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I Have $1 Million in Student Loan Debt! (Hour 1)

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From the headquarters of Graham G solutions. Broadcasting from the Dave Ramsey Show at all home mortgage has taken the place of the B M. W is the status of choice. Thank you for joining us America. We're here to help you open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two, two five, that's triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two five,
Kelsey starts off this hour in Ohio, high Kelsey. Welcome to the Dave, Ramsey show Hi Dave thanks. So much, I'm really forward your counsel, I'm honored. How can I help ok, so I think I'm on. I want to give you some background. I'm twenty six years old, I have no debt. Have an annual income of about forty eight to fifty thousand dollars. Very limited expenses. I'm unmarried, I have no kids, I don't have any on the horizon either, but you know that could change, and even within the next year, who knows I for me, it's a significant amount of savings, I had one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Just currently, Savings account, which I know is a terrible idea. I am planning to keep roughly twenty thousand of that as my emergency fund, I'm plan I was thinking about keeping about sixty thousand dollars as just a creep
paid one hundred percent down payment for a house. If and when I need it and and I also have eleven thousand dollars in a Roth retirement account, but my quest is how should I treat the remaining at forty finish. My and whatever else I can say is for each paycheck. I mean I've got a couple of options that I was considering sure what really the best way to approach this or this important this word one hundred and ten thousand come from hundred and three thousand is I've saved it wow and twenty six yeah rocks trees, very cool good for hundred percent dead, three hundred thirty thousand in savings we're going to set aside twenty four emergency, the other one hundred and ten, why would you not by one hundred and ten thousand dollars house when you get ready? Well, I'm it's not something that I need.
Even if I were to get married and have a family, I don't think I would need anything more than a small little house to begin with and I would feel uncomfortable having. One hundred percent of my office tide up in one property. Ok, nothing in the world. I wouldn't feel uncomfortable because you're, twenty six, an you're, an incredible For so it's not like you're, never going to have any money again for and the hundred thousand dollars home is a legitimate investment is going up in value. An speaking I don't know where you are in Ohio, but generally speaking a hundred our home is more than double nicer than a sixty thousand dollars home yeah. I think yeah, I mean it is more than double it's not even all the money, but it's more. Much so are, and go up in value commensurate with that so forth. So that's probably where I would lean, but only when you're ready to buy and you're not ready to buy today. So
right. You could park other than your point out in our emergency funding park it wherever you want. You can leave it on the savings account. If you think you're going to buy some in the next five years? That's probably what I would do if want to put some of it into a mutual fund you could I would just use something like a no load sp for short term park like this arm. If you put fifty one hundred and ten and then left sixty in savings and twenty over in your emergency fund that be okay, You got something else you want to do with it. That's fine, no problem either way, but sure doing really well you're going to be fine. I think you can you good instincts, and I would completely He tells you to trust your instincts. You could you got good ones mean that the thought process is in critical thinking, skills that you have brought you to. Where you are, I don't think they are. To steer you wrong, so you're, fine, and if you want to,
more diversified. I completely get that hey thanks for joining us, open phones at eighty, eight million eight hundred and eighty two thousand five hundred and fifty two twenty five Kenisha is with us in California hi co? How are you. Hi Dave. How are you know then I deserve what's up well. I am calling my question is my husband. I just started our baby step number two, this month. And prior to learning about you, I literally learned about you last month, and we started this month so see that we were in the process of purchasing a new primary residence, and primary residence that we're looking into is significantly more expensive than our current home, and we also have on another home um who my step son lives, and so it's just kind of a rental property for us. So my question
whether or not we should actually move forward with purchasing this new process? Thank you. The guy and the others. Get out of debt, I would not, if you unless you're contractually obligated. I would tell you to break the contract. I have you signed the contract, no It's actually uhm. It's actually something that I know personally. So it's just been. We have put things in writing, but the purchases actually not too kind of move forward until January, okay, the this is someone you know partially we're just trying to treat other people like would want be treated here. Are you breaking your word and going to leave them harmed? No Actually, this did the seller actually owns countless property This happened just happens to be one that they're just like hey, I think I'll sell it, but if I don't I'm ok with that, so it literally was just kind of a random conversation that we had good. Let it go so yeah. Ok, let it go you go
You got debt coming out your ears. Learning to get control. The last thing you need to move up in house in a bigger house payment. Right now I mean it be so much more satisfying and wise to do this after Add your financial act together right, and that's what I mean, I want the house to be a blessing right now. It kind of feels like it's on a wing prayer and a hook and all this and you know, kind of scary without even getting into your numbers is what it feels like. Am I wrong it? Would it would be. Basically we go you know one thousand nine hundred dollar mortgage to anywhere between thirty four to three thousand eight hundred dollars and what your, a month and take home My husband and I is about anywhere between ten to eleven thousand, now thousand four hundred pretty rich out, probably already figured out. We tell people not to take on more than more than twenty five percent of their. Take home pay on a fifteen year. Fixed rate
would violate that plus you're in other than that you're working, your baby step two. So I think there's a lot of houses out there and I think, there's the one that'll be a bigger blessing to you than this one will, because it's just in the right time in the right order, without getting yourself stretched- and I wouldn't do that deal especially since we're not obligated into it- hey thanks. Call open phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five you jump in will talk about your life and your money. Is with us and we'll come back to her after this break. One of these days, I'm under o'clock, I've only been to talk radio thirty years, you would think Jumpin will talk to you about your life and your money. The phone number is eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five,
I'm Dave Ramsey your host, over the years I've seen so many families suffer by not having life insurance. It's not that they didn't care, it's just that they didn't know. So they did nothing. That's a huge mistake, listen how
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so I had a question for you. I just recently graduated from residency to become a orthodontist. And I have student loans that total just over one dollar billion. Your kid no sir, what were you thinking, well. I wasn't. Thinking clearly You know I've sat down at calculated my insurance rates and my interest about The eight hundred dollars a month, so my fiance and art were trying to decide. What's the best way to try to attack this if we were uh this We are able to pay ten thousand dollars a month
I guess I basically two ways that we thought of it. I can do income based and my. Wired payment will be about three thousand dollars, and then we can take the remaining seven thousand and pay it directly. Individual loans, or should we cover the interest and ok additional monies towards so. What is your income going? When are you getting read uh April, what will you be making as an orthodontist about two hundred and fifty ok and what will sheet? What does she do? What should be making are: we actually just opened up an office and she works in all so she's, not Taking me and come out of the office, so if you make two hundred and fifty-
the knowledge of. Why are you only putting one hundred and twenty thousand on your death. Well, I mean the two hundred and fifty I calculated do not hang up we're gonna put as much as we possibly can. On the debt. Yes, I ending. You know. Income goes up, we're hoping to be able. Payments of twenty or thirty or forty thousand a month, I mean that's what we're what we're one on one of them. Yours, copper, creek. Without a paddle, yeah, okay, I I think the thing you have to yeah. Yes, I I would it the income based option. Does not do away with interest and so interest is going to be accruing greater than you're putting in ok,
don't you're not making any mathematical progress by doing the the three and seven idea. But we'll make a motional progress, because your billing knock off some of the smaller ones right right, knows you're going to need some emotional progress in this process, so I'm and then the only other commentary I would just add, is that the such an extreme situation. Your income is extreme and your debt is extreme that you have to be very, very careful to just like you're a broke college student because you are a broke orthodontist right and That means you guys are going on vacations they're, not buying a house you're, not leasing, a new Bmw you're, not going
restaurant. You are you a million, I came say it. My camper a million dollars in It gives me an anxiety attack and it's not even my debt, but the the the horrible news is that ridiculous figure, the wonderful news is, you have a great income potential and a great income right now, so you can not relax. Right right, so you have cut as deeply as you can cut right and so be dialing your tax then I don't want you to get behind on taxes but other than taxes and food and water and electricity I really want everything else. Just going on student loan is a two fifty sales in your new office. You know, like I said I just graduated this year, so I work part
uh for another orthodontist to have a steady income and the office that my fiance and I work in. We just opened two months ago written on it and increasing on that right. But I'm yes, I'm I'm! The the two hundred fifty thousand much of that from the new office and how much is from the old that the orthodontist gig two hundred of that is from the working at another orthodontist, where I still work three days and then I work at my office three days a week. So I work six days a week right now. Ok, that's good! That's good! So we turn that fifty under two hundred and fifty yeah yeah overtime as you build your clientele and Okay and american hearing benefit known to me. You know I don't mention before knowing okay, not because you have a set entry. Right and a set amount of principle. You have to pay, but you have to pay in
so it's not paying one and paying more on. The other is just hiding the p under different shell, the only but the only benefit of doing the income based is because your interest is probably close to five thousand a month. Now, five thousand eight hundred. Oh, it is that's the actual interest, okay and so yeah. So let's pretend that you paid the income based at three thousand, so somewhere, another two thousand Eight hundred is landing on the books as increased balance right right, and then you're reducing other balances by seven Prince land interest on the smaller ones, and so they were just moving the p around under a different shell, but it will give you the benefit of getting to check off. Some of the smaller ones. What is your smallest one.
I mean I have a consolidation of science in hundreds, but most of the small I have that the half a dozen small ones that are forty five one hundred or less yeah, so you're going to knock those out like one month to month, that kind of thing and a little while and then we're going get down to the big. The big mama JAMA, the eight hundred, and it's going to slow way down in terms of the emotional benefit, and it will be simple: the calculation but you're going crew, five thousand eight hundred dollars worth of interest somewhere and you are going to reduce principle by four thousand two hundred some in total by using thousand dollars. So it does. Matter. The only benefit is just to check those little I like just like, like I like cleaning up the little ones, get stop the corner, get rid of the mosquitoes and then we'll get down to the bear hunt. Doesn't he go from Mister, goes to bears pretty quick here.
So that's what overwhelming, but the Good NEWS is. You've got a great shovel, and you a great bright future with your income potential and you know that gets you out of this. It's not a reason to get into it, but it does get you out of it. It gives you hope for your future.
Thank you for the call open phones that eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five. So if you're worried about your twelve thousand dollars in student loan debt, that guy was for you today, one million dollars in student loan debt insured by you, and I were the taxpayers. We ensured that loan against default. I think, he's going to make it. I hope he makes it. I want him to win. But on a cultural level on a policy level. The fact that we have a system in place that would even allow that to occur. The has put in place a system that allows that to occur. For you and I to guarantee his student loans is is asinine as anything I've ever heard the,
the Dave Ramsey show He arranges illusions on the data breach the a million just ignore with this hey guys. How are you fantastic great Dave. How are you better than I deserve? Welcome? Where do you guys live? Minnesota just outside of Minneapolis all the way to Nashville to do that for each grade. Welcome good to have you thanks,
much of it paid off the fifty one four hundred and eighty one dollars and sixty nine cents cool and your range of income during that time, exactly then come on eighty eight thousand, two hundred thousand. Ok, how the tech come exactly sixteen months. Sixteen months to the dam, okay, fifty one thousand dollars worth of what kind of debt. What did we have? Uh had two student loans. We had a car loan, a credit card just have to have the mile an and a little bit of consumer debt, cool good, ok, so you're kind of normal. You very very very how long you guys been married a little over four years. Ok, so a couple years after being, something happened. Let this fuse to sixteen months later boom. What happened? Well, it go for in that back in college. I listened a lot of talk radio and I I heard your show and then doing good no? No, I don't mind if me and my ninety year Old was done, thought I knew more than I do so so I
and I had new. I knew about you in college and then fast forward. We got a few as a wedding gift. We were still stubborn and collected dust on the shelf for about three so it does that sometimes yeah the next step for us was to get a house. You always wanted one, and so I went open house about three years ago and I remember distinctly because it's such a hot real estate market, I think, are most often the table remembers distinctly walking through the house and just getting like a really bad feeling of fear and of pressure and and DOW and all that stuff. So I really, I just thought: okay we're making the biggest financial decision of our life and have a minimal down payment. We just got a pre approved for a loan a week prior, and so I think feeling I really aren't impulsive buyers or anything like that's without okay, we're walking through we're going through the motions thinking, that's what you're supposed to do, but just realized there has to be a better way than this, and just that feeling that we had it could have been good and we just kind of took us to come.
Steps back and dusted off after you from under a bed and thought I think it's time. Okay, so you join a class, you are. We are we watch the Dvds okay at the home study for yep, yep, okay and you go through. It- show the house the what the potential wait right over buying a house in a situation when you're broke scared, you're straight yeah, absolutely yeah, okay and you get the box out. You start going to the David Asian when you're both said they're. Looking at a much the first reaction, I mean the first thing that happened, that you were saying wow. I really think it just there's so many people who are just normal have so much to and have a car payment, a house payment and every everything payment we just thought there has to be. This can't just be all like there has to be a better way. There has to be a much more sound way that we can go through this and we're thinking about starting a family a couple years and things like that without okay, before not financially sound
we don't have a confidence if we don't feel good and what we're doing then that's going to no doubt carry on to our children. So we thought we need to put the brakes on now. We need to figure out where that better way is in that solves the three you and your team, yeah and and nephew really give us that the confidence to see a clear path, and now we can achieve those goals, so you pay offs fifty one thousand hours of sixteen months. What's the secret to getting out of that. Well, really, it's the it's the budgets, the written stuff, it's that that stuff is obvious and all the financial, the tangible stuff that you and your team teach, but the biggest thing for me is just been intentionality like the power of that. Is it's actually incredible it? Yes, you teach finances, but that's such a small part of it. It's all! That's the behavioral stuff! It's the immaterial things that we learned. I mean our our marriages ground, our marriage, a strong without it's, it's grown stronger than ever and just depreciation
patients. A lot of all that I mean that that's cascade in a couple things for us. The first thing as Billy is lost over forty pounds. So far he yeah he is. He still has a little bit to go. We want to, but I mean just to the to watch, a transmission for him to win, and it's honestly all because we've got the financial discipline and now we've got all the other discipline. The second thing to do is just one always begets discipline. Yes, exactly yep yep on the second other big thing was your team with Christy Right and the business boutique has been a huge. It's been awesome like what we listen everyday
since since, since we decided to get out of debt and we've actually three weeks ago, we just started our own business. It's a home bakery out of our place and thank you yup. So your husband was in what used yeah yeah really does the display think it yeah? So just the just the stuff that your team is taught us. I mean it's just there's been some pretty amazing. Finances is just the tip of the iceberg from what you guys have done. Our owners were honored to walk with you, your rockstar, very, very cool. He rose well done. Heroes. Well done very well done. You know it's interesting. The number of times we hear the story that someone lost weight or the marriage was impacted. The discipline begets discipline was a start, but I think I think, there's something about like having some wins. Yes, like you get chart itself comp, I think the more self confident
are the easier it is to have discipline. Yes, sometimes a lack of discipline is, I don't believe I can do it and that's a lack of confidence and really what it is yeah. But once you had some winds, you got what I can do that over there then too, and I can do that over there then too, and I can have that over there and not to start a business and their marriage is gonna, be better and I can lose weight in, and the way I paid fifty one thousand dollars cookie monster by the way to go. You guys, very cool so outside of that you who were your biggest cheerleaders. I would defeat our parents and we we sold a few close friends and family, but there are definite biggest your there's, I think, we're both of our parents who gave you after you do remember. It was a cousin of what his wife of mine yet to Chris and Gina. Okay with that, because I know Did this yeah? Ok, good good? Well, they should know exactly it's all their fault yeah. They should know they select the perfect Christmas or wedding gift or whatever yeah exactly went to a couple of weddings. This weekend, I'm thinking yeah. We need this stuff. I can't give fpu they'll be a little tacky, but I just really want to
yeah Dave really likes himself, he gives us his own stuff yeah, but yeah very cool. You guys very famous funny. You say that 'cause we actually part of our wedding gifts. Now we give total money makeover. We just write a note on the first page and just kind of say how it's impacted. Our marriage has made a lot better and kind of a good gift for newlyweds to start their journey. So hopefully it won't click too much dust, yeah, good, good job. You guys very, very good, very proud of you. We've got a copy of this book for you every day, millionaires because that's the next chapter when this bakery goes big here we go man there we go and yeah you're gonna be outrageously, generous and very wealthy. Congratulations. I see something real quick to make sure. Yet so The first day we starting out at that I wrote this honor Fred just sounds really silly, but it's it's just made such an impact on us. You,
Euro are you said I'm getting out of debt as an intellectual exercise, it's an emotional event, and so, if anyone asks us like how this process is gone for us, how we explain that to sentences, that's what we say, because it's just so I'm going to Sheboygan stuff a year on. Your team has taught like fight like finances. Yes, that was just numbers at the end. They, like you, couldn't do that together and just like the importance of spousal support too. It's just how many colours collins. You can get my wife on board. I can't get my husband on board. I mean the way he had dealt with that he sent me that he was just absolutely brilliant, and so, if I give anybody advice and when I was listening, struggling anything like that like it's also support, is everything and just know that finances is only the beginning, because what can come after that? It's pretty pretty amazing! So thank you. Well done you guys good. Alright, they did it. I'm proud of him. You are to Billy and Jessica Minneapolis area. Fifty one one thousand dollars paid off in sixteen months, making eighty eight thousand two hundred counted down, let Sarah
three screen there any day, three, two one! This is business lost forty pounds and had their marriage impacted, oh and by the way paid off fifty one thousand dollars and see what people can do when they believe they can. The old quote is correct: if you think you can or you think you can't, you are correct, that's the deal now. Is it harder in some situations, yeah there's some people have some stuff stacked against him that others, don't you bet in spite of that, you can win. In spite of that, you can do this stuff
it's always, in spite of it, you know what is, and you really ought to get in spite of your debt, like I'm, in spite of my dead time to get out people, they did it I did it. I it go Billy and Jessica. This is Ramsey show
Cara is with us in South Carolina. I care a welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show, hey Dave, thanks for taking my call sure action. So my four oh one, K plan right now, my job. Thank you all for a match. Two hundred percent match up to four. Percent, so I know you recommend yeah, I we recommend doing fifteen percent. So is it okay for me to factor in their contribution, as that fifteen percent now. Now I want you, I want you to put in fifteen percent of your money. Okay, And this two hundred percent should be gravy on the biscuit
I mean that's amazing, that's wonderful! I've got a Roth Ir Ar Roth 401K option um now with twenty fifty five I don't know what to twenty. Fifty five is it's a target retirement two thousand and fifty five fund, ok, but all I know about it. I don't I don't know what that is it there's a lot of stuff, they didn't know and that's one of the things that they would call yeah. I know I would put. I would be, do you have control of the mutual funds in it that you pick I not sure I haven't looked that far into it? Ok, yeah, you know learn about that, and I don't know what the other thing is. But if this is a Roth, if there's a Roth option to the four, oh, okay or to the two. Oh five, five take it now matching portion will not be Roth and that's fine, no problem I'll definitely take the two hundred percent. But wow that's awesome. Now you
need to have the exercise of putting fifteen percent of your income in retirement, maybe step four five, his kids college six is pay off the house as soon as you can once it's paid off, then seven edge, you just you know, and all your investments, and you increase your generosity, and so it just goes. It goes zoom zoom, then so very cool very well done our question that comes from blinds dot com. They have a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee even means. Even if you miss measure or you picked the wrong color, they remake window blinds for free, you get free samples for these guys, free shipping, new pro so they run all the time you save money, use the promo code, ramseyblinds dot, com, Western North Carolina from twenty seven debt free looking to purchase my first house within the next six to eight
Eighteen months. This year we have until April two thousand and twenty to contribute. Six thousand dollars to our Roth Ir Ai should I contribute six thousand dollars for the twenty nineteen tax year or save it and use it towards my down payment either ones. Ok,. The ones. Okay, what we call we need to have an emergency fund in place of three six months of expenses plus your down payment, and then that puts you at baby step three and now then we're moving once once you have. Your emergency fund in place You are putting fifteen percent of your income away into retirement, or sometimes people push pause right there and we call a baby step three. Where they just save up for their house, which means that you could put my towards retirement- or you can put it all in the House- find either one your long enough that I Twenty seven, the I probably going to lean towards the house 'cause. I want get that house paid off
and you've got plenty of time to dump money into retirement funds, but you do want to get with it and the Good NEWS is you're, smart enough at twenty seven to actually be asking this. So the answer is either. One is fine by what we teach Courtney is in. Zona hi Courtney welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show, hey. How are you better than deserve? What's up with you, honey, I'm so I am twenty four I'm I start a new job so making somewhere between fifty six thousand fifty eight thousand right now and it's probationary everywhere. In January, I'm gonna be bumping up to sixty nine thousand, which exceeds what I need. I have seventeen thousand I think that on my car, which are my current payment plan should be paid off in about a year and a half and my question for you is with this extra income. I feel like there's a lot of things I can do for myself to set myself up in the future, and I'm not sure if I should try to pay off my car faster, should I
getting into a Roth IRA Ray. Should I be investing it somewhere, thinking about, like I'm, going to want to buy one day I don't pay for my kids college education. One day, like all these things that are good for you, it's a good position to be, and I just thought your doing really well way to go courtney- twenty four! I'll get right back into thousand dollars a year. That's pretty impressive! What do you do for living now? I work in occupational safety. Ok. Maybe I should industry in my. Oh, my god actually listens to your program a lot. So I'm sure that this is ridiculous, because that's what we do is we have had people come. With all this all these choices for years and what we That was all of those choices are actually good choices they become other choices when you attack them in the right order, ok and We came up with an order years ago and now about five or ten million people have used this process. We call it the baby steps, I'm going to send you a copy of the book, the total money makeover which will outline these babies.
For you, but the first goal you have is you need to have a thousand dollar save? Do you have any money in savings? That's not retirement! Yes, how much your honor okay at seven thousand, seven thousand dollars! Okay! So then, maybe step two is to become debt free other than your home. You don't own a home so right now it would be to become debt free. Do you have any debt other than your seventeen thousand our car? Now, okay, then, what we teach you to do is be on a written budget in great detail and with great focus we're going to an with great intensity, we're going to attack this car with every dollar we can squeeze out of your life eighteen months to pay this car off is ridiculous. You should pay it off in six months. Ok, because I'm also going to take six thousand of your seven thousand and throw it at it today, because maybe step One is only one thousand dollars in savings. Everything goes on the debt. So now we got eleven thousand dollars two
an hours a month and you are done in six months, three thousand dollars a month and you are done in four months and you almost can do that with your new money coming in now, you don't have a house dot, don't have a car payment anymore, the next step. As soon as that's done, is you raise that one thousand dollar account up? This is baby step three to a fully funded emergency fund of three to six months of expenses. In your house. That's ten to fifteen thousand dollars, okay somewhere in there, and you don't touch that fund for anything. That's not a go on vacation. I want to go on a road trip. I want to buy a couch, it is not for any of that. It is only for if you lost your job or the transmission went out in your car, big emergencies. Ok beyond that, if you want to start saving for a house is when you would do that, and you would start baby step four, which is to start putting fifteen percent of your income
into retirement plans for a one k at your job for a Roth IRA on your own or Roth four. Oh one k if your job, especially if they've got a match at that point, up until then, you're not doing any investing, so we're going, get out of debt, have the emergency fund and then work on the down payment for a house and start investing baby step five as kids college. You don't have kids yet so, but you did mention that someday you'd like to do that and baby step. Six just pay off the house that you buy someday as quickly as you can. So you get that house paid off. Then it takes you to baby step, seven, which there's nothing left to do at that point, but become very, very wealthy and give a bunch of it away so hold on Kelly I'll pick up we're going to send you a copy of the book. The total money makeover and help.
Get this done way to go great job very proud of you. Alright, open phones, this hour, eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five. If you aren't strapped with student loan payments odds, are you know someone who is? We launched a brand new podcast called borrowed future? There are eight episodes episode six drops today featuring interviews from. Insiders thought leaders whistle blowers. Mark Cuban Seth Gordon said frontman. And, of course, me- and we dive into the student loan forgiveness program, which is of course another and another epic failure and you can learn all of this. The podcast is called borrowed future and is already got over five thousand reviews discuss I had no idea what the student loan crisis was. This bad and it shocking to hear how the government is such a big player crisis. You have a child
listen to this podcast. It could save you and your child's future, so apple pie Spotify Google play anywhere podcasts. Are it's called borrowed future? want to hear this is a new endeavor for the Ramsey networks. We've not usually this type of interview type He merry version podcast and it is very good lights out. We've already had hundreds of thousands of downloads so be sure and check it out. That puts a sour of the Dave Ramsey Show in the box
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