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Pay Cash for Your Cars if You Want to Be Wealthy! (Hour 2)

2020-01-22 | 🔗

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Why? From the headquarters of Whimsie solutions, broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios, it's that day, Ramsay we're dead is dumb pages gang paid off. A mortgage has taken the place of the Bmw Kosovo's status, symbol of joys, I'm diagrams you, your hosts, thank you for joining us, open foams, AAA eight to five five, two to five: that's AAA,
eight to five five, two to five judges, as in Florida, starting offers our high genetic, our you I am then good. How are you doing better than I deserve? What's up, I'm so excited to be talking to you. Your first time collar six month or so listener my home and I just parted the baby step. January it and we are attending appeal, our local church, Idle wild Baptist church shut up to them great and loot Florida. And so my question is my husband and I have a twenty year age gap, I'm twenty and he forty five, and we have nothing started in retirement or stolen babies. That, too was about twenty two thousand left to go. But I would like to know how we should start funding retirement, one that becomes an option for
No, when you go to a babysitter foreign you're, putting fifteen percent of your income into retirement. What is his income and what is your income I income is fifty thousand about forty two after taxes and he's not working right he's not eligible. He actually came here with the K one be then we got married last year were both christian and we will, been able to combine our income yet because he's not eligible work. Until another month urge you wouldn't be doing, and what do you estimate his income will be is actually gonna go into translation and interpretation and who knows seven different languages, so we want to get him divide and start doing that, though anywhere between fifty to sixty thousand, hopefully yearly
if he were to say fifteen percent of sixty thousand from aged forty seven to eight sixty five he'll be just fine. The millions of dollars at that was my question. Do you hear me? of the Gatt as if he were a single person, is how we can look at it. And so of course, he's gonna get to sixty seven twenty years before you do it right, Actually, that's why I was little and by and by the way his income will go up over the next twenty years. Twenty two years while your income goes up over the next twenty two years, hopefully by the most people have unleashed basic standard of living increases as a minimum right. Yes, John, you start out increase in order that authority or renting if he starts out of sixty and the two of you together beat your view of the total householders putting fifteen percent of your income and now, if he were,
like substantially less than you, I would have said, let's still put more lets us five. Fondle Roth. I re in his name- maybe not one in your name fund, anything we confront MAX out stuff in his name but and minimize the one. That's your name in order to put more of it in his name since he's gonna need it sooner and still have total? Be fifteen burst of your total household come a baby step forward, but we just waited heavier and actual dollars. His main, because that way he can get to them when he turns fifty nine laugh twenty years before you do, but you will need to do he's, making plenty of money he's got twenty years twenty two years before we worry about this, and if you don't have to Even waiting it because of the numbers you gave me so yeah, just when you get to be step. Four make sure your investing
ten percent of your household income and make sure at least half is going into his name and ours. His for is for a one Kay. His wrath. Irish, those kinds of things, that's what you're looking for Christians weathers in New Hampshire, hey crash, outcome of the diver amnesia you know better than I deserve. What's up well, I've got a bit of a conundrum. I setting. I got myself that free this pass, Tambo paid off The guides stood alone, everything right now, I'm currently selling cars and my employer games three hundred dollars a month. Miracle allowance. So long as. You have a vehicle known them. And my my father's mechanic,
the licence and wants to kill my card of impasse. Inspection. Can you take me in the summer purchase a vehicle at action, four, six, seven grand cash and I don't know if I should do that the six to seven grand it's what I can We could improve my employer and let them pay for they're gonna pay for as long as you work there, but it shows you dont work anymore. You have card that no are going into bed with the promise of your employer, paying a car allowance, not a chance. Pics large package for your cars, the of your life. If you wanna be wealthy. Ok, yeah. Well, I'm just not. I mean I'm twenty five I was very lucky. I need fifty five thousand dollars. Last year I was Here's! What happens in?
but a play. You go, buy a car based on the three hundred dollar payment that yours to be receiving from them. You God alone and nothing happens that you'd leave that job six modulator. You have a Carlton and I'd take the money that I was gonna go purchased at auction and just pay at best labour. Imagine man now you're gonna get seven travel trying to play one four left foot and just don't do it just stay. From a just, if stay away from that and keep the risk low in your life and keep Handling your money. Well, give obviously gotta get for making money. Tend to make money and man The money well and don't try to do tricking stumbling into happening. No, not gonna. Do that absolutely not I would never take out a car loan and I would know take out a car alone, because the company gives you a car allowance is a trap.
Your stepping up on the rug and when you do they're gonna pull at noon. I got down the whole down the hall on the whole? You do not want to have this experience. Please just pay cash for your guard. Your dad's on the right track, save up pay cash, rearguard, save up and pay cash for your car. He knows all about cars at the auction and he knows about cars. He's a mechanic, that's the guy! You need to be listening to your dad's, the genius in this equation, thanks for the Gall brother preacher the joining an open phones at eight eight to five. Five two to five Louis is on Twitter in over there, mutual funds made up of companies entirely companies that are bad free, not tomorrow, I would doubt it seriously. There's a lot of that companies, but I've never seen by bundle them together in a mutual funds, be shocked, that happened. It might be. There, but I think I would have heard about it.
This is that our ambition, a goal, Our plan is more like a pipe dream. It won't happen. Your time shares goal is to keep you in that contract and they have a plan on how to do it. You need an even more aggressive plan to get out of it and the company with a plan is time share exit team, its attested plan that has exerted over nineteen thousand people from their time shares. It starts with a free consultation and if they can't get you out, they'll give you your money back call eight.
Four, nine, nine, nine exit or timeshare exit, team dot com and start your plan today, What are those modest things you can do with your money and the new year's or bacteria? That means having the right insurance in place. Checking your credit report regularly having an up it will at least have insurance all that kind of stuff, and we have built a tool that will show you which of these you need to adjust five minutes. Will an email. You were to do list and tell you exactly what you should do next and next, the next. This tool is key the five minute coverage check up to all takes five minutes, and it could be the most.
Wharton vomit. You spend particularly here at the beginning of the year, Stephen took it and he said we discovered we were paying about thirty percent, more for our home insurance and forty percent more for Otto Insurance and with less coverage- We done this a few years ago, would probably gonna paid off our homesick six sooner get out your phone and text the word check two thirty, three, seven, eight nine check up thirty three, seven, eight nine or go to Ramsay dot com, slash check up, that's how you do it love it Mary Beth, is weathers she's, a new North Carolina. I met how are you. I'm doing well thank you, protect my call shop, which up you're going to get your perspective on lists. Thought is gonna, find out exactly what the situation is so. We all one property outright. We use that as a rent or for rent or come our second property. Are our primary
That's what we're looking for in the coming months to buy a new now, the first House, the rental property, that's worth a hundred and sixty five thousand. And that has a two hundred fifty dollars per month, HIV, the we don't really like that we'd like fell at the second properly which is the one or Lebanon, now that one is worth two hundred sixty five thousand. We over hundreds, on it? and then the new health or wine is a thousand and we have seventy five, how about the end stock from my husband, gold employer, we are wondering what you would recommend on how how to make the best financial decision and getting the New House well the way I would answer. The question is not what is the best thing today, but what is the best thing that take shoot the best place to, years from now, twenty years from now
What's your household income throughout one twenty show you don't really well and how old are you too? I was thirty. What am I thirty seven? He said they want a cap which show ten years from now. We have a sixty one in a forty seven year old. What put you in the back place ten years from now is the way I look at this ambition. On that analysis and what I know about building wealth. What I would do if I woke up in your shoes, if you don't like the rental property, I would say both of these properties and the stock and I would pay cash nome, it all for your residents. Then I would take the fact that you don't a house payment of four hundred thousand dollar house in North Carolina he's a nice property and I make a hundred twenty thousand hours year and I would pull up a big pile of cash and
Can you do invest aggressively for retirement and then I would save and pay cash for a rental to that I like, and that invested in intentionally because they gave me a good right of return band. So I say ten years from now, you ve got quite a bit of money and mutual funds in your retirement accounts for a one gazing. Your Roth irate undergoing upload paid for Reynolds because you had no mouse payment for that ten, Year period of time no pay at all. How do the council, the cat Colombia stock thing work there? What's the penultimate have shown tat, no heavy penalties, arbitrage from taxes on it worthy each other doc options or they were stock, bonus stock options. Ok, have the options been cash? as cash demanded actually owns the stock, or he just owns the options. Only now we all know stock. Ok, then you will pay. Capital gains at fifteen percent. On any step,
on any gain over what you paid for it. If you ve held it for over a year, and so the seventy five thousand dollars there. What would you think you paid for that pile of stock hooker? What I'm giving ass? What do you think you paid for it, the idea. What you're basis in the stock is ok but light. Luscious, pretend ok pretend that its forty five is what you paid for in his gun. So my father give you thirty thousand dollar gain which mean you'd have about it. Without more tax bill. Ok- and that's all so, there's not a bit depending on what you paid for it you're only fifteen percent capital gains launch of only a year on the game. Over what you paid for what you paid for. It is your basis and that's the direction that go good question. We appreciate joining us very well done what I would do
China, is weathers she's in Virginia, I Brian beyond that, I Ramses ship. I think the picnic are sure. What's up. A little over a year ago. I have I border for power and look across the country. Kind of arise and because of the tiny things ended up I think you burn you. Honduras ended up with, thirty years of age, a mortgage, because you don't have enough worth twenty percent down payment and I'm interest rate of five point one to five more yeah. So actually right now at last be yours, but every biasing studied application on earth. But then you ve been listening to you and kind of talking about the actual wanna get really serious with the baby.
That's where in right now aware at thirty thirty three percent of Irish take on pay on the mortgage and we're both pretty start, considering idea of dispelling the housing and moving to buying something up more affordable should a baby. That's what you're twenty five percent, getting your mortgage guy, what your household income, these values about boys? Isn't that is one? Seventy eight one seventy eight per year and how much bonuses they usually get? It will now be per year that this year and next year will be between
found the twenty thousand before TAT Hooker. And what do you do for a living? I worked by that company here and he went and customer support where the company you work for what company a tech company pet Take the easy eight that I'm sorry, I can't I'm having trouble hearing, ok, money, all right. How old are you Twenty six did you calculate the authorities repressed, with bonuses, or without By the way, they think, I think, with with the bonuses about thirty percent for the lowest, was buried in the third year mortgage did you calculate? Are you taking money out of your check for fora
cage, and did you calculate that. And I know I did I believe- are calculated hooker. I don't like yours tried, as you think you are you're marginal- money making a couple hundred grand a year, end That's right! You don't like the house, and you want to move. I'm ok, but this house has not killing you. I would refinancing keep it yeah. You know I'm an upward trajectory on your income, your fine you're a year you're in good industries, you're you're, not gonna, be making two hundred you're gonna be Megan. Three hundred And on an, yeah, I'm thinking! If you put your for actually, I don't wanna talk about take on piano talk about whatever they diploma just after taxes after proper tax withholding twenty five percent of your take on pay, not after money coming out for a car payment over
credit union, not after money coming out for child support. Not after me, coming out for for a one k, money coming offered, Access what's left after axe take on pay around twenty five percent of that here and a little bit over that when you refinance on a fifteen year, get that interest rates down, but not a time. You're. Ok, Europe if you like thousands day, but I Ramsay chef hey guys, it's Rachel crew,
and I love to travel. I'm also a huge fan of our amazing listeners, her killin it with their money. If you're in baby sets forth or seven, you have sacrificed so much to become debt free and now you can enjoy your life and money without the burden of debt. So I'm so excited to announce our first ever live like no one else: crews and mark twenty twenty join me Dave and the other Ramsay personalities for seven luxurious days at sea learn more. And registered today? I Ramsay crews, dot com. Thank you for joining us America. Citadel is rich in dollars with Georgia. Hushing Del our you
Meanwhile, our human grandly better than deserve, what's up after three years later, the game, but I'm ready to join a camp with my husband into one account together. I will you please also ok, he's also looking into getting a house as well, which I'm not comfortable with, because I don't think we can afford but he says that we can. I have critical attached to my name, which is why he doesn't want to move forward with adjoining account because he doesn't want them to be attached to credit cards. I don't have a credit card that is too literally an excellent credit score. That's it you're a little uneasy about moving forward in our financial peace University steps to put on my credit card
we're living in Havana, and I have yet to radically look around you. What available in the market for the house he's looking up purchasing power? Hi, I'm not working right now, going to school he's a feeling! I e g, I disability payments from reading and stuff like that, which is about two thousand dollars a month. Words honestly, living off of saving currently went to the home, but plan ongoing footballer place, though, if you have a little bit more room in our budget, but I'm kind of stock and I'm not sure
I do feel better about moving forward. We are looking into following your plan for financial peace University, so I was wondering what does that you had on that will were you to follow our planet financial bees university? You would get completely out of that and you would chop up every single credit card you're using credit cards as an emotional security blanket, and that is not healthy, spiritually, emotionally or financially. Somehow, your credit score has given you comfort, which is a misnomer all. That means, as your bar lot of money paid back. That's where you credit score came from. It doesn't mean that you have any money. There is no comfort and credit score, except for your ability to go deeply indebted. If something happens which would be really stupid, show I would tell you to get on the same page. Get an agreement about what your long term plans are
What circumstances your both gonna feel good about this and onwards have looking at something like Cyprus will use, buying a house He says you know, I don't really want to do that, but I do want to do that. What we don't do it until we solve her reason for not wanting to do it, and if we never solve that, we don't do it. We have to have unity on major financial decisions, because people who do not do that do not prosper, nor do they prosper in their relationships. By the way, the sounds very tonight that the way you are towards each other the way, the language that you used towards the way you are addressing each other. It sounds like it's very. Ah you know it's not like we're trying to win to gather it's more like. I want what I want and I won't what I want and that's that's not. Sign for you guys. So I would tell you sit down, say: ok, we both have a goal of owning a house someday. I think we can agree to that. Are we both
all of being on the same page and being in agreement. What is keeping from doing those. Two things well he's uncomfortable with your stupid. You show the credit cards you're uncomfortable that he's moving towards a house that you don't feel good luck. You guys are ready for right now, and so you guys got to solve those things in order to move forward, because if you just hours, SK of state each other's throats all the time now we would put your honor in budget that both of you are combining your finances and working together towards gulls, the gulls. We teach her baby step Gulf, the first one is thousand dollar saved the shipowners, your dead free everything, but your house and the third one is finish your emergency fund of three to six months of expenses? Now, if you had no credit cards and you had a budget, you are operating on a new felt comfortable that everything was ok with a debit card, because you had money because there's money in the budget that you had to say so over
Two of you have combined your incomes of combined your goals. They had ten or fifteen as an author sitting there for an emergency fund and then you saved up a down payment obeying a home, because of a no brainer at that point, and you being a good shape to do that, problem is you ve got all these tattered ends to this conversation and Islam. Tattered injure their none of this is going to feel good you're you're behaviour with credit cards. It gonna feel good to him, his warning to push you to buy a house, you don't feel ready for you don't feel heard. You'll feel your vote counts, your handling. The discussions and you're not gonna feel calm. With that and all of them a valid concerns, show gotta, learn to work through those things and get on the phone page and work together. If you wanna prosper, hope that option.
Blake, is whether some Iowa High Blake Welcome today. Ramsay show thank you based, first and foremost that it wanted to. Thank you for what you gave to do. Good good financial goodbye is great, but Crispin got my advice would be even better if they. I appreciate that much more. Thank you, sharp look. Why don't you and all the background necessarily, but I got a letter- Commissioner, you know that I have you have a medical bill that ended up going to collection. I've never dealt with that before cried the reader peeping online and what man unfamiliar websites on how to handle that they want to get the thought than on how to approach that before I call collection, I've already got half go, they say gone, not our problem. We can help him out
about how big it. How big deal you didn't feel a thing that among us, but about fifty two hundred, though a decent job, the of the fifty two hundred it would be, it would be created it will bring them. Let them know how do you do you owe the bill in that way to one could collect simpler short of the long it's been about a year in limbo, because the insurance company with fighting at the hospital they some people, get built today, recording all that out. I was assured that everything was being taken Arab and then I was told of one of my make. I'm kind of payment towards this bill when they finally decided what we owed on it, he could make some kind of a payment to it and I'll keep it that way. That reflection I called about a month ago, and I made a thousand allocation on it and really later I find out of it
the remaining fifty four hundred, what the collection do you actually o them money did? Was the calculation done correctly with the insurance company, you took up the CORE services, the insurance company pay portion of it, is the poorest the two remaining that you actually o fifty two hundred hours and about the like him. I can figure out yet Today I would. I would want to know, because these people are very inaccurate. They live, but have you not only to do an audit on the account cause? You may find that the real bill is only three thousand dollars, but I went out at the account can't use mathematics to come to the conclusion that the what the bill was minus insurance. Company paid is what you owe The way this works is the insurance company pays your bill for you. If they dont pay You still owe it the fact that your insurance cover
didn't do what they were supposed to do. Does not get you off the hook. They were paying, bill for you if they didn't pay it properly because of double billing or they are the impasse. Mishandled them the paperwork or something then get in there and make them do what they are supposed to do and clear much of this is again, but if you do all the audit and at the end of the day you oh fifty tuna dollars and you have to do in dollars right, I'm a check you, the money. And then it's over and then you re Belgium, emergency fund, and I'm sorry that you went through a medical event that Granger Savings is horrible, now you have to rebuild it, but you all the money you have the money pay the bill. And I wouldn't put on payments, and I wouldn't you know if you have. The money to pay a bill, and it is valid bill. Pay the bill that what we did we blew and have fortunes are gonna near here and what I do now a valid bill: our fight under the death in our fight to the death.
You're out during the audit. What is really there because I've got plenty of audit with customers. When I was doing financial coaching one on one, where I find that bill is built. The same exact procedure. Four times and the insurance company actually paid twice there's still trying to get me for two the customer for two and it should have already been wiped out and then some
Donovan, whether in Utah Donovan, unwelcome programmes, a date for technical really prepared a sharp what's up about it, here, our triggered it on my wife and I went out to purchase a home. We found a piece of land about just over half an acre and we purchased it with intent. The bill then during the building process, not doing about this and actually ever started, but as already preparing to build. Found that we're gonna be a little over budget. So we decided to
not build on the land and actually found a house about thirty miles, the land that we had purchased and we decided to buy that have to date, a short time. We got a really good deal on it, and so my question to you is What are some things that you recommended for trying to get rid of that land? We ve had it on the market for about two years: Forest You didn't. We left the attack reappraisal and we don't like we're. Getting much interest is less likely should end not getting any interested people in the language feel like we should tackle. Personally, have anything to do with market value. Can't you needed to determine what good value, is out It was one of our endorse local providers and find out what some of the properties around their sole foreign. Let's get the thing aggressively brised. What did you pay for it about forty five? I believe just I've given fourteen about fourteen thousand dollars for a point. Victory Eggers
So this is legitimately in the middle of nowhere yeah they never rural area, yeah ya. Think, that brought here. There are various housing nearby, if not that nobody lives there yet. But I mean this is not a high demand town six three acres wouldn't be gone for fourteen grant, a guy, so harangue ya. Mr Harrison's angry living account for more than I want your household income, but forty thousand ok, Well, I don't want you to lose fourteen Gran, but also what you're, too short term pay taxes on. They were ten years because you screwed round riding at three more for something that even a ever bring I'm guessing you're in a low demand low. Active the area and that your biggest problem answer you probably going to have to address this with price, the other thing. I've had a little bit of luck with is have the
First class top, not real estate agent, call the next door neighbours, and see, if someone on either side would like to add to their land for a really good deal. And maybe the people behind or there beside one on each side on across the street. I would, of course, scout out in this building houses in the area, and Let them know that here's a bargain but I mean guess is that, this is an area where you won't find a lot you fi within a five mile radius, that a hundred other large sold in yours didn't, you may find to show you, in other words on yellow activity area and so you're going to have to become one of the ones. Miles and usually that's price and it's a high quality reeled, her
and so track. We want of armed or local providers, and maybe they can either help you. Maybe they can recommend someone in that particular area, though the thing I would use, if there's not a yelp, he working that areas since, as a rule area young who how's their sign on everything out there sometimes in an area like that, there is one person that really kind of the market so to speak and harm. We were you, look you see their sign and I would talk I would say: ok: what's it take to get this thing sold John is weathers. Johnson, Washington, high John Welcome that Abraham Felicia they picture taken my call for teaching it peace, university class at our church starting February. Thank you. Thank you. Church, medical community, church gray. Thank you. Why? Wonderful, though I won't,
Company twenty four years on sixty one life, sixty or company, is closing. In March I have about a hundred and twenty two thousand five hundred and four one k we own I make about fifty eight thousand. My wife makes seventeen and we all aside business that we run April the September doing hotspot shield floating in striking, and we make about forty five thousand dollars nap working that three days a week, while I'm I'm probably gonna, run that six days a week. I should build easily double that wherever we were really good reputation and recommended by a lot of people say, should build a bill that and survive offer that my wife's back a lover. But my question is on my
For one k, I can role that to an IRA good or I can cash out. I was thinking about catching out with our seal pudding. Dozens of ya know, lady three truck: that's not your last much longer our company truck where I work out, I can purchase for twenty grand. They offer pontoon both for fourteen five and a credit card for four, and we would be that free, except for our house and then put them thousand. In my emergency fund hand, you still not used to have the money right. I think I think, with a cash out I get about ninety eight thousand, and that would lead me about fifty put another. Ten a house, and then I get off my p m, I put forty thousand or fifty thousand back into an investment. Does that sound, reasonable and or should invest that go back into an irae or just go back in the stock market or what would be suggestion or my way up based on all of it?
Our would roll into an IRA good mutual funds, and I would pull just enough out to do most of those goals. I probably went back to forty thousand down that you're saying is having savings, but I pay off the stuff and I get me a cheap truck would spend a lot of money you're going to pay taxes on whatever you pull out, but no pain. Yes, that's the only reason I tell people, never cash for a one day to get out of that. Much is to stop an emergency, are to stop a foreclosure bankruptcy because if you're under fifty nine and a half but you're? Not you got no penalty. You ve got access to. This would just paying taxes on it. I believe, the rest of it in their let's got a minimal amount or accomplish most of the goals, I probably would not fully fund the emergency fund with taxable money, but I would I would pay off the debts and I would get your little upgrade of a truck
Let's kick this business in the button get it running. I like that idea. A lot to understand what I'm saying is your blog and even use half the money right and then, let's build your emergency fund up out of Gazette. Put you baby step three: let's build your emergency fund up out of cash flow from the household and lets, That then, be funding. Rob I raise going forward with the income that your creating gives you in a bigger nest. Egg than fifty or sixty grams absolutely follow scary about catching it out the vacuum. But I know that if we're debt free and now we have a truck, that's gonna last longer response of business. Now I can't be down. I've got one truck with them. Two thousand and twelve. I got em out fine weather it. Nothing you're! Describing here man, you know, go Barbara Neutral,
You go by use of its construction truck rights free, but something is going to get the crap knocked out, I've it and then you'll be ok yeah all of that and then bit but be very diligent work. The the The reason you're doing that is to create margin in your budget to be able to invest correct, and so you ve got to do that. Or to have it. Otherwise is just spent money. Yes, are you gotta turn around, but you got their exact right plan. I would just dollar back a little, and I wouldn't use quite as much of the money is your talk about an let's leave the rest of it in the mutual funds in a an IRA and in some mutual funds that are performing well and then does start shrunken was Raphael Asian. You knew you could do a sap over. Business have been structured or a simple for a one gay, blurry over the business either one of those fine and you get to get started
money going into retirement pretty quickly and that's a game plan, but I like your like you, recovery mode after we had the same place for all those years. Your emotionally very good place after what you ve been through here? I congratulations: dude tough This is the driver amnesia This is James. Childs producer of the day branch ship did, you know you can now listen to the day. Brands show on Pandora, Aunt Spotify for all the ways to watch and listen check. Our showcase Dave, Ramsay dot com slashed
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