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From the headquarters of broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios, it's the Dave, Ramsey show W some, I'm Dave Ramsey your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two five, that's triple eight, eight to five five thousand two hundred and twenty five Jerrod. Stop this hour in Florida by Jerrod. Welcome to the Dave, Ramsey show! How are you
Better than I deserve what's up well uhm, my concern? We have about fifty thousand dollars left us debt damn. It is twenty five thousand dollars loan it's about a fifteen percent interest rate and had it for five years only five years left of it, but I was wondering if we could get same amount with the Lord just to pay off. What's your household income, I'm right about maybe one hundred thousand. So how quick are you going to pay off your fifty thousand in debt, making one hundred thousand The plan is to do that with us within the next eighteen months: God, ok, so uhm the amount of interest you would say would only be over the eighteen month period of time and it really
even beyond the whole balance, so the current interest rate you say was fifteen percent on twenty five thousand. Have you shopped for a different loan? Uhm, I don't know yet if I should 'cause it was a thirty thousand dollars loan and it doesn't matter if you had one thousand dollars loan now that's what the fifteen percent being charged on and you have fifteen percent on twenty five thousand for eighteen months, although it won't all be there during that much 'cause you're going to be paying it down turn it down to zero at that time. So it's probably an average of over the eighteen months of half of that give or take we're, probably talking about ten or fifteen thousand dollars over eighteen months, average and let's say you reduced it five percent, and I was ten thousand dollars that be five hundred bucks. No, I see savings. So if you could get a ten percent loan, it'll it'll probably save you between
five hundred thousand dollars. If you could find a ten percent loan, which is fine, okay, if you send me five hundred thousand dollars I'll, take it you know, but but it doesn't solve your fifty thousand dollar problem will solve your fifty thousand are is? The man in your mirror gets tired of being in debt so much that he closes down half his lifestyle and gets his mess cleaned up gotcha. So that's! That's! The secret sauce you're, the secret sauce, not the interest rate yeah. The interest rates, ridiculous, which is one of those reasons. You say now, again. Never again, I'm not going to do that. Never again, never I've learned things I'll never do again, and that's one of the things 'cause you got ripped off for sure. So if find a ten percent loan over to credit union. You want to move that over there as long as there's no prepayment penalty, then that would be ok.
Then go ahead and knock it out in eighteen months and you'll save five hundred two thousand dollars, but it doesn't. It doesn't get you out of that, get you out of that is paying three to four thousand dollars a month on these debts for the next eighteen months, which pays of fifty thousand dollars. There we go. Chris is weather's in Oregon hi Chris welcome. The Dave Ramsey show hello, Mister Ramsey. Thank you for taking my call My pleasure? How can I help? Well, I just have a quick I am children are grown and out of the house, but I don't have an inheritance for them well, maybe I should take out a life insurance. Let's see with them is the beneficiaries, and as a inheritance. So to speak, don't have any retirement saved up yet a friend of mine has
I I watched your easier videos or the financial Peace University and I'm like yeah, that's very, very smart. Let's do that. Okay, so I'm completely debt free. I, which which is wonderful, but that was that's the question now. You do not use life insurance to build an inheritance and the reason so they make money on life insurance. It all All insurance is profitable through the company, which means, if you live average number of years for more they're making a lot of profit on you, and I would rather that profit that you would have paid them go into investments. Because there's no moral obligation for you to leave them in inheritance.
I think you're. Not only of all. I have left them an inheritance of character. You left them an inheritance of a whole lot of other things, and so that's what I would do hey jump on it. That's what that's the plan so yeah, the no you don't use inheritance to build an investment open phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five. It's a free call, you jump in will talk about your life and your money. Up next is going to be Jennifer in Illinois High for how are you. Hi Dave. How are you better than I deserve? How can I help it's such an honor to speak with Youtube for some advice. Asking an employer to help with student loan repayment, and so my husband and I are both physical therapist. We both work for the same company and other
in our area offer approximately two hundred two hundred two hundred, dollars a month to help us with student loan. Payment, as our company doesn't offer anything like that, and so my husband and I have been toying around with asking if they would offer us somewhere between, like two hundred and fifty to three hundred and fifty for the both of us, uh, maybe for like a certain number of commitment to the company for the company for like three to four years and we've been told her good for leadership roles and things like So I think they're very happy with us after work tomorrow, um Now? What do you make? Eighty thousand? Ok, if you move to one of the companies that paid for student loans, what would you make um? I honestly don't I do you a lateral transfer. I don't know if you personally show me more money to come to a different company. Two hundred
dollars a month. Is three thousand dollars a year right? That's a three percent pay raise correct will be you going to. The leadership is going to give you a lot more than three percent pay. Raise correct okay show are out, I don't mind you asking them say hey, you know some of the companies do this and wondered if you would throw that in. That's you getting a three One thousand dollars a year raise. Your eighty thousand dollars income. So nice raise. But it's not it's not that great iteration great So I know he had offered it. You had a front desk person who went to PT school and he basically offered her. You know hey if you come back, you work for us for two one slash two years will help you with your tuition and we thought He offered it to her because I felt like Paul. Why would he offered to yeah keep keep your work for the company yeah or ask him? That's good! That's good! That's a fair question, but here's the thing
don't try to ten or twenty thousand dollars a year raise for two hundred and fifty a month student loan repayment benefit. You follow me so yeah I mean don't caught up in the little things don't step over dollars to pick up nickels. Ok, if they want to do this and it's a fair thing to ask in the right spirit and you're not entitled to it, it's an ok thing to ask how may Perkins, oh about one point: six trillion dollars in student loan debt. One point: six trillion: if you're drown the student loan debt. There are options. I want you to consider refinancing your high interest student loan to a lower rate, fixed loan from splash financial alone
right, minimizes the interest that builds, which helps you actually pay down the principle of your loan and helps you get out of debt faster? It's like found money and right now the rates on splash financial are the lowest. They have been all year, see for yourself visits Which financial dot com Slash Ramsey, that's which financial dot com, Slash Ramsey, here's. The interesting thing about goal setting that is not written down. The d tales of what has to be true for you to hit the goal and what the goal is with a time limit. It specif
again, it's measurable! You emotionally own it and you write it down. If you don't it down power goes out of the goal? Now, there's nothing magical about writing it. There's just something that happens in your brain. That causes you to be more likely to hit the goal and you thought it all the way through enough to ride out not only what to go. Is when you're going to hit it, but how you're going to get there? The Bible says in Habakkuk, write the vision and make it plain, write the vision and make it plain: that's what Christy Wright has done with her gold planner for two thousand and twenty now these gold planners are amazing. I did not know anything about this world, but apparently it's a big deal to have one of these two and a half inch thick gold planners goal. Planner, the inspiration in it all the quotable quotes an it all, the tracking, all the different things in it
and she wrote the book. Of course, the number one best selling book business boutique, a woman's guide to making money do but she loves, and so for that group of lady she put the gold planner together. It isn't just a calendar, it's a tool grow in your business and your personal life monthly lessons Tiffany's inspirational quotes. All of it. Ability all year long now the twenty two you go plan or the twenty nineteen we don't. Last year we sold out of them in about twenty seconds we got in trouble. We end up having a fast order, some in here, so that you guys can get them for Christmas. When, still ran out. We couldn't get enough in, but we've done a better job of Antica meeting the demand. This time 'cause we there is actually a huge demand for this and so the goal,
timer for two thousand and twenty, is on sale. Now, of course, it starts in January for two thousand and twenty right and it's on sale at Daveramsey, dot, com for four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. Now there's a downloadable process to get you through. Nineteen, if you want, if you don't have the gold planner for nineteen, but Christie writes two thousand and twenty goal. Planner Sale now at Daveramsey, dot com be sure to check it out. Melissa is whether some Melissa is in Canada. How are you Melissa, I'm well day? Thank you for taking my call sure what's up to get some direction on on making a good move going forward on fifty with old, are recently separated just been through a free call, it consumer proposal. I think it's like your chapter, thirteen. I'm just trying to look forward on what I can plan for my future, going
Chapter thirteen in the states as a repayment plan on debt in bankruptcy court and that's what you've been through. So are you through with it or you, through with the plan I have about five years, seven hundred and fifty dollars a month to be totally finished. That you're separated, so your marriage ended two yeah so sorry our time. How long were you married. Thirty seven years ago, my goodness, what brought the marriage to end the money problems they were added to it, but my husband substance abuse our relationship. Leave. It leaves you make, can really tough calls. I'm! So sorry, that's hard requires a lot of courage on your part. Show What is your career? What do you make?
I'm in accounts payable person, and I'm on my computer is about seventy. That's good news You have one hundred and fifty dollars month bill on the old debt. What other bills that we got wow? after the consumer proposal. I did this stupid sister thing and went and purchased a car on with and a credit card, so I have about four thousand dollars in debt and the car is about. I have any one thousand on the used car. It was twenty one thousand, but I think it would sell for about fifteen probably going to reverse that trend and get me a junkie or car. Get rid of that death and let's get the credit card that cleaned and then we say alright. If we work till sixty eight, that's ten years at seventy thousand, an we're going to start saving like a maniac so that we retired
with some money and reverse the trend that has been your house to this point. The only reason to look in your rearview mirror on stuff like this is to learn what not to do going forward, but it's not to get a baseball bat and beat yourself with it. Because we've all got stupid. Butt stuff in a rear view, mirror review mirror smaller than the windshield, because the windshield is full of grace. Then the river Where is condemning for all of us right? Yes, and so I mean think about all the stupid butt stuff I've done, and I publicize it. It's even worse, I sell books about it. I mean it's ridiculous, so you know you just, but you gotta go some never again, so I was with some very successful guys having dinner last night and one pertaining things. We did is we run around the table, saying things we would never again do, and all of us were older than thirty, of course, and so there's a good long list of things that we
all done that we will never again do you have to have some, matter, Watson, you've got a bunch of those in your review, mirror so now you just you know I'll, send you a copy look at the total money, makeover and you're just going to, baby steps were going to get rid of this stupid car and this stupid credit card and we're going, with the deaths associated with them and then build an emergency fund and then you're going to get high and high we're saving money matter. Fact, I'm gonna send you two books, I'm going to send you Chris Hogans retire. Inspired because you're going to you can do it you know. Actually it's considered what you would put up with you've been you've been trying to. You know pull of water with the boat anchor out yeah run that I've done that I left the anchor out this summer. I'm trying to pull one of the kids it kind of works makes the boat funky. You know it won't go with. The speed is supposed to go, and you can't you can't figure out what's wrong, you're going to feel like you cut the anchor line, and you just like wow, it's all this power. Now I can do all these things, and so you have you been doing this under
cloud for so long trying to have a life and you get a life and don't you feel guilty about that, it's time to move on and time to go win and you can do it. I know you can do it so I'll, see Christmas book, an I'll send you my book, total money, makeover in his book retire inspired and you call me back working through this I'm going to be here for you you and me, together over the next decade, you're going to get rich and then we're going to giggle about this. That's how you do it! It's very possible mathematically. It's possible and you're going to surprise, so? If you really are because I don't know how many of you out there have been through something like she's been through, but when you been dragging sh logging in sloshing through the mud of dysfunction and Jew, can't get moving and then you suddenly get up and Europe your like dry ground mean feel like you feel
a whole new lease on life. You feel, like you, got a whole new speed home of gear, and it's woo game. Let's do this yeah, it may take you a get past some of the negative emotions and things you've been dealing with, but put some of that stuff in your river America, to put the pedal to the metal see a whole different reaction, you're going to see things change and a lot of us have done that a lot of us have been through that I'll, never forget. I can show you the stop light on Charlotte Ave in downtown Nashville, where I pulled up after we had signed the bankruptcy papers. I've been fighting to not file bankruptcy in to pay all my debts for two one, slash two,
There's one year we made two hundred and fifty thousand dollars the next year we made six thousand dollars. My roof was leaking. My air conditioner is out, and my wife hated me. Everything was out of control, nothing after everything. I touch turns to poop. I mean it was just gross your life. The country song. You know I'm talking about and I finally, after fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting and fighting, I ran out of gas, and I gave up and I sign those bankruptcy papers when I pulled up to that, stop light driving away from that lawyer office. I still remember the sensation of five thousand pounds coming off my shoulders. There's like I could breathe like something about sitting on my chest for two years. That's what you're going to experience! this is the Dave. Ramsey show
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In the lobby of Ramsey solutions on the debt free stage, Jake and Haley are with us hey guys. How are you Thanks for having us absolutely good to have you guys appreciate being here. So you guys are from where Lincoln Nebraska welcome good, how much data you paid off. One thousand nine hundred and nine dollars and zero dollars and ninety nine cents awesome. And how long did this take thirty, two men? cool and your range of income. During that time. Forty thousand to about one hundred and ten there's a little jump, somebody in a job that didn't have one watt. I kind of sort of so when we got married about three one years ago, Haley was just out of school an I was working freelance building websites We got a job and it was kind of whatever, and then we just worked really hard at building the business and I actually got to hire Haley to come on.
And work for us? So now we work together. It's a good time building websites and Lincoln very cool good for you. What was your initial job? I was a customer service rep at a company in Lincoln, okay, but the website businesses exploded well a lot thanks a lot to your teachings, entree leadership and kind of like just read as much as I can. From what you've got. Well one, that's great, I'm proud of you! So a lot of fun. What kind of that was twenty two thousand yeah. The question right two months, sting on was a bit was a big part of it. Car and a car yeah. We were normal, as you say, we get get married and yeah kind of everything. Ok, alright, so you're fairly normal, you get married an but not long after you get married. You start this. You said you've been married. Three one slash two years, only thirty two months later you're out of debt here. So what's the story? How did you get hooked up with this? That's right, so co owner of our web design business. His name is John
one of my biggest cheerleaders as well, he was like. I was one thousand eight hundred and nineteen at the time. He should listen to this guy. So cinnamon. Sorry Haley. Once we ended up dating and got Kazin of Wheel, has a first. Imagine I thought super intense, so listen to this early. So is he so I'm thinking this is probably we could we ganged up on ya little bit, but I really did like it, though. After a little bit of driving. Yeah. I thought it was a little too much effort, David Jake First Haley for awhile there and she came on our side- She probably more probably worse than you and me now, but yeah. She definitely is not she's on every dollar. You know you know what happen if we move this around. We can do this matter when we're flying for Strip she's over there calculating, we move this over. We can get out of that like four days faster. It's like! Oh, my gosh. What did I
it also will very cool. So what do you people Haley the key to getting out of debt, as you were in charge of it Eventually? I was yeah, I just consistency. I know everyone says it, but I think sticking to the budget and being willing to cut down on certain lifestyle things with super important 'cause. I we kind of started and as we went along, we are realizing. There is more and more areas we could cut down on to actually make it go faster, so for sure the budget and being on the same page about it, not a big deal. So talk about all joking aside, I mean we were kidding around about it, but you come into this a bit reluctant. How was the process to where you actually did? What caused you to say? Hey. I think this is real. We can do it even if they You guys are crazy, but but all all kidding aside, I mean what what what kind of a an emotional process was a sudden or was a certain thing that has
under a series of things that happened. Tell me how how you changed your mind so to speak. Yeah so your mind. I guess I better ways so before I was all import. He was already paying a lot of payments towards the student at so I've got like what are you doing at first, but then I saw the snowball start to work and I think that's where it switched for me where I realized we can actually do this 'cause. I think when we first got married. I was like we're going to be in debt for so long, and so I think once I saw it start to kind of start slowly go down, that's when that's when it switched for me and that's when I actually just drove all the way in, and I went a little crazy
but it is, goes from he's actually doing it number one but number two that allowed you to look at the math and go wait a minute. It's possible. This is real arm is before you kind of just overwhelmed and hadn't even done the calculation. Yes totally. I think it was a sense of hope of this is actually doable in reasonable amount of time, not thirty years later now so advice to someone viewing this that that's a little bit reluctant or wondering or the feeling overwhelmed, do the math yeah It might open up your eyes, yes, yeah, absolutely, okay, yeah and and not just the math. I mean you talk a lot about nephew in line you're booked as well as it's about hope- and you know, math near is a kind of look at this, and you know that twitter trolls will have a lot of hate about
Some of the teachings you have that kind of huge air quotes here, break financial principles on paper, but the whole part and the behavior part, is really what stuck with us and you pay off that. First, one and you're, like oh small, win yeah yeah, I think that's it was the hope part of it for sure yeah. But in your case, what we're talking yeah, that's exactly right hope is powerful interns everything loose. I completely agree with that. In your case, you got hope from looking Map that yeah it honestly listening to your podcast, that that was super motivating for me, I started hearing those debt free screams and I would get chills and all excited like we could actually do this 'cause. I was hearing people who had a similar story to ours and I realized that's us and they're doing it. We should do it and we kind of proximity, principled. Our way out of that, I guess you could say I'm with you, that's good. I like that Coleman will like yeah. So how old are you too? I'm twenty five and twenty six wow? You guys are rock star
This incredible there's so much ahead of you. That's so awesome you're going to kill it very very, very well done, so your your co owner, was a cheerleader. Who else was your biggest cheerleaders? You know we didn't tell a ton of people, so we didn't have any other cheerleaders. We didn't have any haters, but people who knew some of our close friends thought it was kind of weird but like. Why are you guys doing that, but definitely John an actually some family too? That would say yeah good. What was the hardest part of this? Oh man, I think the hardest part for me was seeing money come in every month and then just seeing it go out and knowing, oh, my god, all that's going to the bank or we don't get to keep very much of this. There's also super motivating for me too, because I'm like, I don't want to do this anymore. I want to keep this money, yeah. So that was the hardest part, but it is also motivating too. We were one
family for awhile so hard that was tough, ended up a little a like you good, and at the same time, but yeah there. It is right. There is Cooper, saying hey. We were driving down the road one time and I hear this rattle Ningen the muffler like bounces down the street, and this huge like Ford, Raptor, just blast over it. Now this huge smile on my face like this is temporary, will get out of there soon great you gotta pick it up off the street seriously going to go around and open it up, put it up box and put it on the wall in the garage. That's awesome, yeah yeah always points that your grandson. I remember when that happened, help me get it. It's no good. I love that how's. It feel now that you're out, oh my gosh, it's amazing was it worth all the sacrifices, yes, me, yes, yeah and we're leading nephew. We talk a lot about the behavioral change and how it changed our brains, especially as a young married couple, and how that is in hand,
our relationship and how we can attack things together. Now it's just been so fun just how how how we can go about, down any challenge now. We feel kind of now invincible at this point. Yeah well, you've got a you've, got a pattern of a working together to overcome obstacles that's in any marriage that has that pattern can overcome a bunch of obstacles, and you always e always got him in which got him away to go you guys. We got a copy. Chris Logan's book for you everyday millionaires, you'll be one in twenty minutes away, you're going so proud of well done, Jake and Haley from Lincoln NE. Seventy two thousand paid off in thirty two months, making forty to one counted down. Let's hear a debt free scream. Three hundred and twenty one world. I love it. Never gets old. You guys proud of you guys are heroes.
Very, very well done. Five and twenty six years old. Seventy one thousand dollars in thirty two months so when are you going to do this? I'm talking to you? Are you thinking somebody else now, I'm talking to you When are you going to believe that this is possible and then Can you do it? Come on people, let's turn this whole nation around together, Dave. Ramsey show
North Carolina so my wife and I were thirty years old- were completely debt free, except for the house. Our current, thirty year mortgage with about twenty six years left at a four point, one hundred and twenty five interest rate with about one hundred and fifty
nine thousand dollars left on this house, which is about one thousand three hundred and fifty a month with the whole Piti payment got it. My question is we: I want to knock this house out been looking at a fifteen year and I was quoted with clothes. Rolled into the interest rate at a three point: seventy five percent on a fifteen year which would make my payments one thousand six hundred and forty five a month slightly higher than the twenty five percent you suggest for our take home pay, which is about six thousand two hundred and fifty a month. So my question to you is
What should we do? I already pay more on our mortgage every month. Anyway, if you pay the payment that they're talking about you paying you'll be out of debt in sixteen years without doing a refill cash without doing a refund. Ok, so in other words, if you take a thirty and pay it like it's a fifteen based on your interest rate, if you say one hundred and seventy nine thousand four and a quarter for our foreign- eighth, I'm sorry for on for fifteen years, one hundred and eighty payments and then use that as the Pni plus your taxes and insurance, that will tell you the payment to make how much extra principle do and that will pay it off in exactly fifteen years,
Oh, you do not know what you do not have to do a refinance to go from a three thousand two hundred and fifteen. You just pay it early and it pays off exactly there's no prepayment penalty now no need to send out in more than one check a month, because mortgages are capitalized once a month and there's there's no benefit to doing it more often than that and then the second thing is it's possible to refinance, will work, but basically we're talking about one slash, four of a point plus an eighth is all here. So we're talking about three slash, eight of a point, an you know, the likelihood of you recouping your closing costs with three slash, eight of a point anytime. Soon, it's not going to make it worth it. Ok, so from
some effect. Seventy five to four and eight is not enough of a spread to recoup the closing cost to make it work. The reason you retards. The reason you refinance is not to go from a three thousand two hundred and fifteen. It's to get a lower interest rate that makes sense versus the closing costs in this doesn't so I wouldn't. I would just pay this like. It's a fifteen and not worry about it an and if you get in a pinch, you back it off. If you have to send your over twenty five percent, but I don't think you will, I think, you're going to be in your very detailed person. You're very dialed in here you've got your very aware of your numbers you're going to hit this exactly where you need to hit it. So life is good brother. I predict you'll be out of debt in about ten years. If you start paying this right now like it's a fifteen all right up next, is MIKE 'cause you're, going to pay extra if you go along. In other words, that's how that's going to happen MIKE is with us in one in the world MIKE is in Ohio. I think
areas MIKE's in Ohio, hey MIKE. How are you did Mister Ramsey, quick question here for you, I get some credit card debt and I just went through a divorce after twenty one years of marriage. I have about a right at one hundred and ninety thousand dollars in credit card debt It has grown over years and years and and they'll get their mothers? Did you buy on credit cards this life over decades. Yes, ok! and what has happened? There's a card with you know you get uh something in the mail, zero percent transfer it. So you do for six months or twelve months, and then you don't get that paid off and then it hit you with a high rate. So I got three or four thousand dollars over spending. Yes, yeah. Ok, that makes sense. It is so and so hum.
My job was eliminated and I you know made one hundred thousand a year. I have a hundred dollars month. Va pension well lost. My job went through a divorce and Well, I had were selling the home and we have about twenty five, thirty thousand dollars apiece coming out of the home. I thought will talk to my attorney about, should I call the credit card companies see if there's something that workout, I only about thirty thousand dollars, but I would one hundred and ninety: are you current with them? No, how far behind are you? Well, what I do is, I send them something. Every month, I've never missed a payment, but I can't make the minimum amount due, so it is behind, but I do Send hundred or one hundred and fifty dollars a month, I know that's nothing. I got you got all the credit cards that in the divorce? Yes,
And you get twenty five dollars from a health card grew my name. Ok and you got twenty five thousand dollars from on that ouch. What other money or assets do you have I sold about an I sold the extra car to put against the credit card, So the only asset I had is it one thousand five hundred dollars car, so you've already paid that against the cards. Yes, ok, and what is your income now that you're divorced. Right now that I don't have a job, it's only one thousand five hundred dollars a month, which is a veterans disability. I am in the process and I'm looking every day for a position. How long they been out of work every month. What do you do? Sales? That's good news! What's the last job you had and what were you made
I made a hundred thousand years medical equipment good. Well, the Good NEWS is, you can get back on that bicycle ride it and one, because once you made six figures in sales, you know what it feels like. You know it you're the muscle memory to go back to it and there's a high gravitational pull is pulling you back that way, you're going to get there again, I I can see that for you in your future, you're gonna get past this broken heart and all the garbage in the hurt and all the stuff you've had on work, and you know we have work through with all this stuff and now you're, clean and you're just going to get the new job and we're just going to allow into this. So you can probably settle some of these but you're. You know what you can do is just list them, smallest to largest. Anne call them- and you know all from about ten cents on the dollar the first round through and see if any of them take it. Ok until you run out of the twenty five thousand, and so in other words you
list of them, and you go ok, here's a one thousand dollars when we're going from two grand, and by zero dollars and ten cents on the dollar bill. Eighteen thousand, but you're not going to get zero dollars and ten cents on the dollar and you know: negotiate up to zero dollars and twenty cents or zero dollars and thirty cents on the dollar and clear some of them with the twenty five thousand. If you're going to do at always get it in writing before you send them any money, keep a copy of the email or got it in writing. In other words, credit card acts says ten thousand dollars, we're going to settle for two thousand five hundred dollars, you sent two thousand five hundred dollars and you keep that in writing and you keep the proof that you see in the two thousand five hundred stapled together in hard copy, not knotty form in a file. Or for the rest of your life, because this will come up again, in writing and you settle and do not allow them to have electronic access to your personal checking account because it clean you out. Okay, so you said I don't know electronic act
You get it in writing and your workers get as much traction as you can get with the twenty five clear it all up, but you get a job making one hundred you'll be able to clear the rest of it the attorneys divorce attorney says that what he recommends. I take this money. Do whatever I want to do with expended, give it to somebody or whatever file, let's see and just forget about it, alright, guy? That's that that's uh, You don't feel slimy to you. Swan ball Man absolutely not no you're not bankrupt. You might be on the building one hundred thousand dollars a year. You got twenty five thousand in your hand, you clear this data houses, find ball. Now I just want to I'm gonna say anything else, that's good! I think we made our comments life's good, What's in the box,
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