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Borders lambs solution broadcasting. Would all our rules, videos that that day, Ramsay, where that is dumb cages, gang and paid all bondage, has taken the place of the Bmw status symbol of choice and they ran through your host. Thank you for joining us open foam the triple eight eight to five five, two to five, that's triple eight, eight to five five to two, I've Veronica, just South Carolina. Merry Christmas Veronica. How are you.
How are you better than I deserve? What's up? my husband and I we bring about eight thousand dollars a month and others week. We are that free, J beside their mortgages, so we have to mortgages right now are forced to their primary home, and the second is a rental home which we make about three hundred dollars a month, I M and twenty. Percent of our take on income is a ton. Ninety nine submission that I have so much. Question. What is the best way? I guess to save for that. Ninety nine position as far as tax purposes in things go on. What what did you do that you don't household incomes, eight thousand a month how much of its term money alone the two thousand a month broker: If you set aside in our thirty percent of it for taxes, you'll be fine,
or if you increase your withholding on the other part of the job by the equivalent of thirty percent by six hundred bucks a month. You know they then you'll be fine. Ok, all right and then the other question. I had a bad. I drive forward adieu, hospice visits. And I go pretty far so Maya or is getting overbearing weren't. You keep painting meeting a new vehicle here soon, so we are probably right Seven thousand hours left is what we are hoping to say that for our so my question is: do we stop can you to stop our Irian college com You changed to say for this new vehicle. What's the best about that you're either violent May, but you're only wait above vehicles- bycatch, oh hi! So do you? How do you need to stop the other stuff in order to make the savings happen by the time the vehicles needed to be purchased or how in or can you keep saving
and say humming keep investing into another things, and you can get me like, for instance, if you do a thousand dollars a month and keep saving our keep investing billions. Baby steps and says a thousand or some your budget for a car purchase. Eleven months. You have one thousand dollars running right. I guess we're thinking at night. It might stop working before them there's just trying to avoid taking out another alone are not gonna, take animal along the mob, right, right out and so on, Are they just vague? Were users or some indication? Is cars about lay down. I think they're, just big worry right, all I'm I'm pretty pretty whirl and I don't want to get back somewhere. I guess it's! No! I don't want you just struck either but show me miles. Only car
during TAT, thou then we'll chronicler Subaru out back and is it been mechanically me? pain and have them and how many miles a month or you put on the car. I'd say? Maybe the scene Fifteen hundred thousand fifteen hundred molest eighteen thousand a year. Fifteen hundred, if I show you go from two ten and eleven months too, to twenty five to thirty, nine and I don't think that's gonna kill this car unless the cars already got some issues- and you know you ve already got some predictions now in our jute you're gonna had less than ten percent more miles to the garden and already has shown in letting out run. Three of them but that would be of some by was baby and long and super duper taken care of a change in the wall
too often iconic dived Robin acres of crazy babying it? How blame me, I think you get rather thing now, my being save two thousand alone, I don't care. If you, stop and take your listen, then restart, but I would prefer you get your life set up to where we keep investing. We keep working urban steps, and then we just look at our budget and say we ve got our saving for couch. We have certainly been for Christmas. We gonna save for a vacation, we go safer car and you start building those things into your budget and you dont have to start and stop all the time in order to hit. You started. Stop your investing in order to hit your basic life purchases that you're doing so that's the way. I would try to do it, even if it man, ok, beings and rational under two thousand a month for five months, we get ten thousand bucks for the car and that been, but that baby just for five months, rounded beans and rise because only get this done on a one way, Levin months. Ok,
go but still you're, not turning off the other stuff? Some good question open funds, a triple eight, eight to five five two to five Zack is in Oklahoma. Merry Christmas Zack. How can I help. I went through a divorce four years ago and through the divorce and a bunch of second directive, twenty nine thousand dollars in bed, I'm right at the finish line of finishing baby step to about on payment left the laboratory of everything. Well, thank you for that. I called you fifteen months ago And you let a fire under me and put me through after you- and I was that's. How I was able to do is really a little you for the question of God is when I went through right after the divorce. I got in the cheapest apartment act. Bond
twelve well, at a time like eleven hundred a month for over the years, it's gone up to twelve forty a month, but it's all bills paid Molly's is up in August and I've been because I'm finally, this close to being that free by then I will be that free. The plan has been to move out of this place and get somethin nicer. It's not you know it's not the best neighbourhood, but my apartment managers call me and said that, if our renewed, the least for another year, they would drop the rate. Two nine hundred a month. So if you were in my position, would you stay in the apartment? That's mine, now, nine hundred a month, all bills paid or try to move up to something
a little better, no one that it will be probably about twelve hundred a month, rent and paying bills. On top of that, I always look at rendering is camping until I get there I- and so I am not looking at either of these as a permanent answer to your life, absolutely both just camping until we buy and sell you know when would you think about buying and if it can be law? after a while a ways out before you're gonna buy three four years or something like that. Well, maybe movement or nice replies right, but the more money you spend camping, the less money you have on your down payment. Where I and the longer it takes to buy. So if you're gonna buy I get a year. I take the treatment. But which can be liked her for years are probably don't live in that place for three or four more years right right I'm gonna tell you there wagons your recovering from this divorce or just get now that you're built in your mouth.
You ve done anything wrong, but I think the question: how quickly are you gonna buy, quicker you're gonna buy the more likely which lay in the cheap place, because I'm camping renting is always camping. Its patients until you buy and its good patients I think though, but you may not once they dump your place, you can't be there they were ambition I gotta go the other day and I thought it was worth talking about again. It was from a wife looking for life insurance for her family. She asked why I only recommend term life insurance system of cash value plans like whole life. I use.
Explaining how you over pray for coverage, earn a horrible right of interest and don't get your cash value when you die. But this time I just had to go straight to Zander dot com and get a rate, and then we compare that right to the whole life plan and she immediately saw the huge savings. That's why suggests that everyone, gotta zander dot com or call them at eight hundred three five, six four. To eighty two and get a free quote, join us in a wild? Merry Christmas joys place, you have the total my honour. How can I ask all of tat
when a laugh and employed Over the world expedite driver we have been developing counts on that too an oasis beings, I might have appeared the money from right only thing that I have left to pay off. He loved her the eight thousand on my mortgage four, fifty eight thousand paid over and all of my thirty six thousand dollars in Canada. Good for you, and what do you mean you're here I go about. Seventy five thousand hooker, so you area than twenty eight thousand already lock in baby step to then and and the mortgage baby?
have sex? Is that what you don't? Yes, God? I can't get go I'm just about to start well. I was just about to start on a lock on, I hope and urgently come up and whom I had my house pointed out, because I've never their movement driving me because I'm gonna drive costs to close my rivers a lot of cooling problem. Plumbers came out scope. The mile clay pipe in them Enhanced collapsed. Regarding animal thousands of dollars to come out, fix it and because I've been so intent but they had been everything now they have my thousand hours.
And tat is the plumbing backing up? Not yet it will it will at some point I told them, there's absolutely nothing. I can do to lease do very, even there. The plumbers, of course all know. You won't narrow, shall ask you this what it sounds like you need to put your baby steps on hold and and and together, five thousand dollars really fast. I would get a second and third bid, and I would ask if there are other ways to solve this problem other than the method that they're using to solve the problem. Can they were so it can. Let you, nor can they jumped down the basement raw sleeve up its thirty. The whole yard. As an example,
Well they're saying no one! I've gotta dig because is unbearable from its under the baseline Hokosa gotta dig down it down and tunnel under the base, and then I could run a fleet that that gotta take down to it Well, that's what I mean is this: where you get a second, the third opinion, I'll call you I'm gonna, tell you that has so far. Not one got tone you this. What has happened? I'm not doubting it! I'm just doubting it here I've done I've done rehab on houses for thirty years, and I can promise you there's. Always more than one was gonna get and enters always got somebody that wants to charge a triple what somebody else wants to charge. It just amazes me, so I just always several bids. Unless I don't really know what the work is, and I understand it and I'm comfortable with it. But this you know it's gonna be little bit of time, for you have the money to do whatever it is
So you might as well used some of that time to get some more bids. Get two more bids. Put everything. Hold and pile up cash until you can do the repair. Ok, I do have option on. I do love like some thousand dollars in my business bond for emergency aid, for if my land like stone or something ok. Well, you can use that and fix, but I want you still get to other bid and she has her is or more is there some other ways to do this that are cheaper and and legitimate methodology to fix this thing, Albania is I'm worried about get now? I'm a girl What do you mean by that breaks down about you about here's? The thing We do the same thing. You do the same if you stop paying on bad, either way right in you either Samara pile up the cash to fix plumbing thing or I'm gonna. U, the money out emergency phone and fix the plumbing thing in January. In
time I'm gonna pay cash up in the emerges, you're gonna get back up to seven thousand and you'll, get it back up there in a month anyway, month and a half its low slower is a larger than it is in the summer about power. You I'm sixty three What is your plan when you come off the road where you gonna live, I'm going back to my mom that house longer. Do you think that is. We finally here because I've been told- I was probably a wheelchair about about appeared here, ok! So, along anyway, why This is why I really wanted to pay off this thing out, because if it does happen, I can confirm this ban to wheelchair well and you need to get those five cleaned up to show so that we can start, but why I'm thinking about how we can have a nice day and all those council thanks, show
Your own yeah you're gettin after good for you, ok cool. When you got a plan, we deafening to repair the house would definitely to stop paying on that until we either get the emergence fun replenished or we get the money to do the work literally, but do get who more opinions on how to fix it and what it should cost and see. If you can, you know I bet you get three thousand other option: instead of a father lower option that changes the equation, the changes, the conversation, and that's what we're always looking for Isaacson. Axis Isaac. How are you. I don't know that's an ominous quickly you to show. How can I help but a little story, I'm twenty years old. My parents and I am about myself some land and I recently bob. I got a bad image frameworks that live like a drop em
So what I M doing as that's mademoiselle weaker, from the ground up what I'm doing it, I'm trying to build another building on my property and need to know what your opinion on how I should only because I may did you tell the year and my you're going to help me with some of them only but they're gonna put it on credit card and are currently trying to then get out of death. I don't want them to put themselves more debt, for my sake, do this on my own. Kind of a little building, or you want to put on this land, you want to live in it he answered it's my man, tat building. I I so it is actually much better than the towns it's it's gonna be, well, furnished from the inside and everything else,
so the only another burden that I can use the building gonna get married next year. One caused in there is gonna, be around twenty girl and you make thirty two and you're twenty right yeah. What do you do? Living you're going to remind you, harm every nook and that's what you play do for the next seven years I am very happy with my look, my joy at what I do. I got em, That's so the land is, is a place to live. It is not something you reforming. Is your business to consumer piece of land? Three acres, ok such as postal to build you a place to live, ok
I mean what we tell folks is: if you're going to buy a house or build a house either one and that's what we're gonna call this that you know if you're going to finance it, make the payment no more than a fourth of your take on pay, and I would never do that on call. Guards and show what he talk. Much spending on this house born. Now, I've already got a concrete plan which I can say from a day at a stage if you gave it to me because they had been sitting up for meal it appears that there already paid for me. I have a cap reform, I'm gonna need, is gonna, be roughly about one gram, ok Well, are you save up all you can save up and you borrow a little bit from the bank and you pay it back really really fast, like I'll payment port, it's no more than a fourth of you take on pay and you put on two or three here, five your deal and then you pay it off sooner and that bastard you possibly can work
gonna get cleaned up, as we have the whole thing paid for shorter, set up your new marriage. Well, this is the diver amnesia. The one thing we started twenty nineteen with around Ramsay was we decided we are actually going to count. It's not perfectly accurate, causes very difficult, but count the lives that we serve.
The high school students in the high school curriculum the number of people who live event, the number will the by a book the number of people that come Andrei leadership thing the number of people that subscribe, Every dollar than ever people accompanied financial bees, university and to gather and our estimate were at the beginning of the year that we would serve in the method we region counting about two point: two million people the. Obviously we have seventeen million people. Ask me that broadcast right now, so that we encounter a listener. We counted someone that interaction with our company is did it, and it was just for us to remember that our fans are why we exist, and So we projected that we had ok, two point: two million and we set ourselves the goal that we want to remain and we put up, we ve got we greens all over the whole building and we have the number I served every day, updated
accounting system in an algorithm, they kept up with it, and so, day when we walked in for the last year, we ve seen this number. We saw we went over a million, we shot, went over two million and this morning in our Devotional time we blew confetti can it's all over. The place and celebrate the fact that we had hit three million families served while pretty incredible and our tamely crazy. We had a blast warn the ways we celebrated. That was, we had one of the families, we served come in and tell their story and we're gonna do that every scream or them right now so pretty girl. So we ve talked about ready on stage this morning Joseph and K Le are from Lexington Kentucky hey guys, think forming an hour this all day, thanks for inviting thank you for having a pretty form day, so lately been a lot of fun, a very cool and we gave them a Gazelle award this morning. It's never been given before may never big
again, but you guys we're dead. Lay Gazelle so how much debt that you pay. We paid two hundred and thirty, three thousand nine hundred and fifty five dollars in twenty five months in five days Wow love it and your household income range. During that time we started around one thirty five jumped up to two thirty and back down to about one. Forty five now broken cool show. What kind of was the true thirty. Four all student loans after the last body I'll do for a living. I know the answers, but I'm asking for the sake of the audience, we're both physical therapists, ok, pities, satellite, thus the tour thirty Margaret stood alone that absolutely and you can t tease and you get out of school and you could just I'll, do it I'll do or die. Instead. What happened to me the story, so we had stated a friends house- and I was just gonna- pick
their library- and I saw the total many make over- and I said, can I borrow this, and think I read it in two days and I said Joseph you ve gotta worry this book, had paid our cars in we're going slowly towards paying off our student loans at. But it was such a big mountain that we just don't really know how to tackle it, and then I read the tulip money make over and it just made sense. So we shall you got fired up. We have Joseph the book. He gets fired up yet right and then what you do? We he worked like crazy. We had a full time job. I picked up three other physical therapy jobs. She picked up to others in order to pick up an extra physical there What does that mean? We basically I switch jobs and I just aid on part time or would work the weakens and out ok, so every job we had took up a weakened, She scheduled it all. Just tell me: where work I went to work,
so you workin, like you're, working like sixty eighty hours away excellently anyway by both that yes, we will have one wink enough a month to hang out or travel family. That was our vacations twenty five months, just traveling the family in you have time to spend money. Does your organ alta yeah that that was a blessing currently spend money? If your work and sound busy today they are absolutely, but the net result is in twenty five months. You pay two hundred thirty four thousand dollar. It can be done great place to go into broke to work absolute to himself when you finish, you have to just like collapse, we move back to my home town and each one job and now have weakens vary, so I'm on vacation around
patient everything now? Are you really work at work in enjoying the weekends and see family and friends and lemon life, then I have no doubt absolutely. Has ethical, wonderful, really get a new gas turned up the he really high intensity was amazing because in it all resulted in work, yes, which all resulted in money which resulted in this being done very quickly. Was it worth it? Would you do it that way? Again? Oh yeah yeah. I definitely want change a thing. It was hard being newly married and gone working overtime by our together that free and who knows what the good nor has in store for us next man Erika one. When you make a hundred thousand bucks, you got no doubt how about to turn thirty in a couple days and she's: twenty, nine, ok, and yet this pretty cool, because a lot of your contemporaries came out the same school with you, they'll, be ten fifteen twenty years, screwing around with her two thousand right yeah. Yet we,
They saw someone in global a classmate. We tell her where death free and she just kind of look at sea kidney and respond one on the centre. You're. Absolutely like there s another. Ok, well done compute. If you feel stock, when somebody gets out, it doesn't feel it didn't. Compute rate dish didn't work very cool What are you tell people? Obviously one of the things you tell people to go to work. What what do you tell people secret to getting out of bed is because you you really plowed the field, I mean you went for it
for us, first and foremost, all glory to God and the boys in seem. Provided us. He opened many doors and all we had to do its work. So I work Ethic Kalen. I incredible teamwork. Yeah. I think a big part side effect. I guess of doing this. Is it's really strengthened our marriage and it's really taught us what we can do together and how much we can accomplish in how we can persevere through things that are tough and worked through a lot of things. So that's been another major blessing too much good work. Does your exactly right once you have accomplished? Won't you climbed a mountain, this big together any term here comes along. You go you're, just a hill, I've done a mountain and what its financial or whether jailing else. Could you what your bump and other stuff in your life you are. We all do.
But now you can you know. Ok, we can. We know that if we put our minds to it and if we're unified, we can kill anything will make it happen. Now, that's that's a great take away. That's may be more important than the dollar. Thirty five being gone. I agree with you very well done a good job, guys thinking while our dream went nuts this morning there were also proud, forty or so impressive, and I mean you get nine people, giving your standing out ain't bad morning, no, not at all in Albania about Europe Savage easy to give your standing out your Iraq stars very, very cool who are your biggest cheerleaders honestly, each other. We got it. She got me through this. He did everything from grocery shopping to making the budget scheduling our work. So definitely her and then we have us. Friends are going to school to be occupational therapists, Jacob incidental band,
and family good. Some people think some people think you're crazy when you're done it. Oh yeah, a lot of our family doesn't really understand why we worked so many weekends and we're just kept trying to tell them. You know we're trying to pay down our debt we wanted. We want to be down with it, but I don't think that they really understood how much we had and how power was impacting ourselves, how hard you are running to get rid of it. Ass, very very go what we gotta copy, aggress organs book for you every day, millionaires goes without about you're on your way. That's an ex trapper and thirty years. Old free learn how to kill this learn how to make it happen. Absolutely the whole bunch of our team torn turned out again to see the debt free scream and so absolutely girl were very, very proud of you, Joseph Kalen lecturing to Kentucky area. Two hundred thirty four thousand dollars paid off in twenty five months, Megan. One thirty, five to thirty back down the normal one. Forty five now counting down
let's era that british three two one way: That's all this is that over amnesia
Withers and North Carolina hate, and I welcome that Abraham chef paid me things. I can recall sure: what's up my married. We completely cash We are aware that our honeymoon the earth has paid the pressing were now air, but we're both in school I think, as I I've been ones for the past three years now, but I've been going small credit that entailed and add a catch sure. My fun here
He took out loans so by next year, will in graduate school round, only three thousand our debt, which is completely free but. Ah said, Mary now, all that desk might, as it were, a weak minded are all income aid or begging counts we're working through this thing we're trying to paid off to allow much. So what my question on wondering should I take a break from peace of mind school in cash? You just take a break from school completely to help pay off his wounds. That, though, by graduation. King. I migration. You will need a free, how there that's? Why pray, or at least a little? But after you graduate speaking policies what about that when national, gradual giver today,
about a year. What, next year, when you gradually that EU aid the right way for another. If I go hey man. I don't graduate for another three years: what are you studying on a ministry right now, so I am studying like a double cool, all counselor ship, work with children ministry, and I work in our mistake here, but it's real. Tonight, it's like it Is there a working right now I come to school because I was told that I need you to go to school and I really what I needed or wanted to do at the time? But you you one of those things that people told me just go to school. You figure it out! So, you're still trying to figure it out. That's all! That's a horrible plan, yeah
go to school and in figure it out. That's just a horrible plan. Whoever gave you that advisers and fool The only reason you would go to school will be to get it agree that you're going to use the new from the degree to increase your income. Here otherwise you're going to school simply for the acquisition of knowledge at which is for sure a luxury shall I dont. We hear that I'm about to complete my degree, He's gonna double my income in in three years, it's not gonna. Do any of that. So yours is the acquisition of knowledge just to be better formed in your ministry. But it's not going to change income situation at all my understanding correctly. Ah yes, here Finally, could I word and based on that lets pointless beyond that which put the degree on hold a guy, because the everywhere. I gather that getting of the degree, for you is a luxury because it says
the adding depth to your ministry, experience. It is not a an economic decision that you're doing ok, I've other wrong with gathering knowledge for the euro, to add richness to your life, but you need to pay cash for that when your family's out of that right now Slowing down the air to get up at plan of your newly formed family, due to you being married, what your husband studying my heart then way off. In the same boat as I would. He was told that he go to school. He did will you join a Christian, the small Christian Online college boy? He either with a high degree, is going to help his grey right now with a counterpoint. But he works for medical
why company, as he's really believe in that he will be able to teach air how'd you get here, is faster than a doctor events leading please they want to teach her like a college level, but he does it right now, a year or two. Cash flow, the refugees college. Now in that area from one does in the world and for your job, Remo he's working too actually he work, sir. He works. I have full time to bring about eight tat. He worked support. The job of the weaker knocker shortage, our own national income. Today, neither tremor so our halfway come thirty five between the two of you, yes
although we worked in full time well, I can't, but I was transferred from whom I have worked, to take our historic with the preschoolers banana gaps or age group, because that job became very, very stressful. For me, and I saw a passionate with age group in a man s. However, this age group will work with his skull schedule. Our very though I work partner for they spoke her some day you mean a new job here, you're, not making a living now and he's not make a module on with what he's doing here. So you guys are Starvin as part of this party issue too. So I think you need gas need, lay out some really clear career gulls of exactly where you want to be in five or ten years, and what education is gonna be required to get you there if any and arm
But that being in ministry does not require that you be broke, it does not require you become wealthy, but it does not require that you be broke, and so your in you now you need to have a path by which you can make a living, and if your guy, if you're gonna, be a ministry in a place that cannot afford to pay you, then that's called volunteering and you're gonna have to have main street mate mainstream jobs, as well as your mom side, GIG hustle ministry stuff. Until your ministry can grow to support you and it sounds like both of you. Ve got really big hearts and your design.
God. But you haven't found ways to do that. The feed your family, yet as you may have to have some mainstream jobs that are legitimate, good income, producing jobs that allow you, the economic wriggle room then to serve in the local church and sir, in some of these ministries, but but working for them in working for you right now, you're starving to death, so we ve got He said this and put a new template and places you guys go with and then ascertain what education is needed to do that. But just generally speaking, you need to become more edge. Hated? Well, we all do, but that's all dumb reason to go to college Unita in it. You need to have a place that you're going with the expenditure we spend the money we need to get into a different place because of it a good question. I appreciate your joining us and appreciate your heart. Open
owns a triple eight eight to five. Five two to five this year, make sure you are buying gifts. That means something gifts that give guidance and hope to people who need it, but without breaking your budget what our cyber Monday sales are all about today, can save up to seventy two percent on new arrivals, exclusive, bundles of gifts for kids. It's pretty girl and tender books, they Ramsay DOT. Com are the deal right now and you ll find out absolute lowest prices on of the season tolerable. Like over his example, ten bucks, entre leadership, ten bucks, everyday millionaires. Ten bucks, complete God might more most work is. These are all number one but showers, Oliver Dave, Ramsay, DOT, com or cholera
concierge team at AAA twenty two peace AAA two to seven three, two to three, because why it's cyber Monday week, which makes no sense to me it? I still can't get over this concept, absolutely crazy man, but that's the deal! That's the deal! I really do be careful with your purchases this year for your Christmas thought noticed by John last my gifts that have meaning what's our books or whether something else, but by book but by gifts that are gonna, help someone that they're gonna treasure throughout their lives. To be much more careful and thoughtful than is buying plastic. Junk Walmart right should put some thought to this. That puts us our that IRAN's you, showing the books thanks to James Jobs, are politically. Then you are such a producer and funds greater. I M D Remsen your host and we'll be back,
hey guys, like person, senior executive, pleased that they really did you know over fifty million people show every can unblock this people. Listen to one of the six radio stations across the country to find a station near you had the Dave, Ramsay Doktor Slash, Have you got questions about retirement, investing and becoming an everyday millionaire, go beggar and broader with my man Chris open on the crucial genscher. I M excited to be able to talk to you all week in week out we're gonna focus on your calls, and it's going to focus on building well investing and how to become an everyday millionaire subscribe to the crucial venture wherever you listen about gas hates me producer of the Dave. Ramsay show
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