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Live from the headquarters of the solution. Broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios, Dave, Ramsey Show that is the caches in the place of the Bmw, I'm Dave Ramsey. Most of this is your show. America, thank you for joining us open phones at triple eight. Eight, two, five, five, two, two five, that's triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two, two: five:
James starts us off this hour and James is in Missouri, Hey James, welcome to the Dave, Ramsey show Thank you, sir. Thanks for call and thanks for helping everybody sure. Thank you. How can I help well, sir I have started a small business this year, heating and air conditioning and I'm pretty much drowning, in the business, I have a person like we, I've done about one hundred and ten thousand dollars worth of cycles and roughly six months five months but our expenses have been like. Seventy thousand hoppers. And we are not quite rice and beans, but were we're cheap rice and beans yeah. And I just I don't know where we going wrong or
what to do? What did you do before you open business you're. Obviously, in the heating and air business right, twenty years small, like what was your last position, where you I was leaving Installation technician and so obviously the installation part of it. You understand, you're, doing a great you're selling, because you're sold quite a bit of it. You're not, great job. Managing your expenses are: estimating your jobs a lot of it has been. I've bought all of the equipment. You know I bought lots of equipment to more than you had more than useful tools and more than you should have and I've out of savings? I bought it with you know what profit right off jobs and little bit on credit cards yeah, but you bought stuff that you can afford to buy,
That's correct, yes, yeah, and so you gotta stop buying equipment, it's killing your margin right, the thing is, if I don't have the tools, I can't do the job or some jobs, you can't do then right. But you'll, never tools, but you're not going to go broke that way, Let me just tell you, man you're, in a business where there's no end to the amount of tools you can buy right. You can too. Yourself out of business and you're well on your way, I got him around here man. I got these computer guys building and then fill this thinking. Building full up with that gum rolls Royce computers. And my answer is no, usually all one get are done with that then go slow, but we're not we're not going to we're not going to buy toys and broadcast equipment and computers and cameras and we're not going to just I'm buying buying buying by microphones and everything else around here that we have the same thing. We gotta bunch of gurus around this place and they will spend me into oblivion. If I allow them to write- and I totally understand that you're doing it to yourself-
not as much of it used as I could possibly buy, or a few things that had to be brand new. Somehow me, I got one tool for seven dollars, so here's the thing you can buy more tools, right, you're done. Now go make some profit with the ones you have right or go back to work for somebody else. I got you. That's that's the thing because you're that you've we've I'll as if you're good at getting the bill. Much and are you charging too cheap for the jobs I'm average with everyone else? Ok. So it's also the only the only there's three sides of the equation the total, which means you can sell. You brought in one hundred and ten thousand gross. That's good news. 'cause a lot technicians at k- close the sale, so you you're way ahead of the average cat doing now, obviously, spurred and heat. Now I mean that's not in question. You know how to do that. You've been doing it twenty years, so the inst. Pardon. Managing that's, not a problem! Watch killing! You is,
spencers in its labor and tools or something eating all your margin, because other people making a living and making a profit with the price structure that you have right. Now one other issue: gonna fuels. The main thing is eating me up, like forty percent of our profit is going to fuel, and it's just the small fuel bill is killing me on top I'm sorry and gasoline for the trucks- yes, one one one vehicle, forty percent of your profit, yeah where are you doing these jobs in North Dakota Some of them are, you know as much as sixty seven miles away, you're, not bidding them them properly, then you have to build a trip charge in addition to the actual job because of how far you're driving do the work, so I'll give an example. Ok, I got a lake house, I built a lake house a couple years ago we tore down the old one built in one, the local guy,
they're decided that Dave Ramsey's Instagram building the house that he was going to get rich, and so he bids my heating and air at like fifty six thousand bucks for this house just built a house, and I knew that was double what it should be, so he's trying to make me all right and so I called my guy Sixty seven miles away. That did my uh. At my house here in town and said, look bad! This can pay you a major trip charge and you'll still get the job 'cause, there's other guys trying to take me to school, and so he, Jan twenty eight grand with the trip charge, half with sixty seven miles in charging me for the drive right. Charging for the drive, dude or don't take those jobs, those jobs aren't profitable if they're too far away right right. The way out, I looked at it was five dollars is better than no dollars. No, it's not either not either because we doing? Is we're going through your l, you right now and we're doing
business analysis of why it's not working and it's tools and fuel, well. Do you do you recommendation of some business. Classes, a world book for our option. Your copy of our book, entree leadership and it'll walk you through a whole bunch of things, and you can probably jump into our all access community and learn a bunch there. There's a bunch of heat in as all over the country and that all access community a large dark. She will start you with the book and then you look at that. But the thing is you. Just listening to you. I think you've got the chops to do this, but I think you're going have to put guardrails and learn to say no, I mean I. I can't drive halfway over there to do this thing unless I charge extra for that long drive and no, we can't buy tools with all our money, because our kids want to eat right and that's a no
it's been a little bit of my issue? I understand everything about the business. You do accept the business side now, but the man do you, You actually know more about the business side than you thought. Thank you do 'cause. You were able describe it to me in one five minute phone call and we were able to very quite a drill down and found the problem, and it's not I'm genius! It's 'cause, you know your business so pricing is right. You didn't Let me go. I can't be seen by to buy heating and air you're selling out of it at reasonable average pricing not too high, not too low. So we're not going to question that you know enough about the business know that you don't do the install you know how to actually perform the service. You know not that you know you're spending too much on tools but you've just rationalized at the set. I had to have one and you go: stop that and you've taken the jobs, no with their one profit in the man. You gotta stop that or kick the price up for a trip charge so there profitable in your you're, glad you're driving fifty miles. Make yourself make it make it a happy.
John. I'm glad I'm gonna they're gonna, I'm a little extra money going over there to do that or you Outbid on that one? Oh! Well, it wasn't it all money is not good money. This man hold on. I have Kelly give you a copy of that book, you're going to make it this is transaction folks traits are exceptionally low, so you're missing out? If you have not called Churchill mortgage to see, if you can save money on your home loan, Churchill Mortgage has a no bull finance this means there are no hidden fees. They will shoot straight with you. Yes, Churchill can offer loans with no closing cost different down payment options or, of course, a traditional refinance, go to Churchill mortgage dot com. Do it today,
while rates are low, this is a paid advertisement, nmlside1591nmlsconsumeraccess, DOT, Org, equal housing, lender, seven hundred and sixty one old Hickory, Blvd, Brentwood, TN, thirty, seven thousand and twenty seven. In New York City. Thomas welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show Can you hear Maine absolutely? How can I help great thanks? It's going to be speaking with you, I'm going to be entering into an Md Phd program in the fall or summer. I guess thank you very, very much appreciate that.
So my question is: with the stipend: being around like thirty to thirty five thousand a year, living expenses being you know I've been around like eighteen to twenty thousand a year, I was wondering if it was appropriate. Hey I got a little bit of a debt. Hey to compensate a little bit from my living expenses that are going to be left over with the assumption that will be and I'm done I'm sorry, I'm confused but you said your stipend was thirty. Five thousand yeah! It is thirty, five thousand, but I mean to eat and You know, live at all whatsoever in New York City. It's expensive, I mean, I only have you know maybe like fifteen to thirty. One thousand a year to live off of, I mean ok, so this type covers the tuition and living expenses. No. No, the the tuition is paid for
I thought so I thought that's how that worked. Ok, we're typing it's for your living expenses! Right! Yes, yeah and I I you can't make it on thirty five thousand dollars a year while you're in med school student. I mean it city and it? But you know twenty within a year to for rental, pretty much so I don't know it's kind of tough to live on, maybe like one thousand dollars with You know included expenses, I No, it was appropriate for me to start thinking about taking out some debt just getting and Melissa you, you have hit the lottery, I mean the Md Phd program is the dream: true, were we go to med school and have zero debt and they give you money to live
god sakes man figure out a way to make that work and don't go into debt. You did it! You did it now, don't don't don't If anybody doesn't need to go into that issue, you stand. New York City's expensive arm. I'm there all the time. I understand so get six roommates plan, I mean live all nothing figure. This out but you can make it on thirty, six thousand thirty five thousand dollars a year. That's three Owls thousand dollars a month to make it all now you're not going to live in by yourself in a rental re doing that I get that so get some roommates gets guys and gals that are in the program, find get in some super cheap housing have associated with the university in some way. You know shop round find out what you can do to clean, some ladies gutters and live in her basement garage or something. You know I mean there's something to do here, but you got you got what
everybody going to med school for wish. They had it don't know no no, I'm not going to tell you to go into debt. No, my god tell you go no, you get to go to med school and be a story. You got to come out that's cool one hundred percent debt free and it's because of your academic acumen and be so smart that you're on wires, your more people that are. I made him all the time. That guy you've you've pulled this off man? No, no! No do it do it. Do do it, and between now and the time you start med school, go work, six jobs and put another thirty thousand dollars in the bank a and then let that supplement you as you go through you did it this is a killer program. Hey thanks for calling in open phones at AAA
two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five will try to help, and we appreciate you calling open phones again jump in here now. What the Md Ph D Md Ph D program is for those of you don't know why I'm so excited for him. Is you become a an employee of the university, and so your tuition is free and so there's a stipend and so he's at and you to qualify for that. You have to have academic prowess beyond belief, so that guys very, very smart guy academically, king a and show he and and and there's not a lot of those available. If you can get one of them, it is your ticket to med school for eight yes, you do that. Oh my gosh, it's wonderful, J to me, is in Raleigh North Carolina. Jeremy welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show. Okay, thank you for the time
sure I know well. Well I have one thousand hundred I was interested in lunch, not something I'm proud of that. No whining, no one eight made some bad decisions, since I graduated in two thousand eleven and have since paid off credit card debt actually finished it this week, good paying it off with wedding money with my wife's approval. Of course you heading the right way. Now. Yes, my wife finish, is school in May she's not working at this time, but we expect that still have a job in May. The plan is to live off of the lower of our two incomes and teams, source of income to pay to death. So we eight in three or four years. She has no debt, your graduate debt free. He definitely did not bring baskets to the relationship. A lot like I did so that I'm so proud of her. So how do you measure hi, make just at forty thousand dollars gross per year. What do you think she'll be making when she graduates in May looks like her average
Lori will be right at the fifty thousand dollars range, I'm mean to say fifty five thousand dollars. So I don't I'm a you do not separate these two incomes and use one for death? You put them together, live on the minimum amount that you can live on and everything above minimal, living that beans and rice living scorched earth on the lifestyle living goes to and so you are to to live on less than fifty gram, yeah. Ok Are you gonna put more than you're gonna put more than these incomes towards it and you'll be debt free two years from May great and I got one added. I guess you could say a gift on last week: some that passed away. Left me four hundred shares of stock It's all in one company. Can I worth if the right the five minutes ago, that
just over twenty eight thousand dollars, twenty eight thousand one hundred and sixty eight to be exact right. You just reduce your debt by twenty eight thousand one hundred and sixty eight sell it. You read my mind perfect. I don't know what the intricacies of the tax it'll be going right now will be done. You know, taxes when you inherit stock, your basis for tax purposes and to calculate your gain is market value at the time you inherited it and you sell it at the within six months of inheriting it. It is assumed that you sold it for what it was, what you inherited at. So you have no gain. Okay, perfect, you're, reading my mind, I appreciate them. Zero zero taxes on this at all you'll do need to report the sale and report the inheritance as a part of your next tax return. So I have your tax provider do that, but you have no taxes on this. You don't need to hold anything back, and I suspect that who did well enough to leave you an inheritance would be in
smiling looking at you being responsible. What do you think? I certainly hope so I know that I appreciate your help with that as well. Thank you so much I Jeremy, thank you for calling you're on the right track. Did keep it up. Well done. Dang dang! This is how it's run Ben is on Twitter Dave. I hear you say: credit scores go to zero within a year of no accounts open its been three years we're still there any idea. Why there's some activity on your account, that's the only thing I can. I don't know, I mean there's no perfect formula because, Echo will not reveal what it takes to do this, but our experience has been that when people have no accounts with no activity no outstanding bad debt. Nothing going on. But if you still own a house where the mortgage you get it every month, if you've got an account, open anywhere, check, double check. The bureau make sure
credit bureaus. Not one of these accounts just said they closed it. Maybe they didn't close it. I don't know an old bad debt hanging out there for a copy of it see. What's what's showing up, there's an item enter showing up that's creating activity. I'm guessing anyway. Again, I don't. I don't if I go, I can't be sure, but this is what our experience has been with people that if you quit borrowing money and close all the accounts and pay all your old bad debts and there's zero anything showing up on your credit bureau report that your apathy Credit score within about five to six months, This is that I Ramsey show.
Cody and Sarah are weathers in the lobby of Ramsey solutions, hello. Welcome to welcome to Nashville thanks for thanks for visiting us and all the way here to do a debt free scream, and now if you paid off at eighty five thousand cool, and how long did this take that for years, good for you and your range of income during that time. Between fifty to sixty ok cool, what do you do for a living? I'm electrical engineer. It Kentucky utilities in Lexington. Instead, State Utah right I'm going to a couple different things. I used to be a teacher, and then I managed a day program for adults with special needs, and now I'm a stay at home, mom, oh, very good. So what kind of debt was this?
Eighty five thousand dollars there's a couple of credit cards, call bills, an our house, you paid off your house, our house, it's ours, I'm looking at word, pee, poo, poo, poo, poo way to go. You guys! Thank you old! Are you too? I'm thirty five she's younger thirty, three very good, and you were paid oh wow. How weird are you very weird, very weird? I love it. Congratulations you guys! Thank you very, very! What's the house worth it, I think it's in the one 50s now yeah eggs in about twenty grand a few years ago, market, so yeah, very good good for you, guys that is fun, very So what made you go on this journey four years ago? Tell me about it. This is an impressive which is the summer we just kind of taking your class a pre pre,
management, and then we lead the class last year and the more we thought about this legacy stuff, which baby Madeline in June, and then just to set her up in the future just had to pay it pay the mortgage off. Ok, so how much was left out when Madeline was born? How much was left on the mortgage, then I say about forty ok, so you guys are rolled up sleeves and leaned into it. Yeah two weeks after she was born, we paid it of wow. Loaded up in the car and met Cody at the bank and paid it off some savings and some gift money we had saved up and then just chips and add. With a few years, so you were just working your normal baby steps, four hundred and fifty six and confirm taking the. And then burn baby step. Six looked up as in reach and baby comes us. That's, ocean is rich over knock it out. Yeah that and we've had a little extra motivation. Cody
actually, I'm waiting on a liver transplant. So knowing that that's ahead of us, we just wanted to go ahead and knock it out as soon as possible, and just get out of the way it's such a blessing, knowing that without knowing only with ahead of us that we're going to go into that completely debt free and not have any worries, can just really focus on recovery and healing it's such a blessing yeah. It takes all of them natural pressure off of working on the right stuff. Yes yeah. To brag on her a little bit. She was actually unemployed our dating and got herself out of debt, and then right when her unemployment quit. She was out of debt and then got a job with like huh. My Lord knows what he's doing just like that? That's so fun! Well, what? If I you've got you've gone through the class. You paid off your home, your thirty five and thirty three. What advice have people listening that want to get out of that. What do you tell them? They have to do this. Like you said, it's roll up your sleeves and do it you know, and I'm walking through the steps of what we went through with your class
and so I've had a lot of people. Ask me when we tell him we pay the house off through like wait. What an we just tell him what we did with the class and tell him they just stick to it
Yes, stick to it, you can do it, I'm in there and off for years of get now that they were. Sometimes it is just a more challenging an overwhelming. I could never going to get paid off in next thing. We knew we could do it, so we just on the just keep at it. You can do it and miss more just fanning cars, and it is then it is the the math because, like you said before, we're done math within the end that now yeah. I know it's a two day: it really just set your goals and know what you're working towards the kids when we first started. I have to be honest. I wasn't really that on board with it, just because I knew it was good, but it it kind of just seem like the thing to do, because as everyone else's, well, not everybody, but a lot of people were just on this. Get out of debt kick, and I was like yeah, that's great, but you know what's really the point if we can just keep making payments and then once we really sat down and talked about our goals and talked about the things you wanted to do in the future, and I realize that hey what's, for
the debt. We can really attack those in really have the kind of life and the legacy that we want to leave for our children and it made it so much more real and seems like it was so much more important at that point, yeah very good, good job. You guys thank you very, very well done love it love it. Congratulations, thank you and you brought Miss Madeline with you. Then how old is sweet Madeleine four months, four Oh, my goodness! Well we got a copy of Chris Work for you retire. Inspired and is the next chapter in your story not only debt free, but now millionaires and outrageously, as you go along very proud of you guys well done who's your biggest cheerleader, that's their family, an a close friends at charged and each other. It's good point. Yeah done you guys. Alright, it's Cody and Sarah Ann little Madeline from Lexington KY. Eighty five thousand dollars paid off in four years warehouse and everything
down. Let's hear a debt free, scream, three hundred and twenty one Where did congratulations? You too very well done absolutely love it absolutely fabulous open phone eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five r question that comes from blinds dot com. They have a one hundred percent fraction guarantee. That means, even if you miss measure, you picked the wrong color, they will remake your window, blinds for free sitewide, save This is happening right now, plus take an additional five percent off at blinds dot com, slash rams that's blinds dot com, Slash, Ramsey, just from Shelly Ann was Conson. Instead of buying a bunch of Christmas toys, Grandchildren won't play with.
We want to invest their money, invest money into their future. What do you suggest uhm? I suggest you do some of both toys. And Christmas, an grandchildren all go together in Papa Dave's, mind uh, investing for their future. All goes together and Papa Doughs mind. That's my grandpa name so yeah. I would do both. If you want to do some investing. A couple of things you could do. You can do an e if the parents are not doing any investing at all, you can do an e s. A and educational savings account and you're allowed to put up to two thousand dollars per year per child into that, and I would put that in a good growth stock mutual fund and it will grow further. Education, big
those tax free for their education. Now you have to name an adult as the custodian watching over this money. Until the child gets ready to go to college, you can name yourself the custodian or you could name their parents, the cost either one is fine either way you should just be in communication with the parents, because all of you together cannot put but two thousand dollars a year in. So if they're already doing a two thousand dollars ESA, you can't do another one, and so you would do five hundred and twenty nine or you would do something else so be in communication. Mom and dad you don't have to put the whole two thousand. You could do five hundred dollars in that if you want to, but I also would buy them some toys, Shelly Christmas and toys go together. It's just part of the plan. Okay, and so I agree that they're not going to use them, but I'll tell you something interesting. I was doing a talk in Feeney,
the business leaders and an illustration that I used in that talk is not relevant to this question, but it was a hot wheels car from my hot wheels collection from nineteen sixty eight no, I don't remember if my grandparents bought the hot wheels or my parents did, but I was eight years old, it's kind of cool to have an antique hot wheels car in your collection. I've got a bunch of them just because I kept all my toys that kind of stuff, not all of them, but a lot of so there you go. Toys are good, not a bad thing, but I agree with you all to wishes makes Jack a dull boy, but let's, let's do some investing checks, Mark Restaurant Dave, Ramsey, dot com and it's a telemarketer pro and they can help you find that out for your
moving to your grandkids for Christmas, what a cool thing to do this is the Dave Ramsey Show. Scripture of the day, psalm, nine thousand and seventeen may, the favor of the Lord, our God rest on us and establish the work. Hands. Work of our hands for us Illinois Aurora said to achieve what one percent of the world's population has. You must be willing to do what only
percent dares to do? This is true how much. His left inside of us only die how many stories are left inside of us. How much music is left inside of us? How much potential is left inside of us and too often, because we just don't believe we can do it If we try this, it might not work. If you have said that my friend good, MRS, that Angus The in worry is you know accepting failure that hasn't even occurred yet and crazy. We do that when we go and just let something die before it was even born inside of our brain, our potential is a brazilian times. What any of us get out of this life, there's so much more that everyone of us could do.
I love that quote: that's good races in New York City Iris. How are you hi Dave, a quick? for yeah from my I sp you community, in Hoboken New Jersey. So would you consider somebody House poll are still house poor if their transportation costs are negligible like, for instance, less than two percent of your take home pay and they were to subsidise eat, but I guess so. Could be worth the additional come over. Twenty five percent, housing costs from what would have gone to quote. Unquote normal person's transportation costs. Well I mean you live in a very high Allstate, expensive, real estate market, obviously yeah, and you live in area with mass transit and so
and get to work with very little cost or walk down the block in some cases, depending on it, depending on what you're doing so. But it's kind of I mean you can do whatever you want to do, but but it's happening here in terms of the flow of your logic. Is your reaching trying to just justify high rent? That's all you're doing and so meaning you know. Would it be okay if I work for a shirt factory and I get search for free in, so I don't have any clothes up clothing budget much. Would it be okay if I extra money on my rent? Well, yeah you can, but there's there's nothing tying! These two things together. Really I mean it's just you saved money on one front, you spend it on another answer. Exactly I mean you can do that, but our long term goal here. One long term goal is get out of that bill. Well buy a property. You know we
process in so which of these things takes you towards the long term goal. The problem you guys are facing in your group is the Problem is: is that real estate, just stinking expensive, exactly, the rents are just outrageous and what you've realized is just because you live. New York City market or the LA market or the whatever Denver Chicago play me in Miami, I expensive real estate market, which is one of the most expensive get a pass on math that Dadgum one. One still equals two thing. All the time you don't show. I would attempt to keep I went down and save on the transportation costs, because the less I spend on rent the more I've got to move to never being a renter again and, and so you can do
that if you want, but I don't want to just put that out there as a principle that says: ok because you're in an expensive market and you can save on this then go ahead and do it. You can go ahead and do it, but I'm always want to push against the whole thing, and just go my goodness. How do we get to our goal the fastest and it is by cut cut cut cut cut cut, I mean we want to run as cheap as we can. Rent rent renting is camping, your camping in forget about the real house. You know and so the more you spend on rent longer in so I don't know it. I'm always going to try to find a way to a different paradigm, a different door to try to get in this barn a different way to get out the problem than just accept and go well we're just going to have to pay that so somebody says I have to do something. That's when I start trying to figure out a way that it can't that if we can beat their game because contrarian by nature. So all of that to say what you're laying out there
bad premise as a one off. If one of you to say do that, but I'm not gonna put that as a principle. This is Dave Ramsey's, as if you're in New York do that. Now, I'm not until you do that. Thanks for the Our yes Cena is with us in Dallas. Is that you're? Seeing now is that correct? If yes, then yeah, thank you so much for taking. I call are you gonna? Do it's only been has over seventy five thousand dollars in debt from a trade school which was closed down last year. We have been deferring payments for the last two years. It's currently in a lawsuit. We don't know if to start paying, no or not it's accumulating interest. No you're, not even a hundred percent sure you there are several laws on the books. Is this Sallie Mae student loan or private student loan, it's a private school loan owed to them yeah. Oh no. I take that back. No, no! It's not private now
all right. So it's a Sallie Mae Loan or it's just a national bank loan. Ok, if the trade school has been closed down or is going broke, the debt goes away. That's the long! Now! Ok! Now he actually. Is it his degree? So I, but he hasn't, found a good he's, not using his degree at the moment, so does it matter that is correct, that old school closed down. If he got his degree. Say that one more time does it matter to you that they closed down. If he got his degree well he got his degree was his degree I know, but he didn't receive that education, that you know he it needed he's not Working in the field that he you know that he's not even your own he's, not competent in that field. Well, it's uh. He got his degree for cyber security
currently he's in help desk Does he know what he's doing on cyber security or not? No, no! He did not. Oh ok, so it's degrees worthless, it's worthless, 'cause. He got no knowledge And you seventy three thousand dollars seventy five and I would contact an attorney. Ok and there are provisions that when a school goes broke while there, that that the debt is forgiven for some federal on the books regarding that it has some potassium caveats to it and so forth, and you need to learn about those that doesn't apply here, because graduated, but I think you've got it. You make a case that they were in and that the loans were taken out on a fraudulent basis? For that reason, because I'm sure this making these loans were tide into the school. Yes, when you're sitting there at the desk in the school right, so how
contact, an attorney and see if there's any. Legal outs that you have here, because, basically what you're telling me is you got ripped off that you're totally on something and it really wasn't learning anything and the you know now. You know it's hard to believe what what he keep going. If you wanna learn anything, You know at some point you gotta go, I'm really don't know what the crap I'm doing and I'll keep paying for this. You should've pulled the plug on it long ago. That's the other thing that's going on here. So a good question. Thank you for joining us. Tommy is on Facebook, and since I'm contemplating signing up for state farms return of pre, policy that allows you to receive your money back after thirty years. Assuming you live that long, it cost more per month. Obviously, but she was too good to be true. It's not too good to be true Tom. It's a ripoff, never do return a premium policies that you pay more for you
pay more for them. If you take the amount more that you're paying and put that on a mutual fund, you would get all the cost of your policy back at the end of the here's one hundred percent of the time. That's how or whether you die or not, by the way, the money is there and with premium only get back. If you don't die, it's a complete insurance gimmick, it's crap! So don't that now go to Zander Insurance, Zander Insurance, dot com by good term life, insurance, fifteen to twenty year level term and always avoid return of premium. This is the Dave Ramsey Show will be back before you know it in the meantime. Remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's to walk daily with there's a piece price this
this is James. Charles producer of the Dave Ramsey Show, did you know you can now listen to the Dave, Ramsey Show on Pandora and Spotify for all the ways to watch and listen check out our show page at Daveramsey, dot, com, slash show, hey. If you've got questions about retirement, investing number coming in every day, millionaire go bigger and broader. With my man Chris opened on the Chris Open shop. I am excited to be able to talk to you all week in and week out, we're going to focus on your calls and it's going to focus on building wealth, investing and how to become an everyday millionaire subscribe to the Chris Open show. Where were you listen to podcasts? Hey, it's Jay producer of the Dave Ramsey show
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