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President Trump returns to the campaign trail, Jaboukie Young-White learns about the Power the Polls initiative, and attorney Anita Hill discusses the Hollywood Commission.

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action, packed adventure on the big screen see free guys, wearing Ryan, Reynolds and Jody Comber, now playing only in theatres. What's goin on everybody welcomes the baby Social listens and show aren't from genoa. Today is Judy the thirteenth of October, which means if you live in Kentucky Texas. Early voting has officially began and just think about nice. It would be to get your vote in early people then you won't have to worry about it anymore and you can get two warring about calling the virus and climate change and the Supreme Courts and wildfires oh and scarecrows another designed to scare crows what a scared the shit out of me anyway, coming up onto my show apple announces a brand new phone Djibouti young White is working the Poles and why Donald Trump is threatening to hook up with you. So let's do this,
Welcome to the daily social distancing show from troubles melt in New York City to yours out somewhere in the world. This is the daily sure didn't ensure withdrawal years. Let's kick things off with the technology used that super excited about today, I finally firmer remounts. No, that was killing me your I was watching a spanish archimandrite and then my tv was stuck in spanish tv, the entire week for EAST Timor. We must never forget, not one less money, enough rouble, oh and the so happened. Today, apple announced new gadgets apple, unveiling its highly anticipated Iphone twelve featuring for new models with five g capability survey. Shield and MAC Safe Wireless charging. They did announced for new iphones. They got the Iphone twelve, the Iphone, while many, the Iphone twelve pro and the Iphone
olive problem max the regular Iphone twelve and while many will come with a thing called mag sake, not what's chargers cases other accessories, snap out of the back of the vice interesting, to reduce their carbon footprint. Other new Phones, when you open an Iphone box, there will be no headphones. No chargers insight, a boy darlin, you know how many times I've lost my charger, but now apple is like you don't gotta worry about that. No more I've got you. actually amazing how wish so addicted to apple products that will just take whatever they give no charger we'll take its no Airbus, I'm in the Iphone thirteen will not come with a phone. I want Well, then dumping bunks endless my lungs now look I can understand
Why they getting rid of the headphones. I mean we'll need to be more social. That makes sense, but the charger guys now is not the time to have people sharing charges, weight you get corona. Will you gotta understand my battery was a thirty percent, but let's move on to a country that school on the Iphone to North Korea over the weekend, Joan North korean dictator and wolves most dangerous rectangle hosted a surprise military parade way. Shot off his brand new missiles and a brand new side of himself. King John, who apologized for failing to improve North Koreans, lives in an address at an unprecedented predawn military parade. This came out at the climax of nearly to our military parade in the country's capital. The country's leader Kim Jong Moon was seeing crying along with those in the crowd thanking the north korean people for their hard work. During the pandemic he got more emotional. Neither we never see it looks like he was standing at the podium sobbing, and this
when on for quite some time, while guys this is the day that Kim Jong finally became president's hours. We company the king Jus broke down in tears during the military parade that's how you know everyone is feeling the pandemic lose. Even a motors dictators that too much Do the zoom out a diamond my background, No. Not yet, although it's really easy, to admit your failure leader when it's impossible for anyone to replace you. I mean it's not like people can vote him out. It's kind of like when it kidnapper admits that they were wrong. I just wish that dish hadn't happen too. Both of us both of us, but let's move on from the world's most famous dictatorship to the one country. it'll, never become a dictatorship for at least the next three weeks, the United States of America after Arby's passing President Trump and his republican minions wasted no time nominating judge.
My colleague, Barrett the Jewel Peace final infinity stone to destroy plant parenthood. Now, unlike last year's nominee, Brick Cavanaugh Berets has not, been accused of sexual assaults or juvenile delinquency or wait. What was the other thing? I liked beer man, so if you're running on watching these hearings, please don't waste your time. We urge all these hearings have become. Is each party making based about how the nominees even gonna say, will destroy the Supreme Court and then the nominee pretending that they have never had a point of view on. Anything, for example, is no secret that any Coney Barrett is against Ruby. Wait Trump wouldn't have picked up otherwise, but if you ask about during the hearing all of
sudden she doesn't have an opinion. Do you agree with justice coolly his view that row was wrongly decided? I think, on that question in our eminent enveloped Justice Kagan description, which I think is perfectly plain when she was in her confirmation hearing. She said that she was not gonna grade precedent or give it offends opera thumbs down, and I think in an area where president continues to be pressed and litigated as its true of Casey. It would be particularly actually be wrong in violation of the cannons for me to do that as a sitting judge its distressing, not to give a story, the answer, so let me try again. Do you agree with justice school years view that row was wrongly decided again? I can't pre comment or say yes, I'm going in with some agenda because I'm not do agree with justice squeeze view that road can and should be
returned by the Supreme Court is a contentious issue which, as I know, one reason why it would be comforting to you to have an answer, but I can express views on cases or pre commit to approaching a case any particular way. You're Democrats spend all day trying to get Barrett to admit she wants to overturn Roby wait. Basically, the whole day was like pro life or says what part ah well played an abortion just one example, Barrack refused to say where she stood on every topic, Emma picking on her by the way. This is what every Supreme Court Romany does, which almost makes you wonder what the point of these hearings is seriously when and what are we doing? Well? what she's gonna do so? Why do we have the whole song and dance as if it's a big mystery? How do we know how she feels like interviewing a toddler to receive them? Miss behave after you leave the room. Are you gonna eat the cookie when I leave
no opinions on cookies and are you gonna drawn the walls when I leave iron Heaven opinions are enjoying well that works for me is the key to the house. Kid I'll see you in a week or people who gives my dear guy if we know which judges a liberal and which our conservative than one one way to change the rules to reflect that just have for judges pick by Democrats and then for judges picked by conservatives rights and then the ninth seat could be a guess. Judge every week like on top chef ass, they could, on this- that we will be lot more fit and also everyone belong more interested in the Supreme Court. One keen Phoenix is on this week. I wonder if he'll take away my health care so exciting and finally vote it is now underway in much of the United States. But if you live in California and you're planning to drop of your ballots etiquette, some box, you might want to read the fine print. Contrary
in California, after the Republican Party installed dozens of their own ballot drop off boxes at several occasions across the state state officials calling them unofficial and illegal though they appear virtually indistinguishable from the boxes sanctioned by the state, the California Republican Party, not backing down, saying there are no laws that private drop off boxes are not permitted. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa Californian GEO, put up their own bat in trouble boxes and labelled them as official less shady as hell. You can't say, something's official. If it's not official, I hated when people do that. You know like how they say: spices, the official, the children of the NFL, but I've SNL, Patrick MA homes, and he smells like sunshine, which last time I checked is not
and Allspice catalogue the deception aside, though, I don't think ballot boxes on every corner is actually a bad idea. It should be this easy to both in America. This should be dropped, boxes all over the place and only they should be like Starbucks should be everywhere. I should also like you taken dump if you need to, because otherwise the alternative is what we saw happening in Georgia just yesterday, where people were eating in line four eleven. I was just to vote and let me tell you something if I'm waiting eleven hours in line? Should I want to vote at the end of it? I want to be president aright I got to go wait in line for the new Iphone. I heard this one doesn't come to the screen so excited when we come back. We'll tell you why the president is threatening to kiss people so stick around. The daily show with Tribunal Noah, has supported by expensive, fi expensive. I money moving more than ten million people around
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Syria colours and animals are available to personalize your truck Suv whip right doc. Whatever you want to call, it had over two four dot com to build and pressure for Brussels Sport today. That's for that calm built wild built for proud you'll, come back to the danish social distancing show after a week of being forced to quarantine, They don't know. J Trump is back on the campaign trail doing what he loves most spreading covert nineteen DR returned to the campaign failed when the rallying Sandford floor? If it was his first rally outside the White House since getting out of a hospital president through masks into the audience ass, he walked onto the stage several members of the first family were in attendance. Many of them did not wear masks, including the president himself. I went through it.
Now they say I'm a mutant. I can feel I feel so powerful walking to that order. You I'll walk in there I'll kiss everyone in that audio I'll kiss the guys in the beautiful women in them. It looks like Trump has his battle with the deadly virus and it's made him horny has hell. I guess it's true what they say serious illness can make you realize what most important in life and so kissing the women and the guy's wolf. I'm happy that from now Bio hasn't curious, ass cool, although he may have just lost my pencil votes.
This is not a model example. We should be setting for those kids in cages. Also, it's insane how from says he'll kill all the guys, but only the beautiful women you ugly checks, I'm out, I can deal with corona by doctors near butterfish could be fatal, but I'm a good for Trump and get that he's feeling better. Although I think he's recovery is gonna, be awful for public health, I mean how his supporters gonna take all of our seriously if it can be beaten by a guy who's body is eighty three percent chicken nuggets the fact Trumps behaviour sets an example for the people around him and you can see at the rally that people already taken Corona a whole lot less seriously around us is criticized for his appearance at President Trance rally in Sanford. This is
Governor Aforetime Rhonda Santas he's at the rally that Trump is at right now, and this is his entrance last high five in the crowd and touching his face with the hand, but he used to high five man I know everyone likes to shuttle run to Santa's for his choices, but I disagree of course, he's going to high five strangers and then snort them germs. If you're the governor of Florida, then you got to represent Florida baby. I mean this just shows you how powerful trumpism is his supporters?
think than his success is worth success. There running round, then really like Vanguard over Colbert worm. You buy me like them with everything the trump does. We got tariff can't remy normal because he got his text cut you unemployed. Now, although pompous feeling better, his pull numbers are still in the I see you, which is why he's launched a bold new ad campaign to convince America and his handling of the pandemic has in as successful as his own personal story. Bridging the Trump campaign now facing push back from Doktor Anthony vowed she, after lifting part of a seven months old, sound bite from vouched for a new era. President tromp toppled the virus had leader should imagine doing the pros and tweeting. They are indeed doktor vouches own words and the present campaign tweeting. It will keep during the add but doktor
She tells NBC News. They did this without my permission and my comments were taken out of context to knock your father was talking about the president. The quote this from an interview with box news back in March, where he was talking about? wrote a virus taskforce and its efforts to respond to the pandemic. I think it's really unfortunate and really disappointing that they did that to take a completely out of context statement and put it in. It is obviously a political campaign at I've. I thought was really very disappointing. What would you say if I told you, I heard that the trunk campaign was actually prepared. to do another advocates ring you. You know that would be terrible. I mean that would be outrageous if they do that, no doctor bout, she wanted you. If you tell Trump not do
something he's gonna do and even more so it happens all the time. Whatever you do, Mr President, please do not run your businesses while you're in office. You mean the idea now, ok, but at least don't host events during a pandemic. You mean like this now, but whatever you do, don't like your brothers on the White House, curtains, please yeah. I guess not curtains or wrong grew to be honest guys. I can't blame Trump for this. I mean he did what he had to do. It's not like he's got many doctors dying to endorsing it was either quote. Doktor found out of context will bring back this dude. The good news for you, is that, while doktor fault, you may not be vouchers for his medical expertise, Trump did a very real endorsement from another top scientist, his son Eric
I spoke to the three times that next Saturday to guess how did under percent it was amazing. It actually probably goes to speak out. We have good some of these actions that are being created are and what my father's on the vaccine, for no one could have done. No one could have done my father literally started day, one creating this vaccine. He worked to push its vaccine, and now my father, just and you see how? Well he got over it Eric from talks about his dead. The way little children talk about their debts. My invented the corona vaccine and then he took the corona vaccine and now is the strongest is person in the world. Oh and clearly doesn't understand how vaccines even work. They are the prevention, not the treatment and looks like A condom is prevention for having a kid like Eric and then leaving. At the mall as a child, hoping that he wouldn't find his way home was the treatment, although it is nice than Eric, thinks so highly of his dead. I'm at present tromp was probably watching this at home, like wow tat strangers. So nice
Yes, according to business, casual napoleon dynamite, not only did Donald Trump invent the vaccine, but its away here, and you might be thinking why Trevor I just read the Johnson and Johnson had to pause their trial because one got a mysterious illness, but you just watching the wrong news. The real news is that corona virus has been handled. I mean you heard when Doktor fourteen didn't say. Here's the truth, people if the President of the United States with his team of sixteen doctors- and in his house and access to unreleased drugs can beat this virus, then clearly anyone can do it. Who wants a kiss camera gay or I went to take a quick break, but when we come back, Djibouti on White will show you how you can save the election. You don't want to miss it. The following message comes from the daily show: sponsor HP committed to the fight against climate change too
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dash sustainability? That's HP, Doc Slash hp, dash, sustainability, Starbucks Cold, grew. There's nothing like it especially come summer when you're bouncing from bike drugs to reach troops, the backyard barbecues. It's the bold, smooth, ice, cold, coffee, picking up the powers your summer day find your happy place at Starbucks order ahead on the app. Looking back so the danish social distancing show, as you know, election day is now just three weeks away, which means is probably a good time for America to get its affairs in order now, unfortunately, grown up has prevented many elderly people workers from helping out this year, so we see even longer voting lines than usual, but luckily people have been coming up with some cream
solutions. There is an energetic effort. You might call a frantic and some jurisdictions to recruit a new generation of poor workers to replace older ones that meant creative, recruiting tactics like allowing seventeen year old, high school seniors to serve his pole. Workers in just a few months have gotten more than thirty thousand kids to step up an army of tears working from their bedrooms using their social media skills. Billina zoom, this TED talk wrapping up nearly two hundred thousand views with constant using national guard troops to work the states primary in battle and Ohio their recruiting at barbershops and companies like maybe in target offering employees a pay day off to man, the Poles, labour star, Lebron James, helping it out the vote his new voting initiative, has recruited ten thousand pull workers at Newport Wooden Cast brewing their labeling
craft beer with political adds, its a plea for poor workers, and you are cold that need smartphone drinkers to Kentucky Secretarial States website to sign up for training. Okay. So, good news is, there might be a lot of new poor workers. The bad news is so that might be wasted. Euro love, were Donald Trump, because guys orange, I eyeing, but yes, there's a big push right now to find coworkers this election and our very own Djibouti and White decided to sign up what our poor is your body for Nepal. nope not that found that out the hard way Poor workers are the volunteers and help the election run smooth, but now to cover nineteen old people. The majority of volunteers are dropping. Thankfully there is an initiative recruiting younger election day. Porters called power, the powers- so I said,
one of the sky Fanny word you're, taking care business everything's under control of wanting to contribute, giving us a huge out. So I you know. I really appreciate that and I dont want to use it, but what we really need is porters to make sure that everyone can vote safely on time this election year that borders the important election bless. You really excited to get young folks like yourself, so we re looking for someone exactly like. you gotta be a wretched voter or over the age of sixteen. I think you're older than sixteen Well, that's very flattering! I do get that allowed, but you know I actually have. I have a friend who I think that this would be perfect, for he has we more time on his hands and knees, Trevor Noah maybe so actually is forty five too old from here. So I don't know if he's richer both by you don't need everyone's to show up in person to happily your house, you mean, like
actually go outside and man's I've been bought for six months old and is also that little issue of a king pandemic. Everyone is gonna, get tee. Who shows a mask ratio has advertisers all that gets. That mostly just need is folks. They help get people checked in from other valets answer questions the thing: the power. The polls is really hoping that inspires a next generation okay, here's another thought how about we we brand the name I mean even starting with poll worker. Those are too bad. Words pull I'm thinking of the subway, it's dirty. It's gross worker, I'm thinking of work! No one likes that What about? Ok, I'm thinking pool line monitored king of the balanced line regulator wholly more like polio,
we have about election influence. Problem is you're. You there to be a non partisan, ok, look millennials are broke, but you need to do to get people Nepal is my knee well. Djibouti. Usually do get paid to be a power as usual for ten dollars an hour so for a full day. That's a couple hundred bucks. Yeah. Now I need to come of age, and this is ridiculous. As for money that are making right now, high yeah, so you just one get me that they were gassing verbal workers, the money sounds good, but if spend all day taking ballots and risking paper cuts, I'm gonna need something more Willa was then you pizza, if that serve as if, as I say, an egg, I also reforestation of eating oils and ass. We look at your lunch.
And other folks. The only place you didn't buy me with pizza. What topping everybody they work? Ok, it's got nothing to those people who don't like pizza is a very real, but they dont volunteer. What's the worst thing that can happen, there's longer lines, you were wholly appoint places ten close in in season communities where people of color about its less safe water
voters, importers don't show up change. The forces represented you're sixteen years old to be poor worker, a dream, something where you sign up. Please Volunteer for Canada was again We are you cheese, usually pepperoni with England, free ones too. If we can at least do it for the gluten free, pizza you contribute nothing to livestock part three. Could you drink representatives? Thank you. So much more legible can arise when we come back.
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offers an inside look at the artist journey as she emerges into adulthood in the public eye. Five hundred days of film says this is a wonderfully intimate and deeply personal portrait watch on Apple tv plus and find out more at F Y, see not apple, tv plus dot com for combating the very social listens and show. Only today I spoke with lawyer and Professor Anita Hill. We talk her work with the Hollywood Commission to help fight harassment and discrimination in the entertainment industry, and we talked about the Supreme bought and the nomination process. Professor Hill, welcome to the daily social distancing show, thank you were keeping say long before the meter movement. Your name was in headlines, because you stepped forward during a confirmation hearing
it was in nineteen. Anyone it was about currents. Thomas was was going to be stepping onto the Supreme Court. It's a two part question for me: number one! Would you same thing again considering what happened to your life following that incidents and number two: how much do you think society has changed since that raw? Yes to you this question ah indefinitely were at that time that idea red, and yet it for that reason that I felt the true had to be told that we were. Daddy an individual or a lifetime of white man and the highest worth my country a ring. Europe that can be affected by any single Supreme Court decision. I felt that what I have to say it was important in terms of a character and the fitness eminent. It's all
I was once the nominee, so I will do that again. Have the country change? Yes, the country has changed Ah hasn't changed now, no end, You probably know confirmation hearings have actually changed as well, but We have changed and there are some more road to be had one most lingering memories from the Senate, confirmation hearing that you were parts of was how terribly you were treated and one of the people that you lived through it with was Joe Biden. There are still many people who experienced at first hand who haven't forgiven Joe Biden. And they were surprised to see you come out and say: well, I'm supporting Joe Biden run for president of the United States. People didn't understand how that was possible, considering how he treated you at the time. Would you explain to those to those people who say
Anita Hill. Why on earth? Would you support Joe Biden after how he treated you thirty years ago? I lived through it. My family lived through, it writes rams lived through it, and the american public lived and solid not even just about how I experienced it. Didn't really is have a whole country. Experiences in it was painful. Or a lot of people. The question that I knew I had answer in almost thirty years later it. Where are we we go from here and by voting Joe Biden, I was really deal with the reality of the moment, we have a serious problem where Europeans, with sexual harassment or sexual assault, you ve seen in Supreme Court now many hearings or other. where's of gender based violence. We have a serious problem in that country.
How are we going to deal with it? We can undo the hearings, but we can make sure They don't happen again and I believe that, my job really is to put myself in a position to keep pushing for about change, and I my best years of making this issue, one that is part of public agenda is window. Button is not going to be easy. we're still is gonna have to work out. An push is administration, and that being the case to make some changes in the society needs Hollywood wasn't. Maybe one of the biggest examples of women Mitchell Movement really exposed what was happening, but really it. It had happened across across industries and an you stepped up, and you are part of the Hollywood Commission where you are now dealing with these incidents. You are now trying to set up a remedy that protect people in Hollywood, when you We're Hollywood was and when you
That way, you think Hollywood needs to be. How do we get there? Well, we have made progress and people ask me too was affected by it. Raise and radical amount of awareness, It's all wearing this really is the beginning change, but then gotta get down to the heart looking at how those kinds of bias is in that kind of acceptance has been built into our structures in new we started out trying to examine the searchers, and then we realized we ve gotta do serve a gotta hear from people who working in the industry about what they think needs to be done. And over and over and proud of what we were questioning know about. We found out that when they found them some progress, but not enough? It's almost like. Ok.
We got a sense of how things might be and now we want more and we expect more. All the other thing was accountability. They're, saying Europe, we raise awareness. Now we cast our holding people accountable and we have to put in place the processes in policies and will to make change. One of the saddest thing that I read was that many people in the workplace in the industry feel that meet who has only been effective for those high profile case. As with the profound witnesses and victims, In that we don't we can't. We can't, however, that all we ve got to make sure that this movement and the advances we make our felt throughout the industry through every quarter. because that's where many
most vulnerable people are most. Definitely. I would love to know how you see yourself in the world. You know if, if, if there's some, out there who sees it, needs a hill Ngos, I had an incidence in my life, but I dont that insight to define me. How did you find yourself and who do you see as Anita Hill? see then insular. That happened when I was thirty five, which is a man your age now think about your lives on their son, the things that are going on in your life in your ear it at the point where you're looking ahead, It all necessarily want this small as wonderful as it is to have your own tv show. You notice the sound What is more into the brain there are, I will tell you bigger and better things to town but you have to really push for an that's. What I realized almost thirty years ago that I was gonna, have to keep pushing
In its one of the reasons that I took on the challenge of working with the commission still realise that on this issue,. There is more work to be done outside of studying about. There was more actual work to be done, one of them things that I want to be very clear about it, I see what happened to me. I don't see it through a single lands. especially now so many years later. Looking back, I see it through the lens of gender, of course, but I also see it through the lens of raise. I see it through the lens of class in one with an and lose out politically, and I am These are the very issues that were facing a whole. range of way today. So when I do work with a highly commission, isn't it is, of course about sexual harassment is about me too. But is also about bias, is about
bullying it's about. People with disabilities is about different ethnic groups from racial, different sexual identities gender identity. It you what really trying to look for is equality, many very broadly speaking and keeping people safe, and so I guess that's. The legacy of my two key for the next hour many years. Many of us are going to have a court that we have little complex in in terms of getting to a quality, but there are other ways to fight and that's one thing: I've learned especially from here there are other ways to fight, even when people think you have lost their ways, you can buy make sure that, ultimately the goal
is a cheap, but you had to have to keep the fate you have to lay the court on and on that note and inspiring, not profess ale. Thank you so much for joining us on the show. Thank you Roper tonight, but before we go, the deadline to register to vote is coming up in many states. If you haven't, yeah. Well, you I'm sure. If you registered, will time is running out make sure that you can vote in November. All you have to do is: go to vote, vote, vote, dot, com to check your registration stages and see your voting options until tomorrow. The Stacey out there, where mosque and remember, never form an opinion on anything and one day
you too can become a supreme court. Justice daily shall determine our ears. It wants unavailing, show recognised that eleven, ten central one Tommy Central and calmly several watch full episodes. Videos at the daily showed I was on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram answer daily show on Youtube or exclusive powers in him. This has been a comedy central, podcast
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