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Financing a Super Bowl Ticket Puts You in the Stupid Zone! (Hour 2)

2020-01-23 | 🔗

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First of all judge, but don't have the suddenly one hundred dollars guys gonna talk about it right here, live from the headquarters of worms, solutions, broadcasting and the dollar nor rental studios. That's the way. I am sure that is done. Casual king paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw as the status symbol of choice. I'm they ran through your host. You jump and we'll talk about your life in your money. It's a free call, a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five, that's triple eight, eight to five five to two,
So Bloomberg knows reporting if you're looking for superbowl tickets, but you don't have the so thousand one hundred our cash right now to buy a ticket stub hub who, by the way, just sold Ebay, sold them for four billion. The other day, stub has pardoned, we ve been tech company affirm to let customers by the tickets on payment plan starting this week. The use by customers looking for tickets for nine dollars to seventeen thousand five hundred dollars will be able to pay those off with interest over. Period of up to a year. The new partnership between a firm and Ebay marketplace takes effect this month, an covers most sports in concert. Tickets payment will that customers by tickets, similar to how many Americans by cars, ohms or large appliances by taking on that
those were looking to buy with affirms financing will be asked to provide fibre, the reformation and will receive a credit decision within seconds. The two companies sat on a statement. A buyers will two select payment plans that spend three six or twelve months with anyone right, ranging from ten percent to thirty percent. Tickets for the February to Game in Miami between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco, forty nine hours currently showing on secondary markets for an average of seven thousand one hundred dollars each had a twenty percent rate over six months have been extra twelve hundred bucks, a far more paced up up up front for every transaction that goes on payment plan. The San Francisco based fin tech company, whose other partners included did a deed us Casper, sleep, ink and Palatine. Will keep the interest and on these purchases.
So listen, I'm a sports fan and I'll be watching the super bowl. I watch both the play off. My titans were the playoffs play off. I watch all that I've been to Stanley CUP I'll be going to the masters this year. I don't mind, go into a super bowl in a hollow. That's fine! It's a luxury while my team, your team, doesn't isn't your team, you don't you don't play on it. You watch it from there hands and no one knows you're there. It's not your team. You are a fan, a spectator, you are watching other people earn a living, and that is perfectly fine. As long as you have the money to do it. If you are financed, your superbowl tickets, thirty percent. We might look up stupid, dictionary and see your picture
absolutely asinine ridiculous. It's crazy, you're, a fool! Don't do it. Don't find AIDS tickets for anything tickets for so long stopped. About one hundred percent entertainment, you cannot buy a ticket to get a kidney and plant there's nothing on there. That is a necessity. It's all a luxury all entertainment and it's all find a do if you pay cash and it does affect your family bud. Permission if you're financing a ticket to a game where someone else's making a living in your watching and you're doing that thirty percent that put you in the stupid zone. That's a new seeding section right there in the stadium, it's the stupid zone, they're gonna, put all the people stupid and one under the stadium. So we know who you are? Oh, my god,
This is unbelievable, but it happens all the time done it really not that shocking we're, like others, those stupid in an end, don't you love the name of the company, a firm, isn't that great I'm going to affirm your stupidity. I'm gonna put a thirty percent tattoo on your forehead, we're going to affirm you're stupidity guy. I got some San Francisco, forty, nine or fans on Monday that are wet and their pants right now I got some Kansas City chief on Monday bans that are in their pants right now want to my top team members as a Kansas City Guide and he's going to the Superbowl, but believe me a he can afford it, and you can be rest assured. The boy did not finance the tickets, otherwise come home to no job for me in that Stupid Gazette drawn up to keep people on my payroll letter that down,
he'll, be they ll be enjoying himself and I'm glad he's gettin ago. It's a wonderful thing he's been following the chief for a long time has been fifty years since I've been there, so it's cool thing to get together. Nothing. But you know what you want. You don't television, you gonna get some friends over, you can, lotta different stuff, and if you can't afford it If your family is not in control and you don't have an extra seven thousand dollars. Plush travel costs each. If you don't have that of extra money, fly flying around means can't afford it. My way that means are about almost anything. If you don't have the money to buy it, you can't afford it by definition, so this adjust absurd and Corsica going crazy. This idea that stub would use these
A company of firm to affirm your stupidity by loaning, you money at thirty percent interest to buy a ticket to anything, is just if such crazy stuff that it's gone crazy on the internet, of course viral, and people keep sending me this already waivers day, Ruby onward around you go so, but that no you didn't. You knew what day remedy which lay about this, it is transfer me up and at work yeah, it's the same thing that when you go down by car and you put on thirty percent, it's the same thing we gonna buy couch, he put on thirty percent, some people buy stuff and they don't even look at the paperwork. Can you imagine that I only find out later or maybe never what they paid in fees, what they paid in interest, what they really paid for that couch. That was zero percent interest until you didnt pay it off and then they gotcha. This is the trick. People the most lucrative
I've sector of business in our entire economy. Our people. That alone, you money. There are the most lucrative sector of any part of our economy. That lenders, the banks. The lenders the affirms, the lenders, We can affirm the borrowing money, my firm is a bad idea. I love that. We so often takes your so cute. And they're gonna make a billion dollars on it. There just cute Arctic. Before going, borrow money to buy tickets, to concerts sporting events and the superpower stub. Why
I'll, be in business, forever They were amnesia, your local police. Barbara received several calls and night from burglar alarms. Most of the time they have no idea whether there is a crime or not all the alarm company can tell them is the motion sensor went off simply If home security is different, if there's a break in simply safe uses, real video thence to give police an eyewitness accounts of the crime which means police dispatch up to three hundred and fifty percent faster,
and for a normal burglar alarm, go to simply say dotcom slice Ramsay today and get a free, simply safe security. Camera. That's simply safe, dotcom, Slash, Ramsay! joining us America today, Ramsay show open phones AAA to five five, two to five Jessica is in California. High Jessica welcomes the show. How can I help I If you got here you to watch up, I'm calling I'm calling because we are house poor, might be listening to you, sir. Couple months down, I just really
make a good long term plan to get out of this. Ok. What do you want? Your house payment it's twenty eight hundred a month, twenty seven, eighty Can we take home about fifty four hundred? right now, ok, yeah! You are Is there a change in your income? Coming soon a big change to spot this house, because the market puckered We can afford it and longer Big change in your income coming inside a job if you get a job, what would that? No to your income
It were added significantly, maybe about a thousand the two thousand months. My j, which told us we british there two thousand a month, would not change this situation. Would it.
Well, I had another conferring California and so on grants as high as well as market, without her or you're like an expensive part of California for sure California. Some super expensive, real estate by large agreed with that, but that doesn't mean you get a pass on my ass, you can you can't make it like you're sitting right now and adding a thousand or two thousand a month. You still can't make it so you bought her how she can't afford that there is no question about that unless you have a situation where your household incomes,
a double. You bought a how shoe you can't afford- and I am not hearing that yet in this conversation so and you can't just say well, rents or expensive. That means you just can't live in the area, your in with income, you have that's what it means, may rents or just as high, and you cannot find anything that's around a fourth of you take home pay. That means that the expense of the area, it's an area that is too expensive to live in for that income, and that's not shame, but there's no there's no way you get to just decide to live somewhere. You can't afford in our view of whom everybody fifty thousand dollars a year. You cannot live on the Upper EAST side of Manhattan. You cannot afford rate may give rise to expand so my family has three kids when we decided to move out here, because the schools were good of our campaign to be negative.
More than some learning disabilities and we like to keep house and bought an offensive house damages You know how to spending Autobahn, restarted the debt so bomb or were really I cannot find out about it, breathes though Medical, your mother, your smothered. Yes, I appreciate that you want to take your kids. You may have to move to a different into the country where you can get schools at an a foreigner, affordable area. I don't know I do I know that you're not going to win sitting there, you're gonna be bankrupt within five years. If you stay right, where Europe, you cannot exist with children, especially children, special needs in a family warrior spending twenty eight.
Hundred dollars in your take home page five thousand. You just can't do that. I am not going to work. It's gonna catch up with you, something's gonna happen, something's gonna break something's gonna blow up, and it just a matter of time before this falls in on you, and so you know, you're gonna have to admit that you made a mistake and you're gonna have to reverse the mistake and sell the house, and you have to look for an area that can serve your purposes that you can afford to lose. Of in and take care of your children with meat- and there are areas of the country that'll do that- may not be right there were. You are right now it might involve a job change, it might involve a bum, your move, a location change, several states over, I dont know, but but you you just can't do what you're doing it won't work you can. I can't make it work for others, and I can't and I'm not going to tell you to dry. So don't do it don't do?
oh, but help. Thanks for the girl, Jessica is run dry. Robin is Weathers Robins in Arizona I Robin. How are you going? You for all the easier for everyone. I do I'm calling on common, because my little so I love her, but she has an extremely Malaga, and now she separated from her husband and Trying to work on days and they're going to marriage therapy about finances is one of the big. They they, again, but even the marriage counselor said she doesn't need to go to pukes. They don't have the money, gather. She was working to jobs up until like a few months ago and she was still spending like spending they can get enough down to one job. She still makes through a good money from seventy thousand a year, but I'm concerned either. She is her marriage for Nepal, part because your sheep. We'd be on her own and how to deal with others that, since you got everything from still owns irish consolidation, credit card, you name it she's, got it
why has a marriage counselor looking after her husband, is looking at her and you're spending like you're in Congress you're running no car towards the wall, you're getting really hit the wall and blow up run everything lose everything. What is her answer When someone says I no than her husband. Her husband, actual epic may have been a contributor to some things who say he is not wanted to join their money together on employment when he well, but when she does things he does so what, you wanted it will show as everybody else, but I mean they're sitting there in their say and part of the problem with the marriage. Is financial stew, and the marriage counselor saying you are spending and Does she say at this point? You know she needs to change, has come to the point of, and has you know really has a thing you know she's. She says she's going to stop them he says? He's not gonna use credit
many more since she says she's gonna make it therefore a good, but as well as her sister. How do I hope will walk through both in you. You ve been four atropatia diversity or something or what I have I have been through financial. University and I try to get her every little, and during that time you changed what you were doing, I'm pretty much. Moving very much that way anyway, just going to financial peace University helped us at my husband and I Burma stuff like doing a trust and this
and being more power houses like we're we're on babies that sex who look at our house to pay off. So what I do is I would I would exaggerate. If I were you- and I would say you know what I've never struggle which spending like you have, but I have struggled that's an exaggeration, ok and going to finance european diversity and changing that. Has helped me because I know I used to not have any sense of peace and organization, and now I've got much more peace and organisation, and I just I want that for you, that's not! U wagging your finger at her saying stop being so but sister in saying I used to be, I used to struggle with this, but I dont now and this opt and say I can understand how you feel and let me tell you there's a light at the end, the tunnel, its long coming during there's a better way of living. I know I went through the same thing: trot a meat,
Where can I use and then walked There are and I'll be your biggest cheer later and I'll. Be your accountability partner. If you guys get on this together and change your marriage. You know, I think I'll keep their marriage. Other adornment illegal saves a lotta marriages. I don't know what else is going on, but as if they, if the marriage counselor is recommending? That tells us, as a big point yeah, I would say, probably eighty five percent of their problem probably find I think, a lot of hers immaturity, which is manifesting itself as arrogance and self centered can what I heard Should we be ass. He had not yet she's grown up now How can I take it think she deserved. As it does on title. My that's an arrogance entitlements, always arrogance! That's what I heard so I'll. Give you a financial patient. Firstly, to give to them as a gift from you, pay for it. You hold on Galileo pick up and will
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So my life has been that free for complete analysis is being stepped up. Putting an finishing up baby step three about the end of next month, so I should have an emergency. And the thing is, I think you were both pretty young, We want these twenty three and we don't really want to buy a house. I know a lot of people do step, three beater anything for a down payment about. We really is gonna. Wanna went for a walk I may be- and I got the ten years and perhaps to re, evaluate by that we should be able to have not save the pay cash for even a small house. A candle and so were thinking of getting a little bit like you're gonna, pull minutes, nothing extravagant at around twenty five percent of our taken pay by you, I'm just wondering how is it that bad, I do not want to buy for a long time, even though technically I could get one sooner
traveling that will want the hassle alone in the house. It's not you! It's not the other, as a lifetime decision. It's not a good decision, but Europe. Very, very young, getting started. You got plenty of time. You know you're talkin about buying home, probably by the time. You're. Thirty is what you're saying and that's fine on any issue with that. I dont want you're going to decades without it, because the house goes up in value and its thousands carbon value rents go when value. So during this eight during this ten years that you're talking about not owning a home you're wrench gonna go up substantially because rents always increases real stay values in Greece and and that that's a never ending thing, so you don't want do that from now on. To eighty years old, because the increase
in the rent, will limit, hamper mathematically, your ability to bill wealth, but on the short term, it's not the end of the world, and there is not enough, in our people, jump up and down, they get all we get the fever and they are all upset cause you been for twenty mansion and bought a house, I'm not one of those. I'm with you, I'm ok! If you take it easy some time save some money. Travel dont want to own house right now, don't want to cut grass right now. Don't want deal with a right. I'm ok with that, but I don't think I would go much past thirty in your situation, could you're gonna be able to afford, like you said, to pay cash for something by the set makes sense to you. You have anything. So it's not the of the world, but I think you're your ten year number is them at that's the edge. I wouldn't go past that just because past
It's starting to hamper your ability to build wealth because, as risk rise, she, when you buy a house, you rent and lobby more, that's it and value the house has gone up from their own, showed you ve locked in one of your biggest expense items in your budget and it done increasing more, and that's that's really wonderful! So with that in mind, you may even want to do an interim step and get you look condo where you don't have to worry about it. Much like you, don't worry about an apartment, and you could do that in a few years. But if you read for a few years or even don't buy for ten years, as I have often pay cash, house before your thirty I'm among your team. Let's do that thanks for the Gall Tom's Weathers Thomson or his Tom Florida, Hey Tom Area, but it gave ADA better than I deserve. How can I help.
So my dad now my childhood home, where I grew up a dad shell in ITALY cell on it now looks like four hundred and sixty three thousand roughly between line of credit. How Michael you I agree in principle, about sixty thousand after everything, organised he's, gonna walk about eighty thousand dollars even more so on. It is because, if the duplex at an income property but he's in Florida, what's me strength and stop and sit in empty and it's gonna rot away, so good opportunity to sell it on his incomes is, only about twenty five hundred a month he gets from like social security, so this is really the money he has. His name is in this house sixty five years old down here and I'm nervous. I honestly
don't know what to do with this money, and I know he doesn't know what to do with it in the last thing I want. Is this money just sitting in his checking account and he comes up with some sort of hobby and it's gone. Now, which is behind, which is really a track record of. Apparently, oh yeah, yes, gun not knives cars there now, so he needs to set aside a portion of it not in his checking account in a money market account that's a little bit difficult to get to four since these in the rest of it he needs to invest, and so I would sitting down with a smart vesture pro and your area and set up that money. Market account for some of the money, for your emergency is emergency fund three to six months of expenses which isn't much so we might put like an animal health factor,
Thousand dollars in that account- and that's just sitting there just for something like the car transmission, goes out or something like that or you get sick or something like that. The rest, the money would invest in mutual funds and are understands it but make sure you, just as when I got it, relies on the twenty five hundred and that world. I'd like that money, nor even over there and let it grow, and the Good NEWS is if its invested well. In six or seven years will probably double and how, if he can keep his hands off of it? So if he gets, eighty grant usually can get eighty grand outright. Yeah about eighty grand up looking so we put seventy five in there. You have a hundred and fifty in six or seven years, villages hands off. So that's a good plan and that will help him we'll have a little bit of a nest. I guess not a great one, but that's heading in the right direction. Was he not workin here
so he got sick about fifteen years ago with the immune disease in the almost died, the knees he sixty five, but he he's only allowed. There is an auto mechanic by trade and as you know there s now you're never recover. Not not. I mean it has used these perfectly capable. But what will heed now? That's Eliza perfectly capable, but he could get like a small part time jobs Somebody is only allowed to make you know pennies on the dollar. At this point, I think we can only make about nine hundred a month knowing like nor, but it just make more, but it just makes us social security be effected right now. You know I'm in that he'd not really healthy enough to really nets. With that, I thought and got autos down and get a job network and twenty hours a week just make that extra non under my job,
not ass a benign and apart then he knows the resolution may be knowledgeable their instantly in yeah, plus it giving some do but and it needs the money I mean extra outlaws month, be nice real nice on the situation. Indeed, the sands of the other monies shall yellow my job and setting up an investment account with a smart, Mr Brown, and setting up an emergency plan with this money. Oh by the way, we're on budgets for their lives on the money is coming to him anymore, every dollars and you can through this I can tell by targeting duties thanks for me, therefore, in this is that I am sure,
Thank you for joining us, among others, of the diagram. She shall open phones or AAA eight to five five, two to five pay homage taxes. They pay welcome to show. How can I help, Thank you. So my third remark, while today sure what's up ok, so I just Listen. Why am I we do have already have a thousand dollars day says you something that about, kind of hard right. Now, I'm just like at this boy, one about our house on thirty two. I don't want a buyer. How did you know more than when I'm already their charge, you light?
haven't you you're comfortable mind space to pay off my and, like the classes, american story with every breath you could in regard to find out where I have a good credit score, like you better give me you can buy a lot of money in Vienna to a lot of debt. Like I have this LISA to get out of a car which are probably just above the page you back in It would allow the pig in total repay is about a hundred thousand dollars. You asked me to make one of Us the grand a year five year. I want my main question today is light weight. If I have like the two thousand and my credit card there is Secondly, I do like a small parcel along with more injured and ages, pay their though This is paid. The money enters its ok, But it's not really. The answer
the answer is the first part of your conversation when you said I figured out. I have got to do this, so let me I'd say you saved ten percent on seven three thousand dollars on the interest, but by refinancing and getting it cheaper interest rate seven seventeen hundred and fifty dollars- that's bad, outlying, seventy, nine and fifty dollars. If you give it to me I'll, take it right, but between twenty dollars does not solve your one hundred thousand, not our problem. What's Alger, one hundred thousand other problem is palm and use the secret source in this equation. You are the answer to the problem living on nothing living on a tight budget, concentrating focusing working an extra jobs, side, hustle taking extra hours selling stuff, in on this hard and it's gonna. Take you three hard years to clean this mess up
But it's taken you ten years to make this mass usually cleaned up faster than you made it, but it does some time. It's not instant. A really my hydrogen burgeoning like its high goodbye. Do I put it with you, updating extensively in trying to pay toward the I've done it. Baby declared required to pay their lack of going myself of their like turn it off the boy. All you need to know why, don't you read it you're ready for a new way. Aren't you as well that's why you met me I'm here to help you our glass financial peace University in our one, your membership that have heard about it have been like sign up, do you want to hang in there? Yes, I'll, give it to you. If you wanna take it.
Oh yes, there are absolutely will take. My only requirement is that you go to every class that you go. Change. Your life, you will answer. But my dad is to allow the net contributors as long as it is Burma column My job is pay for my degree, so function work on then I can work in Ecuador and just was tearing within an hour you thirty two showing your thoughts I've already gray mom dead free of those you gonna pay me like place for you you're the hero now go. When do the story, a good story because it's not working you been Doin, hangman, Morgan, it's time to change alone. Coming up, we'll get you signed up for the glass and the one, your membership and we'll get this move in Georgia. We appreciate your being here: open phones, Eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five
Susanna is whether in Washington, high Susanna how're. You probably think making my car sure. What's up so ably gathered you yesterday and I am very glad I dared arm you all day. I went home and applying in conformity to have two kids. They do not fourteen. And I make one hundred a year. While having one hundred and forty thousand dollars in a car. I know that if I dont want might do it. I can't do that. I'm actually from that yesterday, and I know that I can do it. Don't leave me. Have an eighteen year old, that's going to college and armed with care, and I don't have enough. They don T hurt, though I wanted to know if you get a phasing out of the two and thirteen everything up
We look forward to hearing your goal. I wondered at five years yeah what you thought about that it's ok I'm not sure total picture you may a lot of money and you ve done and we got on the income side. Congratulations. What do you do for a living? Very good, ok, hooker? So the eight I'm gonna send your book called debt free degree by then the only item- number one best salaries, one of our Ramsay personalities and the book is all bout? How your kid can go to college without taking on any death? Why other things as for mom to help, and we want you to help but kiddo. Has a lot of work to do yet I was to choose a school that is very affordable kid I was going apply for a thousand
scholarships and get turned down for most of them, but if they get twenty or thirty of them and a thousand dollars apiece that be a big deal? Wouldn't it their new job, starting today is applying for scholarships their new job. Going to school, not that they like how pretty they campuses, but that is affordable because Mamma is broke and so is kiddo, so broke people don't go too expensive. Schools agreed bright. He has already have that plan to go to college. You good, I think. I was gonna, be working model that kid. Currently working in Latin America getting scholarships and you're going to community college. As our that's wonderful plan are there for the first two years Midst of that, you should not have to contribute much effort if their working and
getting scholarships freely chosen, affordable, gone. You know they can do a lot to get themselves through school. Shall send you the book that maps that, You guys laid out and figured out together and then You lie year, budget out and say: ok, I can put exe four dollars a month toward your college and the rest of it were not attack them that whether unrest of it we're gonna, live on nothing. Remains and Ryan Rice and beans. I ain't drunk money. In my falling k, which had invested entered the eighteen years ago, an hour wondering. I know that you say not to picture correct. Please stop investing in for like a lion. In their tat. While you got a lot and one that its cue, I got a lot. I, when I put my mind to campaign, I I I wonder what would you do and I did it I just you know I want what's best for them and for the future. I just want to be smart about it before it,
too late and stop. I really am. I gonna want an attack, your dad. You want What might were absolutely you got a huge amount of that. You ve gotta clean it up your, prosper with his around your neck. It's been around your neck for a long time hasn't. It happened. I graduated three years ago. Ok, but how long does it take to get tired of a hundred and forty thousand dollars in there each item twenty seconds, later? I'm tired of that so yeah? You need you need of all nothing and clean this mess up very quickly? And then you have the rest of your life to build wealth and pay college tuitions and build wealth and enjoy your life. The right now you're stinkin monies going to student loans, the girl. Noses. You got a big shovel. The bad news is pretty good sized all and you gonna have to get whether you get up old on Kelly. I pick up get your debt for integration after usually get open go to school without going into that, and without draining moms pocket book in the process.
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