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Money Habits Are Not Tied to Your DNA! (Hour 1)

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From the headwaters of Ramsay solution, rod, gas, dollar, dollar, lentils, videos that day, Ramsay Show or debt is down. Tat just gave warning. It has taken the place of the Bmw status, symbol of choice, and I ran through your motion. Thank you for joining us. Open phones, AAA eight to five five, two to five: that's AAA eight to five five too five, Tyler is whether in Arkansas, hey Tyler. How are you.
Known great about yourself better than I deserve. How can I help I want an iron baby steps forward, her and six and we ve got to mortgages and six one is our personal residents and second, as Marshall Property, that she is using for a hair salon cool and were unsure which wants to tackle well how much was out on them. So the salon as about seventy five k left on the mortgage on it and the home, has about a hundred and seventy five gay and your household incomes. What we want sixty and one eighty killing. My congratulations. Thank you. She said but some hair seriously over there, I'm losing mine and she's job. That's where alone it well tipped. Typically, all things equal which they're, not here,
it does not a difference in the balances. I would pick up your home first. Because it gives you a sense of well being to have a for home, that's different and a commercial property being paid off. Ok, bye but in this case it's a lot different. You make a ton of money, and so I've got to hundred and twenty five thousand dollars in total real real estate data make one sixty eighty, how quickly we paying off the tune and twenty five thousand in total more projection was with within it four to five years and finally, it actually started put money on the house itself. Now. And then the ballots discount low enough tat, I thought. Well, maybe we should split blob now. I wasn't sure now said the boy: In four years, give or take your done anyway,. Yeah, this is not and should not. I once only got three left anyway. This is not a big discussion is my point: you're gonna have
seven dawn in four years, which, as we all know, goes by a blink but but I'm probably just I mean, doesn't matter mud but I'm properties that little one unpublished reach over knock out. Ok, just cut snow biomass. Only it's only seventy five thousand them If we're doing to twenty five and for years we are doing let me five thousand a year yeah! That's all topics step four to shut down the show but my point is you're gonna knock em all out in four years, so to twenty five divided by the social divide, you're, not the whole thing out your tongue and I M not even quite that's yoga have the seventy five done this year, only twenty and then, Let us just your house right right Can I help me say: yeah propaganda knocked the little one out: ok, autocracy, addio, but but decide to do with the other way. Just because you want to you would not be in the stupid column
They are my all dirty glance at house forgotten all of things you're in the smart column. Ok, the answers are good answers here in four years, touchdown you're done right, right, good job man you're stood keep after it Logan Taxes Logan welcomed the diver embassy. Things thing take my chirp. What's up, Oh, my god conclusion about life insurance. I may I will be making about suddenly three thousand dollars a year now, including thought hovels public, sure about a hundred a week, but with all my five helpful, So I am looking out for myself to do I am twenty. The term. A million dollars on twenty nine point. Nine years also put me to forty nine. By that time we should be financially stable enough to self unsure my life would be taken care of
for my wife. She is thirty years old. She and her mother and her grandfather both were diagnosed with ale ass, her. Is currently battling the disease and down and she's about fifty six. Your grandfather passed away about fifty three in my mind in order to cottages, we see there and the potential that the longer we wait to get they set up. A more uninsurable. She will become that setting it up while meters might regard I'll be able to know people working in providing in council I was gonna- do a half million dollar policy for a thirty year term for her, which would put her too. What did she make It is currently a stay at home, mom, but she's, looking at within the next twelve months
went back to work as an Austrian, but she's she's, hesitant just because of the potential we're losing her mother. The probability where they live. And unfortunately, I'm sorry what what a diagnosis dislocated just good friend Amanda. That are. We happen, Are you all right oh, if at twenty years, you're ok are she's. Ok, because you become financially independent. Why would you not be ok, twenty years. I guess there that that's a good point. I should be reduced even in a better place, if I'm continue work exactly
I'll do anything you're worried about is how long should ensure ability under the future somewhere and if you dont need insurance loss of ensure ability is not a problem. So, but just take a twenty on both of you, you, here's a how're. You got. You shut your thirty she's thirty price. Unless, what rational, Linda you LEO Yoritomo hundred and she's, going back to work, you ever price it out both ways and of which, in its fifty dollars more year or something you could be a healthy thirty or might not be that different, and it gives you extra peace for fifty bucks a year sure but I'm just doing I'm just gonna thinking through conceptual things. Some tea
when you put actual dollar amounts to these discussions, you just gonna, go we're done flippin matter, so be it in I. If it comes up that is the cost of a pizza to end. It makes you feel better because of these this line and her family, which is unbelievable, then than yeah take the thirty. But if it's enough to that more year or somethin? Don't do it now? He s, When its Vanyusha rumbling- yes, I m sure do Thank you for calling in open phones triple eight. Eight too. I've five two to five shout the show is, answering questions or what I would do after thirty years of coaching thousands and thousands of people and indirectly millions of people on how to handle money. After going broken, losing everything a heavy start over becoming a millionaire, but the time I was twenty, but losing at all, because I was stupid and then had to start over so stupid, honest,
Lloyd, baby, I'm a phd in the, U N, b right and then multi millionaire after that. So based on what I know from all of those cars, excesses and the occasional failure. But what I do I were in your shoes we applied, John Grandma's common sense to your question Does that ever amnesia,
You know I get asked all the time at what age should I buy life insurance? Let me be clear: if you have a family, if there are people depending on your income, now is the time to have term life insurance. I don't care if you're, twenty thirty forty, fifty or whatever your age is less important than your financial situation. If you have debt and a lack of savings, it makes no sense to risk your family's financial well being based on the cost of a term life policy term. Life rates are just plain cheap and the best way to compare those rates is through Zander Insurance call, eight hundred three five six forty to eighty two or visit Zander Dotcom. Most people grow up in a family. That was one of two things either the family group Ban were like really good with money
and seem to be always managing it. Well, parallel uptight about it, and what I want to talk about it, but they handled money well or you when a family where it was always volatile, vomit we struggled with money. A constant stress point was arguing. Bills were behind the electricity got cut off in what was the deal, one way or the other. That's how you grew up. Here's much interest. In the family that handled money well, some times the best of those families talked about money. Most families don't talk about money, most parents, old school parents. They don't talk about Germany and when their kids grow up, there were surprised to find out that they had both. You know and you just that's how it goes right. So here's the thing stress is there
money habits are not a dna thing. Therein environmental thing: you Europe in your mouth and you should. I was never an act that when you open your mouth and your father or mother comes out of your mouth, directed toward your kids or even towards a friend, That's a decision, that's not a dna thing you just this I did this loose, I'm stuff, I'm doing my grandkids. Only my kids go. Who are you and what have you done with my father? He was so tough and you're like a big softy with grandkids its causes. The grandfathers job shut up, Papa Dave is different. Eddie Dave, and they should be so if you're ready to decide because it's a decision to change your life, you can't blame it on your parents either way You can give them some credit for their success on the things they taught. You that's good,
the decisions. Are your your successor? Your failure is, breaking your fault financially Firstly, is the plan that has taught millions of families to do this right. It gives you the opportunity to live with dignity and change your family tree and does not have stress in your house about money. If you ve were taken at this. Is your ear, no matter where you are in your journey. You're gonna, walk away with the tools you need to take your money to the next level, financial peace, university. Not a day, Ramsay dot com and find out about a class near you, your ten or twelve thousand of them, operating right now, all across Amerika or call the customer care team. The Rams concierge at AAA twenty two peaks triple eight two to seven. Three two to three Jennifer's and while many high Jennifer welcomed the diver amnesia these are better than I deserve. What's up, I just had a question
I found your, but now three four. The girl. I've listened to it for a time now and yeah, I'm pretty serious about this, I'm in trouble, this fires, I'm I've been with somebody for eleven years and we had been married for four years, for your own little boy. In these past few months, I really looked at him, then realize how fast his life is really going on. I have no savings for him. I have no say. And then you, my husband, are completely separated, supper and finances, and when I say separate I mean we have supper bank accounts, houses in his name the,
thing that we share with our name on the same piece of paper that Ireland, my truck, will be paid off next month and we found that loan for six years and I hated it myself, green parents. And then he has a car alone that will be. How old are you. I'm thirty one and thirty four gone on thirty five, and what does he do for a living? He they correctional. Sir sergeant, what do you do for a living. Only the currently firmly finally show numbers. Your second nature to you. Yes, sir I'll have my associates degree. Next year, either January or may, depending on how some classes land. But I work Carrying for many years of work,
shooting is not unusual at all for someone that has taken the life path that you all have taken it. It's pretty simple. You lived together without being married for six years, and so you kept everything separate your roommates, Anne and now combining everything is not natural because you did it the other way for six years, not six minutes. Sixty year, and so you know tat the taught the discussion of combining everything feels weird because you ve, the way this has been determined to be normal, the problem, with. That is your normal socks, because Mary, people should do not handle money together, have a statistical probability of losing with money. It's almost impossible. We almost never
Fine couples handling their money separately, who win with money because Jesus The treasures were your heart is and when you come into agreement on where your monies going you're really discussing and agree Being an modifying and proposing on your total life is going when you agree, spending have agreed on your life when you keep your life, separate it's hard to have a high quality relationship. I bought this to him. My I completely one hundred a great, we have been any actually full blown ice, the last three days over it because he and some of my keys unconventional. Those with me. I listened to your but four times I've even started it again today listening to all morning
would. I would be his downside of considering trying something new. That's what I can't even understand. He pretty much thinks that I'm just here, to take the money, and it's not like you married he does. I stayed on Wyoming, it's not his money. You're married. It's our will want to give up our his extra money to pay off their and so sorry, but you have a wife and kid you already gave up all this independence. That's how life work So I mean there's no word, there's no way get around this. Even if you were to divorce, you get half his dead young stuff, I mean that's. Others works and Wyoming works in most states. That way, ok! So as to whether such marriages, Grand Divorces, fifty grand right, so you get to split
stuff! If I can get him on you, while you ve four days which combat low about ok, you're smart does not get all apocalyptic, but What I would say is this just you know, bribe him to say you know. There's some fun stuff on the other side of you. Listening to the Saudi a book and after you listeners, audio book, there's some fun stuff on your shot out and just you know the site in calm download. But here nobody wants your son. Money by the way the law says already got your stinkin money just in case your word about it, and I don't want your thing. Money. I want you and me to work together as a couple and have a wonderful marriage in a wonderful future and how statistics probability of living our dreams and giving a one.
Home to our kid and those kinds of things, if you can get him, took out a financial patient overshooting which, right now, you can't ok, but if you can talk him into it, I wanna put on how Kelly's gonna pick up and she she's gonna, give you her contacting back to her, but if you can ever talk him into it, I'll pay for it, you can go for free because there are almost zero percent chance. If he goes through that non, we class with you that he will not convert I'm really good at convincing. You do this the right way it's about all I'm good at, but I'm really good at that. So there you go hang on. I'll pick up, will help me out if we can become now don't get too crazy, just give him a little time giving real time. Not turn this into a nagging situation, talk about why it's important not what to do. Why is more important than what this is, that I've Ramses
Jake and jailer are where those in British Columbia says all my screen. You guys are dead, Bree, congratulations! how much of you paid off. We paid off. Sixty five thousand dollars was sixty five thousand eight hundred and forty five dollars. We want to be specific legislation. How long nine and a half months Why, as quick and your range of income during time started a hundred and twenty thousand and
and with all kinds of work and promotions and the hustle we move it at two hundred and sixty thousand. While what're you gonna do for a living. So Taylor is a massage therapist in a b c, and I work as a manager, telecommunications company and also an audio engineer alongside lyrical, keep at college, and I work as a consultant show out of all through our both are you having all they sat vessels, which is the best paying Side Hustle College education and ugly audio engineer say: ok, so you teach it at the college and then the audio engineers, the best gigs yeah, ok, cool and you do what dirt the day Jake, I'm a manager, telecommunications, company, Hookah George, you learn audio discover how gap as hip hop dancers. We're professional have gathered for thirteen years while.
He always played with audio and went back to school, and I was part of our debts. On four concurrently found you yeah he graduated and shortly after I graduated, we were so frustrated with all the dead and we're looking for solutions, though so what happened then, after you decide you're looking for solutions to me there s the story or we can have a very the story is an hour because your earlier living paycheck to paycheck paycheck for a long time as most artist you and we transitioned into a kind of arm. Big boy and a girl, career man making more money and were so frustrated. We didn't know where the money was going and we would see at tat time like while we made more than we ever be. Our lives like what's happening and I started deep, diving,
go and I found a Youtube, Sir, who had just started your programme and out like who's, this ball guy like what's he talking, he raised the mistake, I don't know if this works for us and Canada, though I just kind of all along and over a period of weeks, I've consumed as many podcast Could I downloaded the all your book? I listen to the army, but, and I came home and I started Oliver income, I'm totally the nerd. I all the things and then ran Jacob like this is what we're doing no ready and his version is very different than mine. Such a juggler really open. For I mean What what did everything like? I was the worst one between the two of us in terms of our money situation, so I never wanted to look at even my paycheck than even my bank account and exactly what she was saying that one day were just like so frustrated at why we weren't getting out of debt and all of a sudden I'm at work, and at this point I'm still working
The telecommunications living life had occurred under point using my credit card, sure left right and centre, and then I get this pact and its a link to your podcast, and you like listen to this. We're gonna talk about this at home and in my mind, I'm like- oh, my god, what do and then from their use is kind of like we don't really have really fast game on low intensity, so what you both had the information from whatever, God. Gas or audio books are what errand you both guns same page. You both knew there was a problem and then you just joined hands or went for it in the acting very cool and nine and a half months later you got rid of sixty six thousand dollars in that, may not some. How much of it was. Loans and what was the rest of it? I would say colleague, two thirds of it with didn't, want
I had them and then take had some as well, and then we had credit cards a personal loaned, my mom. We had a government loan. We are basically normal yeah. How do they are your mom off over with for me it was. It was really really dating because she was the one that kind of helped me out personally to be able to get out of my my other debts. But then I act up even more by leaning, her lot I most rewarding. Does we tried for so long to get out of that in our family? Helped us nothing, helped us Dave, except for you. Thank you so much area program you baby, that's good measures. It works in Canada right. It was all so or your biggest cheerleaders outside the two of you. I definitely you like me here with us now and she came with US
that your studio, where celebrated by going to see you and me you and our families- are friends. We had time blog about the whole journey as well. So we had a big on my. Community and your community thereon. You knew right now, very I thought so yeah resist. So many people really really supportive takes friends dynasty of what he calls them. And yet the shower my girlfriend need a lot of the point. So what you tell people the key to getting out of debt? Is you been highly successful? Show your advice how matters. I think Mikey is a little different than Jane for me combining finances. It's funny. You had a college just now tat that guy whining relieve would mean that was the biggest their friends, because we did everything separately. We did something's Joe, but not everything, and when we combined finances that was like just a game changer and you, budget. We use your every dollar up every day,
where are you feel like you get arrays, you know only when you say like tell your money where to go. If you ever wonder where, when that has never been more We will end up finding. It turns out thousands of extra dollars that weaken the road towards tat fell from us I know that you take the offer me. It was actually one of one of your podcast earlier when we first started this is that you engine that money has just mentioned, has no motion and then, for some reason I just collect nose like oh you're right they don't care. You know what what I'm doing with the money, if it's just math and then the man I was ashamed and embarrassed that I wasn't providing well for myself. My wife and then, when I heard you say that for me for some reason it just click tools like your right. They don't they don't have emotion and numbers don't You me leave him to actually move forward and move past my mistakes and had the to him. Face what I didn't know and learn how to do the whole personal financing,
So we really want to. Thank you. Dave that sounds like a lot of stuff is changed with the are more than just money, our marriage Emmy. We have wonderful, marriage or, but now it's on a whole level. May I cannot tell you how proud I am of Jake like yours, I'm so proud. The thirty that you you ve done and how much learning and growth and if so fond getting to be side by side and do that together, like thing about our marriage and our life so much smoother because of this journey agreed. You know how many husbands await their entire lives to hear their wives say something like you to say that I am very lucky so lost love that Harry very cool, good job Ladys. If some right, you can tell him you're proud of him. It goes a long way really knows. I'm so proud of you guys. You rock story, amazing! Well done our.
Jake and Tyler British Columbia. Sixty six thousand dollars paid urban nine months, Megan one twenty the side also taken a dollar one, sixty touch baby Counter downloads era, dead, breeze, grew out and re examined It sounds right there. Man isn't that interesting. So you get it. Few pieces of information you didn't have before and you actual use those pieces of information and you will see dramatic changes, but the tree you got to actually do it. The I believe it lean into it. Your pay, the price to win no disciplines This does not easy. They sound out
Be there I ve Nuggets earth in you're doing at its opponents, but is hard thing. I can promise you it's hard. I, when I can promise you it's worth it. This is that everyone, shut up.
Sharon's North Dakota welcome that ever actually show sheriff. I didn't think you, tomorrow Taking my college of what's up the question about investing. So I'm a missionary- and I don't have any good Currently don't have a job but will probably be working in a couple weeks some money in savings, and so No, what I should do it should. I looking dream. Investing arm what are you? What would you do? Ok, you're starting a new job. Not a new missionary role yeah I'll still be a missionary and
he'll travelling. I haven't heard coming up in April, possibly in June, but in the meantime, while I'm here in the stage, I won try and work and make some money much more. Let's watch the dish of your time. Ok, good! Well, yeah, thee, did I region, you wouldn't follow a normal financial process. The only thing wouldn't be normal would be to take it from one you'd donations for a missionary trip to use that to invest not be weird, because the people Giving you donation or expecting you to use formations not to put your yet not I put in a mutual yvonne you now.
But the money that you earn quote on your own unclothed, it's not as if you're not earning money as commissioner and I mean that in a negative way, but understand when you're at the regular jobs. I would definitely say stay out of that. Have your emergency fund inflation begin your fifteen percent of your income going into investments, absolutely the sad story, sometimes with missionaries who are very, very urgent about everything else? Is they don't plan for their later years, and that's what I was scared out I want to play. For it. I don't want to get some translation,
that is an act of faith, but there's plenty of scripture that indicates that faith should cause us to be wise and think into the future. I could give you know or give your whole babble study on planning for the future, as an act of faith show at night is not lacking in faith. To do what to ask the question that you're asking and do the things that you are asking that you're considering during dinner? Yes, I would definitely do some investing from the money that you and the only way I would use any of the money donated for mission troops, for that is with permission of the donors. Now depends on how health
I'm all your structure is on a missionary donations in war that running through an organization like thing there's all kinds of different issues there, but if someone simply giving you a check so that you can spend a week in Uganda, then that's that's for the Ugandan her up. It's not for investing and are you would want to honour the intent of the gift, but if you ve got a massive donation platform that includes you're living in your future ongoing, then that would you could change that discussion at that point, so Thanks for the call appreciate your joining us Anthony is weathers in New York. I Anthony welcome that ever amnesia. I don't think they can Michael chirp what'll. I bit my business is growing at an end. My space, my graduate now and I'm looking at least from the spot. I don't really know how much I should spend on that. Ideally would, not to do as though the home again
have a garage next door to my house, so I can walk over, but I'm not and messed up at all, and I can't find anything any land reasonable I asked them if they would like, the old and they want to do that? They want to keep the priority. Should you found a garage to lease? Yes, a market could be under a much the cane honey for thirty six hundred square feet, which is more than I need down, but I've been looking for about three years for Rogers and not in an area like so, let's look at this through the perspective of saying this is a business. You have a business in your garage now. What do you make at the business in your garage gross revenues before your expenses and actually a construction contractor, saw user for storage and to get
the jobs done, but my close, I glanced about three city and I learned about a hundred three hundred, fifty thousand as a construction contractor, the model is: are we using the garage for that that you set up a misunderstood? I thought you were a mechanical. No, no! No! I the grounds for the storage of, like my work, supplies all my trailers? Ah, oh I got you, are you actually do work in the garage or is it just short. While the gradual have now. Works. I can't do anything in ok, the possibility of increasing your income by being able to do work in the garage, I believe self L, L making more efficient and then I will be able to work on project. But like the pain in the south. I can't do it by what I can do that
your time line is three hundred fifty go. Your bottom line is a hundred and you're adding eighteen thousand dollars and expense, which is fifteen hundred bucks a month. That's five percent of your top line. Is your decision yet, and so can you increase your top line by eight or nine percent or ten percent, and thereby increase your bottom line by more than the cost of the garage due to the girl, That's the business analysis, I think you can think of this year will be a lot more That is a lot more, but I bought a watch to Isabel had come down yeah, but I don't want any other thing is, is leasing. This garage is not going to cause you to go bankrupt, no
if you haven't ingress your expenses, eighteen thousand dollars. So your worst cases, it does nothing for you and instead of making a hundred you MIKE. Eighty two at your worst case scenario, the I'm nervous. I loved you like it at home. I have a home, I have where different discussion and another stay that way. You probably art on a common line and whether you're probably not going to combine these two. You probably going commercial, your girl, commercial space Sunday and that's bigger than this- that you own annual home Sunday that that's probably what's gonna happen here, because I think your business is going to continue to grow. If you continue to do proper
Now. Let me give you another example here: let's say you call me up and you should always been fifty thousand on this system to eighteen thousand, I would say I will not work, and I think you can justify that because it would cut your daughter. The cultural bottom line in half and you'd all you'd have to add fifteen to twenty percent to your top line in order to break even and add to our would question that, based on the data, the the discussion that we have had on this, but I think this is doable and if it, if we're completely wrong, it doesn't kill you. So I would do it. I would do at least it would not least for twenty years Lucifer couple years three year deal something like that, but you don't need a long term lease on this, because
yours from helping you gonna have changed. I meant good discussion. Thank you for calling an open phones, a triple eight eight to five five two to five Jim is with us in Louisiana Hygiene. Welcome that I've rooms issue thanks, stick my call they sure. What's up with a few weeks ago, I thought we might be headed for divorce. My wife reluctantly read your book. The very next day she went in council for one k, giving ordered the financial Peace University this morning and listens to a Youtube video, the your show every morning now and the problem we have that the internet called you about is we have a payday loan which is coming out every other week, payment and the balance on that never seen the drop in all what's the bomb. I think it's like sixteen hundred, if not, that much of what your household income
about one kitty. Once I've won one, twenty five want at the motel. Stop everything go pay the thing off what that was. My question yes offer our thousand dollar baby. I'm going to get rid of that thing is just poison. Those people are complete, scam, artisan, you fell for it, there's some of scum and never go back on their property again when you pay this thing off the Good NEWS, as you make enough money, knocked out really really fast just by adjusting stuff this month, Your life- I would just be you- know everything paid that I'd be ashamed, that I've done my work for having signed up for it and so get her back, maybe not get out fast. You can do it for the gall. I'm glad Yaller turn in this round how many com this is that I Ramsay show.
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