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I Have a Family With 4 Kids on a $35,000 Income...Should I File Bankruptcy? (Hour 3)

2019-12-16 | 🔗

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From the headquarters of railway solution broadcasting with all the car rental studios debts that day, Ramsay work that is done. Patients and pay off old mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw status of the shop. They rams your host. Thank you for joining us, open volumes of Tripoli, ache to five five, two to five: that's triple eight to five five, two to five stars. Of this. Our is going to be a in our. I Alyssum welcomed that I've Ramsay
Having Monday every Monday to you, how can I help? We just started my husband and active during military. We were actually just at Fort Campbell a few months ago in Tennessee and Hour in Oklahoma, but we just started third the snow by started it the next paycheck clowning November, first to em home with my kids are sleeping right now, but I got a minute, but why just ordered the book that total make over. I dont know if this question will be Has it been, thereby I we live on. As we move off. Then we haven't done anything about it. How are things that, in the future, by thinking ahead no kind of what your input would be with saving for also how to go about that when acting beauty. Thank you for your service proceedings we work with military all over the world and have for decades. What we find is this mode
of the time. It is not good for you to buy a home if you're still in the point of your career, where you're being moved a lot and the reason is yours. What happens if you buy a home in some areas where there is a base? The base is the poor Mary driver of the economy and a smaller towns which there's always a bunch of homes on the market, because always moving the asian gals out right. Consequently, it is hard to get good appreciation in value almost houses. Always a bunch of houses, sound people in this house right. So what up happening as it has done so, and you end up with a rental property stuck everywhere. You bought a house every, but we got transferred its agenda, but a little but he's dotted all over the United States, not a good land, because you became a landlord by default. I wouldn't do
The only time I would I is, if you know, you're going to be near the point, your career of the type of job in the military, where they're not gonna, move you for a while five years or more than I would probably by ok, we're. If you're gonna move every two years, most of the time, you're not gonna want to the exception would be, if your a major market and The major market is, the value of the homes, are going up so fast and selling so easy, that, even if you did move every two years, you can make money and get the household were, but that's the only time comes our rising migration, I dont want to buy a house until he retired but she'll be about ten years. All commercial halfway through forget it. I thought it might awarded a funny, but my I need my question really is kind of how to save or what to do
then I know I don't want to buy until about ten years, honestly till he retires and we'd love to stay in Tunisia. The way I loved it, they're back, I'm that's gonna make em like. What's my game plan, What would you do? You know what a mutual fun I would have a mutual find. That was nickname my house model, and I would you I can hardly were saving up to pay cash for house, because you are her back What are they doing? Browsing and setting up an outcast pepper? Aren't that was perfect, you'll get will get. What you want Mr Prodi chopping you with your investments for kids college in that kind of thing, the yeah I'll. Go that way, but that makes a lot of sense and you'll be to go with you that ten years, probably in ten years in shape up enough to pay for it. Unless you move in Lhasa, Birch bench of area or something I thanks for the call again thank you for your service is in Ohio, hey had unwelcome Ramsay show paid their value.
Better than I deserve. What's up so I'll? Try me click for your case. My wife and I have four children. She has a stay at home, mom I make about thirty, two to thirty five thousand a year, together we have about a hundred thousand in get. We are kind of new today than anything Sawyer. China, you got the money, the app and all that we are going through is most of the debt is mine. I have about eighty thousand of the debt with thirty another being student loans already of your lady, a student love, yes, ok, on the other, fifty I co signed car out Ici, that's twenty thousand of card out repose and might have some stuff. First. That wasn't coloured by staying alone, symmetrical thinks and just kind of, like all small things, that I have no credit cards whatsoever
there's another small things out up to thirty thousand dollars will always be the cars twenty another. I owe another I'll college. Forty thousand and then- and I should like to refer medical bills- that I'm up to ten thousand and then another five? then, is to another school, so hooker and what should agree. I did the finnish due to having kids. So I want back, but now I want to be able to like pay for it. Instead, I take more strewn around ok. What were you study, biology and I am about a year away like if I went back now and they have to do longer just because of the time frame, but. I had about a year life to get my biology degree. I got your salary, I'm twenty seven hooker and what's the other twenty thousand, your wife,
I'm she has about. Oh she asked in a student long after they got to finish your degree, Two thousand and eight are medical, ok and your questions. What we know that it's a big, no, no one! You sign, I kind of like. I know the answer, but I was debating if I should file bankruptcy the massive amount of my wound and then the fact I make thirty to thirty five thousand, because one of these debts that I owe attempting garnish minute and it'll take twenty five percent of my cheek homepage, which would be a lot for my family, whose attempting origin One of the universities that I am talking about. Fourteen thousand here I'll tell you what.
Well, it's not a big, no, no in the sense of like a manager. Something is just a matter of what does it do any good, number one and then we're too, I always put bankruptcy and divorce abortion. The same bucket. You try. Everything you can try to keep from doing it anything you can do to avoid it. We avoided and then sometimes good people face, that I went through a bank you know, I am not proud of that, and I wouldn't recommend it. I've got a framework to advise you not proud of that body when recommended, but I did in my life, the other side of it, but it's it's a life altering occurrence, answer, but we want to look at it and analyze and say what is anything we can do to avoid it? You got a problem, Mesh air. For sure no question about the can when they threw the brake unless break it down low better and those are the commercials actually think I'll be right. Back with this,
is that I rams Asia
Tell you a story about two families that are very much alike and a lot of ways both families have to working parents in a couple of young gives, each as dead in a struggle to make ends meet but they're, starting to make headway with their budgets and smarter decisions with money. They have dreams and plans and the only real differences that one family as the right amount of term life insurance and the other doesn't big difference. If one of the parents die- and that does happen, their well being would be destroyed. That's why, every day I talk relentlessly about getting term life insurance go to sandy or not com, or call eight hundred three five. Six. Forty to eighty two Roger with Adams and Ohio. Thirty, two thousand dollar income for kids, a hundred and we two thousand more than that
can student loans on him. Twenty on his wife, that's fifty of the one hundred and twenty twenty Enrico fourteen at a college, that's coming after them, or the garnish Montanans, medical, father and mother school alone, and so on to another medical lots of stuff piling up and not much income and I've been a while. Didn't beat up ordinary wondering if he needs to file bankruptcies. Jennifer summary what you told me so far, Sir yeah, it is it's a high. Kay Total do not want to. I had that I am not happy with it, one of our most around and around mocha are well the Oh yeah, you should eighty wishers s right. I did London yet react mocha either way
its overwhelming alive. What here and the garnish my coming at his watch prompting this so here's the thing if you file bankruptcy, you're still gonna have the fifty thousand years to learn that yes, vibes. The bankruptcy so were found bankruptcy about sixty thousand dollars in a guess where the garnish meant and arm you probably there's, which called a means test when you go into file bankruptcy and if you make too much money. Ah, your income indicate you can pay your debts than they put you into a trap for thirteen, which is a payment plan, not a chapter seven. I think you will pass that means task looking at this and you probably will qualify for a chapter. Seven, which would wipe everything else off except those do student loans. So that's what bankruptcy would do.
Are you an obviously that would be a relief? The thing I always want to look at and I won't make sure you're looking at and help you with is two things. When I found bankruptcy, the attorney was a carrot. But he did say a couple of things that were wise. One of them he said, make sure you protect your marriage, because financial stress will destroy your marriage and that no kitten we're but kill each other that mom, hey. I guess she saw the black azure and give me I don't know, but second thing here: was bankruptcy- does not create an income and you ve had is. A long. Career along in time where you been stuck on your career, your career socks, getting better what I'm say here and harm
bankruptcy is not going to solve that yours. You're gonna be showing their with fifty thousand dollars in that for kids at thirty two thousand dollars a year, you're still slightly above the poverty level. At that point re, so it's not. It's still gonna be a mass. So. My group sees not really it's gonna help, but it's not going to solve everything. So verses, like as an example the Stupid College may force you into it, because you may have to do it to protect your income to feed your kid, you can't lose twenty five percent of thirty two thousand dollars to a enlargement. Yeah or Geigy, bringing home like six. Fifty nine, our UK, you can't read your family. Keep you light shone, so they may for she ran to it. If they do that, you you may mathematically not be left with any options. I hope that is not the case, but
saw her overall problem when we solve your overall problem is when we shall have your career problem. Even income problem agreed. Yeah. The sad thing is is sure my area actually do pretty far off. No you're, not only other jobs, lawyer socks, and I don't get it all. I mean you're starving to death. Man, it's not that you're, a bad person or you don't work hardness, not what I'm saying The euro? When money I mean if you live in an area where thirty, two thousand as a high income, it's time to move on love to Ohio, the ILO place. It's gonna get me more money than that right now. Factories are joining fishing Why degree or starting delete Ohio as a lot of successful business people too little higher has as contractors that make money so little higher Isn T people that make money
though? A high or people who design websites? Toledo, Ohio, is not depressed market, where the average income is thirty, two thousand dollars. That's just not true man, you're stuck right now in your you, ve had the crab eight out of you, so I'm being your coach at half time when you're behind and I'm saying you got more n, you than you realize and am proud to say, let's go play. Second, half better. I think we ve got a know. We ve got to work on your income, regardless of if you file bankruptcy or not, you ve got a double your income in the next three or four years and is not necessarily going back to school. It's just a better choice, aware you workin and what you're doing because, but you ve been doing this for like five, you right, yeah, let's not get any better, so that that's what I would tell you. I hope you can avoid the bankruptcy this here's. The thing luscious pretend for a second wishes dream for a second.
Then you can start making sixty thousand, and you could pick up a sad hustle and you I picked up aside hustle and made another ten, then its twenty two. This now we're at eighty people do this coming all the time he heard Bernadette Freak grapes. I don't know if you're cut, ass, her blowin leaves I don't love you making websites, I don't ever she'd come here. I don't know what we're doing luscious pretend I'm just pretend that was possible because it is, if you did all of that, I thought you guys are so used to living on nothing for five years you been living on nothing if I had fifty thousand dollars a year coming in extra above what you got coming in now. I can solve this entire thing in under two years and you're not bankrupt using by so many big per hundred percent. Bills and you can, but are you you could settle these old medical bales example, the other all school that you probably shell, is fourteen thousand for fifty cents on the dollar.
We voted on the dollar vehicle cashed. It though, item, if you offered him three four thousand bucks, though they probably take it, but you don't have her four thousand locks getting here. Show any probably don't have anything you can sell. Could you guys have been living in the mouth and again not shaming you and are your bad guy at all. You know here that ok I'm saying you got more potential, then you ve been getting out of this and the math is not gonna get easier until we get the income side of this equation up? So that's where we want to help you if we can in future, more income coming in you can set you probably Repo for ease lay twenty cents on the dollar shall forward we'll settle that showers, Medical's for probably twenty cents on the dollar five years old, So these couple school lunch and I the student loans themselves out like them, but also this hundreds thou starts turning into about fifty or sixty or eighty thousand bucks
Battlements would with lump sums, and now you got some cash to throw at it, because we changed your income, but changing it. Come is the part of the math equation. We have to have to do to make the possibility. So that's what I'm hopeful for for you and I can Coleman is our career guy here arranging a motion- you a copy, his book, the proximity principle, and I want you and your wife to put the kids to better to bed early tonight, turn off everything in the House get little CUP a hot chocolate and sit and dream in like you used to when you were seventeen or eighteen of what you want to be when you grow up the seventy thousand dollars a year or a hundred and seventy thousand larger. And what are the steps to get there and don't tell me you got it I can get one hundred thousand dollars loan to get a student loan to go to school, to get their you don't so what it? What are the steps to go? Be what you want to be three years from now to years from now making much much more money for you and your family
What's gonna be necessary here for you. If you live this way for the next twenty years, you're gonna struggle you're, going to struggle annulment of forty men shall hold on college gonna pick up we're gonna, give you a copy of Kin coalmines book. The proximity principle Kelly, also throw in a book called start for him out of our library. When the we published a while back start because its eating start fresh, a fresh start thing. It read reboot this thing: reboot this computer called restart women. Peter's, not working. I don't know how to fix it. Cuz I'm horrible with computers, but I know cold restart turn it completely off turn it back on solves a whole lot of problems takes a few minutes. I shall allow the problems. This truth, a lot of things in life amen, call me back if I can help more hope, you're, not forced and others bankruptcy, let's see if we can find our way through it, but dreaming again. This is that I Ramsey
in the lobby of Ramsay solutions, other dead, breeze stage, Richard and Trade, our weathers hey, guys welcome paid if, however, you know better than I deserve, welcome, welcome wordy olive Rochester. New York cool and all the way to Nashville due to a dead free scream. Yes, sir love it how much if you paid off hundred twenty thousand five hundred eighty six dollars and forty four cents acts out of this. Take you forty six months arrived man, good job, good job, and you're range of income. During that time we started around fifty five thousand about a hundred k and were right around ninety rain right when you do for a living, I would
in manufacturing and machine shop and I'm in each hour. Consulting very good kind of debt was the one hundred and twenty one thousand dollars car that credit cards in a whole lot of student loans right, your kind of like normal people super normal. Yes, so what happened, Forty six months ago, four years ago that lets you up well, forty, six months ago we had a child on the way I currently lost my job we're pre planned vacation. We are getting ready to go on and tourists come. Solomon says: there's this day, rooms a guy and yes, so I am going to the same dental office for about twenty something ears. In my dental hygienists mentioned that she was in financial peace University and she actually was accordingly now she said it just changed her entire family, and it be honest, I don't know if there was anything we can do at it think we would be able to. You know come out of the debt, but
hey if she's able to do it, you know I'm pretty sure we could do it do yeah. I gave you little spark, so you checked into a when he got home, the actual the vacation. No, we didn't They take on a vacation. So last one before our daughter was here, so we decided to ask for a continued. Knocked out got home and decide to get after it. Yes, sir, would you when he got home. Where were we home. We ended up in our financial peace University. We attended the nine We class and that's where it began. Ok so start making, you believe it work. Yes, it took about three months working on them. Did now again things together again on the same page, I have never done anything like that before we were just treading water. The whole time didn't really realize it. I think the first two months is the hardest to the whole. Forty six. Yes, getting on the plan, understanding the plan and beginning to work the plan and then to see had mastered yeah, but I mean you
in doing this another way, and you have to stop just and change your whole life. Yes, that's hard absolutely. His heart from painful, it's practically painful, its relational painfully of till we ve. Now, I'm not going to write a whole lot of that, but I mean What you gonna get used to it a year in its like part of the day, all right, it's our first too, she's, gonna of in absolutely it's hell and the one thing that's going. We noticed when we started doing it. Murphy decided to come along quite often, and this allowed us to not only stand our ground battling Murphy in many situations and give us a fighting chance and I saw you about a month- then we got into a car accident of course number one. This is a test. This is a task
Ok, we got in this daughter was just born in March, two thousand and sixteen months later, products at a subtle car total car so there's there's number one and then not you were twenty seventeen, neither one already yeah yeah, thirty days. I Lou cars we are driving used cars permeable around Yalu set new set insurance companies for pleasure. I it's right. Thirty days later she gets totalled, oh and its. Then we take on two October. Twenty seventeen I get total again, so when a span of a year and a half we had for car accidents which are already leaders and day whether condition-
where we are going into major frantic mood to get a new car get a new. How do we get the work and do all this stuff and faithfully we're doing the plan which allowed us to use the insurance money? Put a little more with it, get another used car and kept this go every time ever Any didn't it didn't knock. You completely opposite noxious advice from it not to send out not have unintended absolutely like the further we want Murphy decided thrown other dab. Now, that's amazing! We have you guys bounced back yeah million. So, what's the story on the teacher to dare to be dead free, while we realize that going forward, this was quite counter cultural, everybody we now all our coworkers and that most people are kind of like. What is that? Why are you doing that? You always have that America is the american way and
so we decided to take a stand and say no, I can be different and if we can do it so can you go there to do it dare to tell him all day more like it. Well done. So what advice to someone that, once the dare to be dead free where they need to do Trish. Absolutely I stick with it. Be persistent. Stick to the budget now. You'll have your challenges because that's life but but leave you can do it and make those behavioral changes. I agree and to be delegated to follow the plan stay consisted. You have to believe it. You have to have the vision and change. Your behavior know that its temporary work in through the debt, and that you will get through the end. Now that you have to push on you just have to do it just do it. Well, then, you guys very
They were proud of you who are your biggest cheerleaders outside the two of you, a hum other people that have gone through the financial peace programme, people that have been going through the journey with a state. They ve been great support that these groups are good groups around positive peer pressure for a change. Yes, we actually got reconnected again, not too long ago to get back involved. As we move forward now be steps into three connectivity. When we met first everyday millionaires away as well. There are new financial peace coordinators, Harold and key urbane everyday milling. That's good! That's good inspiration for you, it wasn't it. I've got a copy, slogans book? For you every day, millionaires gives us an ex chapter. Your story, and you you're, young daughter with you. What's your name and age. Yes, anemia Algeria and she's three years old and she got dare to be dead free on absolutely and she's three she's three diary. I love it change things around. Has
family tree change rather bribing absolute like it. You guys are incredible. I'm so proud of your well done Richard encourage Adria from Rochester New York, a hunter. In twenty one thousand dollars paid off and forty six months, making fifty five do a hundred. Count it lets era den enraged, ready, so milestone glory to get what time is it? to be frank, what time is it time? To be frank, words Is it time to be free three, two one where This is how it's done right here. Man, man, that's bad! Absolutely incredible! Very! Very well done you guys
some very important things. They were with them, but wordy six months for years, most poor people and our culture. Can't stay with a television programme. Four minutes most people can stay. A job for months. They did this for food for years. This is how champions or made champions do things over time. People who, when who are successful, are the ones that can look out, have a vision where there is no vision. The people perished when you can look out for years, go through for car, being total go through a baby and bore you can All of this and go through job ups and downs go through
people say in your crazy, when you can stick with it, when you can stick with it, when you can stick with it, that's when you win. If so, we need to take that success. Its rich it's rich. Congratulations! You guys so proud of you that inspire you guys out there. I don't know what does get after a baby. Game
our structural regulation, six, nine and let us not grow weary of doing good for undue season. We will reap a harvest if we do not give up Charles Dickens. No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. Well, if your insurance companies ever bumped up your car insurance rate. For no give reason. You know how you feel I get mad meanest cod. Driving along, so to speak in your rate goes up. Didn't do anything wrong. I didn't get a ticket didn't get accident, nothing! Well! You know and if that hasn't happened, union to shop, your dad blame car insurance, you will be amazed, go to endorse
go providers are Ethiopia's. These guys are great. They fight for you there in and an insurance brokers, and they will shop around and save you money most people there. Work with our LP save around seven hundred dollars on their corn, homeowners insurance, again shopping, a multiple companies are getting the best, the other not captive to own, one company, and they ever freedom to shop, literally hundreds of companies. There also fair they're trying to get you the best deal for the best rate, and that's that, They write your diagrams you'd outcomes, Life II, Lp Click on insurance and get started day. Ramsay dot com Slash Li L P for ensure Corner is with us in Ohio, icon or Connor but the diver amnesia. How do things well sure? What's up I'm eighteen years old
I work a full time. Job ed around my family. You have to decide between insurance planned on the company. I work for the assurances and great between the two. Could there be He has his garbage to be completely honest, but the age you say it's the two major say: no plan that I found on the market place. And all was, is that I just wondered if it's worth it because the ages saved costly to honour ninety prolong before any contribution, whereas the H Mo piled caused me to honour ninety five per month, and that includes vision in battle. It has a tall fifty deductible made cover eighty twenty car insurance entirely to max out of pocket of fifty nine hundred bucks,
My plan also includes Loco pays for doktor. Did it specialists urgent care? What is one of the guidelines? Other did not want so forth on your agenda. They just say it. Therefore thousand dollar duck the bull and then its percent covered by the insurance arm. So it's So what are you? What are you making? What can I come in writing I make about forty five and not much money, Evan Savings and savings to about six grand and how healthy are you. I have some help issues regarding the doktor fairly often I'm not incredibly unhealthy, but based on my health needs, I mean I tried short term insurance in other things that people
and I was right in and nothing that headaches with them now the dogma of the doctors visits that you would normally make would be covered under this atrium. Oh yeah be fifteen dollars. Each time I went first is hang our popular contagious each time an exact. Are you a doctor? Usually once a month they ate your most gonna? Be better, don't you think? I think so because the ages say it's more per month without the contribution a man I just wondered if it was worth it to get that pre tax money than now I'm not worried about that. I'm gonna get your health covered the most efficiently and you found a really good deal on HTML Do you have an amazing job, analyzing this eighteen years old, yeah just eager to discuss here You laid this out. I mean you lay this out like somebody
years older than you mean you really. You got your crap together how'd. You learn how to do this actually shouted from my barber here. He does the financial, precise university in Colombia Jake from call me at a diver shop, and then my MAC, teacher and school taught us a lot of principles here. I want to change our trade school and got a pretty good job for my age to start out on pretty ambitious breast implants working on acting out a lot. I really pretty impressive yeah well done very well, then what you know what you're tragical degree- and I are There- was in high school. So the item- machinist. Ok, good piano, termagant, forty five, already eighteen years old make an from bank. If you keep that probably on Euro Arab when these days, that's the planned man like it
will very well Donald Animal. Send you a copy of the book. The Dodo money make over just to help you out and keep going you're doing amazing you very rockstar a year old man, very cool, very impressive young man alone, calorific opera she'll get your car, that much whether some Pennsylvania MIKE gonna die ram. She shall today, thanks for taking my call to punish, speak with you, too sure. What's up so how did you get it? I would be my wife and I are in the middle of financial patient diversity beginning of this month. We just got into steps for five and six of the that we have fourteen year old daughter, and we have zero money saved for her, so we're a little kind of behind the eight ball and I just wanted to know we are going to start out with. Putting the money in the USA Savannah back so that with a fine tonight and each one of them, Your opinion on the investment strategy. Does the same principle apply with the four categories that you
men with the mutual funds. I e our assumes greater growth promoters, or types grow aggressive growth, growth in income, growth in international Five years to actually five to ten years before, you need this money costs but I ll be there through her whole career, probably depending on how much you're able to put in their shall you'll be fine with that plus I mean. Obviously, you can plan on her doing parts of this too, like working while she's in school, selecting a school that is affordable an end by applying for scholarships she gets well, but older and so forth, and in oh, I think you're gonna be just fine. You got you got a little bit of a light start, but The good news is really got a dialogue, and now in your your game on right. Yes, absolutely members work and encourage her to try to community college to start out to save money and then stay in state so that she can get in I'll. Just go to education in state ass. She could outside of state save yourself some money, exam
exactly save all of you, some money. So when you have the money that you put the money that she are scholarships that she gets go a long long way that way it, maybe she I get out I'll, send you a copy of Anthony's book which is helping people Oliver America do that it's called debt free degree for one best seller that free degree in a church people exactly how to do all that. I thanks for common show that you gotta anger This very well done some sharp collars, a shower people with their stuff together, man out there you guys down again, I'm proud of you very well well done, and the interesting thing college thing is its very Anthony number one dollar. In the end, the borrowed future the podcast, the eight episode podcasting millions of people now downloaded became a top ten podcast on Apple it some stuff,
people up and I'll amazed at how many people are angry victims there, like add, if you suggest that they can win its cover, weird thing in a like: you can do it. No, I can't, you can't make it in America today, people like me, you know you're, no white guy! You understand people angry about being victims is very interesting there- is now no longer he's not all these. Now why it's a dazzling, halo, skin color scheme do math you dupes, seriously snob privileges an issue of your mindset? They charge the same amount for you to go to call a certain college, regardless of your skin color.
Unless I've got some kind of affirmative action thing going on, I mean so there's no, its anti white. As far as I could easily go off If you're gonna be a victim, don't be an angry one. Ok pitiful one! It's a lot more appealing! so mad when you tell go to college that free by them. You got a college that free it's as our that I ran to show in the books or we back with you before you not in the meantime. Remember- there is also only one way to financial peace, and that's the one daily with the prince of peace righteousness
hey it's Kelly, associate producer and first mania for today, Ramses shut. This episode is over, but if you heard about a product or service, it didn't have a chance to write it down. Don't worry. We list everything that is mentioned during this episode in the pot tests show that section explicitly. If you're looking for
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