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From the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios, Dave Ramsey Show that is the home at all. Home mortgage hasn't taken the place of the B M w as the status symbol of choice. I'm Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two, two five, that's triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two five! Troy, is weather in Kansas, hey, Troy. Welcome
Dave Ramsey Show, so I'm back, I'm working full time job and I I live my paycheck uhm? I have a married with three kids all under the age of four and my if she's a stay at home mom, she does the budgeting it. While I make money and we're still coming up short and I don't know what we're doing wrong. Ok, how old? Are you guys? Twenty five? Ok, what do you make a year around forty two thousand? How much? we've got, not counting your house, I'm! Actually, I filed bankruptcy about a year half ago. So I'm still through that. I still have no about one thousand dollars in debt: that's not out there, which is medical bills which I can add to the bankruptcy now you're in a chapter. Thirteen
pending payments yes for five years correct, and how much is your chapter? Thirteen in a month. I pay one hundred dollars a month for that and how much debt is there in the chapter? Thirteen, I'm a little bit over twenty two thousand which at home um- many medical and uh I had eight thousand dollars car. It was a bad decision. Was that a repo or yes, I got re Pode, ok, so you're paying on the repo you're paying on medical, and you got a new thousand dollar medical who's, sick um. It would me. I had some health issues in and out and you don't have. Insurance, right. I did, but it didn't cover one hundred percent of everything. No, it doesn't
and you have to share their savings to cover so your deductibles in your copays, or what added up correct? Yes, alright. Well number one you're not doing a whole bunch of stuff wrong. You're, probably fairly normal, I mean you make forty five thousand dollars or twenty five years old, with three kids to feed no room in this budget much it's not like you, one little blink like a little meta, event are one little blink like buying we can afford and all of the sudden you've got a real problem, and so it's not like you were did something that was super super. But you just had no wiggle room and tried to wiggle. That's all I mean that's just where you are so. The answer to the equation is to get more uh detailed and better at doing,
a budget with your wife. I make the money and she does. The budget doesn't work, the two of you she can the budget, but the two of you need to sit down and go over it and we need to a detailed plan, we're going to live every single month each month on paper. On the money that is coming in or less than the money is coming in and you're. Not. Not doing that now, you're bringing the check and she's making it go as far as she can possibly go and she's not doing too bad a job. But it's not great. It's not great but leaving you all vulnerable to every little wiggle as a sound right right yeah. So what I want to do, first and foremost, is dial up the the quality of the budgeting exercise that you and your wife are doing together and then the sticking to that budget that you do together, because if you don't you're not going to wiggle out of this you're, not going to accidentally wake up one morning, guy won the super bowl it. No one accidentally win
so you really gotta do lots and lots and lots of detail now. That's thing! One thing two is: what do you do for living? I locate utilities, ok and twenty five. Where do you want to do in your thirty five that page one thousand dollars a year. Now my goal is: I want to get into either the fire alarm, that's the goal, how you do to get there Right now my volunteer firefighter Autozone. As I enter the. They will pay for my for to go, get my emt schooling and get other schooling will put my department, not many departments do that. What is your emt? What does an mean make in your area, um. Final? I don't they don't have it look that far into that? I don't really gotta want to know before I went to school 'cause you make
twenty five. Now, if they make thirty eight, you don't want to do this. Ok, that makes sense. Yes, your goal changes 'cause. You don't want your dream to be a nightmare. So, let's detail out There going I'm thinking that an amt depending on what area of you're in how ruled the setting is, but in your area probably makes fifty or sixty that's my gas and so The next question is: when you going to school comment, it's a tech school, I know I went on my goal to go okay in January of my classes, while working full time. That's it good. What I'm because we have to have a goal to not make forty five or will always make forty five right and you've got some steps laid out in front of you to get to that goal. That's good good planning! Well done, and so you just gotta, start dialing this stuff in and go ok. What can I do to get my income on the short term? What can I do to get my
come up in the long term and let manage the money that we have super super super tight and you know the last pieces is what can she do from home while taking care of three kids add a little bit of money to this equation, and so I'm going two things for you. I want the two of you to go through our class and our one year: membership, financial peace. I will put you attribution bursting class which will detail out. Exactly how to handle money, but also exactly how to do this budget and how to handle that app, which is included in this and I'm giving it all to you free, ok and I'm also going to send your wife a copy of the book business boutique by Christy Wright, equipping to make money doing what they love. Lots of. Ladies find thing: they can do from home. That makes sure Bank while watching their kids. Not that unusual. If like me your wife, smarter Newark are so she might be.
To take more than you, while watching the three kids it's possible. So you know because here's the deal you've got, you've got a below average household income not way below your, not at the poverty level, you're only Twenty five? So it's not unusual, but which household income in America is fifty nine thousand and that's statistical data. That is not my opinion than so what you got to say. What am I going to do to get above average to have above average financial results? And so the mess that you find yourself in Troy is not because you're the person. You are not a stupid person. You're dealing with That means you're young, dad, the ball is often you've done. A pretty dead gone good job, even though you made a few mistakes here and there I talk to people every including myself have done dumber things and you've done so you're not doing too bad. Financial peace with your wife Let's figure out a way to make some money and let's go onward and
work my brother, this is the Dave. Ramsey show question
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Well. I just wanted to also say thank you so much because about four years ago is when my husband and I were just being stupid and getting with the program. Reality didn't hit us never living day by day and didn't think about the future. And now I'm forty and he's thirty eight and that's. Five years ago, I've got four years ago, I found your your plan. Global by just kind of searching for a basic budget. I think we need to just do something. So I was looking up basically basic budgets that to act start. A budget plan as well and I found your plan, but I didn't know it was you and I didn't know it who had written it or or anything, But I just printed it out, and I said we're going to follow this, so we basically followed it without doing any extra hardcore research, just kind of went step by step in the last four years our income has really grown. We both worked really hard like business got better
my husband just kept getting better with with work, and raises and everything, so it really helped us push forward. If we don't have kids now, one step six already What a gun, no problem! and my question is. Because I didn't know really in depth what that plan was all about it. Just you know it was just pay off house early define it? We did a lot of dumb things, so basically, refinance two times and the second time was in June, and I just recently found you know, started doing more research and that's whenever I found out. So he really creatures on fifteen year mortgage when you refinance the second time into the thirty year again, but we were house poor for a while, so in his last four
paying off the debt and everything. How can I help you today? It's basically my question: is it in and should we now that we've already refinanced we're kind of stuck with it or we in a few years should we refinance your fifteen or now now listen, here's the thing if you take
thirty year mortgage, you take your current interest rate and you calculate the principle and interest payment on a thirty that that would be the principle and interest portion of your current payment, and then you calculate the payment on a fifteen. If you pay that difference as extra principle without refinancing, you will pay off your home in exactly fifteen years. You never refinance to convert from a three thousand two hundred and fifteen. U only refinance to get a lower interest rate and you will not get a lower interest rate substantially today, then you would have, then you would have gotten when you refinance last summer, and so it's not going to be worth it for you to refinancing interest rate savings. So if you pay a thirty like a fifteen, it goes
way in fifteen. You don't need to go to the expense to refinance your right while you were at it, you might as well have done a fifteen, but you didn't so that's water under the bridge. Alright Doug is with us in Maine hate Doug. How are you great David's really excited to talk to you, you too, sir? What's the hoping- and I hope you can help my wife and I have little bit of guidance in terms of what to do as we're updating our will and our trust. We have two minor children twelve and one nine will both forty two and we are in good health, but we're trying to think through at what age should we let them have access to our nest? Egg, if something happens to us, and our concern is trying to make sure that this is a blessing, not a curse, exactly exactly well, I mean when you were, if you were to both.
Die, which is which is windows would come into question and while they're still minors, it would be. You should be leaving the all your assets into a trust to be used for their benefit. Now I had the same exact kind of trust set up when I was your age in my head, minor children. Now what I did with that trust was several things one is, I said, the income off of the investments that that trust goes into and by the way I dictated that it went into four types of growth, stock, mutual funds, growth, growth and income, aggressive growth and international all with track records longer than ten years like I teach. In other words, it's going to be invested that way not put into a cd in some bank a certificate of depression. So I dictated the investment and then based on that I said the income off of that goes to the guardian to take care of the children. Now
nest egg, just the income off of it. In addition to that, they could do a little bit of a draw down for a first car or for college or for major medical issue, but other than that. The nest egg was not to be touched, an the only the income off of it, which would be plenty to take care of the kiddos food shelter clothing. For the guardian to not have a financial burden for taking care of my children matter. Fact they would end up with a blessing in that regard. 'cause there's a lot of money coming off of that nest, egg. So that's the first thing I did then. The second thing I did is, I actually put in there they had to show some level of uh Manoa words they. They were not going to draw down on the trust and, let's say, graduate from college until they graduate from college, they had to show a level of responsibility. We, now the trustee to verify that they were living on a budget and verified that they had gone through financial peace University, which I assumed would still be in existence.
And you don't have to do that. I did that it's my product, so it makes a lot of sense right, but other words. I wanted to verify some way that they were being received trouble with the money and they weren't on the back. Snorting cocaine with the reality star an then I'm funding that from my grave, which is not my goal for my children alive or dead an so. I wanted to verify then pass that we did a release of a percentage college graduation, assuming that they were living a life of character and they were living a life of financial a responsibility, we would release portion of it at college graduation, another portion at twenty five and another portion of thirty- that's how I did it, I'm not saying this the only way, that's the right way. It's just what I did. I put any controls on as I could, but I didn't have a thing where it stayed in trust for
their entire lifetime. Assuming that we're going to be too stupid, Figure out how to handle money by the time they're major, your age right, hopefully by then it needs to be released and they would handle it with a rare. Totally normal amount of money, meaning in ten million dollars great well. Thank thank you for helping If that makes any hope that makes sense to you, but I mean you can, but the beautiful thing about trust is, if you can dream it figure out a way that is measurable. You can make that tribulation all right. Well, thank you. I appreciate it hey thanks for the call appreciate you calling in we had dinner, one guy had church attendance and his if it is not going to church, I don't get money, but that's okay, but I got no issue with that.
What about it arm in arm, but I mean could create some. Where does all this stuff can create weirdness? But some people are so bent on screen some up that they'll figure out a way right, but on, but but you can put all kinds of stuff and I trust that you form like that for guidance. And you folks can do whatever you want to do. I really commend Doug on the fact that he's addressing this you know. The number of forty two girls who don't have a will is seventy percent as ridiculous, and so that puts him in the top thirty percent of dad's on the planet right there, because he's doing this and he's asking a question not to mention all the other things he's doing. That puts him way up there in the on the list where to go good job, dude you're, saying I love you to your family. When you do an estate plan, it's weird, it's awkward as crud
I call it the Monty Python meeting. You know like we're planning my death, but I'm feeling much better. It's just a flesh wound. You know, I mean that's what I call it. But we have these meetings once a year and we go into all the details and it's just icky as it can be, but the The point is: is that one way. I say I love you nowadays to my grand babies that I have thought these things. Not to worry I'm being controlling but to where I'm being diligent and watch. I don't want to create toxicity and weird trust. Fund baby stuff On the other hand, I don't work. My build a fortune and translator, use it used to snort cocaine on the back of a yacht with a reality star. That is not my goal. Because they ain't living life large, I know People watch tv thanks as living life large, but I don't watch enough tv, so I don't think that's live large living live is when my four year old, granddaughter curls up in my lap and says I love Papa Dave, that's living life large! this is the Dave Ramsey show
This is the time of year your timeshare, maintenance fees are coming. It's a painful reminder in the form of a fat bill that you bought something
can't use and you can't sell. Well enough is enough time sure exit team will get you out of a bad situation when the resort refuses to help you. The first step is a free consultation schedule, one today. If they can't get you out, they'll give you your money back. Call eight four, four: nine, nine nine exit our time share, exit team, dot, com and schedule today in the lobby of Ramsey Solutions, all Brian and Rebecca, are where the say guys. How are you welcome worded as well? Two falls South Dakota, but of all over here yeah your mission pheasant season, welcome to Nashville and all the way over here to do a debt free screen, yeah well done
it should be paid off turn sixty two thousand five hundred dollars in thirty five months lava and what was your range of income during that time? When we started we are at seventy eight thousand and then up to one hundred and forty seven thousand, just jump in three years, so did somebody get a new job or different or get a job? shut, my cpa exam and I'm now a partner at the accounting firm. I work for so double drone. Come yeah and I also got another job. I was part of the military and then I got a teaching job on top of it. Oh wow and she finished her masters, oh well and muscle masters where to go excellent, so what kind of That was the one hundred and sixty three. When we started it was one thousand dollars in credit card debt, one thousand dollars in a motorcycle loan. Forty four thousand dollars on a pickup. And then oh yeah, we had a huge student loan debt of ninety six thousand five hundred dollars now Sylvia and student loans bought some nice vehicles. So tell me what happened three years ago
Actually, we kind of started five years ago, but we didn't really start. Then we heard about you, then so we got your book as a wedding gift and we brought it along on our honeymoon and I had no desire to read it but being the account and he is it. So I wanted to just lay on the beach, but he's reading intently like to the five years ago. Yes, came home and it was two years for you start well. Yes, then, so we read it and then left right after we were done with the honeymoon, then she had to take off for nine months for them so weren't able to implement the principles right away. So we started our church actually offered if and June sixteen, so I'm not sure where you go yes right before. That is when we bought you, know, bought a house rate when she's getting home from military and you bought a motorcycle no with that was right after wedding and then the day and then about a nice try yeah the day after closing on the house, we actually went and purchased the pick up. You know and of course-
funny idea and I sold on the idea is only a hundred thirty dollars more a month, but that was your guard. This of the fact that I already had a six hundred dollar car paint. We go to, sir, if you that morning he goes just so. You know we're not selling the motorcycle or the pick up and your so both yet unknown, No, she just sold the the pick up, but we've got it on the twenty one thousand records. All the forty four thousand are back up yeah in South Dakota, yeah it's cold. Well, we got this little one on the way in the summer and we we both say we want to sacrifice and get out of debt, so keep that paid for motorcycle 'cause. Don't buy another one. If I ever get rid of it, I will cook for you guys. This is fun, so you go to the class, and that tells you ok wakes up the beach conversation from two years before on the honeymoon before military and all that kind of stuff and You come home from the class where you both age. At that point, yeah we were both
On the same page I mean when we read the book. We love the principles. It was just a matter of her. Leaving that we didn't get to implement on the time is all right. We, you know we knew we wanted to have a family eventually anyway, and at the time when we started art, my men, student loan payments were just as much as their mortgage payment, so we both agreed. That would be pretty easy to kids. If we didn't have to mortgage payment plan, man f they got us on the same page before it was never looking at the budget or do anything, so I would suggest doing trips, we're going somewhere or buying things and Brian? Yeah. I can really do that now they will why not we just got paid yet so we have money. Where is our money, exactly very cool good job, you guys? So what do you tell people the key to getting out of debt if, definitely budgeting and communication for sure you talk about and if you know it saved her
when she got back that summer with the finances of the financial stresses and just cation stresses if you help us communicate better about money and then it just improved our communication in general and it drastically changed our lives. The best thing I ever did wow very good. Good job y'all. You know you always always talk about it. How much you paid when the transmission? your van and we have the same thing, it was their second or third budget. After we started the class and we were so excited. We had enough income to cover all the minimum payments. We logged in online me that extra hundred twenty nine dollar student loan payment and about ten minutes later the realized that we had bought concert tickets for anniversary and we had forgot to book anything for food or getting down and back to the concert. So that's when
I knew we were serious about it. We decide the seller. You know the tickets to go to the concert he was while, while wow very cool out God of the two of you who are your biggest cheerleaders, from Ryan who actually joined us here today. Now with let the F class together with him before, and our friend Kevin He gave us the book for wedding gift. You know there were big supporters, but mine is one that you know. We work out together quite a bit and he's always there egging us on. You know, come on we're Carter, you know you, you guys don't need to come a. This weekend would love to have you, but you guys, gonna, stick that money toward that. So is great and you did a hundred and sixty three thousand and thirty five months that very hard, it was so hard it was. It was a challenge, but who would work every weekend. He truck on the side, and I would come along, and so what was the hardest thing? You did the thing you go god I will never have to do. That
it's interesting, so my dad drove truck while I was driving up or growing up, and so as soon as I get done with cpa exam, I just you know, transferred and use all that extra time. I was a spinning studying in a go drive truck every weekend, so I worked Monday through Thursday at the accounting firm that drive truck Thursday night Friday Saturday. So just for extra income to help us get rid of the debt as fast as possible, and how much you might doing, though, crazy some weekends. I can make a thousand dollars. We can you know art two or three days: it's like almost a regular job on the site and we would go. We would team works, then I would make all the foods whenever never had to stop at the truck stops and buy. For that we bring cases of water and I have made an adventure out of it yeah and they never have to do it again. Our families all thought that we were crazy and, and you know for going into and then they thought that we're it latin money, control us but also work. Was it worth it absolutely? Definitely it's fairly
she did tell crazy family members know I mean they. Just family members know when you have a plan and we were both on board together. We both agreed, as a short term sacrifice for a long term goals in our family on the way yeah yeah way to go, can gratz Very proud of y'all think well done very well done how's! It feel now that you're there wonderful it's unreal. So pay much. It's no payments by the house. Private life is good. Well, thank you for your service. We appreciate that and we've got a copy of Hogan's book for you everyday millionaires, you're on your for being one that'll be the next chapter in years. For sure you're heading that way, and you got a story already and it's a young story so got lots of time. Lots of time to do this right proud of you, GOSH Brian guys, Sioux falls SD one hundred and sixty three thousand dollars paid off in thirty five months. We are making Seventy eight all the way to one hundred and forty, seven, let's hear a day
free three, two one well, guys regulations. It is amazing what happens when You decide that this thing: What you're going to do? What This thing is: when you get, I'm tired of being sick and tired. Finally say: that's it. I've had it, I'm home from a tour of duty and. There's a young newlywed couples having stress in their marriage, they're fighting money is piled up. The stupid payments are everywhere motorcycles and trucks, and student loans are their ears and then I
to sign it decisions, a big thing: here's an interesting thing! You have exactly as much power as they have. You can just decide right now ready set go
Adam, is Withers in Kentucky. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show. Thank you better than I deserve? What's up My wife and I are the only debt we have- is a piece of property that eight acres and I thought was eventually build on it and paid all of our other debts off got define started there. They use for and just have been and we're going to pay it down as our down payment for once we get the home. Now that we talked contractors and builders. It's looking like. The house we want to build. Even if we scale downtown is going to be too expensive prices.
Nobody goes I'm wondering if we should get on the land and go buy something that's already built or if you have I suggestion is how we should move forward build your dream house and it's too expensive, and at each year It's called a nightmare right and I've I've taken that call a hundred times don't be that guy later, so I don't know what your budget is exactly but you say you don't think you can afford or shouldn't do the building on the land. Did you was there any alternatives I mean: is the house you're going to buy if you sell your home and by work somewhere else? Is it that much What's the deal Yeah I mean we could we could before looking around like a two thousand five hundred square foot, we could probably buy one in about the two hundred to two hundred and thirty range and achieve is Chloe. So far on building open about that. I
in the upper two hundreds like two hundred and eighty three over three hundred and how much does that? How much is that over your budget? one is like three hundred and ten thousand. That would be like forty percent of our take home. If I would need well over so like thirty one. Eighty right write about our twenty five percent. Okay, The land. The value of the cost of the land is what's driving the ship as well, then correct, I mean it in that's, gotta be paid off. We still owe seventy thousand on it as well, so we got back plus their monitors. How should be looking at wouldn't have a seventy thousand or eighty thousand dollars lot under it. That's right, that's correct! That's the problem! Ok,. How long you had this eight acres, uh, we bought in January this year about a year and what kind of a curve
career on your income on, is it shooting or climbing up I would say I would next five years, Wingate's Nate get decent ten thousand dollars year difference, but nothing drastic. Nothing is going to make this doable in the foreseeable future. Correct. Well, I would do something other than the bad idea. Then, high. You know I you. We can confirm this. It's kind of heartbreaking because I like appeasement, are I like a piece of dirt, my house, it's on twenty acres. I like having little dart around me, hello, buffer, to keep human beings off. I mean I like that. I got a little country boy inside of me and so on. I actually grew up in the suburbs, another country boy, but I got it so my dna anyway and
I I get I mean I, my heart hurts talking to you, because I'm trying to help you figure out a way to do this, but I'm also not going to tell you to do something that put your family in a bind, because it does turn something that wouldn't Make you smile into something that makes you frown there's a blessing and a curse when you do it wrong and so hear anything here that says: go ahead and build on this land that so I think you do sell it. What's the worth, um, got one hundred and five thousand, so you get a little bit of money out of it and how much equity your home? I will making. Currently, ok all right now, how old are you twenty seven and what's your household income, about one hundred and three ok, and what do you do for living? I'm a firefighter? Ok, alright. I think you're probably going to do this deal when you're about forty. I
ok, I think, that's what's going to happen and you're going to be able to do it in cash or largely in cash because of what you do in the next thirteen years right and Doing it too soon it's gonna truncate, your progress is going to cut your progress off, but not doing it now is and and continue to live with. That kind of of financial discipline of wisdom is going to call you by the time you're forty to be able to do almost any I want to do so yeah I had that. I just I wanna give you hope in here that this is not a forever decision. Yeah, it's it! It says it's not doing it's not. It's not biting off more than I can chew and choking on it back, yeah. But then later I get all the steak and lobster I want 'cause. I didn't eat too much to start with. So that's what we're talking about it will come
not live like no one else. So later you can live in, give like no one else, but that's that's the step here. Yeah you! You can afford it you're right, I'm sorry, but it's I'm not sorry, because you're gonna do it right and you're gonna think you'll be a blessing and that's the deal open phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five you jump in alright Jeremy is in Indiana high German welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show hi there date thanks for your model, sure. How can I help well my new address and I have a bit of a bit of an issue we are in the middle of a custody battle, and I am a pilot. I have the option to upgrade with my company and we're trying to stay in this location and if I hurry up, can get the hours. I need to upgrade and stay in this location right now, but that would require us taking about one thousand dollars out of our seeking fund that you have for lawyers and spending that in rent
going to give you the time that we need people whose car we should call you so how much is it? How much is in your lawyer, sinking, fund and boys that Ruth statement right there yeah, that's, not a good feeling We have a right around ten thousand dollars total, but that includes the emergency fund. One thirty SEP two were actually going to little piece tomorrow and everyone will be jealous. I talk to you today, but uh yeah, so about nine thousand in in cash and what your household income, our household income right now is sixty five, and if I do,
this. Our household income, my my salary, will double so it'll go up to about one hundred and fifteen thousand two hundred and twenty. In what period of time do this uh six weeks? Wow? That's why it's a pressing issue we just kind of it all got sprung on a Saturday morning and you kind of do you. What is your cars worth? I called both work hard you paid off and what are they worth? Oh, I drive a two thousand Honda Civic Dave cards. I don't know one thousand five hundred bucks and her her she's got an impala. Probably three thousand. Do you own anything?
but you can sell nothing weeks. Nothing. We could sell, not nothing to guess all right now to come up with the money in the. I guess. The issue for us is that we have the money in its just. Should you spend it? There is the question yeah, the court and the court. There's no doubt that this is a good expenditure, no doubt, but you know I don't want to make a choice between furthering your career and your and lose a custody battle. Yeah! That's that's the choice. It's on my plate. If I understood your question right whether or not you spend this versus a potential emergency, that's vague out there yeah you go. Do this double your income in six weeks. No doubt no question drop drop a dime on that baby, but I don't want. You turn around then and have zero money, because the lawyer needs some money or you never get to see your kid again. Right. So I don't know what your projections are on that or how? Where discussed the battle,
that's how he did. It is what the timeline on it is, what the legal fee need is you got to assess all of that against this yeah. Is it right now, it's all paid up, um she still working off the retainer and you know Castlewood everything we've. Never so, probably in six weeks, you're not going to need more money, that's correct but you might in five months or ten months. We we, we absolutely well it yeah three months: okay, yeah! I I think you do it you go for, because, when I put your custody battle and in jeopardy, is what we're saying and you're, just starting with less of an emergency fund to start your baby step, two that you're going through with the debt but you're going to double your freaking. On the six weeks. Yeah definitely spend foreground to do every time I got it yep good question. Thank you for joining us this is the Dave Ramsey Show
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