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From the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios, that's the Dave. Ramsey show that is down cash is king and the home mortgage has taken the place of the B M w as the status symbol of thank you for joining us America. We're glad you are here: open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two, two five! That's triple eight eight, two, five, five, two two five starting off this hour is out in California? Hey out? Welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show. Thank you
good afternoon Dave. How are you better than I deserve? Sir? What's up yeah, I got a question for you. I am totally debt free. I own two properties that cleans on the property values or are about a million on both properties. I haven't. Remind don't mind, glad business upstart business, but I'm thinking about investing now I was thinking if I should one of my Your opinion was asking for your opinion was that if I should sell one of my condos and take the three one thousand dollars investment that I want to go into business or When I get home equity line of credit, with your money as I need it for the business and that's the only death who would be in my my lifestyle right now so and I my income, is about four hundred and fifty years. So please note there is no way to go. I don't borrow money and I don't borrow We need to invest for sure, and so,
if I were doing this deal the only option I would have. I have two options: not do it or if I've got to do it immediately or sell the condo, and so What would you do with this excess money that you're going to make out at the condo prob? drop it into a mutual fund. Until I could pile up enough to buy another condo Ok, that makes sense because generally what I have done, but when I do that kind of thing what the difference is. There sleeping in our brains, an it's all of us. You're very conservative Allen. You've done a very good job of money and you make a lot of money, so you're, not a dumb guy, but all of us, regardless of how bright we are. When we use borrowed money to do something it feels like monopoly money. And we use money out of our savings account or sell a condo this, real money on the table. It feels like real money and the
if you analyze the business you're going into that much harder. We're using real money. Rather than borrowed money. Your do diligence level of looking at that and making the iteration of. Am I going to do this? Is it really worth this changes when you're using money? That is your real. Money, it's almost as if you had a hundred dollar bills, stacked on your kitchen table when you're getting ready to hand this guy two or three hundred thousand of them. You know and your blue Wow- and I you start to go. I just spent real money and activates the pain centers of the brain in a different way, and it makes you more cautious. More careful are more deliberating when you spend real money than when you spend borrowed money.
Thanks for the call, so one of the problems with the whole student loan crisis by the way you because you had an eighteen year old piece of paper and say sinus Febrian go to college, they don't know how much they borrowed. They don't know what the interest rate is they don't have to think about the school they're going to and what it's costing they don't much think about what they're studying, and so we find these but with a degree in left handed puppetry that they spent two hundred thousand dollars and have it all in loans at thirteen percent, and then they look up at forty years old and they go I'm screwed because it was not real to them. It just felt like this is just like. I was signing applique Shin papers to go to school, and yet I was signing off on a hundred or two hundred thousand dollars worth of student loans. As I did, the series of signatures, and even sometimes the parents are that way of the of the young.
And we're finding that a lot when were, as we've done, the whole borrowed future podcast series. There's eight podcast series in Ramsey Network now and and the fourth episode has downloaded now, you guys can get it, but as we've gone through that the people were interviewing the. Stories are almost always share with it felt like monopoly money, didn't feel like real money, and you think about that when you're going to buy a thirty thousand dollars car and if you actually take thirty thousand dollars out of your account versus you just sign a piece of paper and you start paying payments, it really does activate a different section of your brain. That level of pain makes you go dad. Blame is a car that nice, you know, don't really want that car. Instead, it's you know, but if you're signing up for payments, you know the friction. In. Your brain is less and that's what I was looking at their so good question. Appreciate you give me a soapbox to stand onto a Julianne is with us in New York, high jillion. How are you
I things out. You better than I deserve what's up question regarding retirement. So my husband and I are- we just realize that we're halfway to retirement and to retirement to make sure that we were going to be ok. Ultimately, one baby step, two we have forty three thousand left, we are planning to be done by August. I have? We have sixty seven thousand in my 401K. We don't have anything in his 403b, how old are we make sure that we're thirty three and thirty five and I can watch your household income, how about one hundred thousand? So when would you start baby step? Four. I don't know that honest. I have appointment with that except your house and have your emergency fund inflation.
Um, hopefully by Christmas of next year, so forty five years old to sixty five years old is twenty years an you started, investing fifteen thousand a year, which is fifteen percent of your income. That's maybe step four right right, ok and so you'd have about million five or so Five hundred and sixty five yeah, that's if you never get eration, you shave only fifteen percent for your entire working life. Which I really won't happen, ok you'll either, but you're either become complete versus and not do this stuff and not say fifteen percent All your income goes up, and so does your consumption or your income will go up and you will increase your percentage if you become a saver as a result of this transformation you're going through if you become an investor as a result of this transformation you're going through that happened to me by the way 'cause, I'm a natural.
I thought when you went to SAM's or Costco, that's a reason to check your check your receipt on the way out was it federal law. You had to spend two hundred dollars. I thought you had just been my I mean I can spend some money. That's why? God makes me takes us every day Anne. Yet when I went broke, what I learned was that, if I add more money I could give more and if I had more, I could spend more and in order to more money I've gotta spend less so that I can invest, and so I became an investor because it allows me to save and to spend. I mean it took given to spend, and so it was the transformation of me going broke thirty years ago and that's what you're going through your hearts being reformed, and as long as that happens here, if you're gonna be just fine, I mean, if you gave your income, doesn't going half inch hey there for some bizarre reason. Most people
working lifetime. Their income continually goes up overtime, sometimes a little step back step forward by little RD. Here but generally you're, going to see some increase? That's the thing and so yeah this is doable. It's very doable you're going to be all right. This is the Dave Ramsey show Switch your cellular service to pure talk, USA. From Maine said I heard about pure talk, USA from Dave, Ramsey Pure Talk, is is the best cell phone service I have ever had. There is a monthly, affordable plan for everyone, folks, all
talk. Usa's plans include unlimited talk text and data and no contracts. Try it risk free today call pound. Two fifty and say the key Dave Ramsey, Steve is in Oklahoma. The welcome of the Dave Ramsey Show Hi Steve. How are you yes, sir? Yes
your your podcast and a sixteen forties real popular here in Oklahoma. I've got a quick question. Ok today, if you teach to get in while you're before house how about if I was to take rent that I'm in the money and to purchase a fifth wheel. That way. I would at least own something in lieu of renting it would be in my pocket when I'm done, are you going to pay cash for it? Well, no. So now I would not tell you to go into that. No, not not I don't know you, don't there's, no, not a. I never tell you to go into that. The only thing I don't scream at people for dad on is because here's the thing when you rent the money is gone each month, but you don't I think it's going down in value of fifth wheel
those eighty percent of its value in about three years. Gotcha I mean it goes down the like a toilet. I mean just like money, going straight down toilet, and so if you bought a used fifth wheel and you pay five, one thousand dollars for it in cash, and you wanted to live in that instead of paying rent yeah. If you want to that's fine 'cause, it's pretty well already taken the tail kicking, but if buy a forty five or an eighty thousand dollar fifth wheel, a super nice one. It's going to be worth ten thousand dollars in twenty minutes, and you're going to have been paying payments on it all that time. So you took a double hit. You took the hit on the payment, when you took the hit in the loss in value. So if you're going to buy a super cheap The idea is not a bad idea as long as you're not married if you are married, your wife things is an adventure. Mine would not so it's just a matter of you, wrong with it understand- mine, wouldn't, but you just gotta talk through
everybody's gotta be good with it, but if you're single guy- and you want to do something like that- that's fine, I know one single guy went bought a three thousand dollars mobile, wide or mobile. Why double wide mobile home? Three thousand now. This is a trashy mobile home, okay, very much to it. For three grand folk come into saying: they're, not holes in the floor, but it's close right and he lived in the stinking thing as a single guy pay cash for it, while he saved up and build- two hundred and fifty thousand dollars house, but I'm twenty seven years old. Now, that's what's known as a stud right there, if you can pull that off, but again, I'm not too snobby to do that. I my wife's, not too snobby, but she just not likely to do that. Maybe we are too snobby. Maybe that's what maybe that's the truth I just need to, but I don't know what you call it you're too good. That's right! I mean I I hillbillies with your you know: you forgot your raisin, no I'm a great now so shut up. I didn't forget my raise
so it's just unbelievable, so you gotta just think think it through, but anyway, bottom line is you're. Buying something if you bought an expensive one, that's going down very very rapidly and you're going to lose a lot of money and you're paying payments on it. So now I'm not going to tell you to borrow money to do that, but If you want to go like that, other kids way or something and you pay cash, I'd be ok with that alright Austins weather in Florida, Hey Austin, welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show Hey Dave thanks for taking my calls great to speak with you. I have a clue. For real quick, come on baby step. Two. I thirty k on my car. And I'm about ten grand in negative equity on it. I'm getting ready to get my bonus from the last position I have after taxes should be about four grand now. Should I take that for grand take out a payday loan to cover that negative equity and then chose by car in cash,
Or are you going to use to buy the car repair. Oh just uh: well, that's not a good question! 'cause, my emergency I was going to use about a grand for it, we're going to use your emergency fund and then you have zero, correct, ok, all right Oh I'm so smart ones, I'd say it out loud again. That's! Ok! That's! Ok! Let's just let's just back off on it and say, instead of putting foreground on the car, we would put three grand or instead of borrowing six week bar seven and keep your one thousand dollars in place and you still got rid of the thirty thousand dollars car which apparently you do want to do is that correct yeah. I really do want to get rid of that caller by it. The other thing that I've been asking people about what my phone is is: I have about thirty eight hundred credit card debt, it it if I paid that off with us, for that would been clear up about three three
Seven a month to put towards the car won't start until you put your heart, your household income heavily. Seventy thousand ok and you have the credit card debt and the card at and what else not counting your house? That's it! Ok, alright, uhm! No! I think I think I would pay off the credit card to make sure they're caught up in closed. Are they Uh no they'd stay in my house, so I don't bring it with me anymore. Well, the problem with them at the problem with having them in your house is they have a tendency to get loose. So you need to get him out and kill him cut him up. Thinking about they need to be sacrificed tonight in a plastic surgery party. Ok, so and close the account and pay them all off with the bonus. Now one hundred percent debt free except the car. Now, let's keep the car, little while an really heavily chunk down at seven. How fast could you pay off seven thousand dollars? No, no! No! You need ten thousand. How fast can you pay
hours of it on credit card debt making seventy six months yeah about six hundred. Instead of borrowing money, let's drive the car and pay it down to twenty and then sell it. Ok and pay off the credit cards to help you do that. Yes, sir, and you're on a tight budget right, you're doing dollar budget. I am. I live on. The cash died and everything good man, good you're, one in a lot of it congradulations com. If I can help love it, very good job. Whitney is weather is whitneys in Connecticut Whitney. How are you I I'm good. How are you better than I deserve? What's up, so it is your opinion on, if my husband and I should sell her house or if we should try to pay it off do you like your hair is an art, I think down the line we plan to sell at some point right now we don't have plans with. Why would you sell it? So
We, when I called to try to get PMI removed. We realize that my eyes on for the term of the loan. This was before. I found you that we find our long agreement and everything got Fha loan. Yes yeah on, so that that you don't hate your house. You hate your loan Yeah- and I mean our house is we're going to outgrow it. We have two young boys who, at some point we're probably going to be more space for them. How many square feet is it. I'm about fifteen or one thousand six hundred. Ok, what's your house payment about fifteen, almost one thousand six hundred a month? How much is your mortgage one hundred and sixty one thousand? Ok an ordered! Your household take home pay in a month your take
after taxes, not counting retirement, not counting insurance about five thousand k, you're, not house, poor, ok, you're a little bit higher than I would like for you to be. I tell people to not sign up for more than twenty five percent of their take home. Pay will be one thousand two hundred and fifty in your case and you're at one thousand five hundred. Ok, so you're not that much over, but it's not killing you so now. I would sit there until you, to move our. For other reasons, I probably you know if you're gonna move in the next three years. Probably re financing is not going to be worth it to get rid of the pmi, but I would sit there and get your other stuff straightened around. Get yourself out of that, get your margin she found in place. You know, get the get the family on the rhythm of living on a Briton budget, a plan it to where we're heading towards and hitting our financial goals, and then, when you get ready to move again when you do make,
So even if it's a bigger house, fifteen percent, I'm sorry twenty five percent of your take home pay is your some payment on a fifteen year fixed. So unless you income goes up you're, not moving up in house, not if you're smart. This is the time
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Little better planning 'cause, we don't know how popular they are going to be there very, very popular big seller. And so, if you have an interest in the business, boutique planner, it's on sale now for two thousand and twenty four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine at Dave. Ramsey com or business, boutique com or call the ram, concierge team at AAA twenty two piece: eight billion eight hundred and eighty two million two hundred and seventy three thousand two hundred and twenty three and I give your goals to the focus that they deserve, and they will then give you your dreams living the dream. Baby will is with Indiana, hey well. Welcome to the Dave. Ramsey show, hey Dave, thanks for having me sure. What's up had a quick question about insurance recently got married, I'm thirty she's. Twenty eight just wasn't sure how much we needed ten times the a little more than will be required, ok well ten times. If it's invested at ten percent gives you you income to be replaced her. That was that's the formula. That's why we use ten to twelve time
you have a bunch of money piled up or something I mean we have our emergency fund in and then some and I mean we're just combine finances right now, yeah. So what do you like? One? One year's salary? What do you right around a hundred okay, So if you had one million dollars in the bank, you would need in life. Insurance yep if you have three hundred thousand, then you'd only need seven thousand. Here's the thing go prices. Under insurance, if you haven't at thirty years old, healthy and you don't smoke, you're, not overweight. It's just. I mean it's a surprise for freaking pizza. It's really not that much money, and so you know, if you take twenty dollars, you cut in half it's only ten dollars. You know I mean it's really not going to be a big discussion once you realize what that, cost much and do you need to leave her one hundred thousand dollars income. If you died today, she's twenty eight she was living on her own, just fine, for she got married to you. She probably okay, living on her own. If something happened to you without your income right, correct
so that's kind of your idea or that's what's bouncing around in your head. If I'm you anyway, but the thing is discover how cheap it is. You'd, probably just going out well whatever, but because probably will start a fan in a few years, possibly and then you're going to want to be having it and you know it again I'll just twenty year dollar policy on you and I wouldn't think twice about it, because what would you, are thousand the few coins that that's actually going to cost. You is it's negligible? Zero thanks comment, all right, Tony, is with us in Ohio, hey Tony. What's up hi, we are currently taking your class and taken the class s p you and we have paid up. Enough all of our debt and we're looking at our retirement funds. Now- and I have two previous four hundred and three b accounts into former employee
and I'm now working for a local government, so I now have a state pension that I'm putting into do. I need to take this for those for three and move them somewhere or are they okay? Okay, there there there's nothing to panic about hi, he's taken a hold of four oh three b or old four. Oh one k with me when I leave and roll it with a direct transfer rollover into an ir, a there's, no taxes when you do that, and the reason is real simple. You just got a lot more access to it. You know the updates are better because it straight to your inbox. It's not going from your old hr and you options in the open market, there's about eight thousand mutual funds you can choose from to put, into an IRA. I and you know, with Euro four hundred and three b, there might be twenty or five or seven or eight, and so you've got more tions, more accessibility and better come occasion, because you're still
did you and your not connecting through uh you're used to be Hr Department to get your four hundred and one thousand four hundred and three b statements cash, so I always roll 'em. For those reasons, its flexibility, you probably going to make more on the mutual funds. 'cause you get better ones. 'cause. You got a wider selection that simple, hey. Thanks for the Lisa is next leases in Arizona, Hi Lisa? How are you Dave. How are you doing better than I deserve? What's up fantastic, so I was looking at your mortgage payoff calculator on line and we're looking to get pretty aggressive with paying off our mortgage rate. I wanted to know if we could put our. Current, save things for retirement on hiatus and throw all of that money as extra payments mortgage, which would have it paid off in two years, and if you don't, it pays off in three years. Uh. If I pay what we're doing now, I've still got
uh nine more years now fee, percent of your income did not alleviate seven years. Your master manner? Okay, I'm just looking What the apps but what I'm saying is what is your household income? It's uh twenty five and so pain percent of your income is thirty two thousand dollars right, right in our retirement is in your balance. Your balance on your account is after tax we want to business or software business, and so we don't qualify. We make too much for a Roth So all of our retirement goes into betterment after taxes you don't need using betterment 'cause? I don't know what the crap they're doing apparently you've got got available to use. Apps you've got available You are some. In case you've, got available to you back door Roth so, you need to get with a smart jester pro and get this stuff
going into Roth stuff and into good me. Try a phone after tax. That's a problem at your level? You don't need to be using a robo. So anyway, I right now. So what's the balance on your home, sixty nine thousand, ok and you make two hundred and twenty five thousand dollars in can pay it off in two years. If we don't put thirty thousand so you calculation there was you, took your entire retirement amount and put it on the mortgage and it pays it off in two years: correct. That's an incorrect calculation! because you would be paying extra on the mortgage anyway, out of your two hundred and twenty five, wouldn't you we haven't been ok! Well, we! So why? Don't you just pay it off and put the fifteen percent in? It's only sixty thousand dollars
Okay, let's just say, let's put thirty thousand away and put twenty thousand a year on the mortgage for three years, in addition to the thirty thousand you're putting away that's fifty grand out of your two hundred twenty five We go live on. One hundred and seventy five is Yeah I mean we have a substantial, retire and college savings already. So that's why I didn't know if, if that was possibility it's a possibility. You can. I mean, obviously your make a lot honey. You can do a lot of stuff in it and nothing. This column is dumb. Ok, I mean it's not like Well, that was really stupid. You should never do that. That's not. I'm saying I'm just saying I wouldn't! I would just investing I'll, smart so get your investments going much more properly hidden under retirement, good retirement Roseanne, then, let's, let's just kind of crank it a couple grand a month on this mortgage until it's gone and it'll be gone in about and half years, if you do that three years and keep doing your
That's what I would do is a fast. You know. The more you save the more you pay off debt, the wealthier you are. It's pretty simple equation: hi, thanks for the call David is joining us from Tennessee, I'm thinking of getting a refund see my mortgage and it would take me from a two hundred and ninety thousand to a three hundred thousand dollars mortgage an add me it would give me two thousand cash. It would give me possibly to skip months of payments and would drop me from five point. Twenty five percent to a three point: ninety nine percent- on it
thirty year mortgage an it would overall, it would save me one hundred and sixty dollars a month on the mortgage alone, and if I take that cash and they skipped a pain, and put that on to a credit card that I, I could get rid of that debt and end up staying another hundred dollars a month. So space two hundred and sixty dollars a month for increasing my total death in that regard. By ten thousand an I'm not sure if that's a good idea or not ok, so how much of the ten thousand is closing costs? Six thousand nine hundred is that they said ok and what is your loan balance. Currently have. Two hundred ninety thousand last my current law, how you said that I'm sorry okay and takes it up to a and so three hundred yeah I do in this. Okay all right and so you're going to save one point: twenty five approximately per year percent.
You're going from one hundred and twenty nine to three hundred and ninety nine didn't you say a five point: twenty five to three hundred and ninety nine yeah yeah sure saving one a quarter approximately a little bit more than one slash. Four, ok right, so one in one slash, four percent of two hundred and ninety is thirty: six thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars or saving per year. What you save per month doesn't because you need to change your you fifteen now, when you're going to go to fifteen, I'm going to thirty year now and I'll go to another thirty year. Now we're not doing that. Ok, I couldn't couldn't afford to do a fifteen year, then don't do it. Okay. I would agree with that. If you can't, if you're not gonna, if you're not going to get out of that on your mortgage, then you're not heading towards the data points. We found from the millionaires and you're gonna keep a stinking mortgage ever so that's problem number one you're making enough savings to justify this refinance.
The only way you analyze re finance is not the monthly change in payment. The cash flow change, the way you just Father refinances. Do you save enough in interest to recoup your closing costs? And so you know one point, two worms night, two hundred and ninety is thirty: six thousand one hundred and twenty five dollars and then you've got a six thousand nine hundred dollars. Closing costs so you got about two year break. Even you see what I'm doing yeah and after that, if you're going the house longer than two years I or the mortgage. Within two years, it's going to be I'm gravy, a biscuit after that, but it takes two years to completely break. Even that's thing. Number one shop probably would do it on that basis, but only if you go to a fifteen- and I I do not one, you or anyone else, because it doesn't work to get into the idea that somehow you can borrow your way out of debt and so
Paula, your debts into your mortgages is not a good plan. Just working your way through is a good plan, now, if you know it wouldn't actually it wouldn't actually put any of my debt and other debt into yet. Did you bring it to the supporters extra and you paid off a credit card with him right? They do for the two thousand dollars. Cash was something to do with Fannie Mae and whatnot, where it didn't have anything to do with like the the mortgage. Alright, I'll be honest, I didn't quite understand it completely. Ok could be the recoup of your of your escrow account, so what it could be that your old escrow accounts being shut down in the new ones being set up out of the proceeds that's possible. Sometimes that will create a low cash. The skipping two payments thing is
That's that's just the nature of starting a new mortgage. That's not something you're going to create it! So I, but those are not the motivations on this. The motivation would be the thirty six hundred dollar savings per year. The other stuff works itself out, but I wouldn't go through a refinance. If you're not gonna, be on a fifteen year I'd I wouldn't bother because you're gonna need to do it later. You're gonna need it. You're gonna need to get to a fifteen year quickly and if you to do that you may have too much house Frank, is Withers francs in Massachusetts, High Frank welcomed, the Dave Ramsey Show, I do think taking my call sure, what's up I'm calling I kind of feel like I've gotten late in the game, like a lot of people have and I've one kid in call one going to college? I would
much from you in the last two months, listening you three hours a day that you could definitely save me on a bunch of stuff. So I actually just called the college in canceled. Kids will do a student loans from this point forward. For my daughter, I'm forty nine. My question is: I'm forty, nine I've. My mortgage. I have about twenty thousand dollars in Adam on step two and I'm trying to figure out. Once I get my once I get through this, I should be paid off in probably three months: yeah yeah, and I'm not sure I have money taken out of my check on a deferred comp. And I have about one hundred thousand dollars in there, but I'm trying to figure out once I have my emergency fund saved. Should I just have extra money taken out on deferred comp or should I put it into,
Roth Ir A or a traditional or teaching with the baby steps? Is that you stop all investing until you get through baby step three, get free other than the house. You have your emergency fund in place and then would restart investing fifteen percent of your income into retirement now the best to put it in a retirement. We always call it rock paper. Scissors is wherever there's a match. Do you have anything with a match oh, no, I'm actually I'll be on a pension system. Ok right, so you don't have a match. The next best thing is a wrath. Ok and the next best thing is basically traditional tax deferred, which is what your deferred comp is so I'd be doing are off before I did deferred comp and you've got a couple of colleges. You gotta fund heard right. You are that's. I thought I was doing a writer when it gets what my parents taught me about the thirty year mortgage and did a fifteen year mortgage. I was buy a year. You know for my daughter, she's going to be a senior
share and he's going to be a freshman. Ok, so you got the House When you get this twenty thousand bite off, get the emergency fund bite off your one hundred percent debt free and probably going to lean in out of your cash flow and fund these two colleges with cash right. That's what I'm doing! between me and my wife with cash flowing. You know I tried to. I thought it The right thing by taking a little bit of the loan out through the faster, but you know you don't even the parents, including myself, you you really don't know what you're getting into a now down. It's a master so you're smart, you're smart to stop it and quit and the boys, and then you won't die yeah and so you know that you are very smart to cut that off an so yeah you're going to three four months, you're going to have things changed around absolute, incredible you're thanks for the call
and phones that eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five open phones at eight billion, eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five Ricardo's on Twitter. We are one hundred and forty thousand on our home, which is worth two hundred and fifty we also a total of sixty honor student loans a good idea to sell our home pay off first By different house. Only as a worst case scenario, unless you already hate your house. But showing the house is almost it's. Is the last resort. It's very we have to sell a house financially, it's emotionally and physically expensive to sell a house as you have to go through the emotions of packing and moving and lifting the box. Dealing with all the garbage it distraction. Whole family turns everything upside down. It's expensive! It take It shoots a hole in your year to move and So I don't recommend moving, except as a last resort, unless you're going to move anyway, if you're going to anyway 'cause you hate the place, then that's something to think about and talk through
normally when I'm talking to people their home mortgage is not their problem, and you know how weird this is in order Anthony and we're talking about this on the show earlier in the week that we said you know, twenty five percent of the student loans are in default? Are in delinquency. One point: three percent of the mortgages are. Why you actually have to have a job to get a mortgage? They actually qualify you for the stinking loan you're, not like eighteen years. Hold up a mirror, which is what you have to do to get a student loan and so it's uh different lending Your answer will again: reason. I don't want in mortgages, usually been the problem. Now I wouldn't do that, except as a worst case scenario. This is the Dave Ramsey
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