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My Husband's Ex-Wife Is Demanding $20,000 (Hour 1)

2019-12-25 | 🔗

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I have one Ramsay solutions. Rod gasoline from a dollar a day, Ramsay were damaged. Casual king in the pay of mortgage has taken the boys of the Bmw status on day Ramsay your home. This is your show. America. Thank you for joining us. Open phones, AAA eight to five five, two to five: that's AAA eight to five five two to five candle starts off this hour in Miami Merry Christmas to you can't make me in speaking my car sure, what's up,
economic. What would you do? I certainly am we might. My husband has been involved in a custody battle with and edges. Acts is also at for for awhile and a guardian, enlightenment decided a case, and he always is the pay. The fifty percent the guardian, and I am pleased, however, that these have worked out so high and we ve been making payments that we turn every month, but day in court. She cheaper, that's not enough, and the judge that we needed to pay her and for more than thirty days and it's over twenty thousand dollars and we don't have any money and I'm just wondering what would you do in this situation?. What did your attorney side of the judge? We can't even but an attorney. She has three, we have men, the abbot More attorneys, the new health
parents are billionaires, then so they're paying their they're paying their half of her half of the guardian line on the hooker. Laughter oh yeah. How old are these babies, What is thirteen she put her arm now just recently and the other one, the other one is twaddle than he live without full time and how long this is going to be ongoing forever until the for the next six years. I mean I don't know where really we ve asked for mediation with us to finish this made scheduled another date too about mediation and integrating radiation it I never things so hard to take months and months just to get a court be
Many women are the guardian. Now might meanwhile, the guardian Alarum gets paid a remote. Yeah, I heard bills are so think about doubling is thousands of dollars a month and we only have a few hundred dollars a month. We could pay her. This is what happens when you don't have an attorney well now that the problem I mean, if it was a one time bill, you have a debt to allow your a guardian of item? You could just try, where the debt sits and if you If you have the ability to borrow the money, you would go and borrow it from the credit union a year over twenty thousand our bill at credit unions. Instead, We don't know about the other, that's not like knowing in the debt you're already in that that so that doesn't bother me. The playing the bothers me is: what are you gonna do six months from now on? I do it again.
Yeah or a month and it will now and she felt another two thousand dollars. That's what I'm saying that we just gotta make I mean I've been helping out as much as I can look at their finances separate because the issues about it I've been having others, I can't let you know he'll meaning or a thousand. The man MIKE about six, so you have turned out our mother income. The answer we have prepared all of the ones have extensive. I do not think so. If you're going to continue this battle, you have to find two thousand dollars a month in your budget, or you have to discontinue the battle over it Let us continue the battle, but they want it. We say we want to make finishes. And after that- and we have My wife is tat. Opening, after that, we're not
leaving given the option What is it that the other side wants, though they were actually palace I'm guessing they want, but kids with her and other things too bad. I don't think that's really. Beyond the table. Fires, even though the guardian light under the models for not paying like she agrees that it is, I just don't ip later than Ahern Fighter, instead of making as much money as possible. They have no problems without Lou, It's also a strategy to starve you out in its working hooker You're gonna have to get legal representation because you you cannot afford. Who carry those on for three more years, we don't want is more into that get legal representation. Does it make sure you get wriggle mourned anyway?.
There are you a bill. You can't pay. That's called death got to adjust your budget to be able to pay this to survive or you oh just a situation to future budget, and that means legal representation. And I'll show you ve gotta, get, allow you to go out and have some really good reason: discussions with the judge. Here does Promise me that the judge wants, as guardian our her guardian lot, unpaid, that that's logical. And you're. Not paying is not. Ok, I get that from the judges perspective, but The fact that this thing is tied up in his running during other running sham through the glass here I every time I can't it's untenable John tenable, it's not it's not sustainable, so you ve got a break, the Thai somehow Surrendering hiring a lawyer or adjusting your budget fit two thousand dollars a month. And now you just your budget by cutting expenses, getting stuff or
by arm whatever and you could tell the guardian, madam we can either by the private school. We can pay you, which would you rather. Shall remove that. Remove that are that that requirement but the kids and private school remove that requirement. Remove the help me help me help us somehow get our budget go. Go scheduled meeting with a guardian lotta. You should have shown their budget and got. What would you do? We shall poster for survive against the billionaire parents. And see if you can get some coaching here and get guard, maybe they ve got a suggestion. Illegal movement over I don't up, but that would be one thing I could do. You could do is scheduled meeting with them and I do that today. And your share the situation is not that we don't want to pay you it's that we do, this to go on for ever and ever number one number two week, the money should you cause. You got these requirements. Put us on this other kid. So now you know that direction.
But I dont know how to solve at exactly, but really it sounds like as I go through it in my mind, there's three possible scenarios: surrender adjust your budget get legal representation that causes the situation to be adjusted. One of those three things meantime Twenty thousand dollar bill you can borrow that much plus ten more to get your lawyer. If that's what you wonder, I approach Because I saw its debt, you already have not turned to go into that you're in the dad you're there, just a matter where the debt, since it's like our gut guard better are gonna car death? You borrow your car repairs, credit cards are still but dad is to use moving the dead around So this is not diagrams. You told me to go into that. Has shown you move it because you're gonna have to,
Courts gonna make you on that you're being contempt, Gordon paying, for my drudge told you to pay that the approach to be this is that I am sure. This is the time of year, your time share maintenance fees or coming it's a painful reminder in the form of a fat bill that you bought.
Then you can't use and you can't sell one enough is enough times. Your ex team will get you out of a bad situation when the resort refuses to help you. The first step is a free consultation schedule one day if they can't get you out, though, give you your money back Gal eight for four nine nine nine exit are timeshare exit team, dot, com and schedule today, Joseph as whether willing to North Carolina Merry Christmas to you. Just how can I help you marry me?
move out of her how in another place, returns slightly odd years old, and I really can't let alone the self care, but a body living with one of her children and I'm not exactly sure how to go about it. She wanted property, the witch anywhere from a hundred thousand million dollars to cover our two only six months ago, into a spending more than she was taking an annoying. I got that there were no basically awash right now, but I don't know if I should still my house and ever moved in to a new, but I have heard talk of property and of our house. Look so the end of the story. Does she live with you?
Ok, either way, and she can't In the home that your current in now in character, algorithmic distort else It is no way I couldn't make it accessible God. Are you singly, Olam Lanceor, their single? Yes, ok, Well in my brothers and sisters, how may shillings to establish one body wants eight hundred thousand dollars or the property here Well, there's a couple of ways you can do it wanted she could see the property and she likely would have no capital gains on it be and how she had it ocean inherited it in nineteen everyone. I checked on that she's gonna, be gentle ginger. Why it was more six hundred lives said it was worth six hundred when she got it.
I believe in believers topic. She was section inherited the property dead. You know what they, that's terrible hearing, one could actually been told me. You were the value of the property of the time she inherited. It is her basis if more than two hundred and fifty thousand above that allow you know what it was, Listen, nineteen, eighty one as a single person you can deduct, took up the tuner, fifty thousand on your capital gains on their residence. I think double check that personal residents laws may a shifted should go back and look at that, but I want to stop I'll, be all that well paid once inherited it. What was that a lot more than like one?
maybe five thousand dollars here hooker. You need to get from tax advice, then, because I'm sure they Remsen is beginning to tax advice. On this, because I suck at it so but the as far as overall deal goes, she could sell the property plus or minus attacks problem right and she actually would go ahead and gift brothers and sisters, thereby of what she would they would get upon her inheritance. Or she may need that money live, though days now, she can She didn't do any good financial planning which should resolve Mugabe, neither endless showgirl, eight hundred grand, though so we're going. It's all in poverty and I'll blow me we're gonna, sell Riah. Why? So? our money, it's Rayner Danglars, the military borne out. What are we gonna? Do? What's your property worth
What happens when two hundred thousand dollars would you were liked? It just bought another two dozen, our property in your name and you the property and shield with you, she could pay you rent. It could be a very simple thing and then, while I was thinking, I was thinking about doing that, but you know I had to sell my house in order to purchase another but I mean I have some money, but I don't have an optical twenty percent down on our social model, but it would be wrong with everyone. That was what I was going to ask you down in. Should I sell, or should I have hers, another I'll, probably both of you here. She needs the money out of this property. If she'd Montgomery live in there, we need to go in liquidated and she's gonna blow. When there we ve already established you don't move em when her do you well it up. Her property and and use that money to buy her another house in our name,
Then Then what hurrying keep my other be. Ok, too, I would just. I would bring it way down now I mean let's get down to three for her, though our property and three four thousand liquid them. And I was thinking far less than the Algiers thinking no more I don't get it out all she buys room and then, of course they want. I'm sure. I believe that the I'm trying to think foreign to then upon her death. What happens, and I guess you move back into the historic house, could you may have kept it in that scenario? And I'd go that way. You know so. Yeah probably ok with a shell version, have her by a property for two fifty that should the two of you can live in and you know, The brothers sisters agree that you are paid something for her care that you're being her caregiver, because if you weren't there someone would be paid to be living. There take care of her, and so that would be a reason.
A thing and everybody's in on it. We all talk about over Christmas for Thanksgiving or whatever and will apply and then, when she passes legal liquidate property and whatever cash is left in its fairly easy to settle the estate out at some point, so yeah that takes care of her, which is our biggest. You here we will make sure she's cared for Karen is in love or Kentucky high. Karen welcome that I've Ramsay show Merry Christmas. Was to you what's up tomorrow, your offer, the Roth for a one k, do you recommend doing the wrong for a one came to the match and then jumped to the traditional IRA and Backdoor Roth, could get to the fifteen? or do you recommend doing the whole fifteen percent in the Roth? For allowing k and avoid conversion if you ve got, reasonable selections, good mutual funds in your employer fora. One k is just a simple or life to have it all there
but I'm thinking we reminded us into some tax issues last year in trying to figure out how to do that. Depends on how Europe they are welcome ruptured is whether you can qualify for that back, nor or not, but yeah. I think I'd politics at the company in leisure options just suck there, but if you ve got a deal mutual fund options. You take the match their Here you know you, you put the rest of your money there, you ve got a total of fifteen percent going in to retire all in rod and you're getting a match. It's all in one place, simple clean, follow what I would do but again sometimes some companies for one cage. The options are just how, and so you just you know you I'm gonna go over and go through the trouble to do the backdoor wroth and have some good more funds- performing at a much higher rate. In other words, so that's what you're looking at good question open phones, a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five jasmines in Denver. I jasmine merry Christmas to you
what's up Ok, so that two months ago I was ready to do a second mortgage, my brother, making your name. I dropped his head off but now babysitting number one number one ten or answer this number two, but I'm about to start even taking in January. I will not get paid for my ten or eleven per mile. Or I am actually I work everything backwards. I wouldn't church not good for a charter school and I used to contract work. In school inside you hear about eight hundred a man might entered a man so that some, like anything at all, we have an income of forty six thousand dear, and ten thousand of that you right now that eight hundred a math but you're gonna go to zero while you're student reaching. Yes, though, he considered a storm coming and should we hundred babies that member state where they could be.
I'll only student, reaching, and tell me how much well one of use delivering to each other As you know, in another eight hundred a month, so somebody's gonna pick up some extra work during this five year minds, while you're doing you're student student teaching really to avoid going further, and yet, if you can make it yeah, she stopped and drop in income. I suspect make up that they keep that work. Really. Eighty bucks off here. Five thousand bucks changes your whole life. This is that every measure,
over the years. I've seen so many family suffer by not having life insurance. It's not that I didn't care, it's just that they didn't know. So they did nothing. That's a huge mistake, listen husbands and wives moms and adds think about it. If you died, how is your family pay the bills, the mortgage food and plan for a better future? This is what life insurance is all about, and term life is the only way to go. It's not expensive and it's not complicated. I only recommend Zander Insurance and I have for over twenty years, call them at eight hundred three five. Six forty to eighty two or get instant quotes online at Zander dot com in the lobby of Ramsay solutions shown him. We are where those guys our yeah well Gomorrah you to live, aren't
exercise. Our! I welcome to Nashville, making it all the way up here to do a debt very scream, absolutely love love and how much we paid off honoured. Eighty, four thousand, oh, how long understood by approximately thirty six months, man, you may get your range of income. During that time forty, and now we're about to thirty There's a nice little, I was life, what I'll do for a living, and why did you get an extra hundred grand and income about the cardiovascular extra tax and then we're both in the field of x, Ray Workin indicates? but I decided to get into device sales. So there was the big jump now. Ok, So you used all that knowledge to be the world's best salesmen Harlem about the best selling best product. Not let you know the inside workings no kidding, I'm right there, alongside with the surgeons, while very cool, very cool. What, right careers. You do have excellent, so I'm gonna get society, might Biddle student alone that
lots of student loans that much of the one eighty four, which student actually not lots of state in loan, that the majority of this house are you paid off your yes sleeve, the printed word? Yes, we are look here, a world a world, so What Europe wants student lumber IBM about six thousand dollars and still very little engagement, ring of credit card, a car and, of course, the house. How have you been married three years at the time you get married? You come home from the honeymoon and start this process game on. Well, actually, when we started dating, I was actually on step three b a fifty year and sounds like all this money. From that all, let me show you I I locked in
the baby steps and he was planned an thinker and that's how restarted just like learning. While you were dating. Yes, sociological, mobile, the honeymoon you combine, everything in game on the game is that became my debt and we just went after nodded. Did either one of you already own, this particular hell. No, actually, I bought it when we were debating and I'm not in the house with twenty percent, now mocha very good, and so you are already rocket along LINEAR three be became the house correct than when shown come soon. He had a little bit of that clean up odds and ends still sounds like that's correct and we went backwards and she went back to buy me step to let out than work. Your way right through again took the house and everything only touched my might grow old. Are you too, I'm thirty, eight years old, forty seven man and you ever paid for house yesterday that payment in stinking oral navvy doubt feel it fails. The variety
it fills amazing. It filled like we can walk inter at three o clock. His were actually coordinators for you legacy and generation that, while we do so, we can t walk in until our story. One first hand can you did it scroll testimony well done that world unwell down anybody in your family or how to pay for house. I think about our parents eventually pay their houses off, but as in our parents there were louder than you are larger than we are now discussing one so who are you
Guess cheerleaders tone you go for it. You can do this, our family, definitely an right now. It say my sister. She went through my first class and two thousand seventeen and she has since been telling everybody about F p. You and I think in Lhasa phone calls and enables just from her telling her story well born you guys you. What are you tell people now? The secret to getting out of debt is because you do how every eye don't think it's a secret at all, but when you say eighty percent is behaviour and twenty percent is here, knowledge is if a harp isn't true summit, people right now, git. I know like Sir said TAT Tom Down, but we say get out because you feel defeated easily. Have all these tough messages, ready telling you that you can't do it. The culture telling you always gonna have that student loans are always going to have that house payment that we say get up. We say, work Europe, but all
One job may not be enough and you might need a second job and you might need a thorough job and then, last but not least, we say tell your story shown up like chicken fill them with our motor she's got a doll passage about Abrahams. I assure you I am so honoured and are so proud of you all. You guys reduce impressive rock stars. Man well done well done. Well done, we ve got a copy, accrue slogans retire, inspired book for you, that's the next chapter in your story. Making this kind of money would no doubt be millionaires talking about twenty minutes now, pretty incredible and outrageously generous as you go along you're already, leaving the classes and all that and sharing your story and that's a sign of the, spirited generosity already on yourself, a mild, I'm very well Don. Proudly, you guys you man
Brown Ivy, Weldon Man, you can't get Maria Dallas taxes on or ninety four thousand dollars paid up in thirty six months, making two hundred and forty two to thirty counted, let's era that breach grew very to. Why were you? Laws were home and doing this double do believe in UK. You gotta go! Do it do it's all the hard work in this way? The sacrifice, but there's a whole big jirga. Just get up love every a well done very, very well done! You can guess, there's no reason! You can't do this stuff, I'm talking to you. Yes, you right there you, you can do this stuff! what are you gonna start
Thirty, some years old, broken houses paid for married thirty six months, houses paid for no debt, Norville, it is for the plan. Today I will say no shall later they could say. Yes knows it, wait sentence of your broke friends or making funny or financial plan your ride on track may rams. There's not a realistic, directed more realistic than you are. So realistic. Millions of people are out of that now because I just believed they could that's how realistic this, the oil. Well, you're, not yeah, do shut up. I don't know about an old, people that have hope, Bobby will steal hope, pretty much in one category. Are there other get up. They were Maria said get up if the cave kill Sampling dry,
get up. Make a decision. Doing what you ve been doing, you're gonna keep getting what you been getting. This is not its sides, people spend more than you make. You act like your in Congress crap you can't afford With money you don't have to impress people, you don't even really like get up it's time. Stop, stop stop. Time to do something different, try something new what you been do he's got near to where you are how's that work and for you. Time to change. Time to change something your time. The reason that you You accidentally remember the show today, at this moment, and as my friend rabbi, lap and says
in the Hebrew. There is no word for coincidence. Lotto preach. It's not an accident that you're here right now, this is your day. You you this your day. Are you ready. If I'm wrong, if you go back to your always very easy. But here you gotta live like no one else.
So little later you can live and give like. No one else. That's what you have to do a round here. You ready to return ready, ready, ready said he was dying. Reevaluate by this is that I am shocked.
They told me you wish me to live with a joy is Jennifer. I Joe welcome today brings you, shall I do think for shrimp. What's up so my question is: My wife and I have to reach a school alone, then and one car payment totalling seventy four thousand, I bought a thirty year
started at ten thousand and its eighteen years in, and so is that twenty eight thousand seven and fifty six and it's five point six, an interest currently, And we foresee a maturing about fifty five thousand and I'm wondering if it would be best to wear it. Stay in a mature or to take it out to pay up a chunk of the dead, though I would by them apartment Daphne Unclear Madonna, you would not borrow on your cars or on student loans to buy an eye bond and effectively from abolished. Perspective. That's what you ve done may I once saw the columns assets on the size, liabilities and when they offset its mouth I declare the same as having borrowed on your card my mind. If you are missing the answer, Yeah, I definitely I would be through my
That's really really fast, you're using lad and anything else. I can get my hands on that's not into retirement again hooker am I correct in saying that if I'm using the eyeballs for school loans, if they dont taxi. no, that's true on savings bonds, but I'm not pay If only I guess it does fall into that category. Probably that do the interest rate on it doesn't isn't the interested in taxable, but there returns on great here's a problem. Make a five percent of their money. Intuition, inflation rates, seven not even keeping up with inflation of tuition. If you use to invest for college no, I dont use bonds to invest forgot where we're going, for either But in this case it really mathematically is its powered about at all. Rachel's in Illinois High Rachel. How are you.
Under while they haven't. You know better than I deserve. What's up two questions on trying to get started with my dad snowball and I have known through financial peace of mind, scanning, as you start with the lowest and you work towards your high, is that as far as paying a mob, he gets a momentum for I have some inch. I have an interest rates and payment plants that I'm not sure I kind of changes. The scenario like my with one s. Fifty thousand dollars and student that my lowest alone is about nineteen. Hundred dollars an interest rate of only three point: eight percent in Atlanta payment plan with twenty year than contingent on my income, We pay about four hundred and three dollars a month on that night, my federal alone. What now monsieur le monde, my private lounge it has I point ninety five percent interest rate
I'm paying four hundred and fifty dollars a month. I might better alone private capital now. I wonder you also, by which I mean, what's about on the issue, hold on power and law and order oil on the private european force which deal mounted about forty thousand across Separately on Wednesday, four sixties across five Ok, we're not going to end Jus allowance or what we list regardless of the interest rate, you have one. That's nine hundred watch your next. Smallest one may next I was one s, two thousand one hundred eighty dollars and the difficult part of that federal pain and make up one thirty one thirty month alpha the four sixty yeah, ok, what's the next small bright, the next smaller scale
three thousand four hundred and fifty dollars, then that is part of the fourth Dixie that opium. So when you play that often growled the force Lickety yeah, I understand the leg of any attack, a small, the larger and western. I wish her actual what your household income our farm income between me and my husband is about. I would stay sixty, I bring home about forty or in Utah Western lumber was fifty years right, the natural illustrate loans. Are we got. We have a mortgage, my husband's than marry before he owes over twenty. While we we all over twenty, an attorney these things like that, though he is- and I think he has never been
good financial position from the fourth, I am the planter till I kind of help them right. Well, I don't I help matter in there were working together. We have debts, we haven't we things off here? you're gonna knock out those first, three or four so fast that Discussion. Mathematically becomes irrelevant, coming- you pay him at a rate of almost two thousand dollars a month towards that with what you ve described to me. Ok, you should be and so I mean like three months from now. Most of all you talked about coin form. From nowadays and so you're, just gonna planned under their shit. If you make sixty five thousand a year and you pay twenty four thousand a year, you're dead free in two years- and I am not The attorneys freeze, borrowing, then that's what headed and- and I think you'll be able to do that. So the point as it is all gone so quickly that the math being an issue later
trade on the male stops being an issue or the payment rate, the forces de versus the one, thirty and all that stuff being an issue because it just con, It's gone so fast mathematical, you just done. It does affect anything anymore, but things are discussing matter, You're out of your dragging something out ten years, but you and me so fast. If you lean into this the way we teach you to do and you get really fired up wired up Knocker out, that's what I would do. Philip, isn't Charlotte North Carolina. Merry Christmas fell upon area. A budget of this better than I deserve. What's up so I have a rental house my wife and I have- and my dad has been running it for the last nine years or so, and then informed he's wanting to move so that I'm getting. Our question is: should we fell
or try to continue to rent it. It's been very stable enter so that's gonna live we left it. The commission has been so much worse. The house, it's about thirty away from where we live? Is it paid off, we owe rapidly about sixty five thousand on it. Was it worth? about one thirty, one, thirty, five, someone would you to work as part of your financial planning at a paid off in a few years and keep it is simple: I struggle with that I don't know if I could handle somebody thrashing my house by the same token, things like a wise decision to keep as it's not a wise decision. If you dont, if you know what they were, winners having a little house requires deal runners now
I don't have people trash my house because we screen arena like we're, hire them for a job in a way we take care of that kind of stuff. On the front end were so careful. I haven't had a house trashed in a decade or more because I'm we ve just gotten, really really good. At through the Process- processor figure not who can can ruin and who were let in there I mean this is like it's like TAT, a dollar a day. You better have your act together, I'm getting level you moving up almost too four thousand dollar ash at here and so on. We don't have animals and on we love animals. I've got puppies. You're too at home but like dogs, landlord, And I really don't like cats. Show me. I act that kind of stuff right, so I mean you can't get that smell out of a house niches. I may add a terrible shop for
I'll give you just gotta, go in and get a look at stuff like that and decide what you're gonna do and you know what you're gonna allow in there and, if you're willing to be kind but firm impatient of whom you put in their than landlord and can be a final expenditures. Menial kneeling, gently tough times and you dont want to make a decision about the problem. This is the direction for a healthy sense. You producer and thus rate over the day, Ramsay Shell. If you would like to be geared every scream, live on, the shell make sure you visit, Dave, Ramsay, DOT, com, flash, so register Library, the cabin ass. I tell them your story,
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