teaches at the University of Buffalo School of law. One is is straightforward and familiar. You intentionally kill someone. That's murderer enough. Form of murder is based on culpable risk taking. So if you cause someone's death recklessly very recklessly or recklessly for a very bad purpose, that's also, murder in most states in most american jurisdictions and the third form Murder is murder in the course of crime. And so, if you cause death in the course of certain grievous felonies in most Americans statesmen in federal system, that's murderer.
as well. Felony murder is distinctly american, almost every other country that his head similar laws on the books as abolish them, but in America, According to your binder forty one states have some and a felony murder rule in place. Part of what's happened to felony Maria liability is that it has expanded over the course of its here, three in large measure, because our ideas about what it means to kill have expanded great, Oh, an english law you now and in the early Nineteenth century United States. Kill meant that you attack somebody with a weapon and they died later. We began to think that killing just was sort of an old fashioned way of saying you caused a result. You caused a harmful.
result you cause death and ideas about how you could cause or results expanded so that we do not. We began to think about very long and elaborate COS chains under under the felony murder rule, someone can be convicted of murder, even if they didn't intend to kill anyone and even if they weren't behaving recklessly, the prosecution only needs to show that the defendant participated in a felony resulted in a death, not all felonies qualifying only ones that are categorized as dangerous. or specified in statutes intimately Jones, is case, he was charged with home envy. an armed robbery and residential burglary all three or on the for felony murder in Illinois.
The felony murder rule in Illinois, where Timothy Jones was charged is one of the broadest street in the country and is included feature that many other states do not. A feature of felony murder liability. That's very controversial, is the idea that, if you part participate in the felony. Even if you're, not the person who actually kills another person, you can be liable, even though it was police officers, James, civic check and higher of Marianna who hid Jaclyn Reynolds Car Timothy was true, charged with her murder, if Timothy have been charged, in a different state. This might not have been the case. We looked at all sorts of cases. A felony murder from all over the country just last year
In Illinois, men claimed he saw a group of six teenagers attempting to break into his car. He shot and killed one of them a fourteen year old, but then, under the felony murder rule the other five teenagers were charged with the murder of their friend, the man who actually shot the gun was not charged. Ultimately, the murder charges against the teenagers were dropped. Amid pressure from civil rights groups in two thousand and one a man in Oklahoma gave his thirteen year old, sister, a leader of vodka. She shared it with her friends, one of whom died from alcohol. Poisoned The man was convicted, a felony murder and in New York in the nineteen eighties there's. This
We have one man breaking into another man's house. The homeowner had a gun and told the intruder to get on the ground after the police arrived, the homeowner had a heart attack and died. The prosecution argued that the stress of the attempted burglary costs the heart attack. So we have expanse of rules of causation, and then we have expansive rule of accomplice liability. So if you intentionally aid or encourage a crime you're responsible for that crime, but what most jurisdictions stu, as they say, if you intentionally aid or encouraged the underlying crime, the robbery or the re poor, the arson
you are then liable for any death that's foreseeable. As a consequence of that, there is a famous case from floor. in two thousand three one day early in the morning, a twenty man named Ryan Holly loaned his car to a friend he'd been up late. The night before drinking and reportedly heard his friend talking about stealing a safe from a man who sold drugs. Holly later said he was drunk and tired and didn't know. If his friend was serious. He went to bed his friend along with three others drove Holly's car to the house where they were going to steal the safe.
During the burglary one of those four men beat a young woman to death with a shotgun holly was at home when the crime was committed, but because it allegedly heard his friend planning the burglary and given him his car keys anyway, he was convicted under the felony murder rule and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole at Holly's trial trial in two thousand for the prosecutor said no car, no crime, no car, no murder. You were Pinder says there are cases where the family murder rule intuitively makes sense, for example, If someone intentionally set fire to a building to collect insurance, money and people surrounding buildings died because of that fire.
pull in favour of the felony murder doctrine, including some victims. Rights advocates argue that people who is to commit dangerous crimes, know that it's a possibility that innocent people could die in the harsh punishment acts as a kind of determined. I mean it's a lot to get your head around me to think about being, criminally liable for the death of someone you may never have laid your eyes on and that their death. Actually, if little circumstances,
on a million different ways or one different way. This would not be the case in the in the case of Timothy Jones. If the cop had been looking up had not been driving so fast had changed, Lanes X Y, see it certainly shocking and and troubling that liability depends so much unlock. So and you know, and then yes, and then we have cases where death wouldn't have occurred without a decision may be. A bad decision may be an irresponsible decision by police
but it took the argument. Is it it's the person who started the chain of events that is liable, even if they're, not the ones who hit the actual person or cause that they started the chain of events which then made the police officer, starts speeding and that reckless driving but they're the ones who started the events right rather than the officer getting charged? for you know Highspeed che sore for shooting other officer. It's it's. The rusty
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tonight with more in this case Marian Alison twenty two year old Timothy Jones? Is accused of robbing the family inside their cell site apartment, but he's on trial for murder after a high speed police chase killed. Fifty six world Jacqueline Reynolds in may have twenty thirteen prosecutor say Jones in two other men. their way into an apartment, to steal money, shoes and an Ipad. According to the state, after the suspects left police took chase as both Jones in a police. As you ve sped down, seventy six treat they blew through a red light and the police, as you ve he slammed into Jacqueline Reynolds Car Timothy Jones is trial, began on February, seventeenth, two thousand, fifteen almost two years after he was arrested, the prosecution had prove two things to convict Timothy Jones felony murder rule the team he had committed a felony and that
back on Reynolds died in a chain of events started by that felony, here's prosecutor, Barbara Bailey, during opening statements when the defendant went out on that street that day when he went to that apartment to commit those crimes is making conscious choices, and he was setting in motion a serious level. A series of events that edged in a murder the prosecution argued that had Timothy Jones not gone to that apartment that day and not run from the police Jaclyn Reynolds would still be alive. Attorney Keith spends represented Timothy Jones and trial. Opposition There was no felony to connect him to the felony murder Timothy Jones is felony. Charges were home invasion, armed robbery and residential burglary. Keith spent argued the Timothy should
have been charged with home invasion because he didn't break in penal. The man who lived in the apartment gone to high school together in Timothy, had just been at his apartment one day before Keith Spence also. who argued that the armed robbery charge didn't make sense, because Timothy didn't have a gun. Although police officer, Ronald Pitman testified that he'd seen Timothy with a gun no gun was ever found on Timothy or in the car. You see. The Chicago police Department would like to put this on him. Timothy's defense attorney Keith spends in his opening statement, but Chicago Police Department is the organization agency that has the duty to protect us from dangerous situation, including high speed chases. They certainly cannot even attempt to show approve or connection with the
First degree: murder of Jacqueline Rimes, Keith Spence also argued that, because Timothy Jones had already been stopped by the police once before the crash, the police, can the chain of events linking the alleged felonies to Jaclyn Reynolds death. And finally, he argued that the police had no justification to pursue Timothy Jones. The way that they did, because Timothy did not have a gun and they could
picked up Timothy at any time, because police already had his name on the id they'd found it Lee Davis's apartment, Keith Spence said it was the reckless behavior of the police that killed Jacqueline Reynolds, no Timothy Jones. What was the trial like emotion, that emotion? It was Gary Timothy Jones. Oh, it looks like how can I put that in a word it was like a life changing thing really like for me to sit down yeah I got. I can really explain. It was life changes on like.
They took me and painting me as this horrible person the whole trial, and it's like, like I said, I'm not saying I total all in because I had part. I know that had a winter there's rentals going to die that day, but they pay any other or complete animal or manage to society when the only reason that Miss runners side was so they chase me. They broke they own protocol, as they deliberated members of the jury asked the judge. A question was it possible to find Timothy guilty of one of the charges without the murder charge automatically applying wanted to, but they were instructed that they could, because it's it's it's not how this statute is written. it's an automatic first degree murder,
think the jury was was looking for a way to address that I find him guilty of first degree: murder, but instructions left them very little book, so they had no power to just a sure thing We want them home invasion, but we don't believe that the felony murder charge is fair or right. There was no way to disconnect it to no. No and that's we were. We were trying to try to address and it did at the time- and now just Wilson, just would not mean off. He heap and I don't miss with balkan goal for the way ruled on it. I mean it's just the way: those laws rid the Very phone Timothy Jones not guilty of home invasion and not guilty of strawberry They did find him guilty of residential burglary, and with that,
How many conviction guilty of first degree, murder, during sentencing Jaclyn Reynolds, best friend, Lavania, noble king, who we heard from at the beginning of the story, testified Timothy Jones behalf. I came because the centers, and only you know to speak in behalf of Timothy to try to get mercy for him because he didn't hit her. So you didn't want Timothy punished for Jacqueline's death. Of course not he didn't hit. Jackie Timothy did not hit Jackie. His car didn't touch her. He didn't. Even though Jackie I'm getting it. But when I got on Span asked the journey. The please believe me. I didn't give mercy to this young man. He was young, had a chance that his life they could away. They could have easily. He could have did get a maximum
he should have gave him what they give people for manslaughter and they're, not saying that he did it because he caused the accident, never first degree, murder, Think about what Jackie would be. So to you about your helping trying to help timid the end and not hear to it said: do it Lavanya and that's why he had no problem. Speaking about a different, my best friend had it been different, I would never have come and wood past. What I knew she would. I knew she would have felt that way and that's why I woke up and that's why I came in defense Because because I got older prosecuted laundering, you don't gig defined about Jackie were to all is not about yes, but for Jackie it would be about this young man and, as for I'm here to speak,
a bore in behalf of her I'm her best friend man until all of her dreams, aspirations, shortcomings and all and she would not have wanted Timothy to do this time wouldn't have wanted that Timothy Jones was sentenced to twenty. Eight years in prison is currently seven years into a sentence at Dixon Correctional Center. And Dixon Illinois. Jacqueline Reynolds, family sued, the city of Chicago and the two officers involved in the crash, alleging that they violated procedures for police chases and, as part of that civil case, new information came to light. An expert said gps records. Showed that officer civil check was driving as fast as seventy four miles per hour and just before the crash
he was driving a minimum of sixty miles per hour. This is different than what officer civil check said it. Timothy Jones is trial when he testified he'd been driving at about thirty miles per hour police in Chicago are typically required to apply a balancing test when deciding to engage in a high speed chase to take into account the traffic conditions of the area and the risk to bystanders and to decide whether the need to catch the suspect at ways. The risk of the chase officer? Have a check testified, Timothy's trial that he did not think the chase was too dangerous and that he was pursuing a man who was armed. The city admitted liability in the family's lawsuit
and three point: five million dollars was awarded to Jaclyn Rental, to state the Chicago police departments. Traffic Review board issued a reprimand, the officer civic check and requested that he attend driving school. We contacted the Chicago Police Department for the story, but, having heard back, Timothy Jones is continuing to appeal his conviction if he serves his full sentence. He'll be in prison until he's forty eight years old. What's the memory that you think about maybe that happened. We know what a memory that was right before this whole thing begin when used
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