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From other quarters of Ramsay solutions, broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios. It's that day, Ramsay show what damn cages, king and paid off home mortgage, has the place of the Bmw the status symbol of choice. I'm day, Ramsay your host, you jump and we'll talk about your life in your money. The phone numbers AAA eight to five. Two hundred and twenty five, eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five in the immortal words of frosty. The snow man had been be new year, everyone were so glad
with you is kicking off the new year. Lots of wonderful things mean for you this year and I were honoured to be part of it. So, thanks for hanging out weathers ready to change things. Are you ready to transform? I read kicks stuff in gear, like you, ve, never kicked it in gear before year baby, it's a whiteboard, its wide open you gonna, do with it, you can save for the future. You could build wealth he could get out of that. You could actually get control of this stuff called money. All you, is a plan and that's what we're here for or heard here The information and the inspiration to go about the business are changing your life. I know it sounds corny, but we're point factory over here. It's what we do and we are happy with that. Were all about you having the best possible turn out for your future that you could have? Now we ve been talking about this stuff for years. How do you eat an elephant abided a time you have to have a plan.
Taken overwhelming task and make it workable. You break it into pieces and put them in order of attack than we did. That was personal finance thing, some twenty, Five years ago it's almost become tribal, speak inside the tribe. You have to be able to speak the verbs, the mounds of the tribe And it's all about the baby steps and people call another show a baby steps are only start out with that is if everyone I knew what a baby step was. So we thought it was a great year. Does we want to start out. The new year's say: hey: let's go through the baby steps for the whole, our we're gonna take collars this hour from baby step. One baby steps to babies have three four five six and seven, so you can get the idea. What's going on the baby stuff an order. That's why steps? If we wanted a different order, we'll put him in a different order if they work better and a different order, put him on a different order. Don't fix this, it's not broken
baby step wants you save a thousand dollars for your beginner starter emergency fund, too, is of all your dad. Accept your home working your debt, snowball list, your debt, smallest, two largest pay minimum payments on everything, but the little one an attack the little one with a vengeance when you're dead, free but the house feels good doesn't say yes,. There were no move on and save. Margins she fund, fully funded emergency fund. Go back to that thousand dollar account raise it up to three too six months of expenses and then, of course, we're going to move on baby step forward that point four: five and six we do at the same time, for you put fifteen None of your income into retirement. Until now. You ve not been doing money into retirement and if you are, you should have stopped, and then babies, five. As you starts, I've ever gets college above the fifteen percent going into it
and any other money, we get our hands on his baby steps. Six, we pay off the house early and when no house payment and money for kids, college and retirement under way there's nothing left to do in baby steps seven but become very wealthy and outrageously generous. You ve lived like no one else now you can live and give like no one else again we're at all. Folks at each baby step if you're on one of those baby steps and you that jump about that jump on the phone numbers triple eight eight to five five, two to five. We are glad You are with us tee is gonna start the stars off with baby step one a Washington Dc Happy New year to era happy New Year sergeant let's go out! Will you and baby step one well, I started off here. On November, around November I heard about the baby steps Facebook Group, while black girl, the social work.
We were talking about let loose called right inclusion. What's a gradual black girl them so sure that's great. There were also some workers. And they were talking about you, don't let it gave them or that the margin arrange Louis you than I was gonna jump on board. You know that's. A great discussion Every one of us, regardless of ethnicity, need to let go of our generational issues used yeah. And some are unique, F ethnically and some of them are but everybody's get generational stuff. I don't want do that, like the generation that right! Yes, exactly so very cool, so you got started in January right now known November's when I started. Ok, very cool yeah, that started a new job under the government contract in November and
there be an awful before time too. After a couple months, Oh right now I have a full time job well make about seventy two year and have a part time. Jobs were I'm gonna, probably make about twelve to fifteen thousand. Is my estimated cause? I'm a therapist I can keep clients goin. I have about suddenly seven thousand a debt. Fifty two thousand is or fifty five thousand alone I have about seventy five hundred left on a car, but was due to be paid off this year, as I just wanna show the rest of it personal small bank. I don't wanna, make twenty twenty by year. Amen I am now going to show you how much of your time One of you got done, I'm a half way through I got quite a bit probably finish up this month or so yes, good, oh yeah, then babies no just work at purer and
means is you're going list all of those. That's not counting your home small, two largest that bastard loans can be your last one, Your pay minimum payments on ever the little one. Then you're going to attack the little one and so seven thousand dollars in debt, and your household incomes don't be one in twenty two any kind of calculating in eighty five and eighty two and eighty five thousand ok, how much you think you're gonna put on debt and one you out of eighty five I'm really hoping that I could do like twenty five thousand, I'm thinkin thirty. Thirty be twenty five hundred a month and not to put you out of debt, in a little over two years. Okay, so thirty thousand we haven't, I mean you may be able to do more. Even I don't know what you're you know, what what some of your lifestyle? You ve got living They see that you can shop, but what happen is, as you get more as you get the thousand dollars in the bank. How do you I am? Twenty nine is just going to be like the first
make up a thousand dollars to the sad and never touched it it s. Just like a breakthrough emotionally in it. Yes, That is a generational thing, but is also like a grown up. Things like I know, people Maggie eighty and ninety thousand hours a year. The work in the system for the first time in her life they shut that thousand dollars aside, is like mine, minor, by his thou, both your fingers right, that's not what I'm talking about, but I'm saying when you set aside and its there and you're, not gonna touch it the changes everything You definitely got this twenty. Twenty is definitely gonna, be your ear t era and very cause, I'm glad I got you found out about it, interferes with group and were, the walk with you, Sir there's, you call us back as you walk his journey baby step one complete and then head straight and of course, maybe step to with then Johns baby may know this.
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terms and conditions apply. A new year, America walking through the baby, steps in detail, taking calls from people in each of the baby steps. This baby steps theme our take up the year. You need a clear plan to execute, Your execute exactly not is but- actually like. We target You're gonna have the best of your life financially and if you want to mess around with this convent reinvent your own thing, you can do that, but we're talking about what works What millions and millions of people have done, and it's a proven clear path called the baby steps for. Lamenting, common sense and biblical financial principles getting out of debt. Saving money. Investing money for emergencies? How do we do all of these things? How do we build
how do we increase our generosity? Otto increases change your family tree. The shortest path is through these steps that take you first out of debt and then in the wealth building. And I we covered them in the first segment- we're taking calls from people about each of the baby steps as we go along, which brings us to baby step two Stephanie is in pencil vainly and getting out of debt is baby step to working the debts while paying off everything, but your home, funny. How are you better than I deserve happy new year, thanks so how'd you get started how'd you get started on this journey, sound brother actually with when through baby tat, one until became that free and then he bought a kick in the class December of two thousand and seventeen for Christmas. So I've been doing it.
Eating. Shall year ago you took off a two years ago. You took off on our journey in attributes university in your you're on your way in baby step to getting out So what have you done so far so far? I have paid my credit card and then three student mind why time and how much data be laid off total. So I paid are forty thousand dollars toward my dad How good for you and what is your income Stephanie. So my income- I make around forty three than the ear jobs, but I have risen while you don't gray, ok very thoroughly and you paid and you and your pay off twenty thousand bucks a year at so far out of without more income, much impressive! You wanna go How much are we got left to go? about thirty thousand the girl, I believe,
Glass fell, yes, obeyed her office around thirty thousand? Ok, and since you ve already done forty, you know you can do thirty right background. Very good, shop you today so I have like that, before the three worry and work, has a significant about of interest rates, so I wanted to know if its beneficial to consolidate those were to keep them separate ones. The outrage below them. My highest minus ten point. Seven, five per cent they're all are only good lunch. There are located and what's the other rights, nine insects. Ok, and consolidate what right have you got a quota consolidation? I now. I would think you can probably get down to six or so Are they federally in church to launch so the wine that six percent is a fact?
learn. The other two are private through discover the private ones are harder to consolidate, but Ok, so let's say you ve got thirty thousand over that. Say you went from temperature. To five percent is my gaze: shall fat five percent will be three thousand hours I'll be fifteen hundred dollars a year. Your saving! Ok, that's helpful! That helps get I'd like to have fifteen hours of you said to me I'll. Take it but but it doesn't solve a thirty thousand other problem. So I dont mind you consolidating, because it helps a little reeling. Ninety five percent of the region, you're gonna, get out of that, is you you, are the special sauce. The interest rate is not the special sauce. You are so it's ok to
affected by all three to five percent or something and helps a little, but the MAC that you doing such a good job on forty thou. Our year attacking this. Making such good progress? Really, I'm not just I'm not just Rhonda. Give you a compliment here. I want you to understand. You really are impressive, you. Who are the secret saw, so you stay excited you stay, game on you They are the restaurants used stay offer vacations. You work, decide how you work and work and work. Work and work and savings scrimp and an hustling ground, and that is years more important than the interest rate. But if you consolidate them and get him all right for the one year that they're gonna being around you or so then that's how it full. But it's it's how ninety seven percent ring you don't get out. That's gonna! U three percent! Coming the interest rate! Mathematically, that's actually true, show
it's ok to work on it, but don't look for that to be the saving gracious, already found the saving grace she's in your mirror, she's your secret weapon, Her name is Stephanie and she's impressive. Well done cat, I'm proud of you phones at eight hundred and eighty eight, eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five, the baby steps today, Stephanie's in baby step who ploughing through man she start off with fifty some thousand dollars in that sixty thousand hours in that as plowed. The forty of it already has pretty impressive humming, it's amazing and and making no money, and we made an forty. Those large year should not make it four hundred thousand here. So very, very good, very, very, very well! Then! Ok, so maybe step one thousand dollars we'd than the first segment, save that our first collar tiara was halfway. There baby step to pay off all your debts, except her home, listing the smallest largest in that order. That's what's definition the process of doing
in such a good job. Watcher debt free everything, but the house that moves us to baby should have three were Cathy, is in Oregon Cathy Happy New year. We favour you better than I deserve. Tell me about your brain, three, how you doing me: huh liar are currently everything babyship tree and we will have three months of our emergency funds saved by next month and I'm curious if I can squeeze babies have three b in between the three months and the six month, because we have no insulation and our walls and we keep our house at a balmy sixty degrees, because it is upwards of a hundred two hundred and forty per month keep her another sixty. Are you moving the legislator no, are you The biodegradation I just want to buy a phone call. Well, I wouldn't be really three b. That would just be a budget.
On that you wanna put in which would slow things after you get your basic emergency fund in place, and, yes, I would, I would definitely budget for insulation in the walls. After had three months the sad and then, if you want to go back- and you know the only difference in three and six months as just your beefing up- it's not that you don't have one now. If you said back, I want I want Stop Andrew insulation before I have any emergency fund other than my baby step? One, I would say: don't do that, but giving but get the three months done first and then that You know that get that gets you done and then and then you go and you know do some other stuff. That's gonna, edgy right now, installation, they ve come edgy and then, before do some more luxurious type spending which you can do in baby step. Four, five and six are you may want to go back and beef that up a little bit and that be ok to hey, guys, got a free preview for you forefront, obese university, over six million
People have been through this class in the last twenty five years and here's the thing we're gonna free preview out Tuesday January the seventy seven p m. It's a Youtube event have to have a link You want to watch a link on on Youtube, a free press, You two financial position of earthly than caused a thing and you're gonna get some real information, others some real motivation out of this. This is not They are a commercial and infomercial. It's really gonna help you you're going to want to see this lesson there were putting out there to start off twenty twenty. How do you do it? You text? The word watch Thirty, three: seven: eighty nine text. The word watch two three, three, seven, eight nine. How would you like to get to the end of this year and the almost out of that risk? how it's a free of it. This Tuesday night how'd, you like blue, invest and be outrageously generous, we're going to show you how it's a free event, this Tuesday night text,
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four nine, nine nine exit or timeshare exit team dot com and start your plan today, you know you're we're doing the baby steps theme. Our two kicked off the new year today, and that means we're taking a collar from each of the seven baby. Steps to illustrate what they are we already talked to. Someone was building up there and dollar baby step, one someone paying off their debt, using maybe step to using the debt. Snowball baby steps, finishing the emergency fund at three to six months of expenses, Tuesday night
January. The seventh are gonna have a very special event: a free free, free free for a reason word preview of financial? he's university, if you would like to watch it. We will textual link. And you have, the decision is attached to get that. Link and we'd like to Let you see how far Atropatia fifty works over six million people have been through financial conversely, and learning to walk in detail these maybe steps in walking them with a positive peer group right but people doing the same thing you're doing. Instead of making fun of what you're doing, that's a big deal, shot watch on, January, the seventh of seven p m. You have to have a link you get the link. Ah there you go. You text. The word watch to thirty three seven, eighty nine, seventy nine text. The word watch
two, three, three, seven, eight nine and it's all free- and you can you know, get you ve always wondered about this financial Bijou mercy thing! Well: here's where you can watch it free, a preview of in anyway on Tuesday night, so check in whether baby step four is saving fifteen percent of your income. In retirement Rhonda is on the line with our baby step for question a person working babies to have four from New Jersey around our area, crybaby doing great pleasure to talk. You you two shall tell me your story. How long you been work in these steps you start it might have been an eye. When did you last February, twenty seventeen and that time we had a little over a hundred thousand dollars and tat. We were able to clear that for just under two years, while air,
and will soon go you about that as we get into the new year for twenty nineteen has started to work our babies So over the course of point nineteen we save forty five hours, and that three and now we're heading Enzo babies that for finally so you paid much that total chauffeur a little over. And say forty five thousand and innovation? did that in a year and a half or two years, while pretty impressive, Last January start for you allow back there, The agenda is a good time to start all this stuff. That's how we feel for our very cool so I mean you have no dad and forty five thousand hours in the bank in two years. You were deeply indebted, had no money how's, it feel I'm leaving The only way to describe it amazing, you're on your way to everyday millionaire status, fast, archer, absolutely absolutely partial failure on baby stepped forward and how much you guys
what your household income to sixty five o Ok, make us or serious bank what I'll do for a living. So a doctor. Being an island marketing both done very well actual, an excellent excellent, so you're, saying fifteen percent of two sixty five is the gulls starting now right yet and your questions what so the question is now my company offers the Roth for a white k without glance it max out. My husband, however, works for a small physical therapy practice and they don't wherefore okay, so for him we were going to do their bit so I already since we can't do the world, but that only brings us up to allow twenty five, twenty six, We still need to figure out what to do for the rest of it, I'm under them. Russian and hopefully, I'm wrong that I cant do a traditional irate with I'm already doing them, one by one.
You are wrong? Thank goodness good Thank goodness you so yeah you're in your ingrate shape your gun building all kinds of stuff here, so I mean You can do nineteen thousand in your fora. One k you need to go thirty, nine up! Thirty nine forty rotten, going here. That's gonna be fifteen percent to sixty five. So if we put eighteen in your fora, one k that leaves us twenty me to go. And both You can do Roth, I our age, but you can do them directly because you make too much after which call a back door Roth issues. What I do every year, the Chaldean, I'm thirty six amendments in our view, catch English, six thousand each and
you do is you can have it once a year I dont in one fell swoop here in January, when I do it and honest open and after tax traditional, not before tax, traditional, okay and after tax traditional. I and twenty seconds later I roll it into a Roth. Ok, can you that's called a back door, Roth if your income as to how to do a directly into a rod. You have today a two step procedure to get there. If you It was one of our small investor prose. They can walk you through that and I show you exactly how to pull that offered it is it just a little too It is always gotta extra piece of paper worker do with it, but I do every year and I make way too much to do the took to qualify actual qualifying guidelines. Now, the sea. That only gets us to twelve though, and we ve done the eight to go right needed. You got me
you need to get the thirty nine you got. Nineteen at your place or put another twelve in, and so we need to go. More does your husband have anything available. I work nothing at all. Nothing at all Does anyone have any self employed income now, none at all, then you don't have any other retirement options. They You can do now is just a start: saving in a traditional mutual fun, are allocated with eight thousand hours gone about a year and I use that probably what I would do their in sheep meat we vesture pro and they can work either some options, but regular investment. There is no tax break at all. What your problem! look for his watch call a low turnover mutual funds, and that means I don't sell the stocks inside the mutual funds very often, and so there's no taxes on the growth until you cash out the Good NEWS, any cash doubts. Can we taxing capital gains right, not an ordinary gum right? Ok, so
and I saw you like in essen- be five hundred because I almost always have a low turnover ratio in their locations to and that's what I thought extra money, and that is not qualified in any kind of return, a plan, but I dont think you ve got any other other than backdoor Roth's and your Roth, overwork. I don't think you ve got in. Their options. You can go to at this time, but you do fine european fine european, great shame because kill it Yo Rhonda White ago great great, maybe step forward. Lindsey is next em Lindsey is in California for baby steps. I've talked about saving for kids college happy New Year, Lindsey Happiness you, sir, so tell me story. How much of you guys done so far. Hello to taking you to get to babies have five journey actually started in twenty fifteen on when my husband I got engaged and Father followed you for many years and said you know
my wife and I will help you pay for your wedding. If you read the total money make over several women reading your story which had been laughing into our family. I am so without hope. We were able to Why are you wearing ourselves with my parents? Thirty, five thousand, all big wedding. We came home from a honeymoon workaday their settling into wave found out. We were pregnant and went into Let me say that about that: within twenty seventh year they became whom we turned out to be a little bit, and went out of gave orders is where they fish iron, save for a three be inside of three while the new home- and I had our I've- heard it only in December- twenty eight p m- we were you know about it. New heard, I was afraid either and we have no emergency far and what are we gonna do had been putting into retirement and so had. I sat down with it by please
if they want to monitor the rest. The story and we'll talk about your question for five would come back from the break so baby. Upstream our Europe Dave Ramsay shut happy New year adds up baby stabs theme or on the day rooms pay. You can join us for a free preview of an enterprise university Tuesday by texting. The word watch thirty three seven eight nine
toward watch two three, three, seven, eight nine will send you a link to a free preview to financial peace university or covering all the baby steps too. Lindsey is on baby step. Five, Lindsey from our own babies to have five and your question about babysitter fathers? What can I question is where its thinking second child in May My question is what we should be telling our money to deal if we should be increasing requirement to thirteen percent going to start mood or potentially setting up there- higher, which I am. I ran the cards. Ready to die on the site. For the car is a budget item in anything. Add something to the budget and lowers your ability to do for five six, but we start with baby steps for before we do anything once you're out of three. And that's fifteen percent of your income going into retirement dad. You're saving towards a car and that's gonna, reduce what you can put into five and six
You start, but you need to have something steadily going into the babies accounts in baby step five for college, our If your hundred dollars a month ago, be alive and let's get something, let's get the muscle of college savings built and then in a watch that going and you ve got everything else handled then will be it sounds like you guys need to work on. Your budget sounds like yours, a little is flying around as you say, an almost get by on the fifteen percent, now be set up for fifteen percent. Before we move on to baby step five and then, of course, that brings us to baby step six, which is where Michael, isn't it as I Michael Happy New year having earlier days per year. Better than I deserve, sir. So Europe we step six guy workin on pay it off your house. Congratulations how long you organ: the baby steps five years
wow shall January. Another January gas January's good time to start to stuff. So much debt have you paid off so far. Six hundred three thousand dollars good Lord and you worry of what you do. What you're just start January. We actually went through financial police in September twenty fourteen, and we made a commitment to it and January. First my baby girl was born and we drove our whole five hundred dollar color. With new rat daily were wayward, we were in it away. I love it and you past six hundred ninety three thousand and five years from financial busier, there's so good so or to baby steps in paying off the house early you're already putting in retirement and kids college. What your question my question is: we can finish this up and twenty four months
You know we are running out our own house in, but but we will have a really strong desire for over two years ago, christian school men were five year old children. You been in the school in two years. Art are tell your old will start she'll be eligible to start school. We can hold her off rule more year. They put her mother's day out church and weaken, knocked his house out or wicked back off the house a little bit and install her in the four k it the christian school. Now, what what would you recommend? Google cost seventy four hundred a year in which
Linda. I want warning letter, so this is a seven thousand dollar question after you paid off almost seven hundred thousand, whose yes, sir, I think you're gonna be ok, either way dude and I probably would do what your heart tells you to do, which I'm guessing. You start your kid and delay slightly paying off your house Bismarck Delay at a year, its seven thousand Our question, sir, has held a a little bit, but I mean you ve done so much so fast so well because of your intention, Amity and here's the beauty of this really not a wrong answer to your question. You could go either way. It won't hurt you. The beauty of this is you are choosing to decide this on purpose instead of acting like you, were a victim choices and all we had to start getting screws arena. Rejoicing now, yours, we haven't. We have a choice.
The side which ones best for our family. When you like that with intention reality, always gonna come out ahead. There you're always Gonna win very, very proud of you, Michael, so very, very well done excellent. Excellent job. Man really well plight baby steps avenues when your dad free witches were models cumbersome, how's everything you putting money. For a time at you putting money away and now your own baby steps seven ass release. Like no one else now you're able to live and give like. No else, and that, of course is where rig is to finish our baby steps theme. Congratulations Ricky made it to baby steps. Seven very go all! Thank you! Dave You been working to stuff. When we started in January twenty ten again and
January Yom added yeah. So are we had maybe some six and nine January twenty sixteen wow, good for you, and here we are ten years later and your cooking gash man I'm a year, its game, stale you're doing this. Are you so. How old were you when you started this? My wife and I were fifty five, ok and so now you're like sixty five close to it there, while while cool. So what your question about baby steps, seven so we're on babies that seven and sows weren't burden sharing retirement, talking about poor boy by about retirement every day. So how do you know when it's time with you? It should be not a question of money, be like. When do you want work, and what are you gonna do? Let me remind you, Sir What, if you want do now, but
There may be some, you know if you stay a few more years and then we may be able to maximize this, or that might be worth it a toxic environment. You might get on out. There's no problem with that. If you got something, want to do that. You're, Encore career, you won't let the curtain come down. Carton come back uptake abound onto the next thing. Then you got plenty of time to do that. A lot of people make a ton of money from MID. Sixty two mid seventies. Because they step out and do something. I've always wanted to do, and it now just for fun its monopoly money. You know, you're not trying to feed babies and stuff So there you can do any of us anything. You want you naughty. My situation is, I intend work and taught does not work for me. What I do I like doing a shower Were they only I'm not gonna, be only shows of equipment can sense when they take me off, but until then I'll be coming down here and go in all being on. Very probably grasping or something with my voice right, but
can't do it. I join speaking in the cost of now Margaret continued run, the company that would be unhealthy the company. Is the ceo shall step aside from that in a few years, but for now, I'm both and but my anticipation is, I I ever anticipate not doing something because I get joy out of embracing the marketplace. I'm on an entrepreneur in. Like to teach. I like what I'm doing so. If you find something like that, I was retirement, you know, is not retirement. Target for so long has been cast. As I hate my job, and I can't wait till I get to sixty I don't have to do it anymore. Will you pass that a long time ago? Man, I mean so just what do you want? Do your life? You know you got a wake up like your eighteen NGO, my dream, and what is it I want to do in, and I wanted to keep your omega really good money and will give you a few more years, because I like piling up these Benjamin's or home. I hate this place. I can't get.
Way to get out of your wouldn't get out there. You don't but found something to do. To lay your hand to you got more join your life when you're productivity may, when you're productive duchess, we all do when you're serving you get more joy than when you're just sitting room fishing Doc. I so much golf and fishing. You can do it right and so on. But I have some fun, though you ve earned it congratulations everyday Megan! Her well done well done well done! Well, we again, coming Tuesday January, seventh, a free preview to lessen one financial position you did not mention that it's free freezer good word tat. The word watch two hundred and thirty, three thousand seven hundred and eighty nine, that's text. The word watch thirty, three, seven, eight, nine renewing our Magnum bag, twenty Twond, your baby, make it happen guys visual,
Ramses, we'll be back with you before you know it hey. It's Kelly, says he producer and thats rate over the day, Ramsay Shell. If you would like you to urge every scrape live on the show, make sure you visit, Dave, Ramsay, DOT, com, flash so register with love for you to cover national. Until they hear story,
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