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From the headquarters of the solution. Broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios, Dave Ramsey, show work that is done. Cash is king, the Bmw as I'm Dave Ramsey. Your host will glad you are with us. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two. Five. That's triple eight eight to five five thousand two hundred and twenty five, Canaan is with us in Auburn, Alabama Heikenen. How are you no mother? Thank you. Taking my call sure, what's up
So, oh studying at West Point and in to broaden my senior year actually fool and got myself kicked out right before I graduated Oh Lord, for now the now The government about three hundred thousand dollars Ann Oh, there also took out a personal loan of about thirty five thousand dollars I got married in May and my wife, she can't work because wait owner green card. I bounce around a few jobs turn and Mona working on now is on a bad job, but not particularly passionate passionate about it and I'm actually on my way now to do my oriented and for domino's when we go deliver pizzas to the side job, but I just don't know what to do
I have my my career path to being our main, and also going to figure it out, then, but right now, I'm just I don't know. I feel like I'm working to pay off all those bad. It's going to take main along time. I feel like yeah. How old are you twenty four? So you you are how close to graduating from West Point uh the day before they told nails in separated. Oh man, I'm so sorry what a disaster I'm a for I understand situations, you did it, but what a mess? the so I am not positive, mean
obviously that is the preeminent military war college. Do those college credits transfer to another college? Yes, yes, there are, really transferred them and was able to get my degree last month. Ok, that's good news! In watt, I've got one of those stupid majors you talk about because I finally beat in the army, but it's in russian studies, ok, but that was the closest thing for you to finish. Yes, sir, I ended up finishing up with the same material starting at West Point right. Ok, but at least you come out with a degree: ok, alright, oh my goodness, Well, I I think you know what I'm going to do. What what drew you to russian studies while you're in the military. What was your? Obviously, your arms from a military aspect. Is that right write. An artist
over the wayward others doing in math and econ major, but I wanted to go abroad. Learn a language and hopefully get a job. The government agency. After okay, here's! What are we to? I want you to pursue international business with a specialization in Russia. And I want you to learn how to do trade an how to do deals because you've got the skills. You've got a natural tendency to business with the e con in math. You've got the skill set to do that and you've got this very specialized set of skills, understanding, russian culture, language and so forth. Agreed. Yes, sir, I think translates to international business and there is a lot of money flowing in and out of Russia legal money, not illegal money as you probably already know, and yeah. I would lean into that and say that's going to be the salvation of this mess.
Because I you know, you've got a really really big hole here and deliver domino's pizza is not gonna get shot a three under ground. Well, that's not that far side, job ok, another day job is water. I work in a rubber factory. Ok, now making what. Uh. I make about fifteen dollars an hour. So it's about thirty grand a year! Ok! Well, I want you to forgive yourself for your stupidity and reset your career and go ok, I'm twenty Did it really dumb thing it's now in the rearview mirror, I'm not fifteen dollars an hour guy, I'm a hundred thousand your guy and I'm going to go about becoming a specialist in russian international business and I'm going to find people that work with people in Russia, businesses that interact with that and I'm going to go work for them
and I'm going to make some serious money to get out of this mess. Even if you didn't have this mess, that would be what you would need to do because you've got that potential, and I don't want you two take a fifteen dollars an hour job, and that is now your future in a factory, because you had a right right on the cusp of graduating from one of the world's finest institutions. You did something stupid that does not need to define your life. It just needs to cause your life to be redirected. Is that ok yeah? I think, thing is just not really. You know. My purpose was to serve in the army and now since then, I just kind of been wondering about and it's time to blue and brother. Not not having a purpose socks, dot net I'm sitting here trying to give you a new one because listen, listen,.
Other than the damn thing you did. You don't get to the final cut that final day at West point. If you're stupid you're, not an ignorant you're, not unintelligent person. Ok, you don't get there, it's not possible. It's too tough. Am I wrong here? ok, you did a dumb thing, but that doesn't make you unintelligent. It makes you smart guy who did a dumb thing. I can you put my name on list. I'm just smart, a lot of dumb things in my life so put rear view mirror and let's reset our purpose- we're not going that way? Okay, where are we going? There's got to be. Adventure- and it doesn't mean that you are doomed to a life of slavery. Next time. I talk to you. I want a little more hoping your voice, a little more energy in your voice, and I want you, in wired up about where you're going 'cause. That's the next step in your life brother.
And you're not getting out of this debt with domino's pizza in fifteen dollars. Beside it would be a waste of your life you're too sharp there's too much good. You can still do and some fun with the with the skill set. You've got and you may even be able to get involved in policy and some other stuff in a government position. You don't have to graduate from West Point to use a you know, and you use your skill set in a think tank in DC somewhere. Shout no don't camp on the backside of the desert here too long, my brother, you got stuff to do and you got a mess to clean up to, but you got stuff to do you got potential, don't sell that out. So your hope, for the future matters proverb says Hope deferred makes the heart, but when desire comes, it is the tree of life. There we go, This is the Dave. Ramsey show
Let me tell you a story about two families that are very much alike in a lot of ways. Both families have two working parents in a couple of young kids, each has dead and a struggle to make ends meet but they're, starting to make headway with their budgets and smarter decisions with money. They have dreams and plans, and the only real difference is that one family has the right amount of term life insurance and the other doesn't big difference. If one of the parents die- and that does happen, their well being would be destroyed. That's why, every day I talk relentlessly about getting term life, insurance, standard, dot, com or call eight hundred three hundred and fifty six four thousand two hundred and eighty two, God is with us in Denver. Welcome to the day room. She show Scott think about it all. How can I help all
well work in the truck driver and I'm never home, so I'm planning on buying the house later in life like in retirement yeah, I'm wondering what would be a good idea on how to invest that. Mister money. I have to put my house payment away now: investments instead, good question: how old are you five thousand four hundred and fifty four year shingle, Ok and how many years do you think before you buy a house, um thinking at least sixteen ok, alright cool as long as you got more than five years. I would use a simple growth stock mutual fund a series of them for something like that, I probably just use an sp and p index fund. It will so virtually without paying taxes on it until you pull it out and it's called a low turnover ratio, which means the taxes aren't charged much on the growth until you cash it in
and so I would start to look at just an s five hundred fund an index fund and use to grow for the next five hundred and ten years or so until you buy a house as long as you leave it alone. As long as you plan to leave it alone at least five years. Survive the gyrations of the stock market and you should be fine in the and that's exactly what I would do. I do a similar things got in that. Sometimes I've got extra money and I'm just saving up for my next real estate purchase as an investment and even if I don't have five years in that case, I'll ride the market with it in cuz, I can afford for it to go down. If I miss up a little bit but yeah that that's the direction, I would go good question Robbie is with us in Pitts Burg, hey Robbie. Welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show, hey Dave. How are better than I deserve? What's up? Thank you so much for speaking my call yeah. I had a quick
So I am a nurse by profession and my wife is a nurse anesthetist, I'm wondering if I should go back to school again next year, so and this is it worth it for me to go to school. Now, I'm thirty! Two years old, my wife is twenty. Nine we made combined income right now of two hundred two hundred eight thousand a year. So if I it's cool. It's going to cost me three years of not working tuition of around ninety thousand dollars, but our growth income after I go to school and be successful together would be close to three hundred thousand. So, but it's now right now run? Seventy thousand so you're saying this is going to cost you three hundred grand three
yeah through three years seventy thousand missing, plus ninety out of pocket. Yeah. Thank cash flow, the ninety out of pocket, and can you live on her income while you're doing this I can live on her income for sure. That's how we did it when she was in school, but I don't think I can catch anything right now, because I I and IO Don't have a house at the moment. So I would you know, plan buying a house, are putting at least are putting a down payment for a house next year before I start school, so then and wait until you can pay for school I've. Never in thirty years of doing this show recommended somebody borrow money to go to school. Ok, you got the cash to do it, it's just a matter of when you do it and what you put first, what you put second, you make plenty. Maybe come up with Moneygram yeah plenty of money. Not to have the whole money up front, you just got to see in your budget how you can cash flow it
I can see it pretty easily. How long does it take to go through the class again or go to get that degree? It's a three year pro so thirty grand a year. Thirty grand a year yeah and she makes what she makes a hundred and fifty thousand Flow thirty grand out of one hundred and fifty uh Well, not when I'm not in school, If you're in school she makes one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and you need thirty thousand of her one hundred and fifty to go to school a year for three years. I'm sorry! Fifty thousand, it's a it's a it's going to be around sixty thousand a year. I thought you said it was thousand I'm sorry I got that wrong. It's sixty thousand a year seems high yeah. It is it is. It is, Spencer program yeah go to a less expensive program so but cash flow it whatever you're going to pay for
I want to order page you go you, don't necessarily have it all stop stacked up ahead of time, but you gotta see where it's going to come from. I wouldn't recommend. You go get student loans because I think everyone that starts that program doesn't finish it, but everyone that takes out student loans. The program has a student loans with a finish or not,. And then you've got what's known as a freaking mess and so suggesting you're dumb or you can't pass the test or something like that. But life happens dude and the last thing you want the only time That works is if everything works, other that doesn't work, and so we tell you to stay away from it. Thanks for the call open phones at eighty, eight million eight hundred and eighty two thousand five hundred and fifty two twenty five Joshua is in Dallas TX Joshua. How are you I'm good. How are you better than deserve what's up so basically,
I am stuck in between whether I should file for bankruptcy or to go ahead and start paying all my debts. All of that no ball. Basically, all my debt to set. My car are in collection. So that's. Why That's the only reason I'm basically contemplating why are they all in collections. They're like old medical bills, one is a is a car that got repoed because of a My job- and I think I think, like a phone bill, is in there too. Ok. So how much is the repo That was actually only like a couple grand the biggest one I have on. There is uh. Nine. Four hundred and forty five dollars from an old apartment. How long ago was sent Three one slash two years ago,
John, how much better much medical data via, I would say about, two thousand How much are data if you, the rest of it is, is just mixing there would. Like my fault, I think a phone bill and Linda Payday loans, as well So your total that's less than twenty thousand dollars. Right and then I have my car, our twelve doubt. Okay, when we make a year, a little bit old, where forty five a make a thousand a week, I'm independent contractor and your single I'm married your marriage. Alright, I am twenty eight on Saturday, the
happy birthday! Does she work outside the home? Oh no. She stays at home takes care of daughter. Well, let me tell you what I'm hearing ok and I think I'm hearing, maybe I'm wrong. I'm Larry Burkett used to say that that is not the problem, it's the symptom of, He also going on right and it sounds like you guys- have never told your money, what to do never had any savings for emergencies. So every time an emergency comes up, you get thrown out of an apartment, so your car gets repo. And you end up with a mess. Yes, sir, so we've got to get you a plan where you are telling your money, what to do or you're going to be back here. About wave one and made all this debt go away, which is what bankruptcy might do, maybe uh. If it did, that made you have zero debt all of a sudden except your car. If you don't change the habits that caused this mess in the first place, you'll be back
where you are someday, do you agree there now so I really need to get under that 'cause bankruptcy doesn't solve that. You go all of that in the mirror you and your wife learning how to handle money? I don't think you're bankrupt. I think you're, scared, disorganized, don't know what. They I've done nothing so far. I think you can We settle that old apartment, that for three or four grand, if you saved it up and for them a lump sum settlement, I've actually called multiple times I started listening to you. That was one of the first that I was looking up with how to get that collectors. You know up from under you. It doesn't. It doesn't change my answer to whether it's nine thousand or three thousand years still not bankrupt. It's still about you getting control of your money and We do that then you're going to see your way through this bankruptcy. It's not a debt problem.
Behavior problem. It's got me here, I'll help you out, I'm going to send you a copy of the total money. Makeover book read that take an extra job, sell everything in sight and let's get this mess cleaned up. I'll show you how to do it. I keep listening man. Thank you for being with us. This is the Dave. Ramsey show
and what city do you guys live in Houston? Texas, welcome, very cool, welcome to Nashville and all the way here to do a debt free scream. Yes, sir, how much have you paid off seventy five thousand how long did this take but seventeen months good for you We were doing the pay the bare minimum up until we took the financial University and then that kicked in overdrive. Yes, sir very cool in range of income during the seventeen months,
ten outlook to one hundred and thirty, where you go, and what do you guys do for living we're both in sales? He, in the dental industry and I'm in the oil and gas industry? Great, very cool good for you guys that was a 75k. The combination, mainly all student student debt, and then we also had a car note that we had one year left. We paid it off in three months: Oh alright, knocked it out so you're going along and paying on debts and just kind of living life normal. It sounds like, and then seventeen months ago you got into financial peace University in that cause you to push the pedal on down to the floor and get going So what started that? How did you end up in class? Well here her uncle actually was hosting aid financial Peace University class and he tried to get us over to his, but they were about forty five it's from us and we decided well we'll just look at for one locally and we found one at our local parish, which was a mile down the road, so we couldn't
out of that, and I basically had to drag him to class session. The truth comes out who's uncle. Your uncle is my uncle and he got you started, but then you get find one close by so he's got no execution yep! That's right. My brother and sister in law also went through the course, so that kind of motivate us motivated us as Well true at the same parachuted or with your uncle fairly? Ok, alright, so everybody's in different places, but going through the same time. Alright, very, very cool were on it. Like you would be like if you want to do what an so, how did you talk around into going? It is like you know. I think I really thought we needed a third party and all and talk about what paying off for school debt. But he thought he knew how to do it, but it was hard to hear he had to say about it, and so I felt like we needed a third party just to get to get him to class with me. Need to hear, but you
speak to him in a plan that you both could agree on yeah well in your in both in sales and I've been in sales. My whole life and one thing about sales people, as we always think we can now turn our stupidity and think about make a little more it'll, be ok, yeah 'cause, you know, make a little more when you're selling I just gotta, make a little more it's all I gotta do and for years of, my income will go up in my debt would go up and it's just like, try to change something so Ronnie What did she say? The talked you into going the one thing she just hey, we've got to get on the right page, where we were both on top of the opposite ends of the spectrum, as she was a spender how's the nerds. I know how to develop spread sheets, but I didn't really know how to go about paying this all all we some strategies- and you know that's what something you could both to be on the same page being on the same page- is a big deal. When we first got married, they we, we are all about buying a house and we got married in twenty sixty. And we're we're.
Looking at houses were ready to buy, and then we realize we're up to date in our eyeballs. We can't even afford it to shock yeah We had do something absolutely do something: okay, so the spreadsheet nerd, who needed a strategy, goes to the class and what you come out with Ronnie. Were you? We had a lot, what light bulb moment? Did you have aha moment? We want all. You know David's it's amazing. When you go to this class, you it's a big support group I think everybody really needs to be a part of we. We lived very high in area? And it was just amazing how much debt everybody had And we're like wow, like you know, there's a big support group and- and this is a great way- let's start with the baby steps mmhm and we that we had a bunch of saving saved up and we use a lot of that. This Kickstarter Gazelle intensity and it really helps how much we had about ten thousand okay and
that was hard for a nerd. It was. It was right, check, clean out your breath away. So Veronica under goes to class. You wanted to go to class, but then you get in there and there had to be a moment where you go. I'm not sure I like this. Well, it wasn't so much at I didn't like it. I just I felt like I needed said strategies to help me 'cause. I I didn't want to be in debt either and I just felt like there's just a huge cloud. As times. What was your biggest takeaway then, where you went haha, I see that now everything about the awesome honestly. I think it was realize, in our roles in and with him. In the near that he is, and then maybe just coming to my senses and saying you know is this: is this material things, something that I really need to have an using the envelope some really helped me and map out our budget
And this is the amount of money we need to pay for our groceries. This is you know this is how much would it we can get to the church, and this is how much we can give pull up for gifts and whatnot, and so I just needed to lay out, and once we I mean those steps. We were just I'm a little bit like Rachel Rich agree is that a budget is permission to spend I'll. Let your daughter, if I may yeah permission to spend their day, yeah yeah and that's exactly what it is. There is some when I just felt like have any money. That's the mindset I had to give myself was okay. We don't have money for this, but you know it's in there and we wanted it. But in you know when I'm in control the budget, but once I said I let it control me in a very, very good ok. So we know uncle was a cheerleader and we know your brother was a cheerleader and you
community that you've got plugged into richer leaders. Who else was your biggest cheerleader? I think an I mean we're really close to our family and my family. There. All of them are very supportive of us we've. We can both come from my brother's, not five, five kids from each family, Sochi, brothers and two sisters. So we have we come from a big family, but they were all supportive of us. Really in our friends as well so very cool. So what do you tell people the key to getting that is now that you've done it. I think the key thing. Is being on the same page from in communication is key and you know we went to the money in marriage, so we were listening to a lot of the other couples and none of them have gone through the financial peace but
after a lot of seminars, and I think if they had gone through the seminar or the Financial Peace University, they would really get on the same page and it would just really explode once I get through that and follow the the the steps and just you know, writing down. Our goals was really important for us to do, and once we had that you know we're very goal, driven and especially being in fail. Yeah, you gotta be an once. We have that target and we wanted to hit it, and so just staying focused and dedicated and discipline really really help. So well done you got some very proud of. You very well sharp couple lesson Rachel at that marriage and money thing or it's virtually stand up, comedy 'cause they're. Both books will cut up yeah. They really funny and they're both funny in the green room too. By the way that I mean it's the same thing so wow, well. Well done! Well done. We got a copy of Chris Hogan's book for you retire inspired. I want that to be the next chapter in your
sorry that you're now millionaires in you're. Well, on your way and then Our son outrageously generous, as you go along very, very well done, I'm proud of you all right, Ronnie in Houston, Texas. Seventy five thousand paid off in seventeen months, making one hundred and ten to one hundred and thirty count it down. Let's hear a debt free, scream: thirty, two all that is fun, fun. Stop. As good as it gets right there. Life is good, he did with the strategy. All I needed was the strategy. All I needed was a strategy we gotta get on the same page. We gotta get on the same page communication in a budget hear it over and over and over again don't ship so tonight to turn off the television and put the kids to bed
credit cards and a pair of scissors and have a plus ectomy in your spouse, sit down open up the every app and do your first budget As you work too hard to be broke, it worked You deserve better when time you went and got you some baby. This is the Dave Ramsey Show
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In Florida Dave, I'm approaching retirement from the air force after twenty two years. I've got the opportunity to opt for survivor benefits for my wife on my pension I realized the ideal option would be just to have a term policy that would replace my pension, but the price of the policy but more than the cost of the survivor benefit program just consider this as a term life policy that goes away after main an my wife pass, or is it worth the extra to pass it on to the next generation I'm not worried about the next generation. I'm worried about her as driver benefit are are not having a survivor benefit. So if you're not going, take the survivor benefit you're going by the term life insurance to cover the drop in income that your household will have when you die. And I think you need to check Zander Insurance and the value of the survive
if it annually, whatever she leave annually times, ten or love is all you need in term life insurance. An I don't, think, that's be more than the drop you'll come out a lot better off doing that 'cause, you get. Much more money by not taking the survivor benefits, but you can look at it and run the numbers out, but I think you've either tried to purchase too much term life insurance or purchase it for too long or you've got an ailment or you're overweight, or something like that. Or you shop for insurance, the wrong place, because those that you're giving me wouldn't normally turn out that way so check further into it. And but but certainly you know the big. The big main goal here is, after all, these years of serving the country. One of my sure your wife is taking care of when something happens to you, whether it's with term, The survivor benefit, I don't care which one, let's just run the math.
An figure that out check Xander Insurance and talk this through with them Xander, Z, a n, Zander Insurance, dot com, all right Carol, is with us in San Francisco, Hey Carol, how are you I'm fine baby? Thank you for taking my call. I've been listening to it for a couple of years. Thank you. Can you speak directly into your phone you're, a little fuzzy Carol Carol Carol? Can you smoke directly into your phone you're a little fuzzy. Ok, that better, yes, ma'am! Thank you! Oh ok! We have three round, sons, the oldest, is financially set. Our youngest is finance. Under underwater, but he came to us and than bailing out? We brought him financial peace University. Our main concern.
It is very middle son who has our three grand children he's forty. His finances come from donations from you know what some people, friends and relatives, and that type of thing this last summer we gave them fourteen thousand dollars and that amount, because they could get that without having to pay any taxes on it as they were going to a training session across country. Then in lives off of donations, house of financial support from friends and relatives and that type for what reason, why does he not have an income he does and in come through that from actions from his relatives from friends and relatives around the country yeah? Why is he in ministry or something? Yes? Yes, ok, yeah! Ok, so he has a support. Group for
supporting the ministry that he is in correct. I got any is three kids? Alright, I got. You have three children. Ok, so last summer we gave them fourteen thousand dollars on to go cross country and to do some financial things that they needed will. Then, in October came to us saying that they needed some. They were going to have to rent another house and they needed money to get out of the contract that they were in and buy a new refresh, in place and your phone is breaking up again. You're gonna have speak directly into a darling. Okay. What part did you hear that he were. I heard it all, but it's just getting hard to hear so. Keep beach, okay, he's speaking all right into so come. Find out. I was I found out that they bought passes to Disneyland and that my daughter in law went to Cancun all inclusive trip but yeah. They knocked
number, then they came to us saying they needed these finances and stuff I'm not up for that. We've also did put them through financial peace University. They told us that they help finance help available to them through their company so I'm sure they're their company. Well, there are two ministry hello so You know, they're going to be getting quite a lump sum when we die but until then do we keep finance no to live without there being no, no now they're using the ministry as an excuse to be a responsible. That's my! feeling what you just described right
I can't pay my rent and I have to go to my mother in law for rent after I went to a trip to Cancun. That's kind of a problem that is problem: yeah! No! I think you should do you live in the same area that they're in there they live in southern Cal, and then we live in northern California. So will you be with them in person anytime? Soon? No, ok, alright! Well, I think maybe you and your husband get on the phone with the two of them and here's what it sounds like if I'm you go Okay, you can do whatever you want, but you're asking me so this what I would do if this was my kid I would. Look we've! Given you money for years, we love you, we love our grandkids. We feel like we are giving a drunk We feel like we're enablers, a blurs, because you continue to misbehave with money and come to us as your backstop. Every time we don't mind helping you but we don't feel like we're helping you anymore. We feel like we're harming you because we're
answering your irresponsibility, thereby there by encouraging it, and we don't want to do not anymore? Because we love you too much. We want what God wants for you, and that is a life of abundance and you're not living a life of abundance, you're living a life of financial stress because you're disorganized and you have your priorities out of whack now you can be mad at us. We don't want you to be mad at us. We love you. We love the grandkids and we want to help you, but we're going to just Willy nilly give you money anymore, you're, going to go through financial peace University, we're going to pay for it or we're not going to give you anymore money and we need to let you know and that is an act of love on our part, not an act of vengeance, not an act of anger, we love you and we don't want to cause you to continue to be a responsible, and giving you money and financing your irresponsibility is causing that and we've come to realize. We've brought you harm, we don't want to harm you. We love you too much. Ok, you know
just wanting more money for this move and everything I said well, what happened with a fourteen thousand dollars that we gave you this summer and he says mom we are well. We don't need to tell you where we're doing what we're doing with our money. That's right, you don't, and then you don't get my money, yeah people who will not take my advice. Not be accountable for the behaviors will not get money. Okay so. He's he's been in the early evening in an arrogant and titled person, yeah yeah, okay. Well, that that supports my feeling my husband says. Well what about gray squirrels and I Grace grace grace is given kind of someone in lifting them up when they're hurting it's not support, it's not giving a drunk a drink, right when you encourage someone's crazy or you incur someone's irresponsible response by financing, it that's not grace
called, enabling psychological disorder that puts us out of the diagram to show in the books will be back with you before you know it in the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's to walk daily with the prince of Peace Christ. Jesus. This is James. Charles producer of the Dave Ramsey Show did you know you can now listen to the Dave, Ramsey Show on Pandora and Spotify for all the ways to watch and listen check out our show page at daveramsey dot com, slash, show money isn't the only thing we talk about around here. Get life. Changing advice on your career from my good friend and career expert can comment on the KEN Coleman show. According to a recent Gallup poll, nearly seventy percent of Americans are disengaged at work. If you dread going into work every Monday morning and you're just trying to make it to the weekend.
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