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5 Biblical Financial Principals (Hour 3)

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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios. That's the Dave, Ramsey show what that is at all home mortgage has taken the place of the B M w as the status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five that's eight hundred and eighty eight eight thousand two hundred and fifty five. Two hundred and twenty five. You jump in talk about your life and your money. Dallas starts off this hour in Arizona, high Dallas. How are you eight? A
better than I deserve. What's up good good, so I'm calling a little bit of vines kind of tell you, my gameplay situation, one hundred and twenty nine um for about four years now I have money in my four oh my money in my four hundred and attention anyways. And I were having another baby in March. We do have that we have uh. I just got out of my Riddick this payment on my vehicles, I had to pay money to get out of him. But uh, I bought a clunker like a ship, paula- and I got my wife again- Overall, we have about forty three thousand in debt, that's about nineteen of her school. I married into it. I'm about eleven and eleven and then the remainder in the minivan that we have. My question is so I'm thinking
going to the reserve side for the city of Phoenix as a police officer. That is a volunteer. You not paid. The only reason why I would do that is because will only reason why I do. That is because I want still keep my certificate, as an officer in Arizona, but I can work one thousand and ninety nine gigs do an off duty as an off duty officer make anywhere between forty to seventy five bucks an hour and it's unlimited. It's a this work is nonstop. So my question to you is when baby step two attacking my debt right now and I'm trying to get out of it. What are you, what are you going as a police officer. A yearly right now. Uh, like twenty eight dollars an hour. So I think, like sixty two year about sixty two years old, she said: yeah, ok, Now, if your own reserve, later
you come back off of reserve and go back to full time. If that's your goal, I can ok and if you're working as a policeman full time how many hours a week. Do you work now with the city of Phoenix forty Then I try to do off duty as much as I can, but my wife is a nurse part time, so it takes away from me making more money. Your wife is a nurse part time and that takes like have to watch the kids yeah. We have a baby in another one in March, coming yeah. I heard the march ok, alright, so If you go to reserves will make more in the She, you would have been working as a policeman. I get that you're, also losing all your benefits in I had to pay another. Eight percent in tax is seven point: sixty five percent in taxes on that one thousand and ninety nine income 'cause. You get self employed, both sides of Fica
and here's the thing, if you're working forty now and how much much can you add to that with side work? How many hours can you were the baby and with your wife, working on all that and actually uh. Twenty hours and my wife, ok, and so the only difference is you still be working sixty on reserve, but should be doing it on one thousand and ninety nine and you make more per hour. Well, I I want to be a lot more money. But if you can work a lot more, you can work more now, yeah. I mean I got a certain number of hours. If you can work sixty now and that's all, you can work because of the baby in the pregnant wife. Why can you work more than sixty if you go on reserve uhm? I can look more when I go into this more than sixty Uh, I will I've I've done some suicide things
I'm saying. What I'm saying, Sir, is that if you can more than sixty when you're on reserve. You can work more than sixty now the same same number hours. If you work, seventy on reserve. You could work. Seventy now, thirty plus you're forty as a regular policemen right yeah. That's the only way to compare this mathematically. It reserved give you more hours, the forty you're working now. That makes sense so what you need to you and your wife need, determines how many hours you guys can work. You can work, but. Make really good money on this side. Gig- and I I would not pull back, because I think, what's going on you're going to turn around as soon as you get this mess cleaned up, turn around and come right back into the police force and you're gay on? This is not going to it's not going to be. Substantial, I would. Rather you stay on the police force and keep
position. There keep everything, solid and going and then just add as much side gig as as which per hour, as you can figure out, and still your family together for a short period of time? You do have a pregnant wife and you have a baby. These are two things need to pay attention to at home as well, but if you can I have the sixty or seventy hour mark and those Thirty or twenty or thirty hours be at fifty twenty five dollars an hour you're going to clean this up really really fast. Good news, is your own point you're, paying attention you're being very intentional and you're, not afraid of hard work and have a lot of work and You can do a lot of stuff if you've got those two things. If you can have a set of goals with very intentional movement with the goals, and you're not afraid of bus. Then it to make it happen, you're going to be fine, the number of you might get out of one month sooner doing it your way might get outta
much sooner, but not three, not with forty three Mars debt, not with what you make and she's a nurse, so you're going be just fine. Take as much extra at the highest point hourly as you. Get your hands on an not be, Completely. Abandoning your family for ashore right. I mean you're going to forty three thousand out and you're going to be just fine going just fine and thank you for what you do for that all right, John is with us in North Carolina, Hey John. How are you I'm doing? Fine How can I help I think I just need some encouragement. Ok, I'll listen to when your old dog has in it. Called in- and with him, they're more important, I feel, like my wife- is she's kind. I don't know she's on the fence with it, but he sold his truck and his whole gun and knife collection and everything, and I started feeling bad 'cause. I gotta
it's about thirty thousand dollars I wanted to ask about it fifty dollars payment, and she has an old Subaru card us about two hundred dollars payment for him. Okay, so I don't know I mean I don't know if I should just both cars and just get one vehicle for her, like a family vehicle ever I need to get it going. International, random, Witcher, household incomes, right now I make about one hundred and twenty eight years. That's good news! Ok, how much other data you guys got I got nine on her car thirty party would hold on. We come back from this commercial get a good solid answer will lay all this out and I'll make sure. I give you a proper answer
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And say the Keyword, Dave Ramsey. All right back to John and North Carolina, who makes a hundred and fifty thousand an aren't exactly on the same page, but he's thinking how can he best service family consider? maybe selling the truck and that's about how far we got in the discussion right. John yeah, okay. I was just looking at all my notes here in front of yell at me, I'm supposed to be in the truck, but I got time. I got eleven five in credit cards to give credit cards, and I start back. I think we had like twelve credit cards,
three of eleven thousand five hundred credit card debt. What other debt? If you got, I got a house. Finance other than the house in the in the two cars in the credit cards. What have you got? Um? That's it! Ok, all right, and so what would be wrong with you and your wife sitting down and saying live on a written plan with our great income of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and we're going to plow through fifty thousand dollars worth of debt in the next year to eighteen months. That is the plan, but she's just kind of discouraged, she's just started or a job I don't know all the argue about his finances. She just started a job next week. She's gonna be starting the job yeah, but why are you hard? What are you arguing about? Well, I don't know she wants a better vehicle to once. She has his damaged. It's gotten so much issues
and she's kind of tired of it. Now I mean we've also been doing the six months we went from eating out every weekend find stuff, it's nothing altogether. Your truck and you drive the Subaru. I have thought about that too. Just till we keep them scared to drive it to what Is she scared the driver she wrecked? My old truck. I think it may not seem and run with it. But how old are you too? Thirty years old? Ok, alright! Well, I think the thing you gotta do is address this and she sounds like that. She's tired of fighting through there should be working out for six months and she's using the Subaru. Something to well and that's what I do when I get tired of wine, and so you know you could give her your I want you to sound, say: ok, what's it take to get you going, 'cause we're not going to further in that, while we're getting out of that, do I need to sell my truck, so I can get you a better car and or
you want to drive my truck for a little while, so you feel good again. While we work this out 'cause, we can pay all of this off in under two years. If we just stay on it and show where the man who started the second job so I'll make back to her, and we can do in Florence, and I have a military retirement that I get about a thousand bucks a month doing that yeah so, but you, not all of that focused on your every dollar budget in both of you are looking at the budget, but she just tired right, yes, LISA and I love it to death. I wondered happiness, a two way road. I wanted to be happy, but I don't want to have to give her stuff for her to be happy. That's not the point she just needs to, change to say out loud what it's going to take for her to take a deep breath and all through the next eighteen months. 'cause you'll be free in eighteen months. If you keep plowing now: does she need to drive your truck or do you need to sell your truck and get her a better car and get you a lesser truck? What but we gotta do honey, let's talk it through because we gotta play through. We gotta finish the game. The
getting tough right. Now we got to finish the game Christmas Winter time I'm getting less hours too, so I just didn't take that's all yeah, but you should be able to cover all of that in the budget. You make plenty of money, it shouldn't be tight. It shouldn't be. I agree ma'am if you're not pay an ex, if you're doing a written plan with the kind of money you tell me your make and annually you should not be tight. Even when things slow down a little bit it just putting less on the debt. That is all but you're still. I have Christmas and you're still going to have food, and you still have lights and water. Your house payment still going to be paid. Then I guess we will do whatever I got. One quick: are you guys gonna? Listen later? Listen, you can I'm not sitting down and doing the written budget together every month before the month begins? Are you well I mean my son. Do it. She doesn't really want to do it. That's why?
my son, will do his ten. Your son is not the problem. Ok the two of you have to sit down and lay out a game plan that you're both in Re meant to no one wants to sacrifice randomly out in space. The only reason someone sacrifices is to win and they have to be able to see the light at the end. The tunnel It's not an oncoming train. So the fact that she's not plugged into the budget is where her lack of energies coming from on this, and so the two of you have got to sit down together.
You're never going to win at money until you do that. Let's try this I'm going to put you both through financial Peace University, I'm going to pay for it. If I give you the class you and her both after go to the class, it's nine weeks long one night a week, you're both going and I'll pay for it didn't cost you a thing. The only thing I have to have from you is a commitment that both of you will attend the class. I'll put you on Hold Kelly will pick up. If you give her that commitment, I will pay for the two of you to go through the cloud. That'll help get you aligned on this you're going to struggle until you get aligned. All right up next is going to be MIKE in Idaho. How are you and I'm so blessed? I should be tripled so much easier. Just the same sir. What's up, I got a quick question, might help. Co lead a small group in our church and we have a topic of finance coming up an I'm, the guy that drinks, the Dave Ramsey Kool aid, so I've been nominated to talk on it. My question to you: is we only
have a week to do the finance part an I'd like to implement. You know what you guys teach You become, how would I go doing that, obviously I can't install it in Maine an hour and a half, but what what would you suggest on I'm doing? I would not attempt to do financial ratio versed in an hour and a half. That's why it's nine weeks, because I haven't been able to figure out a way to get it done in an hour and a half. So the thing I would do is this: there are principles and of from Scripture and then there is a process to implement the principles. I hope you got something to ride on or just go back later and listen to podcast, alright, but there's basically biblical principles of finance. Ok, the first one is get on a budget Jesus said: don't build a tower without first counting the cost less you get halfway up and you're. Unable to finish and all who see you began to mock you and say this man began to build and was unable to finish. Jesus said to a plan.
The second thing is: get out of debt, the borrower, the rituals over the poor and the borrower is slave to the lender, proverbs twenty two seven. The third thing is save money. In the house of the wise proverb says, is stores of choice, food and oil. The fourth thing is live on less than you make a foolish man devours. All he has proverb says it's is a Bible study, I'm giving you okay and then number five be outrageously generous. God loves a cheerful giver. Second Corinthians. Alright, that's your five principles. Now then, how do you apply? Those download the pd off our website, which is the baby steps and the baby steps, are not from the Bible there from Dave Ramsey there's a lot of difference: okay, but the babies,
or how did okay great? I want to get out of that great I want to get on a budget great. I want to save money, which one do I do first and then the seven baby steps or how to apply it. So you could have a good discussion about those five principles that the scripture sales and, if you're in a search group that believes in the Bible. As truth then and use that as your compass and that that group should be able to use that as our compass of five principles and then the best way we found to apply those five principles is through the seven baby steps and that's all it is- is the method for applying those things. And, of course you. Everybody knows those that listen to the show for more than twenty minutes. So just go to those and download the seven baby steps off our websites will pdf thing you can get that and if you didn't get those scriptures just go back listeners on the pod
there there, but proverbs is full of it bibles full of instruction on money. Borrowing money is not a sin not a single time in scripture that it's mentioned in a positive light. One hundred percent of the mentions of debt and the Bible are negative, it's not a sin. It's certainly not a salvation issue but biblically speaking borrowing money stupid, so in the Bible. This is that I Ramsey show
MC solutions Father in law die eight fast casual restaurants together, for tough family dynamics and I actually called you back Nate prior to getting into all this, and you told me not to do it, but here we are ok, so restaurants, deep intermingled. My question is: do I sell, some of the stores to create room from him. Or do I
maybe just a refinance we've paid down quite a bit of the debt. It already is SBA loans, but step. One is just to get separation from him on the business side. Ok Does he want out completely? No, he would still own four and I would have force- that's been quite a conversation just to get to who owns what. As far as where is middle ground, okay and how much is owed on the package, some real estate involved also, but for the four stores I'd be looking at would be around eight hundred okay and those that include re.
No real estate on my end, but each store would be worth around five hundred to eight hundred a piece of comma right sure you can sell one and have three free and clear close, and you wouldn't do that. One, I'm two of them. In the same, city. So I would sell them together. One is in our hometown, which would probably hold on to and one of 'em I have actually offered, and it's kind of in some conversation with it- a manager that's been with me ten years to possibly by that one zero or if he buys that one. Why would you not have one hundred thousand dollars from him? Well, I could. I could. I just didn't know from kind of paid for Realestate piece once I refinance I feel like I.
Really reduce the debt load fast, if I tell if you guys, can split it off and you end up with one hundred thousand dollars in debt in your name, not his name. Is that possible? Yes, why haven't you already done that was trying to come to an agreement as to who owns what stores in with real estate and family? That way so you've got the four picked out that you want. He doesn't want you to have those four, No we've agreed at that now. So ok, it's settled. So as far as the reason is separation not done nothing's been separated. Is the concept of the separation? All the decisions have been made right, yes, you've got four store, she's got four stores, so you're asking me how to separate from him and yet you've already done it well. Legally, I'm one for all eight, I'm still on the hook for all late, so I didn't know as my step one to sell store where's, my stuff on a refinance separated them. Why are you on the hook? For the other four we've, only
rated by checkbooks, I mean I'm controlling the four checkbooks but legally sba loans. LISA's everything's intermingled? Okay, so you haven't separated, then you still are Just with checkboxes to operationally is all but not an ownership standpoint, correct, ok, and so how are you going to separate? I mean I get how you could pay off eight hundred by selling one or getting close right. Of your four you'd be clear, except you're, still intermingled all this other crap how you're going to get out of that the stuff? That's on his four that's the for once they're refinances step, one or selling is step one. Then we can start to change business names and start move forward with that will take your name off of the lease is in the loans that are on his four it's verbal agreement. This point like,
if my Father in law, so no no, no are the banks going to release you. Yes, ok, when once the SBA's are paid off, then he would take him on it just himself and I'm taking him on his myself with foreign four opposed the water, the SBS, the eight hundred. One eight hundred is just on the four that I would have it's close So how are you going to get the other SBA loan? paid off on the floor. He has. He would and center himself, so he'd be responsible for that at all. Right, let's be assuming half of it, okay, and why is that not under way it took? It took awhile. Get to the point to agree on four and four, but now we've agreed when was that agreement established uhm, probably within the month: ok, so he needs to go re finance and get your name off the SBS. He can get off the leases as well. You personally guaranteed the leases. I have contacts
all the landlord, so I would definitely start there. It's just a matter of get the financing right then takes it up too yeah it's on him- to refinance the portion of SBA. That's on those other four stores. Waiting on him to do that. You can't make his decision for him on that. I would need to make it on my four I'm asking, should I see? Yes, you should sell one arm, so I just said: yeah yeah. I would you know yeah I'll, be out of debt and I'll be clear. My father in law, yeah and What can what will the manager by that one store for that? You promised the manager seven hundred and fifty. And you oh eight hundred, so you need fifty grand. You probably borrow fifty grand on those three stores. Temporary thing and then turn around get paid off and your one hundred percent debt free to understand that right. Under the reform, but business you own three stores, free and clear, yes and your father in law, yeah, I hear peace and tranquility in your life brother, Thanksgiving dinner would yeah. Well, I mean you know you don't have any that a year from the day after
run through all this crap and but you have to repay. For stores that you How to run an you. Don't have a partner anymore that your father in law. I love this yeah, that's where you need to go now: ok, you're already yeah, but no. I would not re finance it and then try to pay off a hundred grand that's what got you into this dad GUM Mass is violating all these principles of debt and partnerships, so go back to a a clean life with no data, no partners and you're going to love your life and guess what in eighteen to twenty four months or three stores are going to generate enough for you to buy another one, probably good, Lincoln payments anymore- and I mean by riding your butt all the time- you can just run the things properly and don't have anybody to bother. You know: bankers, no father in if if you got all that off of you know how to operate these restaurants, you should be able to make some serious bank on these are franchises. Aren't they correct yeah? Ok, so it's a cookie cutter machine is what it should
if you're not all way down with relational and debt problems agreed yeah, it's worth it. Man cut Unloose. Let the manager have his store. Let him go get his money. Give you seven hundred and fifty you owe fifty you clear that up real quick off the SBA Loan with the Father in law. Get off the lease is with the Father in law and your clear. I think I got this straight, that I understand everything. Yeah you've got majority of it. That's what I want to hear. Thank you head to peace and tranquility and simplicity. You will then operate much more efficiently and more profitably, and that will cause your long term prosperity. You are taking a small step back to be able to take a whole bunch forward. Good question: thanks for joining us open phone, eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five you jump in will talk about your life and your money. If you have,
question like that about business and about running business. I don't do partnerships, partnerships, the only ship won't sail, and so you know seriously you especially with family. You don't do it your father in law, guy. I can tell you story after story after story of, learn law. Deals that didn't work. They don't work occasionally they do. You know it's tough I work here we get along, but it's highly unusual and on a yet to be very, very careful with it. So anyway, you wanna talk about business. We're gonna, do an entree leadership theme our in a few weeks or a few months. Few he's what effort this next week. I guess it is right. Third today, this Thursday, ok anyway, email email, Kelly at Daveonairdaveramsey, DOT, com, Dave on air, at Daveramsey, dot, com put busy leadership, entree leadership in the project line.
Get you on the air? Ask your question and we'll walk through these together. This is the Dave Ramsey show
Our scripture of the day lamentations three hundred and twenty four, the Lord is my portion says my soul. Therefore I hope in him Robert Schuller said you let your hopes. Not your hurts shape your future, that strong, very cool, stuff, our question that comes from blinds dot com? They have a one hundred percent satisfaction, That means, even if you miss measure or you picked the wrong color they'll remake blinds for free free samples, free shipping, new promos, all the time check out the promo code Ramsey to get the or Chris is in Tennessee, I'm twenty nine years old wanting to use my retirement funds to pay off my student loans
concerned about how this decision would affect me. Tax, wise, I've been told. My retirement will be taxed at a rate of twenty percent, at the time of submission of my taxes, I'll be taxed an additional ten percent? Is this still an effective way to become debt free? My income sixty four thousand dollars a year. You are not taxed twenty percent. When you withdraw a 401K early, they withhold twenty percent when you withdraw retirement early mandatory, but that is not the taxes. The taxes are more than twenty percent Becaus in most cases anyway, they are because you have a ten percent penalty, plus your tax rate in your case you're, in about a twenty percent tax bracket. So your taxes on the money would be twenty percent plus you'd get hit with a ten
penalty. So that's thirty percent of your money is going to go to the government. If you pull this out early, so no Chris, I would not do that because it's much like saying, hey Dave. I want to borrow money at thirty percent interest to pay off. My student loan debt- no, we don't do that. It's not a good way to get out of student loan debt. You don't give up thirty percent of your money to do that, so instead we're going to get on a written budget, roll up our sleeves attack, attack, attack, get fired up and get after this debt. You can knock it out, making sixty four a little while you probably do it in about two years, maybe even less well are smart conference is approaching a sellout wow we're going to have almost ten thousand people in Sacramento pretty crazy, going to be there in November, the 16th for the first time ever- and I were really looking forward to this- it's going to be an incredible event. If you've never been,
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I am getting a new term policy and I'm curious if you, I know you recommend twenty years, but I really like the idea of getting a thirty year, Polisy, just 'cause it it's not that much more than the twenty year policy and it just. I really like the idea. Just here's your thoughts on the twenty year policy percent thirty year policy. How old are you? Thirty? Four, and why do you feel like you're, going to need insurance until sixty four, I don't think I will I just like the idea of. If something happens to me, for you know 'cause for my family getting the extra on top of whatever else we have.
It's really not and assess the. I would hope at that point now: okay. Well, I would never recommend someone buy life insurance to increase their wealth upon their death. It doesn't work out to be a good plan, you're better off to use your money to create wealth to be used upon your death. However, you know full, you know full disclosure. I have absolutely zero need for life insurance. In my situation, I'm a multi millionaire My wife will be just fine if something happens, and yet we still have life insurance on me for no real financial planning reason Justin SW, I share and wants it. So it kind of relates to what you're saying there so full disclosure I don't recommend that, but I have to admit that I do it so, but it's a complete waste 'cause there's no need for it. It's just sharing once it
rather have that policy than another diamond. So she can have it ok. So anyway, that's but there's no mathematical reason for it. So. The thing I have discovered- and you can do it thirty, if you want to Austin, but the thing I've discovered as long as you stay healthy. Your needs for life insurance, going to shift more than three or four more times during the next thirty years so like That's what's happened with us. Was we first bought term insurance when our children were little Ann later I bought some to make sure that a building I started I could complete or Sharon could completed if I died and then later on. I wanted a little more insurance because our incomes are going up in our children were still at home. So I added another policy mean I'm one of the fifteen years I had originally bought ran out and the this thing is: is that term insurance in the last thirty years has been so competitive that they've continued use newer and newer statistical
actuarial tables, do the analysis in the newer table show people dying later rather than earlier, because people are living longer, and then there were tables then indicate a cheaper premium, so in other words I bought 'em. Dollar policy at forty years old, cheaper than I paid for one million dollars at thirty five yeah. I was five years older because the market pressures were driving. The cost I don't know that it will necessarily do that in the next thirty years, but I suspect it might because there's a lot of Insurance is a commodity, it's a free for all out there to get the best price, it's very price. Driven now and that's why Insurance has been so successful as a independent broker searching a busy in companies on their website and give you the best price, because it drops the price down. The market. Pressures of complete of competition drop the price down a so anyway. All of that to say if you bought a eighteen or twenty you're, probably going to
another one before that one runs out unless you lost your health and we're completely became uninsurable due to heart attack or cancer or diabetes. Or something like during that time knock on wood, I haven't had that happen, and so I've been able to continue to buy apolosi. If I wanted one and now I'm almost sixty, and so I guess, still buy policy. If I want one so in the strange thing, is it's cheaper? It's sixty Then it was when I was fifty five, and so it's just as long as you haven't lost your health. The prices have continued to drop. So for that reason I don't get that concerned about it my personal experience has been that people own more than one policy through their lifetime. They end up. Bing and dropping and adding and dropping and changing getting better prices restructuring their stuff, and so the fifteen to twenty year pins to be very realistic, the one exception would be if you lost your health. So it's up to you,
want to pay a little more for the thirty. That's fine! I will give you a high probability. But you will not on that policy. Thirty years from now, just because of life change. That's what I'm talking about here, a good question. Thank you for joining us our thanks to James Child STAR producer, Kellie Daniel are associate producer and phone screener M Dave. Ramsey. Your host will be back with you before you know it in the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's to walk daily with the prince of Peace Christ. Jesus. This is
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