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While I had quarters Ramsay Solution Broadcasting, but on a car rental studios, it's that Ramsay should work that is done. Cages, gay and pay off home, for it has taken the place of the Bmw ass, the status symbol of choice. I am Day Ramsay your host. We appreciate you calling Brigitte pressure you dissipating in the shower day, Mary, Chris, still you America Open Founds, AAA eight too two hundred and twenty five, eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five,
Davison Indiana, I Dave, but the neighbour amnesia Merry Christmas day thinks we're done. Pleasure? How can I help my questions my parents? They are. Seventy six and seventy eight have six, gives them five: five brothers and sisters they currently have sixty thousand in a pre tax account and their houses paid off so were kind of trying to mobile plan. How we as a six kids, can help them through this time. My questions are for pain. One half per cent to an adviser on that money. Wander knows that was sustainable in the right thing to stick with how we should allocate their predicts account and then just your advice or what the best way for us to six gives to help them during their time here for the homeless paid for in its worth, what approximately one twenty five one fifty
ok and other social security going on. Obviously, how much is that correct? Their annual income between pensions or security is thirty, five thousand ok and they have sixty thousand dollars. I one and a half per cent is about normal for a managed account whether with a good adviser, that's nothing, that's not a battery plan I always recommend that you invest in growth, stock, mutual funds with long track records. A few years younger than them about sixteen. But I'm invested across four types of mutual funds: growth, growth in income, aggressive growth, international at their age or might, if the word by risk, I might substitute the the aggressive for my be abolished fund and that would
on the portfolio down slightly, but I'm going to stay in that I'm not going to move in the money, markets and bonds and that kind of crap, so if their investor, if their investment professional as one of our smartvestor pros, that's the type of advice you would be getting from them. Consistent with what you hear here on the earth still not going to generate much money, maybe for five, some want sure something like that. If we start pulling off the earnings on it, they have required minimum mission Lucian's. I assume on this is an IRA. I don't know it's for my dad's attention, so I know it's getting up free taxes, so they pay tax on the withdrawals and they do have the minimum distributions ever your butt there. Like thirty five hundred hours year, so he he had role that that's about the earnings on it of its invested in mutual funds. Some little bit more may be, but he had rolled and all pension distribution into an IRA years ago. Yes, I'll go that's worth Bay, that properly done shall live, I'm good with all of that? And so they
The question I have got there is one we put them on a written budget. Can they make it on forth. Dollars a month sure and they have want the month. The prom is. If the house is a hundred plus years old tells me. I brought him to the hospital and in its beginning that some aware interior tree form from poor said you know, have done their emanates. Vs Ie units go out things like that. It's big tick at one time, expenses that certain are really gonna worry is it home in more of those they can kind of whether now so what were hours on their health, a good they're, still mobile, In other words, about drive up their great Barrington, we like in our destroying two may we can but that's life. I'll! Think they're, probably too old, but I would get in touch with one of our. I endorse local providers for long Term care insurance and investigate, if that's a possibility, because if one of them window
bring home. You don't have the money sure you got a real problem, then and that you get to keep How should go in the welfare, nursing Home called Medicaid and you get to keep a certain amount of cash, probably would get to keep the sixty thousand in the House but it was very, very difficult still inside love to see them get some nursing home insurance of you all, provided that if it costs that made sense after you analyzed it, then that would be a measuring get at it. This way, but I would check sure. Ok, so that's one thing! The second thing is, I think that the six of you guys just look inside. What's the budget for one time, trees and heat near a year above them-
they live on the four thousand. We want to support a monthly, but we're probably gonna drop me a thousand bucks, a piece of their six thousand dollars a year for odds and ends that we take that around. What do you think about at some point? There is, if some of this, in other their nasty continues to dwindle selling. The house is to become more liquid. I know you don't control your your housing expense at that point, but a hundred fifty thousand out in cash would last a long time that it costs about.
And ours today to operate thousand pact as utilities etc. So is there a point where that becomes aware of where they live there in self in India? Am I look at moving down into an eighty thousand dollar condo, but I dont think I wanna be under the homeownership business. They could live another twenty years ago. We agree and that the housing could become the deal that breaks the camel's back on this budget. Oh that's all I care in the housing stabilized, I'm not panic about this. It sounds like that. The fund is leaving this house tree Heating and air it over a hundred years old gets a cost me eight thousand dollars, at least it is for you out of it, is for them. Well selfishly right we're we're trying to be. We don't want to get the call in five years that we have no money. All we have
the pay of house we need help to yet one they don't should not be burning through the sixty. The sixty thousand autocrat if a ten percent to be six thousand a year, that farmer bucks a month sure that my group you're invested well. If you start making Poland you should not be eating that up and if you guys recur if they live on the four thousand, that's that's five hundred. From the investment plus the thirty five hundred there from Social did. I miss something, no, sir. Ok, that gives them a bug live on and they can live on that not counting the one offs correct right You guys can make a decision and say well this house killing you. Let's move down, Indoor eighty thousand dollar condos its paid for less money, less hassle, less worry less junk in our that kind of stuff, simplify and
by the way that frees up if it out and bucks more, to put this investment account right, and that raises is another three four hundred dollars a month coming in, and you know this is gonna, be tight, no matter what happens here, there's no wiggle room and ass for sure a threat there's no that they just die. How much of a nest egg and that's where their problem is. But the Good NEWS is that our kids and you guys attention and you're thinking about at times was Margo sneak up on you, but you know the big thing I think you got they to be accountable to you all about the meeting the four thousand dollar month budget. That's the part of their concerns. Are they doing that? Well, are they frugal people want them of their approval? Is it something one time today and they make they probably more brutal a couple years ago they probably had a hundred fifty two thousand. They were not as a rule, they probably should Ramstein. Are they gonna stick to a four thousand on our budget and not
but credit card that goes, Mama keeps going to the mall or something that's what I'm worried about. I think they can do it sounds like that's their lifestyle level, so this is doable thanks for the call. Thanks for taking care of this, the driver, amnesia,
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What you do is you shop around and you don't fall, listen somebody's paying for those commercials. You know if you have a cute lizard on the commercial somebody paid for it, that guy gets talent face up getting but seriously yet click e LP a day, Ramsay Dot com save some money crisis in Rhode, island high. Welcome grass welcomes Ramsay, show day right on that deserve what's up these clear than a listener forgot two months now. Ever since I told them tat the plasma those on tv set. You are not a break, neither have three hundred dollars left in alone, fifty four hundred and loans, just shy of ten thousand and create arts. Thirteen thousand left dots and my mom
I had a car came in total or what I love or on the car was nineteen thousand Galapagos about forty, seven thousand and basically both into it and according to your system, I didn't need to get rid of. My Clark is right now mountains to move about. Sixty five thousand this year the taxes and ass I looked Caligula gangways, I was I contemplate, showing it and died. Last week. I ended up rearing some until now. The ok here I'll get, it is totally there. They were ok with a girl wanna. Let me keep basically everybody, located, but my car and now my ego little bit, but it ended up being a huge blessing from God I have the USA and the settlement that agreed you being seventeen thousand dollars cool.
Yes, a little, I had really good, I'm just down stuck to the basically have a thousand dollars for my murders, refund and the issue on looking out right now is right now for work. I have to travel eyes either an hour or two an hour and a half back or to Cape COD, and basically, what makes that work is. My company gives me: Now, eighty to ninety two dollars are non tax, dining hall car miles ago. For how you bring their total the car, so they told us you are. They gave me a free rental car for how long the other? I too have the abbot return tomorrow, and I mean this just as an example here snow storm and I'm on my way home on our help car I fish tail the everyday flag and are required for these areas driving safely advise you bite were at me.
I've been looking for an hour, will driver four wheel, drive vehicles that thousand our range and basically yet the other context is. I have a bonus. Ah, I found bonus, that's all to me about after taxes it'll be about eleven, hundred dollars, and then we also, I have a two dollar raise son since the end of September, and our contracts are just gotten sign, so be getting some retro pay, all the other, that's Blake, looking at like another seventeen eighteen hundred dollars I'll be getting within the next couple weeks from the council he's like I don't want you, I'm not going to buy something in that without not arrange, although I can't find anything like four wheel drive, all will drive that looks mechanically found now Not a relic oranges wrench your car for a week or two it that's the guy that that looking like I my immediate nightmare, the question was, in my
mighty stopping my debts, no stopping everything you're in the middle of a crisis of catches, being everything. You're gonna use your thousand dollars you're going to use the seventeen hundred you're gonna use any other than money. You can scrape by the corner the couch you're gonna work like a crazy person. You're gonna look around you. If you can, Elsa, Mona Ebay or on Craigslist we're gonna scraped together, you know, might it may being together three four knowledge and get you know. Four wheel drive somethin right verve again, not exactly what. Looking at the minimum, though it looks as if you describe it sounds like you can put that together in about two weeks, you me- and I guess I just Didn'T- want to buy something that thousands, I don't blame you, it's ok. If you have to do, but the Good NEWS you ve, got some other money coming. We just got a tap the brakes and make this work right. Right about bad in IRAN in this case, but yeah
for a start is no problem, yeah, so light. I think you ve got. Haven't you got your bright plan laid out. I would just rent the cheapest thing. That'll get you back and forth to Cape God for a little while, and you know in the meat with dollar rent a car and in awe. They do not worry about the other driving wrangle. It's up to you it's up to you, but that can be taking that their data Fonda, I'm not drive in their shadows now, but you'd. You figure that out, but every day Are you sure, banned on the rent? A car is a dollar. You don't have to buy a car with where are we want that to be as cheap as you can do right because its that's our boy, here is a little patience Ray He had his own be foolish, not manufactured. Forty eighty dollars getting a all yard as a rental
and then your backing. It goes like snow. Europe's oil supply remain, but I guess you could you gotta our drives. Where's, probably other question right. Yeah, you work with anybody, you could pay to take you to work. No and had. Fortunately it was. I work for Peter PAN and dumb. I'm the spear guy right now one simple down vacation, I cover them, but otherwise just driving up civil war and I basically hanging out alone. There, though, unfortunately like I'm in between the different shifts, I did look into. There is like a really early boss that we had out from Providence to like high if not bore near our half a golf rightly union do almost anything except walk for two weeks right prudence. All we gotta do here. Ok, so the Good NEWS is not a permanent solution. Is not a long term. Solution were just trying to so that seventeen hundred dollar check to put with this and square
whether any of them nicholls. We confine stop everything tight near budget as tight as you can do it don't spend any money on any thing and put it all in this car fun? Buy you a cop. In two weeks and then restart your baby steps with starting to fund or a thousand dollar baby step. One again Do it. You are almost there before. You called me right I know I know I don't know like out. I just couldn't get myself dreadfully on the market. Do not forget that seven either. The power that lose this made. It worked it yeah dirt on my on? You condemn as always the day, not notified good for you. You sometime All I'm doing here telling people what they already knew they need to do and I dare say it out loud
Then sometimes us all a good for, amongst those tell you what you already knew you needed to do. So that's my arm, my gift, pull the shows free to listen to you, so shut up This is the guy Ramsay Show.
It aims to generic zone are welcome to the programmes we show James. Merry Christmas Mr Andria lawyer, I don't deserve. How can I help you? going to like him dinner, then they now. I just wanted to give your opinion on a couple of things: once I'm gonna, be going through a divorce fishing year, and I was just wondering if I should so. My house keep it, and just by by my wife out.
Yeah, I'm sorry how long you married five years, what happened. There's a lot of democratic That's a child from a pastoral, Surely that is not by a lot. Clean mine, but I was just like she was six years old, and came to the point where my life, just anyone except one more year, she's thirteen years old, by my axe, her mother of the other daughter. She had a lot to do with a just cause, a lot of power between me and my wife. Yes, amount, at this point now and worst were separated. Now I moved out of the house she still living there Five hundred What is the house worth the house
words about to between two sixty to seventy. And what are you guys? I wanted about one in three and what do you make a year, hundreds of any other debts listed you have to deal with that Do you know I do have a couple of debts about seven grams per child support which I have been trying to settle. If my axe on that, as well as or we should become some dream up your pretty soon, I all about how others another child somewhere. Yes, like us all so, basically, with with that, the other child- that's not bad. Logically mine, I do have a child that is by a logical mile affair. I got some matters like make sure understood our culture and so are the of custody.
These children joint custody on just one, just one that biologically might well I'm sure you're going through this. The I've got a friend the does divorce counselling, and she says that a divorce once the decision is made, sounds very clear that this decisions made then in terms of a marriage into a business transaction and some others, two pieces of business here that you need to consider one as you would never leave some one in the home that your own, the mortgage, unless it's
Ok, so that would mean the house's either soul. If she's staying in wondered if she can't reef it's either refinanced into her name or our it sold or its refinanced into your name. The second thing I would look at is, I would just ask myself if all this work going on on and I make a hundred thousand dollars a year with you are the miscellaneous dad share as a single guy. What by that house and the answers will probably not. I'll get you probably just wouldn't be militia, say: you're live in an apartment, your single guy, which is what you get right away. Making a hundred grand a little that you're clean up. Would you go by this house? I, like the house, I like a house breaking down the road. I would end up sign it you're married merely that the whole question of I just I feel guilty. I feel bad for my other tool.
Gender I currently have with my life. I feel like I'm gonna, get you the marked by farm house. You know of issue of have children with the lady, your divorcing, none. I have to tell them with my wife currently. One of your divorce answer. Yes, yes, oh so this is for. I have three total that are mine and one that urging our idea of making sure I'm keeping down here. Ok, so well, I am I didn't know they were there until just now, but if she, owing to stay in the house. She needs to refinance it. She can afford She can't afford. It stated that you shouldn't, the House poker and- and I don't know why you would move in the house or She'S- not number there unless you're gonna haven't fifty percent. The time are you now no, I mean not be more like forty son on that point.
Other question: I them. I'm basically at the point right now in my job as well, that I was already kind of planning an exit strategy to spy member this sort of life. If I should just go and you all of that, and I think the best thing for her and used to sell the house and split the equity and she takes it. Ngos and gets her a nice place to ran in the similar neighborhood, where the schools and so forth are similar and she stays on the general area and and that's that Would you recommend, as far as being the job and the salary that I have I mean, do you think it would be a good times it to start my own business, how they it's good term emotionally yet for kids in your life that are all going through trauma with this situation you're going through?
colonel trauma, what the situation and please don't tell me it's ok, because it's not it hurts and I would get in the other side of this and get everything settled down, but the dust saddle give some others behind you and then I would talk about maybe starting a business, but I wonder this year under the next twelve months for sure, thanks for Column Tsar, you going through this open found a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five that's AAA eight to five. Five: two to five collapse is an organ high collar. How are you I'm late an hour you better than deserve what's up a question that I am pretty sure. I know how you get the answer, but I want to double check it out. I don't think I've ever heard it come up on your shall obey. I guess I wouldn't turn.
I saw my car and I had suddenly. Of equity. On it, so I went to My bag the asked them put alone, and they said it would be two percent cheaper to percentage points cheaper to increase my credit card and put the remaining amount on my credit card shrugged his died, so I did that But I have a refund coming from the gap in the extended warranty, because I didn't even get into the extended warranty on the car and when I get that in, should I keep what their debts, no bottle and apply it to other credit cards urged, or should I be paying that credit card you pay it run down the dutch mobile. All money that come from any source goes rather than Chernobyl. That's what I thought Are you gonna everything right way to go off and weep it up almost twenty thousand dollars in thirteen months.
It was a real everything Should really be yours, you're, like your trawler, managed by man like you, begging pneumonia behave for the first time. And then I can find answers are not our dead. Oh that's! A good line, that's good, Managing our money, not our dead. That's very good will work dawn corral. Excellent, merry Christmas to you, that's absolutely fabulous, that's exactly It is amazing when you just pay attention. The something how you can change the whole discussion around it. If you just pay attention. What you pay attention to. What you're intentional about what you focus on is what you win at.
The old Earl Nightingale talk from nineteen sixty the stranger secret. You become what you think about ass, a man think than his hard, so easy Jesus. What you pay attention to is what's goin on, and the rest of it just goes by and the peripheral vision, a tension This is that I Rams issue
where growth was born in Berlin Wall. How are you Where are you better than I deserve? How can I help bomb warrior piggy back? You see my wife and I got very. That time I was upside down on alone, with a truck we found the truck get off their Walmart remaining there alone, which is about five six thousand dollars. We also out your wedding ring, which has actually ten thousand dollars and then get off for vehicle, which is up for another fifteen thousand dollars good for you. We also paid off about
when he thousand dollars and much student loans, maybe closer like eighteenth like that, but I still have about five thousand dollars to loans and then in that time I also bought of truck- and I firmly about twenty two thousand dollars on my truck. Why would you do that? for getting out of that? I agree with her and made them decision, but not kinder it. It's one of the things were we ve got to children in the last two years, so I have two girls under with due to I just recently changed careers, so I worked in law enforcement for about seven years and I've been putting into that requirements on which an ipod retirement funded via an that. I'm a vast number of that sort
for I am but twenty thousand dollars in that I can leave it alone and their collecting and fifty five I can roll it over. Do I or with the money that we have left, which is about twenty or twenty five. I could take that out of ivory along with the blow, but we have to decide and pay off all my dad, which reason when action is now you with that retirements couldn't It was a ten percent penalty, pleasure tax rate right so much on outside income between two speed: ninety between ninety two hundred twenty five percent tax bracket, plus ten percent to thirty five percent of that money goes to the government, one third of it, ten thousand dollars of it correctly. We don't get eighteen thousand that and then, when we have a little set aside, that we can tackle that. Where mean that we will get we'd have a couple price or two thousand laughed fifty off after we put all that or that we have
for three hours left. That is all you know. I would not cash out, you returned again, I'll return. Would you would you leave it alone? And neighbours are now roller to an IRA and good growth stuck on mutual funds, and what we teach folks to do is stop borrowing money. In order to get out of that, and leave one thousand dollars only and you ve got more than that in an emergency fund. Starter beginner emergency fund live on a written tight budget and a terrorist attack the dat. So I think you ought to seriously consider selling this truck and then you, obviously you
Finish that long, certainly about five thousand locked and then what do you say how much we have in savings about four thousand? Ok I'll. Take that dandled one we had about me out about fifty in America and we drew up another that didn't want, then turn it get out, get rid of I'm just a recasting for you resetting for you what we teach you can work your system. If you want to earn my we manage about that, you get to choose what you're gonna do when you called me, and so our system is baby step ones,
dollars, baby step to stop borrowing more money, stop borrowing more money and thin. Then list your dead, smallest largest news, any non retirement assets that you can sail declare these debts. So you know you know you have to decide, as I can tell you, I don't see a bright future for you guys if you continue to borrow money to buy trucks and that's one reason Tony sell it doesn't want. You feel the pain of this. What you say, I'm done, borrowing money that was really dumb decision, not gonna, make the same decision again now. You're, probably gonna, give the drug near polygon, pay it off, but you're also gonna, probably borrowed about the next one and you're gonna get off the rails.
In an economic problem. You have got to draw a line in the sand says. I'm done you have to all right, for your sake, benefit me Cheyennes in Arkansas Ashine. How are you? I'm doing good hurry are better than we deserve. How can we help. Well, I didn't leave them advice from you, I didn't really trust your wisdom, so I've been I've been that free since March, a man about a month ago I work. While my relationship with my ex husband hours to February, I am also Craig I expect My baby in May and I just move back home to our concern for Minnesota thing is just like whoo hoo whirlwind: I'm. What do you want? My mom and my sister, my siblings and high school. You're nearby and I'm just curious as to what to do, because my mom
come in stirring up my mom for at least a year. Get out of that fishes, but we fixed eighty granting dead beside the mortgage alarm here and you're the one in a mess I mean How can I get you straight first, for you start fiction, other people. Bless. You been with your bent over hill and you're broke right here, How long were you married, Miss Thorpe,. About a year, I'm sure glad you got. Were I didn't even realize it? I mean category. The lights went out. Work went back to become nuts. Will, however, think, though, in the place Diana pregnancy, really how often the pregnancy on. Oh yeah,
once I got pregnant, the fog lifted an oligarchy. Oh my putting up, if you could better, I mean I guess This curious because, like I'm, this carefully think about also more than you did you tell me the divorces final. Yes, it was finalized in February, wasn't messy You just laughed so you went back to him the divorce I know, but I mean I'm done for good, because you know what, there is really a fog, and I didn't I knew there's something wrong. I didn't. Realise that for you, just gonna keep changing. We'd tried therapy so many times. So. Did you find that your money? Do you have a job. No I've been clean, I haven't decided and putting in red made watching her eye, and I I was First, there is the Minnesota but I dont have licensing hairs on what is it two generations. There.
A lot of money, and why do I have to take some actual courses? men pay two hundred dollars for a task that have already taken want and failed, I'm not sure if I'm dead I only have a hundred dollars to my name, and I can't working doing other things. There is a living position about an hour away from my family, and Bring around fourteen hundred a month, and I dont have any debt. So my builders, the basic stuff like phone in insurance for my car, show I'm trying to kind of decide. If I should, you don't move out as soon as I get some income or if I should stay with my family and save and favouring save the baby, he does. It intend on. Taking care of it financially Nokia and given given mood the violence? order of protection for hundreds, like everyone, hanky all right, where you are far away from all this is possible
No one should do you mind. How can you make the most money and take care of you in the baby. Probably. I don't know, I guess I guess get away Europe is made exactly exactly, emotional, are you can make the most money and take care of you in the baby. They'll get it openly right I'll, give you a place to live. Why you work five jobs, getting the money to gathering in that tests past and getting the clashes taken or whatever you gotta do in order to get that certification in Arkansas and get it done and also call the state where the light, the area, the does the licensing and explain to them what you ve got and what you're doing and is there any way they can help you,
be this up in an end should- and I should move out of my family found for the sake of you, know myself if you need to in here an issue with your family at the moment. But if there is an issue with your family, that's fine! You you're not able to take care of other people. You have a full time. Jobs is getting back on your feet after this mess you ve been through I'm so sorry how you call me anytime and I'll help you any way. I can get out of this. They range issue. This is James Childs, pretty. The day ran to show you know you can now listen to the day bravely show on Pandora Aunt Spotify for all the ways to watch. Listen check out our show page Dave, Ramsay dot com. Flash show
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