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Chris Hogan, Everyday Millionaire Theme Hour, Savings

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From the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions broadcasting from the dollar car rental studios, it's the Dave Ramsey Show that is okay at all home mortgage is probably an indication that you're an everyday millionaire. It's an everyday millionaire theme. Our number one best selling author Chris Hogan Ramsey personality joins me to talk to real millionaires. This hour Chris, We always have start this hour off, explaining 'cause goofballs out there don't know something. Now none of our listeners are goofball
But some of our listeners have friends that are goofballs yes, 'cause I got friends are a goofball who do that yeah and so what's a millionaire? Well, here's the deal which, do is you take what you own minus what you owe on, and so looking at all of those assets, your home, your cars, your invest, all of those things at that up and subtract out anything that you owe anything you have dead on. If that Number is one million dollars or more they Relations are in every day millionaire, but It's not enough. It's not the point. It's not the point saved. The point is math and we know how to count I'm from Kentucky Year from Tennessee, and we know how to add and people you do too and so, if you have that in number it's one million dollars more than you are, everyday millionaire. I don't care cousins. Is I don't care what your friends say? You've done it and what we know for a fact is that it's not an accident. Everyday people are doing it all across the country. You need a plan, you need a purpose
to be consistent and Davis what you've been teaching, for over thirty years. So if you have a net worth of a million dollars or greater. Not if you have a political theory, but if you have an actual net worth of million dollars or greater, not if you have an opinion, but if you actually have a net worth a million dollars or greater, you can join the discussion this hour. We want to hear from you. I don't care how you got the million dollars all over by inherited. It will have you in here to that. That's fine! Our bodies grow cool. If you're correct, that's fine, if you're all you have to be an athlete or an actor, your that's fine! You call you athletes and actors famous people line up and call in right now, but none of those people ever call nope. We just talked to people who have saved money and gotten out of debt, an worked a job and they tell us how they did it I'm not sure we're gonna talk to the shower, but we're gonna talk. Anyone that has a net worth of million dollars, but the statistics that we found
in the largest study of millionaires ever done in North America. To to happen here on the air. Yes, they do Dave Listen to me, it's not that you the inheritance we found. Seventy nine percent of the millionaires over the ten thousand we talked to seven percent did not inherit a to. I thought we were making progress with that number, and then I tweet the other day with absolutely no reference to the study whatsoever and it got right it on a bunch of left wing websites and people went bananas? Well, I'd like to know your backup for that statistic, but you gotta hate tweets, oh yeah yeah, I think I'm going to traverse the communists are everywhere. I can, which is like a socialist everywhere when you're doing it but yeah I mean is you, are out of our writers- are you're, obviously a baby boomer? What's that got to do with it yeah, I'm obviously baby boomer? Does that mean that you have to be a baby boomer before you can count? That's right? That's it: okay, shop,
open phones, this hour for millionaires, the phone numbers, eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five that's eight million eight hundred and eighty eight thousand two hundred and fifty five Two hundred five we want to hear from real ones. Steve is in Canada, canadian millionaire. What's your net Worth Steve, our sitting around one point: fifteen million right now, very good good for you, and how old are you I worked thirty years old, thirty Millioner the June this money, none of it. None of you did it fast dude so what's the mix once it invested in I've got about three one thousand and uh it's equivalent to your one kg in a got it dumb Boat, one hundred and sixty and some other investments. The remainder in cash and vehicles. Employee share
and we've got a paid off house. That's gone up to around five hundred thousand right now, good, very good. Excellent and what's your best year, working income, you're worse here, working income, Hum started young and started from about thirty four thousand, all the way up to about three hundred and thirty thousand. Oh there we go. What do you do for a living, a power line mission and my wife is a medical, professional. Ok, just like a respiratory therapist, so you're both doing well. Ok, yeah yeah, we're doing well and just investing everything we can so now what is power line, technician uh we build and maintain just the electrical grid and just the skill, so you order how your great into it at a high school okay and show you
on the towers, then personally, yes, okay, all right cool as well. Try to make sure I understood all right, so you're you're doing like real work good and you're killing it Steve. Did you all know your wife has you college degree, no just high location. There's gotta be minus student. Ok, I'm just kidding your GPA and do you. In your wife, do you all do any giving as a family uh we help over some service clubs, but I think when we slow down a little, and in the future, will maybe do more of that type stuff specially? If you guys did this real young? How? focused in trying not to get caught up in the lifestyle creep and I just invest your races and and try not to waste your money and stuff. That's appreciates now you're making bank in your banking. It is what you're saying
yeah. That's the plan yeah or the goal. Yep see. Did your parents teach you about money, or you self taught hum little bit of help from my parents as far as a teaching, but mostly Okay, now, thirty years old, I know you couldn't have done everything right. So tell me: what's your big financial mistake, you've made biggest mistake when we paid off our house at twenty eight years old, I went out and bought a race car for twenty five thousand dollars and uh. It was kind of a black hole of time and money and I sold it about a year later and invested that money. Instead, what kind of race car? I was just like a Gregory's car that Mustang, okay, I mean, were you racing it on track or what yeah yeah drag racing? It don't drag race drag race. I think you should check. Okay drag race, okay, thirty, okay, okay, so difference in a canadian accent, Tennessee accent there. You go all right, very cool, dude, very cool '
graduations I'm proud of you very, very well done thirty years old Dave, hey, I mean end, you know we can just parlay, the home everyday, millionaire discussion into debt, free degree, discussion, because he's Campbell he's a lineman for the county. Right I mean he's running, stretching hypertension high in power lines and he's making bank probably pretty high a bit of a risky job? Yes, but I thought about it can be dangerous, but it's definitely hard work an but he's out there busting it taking all the ot and she gets her. Med tech and between the two of them they're making three thirty thousand dollars he's a high school graduate. Yes, yeah, don't tell me traits don't work for money, it's not out there. Mother's day. Pictures no money, there's no mind is, is job market.
This this hour is all about destroying victimhood, just destroying it. So every day, millionaire theme hour I can hear This is the Dave Ramsey Show. Which, if you haven't tried butcher box now is the time I'm a huge fan? You can cook high quality meat at home for less than six dollars. A meal butcher box delivers healthy one hundred percent grass FED Beef free
again a chicken and heritage bread port directly to your door for only a hundred and twenty nine dollars a month and shipping is free, plus new members get twenty dollars off and a free whole turkey in their first box. Get this deal now at butcher box, dot, com, Slash Ramsey, but your box, dot com, Slash, Ramsey, So every day, millionaire theme hour here on the Dave Ramsey Show number one bestselling author of the book everyday millionaires. Chris Hogan joins me this hour contains. One hundred, and forty of the statistics we found in the large study of millionaires ever done was done here around the solutions in conjunction with the research firm out of New York, an we study, ten thousand millionaires? If you want all of the nerd details from the study, all the backs
re, all the underbelly of it. We sell that as a download. I think it's nineteen or nine dollars or something like that: daveramsey dot com in our store, because some people want to see that there's one hundred and forty of the background statistics of what were millionaires come from where they came from. I just met one during the commercial break. I went through financial peace University at fifteen years old and he's twenty six and you stand in the lobby is one million wow, those are cool. That's amazing! Now I mean that this is what a head start does for you? No that's not it. You know that's a type of privilege, financial peace, university, privileged as you start your life with no debt and I'm not wrong. How not to screw up that's exactly right, because most people spend one decade cleaning up their crap and if you don't have to do that a decade head start. Building there we go
I think Dave. We can't plants by this. You have to fifteen year old number, one that was plugged in the French was a person so number one, that's mom and dad see, and I love mom and dad. I love you enough come on, but then you have a fifth that was listening and applied. In their lives. That's amazing! absolutely amazing, compress impressive, very impressive. Yes, alright, Angela's in North Carolina Angela, your net worth I'm two point: six million two six million and how's that investors work it down. For me, it is only 401k Rmtsp two point one and then four hundred and fifty an our house and then say: fifteen cash wow? How old are you five thousand one hundred and fifty one? How much of the two point: six million did you inherit.
Zero and during your working lifetime, what was your best or household income and your worst household income Ann? When we first got married, I went back to school, so I would say we made forty thousands just on my husbands and then dual income, a recent years um over two hundred good good. And what do you do for living I'm a sales rep and my husband works for the federal government. Okay: what's he do. An he is well, is the civil engineer by degree, but he's in the manager side of it now gotcha so he's got an engineering degree. What's your degree in and by all, He and environmental engineering archer always lead you to sales. Did Roseanne really. Did you sell something that has to do with biology or environmental pharmaceuticals?
It's good. It does have all the signs worked out for you. It did Angela. What was what was your GPA undergrad, two point: nine hundred and thirty? Ok, what about your husband. A little lower. So you beat him let me emphasize that no I'm at the time. Ok, that's still that's going to still bring it up. Yeah, you want Okay cancel. Do you all work with an investment professional We don't that's, probably something we can work on. Ok and do you give do you do any giving as a family? Oh yeah yeah we're very very given our church. Ok, so there's a twenty five year old, listening out there that didn't know before today that this was possible Could you inherited? No money, you have two point: six million at fifty one years old you've had two good professional careers over a period of time
What are the key things? Someone needs to do if they want to build wealth in America today, 'cause you have actually done it. Yeah 'cause. That was me. I would tell my twenty five year old self that it's ok to have goals like big goals. My sister now and I huge fan of yours and so excited. But we were trailer park. Girls like we live my mom and my grandparents, your child's it in college, and we moved out in our early twenties and we didn't know this was possible. We were just told the work and provide for ourselves and don't depend on others, the past that you know we were encouraged to go to college like in in think about wealth building. That was not a realistic discussion that something that rich people then. So I think my goals when I left high school I did. I knew I wanted to go to college and you I don't wanna live in a trailer anymore. No, live in a trailer, but it was time to live somewhere.
Well there's no there's no shame in it and it doesn't mean you're a lesser person, but there are better places to live yeah I mean I I'm you know it's it's a part of me. It's it's not hard like it's. Okay, to have the goals like what what mechanically? What did you guys do? The Cause you to have this money in 401K and tsp. When we got a job, it was just automatic like me, we never really had a lot of debt. We always live unless we made and from when both my husband, I action beginning we just not only fifteen percent we always put. We always put money in our 401K. You've been put in substantial amounts and for a long time, to get to this number I'd. Only fifty one I mean you've been put. Fifteen or more in for over ten years. Oh, yes, yes, I mean I've been working for twenty five yeah.
And Angela it's amazing, because you not only put the money and you left it in there, so compound interest could help it to grow. Which is absolutely amazing. I'm impressed with you young lady job well done absolute. Congratulations. Us Lewis is our next millionaire on the everyday Millioner same our from Connecticut, hey What's your net worth one point, two million cool it down for me, how's it invested 401K one hundred and eighty six thousand Roth IR a one hundred and fifty eight one thousand four hundred and three b, one hundred and thirty five Two thousand five hundred and twenty nine hundred and ten thousand the home is worth one hundred and eighty nine thousand and a rental property worth one hundred and twenty five thousand and three cars worth fifty thousand killing love this. How old are you fifty three years alright, and how much of this money did you inherit zero? Ok, did you
some kind of privilege or some kind of head start. I actually didn't catch on to it. Till I was thirty three and when I caught on to at thirty three years old. That's when I really started getting involved in getting going from listening to you wow So your best year working income and your worst fear working income. One hundred and sixty thousand dollars are the best year combined with my wife and fifty thousand was the worst year way back in basically one thousand nine hundred and ninety four. We all do for a living. Right, through the seventh grade, math teacher and I work from an municipality in my hometown, doing what buildings and grounds we take her all the schools, all the parts in the in town got it very cool All have a do. You have a degree now my wife has. She has two masters. She had special education in the masters and I had no degree. Ok I'll have a coaching fiber coaching certificate. I coach baseball.
For the last thirty years at my local high school fantasy. Do you remember your high school GPA Lewis, high school GPA, was probably taught how to see plus okay point seven all right. And do you do you all? Have you ever worked with an investment professional? I have a friend briefly, but nobody on a consistent basis. Well, the way I plan on doing I plan on doing that, because I'm getting near the end where I'd like to make a move and retire. Okay. So when you're talking to somebody twenty five years, your junior back when you started, what do you tell the secret to doing this? If it is a vast, I tell I tell the guys that said, you know your future starts now. You know, don't wait! Your future starts now plan for the future, starting now on in and take advantage of compound interest, because
It's really helped us out in the compound interest is huge. What did you invest in? What what's the the mutual funds are one yeah all mutual for the eye? We have always done what you recommend it of the four type on and that's been very successful, but you know, and also keep an eye on me, making adjustments when you need to perhaps a little yeah all mutual funds they're just pay a ten and keep doing pay attention and keep doing a focus. It's just magic he's got a he's, got a he's. Got he's, got unfair advantage. Yeah! No, 'cause. He got comments and that's exactly right. It ain't that common, the privilege. This is the Dave Ramsey show
switch your cellular service to pure talk, USA and save money, jazz, from Maine said I heard about pure talk, USA from Dave, Ramsey, pier, USA is the best cell phone service I have ever had. There is a monthly, affordable plan for everyone. Folks, all talk, USA's plans include unlimited talk text and data and no contracts. Try it risk free today call pound. Fifty and say the Keyword, Dave Ramsey. Millionaire theme our this hour on the Dave Ramsey show every day millionaires we're talking a real millionaires. Chris Hogan author of the number one bestselling book everyday millionaires. If you wanna know we're millionaires, come from it's in that book and it's full of stories, it's full of one hundred and forty statistics
how ordinary people built extraordinary wealth, and how you can too some may shun a combination of the largest study of millionaires ever done in North America. We studied over ten thousand serving them getting information from them and in the research progress, the research model is airtight. The conclusions are not left open to and tation there just pretty simple. It really is Dave and it was an absolute joy to work on that project with the team. But I'm excited for people out there to not only get the information, but these stories in here are eye opening and mind blowing, seeing what people have overcome. You know gave- and I know often in life. Everyone has a different start point right: some start a little bit further ahead or maybe some start a little bit further behind the The goal is, though, is we get to run the same race and it's a matter of the F
the speed and the information that we apply in our lives that give us the opportunity to reach the destination and so regard so where you are out there. I want you to know, what's possible, pick up a copy of the read the stories are you can find it at my website, chrishogan360, dot com and just really reiterate the my sunset is so important in our caller couple colors ago, lady from North Carolina, she said me and my sister were trailer park girls. And on she said no one ever told us that you could set goals. No one ever told her. She could be well No one ever showed us how, and so, if you come a household where people did tell you could do it. People did tell you as possible. People do show you how even if you had no money, you still did have a you're still at an advantage. Yes, and so one of my buddies says He grew up in the hood and he said getting
hood is easier than getting the hood out of you that victim into that e or oh, it's van. It's always going to be bad. People like Maine can't get him and you know, people of every race, creed, color, national origin, who have the or is their spirit. And yet then I meet people who have ever Creek Creek race, Creed, color, national origin, who do it anyway? Yes, anyway, this like the challenges, despite the setbacks, despite all the Well I mean there's always some pointy headed fool. That's going to treat mistreat somebody else, yeah part of life and a guess what I don't know about you, but do you have crazy in your family we are kill bill is really coming. We we put the fun in this function I mean, and so you could grow Would people that are telling you you can't do it now? My punch told us we could do it 'cause they want. To leave
Regardless of your family, you still have an opportunity. You can do this thing and I think that's one of the things. I really want to encourage people to this. Let's wake up, let's get started and talking to everyday millionaires on air. I want to hear from you one day miles. Doesn't Colorado miles your net worth. Oh one point two one point: two million break: down for me how's it invested We had about the old fifty five percent of it, I'm going to say roughly in stock. Incomes and things like that from annuities. We have about five percent in cash and then ten percent. Value in a house in the cars and things like that, so you got your house about one hundred and fifty grand. Uh the house is worth from re. One hundred were still carrying a small mortgage on that 'cause when we move we just retired and moved across the state, and I didn't want how old are you the cash up six thousand five hundred and sixty five alright cool
and did you inherit any of this money a little bit ten percent of it, but one hundred Grand underground little monogram, ok, cool. How long ago, did you get that? Oh about uh? a year ago, I'll show you already a manner. We will be there with that. Yeah you're, not a millionaire because of inherited money, though ok and what was your career when you're working but construction, material sales, technical sales, okay in the concrete What was your household income best year in worst year?. Last year would have been probably one hundred and seventy something like that: I want the tonight. Here uh Oh god I mean, if we go back toward that, my wife ten now than twelve but when I met my wife and such we really got under on the right track,
by owner very responsible individual. My 20s like so many aren't that well, that's real I've heard a rumor miles. Did you wanna? Do you have a college degree? I do not know. Just a blue collar guy and found an industry in a and uh The job of the position that I like yes and That'S- that's part of the the key to success. I think, is not staying in something you're, not happy with find something you have a passion with, and that will make it easier? The other never had job at my age, that supplied a 401K until I was about forty six and I switched jobs and went in that same industry to a little little better job and they had a 401K s. Forty six, I slamming that just as hard as we could. So, for about twenty years ago, it would be eight hundred and fifty at age. Fifty
in our little window we allowed to do the make up. Yeah should so we saw and that as hard as we could and the other thing we did to get where we're at. Not only do we not live above are mainly we didn't live at our means. We lived a little blow on me. She never bought House of the real estate agent says what you qualify for this. Four thousand dollars house, let's open! Oh no, this this over here at two is flying in before that the one at one hundred and nineteen is fine. When we were qualified for two hundred and twenty five in those days. We just you, don't do that. Miles. Do you and your view in your family? Do you all do any giving? Yes right now we're giving about five percent on an annual basis now another my wife and I didn't have any children. So I guess
I would say that that made it a little bit easier. We don't have to pay for college education, but we have a nice estate set up. Now, where are Dave is going to be about seventy percent to charity. When we go then about thirty percent very, very little distant family around that is fantastic. That's that's our plan, Shriners Hospital yeah good for you well done. Congratulations, sir, very proud of you. That is excellent. Excellent work All right, Steve is with us and Steveson was Conson Steve. What's your net worth? One point: five million cool break that down for me, okay about a hundred and fifty thousand in for one k, investments, but a hundred and fifty thousand in our home this liquid assets, cash in and done well paid for cars
boats and things like that and then a house worth about one slash, two million dollars that we owe one hundred and twenty thousand perfect. How old are you fifty six? Ok, Cool and how much of this did you inherit five, not zero? What was your best year, working household income, the worst twenty one thousand best, two hundred and seventy. What was your karere? My career is in food distribution and my bride is in insurance sales. Ok, what do you do in food distribution? My district manager tell your early yeah yeah your leadership, okay, exact executive in that okay, all right Co. What what? What was your degree in.
I know degree no degree was that was going to school and had the pleasure of meeting my bride who had died, children that pulled me out of the college in the US street in to work and just what? Yes, sir, in thirty seconds, what's the secret to doing this for the, timer. Fifty six, because you are a classic the numbers, all line up a classic case study millionaire, I would say, stay the course and do without, but not to the point of sacrifice, but still enjoy life. Five make sure stay the course much you can possibly put away early in life 'cause. It's amazing. What happens when it comes his numbers hit exactly the study that fifty six years old house by four half one third of the net worth the rest of it's in exactly everyday millionaire theme hour. This is the Dave Ramsey show
our scripture of the day, John one thousand four hundred and twenty seven peace. I leave with you my peace. I give you not, as the world gives you do. I give you, let me let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid, Ernest Hemingway said: if something is wrong fix it now, but train yourself. To worry worry fixes nothing Chris Ramsey personality is with us this hour as we're talking to everyday millionaires, regardless of how you became a millionaire in everyday millionaire. And a lot of these folks, some simple simply working hard, simply living. They make it simply saving their money, This is the number one best selling book everyday millionaires is still selling like crazy, and if you do,
But the inside the statistics on that we have the white paper. It's got some kind of an official title. I forget what it's called Ramsey com. Just look at the store it see. The kids Peter nine Dave. I keep I'm not see it's nine now. I think it might dollars my phone? Yes, yes, it's downloadable, PDF, Russia hope we're not charging much more that for it, but it just nerd fill I mean you just work through all the statistics. I fell asleep twice read through it. No, it's not it's dry, but it's, but it's all the stuff and our research team thinks it's highly entertained. It is they've! national study of millionaires? There we go pdf Download is ten dollars. Even yes, there you go we're corrected there. We go so they bring it up. Put on the Youtube Channel four, so we can see we can get it right back like when a we're doing you know good. Alright, let's talk to Kim and Kim is in prince.
Bring your net worth. Hi Dave, hi Chris hi, hello, hi, my net worth is one. Six million, including my home. How much of that is your home, two thirty, okay and what's the rest evident invested in break it down for me. Okay, I got money. Market was 58k stocks, two hundred and six k mutual fund, seven hundred and thirty k, comma, mission of two Ir A's and one Roth IR a totaling 365K, and that's it. Ok. How old are you six thousand seven hundred and sixty seven and What was your best household income working year in your worst household, working in your in your working life? Yes, my best year with fifty eight thousand
and my lowest was twenty four okay and what you do for a living. I have always been in some sort of education field, starting as a teacher, going into corporate training and development, and currently do the combination of career advising recruiting and job development, which involves doing a lot of workshops gadget. Okay, Much of this money did you inherit honestly Dave quite a bit, but I have to make statement about that. I inherited from my mother, my father and sister seven hundred and fifty eight thousand. However, my sister passed away tragically, she just a little older than me, so I do know. I the burden of not only my parents but my sister?
yeah using that money that I've gotten a responsibly because some of it really should have gone to my sister, It sounds like it's on, but it it your parents must have train both of you. Yes, yes, mostly when you're almost you're you're, probably a second generation millionaire. Aren't you probably yes in the sense in that they had their act together and they taught you they passed it and you did not squander it. But I'm trying not to do an they. Never talk numbers to me. They never told me their net worth or anything. But yes, I, have been getting good, um Moneysense growing up what was your degree in education and obviously, obviously, ok cool the Kansas, oh yeah, good, you remember, your GPA Kim will be on three point: two hundred and thirty, two. Alright, that's good
and have you ever worked with an investment professional. Yes, I have early on at all my life, there's been an investor in like I didn't even know about that. My family use, my family always said: don't touch it, there's an account there out. There don't touch it. Just remember. The I never never never touched it didn't think about it, but they had started a small amount for me. Well, when these some these deaths occur. Pretty short time within another, and I was up getting older. Thinking about my children had left the home. I started feeling I got to pay attention to this and I had been contributing myself in my 401K and so yeah heated investor. Was there all along, but I rarely access and in fact I did get ripped off by some other investors that
Did my own ignorance early on, but this one has been now second generation finance visor in my family, saying person very good way to go camping graduations. So here's what's in Chris. I look back the calls we took today. One pattern we see is there more school graduates than normal dose fewer college graduates in normal to teachers. And in unlike like Kim story, because it's a little bit different than we usually get it's not so cookie cutter she's got a million six. Approximately half of that came from an inherited right and the other half she did. Never,
king, more than fifty eight thousand at that jumped out at me. That's that yeah. That John, is that jumps on that story? It was big and if you look at this I mean the different jobs. You've got you've got a sales rep. You got someone in bill, a builder someone, that's intellectual history, distribution insurance that you It just goes to show there's not a magic career, there's not a secret thing that you can do that? Put you in this elite category that allows you access to becoming an everyday millionaire. This pulls down to your effort. Plan and the information that you have. So it's available everyone Dave. As you and I already know, the study revealed we thought we would see in terms of careers, but it revealed a couple things. We didn't think we would see in the top five careers fields of the ten thousand millionaires prize was teachers in the top five Sure it's just blew me away that it was,
for those that were startling. Then I started thinking. I think it was you and I and we were talking like well hold on a minute. If they're gay themselves out of debt. There participate there were three be there, paying off their homes yes, they should be there. They absolutely have access to being there. Just like attorney or that's a manager anywhere else no surprise was. Are medical doctors did not make the top five, they were in the top. Ten. That's right off of the lawyers did right what accountants accountants in engineering engineers are always a popular, yet not medical doctors and that that struck me too, because I would have thought I didn't shock me. No dot medical doctors are is notorious for losing money as athletes. Yes, now they they make a lot of money, but they do a lot of sh do rough and show athletes and music artists here in Nashville? So we could see the music art
There are no middle ground athletes and there are no middle ground Muse hours. There is stuck on stupid and then there's very Yes, there's nobody in the middle and we've talked to both sides. Frequently, yes, the reality. Is there. So I want to point this out if you're there. Are you ready to get serious about putting yourself on after becoming an everyday millionaire. There's a couple of things you need to do today: number one get pushed and get enrolled financial Peace University nine week, membership gives you access to all kinds of information to be able to grow yourself and to really It started so go to finance hes dot com? That's the first thing, the second thing we need to do is don't leave your financial future to chance you to work with an investment professional we take cars to mechanics because they know how to fix it you need to sit down and talk to someone that can help. You look at your 401K help. You look at your Roth IRA, so you can get on pace and you have for to Nitti to do this and get plugged in with smart Vester. By simply going to
Daveramsey, dot, com, right click, us more it'll drop down list as my Mister Rosen? You pick the one you want to work with, but You, don't you don't you don't pull your own teeth? No, just not in Chris thanks for hanging out thanks for having me Daves number one best, author Ramsey Personality, Chris Hogan, the book is everyday millionaires. That's an everyday millionaire theme hour in the books are thanks to James, our producer Kelly, Daniel, are associate producer and phone screen, or I'm Dave, Ramsey or host
with you before you know it in the meantime. Remember, there's ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's from our daily with the Prince of Peace Prize. This is James Child producer of the show. You know you can now listen to the Dave. Ramsey show on Pandora for all the ways to watch and listen check out our shows dot com, slash if
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