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Episode 174: The Loves

2021-10-08 | 🔗

“There is something he hasn’t been telling me and I’m about to find out what it is.”

Bobby and Cheryl Love’s book is The Redemption of Bobby Love: A Story of Faith, Family, and Justice.

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Carter, anxieties and complicated love find this new series from Radio Tokyo presents wherever you listen upon casts. I myself am, I said: who is there he so loud, because man would be singing saw it? science and everything, but why saying he's, were I'm still looking and then get notified of my eye s authority? cue. Share. Love met her husband Bobby when they were both working at Baptist Medical Center in Brooklyn in the early eighties Cheryl. Was it Terry AID and Bobby. Why? dishes, and he used to aware has a certain way like Everybody we're in the street where we even where it the opposite way, and I thought that was the king of Spain, where I Didn'T- dare tell them, but that's what I was in my heart. There s a key you think Bobby when you first saw Cheryl
I thought she was a knockout. When you started spending a little more time with Bobby. You know how How long did it did it? Take you to realize that we're getting serious about this man that this is someone that you didn't want to just be a fling that this is someone you wanted to do, spend your life with well it wasn't right away like I said he was a little loud, but I like them. He made people laugh. He would think he was a jolly type of person. So I like that about him, and he As somebody who I believe in there I could trust you know he was nice. When Cheryl found out that she was pregnant, they started looking for an apartment where they could live together and start their family. I was like Ok Saunders,
well marital com, that dumping and lo and behold. One morning he came over to the house and he proposed semi and said to me. He said you know we could go and get married in Jamaica and I was like Jamaica no way. I don't want to go to Jamaica to get married. Where do you want to go to Jamaica, but I don't want to get married and make already knew I'd, be they propose Sidney, You know he wanted to get me once he wanted you to be this way, Bobby in those early days as a new husband and a young father, life like was Cheryl in those early days of being a family. I loved every minute of it, come home from work. I had a halter. Can I will put it man, I'm my jasmine and I will be all over the place with jasmine, so it was great for me.
I loved every minute of judgment is she was just a joy two years later, Bobby and Cheryl had another daughter, Jessica Bobby would spend his days off usually Monday and Tuesday, taking the girls to the park. What are the movies? He says he just tried to spend as much time as possible with them and then ten years after Jessica was born Cheryl found out the choose pregnant again with twins, why the aid and landless love? Well, when I say I floated on that day, loaded, then in the two boys, Jordan ingestion was boy? You know they were our main focus, I mean
If it came down to it, we would feed them and then, if whatever was left over really if it came to that Bobby, who is now we're in the kitchen at a hospital in the Bronx, found a second job as a nurse's aide at night. He was worth now the time still show says he always found a way to spend time with the kids. When the boys got older, he coach their football. Oh in baseball teams help Cheryl around the house in any way that he could. She says he was a great cook, but were aspects of their relationship. That bothered She felt like they had trouble. Talking sometimes
we're being when I'm trying to discuss something with em and say why why I like that? What did I do anything? But did you know stuff like that, and you just shut down all you can say anything, and I wanted him to respond back to me and I would say you can talk so much about everything else, but now I'm trying to tell you about it. You know Something with us and you can't do. It was no one on Bobby also had some court. Chair. I couldn't understand, like the fact that he never wanted to be an photographs For me that was where, because of catches, that's what family Doug you take, it is you and put he didn't want to do that. Every once in a while. I get him to take a picture by lobbied in like to take pictures. Why doesn't dismay unlikely pages, but I was one thing and I was things sometimes when I wouldn't feel so. A second it was very affectionate, but I mean asked trot
say that to my friends. Well, I don't see they said. Are you kidding me that man goes out to work every day? He comes home, he takes care of you, he buys you beautiful things. Cheryl, you ain't, you don't have no problems, you know so Eliza said earlier. Oh my light. Ok, you're right, you're right in London. Anything think I see see any evidence of any cheating. Anyone with any family was thinking. Maybe he has another family, maybe that's it and he's hiding it, and I would ask him and he would say: oh, please show no, nothing. No, no there's nothing like that and he always was to me. You know I am committed to you. I am a committed. His marriage and I want to be here so I just you know, lived bad be rich months away from their thirtieth wedding anniversary.
When, on January, twenty second, two thousand fifteen Cheryl her to knock on the door I usually get up about six thirty, seven o clock and on one of my sons he had to get to school early. So during he was kidnapped, game prepared in you now getting ready for school is clear, and I usually get up made me The tea and everything make sure he's up in what we do not do what he needs to do and so ass the kitchen making a cup of tea loud not going to do a loud ma. Who is above, even said who is it he's laying down and who is it? This is two a and they said yeah. We want to a so I go and I opened the door and when I opened the door FBI New Nypd and guns drawn and
me and asked me if you don't know who he is, and I mean way about it and what I'm saying and like this talk of it all you know and like I see you know they won't. Let me get near Bobby he's getting you know up now and I see the cops have you no talking to him, but the talk and loaded down a member. I don't hear anything. One guys like you can be back, and so am I What's Goin on was doin is now looking at me, he's lad and though I said nothing he's holding. His head down. What is This was an legacy. It's like get back? You don't know who they said. You don't know who this man is
And even when I say it now, I can my heart beats faster, because there was something to hear like I don't know who he is. I don't know who he is, but then I could feel almost like. This is what The general thinking all his time when you know there's something he hasn't been telling me this. Is it and I'm about to find out what it is, I'm Phoebe charge. This is criminal oh boy. I said this. Is it I was upset. I was angry yams everything when the car
They're gonna surrounded me rose men in bed, and they can put have yes, my circle with three guys around me. Yes, guns were in the house said. No man is no guns here, and any one of them said. We say he had a good run along mine, also, he said to me: what's your name and I said Bobby Love, he said no, what's your real name, so I knew what he was in. A way was coming from with that. So I said what occurred is Miller, He said yeah, you had a a good, a long run, a good run and I stood there and then she would say still trying to get some understanding of what was going on
I say to her. I showed this happened long before I ever met you. She was crying I started to face my children they were crying and we always is crime. They allowed me to go into the next room and heard my daughter and heard my son Justin. And then they walk me out. Furthermore, we, I really didn't know, He was arrested. I on I don't know, but I'm telling you Oh baby, I said you know. I really love you because mom. I was not thanks. Of myself and all I was not thinking of it. I was thinking about his you ok noticed. This is overwhelming for me and may take him away and something there.
You know. He hasn't told me about you think I'm gonna leave town, Let him know, then, with him Gonna be all right, I'm with you. I don't know what's going on, but I'm with you. My wife would say he had saved me because of their best A case study say yes, there's the woman working. I think he s a he has the rising visited. Let there be how long and led her gave him. So I had job which you could be in the Gulf. Still trying to homely bed, but always if he wasn't there in accessing, You gotta eat something something was giving him chocolate chip cookies and I eat these cookies eat the cookies, and I know they were looking at me like. Are you crazy? You said you can't talk, I said, but I just wasn't listening. I was just here Bobby
and I said he needs a cholera because is called out. The city needs wanna jacket. They listen the jacket line laugh about it now, whether funding so surely you are just trying to take care of him yeah the best you could at the moment, bread. As he drove as they drove him away, our society what is happening? What is what is really happening here, but it was almost almost a relief too, because I knew that this is what is spent all these years when he sit down when I couldn't get so close at hand. This is what it was. He was happy you know so This is what it was all those years.
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retrial than ten percent of your first purchase visit, squares based on com, slash, criminal. On January twenty. Second, two thousand fifteen Bobby love was arrest for a crime. He had committed. Almost forty. Years earlier in nature, seventy seven, when you still known as Walter. Miss Miller. What Curtis Miller was born on November. Sixth, nineteen fifty in Greensborough North Carolina, his father I'd when he was nine and his mother race in his siblings. When he was starting eighth grade. He enrolled Gillespie Part junior high, which had been one of the for schools and North Carolina Desegregate in nineteen fifty seven. He remembers that on his first day Some white students yielded him. This is
our school he says the year when ok, he liked math and art, and a summer approached he remembers, bought a ticket to attend his first concert SAM Cook at the in Spring Colosseum he was so excited He pushed his way to the front of the crowd. Wherever, was dancing. He was thirteen. He also stay out here for two songs and he told the people. If you don't sit down his wont, work, the stage which he dared car shoulder absurdity and I was arrested, What did you showed at the concert? You remember. I said SAM Cook, a shit I first added I did it very loud because walked out the stage you known as when he won't does the savings No, we feel like you,
Can I just say to help us from there to watch waiting. They woke me up. Because the summons This only turned up they drove me home. Came in houses. Well once o clock in the morning Actually I had now come my sister's wonder for open the door. Amongst the tell me that I found the in house at a certain time. I'm not going to get in there, so done. My sister's went and she let me and my sister she three is only these light. She said I'll kill you. But anyway I will go in and get in the bed. Then I just went on Don't I me to do?
but there's someone who was a patent court daylight to go to this court downtown it is totally ignored. All of that didn't go us before starting ninth grade Bobby vomit for stealing a woman's purse at the fair grounds and realising it had five, dollars in it. He bought a new sweater. Some new shoes and some records he said They started to notice how often people, left money unattended and he started stealing from other kids at school Oh, I'm stealing one some guys. Pets in gene Put your pants lacking, a lock is still left open. Oh boy, you know it put my hands in something gas pocketbooks in Pakistan. Seal their money, so I did it one day and I came back the next day, during the same day, go ahead.
Was one of the closets, so down and say the onerous. He was centre thirteen months at a juvenile facility called the more and training school. He says it was rough, He couldn't wait for his mother to visit. He says he could I'd when he saw her when I say that I was gonna get out of here and what did you do? I paid attention to the guards and how many God's work that night, I had a tray have you no exact away. Train was, but I hear that fossil on the train. So my thinking was this I'm gonna leave in the middle of the night. I'm gonna run as fast as I can only street car someone get on the side? so you can see me again. The train compares me
I went on No one knows tracks were my plan, my dear my thoughts were to get it. Was train tracks and walked. Those train tracks all the way up to the next sitting. And that's what I do. Will you nervous I was scared as hell music But yes, I got on those train tracks. Man and I ran a little bit. The a arena where I want to love it. And by the time it was time to get light. That morning I was in the next city. He knew he couldn't go home, so he took it as to Washington DC where Brother Raven lived soda four hey. There was call my mother. To my mother? I had come to DC.
So my mother, yet crops have been here see he was concerned about you know was all right. You know like that. So I told Raymond. I said Raymond. If I just stay here, I'm not going to get in no trouble like that. That kind of thing So ok We got a job at Russell Dover candies the enrolled in high school again at eastern school. He says the back, then school had a special programme that place Hence in government offices he applied. He says he was given a job at the Pentagon filing paid. And running errands, twenty hours a week. He events, he found a small apartment and when he was seventeen, began living on his own. He sat make enough money to cover his rent, but when he heard that one of his friends, had gotten away the big robbery. He asked if he could join
The next time in January of nineteen sixty nine, they made a plan to rob Robber Pharmacy It was inauguration day for Nixon and we It was in our minds that, because of their own alteration day, there wasn t see what will be the many cops places like Selfies Washington DC, where we were was going for this lobby. I came out I had the money, I had a gun and I was ducking down running well, not really running, but I was trying to see whether any cops was in the area where I was- and I was coming between two two cars one way and I got shot from behind
In my view, the man behind I really didn't know until the police You put me in the eminent stuff like that, like what happened, you know some said I got shot. I'll be recovered in the hospital for almost a month, and then he says he was wheeled right across the street to the DC jail. He says The judge denied his request for leniency because of his previous record. He was convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to thirteen months. Center for juvenile offenders. I've been learned nothing from thirteen months. There are spent at the EU summit in Washington D C. When I came out to do, Thirteen months
to. On the same day, Sir, Robin. I would from down to Greensboro Berlin We can. Some robberies came back to Washington DC. They mostly found credit unions Bobby says they do have to North Carolina because the sick thirty. There was less sophisticated than in Washington DC in unified in seventy one. He decides to steal a car to make the drive when Bobby three friends who had come with him arrived at the credit union. Plan to rob. There is a thousand dollars and the registers behind the counter Something seemed off. They drove away trying to drive just at the speed limit, then they noticed a police car following them and another one coming towards them Bobby says,
to police cars, turn their lights and sirens on at the same time, and he and his friends were arrested. I was sentenced to twenty five thirty years there. The twenty five to thirty years. I mean. What did you You heard that you're being sentenced to twenty five to thirty years in prison Before You have done little stints in youth facilities, but What was that like, when you heard that at the time you got out of prison. You would be far into middle age, I started doing everything I could to get out you know I made up my mind- is this: was it for me, I'm not ever getting any more trouble so I join the Jaycees I star going to church. I work different jobs. I worked in the hospital. All that help me to me I agree:
I agree it is when you again shipped to minimum road camp somewhere. So that's that's what I did I made up my mind: criminal acts and stuff like that you're being transferred to a few different prisons. Bobby was placed in a minimum security facility in Raleigh North Carolina He says he was allowed to walk around the yard and make phone calls men every Wednesday, cortisone radio show, and then things started to change, He had been working in the office. One of his jobs was picking up the newspapers at the gate. To bring into the office each day Monday. His super Aye, Sir told him he didn't have to in the papers anymore, but then, the next day, when he didn't pick up the newspapers, the guard at the gate, brought him up ass, a man ass, a trip, you know what to one person. Tell you one thing:
to deal with somebody else. Didn't defend me on that, so they moved me for the job they moved. Major the kitchen one morning. This captain come across yard. I see some nasty time their Bobby was told. That from then on he would be working on it True, They put me on the road I said to myself This is the last job They don't give me because I'm gonna get myself we'll be right
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began to pay a lot of attention to every part of how they were transported where boss stopped and for how long? He How does that no matter where they were going, the bustle we stopped at a particular top sign Would it area Bobby carrying a bag onto the bus in the morning to see if the guards with Jacket He noticed that the guard on Tuesdays didn't pay as much attention, as the others sometimes not checking. His bag it all Bobby. They began to get rid of his personal effects, anything that had a phone number or dress of someone he knew and could be. To trace him He says he didn't want to leave. Any evidence had ever been there at all. On Tuesday November nineteen, seventy seven two days after twenty seven birthday Bobby put on regular clothes under his prison, uniform he packed them.
He saved and reported for work and as soon as this guy he's on Tuesday morning I'm gone. I walked it at day. I got on the bus, I said in the back and we went down this street. We got ready to turn open. I adored that bus and I jumped off and I was gone,
Bobby says he ran into the woods and then he kept running. He asked for directions to the bus station. One man bought him a ticket and another gave him money Bobby remembers the man saying- and I hope you're not in trouble and then Bobby, got on a bus heading for New York. He says he figured he could get lost there. I would walk up and down the blocks all over New York. One day I was walking and I see a social security office and I walk in there and applied for a social security card and When a lady asked me, if I may add a car before, I told ya, Know- which was alive because I share the lady. It merely part rival spot This is great.
So they gave me in feeling that I can probably give me some idea from somewhere an arm. Establish myself a bit better Bobby love. Started gathering all the documents he needed to try to make his new life official and to find it? job here that's the name out of a birth certificate typed Bobby love and photocopy. Until it looked authentic next, He used the birth certificate to get a driver's license. He says he paints. When at the DMZ, not to notice that it was doctored before a job at a warehouse and an apartment Staten Island HEAT I'd be careful. He said four waited for years before he felt safe, calling his sister Jean her know but he was okay. He'd been worried. Maybe her phone line had been tapped once
He says he was walking down the street in New York and someone started coming towards him. Yelling call in one of his old nicknames from growing up in Greensborough Bobby. He tried to be nice. And get away ass soon ass. He could, I also remember the time when he went on. Several dates with a woman, finding out what she did for a living and abruptly cutting things off she sat on the Asian. I said you what she said. Yes, I may be eyes measures come off a stake out at sea come off a steak. I she's a year since, look you up all I saw that you had a driver's license, as a lawyer like TAT, so it was, What would I do my hair was there? This is the last time on those c and call this lady so that was it with her Bobby's, he continued to date. Over the years
but wasn't really serious about anyone. It was hard to keep such a big secret and then he met Cheryl. He really liked her. And he was very worried that if she ever found out about his past, she would leave him. Why Bobby proposed to Cheryl. He suggested They get married in Jamaica in part because the key must have a plane. Ticket could explain his family couldn't come, but cheer one system that they have the wedding in New York when Bobby older sister gene, to tell her that it was getting married. She said I want to come. I see you? Do I say the horizon listen GINO soon, now, my name is Bobby love. Ok, she say here I know gene drive up to New York with her son, along with Bobby's brother and his wife sheriff
so that at the wedding they were awkward and wouldn't talk to her much. It was the first. She'd been any of Bobby's family but they didn't like me. But, as you know, the story is now. I know why they treated me like that they were trying to keep a secret, you know being loyal to him and that Let me out Dalzell, they didn't really know what to say to me? You know when you eventually saw his arrest record. What did you think? I'm just gonna myself. I said my god. I said you know everybody? Everybody has a pass. Everybody needs. The second chance by the time the FBI and knocked on their door in those in fifteen he'd, been is Bobby love from
forty years he doesn't exactly how we got cod after so much time, but he some idea, a few months earlier. He attended His brothers funeral. Cheryl remembers being upset because it in one or two come one of his nieces printed, his name in the funeral programme, then Bobby Love, some asked why he was using a fake name Bobby remembers, he just kind of push them off, but he think someone at the funeral problem: a family member put two and two together and called the police. He found out after his arrest but there had been a reward out for him all these years. That it hadn't changed since nineteen. Seventy seven, two thousand dollars. I'll be was sent to North Carolina to finish his sentence ten years at Mount
View correctional institution nor Asheville He was sixty four. He wrote long letters to Cheryl an Cheryl make sure she was near her phone every night Six! Thirty, when Bobby, would call She also started gathering statements about Bobby's character from any one. She think of the bishop at their church, the kids football coach, her God, sisters and when the time came went to Bobby's, prove hearing in North Carolina and spoke. On his behalf, I've known him to be a good father, a good. Stand, at all took my time and I told them the different things in it. I remember what he was to me in what he'd you know did that was positive in the community, and I say
in a way, because I saw it as he rehabilitated him cells by man won t do anything you know negative bear he so I hear me he worked when three jobs At a time He took care of the children, he would help cut He would do the shopping at times. You would do laundry. You know the world anything that I would estimating wooden do whatever Carol said, seem to have an impact. A little over two months after the hearing Bobby was really. Stone, parole,
he took the bus to New York, like you done almost forty years before Blue was so excited them. One at all. I think I slept like ours always Let's say I couldn't wait. I couldn't wait. I was like, oh, my god, everything has to be just right. I want the house smelling and looking beautiful. I want to be looking nice myself. I want the kids to look good. I want everybody feeling good. I said Lord thank you he's coming been home, just juvenile, just so happy, and so we got up. We were early, my son in law and my daughter. They lived in Harlem, but they had came over to pick us up in Brooklyn and we all were going to ride down there to meeting him, and so when we got about a bus station there at Greyhound the Greyhound bus, he came and we saw the bus, and well, you got off. He got off
I only use as the ability, but when he got all my plan is he had this beard that was Duval. Why did not work beer first of all, we just loved on I'm in everything, is so happy your home and everything. So we all have waited his rest want to eat, but before we my daughter, Red Jessica by the train station near anguish. You saw him almost than he just didn't. I stopped laughing at B. It was so funny too, of course, Cracking up everybody, over to their house. And cheerful says the Chin Bobby didn't have a minute to themselves until late tat night when it was the two of them. She says it felt like there on their first state, they said Couch together, not talking justice. To the radio, did you
get angry at Bobby? Did you ever ask him why he Tell you all those years if he loved you and entrusted you why he didn't tell you I d idly. I said to him So why didn't you tell me? I had already made up my mind. I was not going to leave him, but I did say to him honey. You should have told me what you should have told me he said sheriff. If I would have told you you would have made me turn myself in. You would have said. That would have been the best thing to do and but you know what you're right. You know me. You are absolutely right and I just said you know what I want a good marriage. I want my marriage, I don't want to be bitter, so I'm going to Bob started talking to Cheryl more about his past. He told his kids they could ask him anything they wanted
and he's legally changed his name to Bobby love. Bobby. What is it like to know that share all knows. The full history now and knows the secrets that you hid for so long and still you and still once of course, to be married with you, but also to grow old with you. It makes me feel good, it makes me feel arm. I'm cared for we have the same when we get up in the morning. That's one of the things we say to fill You can search out each other Basle II. Being kind to each other and been forgiven and love into each other and said You don't feel like that all the time, but we need when you don't feel like that, thing. I'll do I'll, just go into another room, sit down. Someplace, maybe count, maybe
pray, maybe do some column and do something else and then come back and trotted spoke again. You know That's all you can do, yeah. He liked to take a nap when everything is out in the open. It always makes things better Yes, it does Oh, my goodness, I am so ecstatic right now. Right now we bore. I can speak for Bobby on this week Feel like this is our seas. Dawn. Weak B and Bobby can be his. True, I take so and me too
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