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Why, from the headquarters of Ramsay Solution Broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios edge that J Rams, we shall work that is done just getting paid. All boy has taken the place of the Bmw status of true I'm. They were actually your host. Thank you for joining us America. Open phones AAA too, five, two to five that's Tripoli, eight to five five too. Two five Laura
is weathers in Kansas. I learn welcome that I Ramses Dave. Thank you very taken. Calling for your ministry. No thank you. How can I know well has been- and I am we are in baby step number four we have no doubt, except for a mortgage on or house in the and we have a loan on fifty two acres just outside the study, and we have been facing like crazy to build a house on the sixty two. Without taking out alone a micro can t you is. How much would recommend us spending on this. How would you recommend? bending all that we had saved except for emergency fund or leaving some money, to be able to invest in stock for cattle or another avenue. What's your household income are household incomes.
Fifty thousand her knowledge. Are you talking about saving for the latter to build with I'm sure now? If we are to build a kind of closer to our dream out, we would be in it about about three hundred to three, fifty social for four hundred and thirty thousand dollars states. So far for why would you broken room, I'm trying to put plans together and trying to decide on how much money could put towards that Olga Way to go? How will we? Thus? My husband is thirty one, and I am twenty seven new emerging world on, and that is the land paid for now we have, we have alone on the land. And then we have a loan for a hundred and ninety thousand left
in the land, and then we have a high flown with a hundred and sixty thousand left on your. Let your living in today, yes, that we would sell and hopefully then pay off the farmers It would bring enough? You think it bring your hundred ninety into your pocket and close to that and that we are hoping to not to spend a little bit less on building the house so that we would be completely that three at the end of this process for the talking about a budget of well, you ve got one more time you get four hundred and watch saved. We have about four hundred and thirty thousand saved and dream houses We ve yes war when you build a dream of eighty thousand you're about. What's the equity in your current home, what's wrong worth sore home is worth about three three hundred thousand and we have left on the homeland hundred and sixty and we're still trying to leave that three to six month, which, from a has been unable to get out and eyes. We would like to keep in saving
and not spend that or you got them forth already mandatory. Fifty is eighty five question is whether or not we said yes We think it gets of ash, build your dream house, Kosovo, by the time you get a finished, it will no longer be your dream mouth. No one knows keeps the same dreams, and let your dead show this that you're gonna build a forever houses mythology. Never live. Very very few people live their entire lives. One house, its highly typically unlikely. Your life will change and you will change the kids- will grow up. The grandkids will come along. The dogs will die, the kiddies will run off all this kind of stuff. It happens right and you know that how what you All a dream house will change sudden it'll be a two bedroom bungalow on the beach somewhere in the mountains, or something right when you and you'll be fine. Wendy it'll happen and allow blink show inch
We thus you ve done a wonderful job, you're, not we're going to pay cash for the build you're gonna pay off the land when you move into the building your house cells? I love this and there's nothing to say that with no house payments anywhere that you too, wild animal shavers you save like maniacs or not. Be able to save enough to build up and do some work. The fire inputs from cattle on the farm and do I let you fail to do all that when the house payments? Ok, won't you I don't think so. You cash load all this was not an inheritance right now, this with cash, but I guess so, How long does it take you to do it again with no house payment.
Not in time at all. You are not you're, not even thirty right here s. The problem. Sometimes I think I am hearing the both of you- are excellent savers, both of you yes, that's correct. Sometimes savers have trouble enjoying their money. And sometimes you need someone like me to say, we're live what no one else shall later we can live and give like. No one else you have paid the price you paid for the ticket go to the show. Ok there. Thank you gave you ve done great, I'm proud of you absolutely amazing wow.
Crazy, good stuff, open phones at eight hundred and eighty eight, eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five Adam is Willis. Adamson Michigan, are they value does not deserve which question sir? my wife brothers, getting a new tar and wants the gift is existing tired in my life, and I and I dont know which try to replace my wife, minors, newer, and I hope that two thousand by waves is older. As about two hundred thousand miles, So I am all for replace the old fart. I've got a bunch of miles war which your household income work bar thought. Eighty thousand, how much of it Do you have not coming your house, including this far bout wording for twelve of it? Is that The car and the older tour does more car which offer workable grim Navy
and you throw that in your debt, snowball, right, yeah and watch the car worth the brothers. Given you guys, I would I dont know exactly ever looked it up. I take it three five and and what are the twelve thousand dollar that car? What is it? Mercedes, speak lash who drives them? I do do you like it or not guilty, I love it filled out. He learns all right. A car that will see clashes. A fabulous vehicle will feel guilty about other new need to give freakin paid off like the rest of that right. But it's not like, it's not like you or forty, two thousand on it. You may gaiety you'll, twelve on it and and about forty thousand dollars manage the two thousand are drunk or the shells. I'm shown the junker and keep it to see clash of that, but you
not all this debt out now in less than two years. Ok, ok! If you're gonna do, if your cut your lifestyle, we're going to eat and travelling and get you stink, Enmesh cleaned up, then you keep the key. But if you're gonna screw around, take three years and com, wander out of their sharper than now, the cell? Everything? If you ain't got the ticket hearing at the message? The memo yeah? You got the memo sounds like you do, you're asking which cars I think you're onto you can do this man I'll be back when you get free will do you're dead, free scream. This is that ever amnesia
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I'm not sure this will be the ground the way you think it is. I hope it does, but if you want to sell Move it to your name and etc, cheaper interest rate in its old loan that you have morally, obligated yourself too, and financially can take on and intend to take on the ensure, no reason not to put it into your name, and it gets it, of course, off your dad's back, which was probably on reading between the lines of probably urals intent from day, one folks of your starting up, and I go about getting show me your shopping done by Christmas. It sneaking up on that. You miss out on Friday or Cyber weak Monday sharper Monday, weak sovereign last week of stone. I figured this now well, you're, lucky another one coming up green Monday, Azure good cod. Why don't we just say of the Christmas season? Everything's freakin on sale forever, instead of coming up with different colored bays so like rainbow season or something so green.
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Kay my wife and I are currently in the middle babies death to an earlier this year, I was medically retired from the military, thorn breathing, pretty good amount of my retirement and are we signed up for the survivors benefit programme for military spouse and children? And my question is: did I make a big mistake signing up for this and in that time, replace the term life insurance policy done matters, you made a mistake, you did it will. I think they set up to two years. We can opt out of it. We have we got the two years. We have the option to work on it, in trying to find out what is the nature of your medical problem? How problem how you doing I'm good wife, you know how to deal with, but very wonderful, loving,
great she's been struggling with my mental health promptly responded. So what stay here. What are you doing with video thing? Ok, let's get it there. Thank you for your servicemen, I'm sorry what you had to come home with Madame I so are you all Jochen ravaged of aside. Are you seeing someone either through the view, or otherwise, to continue to get better. Oh yes, that further the aid. What brought me to realise that wasn't, depression and being a dirty was an actual issue Ok, but I mean you and your continuing to Youtube Sheng improvement, which you, but you will get the medical discharge, Russia, your life, regardless right,
Does the yesterday say ninety nine point, nine hundred and ninety nine percent exchanges from temporary cuz? They can't separate you with a mental illness and just let you go, and I got to send you to some appointments to make sure you're. Okay
well, what I want is to make sure you're. Ok, that's a big! Thank you for your sake, more than what their programme as and then I don't want them to drop this at some point, but it sounds like, as I understand it, its permanent once or permanently discharge for whatever reason under that they don't come back and revision go oh you're feeling much better. Now I don't do that sound given that and given that this is not a medical health issue, that's going to cause you to die early. I would not take the survivor benefit. Instead, I would take the higher income. Ok and it s one. Fifty per payment Vermont up over the year eighteen hundred dollars a year more than she would again and then I would just go about my life and say: that's. My income
In addition to that, I have the income of my new career, but you should be embarking upon. I assume you have right. Oh yeah, Almoner IP field, wonderful, wonderful, ok, and so you and your wife and then I would just get life insurance on you. I get life insurance on her, which I would have done anyway, even if it wasn't the issue right, but also the monsters we increase your income. That's all we did because your very likely this is not now here's the formula, ok, the formulae as if you had some kind of illness that you contracted that was going to be terminal and you might only live three years. You would be better off to take the survivor mathematically because she she's going to get money cuz you're not going to.
You know, but in this case you're gonna make it mathematically, so you you'll be run a long time, and so I want you get that hundred bucks extra plush culture living adjustments, extra for the rest of your life and an image. Heard you guys go on and build wealth and have an emergency fund and have your return, life insurance and place in case. Something else happens to you like a car wreck or something like that. Your family's taking care of right, but that life insurance anyway and mathematical, you're gonna, come out a whole lot. Off if you got that round. So if you still are in the window, we have the ability to undo it. I which surround make sure that the proper Mount term life insurance applied across the board. And this is I'm assuming you are in a pretty good place mentally and that physically you're in a very good place, and so you're gonna, be rounded
That's it! That's the mathematical assumption I'm making in order to make the suggestion that I would undo that, and I would not take the survivor benefit. I would instead Do a normal wealth building by term insurance and go about a normal process that we use the baby steps show a good question again. Thank you. Thank you very much for your services do get better pleasure. Please continue to do the work notional worked very hard work and especially when you go when you ve been through, which some of you guys, Ngos have been through, that the do the work of keeping
world safe, and we appreciate you open, found a triple eight eight to five five, two to five. Thank you for joining us. I have never experienced something like that minute. Combat can even imagine what does your spirit I've been in a lot of fights so to speak, but nothing like that and I'm just the young the trauma just dealing with stress in general. In a perfectly safe, corporate environment can bring on someone didn't even compare, and so those of out here that have not served in combat We owe a huge debt of gratitude to men and women like that and you don't do anything but respect this, but I ve translation
in the lobby of Ramsay solutions are see in a manner whether guys, I worry idea very ill. Merry Christmas. Where do you go live faintly? This misery awesome good to have you here to do a dead, free scream. We are now much if you paid off, we paid off three hundred and fifty four thousand six hundred dollars love it and how long it will take you thirty, two months, wow an arrangement come during that time. Hovered around the two hundred to two ten range: ok do for a living, I'm manager of a communications team, and I work in pediatric oncology clinical trials, awhile Coca COLA, good for you guys. So what that was just three fifty five also
we had a personal loan. We had phones and ipods financed. We had cars student loans, but we are. Our houses were part of that as well. You paid off your. We did look at where people Problems are officially weird paid for house. Are you two I'd turn thirty eight Eddie love it and paid for house what is now worth? Over two hundred does while and how much of the three fifty five was. Your mortgage will how our primary residence about one thirty five? We also had a condo from when we got married. We both had our separate residences and so that all that one that was about one thirty, five, that we got one seventeen for the house, ok, if so that guy three, fifty five, it was by selling a hundred thirty, I'm ok, cool good for you and how much was your student loans, I thought that it goes around about forty thousand
did all vision and to have years by yes? Yes, how? While how have you been married? years. All there was a time when we got married said game all right away, fills me the story. What happened? Well, actually started little bit before we even met. In my case, we theirs, turn over my job and it looked like like a closer finances and realize That's something really happened. I really wasn't good financial footing, so I had been familiar with. I shall pay for some time fully bought in all the way to step six? the most amazing woman convinced her to marry me and realise that what I done before was training to lead us through it, not very good. Ok, so amazing woman heavily convince you to do this well well,
dating. He was gonna, be leaving the class at a local church what's by marrying warden, so he asked me if I would do this with whom it is really important to him, and I I definitely wanted to, but I also was a little worried that he was going to be like never mind. I think I think I'll just vine when you thought it might be a disqualify. I was sort of worried joking way, but yeah that lesson where you have to write down all of your dad and share with your group as a whole can be well. Thank you for everything he didn't baron I and we just space. They came up with a plan on how we are going to tackle it together. Once we got me, then you do furnished really fresh, yes, using ok. So you can't. I had this dialogue as a coordinator. You been at low, but a history is yours. He'd been training for the next round and you look up and who had the condo that we shall not meet with your conduct shoulda condone applied to your house
you by the house after we got married. We both, though I on the house and she on the Congo before we got married right, we the condo, we retired most of the mortgage, who were actually upside down on it, so we had to make up a gap there as well. Are you showed that house? We saw the Congo where I still have the house right. I guess began to pay off. Everything show that Russia's paid off to yes out what I thought a hundred percent of everything, everything understood it and making sure that we get the process right? Good good for you guys so. The coordinator, noses answer. She's been telling everybody for years are Amanda. So what are you too? Remember that the key to getting out of debt as you do, as a newly married couple very impressive, I would say that budget is key and communication is key and just-
I think the class was so helpful for us to be on the same page before we got married so that we didn't have any of those issues once we did get married and I think just those lessons in those fundamentals that you learn were so helpful as we walked this road. It wasn't always easy, but I feel just knowing each month you're gonna set of budget work through it together, I'm definitely the free spirit, so he would make the budget I would then finalize it and approve it and then just communicating when things didn't feel right or something. I don't need that to happen. We just we knew how to talk through its. I think just really approaching it as a team is key if you're sure rose you of a few issues, social communication, but her number one day. She says there because that's what happened to our experience was worse than what we are working on money together adrift closer on everything together.
And you guys did. That is the first order of business. You got married huge on so Amanda when you're going into the classroom. You're gonna have Drilgoes Gaza, these loans, about all this stuff is my freaking out a may exiting may hit the exact button or something here I'll. Joking aside, though, once you got down into the class and you got that part behind you, what was it that kind of caught you off guard, and you should never thought of that? I think, is one of the lessons and you have. We by J and you you basically say it's usually upside down. Is your problem and I was doing a lot of the things I wanted to do before I did the things I needed to do and that's how I kept getting further into the messages I was in anything that was helpful, unjust, knowing I always wanted to get out of that, and I would try. But I didn't music, I didn't have the tools, and so I think the classes urges so clear and so organised that it made sense- and I think Just-
he threw it with our sea, it just click. So knowing it wasn't, just my finance is any more and my wife. It was going to be our life. I didn't want to continue those patterns of really in civil. I, like that phrase, I was doing things I wanted to do before I was doing. Things are needed to do in those calls on the mass. That is a really good line, as really cycle that says you gotta snails, very, very good, outside of the class who were your biggest and outside the two of you who are your biggest. Surely I think, we were very good, very good in you pointed they came with you. They got. You got your partially we're gonna! Do yes, your ensuring shaggy at as you should all be proud. I got very very good what was the hardest part for you guys, link saying no a lot of the time. That was hard for me and just knowing we had some limits, but I I did find the budget was freeing, but it was just knowing that we really did have to stick to that. I think to us,
That was hard at social you're. Gonna have to stuff all dialed in and are you gonna get the nerve going like me anyway, and on top of that- and that makes your like a super nerd. When you go probably how many times you mess up and like We're step, like you, already knew all this time: she's just learning it and you given or no grace to come along and catch up to where you are certainly frequent in the early going, because I've been one of it just so used to do My own way- and you know what to do exactly- Do I don't you know what I mean is one? That's what we're that's what that's where I would always step in terms of legal and shut up. You know it's like that. We're getting a big fight exactly what here sometimes, but we always do like demands. Man said we come back and we would talk about it. We would see what one side or the other had missed. There are plenty of times where I would have the boy
it and I'll have it wound. Incredibly tights. We can just move forward as fast as we could and realising we needed a pause a little bit and make sure that we were having a livable budget targets her to you absolutely absolutely You have a life. Yes in the middle of all these numbers, it's very good, very good. You guys variants Eiffel, because What happens is the error Should all communication due in the budget now we're gonna there that's the key, but what what we don't talk about enough is is that that doesn't volume, arguments, need it does involve some people beyond one page are the ones on the other page, but the beauty of this as it forces you to work through it and if a thing to happen in your marriage is really positive in one of the big things I think so, for us, too, is having a why behind doing that, it wasn't just seeing now. Go down and our and our accounts or on a page. This was something that it started to take dress away. We can really start to notice that we were doing stuff to get ourselves on good financial footing.
And then later on it was ok, it's not just saving for retirement is trying to push forward and make sure that wouldn't be secure and our financial future our eye, about our seal Amanda from Saint Louis three hundred fifty five thousand bite open thirty, two months that Bree everything Canada Algeria that for each group three two one baby you're losing today, is region relations because your merged, but you can do it,
thanks for joining us that every single day, Ramses lotions, our team, gets to do work that leads to real people really changing their lives. Dealing with real problems and real solutions. This team really sharp and they care deeply about our mission, we're looking for people like that but a real, sharp and care deeply about our mission are crusade into do work that matters, and we know relocation can be tough, but our team major help we ve got he rose. There were hurrying for, including experienced web designers. Creative directors you ex designers, and lots and lots of positions of all kinds check it out at diagrams. You die
click the Dave's hiring tab. When the right hand, side of the homepage- and you can find What we ve got going on here, we will have one best place, work in Nashville eleven times. Why? Because were the best place to work? That's why, check. It up. Thirty Ramsay dot com, Quick David, hiring on the right hand side. Will we hired Two hundred and fifty folks this year and on, We only. We do not if you're, just looking for a J obey figure. Now you can work as long as you can work and it is my gives much money is using it for doing nothing and not caring and just barely showing up on me in a jerk. Don't even call because don't hurt people like that, and if we do accidentally Hiram, we farm pretty quick. So we want what people their fun there are smart and care deeply about getting this work done. Which helps people change their lives. This is real. If you think I'm corn,
don't apply, because I'm like this all the time My but as always, barn and help somebody and you need to be part of that or stay out of my way. That's a good idea open A triple eight, eight to five five, two to five Karla weathers. Hey in law in Louisiana, Hey Karla, how are you I'm doing great things I like are sure we're going up My house, then, is getting ready to start his senior year of mechanical engineering. He hasn't in turn said during gray and he work part time. My question is about year. Laugh. I saw your purse avow Sally may having lacquered profits, it maybe really angry so Maya yeah. So my question is: We can't follow day while used in school caused from what I hear you can only to authority along one judge and die
Is that repayment and interest rate? Is it better to do it while he on part time stayed home on with the baby working to job entering full time. You dad do. I intolerant now with the twenty thousand, not income that we have dry away until I graduated play easy easy is taking out loans. On. We will find out on the first. He is applying for merit based scholarship, because this is his back. It bachelors he couldn't get any, but we're getting hit. Few huh dollar the mind in insurance. For Sally May. I'm sorry now by others, income or doing away until after he graduates and start making engineer money foolish Alex forty thousand hours, and then it's already growing interest parity
about a year, I would not consolidated you're gonna had more dat. Because for years now, but as you said, you get when you get one shot at this answer, it's not gonna matter much when at a lower interest rate. It's not. It does not change anything that much dollars a month? Is twenty four hundred dollars a year? Twenty four hundred you're, not your problem, thirty three thousand is your problem. Even if you cut your interest rate in half it's only one thousand and twelve one thousand two hundred dollars difference and you're not going to cut it. They have shown yak as we are injured or eight right now, it's time to happen and his credit score a sudden. Ninety owners. They like that and then consolidation land. They said they could operate or toothpicks no more than a bag. If you did Robert and have it saves you a thousand dollars, ok and then second class,
as someone told me that you want to make sure that it says learn because their certain protection, if the title is seated alone and right of like a signature, loud rise, is this, is it needs to be a sally, my or never blown it doesn't need to be made of books? protections are. If you'd die the lonely forgiven, if you become permanently disabled the longest forgiven are there. If you don't mind, consolidate either consolidation lies with the protection of terms over. There should be no trouble at all to do that, but again not your biggest issue, thousand dollars out of the thirty three thousand dollar problem. So it's ok to do it. It unhardy nine, but the bigger, as you stop borrowing more that's a much bigger thing to concentrate on then, whether not to refinance Starling is in Utah. I Starling welcomed that over amnesia today, things taken call sure what's up
My wife- and I found you a couple months ago- beer and admit that wanted this being sick and tired of hearing that not making enough fulfilling economic, even though we are the issue is as regards what did you could recover to talk about finance, is trying to figure out how to make that conversation. Is it's been stress on the path, but I'm in college still, so I got one more semester left maternity figure Are we leading to go through and ruin and save up that money and then start on the baby steps or will be the best? Why? What are your first uptown you first have to adding are getting out of Please don't I had more right, and so you are going to the next finishing up college with no additional there like. I was just talking to her about that's a bit this issue on your play right now and just getting on a budget together? and committing to doing that, while paying minimum payments will be fine. If you don't really barbaric, even and get on out of school, what are you studying international business. Good, ok and you'll grow
What went on in May of course, when I do have an offer already up Marty, got a job line that great, ok, ok, so your first would be to get out without adding any more death. Now she worrying that is set up. Yes, she's working, jobs and I'm working now part time good. Figured out you'd, Roger DE where you can cash flow, the rest, a college here everything else was there regards. There won't be any more lines being taken out. Ok, well, that also some pad to make sure that that really happens, and then I would start with on the Dutch, if you want to enlarge in writing. The dutch snowball listing them smallish, two largest paying minimum payments on everything, but the little one your work. Your way, I doubt that that's that's the game plan, so yeah. Let's do that. But make sure you ve got enough pad to where, if some part of your plan to go to school to to get our school with adding no more debt slips that you ve got some cash
make sure that happens just that to occur the ready, if you don't make it progress on the debt until next May, when you graduate from May then fine? I prefer that, but but I would rather you do that rather get out was zero. Dat added for shore then worry about the next step, which is start to attack the dance, big big, big one to punch there. I think, for the call open follows a triple eight. Eight too, Five five two to five Andrew, is on Youtube day. What do you think of rent to buy schemes instead of mortgages? Wouldn't do them. I don't know, that's going to show you a scheme is just a plan, but let me tell you what happens all most? No one ever closures, the house it just as it is Illusion it gives you this idea that you're gonna get in there and some of your ranch gonna apply, that's gonna be become part of your down payment and, if all our
in two years will be able to buy, but it never happened. The very reason that you have no money now continues, which is your habits and your processes that you're using for handling. And if you continue to do that, while you thank you not a house bought your every individual close on the house. Could you not have don't get your act? That's the way together so recommend, rent by recommend least with an option to purchase on Russia and your where you're paying extra for the rent, not I ran anyway and huge paying. Market rent and I'll give you are right to purchase. Should you want to that's? Ok, but where you are contracted into a partition you're paying export of clothes on later. I wouldn't do that. I would just wait. Rhenish cheap troopers, you can rent yet out of that. Your merchants she fund and they have a down payment saved after that
Puts us now that I am sure the books are thanks to James Childs producer killer Daniels, our system pollution in funds greener. I m D ran through your host and we'll be back guys like Thomson senior executive producer for the day, raising this out with a view to finding more great content, Youtube to catch them. Most watched every three years and the fairy everyday millionaires loaded with everything should be done,
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