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What is it where three solutions water has been from the cold war? When I showed you, this is the very roots issue where America hangs out to have a conversation about your life, your money, I presume, consider again today, brands and I decided to take your bones. The lobbyists fall out here today, all kinds of fantastic folks. Although everybody and listen, we want to hear from you what you ve got a question about your life or your money call us that number two was eighty eight to five five. Two to five. I that's triple eight eight to five five to divide,
As always, you can find us on social media at Ramsay, show or look for me, accurate Logan. Three sixty veal, Frida, Plugin in social media, let us know your question as well, so we're gonna get to the phone. Automatically and I've got Christie on the line in Missouri Christie. How are you an inquiry thank year old. How are you Oh I'm focused, not village, young lady. What's on your mind, and so I am first of all we ve got. I believe. As do we pay our belts this week we will have our thousands saved up financial peace University, but justice major soul, searching we were facing court closure in December houses now caught up praise God, sound guidance algerian either by believe today's Shack or the one and two weeks I got a double check of couple things. My coat
as I am fortunate enough through my work that I get to work from home and which made doing over time. A breeze calls on you to over time in your pj's, you don't mind working in extra couple hours, you're there, and- and when it slowing and no one else can get to work, and we want people to do over time. You just walk into that extra room in the house. Will you well that, in into my snowball, do I put all of that certain domains snowball there is it ok, coalblack fine write her father was in Florida, so I'm capital from help achieve everything seems ok, but they just If someone stance, China was wondering if it was ok, did not such a snowball what's wont work. No, no! No budget on the cake, maybe a quarter about overtime extra and put it into a fine, could save up to get back down there to see
that can reach ok. So let's talk about this, tell me first and foremost, Christie. What how much Are you all in and what time does it work? Let me move on time stay over a people filling out for every dollar budget at hand, creating our snowball tonight. That's our parliament timescale townspeople roadwork romantic, but it has found a power downward. So what exactly? How much did you or have? I guess- maybe it MIKE, it's I'm, having put it all in the lower right it about forty thousand motor, and what kind of that is that it is my arms our vehicle and then there's about eight m credit cards so you got a variety of the dead. What you ll household income, with the overriding eighty whitewashing everytime you sometimes etc. Sometimes it's not going out the overtime more right at eighty thousand, eighty thousand, if you are working outside working
working for both what you ve done all right and your wanting to get down. How much do you think it will cost you to go visit, your father law, honestly, I think we can get out and about a thousand dollars. Ok, its chance gas money down and which and stay with them. If we needed to stay somewhere else. I have a system that Europe can give me a great discounts alike in states where football therefore, the late ochre file and when's? The last time you were down to see him. We the events I see ass, but when they come to see us because as well children in great grandchildren? It's not as good a visit, so we saw them, and I told her about the really only had about a three. Or time that was just for them in my husband and I agree with a lot of it- was tat- were foreign five five year old girl grandchildren and that's not a quality. That said that my I mean it is, but it's not a good thing. Now? I understand his ears
thought on this. I like that you all number one or taking control of their financial situation. Look at this in your realising there's. Nobody that's going to save the day. This is something you all have to do so sitting down and being a digital? I love that you have your thousand dollars. I think its end, that you all get intentional about attack in this forty thousand in debt, but also see in families. Importantly, I think the two you set now talking about this and looking at the time frame of what that's going to take and diverse Some of that overtime pay toward that visit and again hear me. This is a. I'm not talking about? We are coming up with something you're trying to do every month, that's outside of the norm because getting out of debt required. You get serious and it's not Mary? It's about momentum, you ve gotta, get focus and get intentional knowing when I get dead? I give myself arrays, I don't have to work, extra to have to ask anyone. I actually get more money that I'm in control of it, so you taking a trip down to go, see someone. That's an ailing family member, that's not an issue, but I think I will
while to come up with hay after that. This is what we're focused on an early The percentage of your overtime toward that the rest needs to go to an attack in the debt. Let me just ask or not going out to eat. Ok, though, where you goin to eat, as if you could food inside and take it outside needed right, that's how you get it, but you gotta, down and get serious about this. This is your financial future that is at stake, and I think what we have to do is to get very intentional and taken. The first step is a big you getting that thousand dollars a lot of people. Look at that and say: let's not that hard! No, it is because you gotta Some cycles you gotta begins Can you sell some stuff and you get intentional heightened under budget so for balance play. I love you guys gonna, to sit out over a pizza under your every dollar budget is the best budgeting tool on the planet, but it's who can empower you gonna, give you guys and opportunity: take control of your money, so our approval you're, calling in you and your husband sitting down talking about this? You get on the same page, can make this happen. Thank you. Next up, I've got some
the out of New York Sandy? How are you I am? workers and not quite finished. She asked you know I like you, I, like you already what's on your mind, What has it is active military and we are currently working babies that were in order- and I would stress as well as this like theirs of theirs and breathing America's. We don't own a home with we move about eighteen, every eighteen to twenty four months older. So my question is this: here he went back to school on Army five? He is now required to do. Nineteen years were seven years into that, as we were factories and figuring out our fifteen percent on babies that or we did not factor in his pension? Is that correct you don't, or should we be because once you're, a nice yours figure had an extended that final years, both
after years of doing so, but you have been doing fifteen percent as of now, why? Back when I went you know run in the numbers than everything away there. He found where B. We like this to travel. We want no talking about our dreams and our high definition and all that and want to make sure we are not supposed to factor in his tent gin without or should know I'd like the fact that you guys who stand focused and you are doing your fifteen percent. That's the focus, that's exactly where you want to be and listen to me never had any body call me and say hope it. We had too much money, we're we're on forestry That's the case. You can send me a check, it's ok, I'll gladly, take it, but you gotta stay focused on three percent, the baby step, three billion if for a house, do that would be smart. I thank you all for your son.
List of the country, your husband and you as well, but be smart about this and slow down. You want to buy a home when you can be there for three years or more. That's the key. Keep investing stay, focused, you're, not finished young lady. This is the Dave. Ramsey show. Folks, great news interest rates have dropped again. My friends of Churchill mortgage can lock in your fifteen year fixed rates for around three. Percent right now, if you qualify their good for up to ninety days, cultural immediately call them even if you're, just thinking about buying refinancing home, do it right now before these rights go back up. All it takes is ten minutes to see what you can qualify for cultural
it alone two hundred or Churchill mortgage dot com. This is a paint advertisements, animal s, idea, one five, nine one: animal s: consumer access, dot, Org, equal housing, lender seventeen, forty nine Mallory Lane Sweet one hundred Brentwood cynicism, three, seven, zero to seven fellow everybody. You are listening to the favourable to show our pursuit infilling him for day this hour, and we have an appliance I'll. Tell ya lobby is packed full of people that are into the money and marriage event that Rachel a lesson. Will be doing this evening and that is sold out and it is gonna, be absolutely fantastic I'm telling you! I want to encourage you if you ve, not She had to attend one of our lab events. You need to check it out, you gotta daydreams, dot com and look we're doing Toby's live all around the country at the o Neill. I just did one in Maryland. We ve got it. Opportunity to be able to forward and you ve got
opportunity to come and attendee event live. It is going to be absolutely fantastic, so check it out and come see us if you had not had a chance to do that. You all absolutely have a blast. Ok, we're gonna get back to the vote If you got a question, give us a call that number to call us eight hundred and eighty eight, eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five again, that's eight hundred and eighty eight, eight thousand two hundred and fifty five due to revive or you can find its own social media at Chris Organ three sixty artless get back to the Alonzo got dawn on the line down. How are you Downrange dont worry. How are you I'm sorry, young lady? How are you today Undertakings bag, yours and I want to be fired off because with authority this journey on my my question on the took the side of the question is: I know we ve been a thoroughly decent saver. You were only every dollar budget. He knows where all of the money is. I have
about sixty four. Four dollars in a certificate that that three point two percent rate and a mature this hours let's get I of ten thousand dollars at zero percent interest. Is a car at that would allow that six and a half percent should I should I think that sixty four hundred and pay towards one, Those should I leave it there and let it go out while work, because I learned good! I will want to make headway, so these are the we too debts you all have now ok. What else do you as. There. Is another vehicle and life happened, a credit card balance and a personal one down. So how much is deplorable
about twenty thousand okay and how much is the credit card. Their credit card in the personal alone. Is the big talk about that? That's about the out of forty seven thousand dollars combined as consolidate debt, I tried to him while he was trying I've got a book I didn't know he is doing that and only told me he was in trouble. Then I was, I thought, perform those common consolidated as what he couldn't qualify judgment Are you married? Are you guys, Mary, we are here and it so you were our words when I was getting ready to say you were doing some specific pronouns. You said his Do you need a plural pronoun at work We were married, but we had separate account here.
Now we're all in one go there. One here on my head was about to get round up so you can be in this thing together doing it. Way Danbury. Here's the deal I like that, you guys are for right now, because you do you ve got a whole plethora of all types of that here the idea of definitely taken that money and putting it towards the ten thousand dollar that without a doubt, as we work the debt snowball. This is gonna be about working smallest, the biggest it's not about math is about mental, and so you get focused yet intentional, and I like that you guys are together in your bank, account you're talking about this in your look about it and you see it that is wrong now you're allowing all this debt to steal your income? Sir can really really hard and not feel like you're, making any kind of progress and so take we stand for this? This is gonna, be crucial. You guys doing this talk about it. There's no more one person trying to do something and the other on what should be unified in this talking about it? Look
for what it is, but I want you to get your future back and when you get dead. That's exactly what happens and you do have to be focused. You do have to start to get frustrated and I want you to get mad at the dead. Get fresh, in an irritating it, but on what should understand you control your to your beer momentum and how fast you go Look at this and you look it taken on extra jobs if you have to do on every damn that money towards debt, but you have to get to that point of where you're, sick and tired of being sick and tired- and you get- is irritated and frustrated at the debt, but continue working together In unison, talking about this in really really dig in and looking at it, because I get people that will I really want to get out of debt. Didn't know your. Why? What is that that's a motivating! You what's gonna cause you to run faster than you ever have before and when you start to think about those dreams, not only the things you want to do for yourself, but the things you want to do for the people. You love the most. It's a game. Changer! because now you see it in high definition, and I tell people about it,
get it in high death. I talk about that in my book, retire inspired, but people and get it and I went into an electronic store. I was looking to go wrong. So drier, and I saw this high definition tv. I saw a picture. Never seen before the grass Sweden and the women I saw sweat about to come out of somebody's poor. This is how clear this tv was, and I thought, my goodness and it hidden a few weeks later. If I can get people to see their dreams, as clear as I saw that picture on that tv. It's a game changer, because now you're, not just talking about Travelin, you see here, in Hawaii, you see yourself in Alaska. You see yourself riding bet check for that year. That you care about, and things get real and that's what What people to do? I want it to be so tangible. You can touch it because then you'll get digital about working day in and day out, to keep you on that trajectory and it's very, very, very important. And so we have to stay motivated. We have to stay clear on what it is we're trying to accomplish. Thank you very much for that call
go to social media here, and action from twitter. Ask we're gonna be moving and about three to four years. Is it is it actually smarter to try to completely pay off our current mortgage or put that aside for a down payment. We owe a hundred thousand dollars on our current mortgage, while Angelo until you this, if you guys have the opportunity to be able to attack that mortgaging get that thing out of your life. I want you to definitely run forward, be intentional. Now here's what I mean by this when you sell this existing home you're gonna have the equity, that's what it's worth to be able to sell and then use that toward the purchase of the next home? So losing are missing out on anything. I hope you guys are. Really intentional about what you by next and that you dont over by over buying is a thing that's happening way too often, because we start an emotional? We start to think about what I want not necessarily what we need at that can cause.
Two over so be very, The intentional yes, absolutely pay off the house if you, if you're able to and again be very digital about the next purchase under and how much you can afford to spend and where you want to live. I typically tell people if you're moving to a new area, why don't you go and rent for six months sit still so you can learn the area and learn where to buy where to avoid, and it just gives you a but more knowledge and insight about what exact he's goin on so definitely appreciate your question. Let's see here, I'm in China the phone here. I got time on a long term. How can I help you? I don't think so. Take Michael Oh you're, welcome, sir. How can I help you? My wife and I are twenty seven- were currently a baby steps before owing you heard, as was plan, I was saving in cleaner. The stock market a little bit of jack. I've moved everything around into Rauf Andy
the boy array. However, I still have about fifteen thousand. After that I moved into a fidelity, managed a cow and wondering if I should keep there and then transferred over to Rob, come twenty twenty one and the last little bed and twenty twenty two or to put it against our house. Ah, how much do you own home top one? Twenty? one. Twenty and what's yours, household income, sixty five thousand. Ok I like the idea of taking that money and putting it toward the house without a shadow of a doubt. You only like unicorns one seven years old on baby step. Number six at is fantastic. My friend, that's not an axe, That's being really really focused on being really really intentional and proud of you, but that counts. Being able to attack and pay off that house before your age. Thirty, that's a big deal, So I want you to stay on that rhythm and be intentional and remember, were always one decision away for going backwards, so you gotta, keep plant events being intentional,
and I want you to stay focused because you are definitely not finish. This has been they re just you been working hard to get control of your money. But if you do this, one simple thing that we all do: you are literally at risk of being hacked and someone stealing what you ve worked so hard for. Do you ever use public wifi, hacking,
Can you use a simple device to mimic wifi and with just a little bit scales they can take over your financial life? That's why I trust cyber ghost VP in try for free for seven days, protect up to seven internet devices and keep all of your internet connections secure, download cyber ghost Vps today from your appstore everyone. You are listening to the neighbouring Israel on president filling in four day this hour and weaken the chance to do so pretty cool stuff around. Here we have a lot of fun. As you know, we are serious about hope as we do of in our shows, all around the country we like helping people win. We like when people to be really really focus, they help them be intentional and we get an opera
ready to do meet stuff and today, without a doubt, is a very fantastic day We in the lobby destroying us, Heerd, Ramsay solutions on the debt free stage. I've got Angela an Matt, Join me here from Lincoln Nebraska. How are you all right, right here, yes good, to see you now, I'm curious! Is it warmer here than in the basket? Oh yeah yeah, I, like twenty degrees, are really and do you have snow on the ground over there? Now? Ok, you don't bring that stuff here. Ok we do for you do do that, but excited to have you guys here you got a bit quite a journey is, as you stay and others that free stage tell us. How much did you pay off so we paid off about a hundred two thousand I made about five years and we cash flow in about ten thousand dollars for medical expenses during that time, while a hundred thousand dollars, what kind of death was that with student loans, it was a little bit of credit cards
and then adoption will adoption letter gadget how much of it was soon loans. Oh, that was about seventy seven, so that was the one that there was a big part and you said credit cards to how bout you thousand by two thousand so not allowed and credit What what? What caused you all to say? Ok enough enough, we need to do something where a couple things happen. So again was not. Five years ago, Luke was one year and I was just offered a job and just sign the papers in Lincoln Nebraska hearing from Ohio and, like you know what happened is that when everyone gets a job in their making more money than all of a sudden, they spend more and like I don't want to do that. I want to be able to pay off all the steps that we said that we wanted to do for ten years and then at the same time, when my good friends, Cecilia shut up she had said. Oh my gosh, we just started the stable currency programme and I used to listen today, Ramsay when he did the debt free,
today, but I didn't know, there was a programme until she introduced us to it and then once we did, I introduce you. This just is what we're looking for. This makes sense, on us when she told you about this. The army up. How did you feel when she's coming home all excited about this? Would you say last exe, it was. You know honestly in one hand, in this kind of common sense approach. If you like you, because you're obviously interest is money that you or yours and pain, extra money and what you actually oh Brad thrown, on the other hand, do not. We had more free from my family than hers would push back wealth to save that money instead of paying the debt down, and so I was under the now, no false impression can astute alone. That was good. Debt was almost like an investment than dead and so I was probably moors, deftly more resistant than she was a visa first broker actual. What did you have to do to convince him? I will hear a kind of took Dave's advice or think this would be
really important me, if you did the S card large regarding right, there are many important cargoes played a lot. I would say, and so yet it's hard for me to combat that causes a little work. What Sir says you guys look at this and you start to realize hey. This is real. What were some of the sacrifices? You may honestly, So many like somebody will remain in their dislike. Oh, it was so easy when there are no. This was very hard for us, and so I'd say. A big sacrifice for me is that we saw the house no high, oh and applied that debts amuse about fifteen thousand road as we apply that to our debt in, but I really wanted to buy another house, and I still do so that really hard is waiting to buy a house we have an emergency plan dab three. You worried it yeah still waiting here, we're having a Berlin, oh yeah, why hdtv
x? I think there's gonna be harder for her. That's about anyone for me was going down to just one car. We had two cars, you might hard on life, and so you can a sacrifice: a limit of freedom, convenience we're lucky that we work both work for the Iversen, a brass and our son. He could walk to. Can return if you had to its all right there, but it was still just a constant double scheduling and true Jack and scheduling everything? That's probably harnesses yeah, that's amazing! So you are paid off a hundred in two thousand and five years. What was your range of income? So we started after on sixty thousand again, and then we went to about a hundred twenty four thousand, where we re now ochre? While so you had a serious increase in income everyday, I was in graduate school and then what happened? Was we moved to Nebraska in both of us had higher paying jobs got through we have listeners that, as you know, all around the country that are various stages to a year.
Couple or not so young couple that has that and there at that point, is it possible to become debt free only laugh. I really do I hear some people say this: if we could do it, everybody could do right. I mean it was just so hard. It is felt leg you had to say no to so much and things kept coming up like if you literally just follow the plan. It just becomes like muscle memory where you just do it and then before you know it, you look up and you're like. Oh, my gosh were actually debt for aid I mean you look at it knew it makes it with the sacrifices worth it that it eyes to have that freedom is absolutely dies and it is a lot of sacrifices and we're not the creators and self sacrificing it. Oh she's right, we can do it. Actually anyone can do that for sure. Let me ask you this: what is the dump your relationship? Ah, that's probably the best part is that I feel like we can do anything. We had gone through an infertility which I know a lot of your listeners do as well, and that was a huge expense when we are thinking out to do, and then we had adoption, and so that brought us the lot together, but then doing this together
dreaming about. Our future sat really make the progress that has been a cigar. I will listen. We got adds one bathroom Wigan Nebraska paid off a hundred in two thousand and five years with a range of income from sixty to one hundred and twenty four thousand are right. Angela Matt counted down. Let's hear a debt free. Three two one where should I tell you what it never gets, all hearing them and learning and hearing from adds one man making sacrifices. Being in to talk about this stuff together and you. About nowadays, moving down from two cars, the one vehicle most people would look at you like yours, had a third? I if you were to suggest that, but as you get tat when you start working together and taken those steps and for the people there
out there right now that have debt that are serious about beginning this journey or continuing the journey. You heard them say that was worth it. It was worth it to be able to, that freedom to be able to be in touch you know. I pause she to buy whole, really really bad. She said, but they didn't, because they'd intentional. They follow the steps and they followed the plan and it's not an accident. This would encourage all the listeners out there that you can get sick you can make this year the best financial year you ve ever had by really starting to make progress, but sticking to it understanding what it is you want and why it so important to you- and I just want to come people to start. That's the deal, the beauty that's no bothers you gonna lister deaths from smallest, two biggest, don't listen to people, I'll, tell you to try to attack the highest interest rate first or to try to go any other, wait, listen to me up over six million people get out of debt and built wealth, this recipe and broke it. Isn't What you need to do a swallow it it's a list your day,
our smallest two biggest- and I want you to attack that little one you gotta make Payments on everything else withdrawn all extra money at that smallest that watch what happens? You start to build momentum which build confidence and that's what gives you that inner drive to say hey. We can do this, and you lock arms and you keep work in this programme. That's amazing, and yet I'm so excited for them to be able to put themselves in a position where they have adopted and their family have. Just very. Very proud. You should see the looks, faces. If you haven't looked at our Youtube Channel, go check it out. You need to see a deputy scream and deadly one, invite you to come and take periods at live. I get the goose bumps adieu just get excited because you can see people taken back their future. And, as I said earlier, when you get out a debt, should give yourself a raise. He ever thought about that. You don't need a its review. You don't go sit down and talk to your employer or you don't even they called overtime. You get out a debt, you give yourself a raise and that's more money
you can use to building a future and you guys they're gonna copy of my book everyday millionaires as they begin that everyday millionaire journey. Because that's the deal you get yourself out of debt. Now you start to take back momentum and you be able to take that journey. You know with the most important thing is blessed to be a blessing and it puts ourselves in a position to be able to help other people broke. People can't help people, but that are on the journey better freed themselves can put yourself that position. There are people out there that needs Europe. Rock somebody's world which were core and you stay focus. Why cause you're not finish? This is the date. To show.
You must look to the bravery of the show on Chris woken filling them for Dave Boy arterial. Our lobby is pat. We are people here excited for the money and marriage event it is going. Be phenomenal. Rachel crews and less parrot are going to have a nominal event. This is gonna, be a special Valentine's day addition and it sold out, it is going to be a blast, then I know people out there are buzz and are very, very excited to the to attend the event. So I'm looking forward to and oh there's a large dream as well. If you go
Abrams DOT, com, slash events. You have an opportunity for ninety. Ninety nine to be able to strike and it is free with a financial peace membership. So if you have that members you have an opportunity to be able to see the event tune live right from the but have we gone home, which is a great opportunity, so we're gonna get back to the phones I say on the line as they are. How are you I'm and burn in an ever are how hold on for me, one more time. I'm just earning and ever learn and I've like that very very much, I'm happy about what happened to you, you better! I better call me! I will quote you my friend. What's on your mind today and all good things, but I need a little guidance, what'd. I am, I am Are you a near? I may just about fifty thousand a year, I'm currently twenty forty thousand in depth I paid off about ten thousand last year, started the programme seriously last year.
We live at home due to helping family out financially. Do my data being out of a job due to an injury and he's gonna, be get back work and about a month or two. My question is this: should I'd be because of my? twenty nine, not that matters, but should I be right now to pay off more deaths, am living at home and then move out said the move out, or should I start my snowball and save to move out and then continued the debt not snowball, be only very other variable that exists within the set may change. Things is the fact that I want you proposed my amazing, girlfriend some time this year, no those kind of them. The main priority that about its simple. So what do you think? It's? Ok, you gonna! Let go on! Tell me this: what's your household income, just about fifty ok about fifty thousand you said you paid off ten thousand last year and that twenty three left what
debt is left with. Is that personal, a car alone ants didn't want. Ok, how much is the personal on Barcelona is about sixty one. Eighty, six, ok, and then you have the stone loan, cracked, how much The student loans about seven theatre, fifteen, ok, ok, right, and so did you get those things. Is Europe Europe, It is your dad back to work yet not yet he sought to give the surgery done. Ok, I suggest you in your daddy's, your mom. There is well Mamma is well, but she is at home, ok, gotcha! So right now, are you the income for this home No forgive me I was stating how folded in myself, but if you're talking all around I believe it is but he's somewhere around like seventy, ok
I just was trying to make sure you weren't the single source of income for the family. Now. Ok, now, moreover, supplement okay. So set wise. Are you contributing anything to the household income bill? Are you paying anything? How much are you paying out each month live at home, right, now, I'm helping out with about tat for twenty five in rent anything else around the house that they meet many of my car staff about, amongst other things, you ve, gotta use, Chrome, opportunity? And I say this because you mentioned wanting to get engaged at some point later this year, If I'm you, I'm gonna a talk with them and see. If there's more, you can contribute right. That needs to be done, but I would uses an incredible opportunity to get serious about cleared out this debt. I mean I mean you know at what don't want you to do is to run out right now and try to get a place to rent right
They signed a lease and then you got that debt situation, and then now can then pour rang and then for a wedding I mean I'm, not I'm not incur you like a big brother until you to just slow down and breathe a minute. Let's get intent, and clean up the wrestle. Twenty three thousand and debt get that out then started your fully funded emergency fund of three to six months of expenses being intention Will you know out where you live in California? Rent is real, you're gonna have a dollar amount do your research and try to put some of that back after debt, but I don't want you trying to save an attack debt, just singular, focus and so attack in the debt. Getting that done then building up your emergency fund. I would tell you I would not even think of opposing right until you got yourself out of debt and you're able to save up cash for that ring and been being very intelligent about what you're doing as we move forward. That's what I would do and I'm gonna to tell you it at all: pigs. Oh it's gonna, take more time. It's gotta be more like a crackpot than a microwave, but our
This is gonna feel a whole lot different for you, as you put it. On a solid foundation, then find a place to you, ve got a security deposit and now you're starting to build your life yourself, but I'm I'm not I'm, not a blended, Cosmo It can hardly Garcia. I think you got an income opportunity and, and that's what I would do. I would say very, very intentional. Next up not on your allotted Kansas on you, how are you careful farewell and yet our focus not finish unlady. What's, on your mind, I call the cuban details I would get through the phone. A relic bite is due both to speak with you. I have a question for you regarding and by twenty six years old, and I work for company does not offer
any investment options. So hide you are worth I re and every year and max it out. However, and I am not on meeting the fifty percent goal, that day recommend were on the word, where else and that will learn from other options once you know tat your wife greater security question: what does your household income on it is forty three. Ok. So look at it this if you're working for a company that doesn't offer for one k or any type of retirement plan is where we have to become proactive, Did you use the raw that's great, but you're right? That's not gonna get you to your fifteen percent, so you want, look at grow start mutual funds outside of retirement the best, would be sitting down with a smart vest approach. These are investment. Professional David. I have read it. They have through a system of checks and balances, to make sure that they're gonna I urge you in the way that we would, and so you can do
by going over to day Ramsay DOT, com and click on Smart Vesta or go to my website crystal get three sixty dot com and click on the dream team button either you're gonna, have an opportunity to talk to investment professionals. Be to guide you, be able to show you and it's really see to set up and for you to really take control and that we use of that hey. I am on this path and again, even if you, they were that company you're gonna have an opportunity to keep putting money away, but I really would ask your but you know what are they doing for the long term? other teammates on there and so talking with them. Do a job benefits person about what's available. And what are they doing? I'm sure other people of assets in question, which also bring Rita this. If you're out there You work in a company. We got a program called smart dollar smart dollars, opportunity for people to be able to kind of walk through financial peace and a corporate environment. It's time I myself Dave Ramsay as well as Rachel, and it really
people and understanding of what to do, and so many people are so distracted with money issues and money, Duration is really important for us to have a plan and so till talks. Company about smart dollar, it's a great opportunity for people to be able to take control of money and guess what it don't have money stretcher to focus on your actual job and you actually perform better. It's a great opportunity. Well was an eye. I have absolutely enjoyed the opportunity to sit in in fuel. Four days to be able to do the deputy scream, I tell you, I'm absolutely blown away and if you there in your work in your debt free journey, I want you to make sure that you reach out us we'd loved. Able to see you here it studio have an opportunity to talk to you. What I want to thank child a producer. I want to thank you all. Four tuning in and listening, and I want to thank the member for it. Screening and help me out, and it has been an absolute pleasure for all of you.
Tunisia, and to hear the deputy scream at the opportunity to grow forward. This has been the day. Ramsay show this is Jane Childs producer of the day rooms show. Did you know you can now listen to the day. Brandy show on Pandora Hand Spotify for all the ways to watch and listen to our showcase Dave Ramsay Don Flash if you're looking for fun
practical ways to save money in your everyday life. You need to check out the Rachel crucial upon gashed from Bunny expert, my daughter, Rachel crews, guises rates of crews, and I'm so excited to tell you about. My party has a lot of you following paychecks paycheck their end ass. You don't even know where to begin that they have this need. This want to get in control of their money, and if that's you, you have come to the right spot. So each apis algae and get a time of inspiration and practical advice not subscribe to. The rates of crucial podcast makes review it today, nor more from the Ramsay network, including the ritual, crucial wherever you listened Abad, gush, hey, it's just producer of the Dave Ramsay show this
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