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My Husband Hid $140,000 in Debt! (Hour 3)

2020-02-12 | 🔗

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Ram, see solutions broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios it's the day. Ramsay shall work that is done, casual gang and the bait. Although mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw ass, though status, symbol of choice and Abraham through your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones, a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five. That's AAA eight to five. Five, two to five Kim, is starting off this hour in Florida. I can't our you didn't How are you today
Then I deserve what's up in your world. Well, let's see I learned about nine months ago that my husband had acquired city that I did not know about. I have always lived completely got four. Prior to have getting married which, having married while I was thirty, six, a m house at the time and paid cash from my our brand new didn't know about you at that moment, but so married and then fourteen years under the marriage not show happened? He is a big follower of you and leave attended two of your life, a ban on. I introduced him to you when we first started. And there has even thought of key before our church and I lost a place for loving.
So I right out of the boy that he had charged on a credit card about fifty. Than dollars, and there were a couple of other credit cards this, while he eventually admitted to carry it also and withdrawals from was I re in their minds about eighty thousand, so, needless to say, the devastating your marriage and to me so should are inconsistent with everything else that you know about him. It tells us that there must be some extreme thing going on. Yeah Lucky's, leading a double life for some reason, which indicates an affair or an addiction, or something like that. What's gonna write, I asked in point blank denies any sort of affair, although maybe the person that I am. I ordered all the credit card statement and looked at those, and I can't,
There are things honour that would lead me to think and believe that that could have possibly gone on whether something this resistance, because he's leading a double life agree I'm making not only large and hid it. It is an extreme a mile, and it's not like he was here. This is a guy who taught financial patient. Firstly, claims to live one way and is doing things that are absolutely perpendicular to that which tells us or some kind of extreme switches flipped in his head right. I think I will tell you that we have made a good move when he had gone about job changes and had gone from making closer two hundred thousand dollars a year to less than half of that, and in the midst of all of that bought a howl, and I kept saying what.
Find out exactly what we want to pay for a mortgage and, let's look at all investment from that was kind of ignored and we we bought the home and his jobs continue to change and not get better, and so in the meanwhile, we were renovating some on this house, so he has led me to believe that this would all be too bad and things origin hi than they got out of control, and will you not involved enough in the budget to know where all the current money that is making was going? Therefore, knowing it was enough right, leg ass, he could were all of the finances, which is also with everything else. You told me about what has been done right. We are also move had were well, we would started
I knew about all of this and, of course, because that was not based on all of the absolute trees. We had saying that gentleman by saying, while not only the helping and then I went back to my own counselor, and I have been saying that person and he has read a book and pulled me- he thinks he's. Dependence and I am not able to link these codependent right. I'm not certain. He Norway and now it s not clear, apparently he's a liar sniffer codependent visa deceiver. I don't know what the route of his deception is, but that's not co dependence and he's
I'd and not just a little, a meaningful dream amounts of lies and higher union has worked very very hard to hide this from you and what most disturbing is not just. That is that he is that it is so perpendicular to everything he claimed to be, and so warm- and I don't know my ex Ariel sharon- I, if you were my friends and you too, sat down at the table with a cup of coffee- was Sharon and may I would not be very gentle with him I would have. I would have been rimming him to shreds, not because he didn't follow my stuff but but clause. I wouldn't I'm gonna, try find out where the what's really going on down in here cause some thing, some kind of a switch flip. That is not good there is. There is an addiction or there's an affair. I'll give you a ninety percent probability, one of the other more war war. There's a gambling
and there's a honey on the side. There's a pornography thing going on with prostitutes, There is some montana be melodramatic. It's just our aim is to extreme suddenly the dichotomy of who, if so opposite and so so perpendicular to every We know about this man until we learn this and then he doesn't come clean right, entranced right unless it away and we put on the rug, which that tells me more addiction than affair, but I don't know but I'm not a mental health counselor. I've just worked with them in situations like this for thirty years, and so I can just smell these rats, so the I'm so sorry what a horrible thing for you all know through and horrible that he went through this job losses. Led to whatever the shovel thing is because there's always deem he on all that it is probably precipitated some who, but
I am very much in our for my own future. Without a theme you no one them by their together or not. I want him to be. All the air whatever days, because while this is the right for you, there move on normal, mentally stable person in your shirt shoes.
Would have all the same emotions of a hundred forty thousand of hidden Dat. We call it financial infidelity in our world, because the process, the same trust, emotions being broken as if he had come in and said he had an affair with sector not used the same buttons safe for you, if you're a normal human being, and what that means is that you need to get really good counselling and not financial counselling by a good councillor in your corner and if he wants to engage in some healing where the quality marriage, counselor that call out all the b s that I'm seeing in your seeing in his life and help in short to clean it out, you guys have a chance to turn in this round a sham. So sorry I'm sorry, this is the I ran, show
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TIM is, where this term is in Missouri high time our yo. Dave, I'm doing well how about yourself better than deserve. What's up all I am currently working through the baby said some currently on baby steps, three in fourteen fifteen percent of my income for retirement and then also signifies a money order. Ah, hopefully, House downpayment Anna upcoming wedding and eighteen months, all right he's trying to figure out what intensity as you go with, because my fiance has there and I'm saving up for. That is well, sir. When you're can I be doing gazelle intensity, or should I just be an eleven wide new binding furniture year upgraded my car things like that, I think paying for weddings more important in a car, so I don't get in the car until I had the wedding done.
I think the day that you get married and come home from the honeymoon riding a check in paying off hurl her that's more important than you are getting a car. I think a few other things are so just a minute musing the car, a great as an example of a luxurious. Take it easy, cannot thing this example. You used right. So yeah yeah, but I mean what I always do stuff like this man is to sit down and say: ok what I want the most: it's not that I can't get the other. It's I'm gonna, get it second or third or fourth or fifth. So what I want most involved in your shoes on what this wedding Exciting thing in your life. Right now admit: oh yeah, that's for sure derived is more take America, her son calling and listening for luxury.
You know I mean if I'm, if I'm here when I was your age, that's all I could think about it. I was getting married. This whole thing and you know you're a financial gall to because paying for the wedding is a big deal and saw how much do you need for the wedding thinking about fifteen thousand? Have you set a budget yet early hated landing but we're thinking, oh peril, beer on air quality. Will then you need to say I got a teen months to save that, and so, if its eighty months for eighteen thousand, that's thousand dollars a month right here, and so we got that budget, oh by the way, if you got there are nine months, you could move onto your next skull. You dont have to wait eighteen months to get their manufacture. Can't do you not know you have to pay for most of it before you get there, so but yeah you need to lay out your goals are exactly what it is in a suit. You know what I'd do say: I'm gonna stay Gazelle, intense like it that done, and then I must take as their contents.
I have enough additional savings to pay off heard that when we at home from the honeymoon and yeah, and only then what We're talking about buying furniture upgrading because, in a sense, buying furniture upgrading is causing her. Debt to hang around longer after your married, but make sense here. Does somebody prioritizing listing? What do I want? First would want what second, what do I want? Third and we'll get there to all the houses down the list? Its own down the list before I save for a house in your situation, I might move up in car, or am I do some luxury things or whatever those reports?
Place as well so, but you know you can just countless that out and say this: will we wonder this? Will we wonder versus launder second? And it was a great. I remember the first time I actually implemented that strategy. Folks, it was like this awakening because we had always. I think we were just being melodramatic. He'll Billy's, you know you're, just like everything was all or nothing right, and it's like you have to fight like to the death, because it's all or nothing and we finally just realized- is not know it's just which is first, it's yes to both everything on his list as a yes, the wedding, the car upgrade the House purchase pay off her dad. I increasing the quality of his lifestyle.
Up. All of those are yes, it's just which he s comes first, that's all it is, and it saying no to something. So I can say yes to others are always going do that because monies always finite, but my wife was driving one of those two thousand years ago. India remember those two tone: ugly blue Astro vans. They were nasty lookin, but we thought at the time cool, had like bucket seats, and it was like many van, but it wouldn't minivan was like, but Real Van Anna Minivan Color thank and are back in the day right in the kids, the keener we had kids. So this was gonna, be arc evolutions, our kid holler. We drove the wheels off that thing and we raised several dogs servile kids in that Van and it was nasty and it was worn completely freaking out. It was on the second transmission. The old engines on its last legs
and are also we're out of that? Finally, were booking long, we're doing pretty good, but we still got this nasty bottle van right and the business was growing, and I had this particular thing I could do down here at the business. It was like twenty five thousand dollars, and I was pretty sure that if we took that twenty five thousand and placed it there's gonna make me a hundred pretty sure, maybe take a few years to get all back, but I was given a really Investment it was a gross thing in the business at is really really really wanted to do it my way,
It is not wanting she's, really really really really wanting to no longer drive this ugly, but our Lastra Van, and so we get this big argument about is like well, you know it's not as if we had to do one and not the other, and I remember that fight, because it was a breakthrough and we finally just said wait a minute. We can actually do both. We just need fifty thousand instead of twenty five thousand, and I forgot about twenty five thousand other car or do a twenty five of our investment at the office. Oh, we need
two thousand for Gandhi, both right and so we ve gotta have so where we going. So it's not a matter of never doing one or the other. It's just which one goes first. Well, as you might imagine, the purchase of the twenty five thousand dollars, suburban, which was a five year overdue, upgrade to this car. Considering all the hell my wife had been through with me process and it was a small percentage of our income and everything else, but, as you might imagine, the first twenty five went to her. Getting this the white Suburban, oh, that thing was a land yacht too so long, but they still are still make the same body saint same we'll. Based on that thing, some big ol freakin car, ailing we bought of, are bought her that
before we move down into the business and then we went ahead and the business of gradual. That's just not. It wasn't no real, both issues, which one is. First, that's really TIM's dichotomy, not yes or no, which ones first this is the driver, amnesia folks
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in the lobby of Ramsay solutions on that that breach the age J Ai is whether such idea, how are you I can't hear her problem? Mortar dragon jail nope, still can't hear you got it now, can you hear me now I can hear you smell. You going when we the right buttons back here. Ok, How are you I'm doing grating yourself better than deserve? Where do you live? I live in Salem Oregon, but I'm from Fort Lot, Adele Florida
and all the way to Nashville from Oregon to do a debt free scream, yes good for you. How much will you paid off? I pay off eighty four thousand four hundred good for you and how long did it take you eighteen month. Wow a new range of income during that time hundred and six thousand two hundred and thirty, six thousand look at you. What do you do for a living? I'm a nurse practitioner specializing in nourishment livery, of course, specializing a nurse what men free. Ah, I didn't get the whisper. It took me a second I'm a little slow on the uptake alright, eighty four thousand box, and that may be to be a nurse practitioner, maybe student one. So it was fifty six thousand four hundred fifty nine thousand five hundred for student loans.
And the rest were my credit cards. I moved to Salem or again bought a beautiful homozygous, a hundred years old and Capps wiping my card. Ah, I need this that not yes, absolutely lately. That's what happens. I see some things on need, after about the house, monocultures, expensive, but then folded up is worse. It is worse, especially meant a hundred years old and you walk into plumbing electrical yeah me that for sure well, while good for you ok. So, eighteen months ago, your living in the house ripened the card just happy, happy happy, just brokers just broke his broke and what happened? What woke you up? While it was normal, but then I finally became really frustrated. I was putting money into retirement, I about the new home and I felt like I am just working to pay off debt and it's not going anywhere. I ve been eighteen years and I'm still looking at fifty eight eighty four thousand
Likewise, is not going away and something I don't know. I was looking on you tube and you came across now, as I close the sky with this country accident. What's what is their currency or will it then? I just start listening to you every day on you too many people at work. We will retain about hearing you by its that's. What worked for me? Oh very girl, show that major stopping go. Ok, maybe only though just some stuff goes what I've been doing. Some been work absolutely I started doing Araby and be a my horse. Oh yeah, I live in the attic, so I have two rooms on the first level and I just thought something has to give. I started working actual shelves and I started seem at first cram. Student loan was paid off. It was like oh, my gosh, it works. Well. I just kept going. I can do this, you ve got a guard boat off and get him chopped up and up
absolutely now. Why go so how's it feel it or for if it feels amazing and I had discovered cardinals like you're, not discovering anything. A lot of is discovered. Is I don't like you? People have discovered tat now I can just live life and I can travel in sea, family and friends, and the way is off my chest and I like I did. It is amazing. It's almost like when you graduate from school right yeah you pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed to get their golden. You finally get there. Yeah and I lost forty pounds. Oh look at you won't go! That's all some! It begets discipline. I hear a done so burn man. That is amazing, are so when put your
friends that were going camped, heartlessly country go the action on you went, but then they find out. You paid up eighty four thousand dollars in debt and they say: wait a minute wait a minute. How did you do that? What he told the key is. The key is knowing why you want to be free, and why did you wanna be, for I want to be free to travel the world, and I dont want my job to own me. My money to work for me me not working for my money same with a job, very good, sir, where you gonna travel now the trout, I'm gonna, Vietnam and August so nice, and when I asked came to freeze and timber seventh of twenty nineteen, I went to the door and that's actually. Where did my first, that free scream DA focus on the beach on the beach just showing up a love? It looks
no regard under very well it good for you good, for you shall having a good. Why is a part of getting out of that? Our agreed with that? What else did you tactically due to get out? I can people keep me I count of also. There was a time when I wasn't listening to you as much, and my amazement say why isn't Dave on like yeah I'm supposed to be sticking with, because that will be even unlike why I wanna go out for lunch. That's not part of the day randomly right and so as soon as they were like you're, not listening as I go k I'll get back to it. Gotta get back to it because I'm not gonna get out of here get to it right. I had to listen all the time and if I couldn't at work because I'm seeing patients than I would
Sherman, I'm home, I listen, I be the jam listening, I'm cooking dinner listening in the car, so drive an hour to Portland forgot. The progress was war. You well know I still love a still larger, but you had it all knowledge of all the time. Oh my gosh, while its actual limousine well, congratulations. Thank you who were your biggest cheerleaders urine. My amaze were my biggest your leader, and one of them is here lying around sandy, my mom's love and support. I know you So what did your mom do grow? We are growing up what he should do for living my mom's, a fact tenant of flight attendant and hunger, and you grew up where I grew up and for, like you said that our learned, ok, right and so she's watching her daughter, who got the medical degree clean up this man, she's gotta, be really proud. She is now to be robots like looking at your kids lot when, like that is you changed your family druids good for your mom shall good for you very well done. Can go
relations proud of what bookoo. Where are we going I'll be over Chris Organs book for you every day, millionaires, because that's definitely that extra. Your story, humming you make it hundred hundred thirty, thousand hours year and are currently payments. Genoa, I sure, don't have any. That's amazing I'm so proud of you very very well that J from soya more again, eighty thousand dollars they had all been eighteen months, making a hundred and six two hundred thirty six counted down. Let's hear a debt, It grew three two one This is how done how it's done proud of you very, very good, stuff,
It takes an incredible amount of discipline intellect to get through the the medical studies that J. I did able to get to be who she is and then to turn after that and apply the same kind of discipline, an intellect to this situation and say eighty four thousand that I'm not getting traction. I've got to change some things and is an interesting. How you just also need a vote. In your head. We all need accountability, someone just gonna go, I always stop and then also need somebody, that's encouraging and says you can do that. You got this, I'm proud of you! I know you can do this and you know there's a combination that one to punch between database temperate and you got this. We gotta we're gonna people at lavish enough, and that's me I'm here, because I love you and I want you to win, and I want you to do this stuff and I'm gonna, I'm gonna straight up. Tell you when you're
but you know that you call her on air. You get that, but also tell you didn't do it. You can do what you can win you can. You can become wealthy in America today you can live your dreams. You can see Your family tree. You can set yourself in a position that you completely change the entire trajectory. Of everyone with your last name that follows you I'll there was an old man Vanderbilt that was the gouge started it right. There was an old man Rockefeller that was the guy who started a right. As in all manner of lady counting down there? You name the name, someone change that family to read or where now it's a household name, many many many many generations later. Why are you- just a series of decisions you get to decide.
This is that I ran vision our scripture that proverbs twenty seventy stores of sound wisdom for the upright. He is a shield to those who welcome integrity, large nightingales arrive. Tribute must success to this. I never gave or took any exe cheers. Paul is where this policy intact,
hi Paul how're, you Dave because you to speak with. You have been a long time with their first by color thanks. How can I help an easy numbers? Parities? Three I've got about three hundred thousand years p. I have a hundred thousand note start. My mortgage, I rent the house out and I live in a one bedroom. I went out to houses five bedroom and the question is: should I pay off the house on schedule and ten years and let the runners continue to pay the rent and the property taxes is part of the rent, or should I pay the house off in twenty four to thirty six months, my thought was
They got my money and continued MAC daughter, my chief p. How old are you out there? More than fifty no children twice married now retired for marriage, and I have no more debt, forty thousand thousand bank. How can the three hundred thousand Jesse what you ve done? A great job? You can't touch that money that is currently in the test: pay until you, fifteen I'm half without penalty right. So we can't touch that money. The only question is how much we put into the t s p versus What repaid down towards paying off your home early? That's the only question and where we would tell you there's tell is formula we use for everyone else now. Baby step forward is fixed Percent of your income should be going into retirement. Are you putting more fifteen percent in the taxpayer, less unlocking out everything, and also during the years older ketchup
He has to be said that we are you putting more than fifteen percent of your income entities p. I don't think you can Software depends on what you make you can put in their so ok how much? you putting entity sb, including catch up. Probably twenty five Ok? What do you make a year with the real income? Now? Ok, you up with that not counting real income. Will you make a year? Are we going to show you Putting twenty one percent of your income into the Ashby saw. Would Baghdad down a little bed and you just quickly say you said you are making, twenty right right? I shall want twenty. I would you take that
and you say one twenty and point one five is eighteen thousand dollars was what you should be putting into your is ts pay, no more everything above that should go to pay off your mortgage until your mortgages paid off and then, when you get the mortgage paid off, then you are You can match out everything in your baby steps. Seven. We would call it at this point. Here's the thing Paul though saying that people say a new shuddered awhile ago- is not accurate. And that saying is the renters are paying off my head comparing the tax is not about another, not the rent you're paying rent. You taking your rental income and choosing to pay on the house. Renters aren't paying any they're paying rent. Pay weren't whether the house has paid off or whether the houses and paid off pay rent and so that that you know the fact that you have renders paying income.
Does not mean you would do something different were the income you still fifteen percent of your income into retirement, and then, let's get those paid off you do what you want to do, but that's what I would do if I woke up in your shoes Coal is in Mississippi. High call welcomes the diver amnesia than I deserve. How can I help you just I'm graduating with a bachelors day and authority this programme for the forced masters being on one aspect of the matter What are you talking about? What you have biomedical engineering wow, what you gonna do? Hopefully maybe NATO artificial heart new prosthetic legs of the matter.
Ok, so that the type of industry that you can go into with the training that you had a good girl, that's also met. My congratulations are obviously very bright fighting, and so I will be so much a question so I'll make a bill. Six dollars long matches programme were adopted. Could you give me a forest like, after I graduated master, You know raining her fine bursting, like what advice would you get for like an easy way out, but that do you have any dead? No, I got a bunch of scholarships from our bachelors and sponsor of every day, a lot tuition and I'll make about two thousand dollars before TAT, MIKE good I'll show. You know how hard it I've card that you don't have any Canada, no credit cards in another way to go, call good for you. Man very cool,
and so when you come out of school is your job already lined up with the sponsor or from other this programme authority. Wonder of Norman, when you finish your masters is what you are asking me about you What to do? I refresh my education after a finnish our job under work Amr in a year, and so when I get caught, waiting? now remember masters they're all make a few hundred gotcha. Gonna got that ok, but necessarily feed straight in it's not like an internship of the early like that, it's just from there you will decide what you're gonna do you know in your last year, your masters you'll start looking for that career job land as well as of graduation. Somebody. To your maker, storing sixty five. Seventy four really a year. Is that all
I want to find out whether in Europe or it can get pretty harbour Edith Nathan experience barriers that very specific field very interesting. How can I wanna get a masters degree in something as complicated as that and going into the field of medical device field would have paid a lot more, and I just didn't know. I've never run of that. This interesting, ok go well. Here's. What I would I would pile up cash is high. Is you can possibly pilot in something simple? Something like simple savings account money market account that kind of thing. If you put a little bit of it into something like an action, be five hundred index file. You can smuggling Make you any money, the biggest value that this Pile of money is going to bring the EU is not the investment returns. The biggest value it's gonna, give you is the flexible ready to move to wear over this new job. Is that pays the most. So let me give an example
if you have no money to make a move and someone offers you the a job in the world, but it's gonna cost you five thousand hours to move its harder to take that job. Then you might take a lesser job to keep from having to go into all the move right, but if you need it, across the country or something- and you can get this big time gig and it pays too. She much but you got timber, buck saved up makes it really. He'll. Do it so your biggest point. Of transition in your life. In transition always has expense to it is, is upon graduation from one of the biggest points is right after graduation. So your mind going to concentrate on here. Sars finish this degree. It sounds like you're of awfully academically talented, stick with that plug push on through finish up no dat whatsoever for any thing, save up, save up, save up, save up, and then that gives you the money
make the move by an eye. Car, when you move actually buy you a couch when you move and you get to new job, and you don't have to You know you know either live sleeping on the floor for the first three weeks of your new job, waiting on a paycheck to buy a mattress and that kind of stuff and people that all the time coming out of college or they go into debt, to do to keep from doing that and so the that's all. This money is good for it it'll help, you make the transition smoothly and I be worth every reduce, will give you a complete real return on investment. It'll be worth the trouble that you want to do. This shall very cool man go to talk to you all Thank you very much for joining us with appreciate your hanging out. That puts this hour of the day. Ramsay show in the books, our thanks to Zack Bennett filling in for James today, though it annual associate producer and funds greener, I They ran through your host. We back with you before you not
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