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Advice for Budgeting While Living in a Foreign Country (Hour 1)

2019-11-12 | 🔗

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From the headquarters of broadcasting Studio, sets the Dave Ramsey Show at all home mortgage as the B M w as the status of I'm Dave Ramsey your house. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two five at triple eight eight to five Fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five starting this hour office Joanna in Russia, hi Joanna. How are you
ok, thank you. So much for your time. I really appreciate it. You can it's And I'm sorry about the way that it's spelled no, not at all. It's an interesting ride. Russia. But I've got a budget in question for you has been now doing the every dollar budget for three months. It figures not that long to work out the kinks. It's a bit of a possibly navigating my budget, be paid once every sixty days, but I think I've got that figured out, but I'm still very much suggestions about how to improve that but I don't have figured out is how to navigate my every dollar budget, which is in usd in my life and all my expenses and all my receipts are in russian rubles I can do right now is is calling cash I don't have a budget for that. I need help. Please help me: ok, um, wow
You know. Obviously every dollar is not built for the russian monetary system. But the so. I guess you could I mean you can ' it would be, it would be pretty laborious, but I guess you could convert each enter it as if it's US dollars an just act like that's in use the appropriate conversion, and the words don't enter you as dollars into rubles into it and just use it that way. I don't know why that wouldn't work. It was still math yeah, that's true! That's a really good thought The trick with coordinating it with my bank is that it takes usually ninety six hours to post and there's always a difference between pending and post in final amount, no absolutely not, especially by racially when you're in an international situation like that, some of the? U S, banks, I mean: if you're a U s. If you're, the if you're sitting in the USA, it might take
six hours to that might not be. Different depending on the bank, but that's the bank transaction, and that would be the have a debit card how long, whether they've got a hold on it or whether they've actually processed it through and and that has to do with how the bank's report back to us. We don't get to control that and so you know what you've got to do. Is you just have to manage that an in real time versus what is pending, 'cause in your mind really once you once you show something is pending. You've really spent that money, no matter, they haven't run it through. They have to let it sit there, and so it's going. You spend fifty restaurant it shows pending, but it's not really. You've spent the money it's going to go on through the only reason they're parking, it is the the debit card, regulations and Don, and so there, the banking rags- and I assume, you're to it, sounds like you're tied into U S bank on
so that's probably not going to get any better until we find a workaround with a banking that allow us to show pending as a real time transaction and I've got a couple. Things on the whiteboard were messing with, but it will be awhile before you actually see a way to do. That so mean time. I think you can just use the usually math as if it were usd, but it's not in use your current, the currency that you're actually looking at ice honored to speak with you? Thank you for calling in Megan is whether some Texas High Megan. How are you hi good? How are you doing
better than I deserve. What's up, God said, I have a quick question for you, so I am twenty four on I've got free thanks to teaching in help of you in my parents, but my question is: how can I best be of a resource to my friends who are my age, who have crippling debt up? How can I help them coach them or help them with their finances so that they can bait break national cycles at that as well? Are they asking for help? They will ask circle, and then I get really excited, and so then they ask more questions. So it's not me forcing it upon them, but that that that works. Fine, because I I don't know, I don't give advice to people who have asked for it.
Right because it generally doesn't work. Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still so I've got lots of friends that don't ask my advice. 'cause, they know. It's going to be, and they don't want to hear it. So we're just friends- and we don't talk about this stuff that I know more about than they do so it's ok anyway. But still using a credit card. You know, but I mean it's: alright, it's ok! Whatever you want to do so, If they ask, then what I there was a couple things. One is, and I do it here on the air. You hear me, do it if you're listening to the show room, is I'm trying to find out what what their primary lens that they look at life through. Do they look at life? an academic lens, a spiritual lens? are there version of faith and they really gauge things through the lens of scripture. Do they through a relation, a lens how it's going to affect
people in their life, we all are concerned We were concerned about all of those, but we all have a primary one and at different times. In my life, in a different situations, I may use different lenses, but if this is uh, that you've met at church, for instance in your friends with them and you're in a Bible study with them, and you know that there are strong person of faith and they really care what the Bible says. This, then you can say well the Bible says this about that. You know Bible this weekend at the Bible says this about budgeting and a person that is concerned about the act mix. Then you can start to show the mathematics of the benefits of doing about they're getting out of that or you know what are the data? points on the people who became everyday millionaires? And so you answer, the question through the lens that they are most likely to hear the answer it, man, I don't mind I can go. I can do any of those because I like all of them, but it just the primary way of looking at things and so
you know someone who's, not a a person of faith, not a Christian, doesn't care what the Bible says about it, and so Bible, says doesn't mean anything to them far as they are concerned. That's an Aesop's fable right inside the mean anything, that's not a point of reference for them, but walking through the mathematics, and you start going. Look here's how this works and this here's, the psychology of behavior based system for about if you're based problem- and you can walk through that and you're just meeting them where they are and so that'll work, so just kind of listen and the other thing, Do is I not on the radio, but in a personal setting is even if someone's not asking you're always free to tell your story about what happened to you and say you're, not telling them anything what has to happen to them and you're, not judging them or condemning them on what they're doing you just saying
here's what happened to Maine. I did these stupid things. I had this pain. I was in a problem an I started. Doing start using these financial. Principles and turn my life around and I got out of, and got money, and now I don't have stress, and I got financial peace, two words that don't go gather like airline service, and this in on. Can just talk about your story and no one can argue with your story. 'cause. It's your story, the the Dave Ramsey, show I gotta call the other day an. I thought it was worth talking about. Again. It was from a wife looking for life insurance for her family. She asked why I only recommend term life insurance instead of cash value plans like whole life.
I usually explain how you overpay for coverage, earn a horrible rate of interest and don't get your cash value when you die. But this time I just had her go straight to Zander dot com and get a rate, and then we compared that rate to the whole life plan, and she immediately saw the huge savings. That's why I suggest that everyone go to Zander dot com or call them at eight hundred three five hundred and sixty four, Two hundred and eighty two and get a free quote whether I don't know welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show Hi Dave. How are you better than I deserve ma'am? What's up so Rite aid, my life before me. She wants to separate
and I'm just coming to terms with that, but I for your hair. Neither was have enough to buy the house out from each other. So that's going to happen. Well and with that, and only owing on my car left- and while I can turn this into after get back with you out of the house, turn it into being debt free. But my two, objectives that I'm having a hard time figuring out is when I do buy a new house after this. How do you go about it? translate correctly way, I can get my house paid off soon be back to that free and we have a few one thousand dollars a five thousand dollars just kind of in a bank account for our sons, college we've been saving, and I didn't know what a good way to put that
somewhere where neither of us could draw what would it be a good kind of investment thing where it's not a liquid asset hum both on the same page and good with that, do you have any Justin's on either of those wins. How long have you been married a little over ten years, and she told you this Friday and you've already or working the details a divorce, is there nothing? No, nothing would be done also for the well analyze, and uh we've done, Not doing well for almost a year now and then why'd couples counseling only this morning, they could ever could finish it yesterday so here here and got your hand over the phones muffled I'm so can you hear me better now, yeah speak directly into your phone. So what happened?
really trying to get her to couples therapy over this want to do. One of the things that you know you can't force someone to actually participate you know, even if we get the girls um so You have either one of your ships in a marriage. Counselor yeah I've been trying, but she won't be. One of you have seen one. You tried to get her to go with, that you haven't gone either yeah no a few months ago, I got her to go to a couple of sessions and she didn't get into it too much yeah. I wish I could be saved,
because a divorce is not only a door, should not only expensive, it's also unbelievably painful, and so try to do everything we can to avoid those situations, which is why I was asking, but back to your question then yeah. Once the decision has absolutely been made, then a divorce train turns our marriage into a business transaction and adverse aerial business transaction, and so it just becomes about down to decisions like you're saying we sell the house and will take the proceeds from that. What do you do with KIDS College fund and so forth, and the divorce decree can state that the KIDS College Fund is to be left in control of either? One of you are requires both of your signatures to be moved or something like that Anne. You know I would just have that in a five hundred and twenty nine in a series of growth stock, mutual funds like we always recommend, as far as buying a home,
once you get everything finalized and you've got your own place. You would work through the baby steps, your one hundred percent debt free at that point, which is how you describe what would happen and then you have an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses, and then you want as big a down payment as possible on the home and you don't buy a home where the payment is more than one slash. Four of your take home pay on a fifteen year fixed rate loan, and that puts you into a conservative property then that you can pay off fairly quickly typical person working our stuff pays off their home in seven to ten years lot of mid seven. The average millionaire in our millionaire study pays off their home in ten point two years, and so we see that as a data point in the people who become millionaires from nothing getting their home paid off is one of the big part.
That, and so that's exactly how it works. Hey thanks for the call open phones that eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five William is with us in New York. I William, how are you hi They thank you for taking my call sure. What's up good good, I am planning to eat. At the end of this year and I will be receiving a pension, and I have option of taking money out from this pension. If I do take this money, it's going reduce my monthly income. Good morning. What do you recommend? Wow and take it out and burn it. I would take it and roll it into an ir a into some mutual funds. How old are you? I am fifty three ok and if you take it and roll it to an IRA, it reduces how much you would receive monthly. They don't lump sum and just take the whole pension. It's what I have.
She's, taking like ninety percent of this of my pension. It would reduce it about about three thousand dollars difference here, yeah, and why can't you? Why can't you take one hundred percent? Now, that's that's how the plan is set up. It doesn't allow you to take the full amount. That's weird! Ok! I mean just weird that they let you take they'll, let you take nothing but ninety, and not one hundred but ok. So here's the thing: the amount that the pension is paying. You monthly is calculated on six one slash two to seven percent by regulation. So? When you tell me three thousand dollars, are you a month that tells me thirty six thousand dollars a year divide about point? Oh seven tells me what your pension balances? Okay, because that's how to calculate
and so you can make more if that same amount of money or invested and in good mutual funds and we're paying you ten to twelve percent going to give you more money than you would have gotten. If you were in you know getting seven percent. The other thing is the amount of money. That's in your pension, when you die dies with you, but Take ninety percent of it out and move it to mute, runs in a Roth RM mean in and I are a a direct transfer: all over IRL, where there's no taxes involved and you die Well, that IRA is yours and it goes with your state. Uh huh beneficiary named on it goes to someone the money. Also. Your more alive and dead. If you move the money, that's what it comes down to and so I would roll it as much as you can too good growth stock, mutual funds in a direct transfer, roll over
I are a traditional IRA, no taxes and let the things that they're in grow you can tap into you're, fifty nine and one slash but assuming you're not doing nothing from fifty three years old on, hopefully you're not in plant off sitting on your butt for the next ninety year or next forty years. Hopefully, you got something to do and to earn something. I mean you ought to be out yet about the business of doing your encore career. Your next act take a bow with the curtain go and then go do something fun. You know that you always wanted to do so. That's what I would do is what I am doing, I'm a little older than you, I'm still working, so I don't have to have. It for a long time, but this is because I want to do what I do I'm having a blast so anyway, that that's what I would do. I would leave my hands off the money and I would roll it anytime. You've got a pension because making more while you're alive- and it will make you more when you're dead, but a direct transfer rollover, is what you're looking for open phone
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two to three thank you for joining us better than I deserve. What's up, I and this wanting to know, if you think, if we should refinance your mortgage long,
sure. We have a far five year arm. Currently, four point: twenty five percent, we two printing on it, and we also have a heloc which, with three twenty five on- and it is also currently at four point- twenty five percent we have about fifteen the thousand left in our debt and our adjustment period is June of next year. So, if you feel like, we should refinance do that now. Should we wait until June, when will probably be that free up our mortgage and our have you had I want adjustment period. How long we had the mortgage five years. June events? This will be the first adjustment it will be uh. We just live in a hot market, which is how we have the equity in our home. Ok! Well almost adjustable rate mortgages? The arms are are started.
Below work where they started where the index is above the market. Now what that means is you have an index of this is Todd Tootie bills The the LIBOR is tied to something okay when they set that index. Originally it was to set your original rate you're the it's between your index, in your rate, tells you what it's going to like two over LIBOR or whatever right. What have they got your set on? Do you know? I believe it can go up to no? No, no that want to what do you know what indexes that gives them the amount to adjust it by no ok. Typically, the rate interest rates would have had to have gone down, that they artificially set the margin closer than it will be after adjustment? All that means is that the index that
used to decide how much to adjust the interest rate that whatever whatever you're using a t bill would have had to have gone down during five years for you to have the same rate, so if interest rates were exactly the same now as they were five years ago, which are probably not far off of that, your adjustment will go up even though right to the sign, because it started it started artificially below your spread and all that to say. Yes, The refinance, ok, because your rates going up in your rates going up in June probably gonna, say five or six percent interest rate in June, and that's in a three percent interest rate world. So I we get in touch with Churchill mortgage and look at a fifteen year fixed I'd roll. These two things together get rid of the get rid of the the equity loan put 'em. All weather on a fifteen year fixed and you will save interest today,
You for sure will save interest after this would have adjusted because you start it starts in the hole and it typically are, you know, do again would have to have gone down for you to break even on the adjustment. Hey thanks for the call open phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five. Now let me explain what I mean. So an index is what they use to judge how much to go up on the right. Whatever the index moved is how much your rate would go up. So if the index went up, one you'd go up one. If it went up one point, twenty five you'd go up, one point: twenty five and the indexes in your adjustable rate, mortgage paperwork and the spread over the index to determine your interest rate is in the paperwork. So if your two point, fifty nine, which is not unusual and something you'll, actually see above the index,
take the index whatever it is at the time of adjustment plus two point: five, nine, and so, if the yeah, if it's just a great on T bills, anti bills were two percent, you had two point: five nine and your interest rate would be four point: five, nine, and that would determine the our deal now. What happens is If that is that they set you up artificially low to get you into these arms. It's a trap. It really is, So they'll set it up at like two over the index, and so the index would have had to go down point nine in for you to end up with the same interest rate and so they would have set you up like two over t bill and then, when you get ready to adjust its two point, fifty nine over two bility adjustment point. So
right would have had to have gone down by that fifty nine and that's about what you'll experience is about one half, a percent gotcha gotcha gotcha hooked bribed you into doing an adjustable rate and then smack you in the head for doing it at the adjustment point and that's what's going to happen and that's what's going to happen to her. That's where she's going to be so if you have of an adjustable rate mortgage and it is not yet adjusted. You are not at the actual spread that you will be at after. The adjustments in from the first adjustment on you'll always be at the spread. That's in your contract. So yet another reason not to do adjustable rate mortgages, but these are the interest rates in fifty to seventy years. When the last time we saw interest rates like these other than the last decade was fifty years ago in the 1960s sixty years ago, and you didn't see these three and four percent interest. Never saw him in the 70s
some in the eighties never saw him in the nineties, and so you, you have to go back that far. So if you've got the pushed interest rates in the market today in the last fifty years, where the flip do you? it's going to adjust, do not only is really not a statistical probability. It's going to just up some, never take out on it or mortgage, particularly in a low interest rate environment, you're, betting, good money after bad Really what it comes down to is you bought an adjustable rate mortgage everyone that does because all you learn about how much down how much month broke people ask how much down how much more search people ask how much and how fast can I get this paid off? No How long can I stay in debt by the least possible payment and buy a house or really can't afford? Now, I'm not yelling at her about that, but I'm just telling you if you've got mortgage. That was probably your motivation, you're buying a bunch more house and you could
and you just want the lower payment. You have a little wiggle room, have little margin case. And goes wrong. I've got little room and I want to get in trouble. Trance when you're buying crap you can afford. Now, if you have an adjustable rate mortgage, that's the reason not to take one. If you have one it's time to refinance right now, call Churchill mortgage, now, I mean these rates are freaking ridiculous right now everybody walks around acting like birds. You know this is just a position. This is just an interest rates, are always going to be this way. They're not always going to be this way. I would go grab that interest rate by the throat and tackle it and keep it if you're going to give you if you have a mortgage like it's going to be a several years for you to pay it off, you have an adjustable rate. You have a balloon mortgage. You got one of these stoop second mortgages like this that you need to roll into something and get rid of the ridiculous right. Anna variable rate on that as well, then this the time to do a refinance right
now ready, set, go call. Churchill, mortgage right now go to more dot com right now, I'm not an ad for them. Folks is just the way it is. This is the deal, so I got out of college in nineteen. Eighty two, I had sold real estate all the way through college. I got my real estate license in nineteen. Seventy eight well I got my license in nineteen. Seventy eight rates went in September from nine and three nine hundred and forty five Jimmy Carter came into the presidency. Inflation was out of control, then and went nuts rates went from ten to seventeen before I got out cool. When I came out of school in one thousand nine hundred and eighty three eighty two three I was showing houses and we got the first of the first, multiple rate mortgages were available at twelve percent and a fixed rate in those days was fourteen percent and you got three.
Two percent available today on a fixed rate. Fifteen year shut up this is when you refinance this is Ramsey show
thanks for joining us America we're glad you're here this is the Dave. Ramsey show open phones, a triple like Two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five Dustin is with us in Ohio, high Dustin. How are you I'm good and yourself, better than I deserve. What's up
I just had a question for you wanted some advice, I'm in the process of enlistment with the military, and my question is: what is your advice on best being responsible with my friend Finance is long story short. I have a fiance in a four year old, that's going to be at home and I want to make sure I'm doing everything right. That's going to set us all up to the future 'cause the goal is retirement with the military one Paradise on it good for you. Thank you for your service. How old are you uh. I just turned twenty five last month. Ok, what are you going to be doing The goal is to be a operator would be a drone pilot and I am attempting to cross train in cyber security. Good, ok, very good, alright, fun, I'm well! I mean there's really no difference in what you would do. You would follow the baby steps that we teach make sure you're out of debt. You have an emergency fund of three,
six months of expenses and then you begin saving fifteen percent of your income in Roth IRA used. You can use the thrift savings plan to do some of that. If you want to Roth Roth selection and we recommend eighty percent see ten percent, ten percent es are in the thrift savings plan, and but I I would do a regular Roth IRA for you and your wife each and then above that do the thrift, because you can beat the t s p right. What what its performance a good! This season good plan, but are you can be what it's done? in the open market with good mutual funds. This is basically an sp, then you would save. Are you do you feel like most to the time of the military they're going to move you every couple years, you feel like that's going to be you. I mean more than likely her she will more than likely stay in Ohio because she runs a hair salon and I I can ask you to leave that because of
going to get married, an you're going to live in Hawaii and she's going to live in Ohio. As of right now. That's what it's going to look like, but there's a big chance that I'll be here in Ohio because of the career field, I'll be a lot of the drums are actually piloted out of Springfield. Oh so I've got about it, five percent chance. But it's that chances are not here and if it, to move- and you know that's, the step will take yeah. Ok, you don't want to be separated for two years from your wife absolutely in your living in the state I mean if you're deployed or something that be a different situation, but right absolutely then the other thing- and this would normally be my warning too young non married enlistees. I don't think I mean the eighteen or nineteen year old. The big danger and we work with the military all the time we love military folk. That when you leave the gates of most any
Terry Installation, as you leave the gates on each The road for the next two miles is every stupid thing. A human can do absolute, and a lot of it is real money. Some just immoral activities but a lot is around money, and so, in pawn stuff, I mean you can tide upon your car. You can rent to own You can do every stupid, butt thing, pay. Somebody fifty dollars to cash. Your check I mean you can just do every stupid butt thing for the next two miles down the road on each side and just don't fall into that. That mess up your finances or your life, because a certain number of people out there that prey on eighteen year olds, with their first check, come in the military first taste of freedom from their mom's kitchen, you know nobody there to smack him with a wooden spoon right and so
definitely a big mistake that I hear about all the time and it's it's one of those ones that I personally know to avoid it, and it's just. I want You know I've had out of military people coming through my work, you know recommending you to talk too, specifically an NGO. You know it might four year old son and more stable than what I'm talking about. That's why I say: at this time. I'm not my normal, that's my normal advice when I'm talking to the guys and gals, but I think you're, probably uh. You know you rely phase ahead of that, and so You got it for you, ok at a wife, you're you're, probably not, fall for all that, but just be careful don't fall for anything out there in the public, and you just walk these baby steps hold on. I'm gonna send you a copy of the book, the total money makeover which will outline exactly what you should do and it's our gift. Just for saying, thank you or just as we say, thank you for your service and where you're headed
open phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five Matthews on Instagram. Do I close my credit card accounts be or paid off, or do wait and close them as they are. You can't really close an account, has a balance on it. You can close it further charges, but it still open until the balance is paid, and so, if you know you can close it further charges chop up the card. You can do all that, but the big deal comes, of course, when the How much is zero and then you get to go through a thirty minute discussion with Citibank on why you want to close it I'll give you a hint there. Just tell him you're following the You plan it makes the conversation shorter is that They have determined somehow in their little scripting process that that people who have shaved their head the Kool aid enjoying this tribe. Are not negotiate, will not negotiate with them and cannot be talked into going back into the land of stupid.
Dylan is whether Syntaxes hi Dylan Welcome today, Ramsey show what's going on Dave. Better than I deserve man. How can I help. Well um I'll start off by saying I've always been a saver on my parents are big savers. They followed your baby step plans years ago. Tell me the number now mom not should follow it. But, like I told the lady who answered my call, I'm pretty stubborn, I'm gonna need you to tell me If you know Dylan, you gotta, do this get it in my head, I'm very fortunate. I do very well. I have about eight hundred to one thousand dollars extra month that I put towards my debts after minimum payments and every faith it split amongst my savings account they finance tv, big tv, a car payment. My student loans. When was it, you listen to your parents, I like, when I listen to them
but when you took out a loan on a big screen, overclocking tv. I love that tv not a smart decision. I know, but I love my tv and I don't have any issues paying for it all right. You have an issue paying for it 'cause you couldn't you put it on that, but yeah alright! Well, yes, sir. About eight hundred thousand dollars a month, and I I really do pat my savings. I'm well past step, one step two, but I I it's a psychological thing. I love having a padded savings account, that's were the most of it goes okay and then I take about the extras go ahead. I said okay, go ahead: you're, fine! Ok, you ever plan you have a system and so which is in savings right now, it's about eight grams, ok and how much do you have on the tv in the other stuff, the tv about two thousand one hundred on it. No interest the cars at about eighteen. And the student loans totaled about twenty. Three thousand: ok,
What's your household income I make about three thousand eight hundred a month after taxes, how old are you? I'm gonna, be twenty four on the sixth ok and what is it? You want me to tell you. Well, maybe step two. You know you say I should take all that disposable income and I should put it towards the small debt first and then I should go to the next smallest into the next smallest right now I take, the x three hundred that I have understand what you're doing. I understand what you're doing. What's your question, my question is: should I take all that money and follow baby steps to like you say, and and just not the tv out and then when I did not tell you to do the system that I've told millions of people to do well, it's You know I don't feel overwhelmed by my debts and You should feel like Four years old, you make forty five thousand dollars a year and you're broke your deeply in debt
and somehow you figured out that this is all ok. You ought to be very afraid. Your weight, too much on your car and your stupid. But he's absolutely insanity. Yeah, you ought upset. I wish I could get you upset, probably do something about it. The Dave Ramsey show This is James Child producer of the Dave Ramsey Show. Once again you made the Dave. Ramsey show one of the top five most downloaded podcast last year. Get your daily dose of motivation and inspiration, subscribe make more money doing what you love check out. Christie writes business boutique, podcast Christies,
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