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Episode 187: 427 Emails

2022-04-22 | 🔗

Pontiac Correctional Center is a maximum security prison in the small town of Pontiac, Illinois. It’s the oldest in the state - founded in 1871 - and has a reputation for being one of the most violent. There is a guard at Pontiac who some staff praise for being tough and having their backs. But other staff and people in the prison say she is known for abuse. In 2019, she was investigated by the Department of Corrections and State Police. Investigators had obtained 427 of the guard’s emails, revealing the conversations she’d had with other staff when it seemed like no one was looking.

This episode is in collaboration with the podcast Motive, from WBEZ Chicago, hosted by Shannon Heffernan. Season 4 of Motive investigates the hidden world of big prisons in small towns.

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is your name Susan, Francis majored, in finance, crystals and Prentiss P, r e, and in the winter of two thousand and nineteen, a woman named Susan Prentice sat down for an interview with two investigators. Susan Practice is a high ranking correction officer at the Pontiac Correctional Centre. She supervises other staff, You don't have to talk to me. If you don't like the line lion question, I'm going down, you can say I'm done with Monica, then you can walk around or whatever with that aren't. So with that said, Pontiac Correctional Center is a maximum security prison. in the small town of Pontiac Illinois, it's the oldest in the state founded in eighteen. Seventy one and its large with tall red, brick walls and towers, its known as one of the most violent prisons and the state and there's one staff member there.
Name comes up a lot Susan Prentice, here's Jimmy Stokes. She worked in the prison as a mental health counselor I would describe Susan Practice, have the devil- and I say that without sincerity, many of the men and cars In a Pontiac said similar things or the red They call out a red dragon, reputation was if you'd have complied with How does he told you do she will get offices as you will come to your sale. and they will judge welcome she'll, like you, you you out. So if this, who up top, why think here by us
how's my she don't care about nothing. Monica Strasbourg, the state police officer conducting the interview said she had heard about her from guards who have a different perspective too late for this is Iraq started we want to do things were because you know I'm enterprise has If somebody has my back on the I'm gonna work on fucking work, my ass off for you Monica Strandberg, tell Susan Prentice that she was once a guard in Illinois prison. He tells her quote. We done a lot of the same things. Have you always been pioneers really unless you, the many years as a twenty two, twenty three twenty three of us is a lot of it is let us be for you, but I'm not. I've had due to games from Dallas.
and we all back each other up one hundred percent. I am very pro police procedure, I'm not a hunter! and you ve been here for twenty three years. Obviously you again boatload of Bruce fans, and even what goes on is what we want to talk about today about things that are going on here. Hm report records, show that Susan Prenticed has been named in more than a hundred lawsuits. She's, not always the focus of the lawsuits, sometimes just the supervisor. None those cases, ended with a judgment against her, but the state did pay to settle several of them. Some claim Prenticed destroyed, someone's property Another claims that she another guards kept a man from getting medical care the case about officers who worked under Prentice, getting one prison
to beat another prisoner. On that case, settled for fifty thousand hours. It was crazy. Finally, vulture will have a little extra honestly. I really don't hang out with anybody about police officers, but people that, we have the same mindset and with it the same way and work here we all drink until the sun now to drink. When it comes to the camaraderie, we get to know you, everybody talks the most each other. Do they or don't they do that yeah, I'm friends with a few of them, but as far as their personal lives, I mean they. Don't they don't bring anything that that to me but Prentice
spend is a correctional officer at a nearby prison and her son is a guard at Pontiac. Her emails show affection with other staff. Some of the emails include the words I love you and I love you more. Their plans to go out drinking or to state each other's houses and conversations about holidays or fight with family in one email to a former coworker Susan Prenticed writes that she thinks that apartment of corrections is quote just like the military. As far as friends go, I stress job, so everyone kind of sticks together more. I always said that I never had friends like I did in the army until I started here. be after all, these years, how many times people throw stuff on lot in urban beat up shame, stare or yellow color
no one time substances and people's theses urine food we discovered in healthcare. You did wash your hands are rush surveys that go back to her fear. what we do at this point. Tremper gives prenticed a piece of paper, If you remember this incident is my hearing, so it doesn't without this desert here s my this report, the apprentice wrote, is about a man in prison named Frederick Walker. He's officially designated as what's called S. Am I, seriously mentally ill and Prenticed reports? Did he threw something on her that smelled and looked like you? the you remember this incident specifically. I remember that specific
specifically, it is so our attention, as you said, to your husband, regarding the use of force. I think it was water, but Europe carries a longer said time to my husband. Right here, Enjoy your purchases, your husband records the online search. One twenty seven emails in here regarding a whole lot of stuff that are changing. involving each one of them is from you or so Somebody else in the institution to you. What would you say? Do
it probably didn't, get any times he's as that much it's hard to hear. But what she said is he probably didn't get any sag time time in segregation. She says: that's because Frederick Walker is designated seriously mentally ill, but people designated as as am I do, get sent a segregation and Frederick Her was sent to segregation for forty five days where he spent up to twenty three hours a day in a cell without much stimulation. if wasn't clear to Susan Prenticed. Before the investigators aren't interviewing her about.
I think one of the incarcerated men at Pontiac, Correctional Centre did there there about her. They ve got four hundred and twenty seven emails and a lot of questions. The podcast motive from doubly be easy. Chicago spent two years digging through official reports emails, talking to staff and people in prison to find out what was going on at Pontiac Correctional Centre. I'm Phoebe Judge This is criminal, we'll be right back thanks to shop, if I previously Ford shot. The fight is the all in one commerce platform to start run and grow your business from start ups to fortune five hundred companies, chop if I powers millions of businesses and allows them to sell
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calm slash the hour, I am, I am. The podcast motive from Tubby be easy Chicago got their hands on recordings of investigators. Interrogating Susan Prentice here is motive reporter Shannon happening. The incident with Frederick Walker being accused of throwing urine illustrate something I've heard over and over again from people locked inside, something that I think the end. irrigation. Susan Prentice is trying to get at that guard allegedly have an unofficial way, a punishing the men behind bars and that there's ways its hidden in this case. Printers offers a defence even if she had lied
reports, said Walker through urine when she thought it was water. It didn't matter throwing liquid at a guard urine or water. He broke the same rule you're going to get the same sex time, but there is discretion in what people actually end up, getting punished for and urine. While sounds worse right, more likely something administrators are going to pursue for punishment, and they did, in addition to said time, walkers case got forward it from prison officials to the prosecutor to be considered for criminal prosecution of Walker. These reports, the one princess, wrote their powerful. If it wasn't for the fact that she bragged about her lie in writing. There will be no way to prove that Walker hadn't thrown urine on her people. Usually, leave guards. After all, it is worrying just understandably what you were thinking or why you said it. So I don't know
I say you were angry within me. I get that if somebody throw something it wouldn't be forget heavy, wouldn't one version human nature image. get your mind and one What you're thinking, Frederick Walker fully admit to throwing water apprentice. He says she had just pepper sprayed him and he was trying to stop her from doing it again. He said he thought it kissed her off and a few days after the water incident workers had two guards came to a cell and beat him. He said: I said it explicitly, but he believed it was retaliation for throwing water at Prentice. I reached Walker in prison. Prison phones are not great. The audio is hard to understand, but he said a guard pulled his hands through the slot with the food. trays are delivered.
don't you. In a tweet. He said after they slammed the door on his arms that came into his cell. He said he moved to the back, but they followed. Then one of them picked him up Why are we doing now excuse to come on the launch only to hear I was kinda drunk at the time I mean come on my face. He want me to shout about my dog Walker was later treated for a rib fracture according to his medical records and e mails printers will to a group of guards that Walker is reporting an injury caused by staff. She writes quote, I did through the camera and you can see then, an incident occurred, but no details and other staff member rights back quote what Cameron did you watch
of cameras on that end are pointing at the wall, which, obviously not super useful. With no clear video and nothing but the word of Walker versus Staff prison, The strangers decided accusations from Walker were unsubstantiated. The guards were absolved. Help. This beating locker alleges it never came up in the record it interrogation. I dont know if investigators didn't piece it together or it's not their focus, but either way investigators told her lying on a report, saying someone through urine when she thought it was water can be official misconduct, a felony and what Prenticed doesn't know, at least at this point in the interview is that at the exact same time, investigator
We are talking to her in our drive away. Investigators are also talking to a former correctional officer who worked underneath her. fortunately, Timothy Price, whom I say, please: division, internal investigation and in the room. I have with me this internet money, Moody Apartment Department of corrections, something's! Andrew Edwards Former officer via ok words? No longer works at Pontiac, but still works for the state and the Department of Human services as a case worker. In our view, is happening at his new office. The interview starts a lot like prentices, pretty buddy buddy, the police officer price tells Edwards. He too used to be a ceo upon agriculture, Slobodan, then I would have done anything to protect somebody else and if they made course cannabis. stop that everybody's go down Pushkin whatever, but the first one admit it. I was like alright in May,
Didn't assault or whatever yeah we'll take care of all right. It out, protect each other after a bit of friendly back and forth. How bad the people locked up at Pontiac are how hard you work to cover your fellow employees, asses which Edwards brings up his old boss princess our work with major Prentice. You know she was my supervisor for the longest time and she's kind of a hard ass. You know she's a female she's, a female run in the you know the worst. also in the state of Illinois. Also she sees got her tough ways, but shoes I mean I would. I would die for I mean she was ass? I mean I love her to death Was it about supremacy, you're so close with their? Does she always Emma Back show is neither but she always has our offices backs. I left shoe because, like She was all about pro officer all about the sea is in person? Never back out from ever and he could be like. Look like this invades for math me here.
More. You betray us what I must we'll take care of luxury wars and interaction that occurred at whenever Sue was like a supervisor? Anything that comes to mind over that way that we would need, maybe Look into other I not me. I always thought she did shit the right way cars are ever like. Heaven me do anything boat. something that never that never happen. I mean she like I say, you're makin a no bad thing we set about her armies. Yeah yeah she's. Just for the record state. The official said price. This police officer did work for the Department of corrections just like Strandberg, but I wasn't ever able to confirm if it's true he worked with Prentiss or that he was involved in the kinds of incidents
says he was all that could be a lie. Investigation tactic to draw Edwards out, but either way as soon as Edwards brings up Susan Prentice, the interview zeros, and that price prodding Edward to say a little more anything that whoever did that was kind of on the bogus questionable, maybe that she could think of no nothing anything that comes mind. You kind of hesitated there, a little guy, just trying to think comedy and there's just so much shit if it's a Pontiac, you know throughout a year or two on the day. You know what I mean Everybody everybody is always thrown into some kind of shit yeah right, what about harmonious, show anything that she's she's done or she's
What do you do, or you report I mean? Maybe you know like stripping a guy of his property taken everything leaving them in there with boxers on the eyes I thought I was totally right here. Sometimes we got she have. You go there to state as property, because he because he has that somebody the week before these punishments? This, they now leading men in their cells without clothes or many of their property Edwards doesn't seem that fees by admitting to this and is also not what officer price is focused on you, both right by it. What is interested in this four hundred and twenty seven else he's got copies to any starts. Reading them so also for forty four p m. had sent Su Prentice email. So he said your deftly right about prison friend. You're through a lot of shit with those people so bonds, you a little more, especially
when your boss wants you to go into a cell and then her so justified? Why we kicked the crap out of him well so the first the most important thing right now is has come. Special when your boss was it a chicken once you do or to sell the bite. Her sister, Finally, I reject the crap out of you. Talk about us, when she came up to me one day it was with Holloway. He had just assaulted in answer he assaulted the day before and esteem in the morning and roll call and get a history of buying because he bit me before she, though, we're gonna going to a cell, and do yeah. What about and shit they have me by her. To make it look like he do so we were justified, justified and beating him up because Edward said Prenticed told him they should kick
workers teeth and but whenever we never did that moving ever went narrowing the seller, anything shut down, She laughed about. I wish she serious. She same fairly serious, I gasped, and what did you say to her? Ok, I guess I was kind of Canada has Firstly, I send the assets, were you There are just as all of you, even though he says it never ended up happening at words? Just admitted that he agreed to bite princess so they'd have justification to assault man in prison and he said he was following his bosses. Need? It was prentices idea that
The princess interview, she's learning that are former subordinate Edwards is also talking to the police framework, tells her Edwards is cooperating talking with an investigator at this very moment about biting email, Strandberg implies she's, getting updates about what Edwards sang to go to always better him and she and emeralds going to do so and he would Biter Edwards value until she told him to starve and there will be the reason why they better Holloway. Always we always talk about seemed stuff, but it doesn't happen. I'm sure they told you it didn't happen kick his teeth. always season it would fit you that works I probably would have went to the health care you
I know you probably have dogs in the healthcare unit file a injury report correct. That's the protocol Strandberg starts to amp up her game, go after Prentice, even harder. She prods prentice about how close she and Edwards are. She keeps coming back to that in this interrogation. The relationships LEO platonic. Romantic, my boy is, is So he likes you didn't want to do something for you to try, Jabez. Maybe someone Barely one didn't happen no it did not. Protest is not giving Strasbourg much to work with, but the pressure building on Edward
Well, it's working a little better, we'll be right back. I so remember what I told you. I asked you about staff numbers in things you heard- and you told me nothing You lied to me a little little bit. So let us not now again because again, I always know. What's going on yeah, I know I mean I sort of assumed you knew price basically tells Edwards. You've got a cushy state job here at human services, but remember you just started here you're on probation and I know you're supervisor. I don't think he'd be happy to learn about these emails.
so make sure your signal face. Ok, because I'm I don't wanna keep say here. your turn ton of opportunities to tie? What do you know? Something cause it best interests it you can do is to talk, and you can back out there. You can do your work on the sand. There were things occur. We do know about. As I do river actually look, so I think I see Well, that's what we got polls, etc. So we'll put them in a terrible, strict route for no reason, and things like that. That's kind of what I said earlier. You know I mean she prior broad, a lot of that on ourselves and I think she kind. gets off on that kind of stuff. You know she loves. She loves rural, been seen em up on she definitely does louder than on her in that I very rarely saw her ever like her hands on somebody, mainly just because she she can
as you can buy now. She's female saw was soon does do. Is she a settles for team? They go to Their users gonna do what you gonna do. Then there are those who does exactly I can think of it. certain situations if she actually satellite go in there and I'm insurance? He would always tell us, you know just go what you do, what you gotta do you know I'll I'll cover your ass. She said time is always would she would set the team. and she'd say? Okay, today to you, you know, I have some Goes down, I don't want anybody else in this house coming because things get for airports, the same say more reports I saw many. I should always have a little remain: came. She called it that way, although in some reports matched the because that was kind of the point of it, so that in our reports one and it screwed up, we put these allegations to protest
she refused to do an interview or provide a comment. Edwards tells the police officer that this three men team is Princess called at this crew that she flagged respond situation, it usually included a guard. Prentice was according to Edwards having an affair with that since backed up by emails in which that guard since Prentice section- messages and she discusses meeting up with him. It appears to be an affair with a subordinate and the closeness the relationships at Pontiac if something both staff and people in prison, told me, allows the abuse and cover ups to happen. Edwards tells price or discard was quote, always rough run the edges. I many incidents with them, but I know he was a lot of time. He was prentices absolute go to Why not just stand there, but because he is so strong mother Fucker, he's fine.
Anybody area as for Edwards himself times, he acted as part of prentices crew. There's really only one story: he tells that gets into this
effects it's about a guy named Marlin, Billups Billups was on the mental health. Caseload staff had accused him of assault before and he had previous run ins with Prentice and people. She was close to, in fact, a twenty. Sixteen incident with him is the only time I found were Prentice got seriously disciplined up to this point. I won't get into all the details, but in a lawsuit, Billups basically said guards beat him up after he argued with Prentice. He said the guard who Prentice appeared to be having an affair with was part of it also present according to prison records, though not entirely clear how much he participated. Prentiss is son. There's pictures of Billups where his face is swollen and bruised it's difficult to look at Prentice says the injuries mysteriously appeared that night implying he did it to himself a common accusation of her.
Staff, the guards warrant punished for assault investigator said there wasn't sufficient evidence, but princess was put on unpaid leave for not writing a report so back to the Edwards interview. The thing to know is this: Guy Philips he's gonna history with Prenticed and her people about eight months after that, first incident he covered up the window to us now that's not allowed guards went into a sound, including Edwards, and that guard princess appeared to be having an affair with and then according to Edwards Quintus standing at door. Looking on, she told me she you know before you went and she goes. You know nothing in the face. You know as far as none whatever in He was my squarely and I thought I kicked him in the mouth. Stitches.
Did she tell you to do that or did with me I just where's my shirt. he's trying to his eyes out and I just Sorry, I wasn't thinking and under gotcha and she knew it She knew that she had kicked him and I dunno I mean there's so much going on right there. You know I dunno for sure she saw me do it. You know, but I told her. I did okay, I gotcha been there done that sometimes a nice get there aswell up to there. I gotta call in a report staff wrote Billups tried to run out of his cell, but no one, including Edwards, mentioned that which they should have it supposed to be in the official version of anything important that happened in her report. Printers has built up, had a lip injury but didn't say anything about Philips getting kicked, even though Edward said he told her he did in. As far as I can tell this to
I am the weren't any repercussions for any of the staff. The thing struck me. Most pieced together develops. Incidents is how casual Edwards is like these things are so normal. It's almost inconsequential at one point. He says knows he was in the wrong with how we treat it philips. But then, after emitting all this, it was basically says, but none of this is serious right wins all time. As far as like serious incidents, I was never and involved in anything real real serious. Would you love a store a little bit, if you say the guy, we've got him in the south. Let me try and spin an idea. Maybe then it you know, but you just rough them up a little more than what it had to be That never never happen. Gotcha entrusted with you do run the same page again. Are you from Like I said, y'all yeah uninstall reports before, but I think basically any
Ernie, also that our work there priors aiming at the time it is doing just if you're lookin out for everybody else, you know anybody that do that other stuff, I'm sure everybody. After two hours of talk, Edwards Interview ends, well. This case will conclude interview, Thomas twelve, forty five p m. Besides waiting to this interview, tape elsewhere at hundreds of emails, complaints from people in prison incident reports written by guards medical documents of injuries was a lot to make sense of so it took a tool the first people who I heard about Prenticed from the uptown people's law centre is in Chicago and the storefront of an old two story building.
the sign, is a simple vinyl banner stretched above the doorway. The place looks like it's held together with Spitten string, but almost all the major class action lawsuits in Illinois prisons. We back to here specifically down mills he's the executive director and it's been working there. Since nineteen seventy nine. I wanted to see you Is there anybody the building is amaze inside, like the officers were shaken up and rolled like dice and one spot you have to go outside on a sidewalk to get between them. I would suggest trickle or color on the walls. His artwork by people and present people get very creative. I don't know what he actually used, skittles or if you ever see. Color is probably skittles. Also, people using there's a floor to ceiling bookshelf full of letters asking for help staff same than a hundred letters a week come in from prisons and they read and respond to every single one.
With the years mill said, they ve seen a pattern emerge with princess, but other staff to a cycle of retaliation. I have to me what you ve heard and understand about how cycles retaliation might work inside. Here I mean I've. What about it? I've suit about it? It happens of the time rather than allowing the disciplinary process to do its job guards often will take it upon themselves to immediately in power their own disappointing as a prisoner serve you. At one of our so we're gonna hit you even harder than as is four guards ultimate windows battles, so they made retaliation cycle, but somebody really has the upper hand absolutely stories he heard from people inside often unfold like this and incarcerate a person will do something. A guard doesn't like, maybe something
like an assault, throwing the bodily fluid, maybe something small like just running his mouth, then staff will retaliate conveniently forget to give someone a meal, maybe at physical, maybe use pepper spray. Animals keep escalating over and over again the same pattern mills the emails, the medical reports of injuries. Nothing surprises him still when he reads this stuff I can see him having a physical reaction moving uneasily in his chair. It disturbing to see it in black and white, just as on again, you know it happens all the time. To see how how for they are in themselves so that they can just write this down in a format that any but he can read. I don't know if it's like, the good when you think of this is that they're technologically ignorant and don't think about the fact that somebody, my actual look, an email, someday and think they're, really private whenever obviously state systems so they're, not, but I'm afraid
the real answer is, they know perfectly well, nobody cares and the allegations of abuse, there's one person's name that comes up alive, Susan printers. How often is her name come up and letters calls. Oh, I add Pontiac for awhile anyway, it was coming up daily. I mean more than daily multiple times a day in the letters for a while. She was in charge of the unit that has the mental health unit in it and everybody There would complain about her all the time Those complaints have been stacking up for years, and now Prentice is sitting across from some one was laid out a case using her own e mails of how she is framing prisoners and, if not beating the mob, at least in a building it to happen here. Some a strand Brooks interrogation with Prentice Strasbourg sometimes calls her camp
which is princesses middle name. You know why it may be asked to speak in this facility. turn a blind eye or you supported, and that's fine, but I'll tell you what is on the Golan is wrong. It is inappropriate, and you know, and we know you know, and we have the facts that you do do it. I don't do it. I report when I would have if you want to stick to it's fine, I made police officer from twenty two years and you bidding department crashes for twenty three years. There's some that we see out there and has been reported. No so for you to say in all your ears in this facility, If you have never seen anything go on our record, I never said that shit, digital bullshit. I didn't say that you said you report everything you see and it's bullshit. What did I say? You said I learned my thought. I reported my question in all these years. Ok, for instance, twenty years since you you,
the wine. I do several things too many things, that's why yes, as you know, depending on what it is splitting hairs. It does depend on what it is based, you know cheaper than in my usual. There was something somebody ended and veto and try my turn a blind eye. Yeah, I don't know I already know it for sure, but what we're talking about somebody's eat up the meta, I'm not doing it. It's not happening, you know, other people do it for you or you. Let it happen absolutely. You, why did your report. To get a guy more same time? How is that? Ok? I never said I wasn't it.
I mean I just like I told you. I don't know what my mindset was when I wrote it. I don't know what my mindset was. She was kinda feminine. I understand the of these guys conspiring to beat it in Meta. That's official misconduct, that's a felony! We didn't easily If you I don't guess I don't understand, but what else have you done If you're willing to do these two things, I was going to give it our. We would have done it for you This one, you minutes or so I don't know why. I said that I don't- and I don't- I don't know why. I said that er I'm trying to be honest with goes on something else too, then, as regards gum, This will do. The time is told that
right, to this interview, state police forward at their investigation to prosecutors, to decide on criminal charges, but charges were never brought Edwards is still working at the Illinois Department of Human Services as a caseworker. He never responded to our questions. Prentice would not comment either in response to our detailed list of questions. The Illinois Department of Correction said only that they take excessive force allegations extremely seriously and have a process in place. To conduct thorough investigations. They said quote when investigations are substantiated idea. Sea will take disciplinary action up to and including termination apprentices case. They did open investigation. Looking at the same emails, the police did to decide
if she should be disciplined at work and that investigation did conclude. The princess gave false information on a report, but she wasn't fired I want it tells me is: nothing has changed for decades has proved that the way to get promotions in the department questions was three abusive towards inmates and that the abuse of people end up being the supervisors, uptown people's law, sinner executive director, Alan else, I thought that some of that had changed and they were doing that much more job, better job of four, nationalizing, at least the warden level, but apparently down at the wish. Your major ring major premise: Gach, either cheap she's in ancient Rome. it's a major level. That is still true your ability in your willingness to be brutal, will only get you brought it. Why? I can somebody like this have so much power
because our prison system is based on inflicting punishment and that's all they do. I think what mills is getting at here is: maybe the state doesn't fire people like Prentice, because they are doing their job actually doing what they've been asked to do at one point in his police interview, Edwards alludes to something similar, at least as I understand him he's talking about the first incident with a prisoner named Billups, thus the one where there's a picture of him with a swollen eye and a bruised face, the one where Prentice got a short suspension over a failure to report. After the incident Edward says Prentice and members of her team, including him, got
moved out that South House, the cell house, with so many mentally ill people. But after a few months he said administrators mood printers and her team right back Edwards theory, the other guards couldn't handle it. What she did worked her methods kept people under control and that with the buses on it, because she's one of the measures I think I can handle it. mentally! I mean she comes in and brings our crew with there
in a couple of weeks. It's kind of more cleaned up. You know so she's, just in my eyes, she's the best prentice kept her job until she retired in twenty twenty one. She was never charged, but somebody else was Frederick Walker, the guy Prentiss accused of throwing urine, even though she thought it was water. In his case, the prosecutor did decide to bring felony charges for that very incident. Those charges were eventually dropped. But only after we uncovered prentices emails. Reporters in Africa from the podcast motive from doubly be easy Chicago. They have other episodes.
now covering issues inside the Illinois, Department of Corrections criminal is created by Lauren, spore and me. Navy Wilson is our senior producer. Our producers are Susanna Robertson, Jackie, surgical and lobby foster. Our technical director is raw buyers. This episode was also asked by Joe DE so engineering by Russ, Henry or motive is produced by Jesse, Dukes, Maria Mendoza and Joe DE so fact checking by Nicole Bristlecone motives. Editor is Rob Wilder Board and the executive producer is Kevin. Dawson original music by Q Shop, Julian Alexander, makes original illustrations for each episode of criminal. You can see them at this is criminal dot com or on Facebook and twitter at criminal show and Instagram
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