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How Are You Going to Change in 2020? (Hour 1)

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From the headquarters of Ramsay Solutions, broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios. That's that day, Ramsay show what that is down tat. Just king in the pay of mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw status, symbol of choice, bones is ours. We talk about your life and your money. The phone number is AAA eight to five. Five two to five. That's triple eight, eight to five five, two to five well, a new year is upon us. I love a new you feels like I'm walking up to a white bored with nothing on it, right? Whatever I want on this whiteboard and then I can go about their business, of making it so it's time to dream
in a time to reset again a time to put the hurts and. Failures of the past where they belong in the past. Just means opportunity, an upside for me: Yama Glass four guy, and I want you to be to show you can do this what're you gonna do this year? Are you gonna change the sure how you gonna use this wonderful day this wonderful month, this wonderful year that is given to you with a clean slate to start again, Tom, the change from things isn't it. We always can't do that at the new year are based on New year's resolutions, and everybody has a Saudi. We all come like a fresh start and You know this year, I'm going to lose weight this year, I'm going to quit smoking this year, I'm going to be a better dad about her husband this year, I'm going to actually go to church every Sunday this year, I'm going to get out of We stick to my budget this year. Maybe we're gonna go to financial picture versus. Finally, or maybe the shirt gonna quit do
Dave issue. Instead were actually going to change our lives and our family tree. When you don't do the sure, there's me to state that the media there's only one way that your dreams become a reality you drink become reality, blow the smoke in the mist, offer them and you turn them into a vision. The publishers where there is no vision, the people parish and know what a vision is with work. Closer called go where you action. Start to ride down. What has to be true for your family tree to be changed. You actually write down. What has to be true. That is not true. Now for me delusion! How do you really build out goals here at the new year ago? Settings been taught to me since There are twelve years old moment everyone roasted businesses to take us to motivational seminars on which geeky, I know it's nerdy, but that happened in Israel. But a part of my life, my whole life
go setting a second nature to me, but I have found that people who know how to set goals properly, actually win. Other seven areas of your life. You need to set goals in the Red right write it down. You need to have financial gulf. Have intellectual Gulf screening of some money goes where we gotta get out of data. We're gonna become an everyday millionaire and you can set the goals for this year. This decade. I don't care intellectual girls. Are you read some books this year there nonfiction? Are you going something other than memorize everything on reality, tv there's nothing intellect about that Algeria, family, gulls, ammunition things. We need must spend more time fishing with my grandpa. I don't know what your family go, live, what your family, Galicia, spiritual, gulls and read the Bible. This you're gonna take a backlash. You're gonna go to church on Do you not getting about that alone just online
Are you really going to engage something and change something or by physical, gouging arena? marathon, a marathon, a solution weight. Are you gonna do a sport. Racial? What you gotta watch her physical Gulf Career Gulf can call me to help you change job, and some of you need, This is your ear to do that. For some of you verdure you're an attack, the work environment or you're, a good work environment, and you just two easy to leave or too scared to leave, because. You hated every day, but a pay, the bills social goals, Sunbeam Mile I've always told our kids grown up. If, if you wanna have friends by a friend, then maybe you need to be a friend of some people who share remedies at some time. Aside with just a guide for just a girl trip, engage some people and then, when you're setting goals, there's a couple of things. Goals have to be five things, and if you do these five things in of those areas that I outlined that will change everything. Your goals need to be
specific and they need to be measurable, that's number one and more number want to. I want to lose some white this year. You won't it that's measurable, but it's not specific. Our make more. Money. You won't how much more money our passion there, how much that it's! It's measurable, but you need to get very specific. Our starting point on the pay of thirty thousand dollars. This year, I'm gonna increase our come thirty thousand dollars a year. You start putting some actual specific things to it, took to the deal, you can start to achieve these goals. Specific measures the first and the third one, as it needs to be, have a time limit our starting point, Went over the next thirty years, the next thirty days, that's not realistic! Thirty years is no little notice, not even you So you know where we're going to release thirty pounds in ninety days. Ok, now we gotta go you're starting you starting this specific issue.
Europe has a time limit. Thirty to thirty, five, over thirty days, let's ten pounds a month or two pounds of weak increase your water and take decrease of sugar in your bread and increase your sweat time on the treadmill, but thirty minutes a day, and Allah. You will lose what you don't even eat, Oprah, it works every turn, your path, thirty thousand dollars a year, I must point out the dollars a month, o astronomer fifty dollars every two weeks, o gonna, sell something Immediately, it makes it real it comes alive and then these need to be your goals. You know why people don't you have gulls. Sometimes it wife wants me to do this. I'm always want me to do this year in yours, pitiful! Won't! You have your own gulls. You have your own goals
you need only and when you own it it'll happen and the last thing there's your goals need to be in writing and allow your friend amounts as when it comes to doing contracts that a contract is worth the paper it is written on and if he always said, if you didn't write it down, it didn't happen. It's as if a tree fell in the woods, and no one heard it. If you don't write your gold down, it didn't happen. Habakkuk too, too, in the Bible, says right the vision and make it plain. When you ride out your girls, you suddenly start to go. Ok, here's what I gotta do. I gotta do something I got change this something's gonna change. What has to be true? That's not true now and you start chain. Your life, your family tree, your physical presence, everything starts to move, it's gonna be a great year for you, I'm so proud of you. If you're financial gulls, to get out of that for good and take control of your money. You should do what nearly
six million people have done. Take our world class money clashes called. If you haven't heard you been in a cave financial peace University The average family the goes through this says, so twenty seven hundred hours and pays off fifty three hours and that in the first ninety days, that's an eight thousand dollar turnaround in just three months. This is a big deal and found a clash starting near you online or right now or you can do it online, learn more at Dave Rooms you doc, arms. Like I pay you financial peace University. Now maybe you're new to us you're, not correct, quite ready to go into something that heavy just jump over and take a quick free three minute assessment and what are you start its free and it's a customer's plan for you text. The words Two thirty three seven, eighty nine or go to divert you're, not gonna, slash start. That's text start thirty three, seven, eighty nine or go to day room I come from the start.
And will show you how to live your door baby. We're show you and walk with you all you get these gulls it's time. To change your life, you gotta bored in front of you draw beautiful picture on it, it's gonna be a. A year. I love New year's, This is the direction Christians haven't, afford incredible way to meet their overwhelming health care costs, its christian Healthcare ministries, original health, cost sharing ministry, a better Business Bureau, Accredited organization, C, H, M members share to pay each other's medical bills. It's not insurance, its Christians financially and spiritually, supporting each other. It's what c term is done for over thirty five years, learn more at C h, ministries, DOT, Org, that c h, ministries, DOT, Org, christian Healthcare ministries as a proud sponsor of Dave. Ramsay live events
while you were joining us, America were glad you're here, our usual others, in LOS Angeles, highly welcome to the diver amnesia. I think they ve taken Michael sure. What's up,
My wife and I are doctors were both in baby Sab. Two. We have a kind of two alone and she's finishing or fellowship, so we were looking around at other job opportunities and came across one. That looks like a golden handcuffs type. The situation but they're giving a lot ensued alone. Assistance in repayment worth thinking strongly about taken for a lot of reasons and just want to know what baby step to would look like if we did get into a golden Hank of Apis situation, cool timidity, Oh, I don't even have two hundred and seventy five thousand in student alone repayment over five years, five years of sounds kind of a lot, but I mean it could be a potential long term situation for us. Both of our salaries would go up. Also. We have three hundred and thirty thousand dollars, instead alone together and we paid off a hundred and fifty thousand in the last ten months. And what will your incomes b?
so over here, incomes right now are three eighty and over their team combined. It's gonna be six hundred open, yeah, I would say if you want to do the deal, I would take the deal. There's nothin whether maybe, if you want to work there, the way I would handle it as far as your baby step to debt snowball goes is. Whatever you do to seventy five. Obviously we're going to let them pay that and they're gonna pay one fifth per year for five years: correct yeah they pay equally to the store alone. Fifty five thousand dollars a year for five years, which is to set me up. Ok, I think and so what I would who is, I would put that number one. I pay down to that, are approximately two that a little above that and then what the fifty five here and then let the fifty five here and then let the fifty five here- ok, but
as far as a side bar I would go ahead and pay myself into a savings account the amount that is outstanding and so like AL the first year. You you would to twenty right inside twenty thousand dollars in a savings count. Ok, and in that way, if at any moment this situation becomes untenable, say for instance, and f situation or a whatever situation is their patient care. You can't abide or whatever right, and you want out of their then what would do. Is you just write a Czech? Did you got the money. And if it go, if you play it all the way through and they pay it all off what you get one thousand dollars solution with God: each year you could reduce the amount in that savings account by the amount they relations, but I Whatever your outstanding student loans at the moment, I want that the savings account earthquake. If you can get it there and then
want a baby step. Three examples that two twenty ok exactly on work and that I'm just here pretending like you're paying off their debt, but you're we're gonna, let them pay it off, but Enzo as they reduce it. Then you can reduce that account and you use it for other things are some perfect and your can great money. Congratulations! What kind of medicine are you practice? I'm primary care, my wife is a pediatrician alcohol. While In so doing great thanks in terms and where will you be moving? If you do this this data Washington, so we get that state income tax bonus also so ten percent more and in that regard down my man, contracts. Bonus in that I dont have California tat. Is that we're just like that? Well, very cool Congratulations? Man get after I would have well none Amy is in Detroit High Amy welcomed the diver amnesia
we may have been. I r I may be set to will be dealt with at about eleven months and weeks that his borrowing investment by I am about to start new job that has a match of six percent in a far away. I've never had a worrying cable bible over time and wondering do I go ahead of them at least in the match eleven months, not now. Ok, we completely Focus on getting into debt and around that, what you focus on in life is what you want. It ok, That's all you got married, you focused on him or he focused on you. And what we want. We focus on its only Eleven months it like this a clear european for a one. Can you get the match its? It's not really going to substantially change Where are you end up? Wealth was twenty thirty, four years from now. It's it's not it's opting in I'm such a math nerd. I really do not always makes me cringe Driscoll,
say: don't do the match, even but but but but but what I have figured out is that this whole of women with wealth. This whole thing of winning with getting out of there is so much more about behaviour. Then it is about the math and so the power of Focus is a behavior element not just do that is completely dialed and laser focus and don't die think about anything else. Don't do anything else when money. This is don't get now that we're getting out of that we're getting out of that shouldn't. You do that. You know you finish your baby three and you knock your emergency fund out and then Bomer, but rat onto by Mr Ford. Now we're gonna get that match and you're gonna be there. In really eleven twelve months or something like that, you you know so Europe, your perfect It's on the new job, cases where those forward taxes Casey Welcome, but over Asia. I think from undertaken MIKE. All day with an address, they created a new to what's up hey I've got it
situation. I need your advice on him. A long time was and I'm having a problem with my father. He followed bankruptcy What is your opinion on this he was on his great- can only went through a few and everything. But now back in the credit card is back in time. Making these terrible that you're, making these terrible choices and now I'm in college and is asking me for money and try. Find his bad habit how how I'm, eighteen and like that's, how dysfunction screwed up as this year and even worse, if he wouldn't went in cash out his life policy at his age, and now he can't get any more answer.
And he had about fifteen thousand dollars and Gatt, and so, when he had gone, I'm gonna have to take care that I needed your advice as to what to do, because I'm kind of stock, I'm so sorry your dad's, a dialogue, That would be a nice. I can't remember that just awful! That's why the hour for you, hard for you. Here's the thing that you're eighteen freakin years, all Your old man should not ask you for anything. That's complete on a line is completely outline its so pitiful. It's unbelievable, and is crazy. The sounds in your mind. It sounded triple crazy to me that he wouldn't do that You say that he would get that. He would be that that twisted up and screwed up, not your job is not to fix him. That's his job. He supposed to be a grown man, Moreover, I am fix himself. You can't you can't tell me
what do you already know, what he's supposed to be doing already in eighteen years old, identified several things that he should be doing, that he's not, and he added, you're that out at his age must now you ve gotta just be. Kind and very firm? It's your dad show will honour his position. Father who had, but we will not honour his behaviors you can honour your father, mother and abolishes are your father, mother even on Father mother, without honouring the behaviour and so the position, but I'm not honouring the behaviour, no you're, not given him any money and the problem is you're tempted here, if you really want to give him advice, he's not gonna. Take your advice. I would just say that go back through the EU, I can't get out. I'm an eighteen year old college student. You shouldn't even be asking me that just wall go back to everything. You that's got to be your answer, that really dad don't That's the don't ask eighteen year old Son for their help, poor in college.
Shouldn't be doing there should be an EU shortening your life hell, I can't, you I'm so sorry the answer. No! No! No, anybody going to ask. This is not going to hear the note so you're going to tell me more than once. You can do it kindly and calmly and very firmly, and you have to Casey you have to this is toxic and dysfunctional is crap. This is the Dave. Ramsey show
the portion of the day comes from blinds dog cart, find out for yourself. What belongs dot com is the number one online retailer of custom window covering you get free samples, free ship. Yet what the new promos they run every month, you'll save even more years. Oh god Ramsay to get the best possible deal. Rules and restrictions apply Nicole, in Idaho A died. My husband are completely new to the audio budgeting. My question is: the every dollar app replace the envelope system were paying on debts that are they online and require hard in order to pay them, would it be effective to you whose and stick with the every dollar rapture every dollar app is just your budget plan
using paper and pencil and riding down your income top of the page and spending every dollar giving every dollar a name down. The page until every dollars gone income model, I'll go, it was exactly zero, that's a zero based budget and that's a budget is supposed to work. You need every single month give every single dollar an assignment and then make. It goes and does its assignment and nothing else and that's what your game plan is that tightens up and then the methodology by which you pay it, whether it with a but card, that's fine weather its with ill each checks. That's fine and whether some some categories of few categories, you can use the envelope system all the envelope system. Is
Where are you say? Ok, we're going to spend I'll make up a number six hundred bucks, eight hundred bucks on food this month or has been eighty bucks on food this month we get paid to Tom sorghum. Put foreigner bucks out of each check into grocery budget, but instead of just riding a check or using the debit card at the grocery store. What I'm The days I'm going to use the power of cash to do two things. One remind me that I'm spending money. The two when the envelopes empty. It tells me to quit spending money to sum up at four hundred dollars: cash in an envelope. Instead of writing a check. The grocery storm reject myself cash out before caution on blow brought food on the envelope and then by thing about envelope except food. And then, when you go, the grocery store, you use actual money and if Toby was more than four hundred dollars. You don't put sent them back. It keeps from going over the budget, the,
a amount for that category. If you had a clothing envelope and you what clothing shopping, you could go clothing shopping without any guilt cause. Whatever you spend clothing out o the clothing envelope is ok. Jospin more, Clothing. That is only onboard hope, because none of money. There appeared the registered by the bill when you go up and trotted check out right. So that's what the envelope system when you are actually handling cash, it activate the pains, the brain, you realize you are spending money, national friction involved and it causes you to spend less more carefully, but most of all the purpose of novel of system escape from going over in a couple of categories, the old, Then you would use the above system for our things. You don't do at home
bill from your computer shooting at home by your light bail. You dont use envelopes for that, but if you're back clothing out walking around the mall you doing Christmas? I walked around the mortgage Christmas Envelope right with cash in it and when the Christmas envelope as empty, go home, get out of mall you're about to be over served ear? It financially hung over. Town to move a different direction, if you're out of here spending money, you can use the envelope system and it will keep you on track. Multimillionaires, we still use the envelope system for a few categories, not as many as we used to we used to have it really down and back in the day before others have thirty years ago. Every little thing had its own envelope and we were just like fanatics about it, but that's we cannot allow the mouse.
I turned round that, shall we end up with some money because we give it always superstores and we weren't constantly busting the budget so the every dollar app is the game plan. You can have that your phone shows us how much to span forgiven category in Heaven, your desktop, that's watchful, to spend forgiven category. I decided that this month you decide what you want to do, but then the the system is just cash. For our. Get real money and it keeps you in line for those things so good. Victoria is with some Boston I Victoria. How are you angry? it, sir. How are you better than I deserve? What's up and so I took your financial peace glad about six years ago. I got really excited about it up into it and got to the hard part could get kids. Patients are gonna, get payment card and I worked for local governments. I told myself all five for public services
thus in ten years time to worry about it, and so that was again six years ago about a year ago, I started working America by Andrew Adviser and we got on a plan. Why wouldn't maps out my last and that put about for him others in mutual funds- and I also last year, purchased a car, and so that is about two hundred dollars a month in Cairo, and my question is at this point: I'm really praying and considering stopping all my investment pain, A car bomb which I have cash in the bank and then put in all that money towards my statement that them out forty five thousand dollars. My adviser is really recommending that I don't do that and now, I could really lose out if I package for the two or three years that were taking the path that gap, I can really be the out thirty years from now on a lot more. If I just kept that money in the market show, I'm wondering what your advice would be. Well, you know what my advice would be. You don't want her chair,
You already knew you took a class you. You know exactly what I think, but I didn't change my advice. You just didn't fire what now you're thinking about following it and your advice. There are. Dozens of my advice is good right, so you don't have to decide which What are you gonna rod said. Even like the raw that there isn't any level of continually it should be that enriches sinking about that compound interest that I could potentially lose a victory act like you went to the class. You know what I tell people you know I tell people, don't you its chair, temporary, Please stop all investing and work your baby steps get out of that Does your most powerful wealth building tool is not compound interest, your most powerful.
Going to lose your dad gum in calm, but that does hey you're, primarily the European Commission, you're, getting bad advice. I think, but the whole thing getting bad advice from me, so you're gonna have to decide. Aren't you chair, you can't Do this stuff anymore! You gonna have to decide which or sugar ride and ride it. Then, but you know what I'm saying yes Temple: please stop all retirement, yes, pay off your stupid car, but I didn't. By the stupid current payments to start with You know that and yes, I'll tell you do not wait around only government forgiveness, because only ninety six people have received that so far. I don't think that's a very good bet. Repelled much student loans, the shore. The path is not compound. Entry. The wealth, the shortest path the wealth is to get out of there, because you got control your income
So you need to decide which adviser, you're gonna follow, because Europe eyes are in conflict and by the way, a fire one of the more the other. So. Don't call me for advice anymore. If you're gonna follow his because you know what I'm gonna say. And by the way, if you don't follow mine, you needed therefore, an adviser, because the primary I'm not telling you to do what I'm telling you do. It's pretty simple are used. Ok, you the way, I'm not mad about I'll, be ok, you their work, but you to decide minded man is unstable and all his ways decide and then stick with it rather horse
This is that I am sure
By swimming with this amount over glad, you're Larry is New York City high Larry. How are you doing well day? How are you better than I deserve? What's up give you a little bit about myself. My wife- and I were very three year old word that free we both have an hour then come of a hundred and eighty thousand, More currently MAC out afford one pay. They re not help anyone around and well. While we have about a hundred and fifty five thousand impasse. Involvement in settling and two hundred and seventy three thousand retirements away to go and we gotta go in a great year without going to great spot
we live in Russia. The county had met in New York, city, very expensive area, and next thing we want to do is look at my home. Larry. Yeah. I know it is great and right now we are living we're running an apartment. It's fifty a month at the swollen bedroom actually able to get a discount because my employer on department and adopt bring it to open up the day right all right now in an unvarying said about our future, but at the same time at the mortgages here, and also looking at the axes here and property watching the range from port. Fifteen thousand a year for the price point we're looking at our own, I'm just kind of anxious about Blank kind of money down and looking at that kind of taxes. In the long run the parties debating moving closer to home, we could be possible. In a family which would be there in absolutely look, I'm or party? Albania where them in our twenty percent down payment
Brown could be well known that sixty percent of a car, so I'm going to do opinion on that and think that word moving away at this point and taken what we got or the people here, prices would not be the only reason I did that given that you have the income to live in the area of urine. If you told me you make fifty thousand dollars a year, and you said I want to own a house or you're not going to in your area, so you're going to have to move. You know but you may get you make a couple hundred near thirty. Three years old, you dont great you're, killing it well done so that I think that I think the bigger question is not house prices and taxes. It Where does the forty three year old, you want to live and your wife these kids or not or whatever your plans are Do you wanna be? Where do you? What year life to be life should not only be around your career.
It is one of the elements one of the right of Asylum I'll give an example. Ok Bob had radio show and there was a tipping point- the Dave Ramsay show fifteen or twenty years ago, where we had a hundred two hundred stay So we have six hundred now and we were getting a lot of advice from a lot of people saying the diverse energy show is never going to be a major national force unless you I guess it from allay or New York, so you need to move, and no. I said you know, I'm Megan really good money. I love Tennessee, I'm a Tennessee and I grew up here. It's how I wanted I see myself for the next fifteen or twenty or thirty or forty years, an hour. I see myself in New York another role in New York. I distance myself there, and so we made the decision to stay here and it probably been, it shocking to some of those people. They gave advise that we made it anyway, but but but
the point being, though, that sometimes do you do to live in a place to do your career, but if that's the anything motivating you, then your it is all about your career, singularly and that's bad job. Where do you guys want to have a life? Your careers part of that your home Ownership is part of that. The key, poverty of life, the type of people around. You is part of that. Where are your your church, if you're a spiritual person is part of that, and so on. Where do you see yourself living and you might map, you might be sitting where you're sitting right now and it was Ninety eight percent career driven and your colonel I'm goin! That's not doing it for me. Or you might be gone wrong. Just like this, if you love what you do, you'd love the area. You love everything else in the only motivator is house price. I would house there and stay right. I think the biggest thing Forget it! We are thinking about starting a family and if we don't have anything in this area, and I
I also know that I'm here I'm thinking about what we have a child. Would one of us not want to work, and I that if we would move that could be an auction beginning. I think we have enough of a cushion to make that worked for a while ago. I don't think we could cut are helpful in come in and now make that work here. I agree. I agree now, you're talking. Ok, that combined with house price a man with everything else says move. That's why What are you that, but in vain, but it's all part of the gumbo- it's not just you're, not look any one ingredient I have one other thing that there is one other kind of option. I gotta see with the wardsmen. Why work if our family would RO. There is the potential that we can continue to be an apartment that we will all rank. That would be subsidized by my employer and then thought in my mind when I then
by a two bedroom to bat apartment and potentially offer you don't have to pay for a lot to say to try to bring family little bit closer. When they wouldn't have to think about going on there. I think that that is a long term financial plan than has golden handcuffs, your employer. If your employer blows up or there's an ethics breach or decide. You no more work for the guy who's, a new gather. That's a jerk! Ten years from now, you're stuck with that plan, that's golden hair. So now I wouldn't builded around someone else providing me housing. I want you ve done. Really good job of setting yourself up for opinions here, so don't not retreat from that. I, you're moving. I don't know it does to your careers and that's what you ve gotta think through and there's no panic beyond a move that day in the next three years, I don't care. Should there molly pile up some more you now before you move. I don't care, but it says
to me like there's enough ingredients drawing you family house price We need to cut your income and haven't still prosper- all alike- must have is, is drawing you away from it all the more Spencer of New York City area! That's what sounds like to me. It's up to you! but I mean that I'm just listening to you talk they may I thank you for the call open, follows a trip eight to five five two to five He is whether such SALT Lake City Utah, I coding. How are you good day, very you better than I deserve. What's up I was curious. My company will obviously require this year and so, at the end of December, ok, that I have with the company. I was working for previous next year, I start contributing to the new companies for one example, I know I would do a roll over yes and I
Sure, because part of my former one case traditional form a key contribution, but the other section is wrong or own contributions, but imagine what used to be their pension plan role at all, I end up endemic above some other terra through, and we have some of it to traditional, depending on structured or you don't pay taxes we, but to a direct transfer roll over, because you're gonna have to much more control over it and You're gonna have so many more options that you can invested in than an old frozen preview company for a one k that the companies no longer in business show you You definitely want a role that an end just get with your brokers, Don't have one click smart, vesture, dive, Ramsay dot com put in for a little drop down list as marvelled reproach in your area, though showdown with your help you, but that together and a pretty easy thing to do: a direct transfer a roll over and if you ve heard the hard gaudy I personally invest, and I personally recommend. Writing your rollover across four types of mutual.
Funds evenly. Twenty five percent of age, growth, growth in income, aggressive growth and international, and that should work for you growth, growth in income, aggressive growth in international and if you'll do a direct as for a roll over, which means you should then, with a broker, you figure out the mutual funds. You fill out the paperwork that paper. Work is directly submitted to the for a one Kay. They will send the money directly into the IRS. You do not want them to give you a question. You do not want them to give you the money directly but They were required to withhold twenty percent on it and even agreed problem for yourself. There's no taxes on a direct transfer roll over. So do a direct transfers, direct transfer roll over with this is the proper way to do it and you won't have any taxes paid thanks for common in this
there's that I'm Ramses hey. It's Kelly, socio producer imposed rate over the Dame Ramses. Shall you would like it to your debray scream, live on the shelf, make sure you visit, Dave, Ramsay, DOT, com, flash so register. We would love for you to have a national until Dave your story.
Money isn't the only thing we talk about around here. Get life changing advise on your career, for my good friend and career expert can comment on my can com and show, according to a recent Gallup poll, nearly seventy percent of Americans are disengaged at work. If you dread going into work every Monday morning and you're just trying to make it to the weekend, can com and show is for you, everyone has a sweet spot. You're sweet spot is at the intersection of your greatest talent in greatest passion. We will help you discover what it is you were born to do and then will help create a plan to make your dream job a reality. You matter and you have what it takes. Conversation on the current common show hear more from the Ramsay network, including the current common child. Where ever you listened about gas? Hey, it's The producer of the Dave Ramsay show this
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