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Live from the headquarters of Ramsey Solution broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios; instead Dave Ramsey that is more B M w as a status symbol. I'm Dave Ramsey your host, you jump and we'll talk about your life and your money. It's a call at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five. Marla starts off at this hour or Sharla in Tennessee, Hi Sharla. How are you
I'm fine. How are you better than I deserve? What's up? Well, my husband recently retired from the song after thirty six years, we were wondering we lost our life insurance and wasn't sure whether we needed to continue it. We can take it on policy of our own. You know through Metlife, but I'm not sure whether we actually need it. We have paid for, and we have two four one k that One million dollars in there between the two of us go, congratulations, you did it yeah. We just working, comes in here. It's your money, where you already black wealthy people. No, sir! No sir, we put hard work. We paid off everything. We've been debt free, since we were thirty, four or sixty now way to go so well done well. The answer to the question is now here's how here's how you answer the question
Number one there is no category in which you would do a life insurance policy with Metlife. They sell whole life life insurance, an expensive. Term, neither one of which I'm going to sign you up for but do need life insurance in general, probably not, let's walk through the exercise. The way you answer the question is pretty simple: if he died today financially, could you live off of the income that your nest? Egg creates? Oh yeah, no problem. If you talk today, could he. Yes, sir? He could, I think, you're right. I think no problem is right. 'cause, you! Probably if you got over one million dollars in there, you got no payments of any kind, no house payment or anything right. No no call nothing everything paid for, and so you Even you probably wouldn't even touch half of the income coming off of that you might, depending on how you've got invested, but make sure the money is invested well and
probably roll it from a 401K into an ir. A and so you've got more access to different funds, and you can, troll it and your job in retirement now is to manage this money well, and you don't have to do a bunch of dip. She doodles. You just need to think more clearly, very specifically about which mutual funds which invest that in But if you had a million dollars invested, Anet made ten percent, that's one hundred thousand dollars a year. Ok so we are, I didn't think we did, but I didn't wanna make a stupid mistake. Well, it's it's not a stupid mistake. It's a really good question, but that's how you do it in and see the route that the when we think about life. Insurance is back then, when you were in bed- and you were thirty four and you were- you were just starting- the kids were little and You know. If something happened to him, then you got to raise kids, you gotta finish paying off the house. You got to pay for college you. A lot more expenses and you don't have as big. Staying at that point either, and so we still got dead at that point.
So. You would need life insurance back then, but today, you're in great shape, you're, an everyday millionaire. You did it congratulations All right, Ed is with us in California. Add how are you learn finest around? We thank you for accepting my call my pleasure. How can I help. I am sixty two I plan to retire at sixty seven I'm a a license: independent contractor uh. I have My real question is I have about two hundred thousand dollars in collectible comic books. I then in comic books from the 90s and I'm wondering my original plan was to sell these in after I retired, as just a supplemental income, however, I'm thinking of selling them before my question is: should I sell them now, or should I wait till I retire, I'm pretty much depth
ok, I do have a mortgage of three hundred thousand. My home is worth about five hundred and fifty thousand I and other than that. I'm debt free well done, in your nest. Egg is what size, not counting. The comic books. Uh I have about sixty thousand an a couple of days, I r A's rod, and I have the vast majority of your net worth- is in the comic books exactly right. Well, my guess is that not only do you have this collection but you're, probably an expert, a self made expert to have action that size and actually know what their worth, and so right yeah probably had it for many years yeah you probably have gotten. Reasonably good rate of return on them to date,
you probably are in a better position than I am to ascertain what they will go up in value as a category collect Whatever you want to drop into that bucket cars comic books, art doesn't keep up with good mutual funds or real estate category now. The cabbie ought to that. Is most people don't stay on top of their hobby on off, to make it make the kind of money that an investment will a traditional investment will make it just sits there and pat certainly does whatever it does, and I've had this Joe Dimaggio Baseball card for forty six years, and now it's worth x or whatever, nothing right, but they never really. They didn't really manage it like you would manage investments, and so consequently they don't now some people. I've got a friend that has probably probably million dollars in collectible cars, he's a multi billionaire.
He is so into these car there's only so into making money on it, even though he doesn't need the money. But it's just like a game to him that he actually makes great rate of return messing around with these collectible cars, but that's because he's neck deep in it all the time he's messing with it all the time. If you want to continue to do that, you might make more on these than you would make just investing the money in mutual funds or then you would. By paying off your house with the money or something like that, but but whoever long after you is probably going do well because they don't have your expertise in liquidating them all that to say unless you just love messing with it on a daily basis, so much I'd, probably liquidate it, or at least the vast majority of it. Ok, the people coming at you know. 'cause I've been thinking of selling some of them. You know just kind of
getting too many almost yeah, and you know you want to what I would do is say I'm going to keep ten percent. My favorite ten okay or that, numbers of dollars that might be numbers of books. I don't know, but I have a firearm collection that I have thorough. I enjoyed. Building the firearm collection, an it's probably worth a little more than you Comic books give or take, but eh but I know what each of those guns are worth where they came from. I know the history on them and it just I got into it. You know, like you did with the comic books, and so even though my sons and sons in law will enjoy shooting those weapons, they would not able to maximize the value dollar was of those things. I don't know them, and now there worth upon my death so my death. The value of that collection will go down because the knowledge of that collection dies with me. Even if I brought a half a book on the stupid thing So that's what the problem is. With your situation, you hold.
Elusive keys to the knowledge that make this valuable are largely valuable. I would like I would get rid of a bunch of it on that basis. I'm Americans owe about one point: six trillion dollars in student loan debt. One point: six trillion: if you're drown, student loan debt. There are options. I want you to consider refinancing your high interest student loan to a lower rate, fixed loan from splash financial alone right minimizes the interest that builds, which helps you actually pay down the principle of your loan and helps you get out of debt faster. It's like found money and right now the rates on splash financial are the lowest. They have been all year, see for yourself visits
which financial dot com, Slash, Ramsey, that's splash, dot, com, Slash Ramsey, jack is with us in Pennsylvania, hijack welcome the Dave, Ramsey Show, David is an absolute honor to speak with you, and I would love to hear how you do it better than I deserve, sir. How can I help love? It hey Dave my wife. When I came onto your plan earlier this year. We have to thank you because it gave us the guidance we needed
February. We paid off ninety thousand dollars in student loans. Yeah, and yes thank you. It's been a hell of a year, Looking ahead, we have another sixty five thousand to go. That money is in my mother in laws name, but we've agreed to help and probably due the the majority of paying it off now. It is her opinion, though, that she is now permanently disabled, so we're definitely interested in pursuing disability forgiveness- and I was just wondering if you had any lights on that to so that we don't get tangled up in any bureaucracy or any technicalities to snap. On the way. I'm it's like a lot of technical and bureaucracy. My experience with it is through our people like you that I've talked to obviously but the people who actually get
forgiveness due to disability or the ones that persist. You have to push through the bureaucracy and get every box, checked and every I dotted and every t crossed and not let up so you do it's a sixty five thousand dollars part time job and so the ones that have had the and I think it may actually be a thing that is requirement, but the ones that had the best usually takes about a year is after she has been declared permanently disabled and the federal government have agreed with that, meaning that she has applied for and receiving Ssi she's receiving her social security disability. Now she sixty five Father leaves go ahead, not is currently on the she's currently on the social security, but it's for the for the three year review, which would be the next level down her review on
so it comes up in May. That being said from what I could read on the on the website, it looks like one of the provisions if you meet it, is at a physician's application that you're that you're Well then, she does have that her doctor, wrote her a note already saying that she's permanently disabled. Ok, if that will do it and you can get it pushed through, then just follow directions on the website. But here's the thing you've got to follow up. You've got uh if not going to assume they do their work, it's bureaucrats, they don't care, they they're horrible at serve and we all know that. I mean you didn't with the federal government right. So just don't act like you can send in the application and five years later go. I wonder what happened to that. You know. That's not gonna work for you, you're gonna, go put it in, follow up put it in, follow up call them write them. You may
hassle them find out what the time line is. How long does this take push it? You know Connelly and not not yell at somebody but work. This constant push. This pressure on the system and that's how you get things done in a situation like that, it's the only way and so on, What I'd recommend? And yes, I would push that on through as a parent plus holder, if she, currently disabled, that loan will be forgiven and it is one of the two ways you get out of a student loan die or become disabled, and that's it or third ways pay it off, but hopefully we're going to be able to run this through for her, and you can take the point on it. You can even get a power of attorney specific power of attorney if you need to act on her best and do the work for her. If you wanted to an specific to this task. In other words, you would not be able to do other things in her name, but just this
and it's not hard to do it's a one page document and show all of that can can, but, but just someone has to have make this their mission until it's done and Donna, and it won't be someone at the federal government. You do not have an advocate there, you are, they advocate, hey, thanks for the call we appreciate you joining us blinds dot. Com has a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. That means, even if you miss measure, you pick the wrong color, they will remake your window blinds for free. You get free samples. Shipping and with new promos, all the time, use the promo Ramsey, you will always get the best deal. Ramsey is a magic word. You know that, don't you yeah! question that comes from Benjamin and Virginia AFT David just got engaged plan our wedding. Should I, pause on my debt. Snowball! Yes to thanks for the wedding: yes also
ok to set up a joint checking account and then with my fiance specifically for wedding saving. It miniatures. Only yes, This would allow us to save together and hold each other count. On wedding expenditures, while also keeping our personal finances separate. Yes, we paid for our daughters, weddings and that's exactly how we did it. We sat down with the bride and groom. Maybe they put together a wedding budget which you need to do which, when you're doing a wedding, because they get out of control and with the wedding budget, we agreed to that number. We put that number in a checking account that was a joint checking account between the future bride and groom. It was the wedding account.
And there is not going to be any more money put into that account. That was the budget. That's what we agreed on all four of us agreed. We wrote the check and then, at that point the father of the bride is done. I don't have to get into the cheaper chicken discussion. I don't have to get into the chairs discussion. I don't have to get into these things. You simply stay on the budget and by the way, I'm wedding- and I know it's a romantic and wonderful time and we like throwing a party where Ramses we like to dance and we like to have a big time. Celebrate the you know the the this wonderful occasion. We had big it's a big party for us. We like it and we had three great big weddings, all three of our kids. We just love them, and course we weren't in charge of the the last one with my son getting married but hey. We got in the middle of it where they are and and we we like having a party. So what we're we're we're not against the romance of it, but it's a project. It's an event your
event planner and you need to be an event planner and you need to stay on budget and you need to understand what the budget elements are and what you've got allocated for the photographer. What you've got allocated for the dress? What you've got allocated for the preacher? What you've got allocated for the venue and the big dog on the list, particularly if you're going to have more than six or eight people come, is going to be your reception and that's the more expensive item on the list, and you write that out and you look at your food costs and you look at the venue cost and dj or the band of the who, what ever Billy Bob with his I pod, I don't know what it is, but somebody's doing something and we got to write all this out and we have to have a game plan and then, if you have a thousand dollars budgeted for the dress, you don't spend eight thousand dollars, that's not what you do and whatever the number is. You got to have something you manage the number and you manage the date and it's a project as project management, and this is how we're doing it so
that's that's, how it's done and show good stuff. If you ever feel frustrated that you didn't learn about money when you were in high school, if you're like me, you could have avoided the dumb mistakes that we make out here, but you can't go backwards. We can do. We can help today's teenagers and that's why Our foundations in personal finance curriculum exists. It's now in eight percent, the high America. It helps students
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Seven high school high school, been along long time? this young man's. All over the news. A friend of mine sent me a link this morning with a story, call from the high school curriculum here talk USA saves you money from Minnesota said we switched from Verizon to pure talk thanks to Dave Ramsey. I was sceptical, but after leaving the big city and traveling to a rule area, service coverage never lapses were also saving forty dollars a month, guys talk. Usa has the same great coverage for less and No contracts? Try it risk free today call pound two hundred and fifty the key word. Dave Ramsey
in the lobby of Ramsey solutions on the debt free stage I've been in since the are with us. Thank God. So are you better than I deserve forty all left? Sacramento, California, upon were just there yeah. Did you come over yesterday or when we were in on this side, we've been over yeah. We will come here for a few days. So ok, so you missed the event on Saturday which incredible a wonderful event. Well, thanks much thanks for being over here. We're really excited here to do your debt free scream, how much you paid off one
twenty thousand dollars and cash flowed fifteen thousand as well on what on medical expenses and repairs. Okay, and how long did this take you, nineteen wow in your range of income. During that time we started at a hundred and twenty four thousand and ended at a hundred and eighty five cool. What do you do for a living chefs wow time, yeah a little sense. We had a couple good restaurants. While we were there, you got some good restaurants in Sacramento yeah. We do. I'm sure you do as well cool. Where do you? Where do you chef, I'm going to the restaurant called seasons? Fifty two an I was when we were getting out of that we were working. I was working at Eddie VS in San Diego prime Seafood, so that's where we spent most of our debt free journey was in San Diego and we just recently moved to Sacramento. Oh, I got it ok
very cool. Well, that's cool guys! Well done what kind of debt was one hundred and twenty thousand, we had almost everything that you could think of credit cards, cars student loans owns four. Oh one k loan. We are borrowing money for furniture. Your normal yeah borrowed money for a bicycle that stolen two weeks later him, our God that was me so aggravating that you have some money in savings that you through this or did you sell something big? No, neither wow. We sold a couple of things that we saw in the house. If we weren't using you must have eaten out of the kitchen. Then 'cause I mean you got. You lived on nothing to pull these numbers off. We spent a lot of time at work and luckily we work in kitchens. So that's a good place to eat Let's go for that kind of stuff, yeah well done very cool
So how have you been married for years? Ok, what Happ two years ago. They put you on this nineteen month journey it kind of started. When we got married, my sister Laura and my brother in law know we gave us the total money makeover as a wedding gift and uh on the coffee table as a coaster for two years, it kind of no, we just weren't on fire immediately. We read it during our honeymoon, so every time we were on a plane were reading through it, and then we got back. We did Dave yes, did our own version of we thought it was so serious that I hear that a disturbing amount of times so, like hey earlier on a debt free scream. I heard the same thing. We came back from the honeymoon we didn't do it in two years later we got on fire or three years later we got on fire, so why did you do it?
instead of wide open, do you think I think that first I well. Actually I've read the book Anne I should've had my husband read it because he's really: Cliff notes he's really good about details and following instructions to the t and I'm the kind of person that will open. You know instructions and just take There are two reasons. Just a general pattern. You don't have to follow the recipe exactly as the recipe guy you're, not exactly so. That was part of it, but you know once we have gotten past that point. We had a one year old son and we kind of looked around and we're just like. We haven't really made any progress and we got into financial peace university right after his fur
and then listen to listening to everybody story in financially and you got together and you went to the class that made it come alive more than the book. Now, that's a good explanation. Ok, that makes sense. We were completely on the same page. We have information and the babies they're. Looking at you're going, I want to go to school some day. You know. I know that your changes, your life right all that yeah having a baby, actually wake up. I mean it just laugh. You know so yeah, it's very cool way to go you guys, so you did great. What was the? What do you? well, the key, was: what's the recipe for getting out of debt determination and focus, in overtime. There was a family event that we were invited to. We have to really look Budget and a lot of times like we can't do it. We can go, we need to stay on track and we just had to maintain that focus and be determined to just get rid of the debt kick out. Sallie Mae.
There. It is ok, so you just once you once you saw it you just like like a bulldog, you just got ahold of something and that there's a sense of that. That thing you gotta do done inside isn't easy yeah. I have to be sick and tired and mechanically. What did you do? What did you physically to me, the debt, snowball dead or the budget, or the working together or working extra jobs. Or what do you think somebody if you're just talking to you? But how did you do that? It was all the above was just listening to the budget that we sat down together to make our it was the best low ball that helped a lot and it was you know. Before I got promoted, I would get off work at work at five hours a week at night, then you know driving for ride, sharing, only get faster income and then looking around the house what we need and get selling it just get everything thrown it out there that yeah, we did a little bit of airbnb and our home to. We were just tired,
You want wheels nerd yeah I needed to get them out. We're Airbnb worked a thousand hours due to someone everything in sight. Yeah, you read. Did You want big. You went from Ishta to over the line, yes yeah. I love it, but nineteen months too yeah something to be said for that, rip a band aid off right. There yeah well done well done I the two of you who were your biggest cheerleaders. I think only mostly an we have some close friends, So following the program now, but my sisters- parents, yeah our family, bigger trailers or so mostly had good voices in your ear. Yeah yeah yeah, that's good! That's good, some might push along because it gets tiring. It does rain nineteen months, others. I want one now that you're done, but what you're? In the middle of this a long time yeah you can only so many rom and it'll, hey man, especially if you're a world class chef. I mean my god here. We go so
done well done! Well done. We got a copy of Chris Hogan's book for you every day millionaires because you're going to be one before you know it you're right on the way, and that's the next chapter in your story, chapter one that free chapter two rich. I like it, it's good sounds good. The chapters in you're on your way well done good stuff. I've Cynthia Sacramento CA, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars paid off in eighteen months, making one hundred and twenty four to one hundred and eighty five. They work their tails off counted in countdown Let's hear a debt free scream three to, one word or phrase. Done. There is something to that. Uh.
Makeover book or watching the Youtube debt? Free screams is enough for some people most people moving from here. To fully immersed requires a full immersion. You have to you know it. You for us, is if you learn to speak Spanish and you never speak Spanish for two years. You'll forget: I speak spanish unless you grew up speaking spanish, but I mean if you, if you learn of his making language. If I take a class as a redneck hillbilly and I'm going to learn how to speak, spanish- and I never speak Spanish for two years- I will forget everything I learned in the class and The same thing is true: with the money stuff, you can read the book and not go. Do the stuff and Do immersion, which immersion is the best way to learn language by the way too, and in
and is go to financial peace. University get in a group or other people are talking about this positively get in a situation where doing your budget is like mandatory secure boot camp were going to your drill, sergeants there loving girl sergeant, but still holding you accountable for being smart people. Yeah. That's good stuff, that's the difference in Ish and actually doing it sometimes the immersion. It might be. For some of you, this step is you need to go on and take after you and that will get you going. This is the Dave Ramsey Show,
our scripture today, first Timothy you for twelve. No one despise you for your youth but set Believers an example in speech and conduct in love and faith impurity Paul. Calo said the world is changed by your example. Not your opinion. I was good, Well, if you are not strapped with student loans, you probably know someone that is the student loan. Epic plague is in full swing with one point,
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even if you don't have student loan debt. You need to know this. Information and, what's going on cultural culture around you. We are calling for Congress to end the federal student loan guarantee program if it is such an epic plague that the student loans need that we need to talk about, forgive the student loans which the left wing presidential candidates are all saying. We need to forgive student loans if we need to just student loans. How can you into actually do that with honesty. Even have that discussion, while you're still making the student loans as dishonest, so the first step is not to forgive them. The first step is stop making them. Then we can have other discussions if you want
but it's intellectually dishonest to keep making them. While you talk about getting getting them forgiven, because of course, you know, you're you're, making him faster than your giving them and all we're doing is creating a political climate, which is all some politicians want. They don't want results. Statesman's statesman, won't results, politicians, wanna, churn, stuff and stir up trouble to get votes, Michaels in California, hey Michael welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show: hey Dave! Thank you! So much me an absolutely. How can I help so? uh. I mean my wife just got married last month. It was actually a month yesterday and She had a car that she was driving 'cause. She was at home and her dad paid for it made the payments on it. Well, he
talk to her today and is asking her to make the payments on it now, and I knew I should have talked to him about this before we got married I don't want to take on any more debt, but the issue is, I know, spoken with my wife season before we got married, and I said I I've been willing to make those payments on the car. Once we got married, but we want to be depth. We have one thousand dollars in emergency fund already or anything she driving the car. Yes, that's correct. She is driving the car, ok and it's in his name, the card his name. The loan is in his name. Tell him. Thank you for the offer. No, we want to sell the car, so don't make anymore, don't make any payments on it, don't so because now I don't want to take over these payments, and you shouldn't have to pay the payments but
we're getting out of that. We don't want to get further into that and taking on the responsibilities. Payments is like me, going in by a car on car payments when I'm trying to get out of debt. So I'm not going to do that on that? I'm not going to do that. And so, and we stand that this you know. This is what happened up until this point, but as today. We're married and you're asking us to take them over and are there's. No, we don't want to so. Let's let's work together and let's get this car sold and the arm, so the original deal before you got married was he bought his daughter are in his name her use it and who was making the payments then he was correct. Ok, and so that was the original deal and then differences you've gotten married and he once you take over the payments, which is reasonable request right right, ok, but but What I'm trying to think through here is is
the car is upside down. I guess he owes that money. Yeah, I don't know if the card is or not have to look at the Kelley Blue Book value an what he owes on it so that I don't know how expensive a vehicle is it it's, a twenty ten Honda, Civic, so my guess. Is it's worth anywhere between five and seven thousand or something like that? And what do you do if you were to what's owed on it. I did see paper on it before we got married, as I was still curious about it, I think it was a little over five grand ok. So maybe it's not upside down. It might not be no ok, good, that's good news! 'cause! I don't want him to get hurt with this. He just bought his car. His daughter, a car. It's in his name. He paid the payments, and now he I saw the car and the deals over he's not hurt right and you don't take over the payments and you're not hurt the only
who is my wife might be hurt not having her car, but I have my car that I don't drive everyday for work because I have a work vehicle, so she can drive car and you guys can save up some money right, quick and buy her a car with cash yeah, that's what I'm thinking, what's your household income with her knee? Probably about, but at least between eight thousand five hundred and ninety a year you could do save up five grand in the next three months and pay it off and just take the Honda yeah. If you going to work with us on that. That's. Why would he be able to work with you to pay off the car he's asking you to pay payments on? Oh, I see what you're saying I get it yeah huge, hey it off as if it were your car. What let's pretend you married her, and she had thousand dollars card that and you eighty five thousand, and you pay that off in three months. Right, that's not a big deal! Yeah!
that does change the discussion a little bit somehow I had in my head there's a twenty five thousand dollars car dad and you guys made sixty grand or something so. Those are a little different. Eighty five to five, how much and you don't have any debt. Does she have any other debt uh? so I have dead. Oh, you do have dad How much do you know? That's the that's the issue so I have I have around myself. Fifty four thousand thirty one thousand is student loans. Nineteen is on a car and and I have about five hundred on a stupid, okay, one that I did stupidly. Okay, I'm probably going to change my answer now that I've got a better picture? I was on principle, and I was assuming the wrong numbers. No, would not be forced boundary wise to take over these payments as an obligation. Okay, I get your stance on that But this number is so stinking small relative to your card at, or relative to your income that I
we just say: hey yeah, we'll take it but be title 'cause, I'm getting really off put it early in your debt, snowball and pound that sucker so pop one thousand dollars car. It's not a bad idea, maybe sell your car but instead a hand in hers back, but that's way looking at it, I'm probably going to just take care of this, and that way you don't have. A family issue either, but boundary violation, the way this went down. I agree with you I put this hour. The Dave Ramsey Show in the box will be back with you before you know it in the meantime, remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's to walk daily with the prince of Peace Christ. Jesus and this is James Child's producer of the Dave Ramsey Show. Once again, you made the Dave Ramsey show one of the top five most downloaded podcast last year to get your daily dose of motivation and inspiration subscribe today
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