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My Mother-in-Law Got Roped Into a Loan at 79% Interest! (Hour 3)

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From other quarters of more broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios that day rampage work that is done just kidding paid off a mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw, those that are directly your host. Thank you for joining us, open phones, a triple eight eight to five, Five thousand two hundred and twenty five, eight hundred and eighty eight eight thousand eight hundred and twenty five five, two to five
is worthless in Arizona. Merry Christmas Becky. How can we help merry Christmas day? Think taking my call sure, I'm equal parts excited in Europe to speak with you it's- ok, we never left a patient were just getting started. This is about our high benefits for about ten years and have been fairly successful, but that I went through a very expensive divorce and March a man. My father died on Easter Sunday, no more go beyond both of those things tat. My bogus off my desire for about two months and my business just once belly up my went to appeal. What some neighbours? I knew I was making money, so I couldn't believe work on my gets no ball. I was working on my income snowball, an interest that the darling hands
beyond that booked quite a bit of money. I mean I just a picture where to go with exactly like afterward three baby steps at one time did I don't want my business to dry up again but like any, could put money in reserve. I owe the IRS I'm trying to get out of that. So my question is: what are you doing up its money? That's coming out, so you got the business turned back around which we were able to pay attention to it again
good for you, she will come about what kind of money are you making taxable income and a year? Well, it's anywhere from the war to fifty two thousand a year enough, never started. The basket was carried out in fifteen out about two hundred thirty, the oven but says I started working on the business again turned it. We have things up, I've managed to about a hundred seventy two thousand coming, and that is over the past, maybe five months and capable of it. I thought if I got, what are you doing business healthcare workers? your what were cleared. I helped health clear. Oh ok! Ok! So you show you just your smile and underline, and your Megan Montague back that Gaffer Hooker, your hustler hustling growing gap are good for Europe, but waited Co. That's also aren't! So let us talk through them goal number one is get caught,
on everything. Are you current on everything? I am. The boy took the money, the command, which was about thirty thousand dollars. I paid up all my little credit cards home depot coals target, all the little ones, and I paid sixty five hundred to the IRA in paid state of those, are you with your house and your utilities current with everyone, the normal payments? Absolutely I shall out standing, you have debts and you have the assault some remaining with the Arab today right, I played by the guy you. Ok, and you have how much other that I have a two thousand on the credit card that minimum payments five hundred a month ago,
and then I have really maybe another out and little by little one said I'd like to pay off from that breach shall not counting your home, the arrest and twenty five. The credit card is a teen mirage over plus ten you're dead, free and fifty grand right light and humane hundreds the Tunisian she got back on the saddle. Yes, but accompanied lips and where an end, then in animals and in blobs. Why? But I mean how A long before you make fifty March this committee with all due by the end of February. Oh I'm sure an hooker omission charge. You made a hundred, ok,
If you ve already closed the deals and his laws they stay in the job you get, the recruiter VIII, exactly bunker show on the first. Fifty that comes in pay makes you a hundred percent dead free than done it. I got something you might find it paralyzing one. Why need other men and I look at what is happening gaps new, have between checks,
if everybody pave on time and shortly be like a couple, maybe three weeks for a month or so that they don't always paid on time in them, I'm leaving down my money and which it took you to live a month about six grand while the mixed six ground the comes in set aside nibbling above the throw it towards a debt, okay and if that dwindles down cause you're living out of the six Graham replenish. Yet this is not really emergency savings. This is: u live out of your money and you put the balance towards dad. Surrender would undo six and the time cause you're not gonna, go an entire month with no check. They suffer genuine February. I'm looking pretty good money coming in pretty steadily some huge detract from a little checks. Are you you can't?
a little bit of PTSD has left because the your tie, nineteen sucked yeah you got. You just got hammered with the lost your daddy and the end of your marriage and everything else, in that it makes you a human being. Shall that's good news, your human right, so it it hurt and it makes you a little bit scared and scared drives you pretty hard. Could When you got whither, you got with hard yeah, I'm proud of you. You ve turned to surround real quick. I don't want you run scared. I just want you Reinhard about how they get. The debate on we're so such six inside set six aside, though everything else at the dead and the six gets down to three and you get another trick in add three back to it in and everything else to the dad if it gets down to add for back to it in everything else, goes towards a debt, but you're gonna be dead free by February, first or
the February. Anyway, that's my projecting Yahoo. If you get half of this hundred, seventy two, you got enough to live six month out of him pay. Fifty grand off like half of one so me do is planning for you and you don't get more like you, the Irish. Yes, yes, let them come after me, so yes, Panama, you're gonna, have it all done and sixty days, ok, it's all gonna be gone in sixty days, so yeah we're going pay their arrest verged on always put them at the top, and then you ve got a low. Ten thousand our adds an engineer. And I think, there's more stupid, credit card and you're done, and then you build your merchants chiffon proper three to six months and in your case it six months, because you have a single income that a strong commission. She got six months of expenses, so six times thirty six or your emergency
should be somewhere in the neighbourhood of thirty two forty thousand dollars, and you never touch that for anything and then your balkan law and no doubt in a big PA money in the bank gosh. I feel pretty good done. It is Christmas. You done good, you don't baron, you feel like you're doin cause you got off here from health and nutrition. You got, some scars gets from her fallacious, lounge, understand
I understand this is that every measure
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around two hundred and thirty thousand mortgage, nor the debt at all the houses by you'd, probably at about eight eight hundred thousand I've got approximately in between why sap account, which is around thirty thousand I've, got almost I've got with her account in my count it's about nine hundred and twenty years. What I've got before if I were gathered up from a to a one, cater for actual all of your it on one, your all success stories. We started out making eleven thousand dollars here. Why Why are you here at any of the mission and you're worth an amateur you're worth a couple? you're dollars in your sixty one years. Oh yes, sir! I'm proud of you well done
Why wouldn't leave Lord you now in your plan, and you just follow you keep your own after my wife actually took come. I took her credit card initially when we were young and she cut them up and put them in the oven smell the house all up, but it it took care of business smart one of the march, a lover she's, really good! No worse. Now that my question is, is it out if I would I am right now put twenty five percent in my four one came right and I'm wondering whether I should die back on that? Just do the company mergers? Six percent? Yes, if I die, but to six percent in everything I am currently working on. The shouts offers much value that free prior to building your gringo, yes toe not the during home, so warm. But you didn't everything else ever bird, but we're trying to get it down early. So yes to prepare for my return, yes to it, but your household income
it's between her now right now, it's about one thirty, ok, yeah! You need to pay the funds already off as possible, and I love that you're under that with cash flow, rather than actually carrying out some of your huge for a one gay bright in always dip into that. If we have to get to retirement, they don't have it done, but there's no reason at all. You just comes up going to keep six going to cause I'd get the match, but beyond that, I'm just gonna budget, and so twenty thousand hours a year for six years, two hundred twenty thousand show tat. You gotta contact more than that Romania to do thirty or forty thousand a year and get done with this, and I would I would do that and here's the thing. Ok, if even if you added nothing to it, if the thing is averaging around,
Levin percent, ten percent, the nine hundred is gonna, become a million eight and seven years, it'll double every seven years, not a word in genoa. Money way, the up being, you sure, can and change your family tree and you retired with dignity. You got a lot of options and do a lot of whatever things in it in all the just the income of a couple million dollars at sixty six years old gonna put you in a really really sweet position, so.
Where's answer proud of you very well done. Lenny browsers, well, appreciate your ministry! God bless you guys, you two merry Christmas. Open phones, AAA eight to five. Five two to five, so a few years ago, is make eleven thousand. I make sounded thirty and he's got nine hundred and forty one guy and eight hundred thousand our house almost paid for sure. Why not you what's keeping you from done it? He said it was hard, but you know it's harder being broke.
That's hard be an old and broke is really hard. You'll be seventy. Two years all living o seven dollars a month come so security. I don't. I don't wanna be working in Mcdonald's. Seventy seventy two years, much as just one I own in Saint Thomas, the unbroken hard It's not that money is everything you just give you options, it gives you melody to blush others. Who gives you the ability to change your family tree? I mean that guy if he lives up under his seventy or eighty, it's gonna be worth ten million dollars when he passes away, that's where the numbers are headed for him right now, he's already worth two and a sixty one,
double at every seven years in the sea where we got our. Does our house not or those before a wink? I double at every seven years and tell me which again this is where he's gonna be an yelled and leave that to your children, As long as you raise your children and they are, and they have character and their people of quality and that they think clearly, I have good clinical thanking skills and they understand this wealth is a responsibility. It's not that they hit the lottery. Then you have truly changed your family tree and listen. There's only one way to get money into a for a one k. You cannot put an inheritance and offer a one guy,
Only one way is I'm not legally by regulation by the irish guidelines. The only money that doesn't or for a one case, payroll, deducted or rolled from an old for a one k that was payroll deducted, serves only one possible way. He got nine hundred thousand dollars for a one day. He saved money out of every check its. I did it said it,
did it wasn't the rate of return. It wasn't that he read something on the internet about some fancy way to do mutual funds. It wasn't that he didn't pay commissions. It wasn't that he did pay commissions. He save money out of every freaking check any sixty one years all and can do any thing. You want pretty amazing, but its sixty one more through me and origin audited, They call me because he was adjusting its goals because he's always had goals, because if you re meant nothing, you hated every time our my whole life in general. Money. I wanted, My life, because I'm for freaking years old, emotionally and I spend everything on Friday and Saturday and say thank you.
Its variety. Oh god, it's Monday, because I'm a child see that's no way live, went live, we broke your whole life be grown. Set goals and you get to enjoy your life that way through by the way this is the Ramsey It's the season of giving switcher cellular service to pure talk, USA, save money and get a free copy of my book. The total money make over and a copy of Chris Organs book everyday millionaires, plus twenty five lucky winners will receive signed copies of both books. Folks, all up. Dark USA plans include unlimited talk, text and data with now.
Contracts, try risk free today, just call pound to fifty and say the key words Dave Ramsay, that's pound to five zero key words. Dave Ramsay in the lobby of Ramsay solutions on the debt free stage neck and actually are where those guys are ya pay day ago and better than I deserve. Welcome good to have you think we're gonna live Harris very pencil love it and all the way to Nashville to do a dead, free scream. Yes, there, how much of your paid off fifty six thousand and ninety two dollars right and how long this twenty one week's seventy one week six month, look at you love it and your right, of income, but this time round one forty Nokia. What I'll do for a living
so I'm in health insurance sales, and they are also also my wedding, photography, business, ok, and I'm in sales in the medical field. How very good very good we're gonna bet, which are fifty six. Student loans and we paid off a dozen eighteen Camry life hello because been married, It will be a year on Sunday. Are innovation, get away in a lab at happy anniversary? Thank you outline very cool, so you get married in pretty much first thing is game organ rather that how did you know to do that? What made you decide to do that to me? The story yes a basin we use all things to my mom, eight mom, so she year basically bought us a book. I framework burger was, but we should also listen to the people ass and every time I was in the car with Her- she be listened to the podcast cast
Gary goes into David, you, this Jeffrey scream. When I first heard my first every scream, I was like a gave me all over chills like I want it to I was in so much that I was like we're, don't even star, like them very overwhelming by you know. When we you were first engage. We now going in that we were both India and we didn't wanna. Be there any. So we didn't stop. Until after the wedding, as we knew we had to pay a lot of money. But so we started right after that. We took financial financial peace University at all, Church in January. My mom bought me that for my birthday so issue- really the one that really got us into this coup should show Nick. Actually, mom said do this and what are you saying? well is greek as financial peace, university she's like well, I can bring a plus one city. Wanna come unlike.
Asia or not, and then it was after. The first meeting owes you know, figure out what you're you're dead is or what your income and figuring out your budget in anything like that. He was the nerve to start, I would say: ok, we'll see, others goes and then probably after the first month, when every accuracy where money is going and how we can actually budget. I definitely think I The northern that was like gung like lest you go and ask your guns both of you jacked up area. Where very competitive reformed our goal oriented and we will have competitions with ourselves. We like, let's see you, can spend the least this month and we'd be like that person. That loses. Has it the dog out every time you don't even know where very very competitive global alone on the whole thing into a game I mean an hour in our budget. We had a treat yourself budget for each one of us, so kind of like thrown at dinner. Where we were.
Gather. It was like to really needs a by the thirty dollars steak. Or can I get you know by with a ten dollar salad or something? We also think that motivation help motive. And while we won't say who one Dave, but take the dog out. A lot of work in January in Pennsylvania is not trash. Talking on the willing to open Europe, not only one image of the tragic dark, when you will, of course, have a love, it so funny very cool you get married and its game on what you tell people, the key to getting out of debt is relate to second term budget and just hot being right mindset. I mean that was a game changer for us when we were aware are you know where our money was going and just knowing? Okay, we gotta be stricter. This touches me that huge difference for us. I should keep you ensure a couple times over whenever we
started? It was what does only makes sense to go after the smallest debt whenever you have the most interest she's, like you, can't you Dave if she had to do day, if not like they trust the process in here you know we paid off our first smallest learn and was occasionally. We did that and now can rolled out into something else and David, the debts noble it works, leave or not. Shuddered back, that's also very girl, so during the budget than it does show like you guys you you like, when you became aware that of what to do and how to do it, you shall that it was gonna work. You could see it in a vision for it here we got very aggressive unlikely set like we're very competitive, so one space come on we're, like always like. Let's do this: let's not get out, see how fast we can do it, and really I mean six months what my really quick, there was a struggle. I mean we didn't
This might show you re you're, making two hundred forty you put up a dislike to exploit I mean the taxes are the usual your beans and right yeah in the beginning. It was kind of an a thing like the Comf having a lie in the bank. Account was like. Oh that's, comfortable, that's no, but we were in debt. So really didn't make sense. So once you have shown that you threw out at the start, yes, how much, maybe starting with like five thousand of a wee bit off everything with the West but like like she said to her to take your bank. Account sounds a thousand always carried it. It's terrifying, which motivator even more worrying. I mean I'll, be twenty eight January, so it's just like. Oh you, young, you wanna, buy all the things, but it's like now. We need to start plan for our future were married. We want to start a family, so it just got us on the right track. Excellent well done your gas. So obviously mom was a big chair later he went through financial issue. Firstly, yet some cheerleaders there anybody else were cheerleaders yeah with
and shall Peace University, I think, was the biggest things that was nine weeks of the twenty one weeks that we recorded and there is actually a woman in my group that was just an hour break our group that the last one, the last meeting I was able to go in and say that I paid off my last student and she said I dont even I hardly know you, but I feel like I'm about to cry for you. She was like I'm so proud of you. You, like my sign so just being in that community was great and that you know or families are very supportive, but it's amazing. What have we actually go out start talking like him, you know. Do you know Dave Ramsay knows is solutions that everything Guy Listeners Park, I saw the timer. We know we have the every dollar up my friend Brandon as they ever dollar upper friends. Berry! We talk to them about it too, so it is therefore a community of people once you actually get talking about it and very, very cool good job. You guys well done now that you didn't house, if you feel so freeing obligation,
saving for a house now. So it's just like the onto the next thing, but it says while, like those student loans are gone, and it's just very freeing like allows us to be an example and just to show others hey. You can do this. Tell lately clear, not even thirty I mean it was pretty girl here. I told one my co workers those coming on here and She was like Nick really weird, like yeah. I guess I got a good feeling. The lingo lie to find the right way to go. You guys are weird you, not even thirty, a hundred percent debt free. You made it into a competition, a game, a discipline. You stayed with it and you know you had some fun with it along the way, but you gotta done fast, and that's that was really impressive. Very well done were proud of you here Ramsay. I can tell you that a good job get a copy Chris Organs book for you every day? Millionaires, because at your next chapter, ok, thank you.
I am speaking not on your right now. You're gonna do it. I have chosen to trap him on game. All you gotta have a goal, and so- take a copy of that assigned by him, and you guys are incredible. And actually Harrisburg Pennsylvania, fifty six thousand dollars by Alban, twenty one- we making one forty counted down. Let's era dad Three two one, You can't do it. It is a wish to submit to the programme is not because I am the programme
somebody there's not because I, my ego, I dont benefits- may eat more global pet. Madame then affect me happened with you. This is proven stuff, it's not broken. You dont need to fix it. You just need to do it now, This is the diver empty,
our structure that I proverbs eleven twenty four in one go freely yet grows all the richer another withholds. What he should give an only son, I want, however, blushing will be enriched. One who waters will himself be watered wish. Churchill said we make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give Marty as well as in California. Hey Marty welcome the diver amnesia Dave. I what's up. Thank thank you for all. You do sure Christmas, not gonna help. Yes, I'm getting ready to retire from the military in October of next year, so try to plan ahead will be.
Free in April and then have our savings. By the time. I returned way to go and murders keep on savings. Lorraine. I have seven One thousand dollars in Ts P, under a traditional Roth ire at our traditional irey, by wondering at the time that I retires. I try to all that over to arrive by our age. I just leave the work that you should he asked Peter. I re php that Utopia I would always role of fora. One k or a t f p: a weight, and I are re when you leave the company in your case, when you're leaving military service by the way. Thank you for your service, and I would always role it to a traditional. I array there's no taxes for doing that. As regards take your fora, one k with: u yours, take your ts, be with you when you, by a direct transfer roll over from the t s p industry
finds it. You select with one of the smart vesture prose they'll help. You pick em out, show you what you're doing you'll understand. What you're getting into and arm, then I would not do it as a Roth today until you get your house paid off and you ve got some extra money because it creates taxes when you converted to arrive at a call. It calls about. Seventy thousand over the taxes of rule. Thirty thousand.
To a wrong, so I just I wouldn't do that today, but later on, when you ve got some extra money so to speak, then I would refer to Iraq and let it do that, but I will take it with me, because you ve got more access to the money. It's easier to get a hold of and manage, and you ve got more choices. Is eight thousand mutual funds to choose from. Of course, the T S pay, just as a handful of option is that you can put it in their whole. Indexes entered plenty of mutual funds that will allow perform the t s p. Options are not super bad, but they're, not super good. So I just take you with me, pick out the four types of mutual funds that we talk about: growth, growth in income, aggressive growth an international and do it that way. So high thanks for the call open, phones, a triple eight, eight to five five, two to five Rebecca in Illinois. Merry Christmas Rebecca Merry Christmas to you. How can I help
we can found out, but our mother loss- having a problem with her debt persons ratio, income Nigeria's. Ah, She is not moving up issues she's, paying your dad should not leaving enough money to pay for medication. So considering her. Dignity and integrity advised her to stop paying their personal like personal finance companies. So you just one down around like storefront operations or other payday lenders, do not pay day wonders, but close by She said she needed money to pay for an insurance premium, so she went her personal finance companies how they were. They were so kind to love her money or even the other swayed. You know of a check up. I know she's, ok
and then they charge your seventy nine percent of all night, wonderful, seven pressure. Seventy nine percent, How much debt like this does she have She was around fifteen thousand. And how much did you. She felt obscurity and only that She has no failings and she is- she gets about sixteen dollars. A month, Her medications her anywhere between three and five hundred dollars a month, Yes, I'm these kind of tip. First of all, this she went out and got these loans, but then these wonderful companies, prior complete predator, and they pray owner and the elderly, and that's where they pray. Honor me nobody, If eighty percent
Kimberly Breed phase after she, lady? What is Europe's financial situation? I'm doing we're doing all right, we'll have a fully funded emergency that free we're trying to we're trying to save some money up to replace like our seventeen A car so your high household income. My no vote income is a hundred thirty thousand. How many kids does this lady have an she had? Three kids? Are she has three kids too? May all chip in five Green must get rid of it. Were the only people in the position to do this, I'm out of the three my my other concern is ten
years ago we reached down and paid off a personal longed for her, and we ve been paying her household in the palm of her household expenses for the law. Ten fifteen years now dissolve are lagging behind. The worm has turned ok, the two of you have to sit down with her in person and explained her. If we get you out of this work on a manager income from this point forward and you're, not gonna, borrow Adam ever again and we're gonna get in touch with her doctor and see. If there's not generic medications available in cause, it could be she's double paying a triple paying the medications that she didn't have to consensus. It's the same kind of scam. So, but if you're, the only way you can go involved, is to take it over and make sure it's run right. She's, eighty yeah yeah we finally sat down with her last month. I'm right before things.
Having and she confessed to us. She had these loans out there. We thought she was, ok. What's she ashamed? Has yes good. I don't want to reassure my senior in tears. I dont want to shame, but that's a good indication that she's not undo it again. If she was arrogant entitled about it, she would go to it again. Do you really want a saying? Yes, that's good news. Shall I thank you guys mightily you. You know you're just get near stuff straightened out, but you make good money. If I were in your shoes, I'm gonna come alongside her I'm gonna take over a whole bunch of staff, and I'm going to get some real, strong verbal promises that she's not by anything else, are due
they gave us every eye lot. We had a couple years ago. You probably did you pretended ok, but I am my guess: is that she's not arrogant and pride for my guess is she gets scared
She's bar sale- yes, I would agree, should somewhat feeble and she gets Putney corners and she gets intimidated and scared, and these nice people to show up to help her and their there from bags is what they are right to do so on. But that's her. She is she's, not I'm sure, she's, not breaking that promise. With malice or arrogance. She gets scared, I think an end. So what happens if you guys have to be the buffer, and so she does need to be afraid, aim or she can have my she's gonna have food and you're gonna. Take her girlish. The other issues. But ass, she just she gets things, get out of control. She didn't know how to fix them and she just doesn't want to bother you guys, the marine or may or not,
I think you're right, I wish is frustrated with her wanna began blaming every of restoration, but I guess I've dealt with a lot of folks in these situations and sometimes are just a darker, sometimes Earl other look in other, not completely there and you have a new, impartial mental situation. But that's not what I hear hear she's a classic case study for what these predators feed on the next thing is sugar, conned or she'll boss, phone shopping tv because she's long she also fits that model, so be careful that puts us our that IRAN's shown the books we'll be back with you before you know it in the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace, and that's too want daily with the prince of Peace price Jesus.
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