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Comparison Is the Thief of Joy (Hour 1)

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From the headquarters of Ramsey solutions. Phone number is a free call and some say the advice is worth what you pay for: the phone numbers, eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five that's eight million eight hundred and eighty eight thousand two hundred and fifty five. Twenty five Rick is going to start us off this hour. Rick is in Texas.
Welcome to the Dave, Ramsey show Hey Babe next, taking my call sure. What's up I'm so I kind of looking for just some financial advice and also help me with the way forward, a military and my wife actually filed for divorce. Well, I just returned from deployment so just trying to get some advice. As far as legal proceedings what to do with all of our assets and anything, really, I'm sorry man! Thank you for your service one nice gift to come home yeah. Now how long you been serving I've been in seventeen years? How long were you deployed just a little over four Okay, so things weren't good when you left. No, We actually, she originally filed for a divorce back.
Remember we kind of work stuff out. At least I thought we did and then I got sent. Deployment. Welcome with that news right before I got hooked on, I was coming back so so this one is going through. You think yeah, it's yeah, it does ship sailed so remove forward all right. Well, I've got a friend that does divorce recovery, work and work through all the emotions and stuff and said one of the most.
Clear things that helps me when I'm looking at this kind of thing is a harm. There's all this emotion. All this hurt all this crap in the air around this situation, and yet divorce turns a marriage into a business transaction, and so once we've called it once the ship has sailed. Then it's down to division of assets in common children right, it's just a matter of negotiating elderly tales and it's you know who gets what it's a business transaction now and always the emotions and the you're pointing in the hurt and the heart brokenness and all that gets woven into the discussion, but it really doesn't change the result that much 'cause the laws are pretty clear. So do you guys have assets Yes, sir, we have a house that we have that's currently in Delaware, those rent
right now, so what will happen to it? Uh? So we did we discussed selling it, but we were looking either now or just wait until spring time. Markets little more consistent! Verse going into the winter time, one sales aren't as good specially out in the EAST Coast right and so the divorce decree might declare that the house goes on the market and within a year of the final of becoming final, and I wanted to solve the proceeds or split yes, sir. Ok anything else. That's the only joint assets that we have. Everything else is her name now. What's that mean she put everything in her name. I don't have that. Yeah in her. She is dead and her name. Yes, sir. Okay, what is the the nature of that. Uh. She bought a minivan right before we divorced
but actually we are using your steps paid off all the debt that we had for her pretty much but yeah. She decided to go the other direction. Ok, she's, not a big fan of you. It happens it's great Well, I'm! So! What's your question: how can I help you? So mainly my I think both of our focus is. The kids is the main thing, but he hired a lawyer and I just got served with the the actual paper. Yesterday and just wanted to see if there's anything you'd recommend. As far as the kids Alimony child support, because she actually is also military, she just she's actually retiring as of the 28th, and she has one hundred percent VA disability. I don't know if that's something that could really factor into that or just making sure it's
You need a lawyer, it's this better balanced, yeah! You! Don't you don't need me, you need a lawyer, don't don't go on represented, whether having an attorney, you know tourney and then the two of them can help. You guys understand what the law in Texas says, which is what will apply because that's where the divorce was filed, and you know what your, what your obligations are under the law for child support and for anything else- and you know you can work that out, but now don't be walking around thinking that her lawyers gonna treat you right and now you need. Presentation yesterday. So I'm sorry, brother, sorry, thank you for your service and I'm sure that's what was waiting on you Nathaniel is with us in Oklahoma, hi Nathaniel. How are you I'm good Dave. How are you doing better than I deserve? What's up? Yes, so
My wife and I are trying to pay off your mortgage early and our think from what I understand. It gives us the option to add the extra payment to the back of the note or to add it to principle, and they set up at the principle, add to the next payment off. So I'm kind of confused which option I want to do you want principle reduction and then the next payment that you pay should have more going towards principle than it would have had you not done the principle principle reduction? Ok, so so we have been doing it by by by tagging it as a credit finals where it says on our bank statements. Is that the wrong way to do it then tagging it as a what
Well look on a bank statement as of the end of the credits a far as as credit, the final on a on a bank statement, I have no idea what that means shop. I'm kind of confused about you need to you want you want to ask them what what it takes to reduce the principal How often do you get a statement once a month yeah once a month? Ok, so if you pay one thousand dollars extra and you apply it to principle next month, check the statement and make sure it went down. One thousand ok and that will tell you if they hold you right. I don't know what their saying credit to final sounds like you're, putting it on the back, and I don't want to put it on the back: I want to put it on the principle 'cause. I slide forward in the am scheduled amortization schedule and your name
just payment because you have less principle more of it is going towards principle, because the interest charges smaller when you reduce the principle each month, mortgages are com, pounded, meaning re calculated based on the interest rate monthly, and the interest charged per month is, of course, your annual percentage rate, your apr divided by twelve, and so, if you have a six percent rate, your monthly right, so half a percent at six percent annual rate, so whatever divided by twelve and that's what it's compound it's on the outstanding balance that month and they did you if you send a payment every two weeks that matter all that matters is what happened that month. Everything that happens in that month. That's what happens so a good question. Man appreciate you joining us, open phones at eight hundred and eighty eight, eight, fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five. This is the Dave Ramsey show
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if you want to start trouble for your family, the calls the mall to fight with each other I can take out of the die without a will. They'll all get a big dedgum argument, but that yeah. This momma said that told me one time at Thanksgiving. And none of that holds up in court? That's all bs! Nobody cares what thought you heard, or you think you remember what your opinion is. The state AG Judge will decide. What's going to happen to your assets and all your which is going to be picked at each other. Get a will. Get a will you do not want to be sitting in a courtroom. You don't want your
There's your family to be sitting in a courtroom looking at each other like this, some kind of scene from a bad movie. If you have little, kids are minors is even more important. You want the judge to decide what happens your kids. This is not a plan, he know that your brother in law is secretly crazy. He might give them to them. You need to know what's going on and you need to have a will and we took a survey of parents with eighteen years old or younger. Here's. What we found only twenty three percent of them have a will. Let me just tell you that just stupid. Ok, that's just dumb. Ask Logan says: that's, not ok, right, it's ridiculous or David to experience even we do a will. I might die. You're gonna die just a matter of when and there is no statistical evidence that doing a wheel causes you to die sooner
do a will. They will do a welder, welder welder, welder welder. Will it's that simple? So here's the thing your mama bear legal forms. Dot, com, they'll, help you get it done, don't let some courtroom do it. An you can make changes in your will when you do it with them. These attorneys prepared these documents. You can make changes for up to ninety days for free, if you change your mind about the will and then put a copy of the will in your legacy drawer, where your family can find all the doc. It's that they need, along with the well Mama bear legal dot com do a will Hannah is with us in Tennessee: Hey Hannah Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show Dave. How are you better than I deserve? What's up uhm? I am wanting to start school
and my husband and I are in baby step two we did at back in February and I was wanting. Some advice on whether I should start in Jan very or if I should push that of up and wait until were but more financially stable as we're digging out of this hole. So I your household income, I'm now, it's between ninety two and ninety five thousand ok. So what are you going to study, um sports exercise and movement science? I want to become a physical therapist, you starting from scratch. No, I have two one slash two years and I just it'll take about two more years for me to finish. Ok, what will that cost? Uh
it will cost me twenty four thousand to finish, but I know that I qualify for grants and whatever else remaining, we plan to pay out of pocket, and hopefully I can qualify for some scholarship after listening to the debt free degree, good short grain Trevor, you got that you know you've got how much well I don't know the amount yet. I just fill out my Fasfa, but I know from past I was able to get the Pell Grant, and that was about four thousand a semester. Why would you get the Pell Grant when you make ninety thousand a year? Well, this is my first: time I'm going back to school after are making that much money. So I'm waiting on my back, but if they're much at all, you don't qualify for a program like a ninety k, it's for poor people, okay, okay, our I'm sorry, twenty four thousand! Let's go with that! What do you make now? My husband makes a
Or the you make now, I personally make twelve to fifteen as a freelancer. I stay home with our two toddlers, ok and so you're, going to work full time as a pt, I'm hoping to yet. Ok, ok, graduate you'll put your kids in daycare. Yes, they'll be an elementary school by that time. Yes, ok, alright uh, and what is a pt get paid. I know starting out they can make around sixty, but that really depends on where you get a job. How much debt do y'all have not counting your house uh. We have uh two thousand dead right now on what sixty four thousand and student loans, twenty four thousand cars and twenty nine and credit card.
What's your projection on that being clear mega ninety um we're hoping to be finished within the next twenty four months then doing the school delays that by year. Well, we just assume that we be paying more for child care and also, if there's any money that we're having to pay out of pocket for school 'cause. We want to avoid take out more student loans, so that could take out of what we would pay towards death yeah, so twenty four thousand added to the top of the death of one hundred and two that you've already got making ninety, if you can do ninety and two years, it's going to take you three years. If you can do one hundred and two in two years, it's going to take you three years to get everything done. If you do the school. Ok, that makes sense. Yes, it does so. I should start school in January seventh
if you cash flow it okay, no loans. Okay and then you stay on your budget and you don't use school as an excuse to lay off your baby step. Two. You still got a lean and a baby step to when you got knocked out that out. Okay, three years from today, you should graduate debt free. And be debt free other than your house. Ok, that's the math! We just did yes. And your families got all be on board. With that, your husband, you you've, got to be 'cause. This is going to you're, really not going to get anything else done in the three years you're going to have zero life you're going to go to go unpaid debt right! That's it! Ok, no vacations you're, certainly not going to see the inside restaurant? I there's no wiggle room in this willing to do all of that. The return on investment here, twenty four thousand
thousand out, makes sense, meaning you spend twenty four to go. Make sixty and in cash. That makes sense, and I would do it, but you just what you're saying is you're putting in your your your choking the the hose on your on your budget flow right, yeah, and we're just admitting that we're looking at the actual arithmetic on that and saying it's basically an extra year so the irony is. Is that you'll finish school and that at about the same time, ok perfect go. Do it? Thank you. Thank you. The call open phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five you jump in will talk about your life in your money. It is a free call, eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five Tyler is on Youtube. Dave. Does an Hsa count towards your baby step? One? I fell off the plan and I want to get back on in twenty twenty wow.
You can put money into an Hsa until you're up baby steps, five hundred and sixty seven right in there. It doesn't count towards your fifteen percent of your retirement. It doesn't charger. I wouldn't put money in the savings portion of it. You can do an eat, an Hsa and not fund the savings portion of it. It's basically a high deductible health insurance premium, then lower premium, but a high deductible, and you know that means you want to get your emergency fund in place as soon as possible to cover that. But I wouldn't put money in the savings portion of the Hsa into you, get north a baby step for fifteen percent of your income going into retirement and Hsh, not a return
you'll. Be fine! You your margins, you fondle cover it. If you have a big event, but I have an Hsa for decades and I have, I think, a blown the duck double up twice or something in the entire time. So it's just very rare but again been fairly healthy, knock on wood, SAM that that makes a big difference in the Hsa makes a ton more sense. The more healthy you are because it's basically a high deductible mean it coming out of your pocket for awhile right if you get sick, but if you don't get sick, it's a creates, just a lower insurance premium, I love the Hsa, but I wouldn't use your money, that's in it. I would just let it sit there if you got some in it, let it sit there I wouldn't add anything else to it. Till you get north of baby step four, this is the Dave Ramsey show
in the lobby of Ramsey solutions on the data for each day Chris and lose our weather's hey guys. How are you hi David, welcome, welcome where you guys live here in Northern Virginia, just right outside of DC fun, welcome to, Nashville good to have you think about it all the way down here to do a debt free scream, how much of it paid off a hundred and forty three thousand love it. How long did this take twenty seven months, for you and your range of income so started at one hundred and forty thousand. When we finish, we read one hundred and seventy thousand excellent, where you guys do for a living. So we are both athletic trainers. I am now in medical device sales yeah, I'm still doing athletic training, more administrative things, now very cool
yeah well good to have good to have you. What kind of that was the one hundred and forty three, so nineteen thousand of that was a brand new truck that we thought we were still paying off and the rest were student loans, ok, wow, much student loans, yeah we went to out of both out of state grad school. So that's! Ok! I got us an so how old? Are you too? Well, thirty? Five? How long you been married? six years six years and for twenty seven months, you've been game on. Goal oriented kicking it? Yes, sir, what happen twenty seven months ago that let this fuse it's kind of a funny story so
we were doing our normal, going to the mall shopping on the weekend and Liz had to go to the restroom Ann. Apparently she likes the restrooms at Barnes and noble, and so we stopped and your book the total money. Makeover just happened to be on the table right there and while she was using the restroom, I flip through the first couple of pages and she came out and said what are you looking at? I said I don't know it's a book an when we got home. I just kept thinking about it for about a week, and I said you know, seems interesting I'll go back and I'll read this bald guy, that's cutting up credit cards and I read it and two or three days I close the book we were laying in. And I looked at it. As I said, I have to sell the truck. She said. Give me that book ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Who is this guy that his brain washed, my husband in one reading yeah? It was amazing, I'm a numbers guy and the numbers.
Just made sense to me in the book so much more than the numbers that I was cranking out on my own and the plan just seemed like it would work very easilly. Liz knows I have a crazy spreadsheet, but I put together the it's funny how God works about two or three days after it is finished. The book her car died, and so it's ok car dealership guys thought I was crazy, bringing up two thousand and fifteen Chevy Silverado to the dealership- and I said I'd like to trade this in Taking me all over the place, looking for new cars, and I said guys, I need two cars and they thought they'd like to hit the Jack pot, so not so it's price salad. Thankfully I'd put, a bunch of money down on the car and had been making payments ahead of time. So I had a little bit of equity, but I was able to trade in the truck. I guess I'm ok for what you get, We got a two thousand Honda accord. Yeah,
two thousand and two Saturn Vue. I gave list the choice she picked Saturn, so, oh, yes, we've been driving around and they work just as well. It's It's been great yeah, but now you might wonder, seventy and you don't have a payment in the world seems you can go, get you something else now save up and get a decent car get out of those good job man. Thank you very cool, very cool, so how long after he closed the book in that night and said, I'm selling my truck before you go
through it and said I'm a mom too. It didn't take me three days to read. It took probably a week or two when I mean once you get into it. It's interesting now that I just want to like keep reading self, but two weeks, and then we sat down- and we did our first budget and have this game on okay earned was out, was at first meeting hard yeah. I think the first is the and you ask people what's the hardest part of. I think the hard part was getting started. You're totally changing and you just try to the credit card you're out it's just this time will skip on that are all you know. What I don't feel like making dinner we'll go out or which was both of your training is perpendicular everything you've been off. Exactly can if you do it in the physical world, not do it in the money right right, yeah. So once we were able to get that snow
rolling in our our plan. When we, when we were the first budget, I thought it was crazy that we were gonna be done in forty months. I thought- and there is no way that will be done in forty months and then we paid off the first loan about six months early. Well, maybe we can keep talking away and you know during that time I had an emergency surgery, we had Hannah or we found out. We were having Hannah about. Four months in wow, and so it's like, okay, now the you talk about changing your family tree and knowing that there's another branch that treatment, yeah kind of, kicked us in the in the rear and said: let's go yeah, that's motivation rather yeah for sure yeah. So, back to that very first budget meeting Liz, you were gonna say something it was. It was and then, after that he scheduled weekly budget meetings home now he's got a super nerd. You should write to his spreadsheet is ridiculous, but it was like every intel. We really got going as we would.
Every week we would go over the cash in the envelopes he's wearing you out. I have a sick. We haven't gone out to eat there, still fifty dollars and they're like you know, but it we would meet every week until we like really got the hang of it, and then it was more. I think for me because he's always been the budget guy in the Excel guy, so it was more for me and I'm like okay I get it. Let's do it and then and then it just becomes a muscle memory and then it just becomes second nature. Ok, it's good, very cool, alright. So what do you tell people the key paying off one hundred and forty three thousand dollars in twenty seven months is so I would say the line for me that has stuck his. The comparison is the thief of joy. Don't compare yourself to anybody else. Everybody's debt hole is different. Everybody's got shovel is different, just stick with it. The end will come
and it will be the best light you've ever seen in your entire life Rachel cruise line. Yeah. Ok, alright, yeah. I think at some point during the journey. I want my coworkers handing me start with why an yeah that again it's funny how God works, little pieces like that and knowing that Hannah was on the way and finally seeing that you know it was gonna. Take me six years to get through this understanding that there's something bigger than me. You know really just knowing your. Why and really keeping that is the central focus. What you're doing it's a big deal? Who were your biggest cheerleaders I'd, say aside from each other, our family, okay, sure we have some outside friends that thought you were crazy. When you sell the trucking Tellem, they ask how you're doing I call I've paid off eighty thousand flights get out. So we've got to close a couple.
Friends but family. Definitely, I would say, is our biggest yeah. I do you have people all over Dave, yeah and, as you start, I was sent down to the body. I had a conference and he paid for dinner in cash. I looked at him and I said Eric. He said I had a room. And then another coworker and and her husband were were great cheerleaders, her husband love it spiritually and this throughout the journey. So it it. If you have a lot of great people around right around, if I start picking on you but car. You just go it's Jesus car. Well, we wanted to look for all in one accord. That's really good! That's right! Very cool, good job, guys very well. You guys are amazing, very impressive. It's a lot of
then you gotta feel like I've worked a lot. We worked. A lot was going to kill me one weekend. I needed some help that she was seven months pregnant and I said- and she looked at me, you can tell that story, but I'm like yeah, the coach said you are athletic for the game. I said yes, sir. Well, let's hope nobody gets hurt. I would be wadling out. You know on the field, but we got we got it done it's nice to see everything that we make. Now we get to keep everything. Gotta Chris Hogan's book, for you everyday millionaires? That is the next chapter in your story. Right, you are all on the way baby. I love it. I love it and you, Little Hannah with you and Hannah is now how old should two in December alright would have fun age. That's good, very cool, alright It's Hannahan Chris and Liz from Washington DC, one hundred and forty three thousand dollars paid off in twenty seven months, making one hundred and forty seventy counted down, let's hear dead
Orange cream three hundred and twenty one, for well Well done. You guys, congratulations, wow! This is the Dave Ramsey Show
Jay is with us in Florida, Hi Jay, welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show. Are you doing better than I deserve? What's up? We now are you Statement everywhere I go with people, ask me that I'm like well, you know just better than I did the survey like today. It's not like yeah, that's right How can I help today? Now I have am student scholarship that turn into a debt that got tripped collections without my knowledge, and I wanted your advice on which way and how
Deal with the situation, it was a scholarship and it turned into a dad. How can that happen? How come when you go into the service. The first year is free, the second year you pay for and if you decide to get out of the program, it now turns into a debt and you have to repay the scholarship money. The service, the military. Yes, military, yes, really
I don't know that. Ok, so you quit school and your scholarship turned into a debt. Well, I didn't quit school. I just went program. I continued school and I was told that when I'm finished with school I would have to pay back the money you ever when I was finished with school. I got all of a sudden. I did my first tax return and I know that I was sent to collections without my knowledge. Ok, well, that's not a big deal, just pay it off. Well then I I died. What happened was the interest in collection sees it all came up so now I have the extra almost fifteen grand that I didn't wait. Wait. Wait. Did you say fifty grand fifteen one, one hundred and fifty six? How much did you? How much was the scholarship for that it turned into a.
I it was about twenty twenty, two thousand, ok, and how long ago was this. This was five years ago ok, you knew when you quit the service that it had become alone right. I did yeah. So why is it a surprise? You that when you didn't pay on it for five years, it went into collections, but now is when is a collection. While I was in score one and you are paying out as soon as you got out of school. Just like my, I have another school dad and they spent a letter with all the information and everything that I'm supposed to do. I wasn't given any other information on how I'm supposed to do, and I do know it's my fault Dave, I'm supposed to go after it. I'm supposed to know what supposed to happen, because it's my debt. However, I guess what I'm saying:
Is it someone you can negotiate away the collection fees. Fifteen thousand in collection fees is ridiculous. On a twenty thousand dollars debt, there will be some interest to that. You can't negotiate away because it's been five years on twenty thousand, but so some of that fifteen thousand, maybe as much as half of it, will be actually interest because it is a debt. That's been outstanding that interest It's not they're not going to go. She ate that if it's a guaranteed federal federal if it became a federal guaranteed student loan, which is what it sounds like it sounds like it dropped into Sallie Mae Program and so yeah you just got address that you can negotiate away the the collections fees in and get on a payment plan as far as the IRS holding your refunds, they're going to do
that, as long as you're in default on a student loan, there's not there's nothing. You can do about that except make your W2 be changed to where you don't have refunds anymore, which would be a great idea as well. You shouldn't be getting a tax refund to start with so but the money that they took this year, it's going to be applied, that is gone so are is not negotiation with the IRS on this. It's a direction that they get from Congress to take your Ronnie and put it on the student loan and they don't even ask so that's why I'm sorry, but that's exactly work. So the Good NEWS is now you've got all the numbers and you can get the whole thing lined up and you can get an attack mode and you can begin to work your way through it Jorge is with us in Arizona, high horse, How are you Dave, I'm great how about yourself better than I deserve what's up
I am currently nineteen thousand dollars in student debt, I'm paying it off. So my masters program, I had a six thousand dollars in my savings account, but the thing is: I'm looking to move back to Texas, hopefully four or by the end of the very odd, so I still don't. I still have a little bit of an unknown. I wouldn't I wouldn't move without a job. That's the whole thing is I'm looking to kick choke propose to my girlfriend soon, and I do have a rain check out and it's a two thousand two hundred dollars ring and they're, offering me zero interest loan or credit card zero interest, so I was thinking, should I just pay for the ring off with with the money I have that I was throw into my test.
Or should I take it out of my savings and pay from there and continue paying my student loan how's the big confused on how to do that. So what do you make? Uh? I just got a raise so sixty fives, ok and when you and your girlfriend is in Texas, where you're talking about moving to yes, ok,. Twenty two hundred dollars ring is fairly rich in the situation. I certainly wouldn't anything ever on the debt of any kind.
If you're, in a location where they're offering you zero percent interest, I suspect you can get a better deal on that diamond then that retail establishment is offering you the fact that they are offering you this zero percent loan tells me there, probably retailing it. An you probably can find very similar size diamond for less expensive for less expense. If you continue to do some shopping, but you just need to write a check and buy it, and I would say two thousand and eight two thousand dollars is your budget and I'm not even going. Higher than that, and you write a check by the ring when you're going to propose I'm looking, probably sometime early next year. Ok, alright! So you going to drop by Christmas, ok, you're, going to drop past Christmas yeah, I'm going to wait till after Christmas. Good luck with that yeah if she's expecting this good luck with that.
So ok yeah. You got the money. You got six dollars and you're going to use some of the rest of it to make a move and you're going to get your new job lined up to page. Or similar money, not less and you're. Going to You know, get everything laid out and that's exactly yeah. That's exactly what you do. So, okay, the get laid out and and but pay cash for never bar zero percent interest. It's never zero percent if they're giving percent interest? It's Becaus, it's built into the deal somewhere, obviously you're getting stuck somewhere. That's one of the reasons I know you're paying too much for the ring so for the diamond, so look for it. Hey thanks for the call man. Open phones are eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five jumpin will talk about your life and your money, Jerrod is with us in Georgia. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show and I like
Thank Michael sure, what's up must a little bit America thirty year only one hours and over Tom my car is worth about twelve three, but I over sixteen thousand on it and I do have about fifty five to seven thousand credit card debt that I am working on. An I'm working on baby step, one, ok, right, good, so you're just getting started. Let's go well, not written budget and tear into it. You may want move down in car, but your car is not really the twelve thousand dollars part completely out of line the bigger part. The chat line is the credit cards, an my so you're going to need to start doing something to get your income with a side hustle on the short and reevaluate your career on the long term.
So let's get your long term income up and your short term income because you need a bigger shovel to get through. Sixty seventy thousand dollars worth of that making thirty- and I am a sixteen thousand our car in our sixteenth of our card- that in the midst of that so again, that's how we would approach it. Hey thanks for the call That puts us our that the Dave Ramsey Show in the books are thanks to James Charles producer. Daniel are producer and phone screener, I'm Dave, Ramsey or host and will be back
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