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From the headquarters of the Ramsey solution broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios? That is the at all home mortgage, the M W Monday, Ramsey or motion. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight. Eight, two, five, five, two two five at triple eight eight, two, five, five, two, two five starting off this hour is many in Maryland. High. Many welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show.
Hey there how's it going better than I deserve. What's up, ok, I'm twenty years old, originally from California. I met my girlfriend there she lived in Maryland, and I moved in with her about a year ago. We recently got an apartment together and well. Didn't workout. We bro and to be living together until our lease is up in June, Hum baby step two. I have about three thousand dollars left My question is whether I I'm planning on moving back to California in June, when our lease is up My question is whether I can you paying debt or start cast cash for the move. What's it cost to move. I'm not quite sure the plane ticket. Sterling not going to be that much, but
I mean I don't have much stuff here. The only thing I have is like a guitar uhm Sounds like I mean I thought about it, the what yeah, okay a survey about probably not going to end up moving that yeah? Probably not yeah it'll cost more to move it to California. Then it's worth right. Ok, so you need a plane ticket. So what do you make about twenty five thousand? And what did you make in California the same thing once you go on go to California, and now I wouldn't live in an apartment. Somebody broke up with that's crazy world man, that's just weird next. It is yeah. I mean God, man, my hair is crawling up the back of my neck and it's not even Maine. I
you wanna be. I don't even want to stay in the same house with her and we have a good fight. Much less live there if we broke up yeah. The reason I was thinking about that was because it wouldn't it like hurt I've heard it hurts like you're, like it I guess, to break a lease Breaking the lease how you still gotta pay it why going live in California. I'm going to find an apartment with one of my friends. Are your parents? There. They are, but they are living in an rv. Oh well, that's not convenient either here Well, I I gotta tell you man I'll, be trying to figure out where to get out of there. I'm not talking about the math, I'm just talking about the weird. If I'm you out, you gotta have thought of that. I mean this. Is it's painful in that it is yeah? Okay,
so show. What does she make? She may probably a little bit more than me, because she has two jobs uhhuh and what what your party might go. What's your part, what what's the cost there? I noticed that to live here, yeah sure part might cost one thousand two hundred a month, so you're paying six hundred yeah. How much of that would she pick up if she could get rid of you? If you picked up three hundred and she picked up another three hundred, which she do that to get rid of you. What do you mean? Would she go to nine hundred and you pay three hundred if you agreed to leave now and leave her the couch, maybe yeah, and then you take that three hundred and pay it from California and take the other three hundred years had to split with a roommate in a cheap way and get on over there. You,
but your entire life on hold for six months in a weird way, and if I'm you, I'm trying to figure out some way. That's legal finishes the lease doesn't leave her hanging, we're not trying to be a and lack of nobility with her arm leave for the couch. You know. What can I pay you to? Let me go away. You know that kind of a thing and now that that I'm out of there yeah you guys are just nicer than hellbilly gibberish. We would we wouldn't be able to do this. I couldn't the way I grew up. You can't my bring down the work this way, I'm not this nice!
so you're a nice person but uhm wow yeah. I just do what you wanna do, but I'm trying to figure out a way to get on out of there now and it only costs you a plane ticket. You can scratch that together go take, take an extra job, delivering pizzas and clean up this for a little while work more than forty hours go ahead and work sixty hours and that's an extra one thousand five hundred a month, and you can pull this together, come up with a plane ticket give her maybe give her a handful of dollars and just walk off in a lump sum. I don't know whatever whatever deal you can work with her everything. Is you have to make sure the least does get completed by her, because if she doesn't complete the least properly and leave the property in good condition, they could come after you for either the lack of rent payment or tearing up the property. So you want to be sure, she's not going to do that, but
yeah. I assume I'm assuming that. That's all that, if you're able to live together, surely you can pull that part off so wow? Ok, alright RON is in Indiana, hey RON, welcome the Dave Ramsey Show thank you sure up here here is my situation, and I wish I was doing better than but I'm trying to fix something I am trying to buy a house right now Your job to make around sixty thousand a year, I have twenty five in my 401K I do just like you tell me I could see. Every week without fail, I'm single no kids. Here's the deal! I have a debt collections on my credit report now. Uhm. I just calling here not too long ago and
Superman was is there anyway, but I can pay that off. And as soon as I paid it off you take that off. You know as if it never happened, and I'm It sounds like it is a crazy idea and I'm like you, I slimy, but how long will that actually hurt me if it's on there, even though that it's paid off you have other credit, that's good! Yes, ok, probably hurt you for a year from the time we actually pay it off. It'll just show a bad debt that has been settled on there and it'll be on there for seven years, but it will probably only hurt you if you've got other good credit for about a year.
I don't have any credit at all other than this. It might be three years. Ok, but you do need a company to come to agreement with them and settle in a lump sum, and you do need to get it in writing before you send them any money right well. And that's why I didn't play hardball with him. I just I can't I cannot legally promised to take it off the credit bureau because that's lying, they told the credit bureau that you're a bad guy the didn't pay his bills. Then what you do pay his bills. You say well he's a dead beat, but he came back. Might the bill good and that's the accurate picture of what has happened? Taking it off? Is it is participating in misleading a future creditors because they wouldn't know them that you have this actual credit history. It's supposed to be the real credit
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com Chelsea, is with us in Texas by Chelsea Welcome, but I've Ramsey Show Uncle Dave better than I deserve. What's up in your world, things coming up on the horizon, that I need your advice on my family never really has owned anything of any value, or anything like that. So this is all completely new to us, again, my brother in law and my mother in law and so now my family own, about two hundred and fifty acres and we were looking to sell the land by owner, when babies start to right now, but the land was
just under my mother in laws name but my brother on my husband, had to making all of the payments on it. So if we want to sell this she'll be taking that at hit on it. How do we get the money from her? What's the best way to not pay the most money. I know that, hopefully that was understandable. Well, the amount of taxes are not going to change the taxes are there how long is she owned the property up about ten. What did she pay for it? I wish I knew car lot, three thousand an acre, we're looking to sell it for fifteen thousand, an acre, so nice yeah yeah. So it's gonna be a good chunk of change. Ok, does. Does she make more than four hundred thousand dollars a year? No, ok, then her capital gains will be on the difference of what she paid for it and what it is
but it sells for now what sells for now minus expenses of selling it minus what she paid for. It is her gain, ok, which is basically going to be real, close to the difference between three and fifteen right, so twelve thousand dollars a year so by three million dollars give or take, and that's going to be taxed at twenty percent capital gains. Now, when fifteen percent capital gains warm, I think at fifteen, usually olds, mold math.
Fifteen fifty percent or better okay, fifteen percent capital gains. So let's just use round numbers that that's our fifteen are that's a hundred and fifty thousand per million there's a three million dollar gains was four hundred fifty thousand dollars in taxes. The only way to avoid this would be for her to buy other real estate. That is of like kind another piece of dirt. All that and it's called a ten thirty one tax deferred exchange. It's a much like trading, one piece of property for another's work comes from, but you checked and you you actually don't have to trade it you can just are solid and to a specialist account and by the other property out of the escrow account within a certain number of days of lives. Sixty days right now, arm injury, you got to have it done,
the other piece of property, and so it is there any thought of maybe having other property instead of this resort by just want their money. No, my brother in law, my my husband. They have a farm and said they wanted. They wanted to purchase more land further s where land is cheaper and they were not wanting yeah, but we're not going to put all of the money into it. We'd like to be able to cash out and you're not going to do it together again right. Okay! Well, I don't know, I think my brother in law and my husband would like to do it together. I wouldn't because the complications you've got right now and you have those complications for ever. Every time you do something in a partnership you, you increase your complications if you don't have to in a family situation like this. Sometimes it it it's okay, but you know, but it's not it's where you don't have to wouldn't anyway, okay, the arm shop,
what the formula I would use. If I were trying to split this three ways as you've got the power money in the tape middle of the table from the sale SH did me pay for the original purchas out of her pocket. She paid so it's technically two hundred and fifty acres she paid for the first fifty acres in owned that out right. So she only wants to any from that. First, fifty acres, the two hundred acres, will be split between brother in law and my husband, so she don't want any equity and the other two hundred acres. Why? I guess you just. I mean they've, been very wise- that their finance is good and that okay, but she made something for that right. No, they may face she paid for the sixty acres out right and would like her and body the two hundred
my it's under my mother in laws name, but my husband and my brother in law has made every payment including down payment on it. Ok, so that's why she wants nothing out of that right. So she wants all the money, fifty she did not put any money into the two hundred, although which got her name on it, correct. Okay, then I would pay her taxes on the two hundred and let the rest between your husband and his brother two hundred on the fifty she gets it all and she has all the taxes right. Okay, so fifteen our art. If, if twelve thousand dollars is your gain, times. Fifty is all hers times. Two hundred is all there's minus her tax bill because she has to pay the capital gains, 'cause she's, the owner right. Although
I don't know their names were never on it at all. In any way, never- draw an anyway? Never do that crap again, we won't, Well, Uncle Dave. I promise it's made it very complicated now so well, it's also very dangerous. If somebody just decide that we're going to walk off, you know an arms, just standing there holding the bill on this thing, or you know your brother in law works off. I mean this is yeah you're functioning here with no grit, no partnership agreements at all and everything is tight. Improperly: the Good NEWS is you're liquidating and getting out of the mesh. So that's good. Alright brat is weather, is Bretts in Washington. Hibret welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show And then I done better than I deserve: what's up so newest near I found you on Youtube started watching your videos. I made sense to me. Then I realized I'm not need to be in the in life, so take a look at
what I need to do to get to maybe have one or two. I know that a big part is get the get the savings in and then get get working on. Your debt Exactly right now I have twenty. One thousand in debt, and then out of. Question to you is I've saving since around twenty or so after this your savings plan Should I move that money to take and blast my my dad out, so I can start fresh or should I leave that to continue to build up. I would leave it and I would I would stop adding to it while you're in baby step two, but I would not cash it out and here's. Why follow the math with? If you cash it out, you will be charged your tax rate plus a ten percent penalty. What do you make a year.
Well I make roughly fifty thousand ok so you're, probably in a fifteen percent tax bracket. I think, will use that as an example, so you'd get charged. Fifteen percent on whatever you take out plus ten percent, which would be a penalty, will be a total of twenty five percent, so it's kind of like borrowing money at twenty five percent interest to pay off your debt. No, I wouldn't do that. I make sense to you: ok does that matter they get yeah, there's actually make a little more sense, ok and so yeah, but I would stop adding to it. I would get on that. Every dollar budget and you know, tear into this thing with great intensity and great focus and I've, I'm you know, sounds like you've. Had your wake up, call and you're ready to do that. So I'm proud of you good job, hey thanks for calling in
open phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five, the thing we're trying to do here every time someone calls is to give you a new tool in your belt to make decisions for yourself. You don't ever do something because I said: do it? That's why I always say you understand why I said that there's then why I said that I understand why I said that, because the next time you're facing this, you don't have to say they Ramsey doesn't matter with Dave. Ramsey things just use critical thinking, skills use a logical approach to becoming wealthy, the models and lines up with the data points of people who have become wealthy? In other words, do wealthy people stuff and you have a high probability of becoming wealthy. That's what this thing is all about. This is the Dave. Ramsey show
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two thousand nine hundred and forty love it. How long did this take eighteen months? Good for- and your range of income during that time started? fat, sixty nine thousand and ended at eighty five thousand. Ok, very cool good for you. What do you guys do for living? I'm a maintenance manager at a private school and I work for an insurance company very good. What kind of debt was the fifty four thousand? It was a small little truck loan to cell phones, but my student loans, okay, what's your degree in business administration so solid degree you say just something. That's not usable! That's usable! Well done good for you! So on Youtube and been married about six years now,
What happened eighteen months ago? Well, we started when we first got married. My parents gave us your s b, U, Dvds and book, but it wasn't until the end of two thousand seventeen. When we decided to jump in and get serious. I was actually started following you on Instagram, and I saw you re posted a couple who is young and paid off their student loans in before I just it was more of an idea. It wasn't really heart knowledge and just seeing other people follow the plan like, people actually doing. This is real human growing. This out in the wash yeah just hit you, we just didn't believe it in it was just in edible as soon as we started running ten got a promotion as soon as we were beating it to the Lord in it was hard. It was a lot of sacrifice, but I felt like this journey. It was
run so much more deeper than finances and we have changed our marriage change. Our relationship with the Lord say we're just very grateful to you to got the dvds off the shelf, because the Instagram and dove in homeschool style game on and then got real focused, real and chance who's the free spirit. I was news, the detail person. It was me a lot of budgeting so yeah, that's something free spirits and I love budgeting. I love spreadsheets. Are things we nerds say? Yes, I, like it yeah, very good. Okay, what was the it is part of this for y'all in the eighteen months. You leaned in us, I mean these numbers say: sacrifice yeah, that's pretty much. It was a sacrifice. I mean we are in the middle of a home run asian and stop. We are doing just you know, go and start paying off. That was undone that sat there for eighteen months, you looking at it it's still
No, but baseboards I mean or bathtub doesn't work. I mean we have a shower. So we do they just such good. I'm glad I feel better already, but I think also the hardest part. Two is just a lot of comparison, so I did you know fast, a lot of social media and read a lot of books, Rachel cruises book and even before the everyday millionaires. The millionaire next door in just the right book change online set. Really what it was about. Yeah, it's like everyday millionaires, millionaire next door. Love your life, not theirs opposite of Instagram. Instagram grammar yeah- I'm not really. We use it in a different way around here, but yeah. It's. It is all about Instagram Facebook all about watching, someone else's highlight reel life that good. They just only show you the good parts, so Rachel posted
Pictures everything else we impose the bad pictures pictures will host the queue by pictures. You know so That's what everybody does right! I'm post a picture of the ugly kid! That's not work! or the kid when his face is all wrinkled up and it looks like you don't do that you put the good one, the same thing: everybody that's just human nature, but if that's what you compare yourself to you know what a man, our life, isn't perfect and Show that fasting social media. You said, that's a great line. I like that, who are your biggest cheerleaders, I would say, are close like family members, but we did have like a lot of people. Think we're really weird, but I am really on don't have credit cards I Just it's you? Are you ready for good? It's good! How you are you? I turned thirty in April and I'm twenty eight ok and you have no doubt you're wearing. You paid off your student loans or millennials that are debt free here, incredible you're, awesome! I love it. I'm so proud of you all very, very well done,
So I guess moment amateur- and you know now that you got the odd dvds off the shelf and used on yeah four years later, yeah yeah yeah. I told a group We can do the other day. The total money makeover book has are more people's coffee table for four year. Until suddenly they need it stock. The world's largest coaster, everywhere it's on everybody's coffee table with coffee stains and tea stains on it and then suddenly they pick it up same thing with these dvd's they come off the shelf at just the right time, so out of three days and out of your actual experience, because you are professionals, you have actually done this theory anymore. What are the keys to
Canada. I mean, I would say really I mean just studying in changing our minds. I mean we decided to go all in. I mean what did you do? He was gonna tell somebody what they said. Would you do to get out of that? What did you do? What you think the key things you did work? I mean we cut out a lot of stuff. Yeah stop going out to eat. We cut cable, just budgeted at crazy, but also, I think them one of the most important thing was. We still gave our ten percent to the Lord first. She kept driving and you to got on a budget and you said, were aiming at this target and we're going to go through some temporary pain to hit the target yeah and even one like a virgin season. Stuff would come up and I'd freak out because I'm like this is not part of the plan that bill but Remington was so gracious and just let me on the way we still you know stuck the course stayed on the path. Now that we're having a budget is really an important too exactly how land, yet that you have to plan or gives you the warning track.
What we're wearing right when your tires go off in a well we'll get back over here and because you're about to go off your plan and edit your plan, you get to decide yeah. So what was the biggest freak out? You said the emergency came out. I think it was just like that bills or you know you will yeah and we have three little dogs, okay, but just how big was the vet bill? I think like five hundred and eighty vera yeah. Okay, that will get you. I don't look at the teeth, are budget from yeah, so you're like. Oh, we have this money set aside specially to tackle the student loans, because that was the last portion. So you know I would freak out when it. You know something Dick Lamm accumulate to go towards the exactly so just delayed a little just a late at just a little bit and then you still got back on track and you know if he gets to live Yeah things are good, very good way to go. You guys very cool, we're proud of you. We got a copy of Chris Hogan for Everyday millionaire book that we were just talking about. That is the next chapter in your story.
And I am thirty years old or just barely thirty years old and you've got one hundred percent debt free, Sutter your home and you're ready to go now, and next chapter is to become millionaires. Well done, a very well done. Alright sing turn and Deandre Birmingham AL fifty four thousand dollars paid off in eighteen months, making sixty nine to eighty five counted down. Let Sarah three two one, I love it- love it. I love it. I love it. I don't know what about it. But I've heard a disturbing number of people in the past several weeks during their debt free screams that had to delay the fact they got the total makeover book. They got the complete guide to money. They got Metro pc in virtually like these guys an it's two years later, three years later for years later that they actually pick it up It will be an encouragement to you, friends and family, who are giving
as a gift? Eventually they will get it? Ok, maybe they don't do it right when you want him to eventually they will get it, but somehow we gotta activate him a little quicker we're going to get moving but you guys are heroes. They took control of their lives, twenty eight and thirty years old, fifty four thousand dollars, Ereli Student Loan debt, hey this. Alone thing. Guess answer. The crisis is very bright and passionate and goal focused millennials who clean up their own mess that's radical. This is the Dave Ramsey show
question today comes from blinds dot com, they have a one hundred percent satisfaction, guarantee and there's traction guarantees weird. It's not that you but with their service it means even if you mess up, if you screw if you miss measure the blinds or you're the wrong color or something like that, they will make the window blinds for free. If you screw up wow, that's pretty amazing get free samples, free shipping. The new pro they run every month. You save even more use the promo code. The magic word Ramsey today comes from James, an North Carolina and he says at what point do you know involve an estate planner. When planning your will, or can you just go online and complete a will. Well, we
recommend. Mama. Bear legal forms for your will it's about one hundred dollars full set of documents to do a properly done a state basic state plan. Now What point do you need to do more than something like that? It's just question, probably just due to the complication of your state. If you get up over about two million dollars, I probably wouldn't go ahead and spend the money to have an attorney a professional state. Planner, do your will? The truth is, you do not have any federal estate tax problem so you're a state is over twenty million dollars currently, and so, if you don't have a huge huge estate, you know it's actually twenty two million eight one hundred thousand right now, no federal estate tax on estates, small more than twenty two million eight hundred thousand dollars in a very simple,
Marital trust. If you are married, can double that, and so instead of you know, basically twenty two one slash two, you be at four thousand four hundred and forty five million before you have any tax within a beat rush, so the way this works is simply. This spouses can even unlimited amount from their spouse with no federal estate tax. It's when the can spouse dies that you get tagged if you're up over that twenty two million okay used to be two million years ago. Okay, but right now the current law is twenty. Two point: eight million now. So if you leave the first twenty two point: eight million into a trust when you die- and
mouse has full use of that trust. They can leave another twenty two point: eight million plus that trust without any taxes. That's a simple marital trust in a b trust, and so that's a way to double the amount for a married couple. We can shelter from a state tax and believe me, you do want to shelter from a state tax, because the estate taxes, fifty five percent right now. And so, if you have one hundred million dollar state you've already paid taxes on all of that. By the way you pay taxes on every bit of that when you got it, ok? So if you're sitting on one hundred million dollar state into you shelter, roughly fifty million of it you're going to pay fifty five percent on fifty million dollars that you've already paid taxes on and let me just help you with that is. I don't think if I was that bad, that much money I wouldn't care, while you're sick care or you wouldn't have that much money well, they'll
people inherited their money. Oh my god! When are you people going to stop believing this mythology? The four hundred wealthiest people in America today or the Forbes four hundred set percent of them are first generation. Ninety three percent of millionaires are first generation and all the four four hundred are billionaires as a thousand may And seven out of ten of them started with nothing and therefore paid taxes on every bit of that money. It all earned money one way or another and by the way it's their money. It's not yours, the did it. You didn't do it. They do anything wrong? Oprah didn't steal from anybody she's, one of them and she's going to be tax, on basically nine hundred and fifty million dollars at fifty five percent.
That's money. She's already earned an already paid taxes on This is how this soak, the rich crap, gets translated into stupid socialism, and so taxes on death tax is really what it is is not a state taxes really adept we're going to get you again now that you're, not here, that's what it says you've already Just once on the income tax, you earn the money you've grown the money you built something now we're going to get you again. That's what all that is. So do I sound bitter yeah I'll, probably spend one hundred thousand dollars on a state plan trying to keep the government's hands off of everything in excess of fifty million dollars. So it's just ridiculous. Now
all that to say: let's go back and answer his question again. If you've got about two million dollars, you start to not have a federal estate tax problem, but you probably have a complicated enough, a state that it's worth spending a few one hundred dollars on an estate planning attorney on an under state having a professional detail to state plan done if you've got one hundred thousand bucks- or five thousand dollars, or whatever I wouldn't fool with that. I just get a mama bear legal forms. Well, they're very they need to be state specific, do a will that state specific and you need to update it anytime, there's a major life event like you move to another state: your will is not good 'cause. It was specific to the other state you get married or you get divorced. Your grow up and become no longer minors, then that would Danger will like we had a will set up for our children. If something happened Everything went into a trust to care for them. In the event.
Are death when they were little well once they're grown. I don't need that. And just leave them the money. So that will would change major life changes. Your mood You would need to a huge Jumping income probably won't affect your state tax, but She needs you need to stop and think about. Do I have the right insurance in place now the right wheel in place. You know line, Dave, Ramsey COM use that coverage checkup tool, that's free, and it will help figure everything out. It's very very easier. You can text the word check up to thirty three, seven hundred and eighty nine bottom line is all the stuff is aggravating, but it is part of so. Just managing life. Keeping your car tags updated is aggravating. You know, keeping
How to make sure you have insurance on your house is aggravating, but it's called grown up stuff, and so you go an you get your will done if you've got a complicated, a state. If you have a fairly straightforward now don't you don't have to spend a bunch of money on it, but you do need to get a well. Seventy eight percent of Americans died without a will. That's just dumber than a rock. You need to get your well done, And if you haven't updated or looked at it in five years, you need to get out and look at it and you probably the reading of the will to family, while you're alive. If you're going to pick buy off, you might as well. Do it while you have the joy doing it while you're there right, don't do it from the grave and make them find out with each other and the really mad at you, so you're doing heroin, you get nothing, I'm not funding your dysfunction. You know Sally you're, the
star of a reality show- and you have no character, you get nothing. And so you know this is, you can go ahead and do this while you're alive we've done it with our family. Our family understands exactly what we're doing in exactly why we're doing and it's very very important- helps the family actually go through the grieving process because they don't go from thinking. They hit the lottery to usher. Disappointment in one fell swoop right after your death and so just go ahead and get it all laid out there. It's good for everybody to know. What's going on, why create drama go ahead and for the drama, with good planning and good diligence. Very, very, very well done good stuff well, folks are student loan thing has exploded this whole. My dear the student loans need to be stopped. A whole bunch of you have said heard me say this: that it is,
intellectually dishonest to for political candidates to suggest that we stop that we forgive student loans or we're continuing to make them. That's a dishonest political discussion. You know what you're doing you're continuing to make voters and you're going to bail them out later and that's just wrong. So the first thing we need to do with student loan plague if there's so bad as we need to stop making- and I think they are so bad check out podcast borrowed Future Anthony O'Neill's number one best, selling book debt- degree, if you want to send your kid to school, without that we can show you how this new podcast is. Eight episodes number four option today, Seth Godin, Anthony O'Neal Dave, Ramsey Industry, insiders posing the plague. The detail, it's borrowed future? anywhere you listen to podcasts borrowed future is in the top ten right now,
Blake Thompson, senior, executive producer, the Dave Ramsey Show, but you know, over fifteen million people, listen to the Dave Ramsey show every week and a lot of those people listen to one of over six hundred radio stations across the country to find a station near you had the daveramsey dot com, slash, show make more money. Doing what you love check out. Christie, writes business, boutique podcast Krisis firing and equipping women to become successful, running their own business. Percy right, and I help women all over the country, take their ideas and passions and hobbies and turn them into profitable businesses. If you have an idea in your head or dreaming your heart and you've ever wondered, if you could make money doing it, I'm here to help join us on the business boutique podcast, where we are equipping women to make money doing what they love hear more from the Ramsey network, including Christie, writes business boutique podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, hey, it's producer of the Dave Ramsey show
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