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DAVE RANT: Stuff Never Equals Happiness (Hour 2)

2019-11-27 | 🔗

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From the headquarters of worms, usually broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios. It's that day, Ramsay work that is done, measures and the paid off a mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw, how's the status symbol of choice, day room to your host. This is your show. Happy giving we won our traditions on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is? You have to pay to be on the show. And the way you pay, as you have to tell me what you're thankful for and if you won't tell me
Think of where you can be on the shoulder day. Yeah notes cheesy, but it's my show shut up, so I love it I'm doing for I'm grateful. I have a great life. I am thankful to God, On my wildest imagination, he is bless me and I'm sorry, you politically. People are like that. I understand I'm ok with their dislodgment miles. It's ok, it's ok positions Dave Day room. She show- and this is what we do here- some banks for colonists thanks for being with us, the phone numbers triple eight eight to five five, two to five So one of the things we teach you is in there, of the wise proverb says our stores of choice, food and oil, wise people, save money and a foolish man devours Ali
If you spend everything you make, God says: you're a fool. I answer it don't get mad at me. It's in the Bible The man devours only has at times in my life, I've been a foolish man on a lot of different ways, but spending was one I'm for sure. I can spend some money, that's why, God make me teaches every day and this is the weak. Where America celebrates our ability to spin. I mean it's black Friday, followed by I by Monday, followed by green Tuesday, followed by I'm in the Red Thursday. I don't know I mean there's some there's a lot of colors go on all right. There's a problem here now I don't want you to.
Enjoy Christmas and I don't want you to never. By their day rams. You hear me much. You live in a cave and collect plant only come out on triple coop on Thursday shut up Weiner. That is not, I said I never said that one time. I'll say that all what you'll live your life- I just don't want your life to eat you alive, because you don't have any off button. You can't stop. I had a pug for awhile as a great dog. The dog could not stop eating. It would eat every you put in front of it and it would be almost turned unknown English, Moldova, Gaucho fat. I mean it got so fat and Cosmo. Look it's hungry. It is not hungry. There's nothin hungry about it, It did not. I went off button for food, and so we are simply does not put out so much food that that's the deal and if you don't have an off but for spending. You got a problem this week, cause you're gonna
much too far rational was empty. Really bs yourself into bankruptcy court on black Friday. I want you to go, get you some stuff, I'm not mad about stuff. I don't think you are not How should I just don't want your stuff to have you, and I don't know. We spend money that you don't have trying to find happiness. Stuff never equals happiness. Stuff is fun. I've got some nice stuff in some of that stuff is fine. I got a really nice key bout. It is really fun, but it doesn't make you happy and if you philosophically spiritually confused about fun and happiness, you can spend yourself searching for happiness and real all you can ever by what money is fun. You can't buy happiness godliness with contentment, his great gain.
So don't be a foolish man. The devours only has be wise, be a grown up go into black Friday with an actual plan purchase items for your family. But. Do it in the name of it's gonna make a relationship. Ok, if I don't get daddy, I give debt we'll be mad. We have other issues If you have to buy some ones relationship, that's called prostitution and so of Europe. If you're, trying make broken relationships right or the purchase you're gonna struggle. Your whole life with money. And you're living an illusion, and so don't bother for someone to make them feel better about you that won't work. It won't work and don't buy I have to make you feel better about you that won't work, get you some.
I've, just to enjoy having a nice car to enjoy having a nice experience enjoy in the way of four years to wear Really, nice suit. That's fine! I've got no issue with that at all, but don't do that out of a wrong motivation where you trying to make yourself happy with stuff or other people happy with stuff or you're gonna he'll broken relationships with purchases This is very childish, and this is a very bad plan, the nuts a people that spin money just take the family happy during Christmas. The cause families dysfunctional is unbelievable. The pressure you feel? If I don't do it, if I don't do it,
at this level most used. Your ruby mad say this adjust the suggest four year old stuff, not thirty, four year old stuff- and that is not the you know. What you need to do is have a different discussion at the discussion has nothing to do with the size of the gift. The discussion has to do with the quality of the relationship between the giver and the receiver and that changes everything. In other words, the gifts really should not matter in the relationships at all, and the gifts should not matter in your search for happiness. Then it's just stuff We need some either completely freaks out and melt down, because an item got destroyed or messed up like a car got bumped into or someone spilled, something on their nice purser. Someone. Build something on grandmothers, couch and grandmother. Gaston, when the padded sell for three days and get medication, because her couch got something spilled on it.
This is someone who's worshipping, a couch they're trying to get something from a couch than a couch cannot give. It cannot give you a sense of satisfaction. It cannot give you happiness. I cannot give you contentment doesn't have the capacity to a purse, can't do that. A suit of clothes can't do that. Car can't do that. A trip can't do that so K to get you a nice couch in when I was a kid most of my early childhood, we others, big wonderful room in front of our house that we kids all played in those called the living room, had no furniture in it at all. I was like Ten years all night came home and my dad had made mission check and they furnished the living room with new furniture, and we were gonna bombed out we'd like to having the
amazing, I'm in the front of our house. Don't try to get stuff to do stuff if something it won't, do it won't. Do it ok to get you some stuff in June, black Friday, but don't go to Walmart stand alone and given a fight over her gets a tv that makes you look stupid makes the rest Iverson America look stupid, that's ridiculous! that Abraham she shall a man, guns. Oh about one point: six trillion dollars in student loans at one point: six trillion: if your drowning student loans that there are options. I want you to consider refinancing your high interest student loans to a lower rate, fixed loan from splash financial alone.
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Text the word Orlando to forty four to twenty two or, two hundred and forty four two hundred and twenty two or just call her office at eight hundred and eighty eight, two hundred and twenty two eight hundred and eighty eight two thousand two hundred and seventy three. Who three c on trade leadership summit in order and I may say, I think it is not yet sold out. These events usually sell out months in advance. And this one will do so by the way my be cool Christmas gift for the business person in your life. Alex is with us in Ohio Alex. What do you think for four days and therefore for the fact that guides me in a christian helpful in the basque country, more very cool? How can I help today? So my question is about college mice.
Year out of three college that shared it pretty wound scholarships of the whole year cost about six thousand dollars on looking about three thousand dollar check for next Lester. I have six thousand student alarms and I have about fourteen Thousand dollars thirteen gonna happen injecting and went out in the remarks she thought how about. If I guess my question, I'm twenty just turned twenty good for you and what are you studying agribusiness Economics letter. I would pay no nothing on the student loans until you graduate and our parliament it is high, as you can pilot to ensure that you graduate with no more loans that is remote want and you're gonna have a good degree. You're gonna, be in a good field. You're gonna build make a good some good money, so you'll come out, get the job not stood alone out immediately or if you ve got some cash left over when you come out, every graduate just right, Jack and pay off
but I wouldn't worry about reducing the student loans, thereby putting at risk that you might run out of money before you get out of school. I want you to get those currently every year, and I have also I was looking, do maybe get engaged in the next six months or so called that's. Definitely, my future entire working There is another factor, and I also have my mind. From next summer, which should be a secular. It allows So many things have been wondering I honestly have no clue I really like look very bright and anyway, that all future measures more Tricia. Well, I'm old about a lot of diamonds. I'll, do my diamond speech for you.
Don't go up in value, that's crap The only they only value that they have is the way that it makes that special someone smile and that's the only value that they have and so- Is no correlation between the size of the ring and the likelihood of marriage being a success. None is manufactured. Ring is too big. There may be an inverse correlation. Because they had unrealistic expectations going in to what life was gonna be like and you might be marrying a princess so but so you have a nice ring something so nice gift for this girl that you love- and that is wonderful- but don't buy it on- so. It's gonna go up in value, it doesn't that's absolute jewelry store crap, I own bunch of diamonds that are all my wife and none of them, have gone up in value. Ok for a long time,
it's another all. Without I'm not mad about it, I'm not mad about dominance. Ok, boss on whether or not an investment, ok saga get get investment in the relationship The second thing you know about them is that they are other than furniture I have the highest margin of anything that the consumer buys, meaning that a diamond at the retail jury stores problem that jury Jewel jewelry store Thirdly, as half of that in it So if you know someone who knows a little bit about diamonds, an uncle apparent someone they can help you with the process to where you don't wanta, accidently, buying a piece of glass and get ripped off. I would look at it I'm a broker. I would look at me. Even a high end pawn shop, and you might even if you took the out of a ring you bought their you might buy for ten or fifteen cents on the dollar of what you would pay at the mall jewelry store.
It'll blow your mind: how about good deal you can get if you shop around a bit, and I don't want you to buy bad stone and ugly stone. I don't want to buy something that you're not going. That. She wears on any of that. I'm not saying that a machine cheap out but understand, there's a lot. Of wiggle room in this and don't just walked down the retail rabbit trail because we're gonna overpay substantially, and I would thank you situation thousand the two thousand hours Probably your max you can always get another ring later. I got married eight years ago in a ring. That was three point. Two three carrot: less than one. Fourth of a carrot mean you can't even see the freaking diamond so small. Now she then, where that now it's for sentimental reason sitting in the safe we kept waiting, get rid of it, but obviously she's got a headline on her finger these days, but but but that that
that this is all just for where the relationship- that's all it's four, it's all for the fun of it. So don't get caught up in the value, not suggesting a cubic, and I'm not suggesting a piece of glass and not suggest bad stone, I'm just saying: there's a lot of wiggle room in this world and for a thousand fifteen or box. Probably by really really nice stone of your watch. What you're doing, even if you had remounted, and so just and a little bed and and be wise in this purchase and don't get caught up in the the standard retail for negligence of this stuff. Rebecca is whether in Indiana, high Rebecca what you thankful for air and thank her for the entire. I had a baby. Why listening here, part gas?
while I am on the list of the big three look at that very girl, you are. How can I help today? Ok, I know where you are Sal everybody that you're on your scored, doesnt matter, but I just take off my car and now my credit for his prophet eighty point: we're we're on It is that members here we ve actually move them with my own laws. Ah I'm about forty thousand dollars and that the pay off which were hoping to do within the next. Phenomenon, Endemic Morgana no dear emergency plan, I'm going to buy a how great I'm gonna need back patent courts by a how? No you don't you like me to pay cash, you don't have a credit score to buy off. If you zero credit score in determinable, because you have had no interaction with any accounts open for six months, which is what's gonna, occur in your situation.
Scores gonna becomes erosion and you gotTa Churchill mortgage and they will do manual underwriting, They used to do in the old days for mortgage and you can get a mortgage without a credit, score no troubles and a merger, bios gets The idea that you have to maintain credit score by staying in debt in order to get a houses mythology its people, a lot of trouble, so time you pay your debts off and then it's going to take you at least six months for having to Sero accounts of any kind open under any circumstances, not everything is closed. While you up your emergency fund and then your down payment, your credit score will drop to zero, which is what you want. This is that around here. This is
time of year. Your time share maintenance fees or coming it's a painful reminder in the form of a fat bill that you boss Then you can't use and you can't sell one enough is enough times. Your exit team will get you out of a bad situation when the resort refuses to help you. The first step is a free consultation schedule one day if they can't get you out, though, give you your money back Gal eight for four nine nine nine exit are timeshare exit team, dot, com and schedule today in the lobby over Ramsay solutions on the dead, free stage, Frankie and K Law are where this guy's, our aid. You in great. Thank you. Mortier live we live in, New Jersey, perfect come to Nashville Thanksgiving Weekend where you thankful, for they ran
I really I mean very thankful for greek group of people that have been with us along our journey in our family who are much data we all paid off. We paid a hundred and thirty nine thousand two hundred and fifty eight dollars very cool, and how long did it take thirty nine good and your range of income. During that time we started at a hundred and three thousand and went up to a hundred and twenty one thousand who we all do for a living? I wake. I d only price intervention of a college and the state of New Jersey and I am a pastor- saw a book of that money comes from her worker. I love it good for you guys find what kind of that was the one third, It was a little bit of everything we had car loans. We had credit cards, we had student was the biggest boggling Nokia and how are you gush man, I'm forty one and I'm thirty six hour, I very cool. So what happened thirty nine months ago that such you on fire, so our church
third financial peace class in February, two thousand and sixteen and in April a week our class, but it wasn't until told where of that year that things really started to change for us, our son. Who is six now was about two and a half at the time and we start on our journey with all of these dreams and hopes of things that we were going to do with him and when he was about two and a half years old people started to notice some things that were different about him and he was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and we decided that he was not going to be labelled and he was not going to be given any exe. So as to why he couldn't get started at home. Why game? On alone, And how's that workin out its awesome he's a great great kid lava, much fun, very cool way to go you guys and so that that kind of
that news, and that decision regarding him kind of parallel got saying I game on the money. We're gonna clean this mess up absolutely. Should it may surprise you to learn about it, and I was looking at that time gave me an extra boost of motivation, very cool good for you, gotta show your biggest cheerleaders each other. We were therefore each other. We had some people from the church, Henry who the class at our church, he was a great help leading through that other people within our church. My sister was a great help through the journeys being. Yes, vote of our moms were therefore us, and it was just a lot of people, great community of people that were with us. I love it very. Very cool good, ok show now you ve done it After gotta young couple sitting in your office, you paid off
and thirty nine thousand. You can look at them with confidence and say you can get out of that, but you have to do this. What are they have to do think that, first of all, they have to look at themselves in the mirror and understand that, while they may have started someplace they mean outbidding. They may not have been given a choice as to where they started in life. They may have been born into a place born in into poverty, let's just say, but that's not where they have to finish, and it is up to them to decide what they're gonna their lives where they're going to go and how they're gonna allow God to lead the way for them. Brigitte love it and then what are they gonna do with the money? What did you guys do? Tactically? What was the day to day rhythm? If you say you got this, if you want to get out of the yes, so it's definitely budgeting being able to make the sacrifice
here it's not comfortable last year, when we were getting towards the tail end of everything we didn't have Christmas at our house, we decided we wanted to go full out and we were gonna do whatever took to get. And so we decided that we weren't gonna do gifts for everybody and they have to understand that while- and I was okay with them- if they didn't understand that, while because our family was going to be more important than all of those things, I want to focus on the needs in all: there's a lotta once they. U me, one have at the moment Latin. I e money has to go directly to the needs that you don't have to wonder. I do say I'll die away money when, at the end of the month, good. You know that a lot of discussion that happens between our yours and our own heads about watch, one made Roma terms. I heard someone say I need, and then they finish solutions was something that's a luxury
is ridiculous. It's ok! To get some stuff! You want another hour that it is not ok to categorize improper, like going that fly away my hour an hour, gone, very cool, very cool. You guys were very good now that you this and thirty? Nine months you don't have any doubt accept your home is how you feel it feels amazing. We actually got a phone call. Two to become onto the show. While we were on vacation. How I am I didn't answer the call, because we were it was long distance and why we're dead I stood and want to pay the costs. I call back when we got back, so I didn't have to pay the extra charges and I was thankful. The voice mail I love. That's great I'll, find very cool. When you got comes on Thanksgiving weak. That's roused me and you brought the kid,
with you to do that for each Graham, whether their names and ages. In addition to us, we have Evan, who is six years old and we have Lamar who was thirteen years old and end just just a quick thing, one other latest things about being able to get out a debit. It puts in place to be able to help me We always have the that what they want to help others more, couldn't do that while we owed people money and we finished up our debt, Ernie in July, and we were able to welcome Lamar into our home in September, which is something we wouldn't have been able to do, surrounded and drowned in that very me, so you just adopted Umar he's, he's a foster son for now. Ok and we are going through the process with him and thankfully we get permission to bring a mounted a while ass neat honoured to have him with us, is well very cool, very cool. You got, were proud of. You very well done copy of our Chris Organs book for you every day, millionaires that is the next After your story, you live like no one else later you can live and, as you said, give yes like no one else.
The position to do things that. That are laid on your heart and you can answer when God College cause. You don't have to masters, shall Well New gas very, very, very Well down eleventh hour, I it's Frankie. M K, Le Urban and Lamar Honour and thirty nine thousand dollars Beethoven. Thirty nine months, making one o three two one twenty one county down. Let's era British grew one ready three to why That's right, love it outline superfine. It's a big deal, you live like no one else later. You can live and give like no one else.
A lot of families feel the tug to work with foster children in the work was at an end to look at adoption and they don't have the financial margin. Because of that, that's not a good trait. Is it not a good trade it all? We have the money in this culture to take care of the least of these. We just got to get our act together and one family at a time we're having the pleasure around here, witnessing that example. That's getting rid of on that right have borrowed future podcast. A brand new podcast borrowed future eight episodes, a million downloads now and interviews from industry, and leaders whistle blowers, thought leaders like Mark Cuban South Golden of course me course arm round you personalities are speaking
there are students all or across the country or learning that they don't have to get trapped. In this predatory disaster of a student loan industry and it is an industry and they're turning out that has gotten over five thousand reviews on Apple podcast, to check out the reviews. You need to leave a review if you listen to this a good one, specially don't leave a bad one, but I got to tell you check it out. This is an incredible podcast it's called borrowed future got to put it on in your car, as you're riding through the holidays. Here borrowed future eight episodes. This is the Dave. Ramsey show
Oil is whether New York heart. What is its, why was pronounced? twilight, Marla, ok, I'm sorry! I mention it up. So happy. Giving majority of micro for I am. I am thankful for their gifts every day. How can I tonight minutely what I've again How glad I am I just found Jew And- and you have helped me just in the few days of watching- begins watching every damn you and you too, and get my husband on board a marriage, three years, I'm thirty, seven years old
and I am very, very concerned about retirement. I really don't have anything I've. Twenty thousand dollars put away for retirement. And for a three day that my employer puts in for me on our total. Income are combining come in hinge, retired, but our combined income is about eighty thousand dollars a year. You have money and retirement he has. What he had was on his Benny laid everybody. Often enforced merrily are early and he was able to take his far one k and we followed the advice of the, Angelo Advisor I'm her like down the road disagreed on a couple of things with an after watching you. I realise that I wasn't long but are in it She turned the he put into our potential for growth and jobs.
I got an annuity against locate the tease out a certain amount of a month, and how much is your mom? It's for over four hundred thousand dollars, for you got pretty goodness day. Are you just like added to it, while you're still working with an eighty thousand dollar and got right me I was concerned about like if I should be pushed He keeps army should be putting money, a light for retirement, because now my employer will Manchester amounts. I got cold feet. I am afraid I am I. What did you everything chunks? Do you lose all your money? I mean about Higgins. To start with, we would walk up what we call the baby steps if you ve been bending I'll bet. You probably heard me talk about that and that anyone I glacier were out of that except your home. We have a debt, accept your home. What what what we then I'm very tram myself for this, and that I, like I said, but I found you are falling to found a kindred spirits. I know it.
Struggle. My husband likes credit cards and he has. He has some spending issue both came out of situations with no Monday when they were younger, and I think it affects people very differently as it. It did the opposite for me anyway, labour he's spend their up and show how much does the EU have not coming we then we have our heart. We own our home. I made a huge show you one hundred percent. That free is that what you're telling me now
how much you got into my twenty thousand dollars and credit cards. Ok, are your first Gaullist get that paid off and get yourselves on a budget for the two of you there on the same page, it sounds like he's trying to treat this like it's two separate entities like you need to save a retirement so that you will. Let me tell you half of his for a one gay. Is yours you're married? Ok, so you need to start treating this as one goal that we are gonna have enough for retirement and we are going to have a spending plan that we agreed with money is gonna, go, it's not gonna include any doubt or use of credit cards, and we you're gonna get reddish twenty thousand dollars in debt and then we're gonna, build an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses, then, is when I would start loading up your fora.
Kay and I mean put all you can put into it and put it in good growth stock mutual funds. Now, let's addressed the issue, then that we know what happens if everything tanks, ok, good livestock mutual funds- would have ninety two two hundred of the stocks in them of America's best and brightest companies. So you would read down the stock list and you would stuff like Coca COLA, Dale, Microsoft, Apple, home, Rainbow General Motors forward. You would read names like that. Ok, in order for those dogs to all be worth zero Erica would have ended as a country. Now, ok,
think about it. If you take every major company that is in your mind, when you start naming off a hundred major companies and they all we're broke, the only possible thing had been there. There was a political implosion and someone took the country over right. It would not be. The economy cannot go down far enough without a political collapse for all of the top two hundred companies in America busy Road now can they go down and value? Yes, they can go down in value. All beat a zero is. It is virtually impossible in a scenario where you're worried about money. If I'll go to zero, getting to be worried about bullets and water and a generator right cause you're living in a poster apocalyptic world. At that point and saw the you're not gonna, go see or not and they go down in value yeah. Two thousand eight was the largest drop other than the.
Depression and they went in there, and I thought that's what and a spear? And so, if you follow me, though, that if you had four thousand in there in two thousand six or seven, and then it will have a goes to two hundred thousand. If you didn't take it out the DOW. At that time, the DOW Jones Industrial Average was sixty five hundred today the DOW was twenty eight thousand show your two hundred thousand would have grown a sea sixty five and twenty eight. What five roughly so you're, two hundred thousand it went from four hundred to two hundred. If you left it alone would be worth a million today, alarm, ok, so that Europe now learn, but you have to follow it with the upturn. You can't just look at the down, and so the way you do this stuff is red things like that. You understand things like that and you shit.
Good financial adviser and you get in one of our smart, Mr Prodi, that we recommend and they'll have the heart of a teacher, and you learn things like that, because the only way you get peace, you are wise to not have peace right now, because, with the knowledge level you ve got, it would be illogical for you to have peace. Its logical for you to go. All I know is a structure grown really fast and I'm not going to step in the interstate somebody run over me. Right, If you go out- and I wait a minute now- I've got some knowledge. There's across walk up here that flashing lights, they are all stopping more weight on ambition. And then we're gonna go across rural safely. Now I've got some. Gee. I don't have to go out there and play frog or in the middle of interesting it run over, and so your wise, if you don't know what you're doing to have some fear the way the fear dissipates is, is with knowledge, and so another examples is You bought your home. They did not give you a guarantee
I did it, wouldn't go down When we made a huge amount on our old on the home that we sold run, I told when the markets, going crazy in our neighbourhood and we watch her too. Change, but it was twenty eight years ago and we sold for nine. Eighty thing and the real ter tried to get me to sell for and change in an age I've been here long. You had there you are not. You didn't have a phd in real estate, all Nor would I knew my got, but you know you had streets March yeah. How could you- grew up around there. You had a feeling for this neighborhood you knew What's gonna happen, you had a god and all based on knowledge, and so the fact that you make those moves and make those decisions were now based rather than fear, based and so if, at that level of knowledge that street smart about mutual funds for your efforts,
Hey investing and I do then you'd have the actually feeling about that as you do about real estate, and I do some very comfortable. With the volatility of the stock market because I'm not How should I know right it out now, turtle roller coaster unless a jump off and so that You learn you're in the history of the market. You look at this mutual fauna. Combine a mutual varnish twenty seven years old and I won't seven years its head for years it lost money and they average annual return on owners, twelve and a half percent. That's a pretty good thing. I can look at it gives me a lot of peace. And that's what you're studying in learning and you get that information with a smart mister, Berwin they'll help you walk through there. Ought to have usually listener thanks for joining us unhappy happy. This is the
James Child producer of the day brings. You know you can now listen to today, bravely Chauvelin had to fight for all the ways to watch and listen to our Chopin daydreams money. Isn t always going. We talk about around here. Get life changing advice on your career from my good friend and clear expert can combine makin com and show, according to a recent Gallup poll, nearly seventy percent of Americans are disengaged at work. If you dread going into work every Monday morning and you're just trying to make it to the weekend, you can call me show is for you, everyone has a sweets by your sweet spot is at the intersection of your greatest talent in greatest passion. We will help you discover what it is you were born to do and then will help create a plan to make your dream job a reality. You matter and you have what it takes:
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