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Renting for Life Is Not a Good Plan (Hour 2)

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From the headwaters of Ramsay solutions to them. It was day Ramsay shops were damaged on cash is gaining in the pay of more Europe has taken the place of the double you have the status of choice. I am Day Ramsay your house. This is your show Amerika. Thank you for joining us, open phones, triple eight two, five five to two five that's eight hundred and eighty eight eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five billina starts to solve this hour in New York City Eileen, welcome to the Dave amnesia. I thank you. Thank you for this
oh sure, what's up in your world. Well on currently Dave I'm right now. I have a lot of loans and I have some credit card better. I'm trying you know pay off, but does the amount of and combat. I have that and then, for a month it's not really able to them, like you know, even catch or pay off the loans, but are unable to pay off the credit cards. But I also take a few internet- the happy now we apple a single mom. I have. I have a wide six year old, fine man down. Look at all the king came from mom when I was in pharmacies. War lead on this issue. By did you complete form she school the continued, because, like in this happened last year I had got in. I had gotten business from the programme because I had a very funny emergency. That kind of jeopardize my feeding and I had to withdraw. My application became part of the programme
so a lot of Hawaii. Are you? How long were you in pharmacies go by before you were in for four years. I want you to do our growth and how much did you like graduating? I only had required left in completing the on campus coursework I had to do one year of operation the then after one year you gradually enacted you boards and become a pharmacist what level of family emergency would keep you from going across that finnish land Well, my I have apparent that has gone on controls. I blood pressure and diabetes and eyes. Suffered a stroke Mercosur stroll game. That kind of on how to take on this area and you know, in terms of helping them and that kind of, like you know most of the time, but I had to thirty four, oh, my!
why, on studies it was and what who's taking care of the parent now well all fire like arm on the apparent that there still with me and I'm still helping them out, and you know not being an information more doing, courses online and I am- healthcare matters that now online I'm gonna be graduating from their next year, make their space matter. No! It's just that, like think. I have always said this tiny seek out like what should be my ass off and other student numbers home whole run because you're back in school year How much longer do you have. Come almost engine. Eighty thousand, that's including credit card that well know much of the credit card.
In credit cards itself. I didn't added up about seven thousand monsieur almost done with interest and what is your income. Income is on a thousand per month, Moving onto a thousand dollars a year in New York City was no you're. Not Well, have you got your income to or something else, I'm on my mom. You know like the fact that the current I moved on she's, tired, so she's on you know like she had her patients also carried the acting like all the army. The morgue then everything up all the bills and an unjust, and there. With my fine, I pay for my son, my phone solution for school they're like I try to take care of liking. All fine groceries in paying off going to cost anything like what
What my plan was to lose a third child see with trying to get back into pharmacy school again. And I even tried to sign up for like a real estate licensing, you don't just ass. They were about to be like aside hustle, by gone, I even thought of like trying to invest, but then, like an old man and hearing from your chosen, the out only doing better coordination in the finnish one of these degrees and the german government. Are you? Are you working full time? I try why? Because you can, behind your caring for your mother, inclusive like little juggling. Might my sudden mom it off but yet immersion. Ok, I'm sure you got. You got your plateful. Here's the same. Here's the thing we ve got to figure in order to have a career, long term
in either one of these things, healthcare management or pharmacy. Going to be able to work full time. Aren't you yes, Are you going to do that? I hadn't thought of it like in all future wise, but, like you know, I'm catapult cylinder trying to finish. Well, there's no reason to lessen the reason to finish the degrees is to get your income up right, we're we're not collecting Greece you're not a thermometer, ok We only need degrees to wield, make our aim to make more money and you can more money, unless you're able or you put your life situation where you can work full time and That means that you're going to arrange for other care for your mom. Aren't you yeah not today, but as you graduate from either one of these degree the old, in order to take advantage of having that degree. You're gonna be
work. Am I wrong about them tat? So, I don't want you going into dead any further. I don't want you collecting degrees just to collect degrees. So you did. I am heartbroken You got this close to the finish line on the pharmacy degree and have basically paid for it, but weren't able to finish it. I wish you could get back in line on that at some point, because that's one hundred two hundred fifty thousand dollar your job in your life changes dramatically and you ve got the money. To actually hire someone to care for your mother, but actually them that she has coming in from retirement, would pay for a caregiver the only in her situation than you may have to go that route. You may not have another way around it, so you just have to look at that and think about. Term, ok, five years from today, what am I going and step by step? How am I gonna get there? The Ninety thousand dollars doesn't scare me if you're making a hundred and fifty a year. I want you to,
olive really. Fires is really bad, but it scare me, it does scare me if you think you're gonna make twelve thousand a year for the next ten years. Stay in your mother's home and care for her? That's not a plan. You're going the do something else you box yourself in the corner here short term, you took care of your mom much theirs, Wonderful thing! You did the term you're going out? your son, which involves. Arranging other care for your mother. I think I'm missing something. I'm not running Be mean to your mom or something I just try to think about how you're going to take care of your kid and your
one hundred and eighty thousand dollars mess wow. You call me back if I can help I'll help. You any way I can kiddo, but this is the Dave Ramsey Show. Thank you for joining us America, glaring, isn't Huntington West Virginia. Welcome that ever amply Chauvelin idea how you dont better than I deserved map gonna help their data they had thing as a second failure. I'm thirsty for years I am single and have no death. I do qualify.
Vocational rehabilitation, Could I have a final problem and I've got a bad here right now, so having trouble doing any kind of job, we're one month away from starting the first master of Nursing School and I was notified that vocational rehab is cutting our funds. Why so? I beg you to decided that they needed to allocate money somewhere else die, but no likely watch. I did this came up just this week. Look at it. I haven't do spend five hundred dollars just to go this class the first day do you have two thousand five hundred and I've got a bad. Twelve hundred coming twelve thousand dollars in the bank and my property to pay for the thing I don't know anyone come, I'm not working
I actually came back here from North Carolina to take care of my dad years ago and got stuck in the sun cycle. I've got a bad here. Looking for a job can't find a job. Finally went back to vocational rehab, and I'm gummed demonstrate a student right now Looking at the pre financing classes and how much will it cost to go through nursing school, only fifteen to twenty thousand You have a problem with one of the properties that you only you can sell. That would pay for that. Yet nothing SL in thirty days. Will you have one thousand dollars. I mean you can use the intake, Tegor you're, the Torah first, twenty five hundred and get started yet the property up for sale and pay for it right. Yes, that's true poverty. It acted Sally, Ann and North Carolina well Lee!
the other thing. I guess, is much worse. The one that was so right now would be. Thirty thousand definitely take it. Of everything in its paid, for, I think for the next two years. Yes, airline negotiated, nobody's gonna? I'm curious! If your hip isn't That's how you're gonna nurse well, they're, looking at doing a hip replacement, and so I haven't been very well it taken care of myself. I've got some other things about I've. Gotta get under control like the high blood pressure on the agenda and oblige her it's not really islands. Yourself, you're waiting on there and that's that's kind of its kind were negative bank and I've been through a student once before they ve offered to give me that while no thank you have the money
pay for. You just have to decide that you want nursing that badly and, I think, a vocational. Europe has said that they were gonna. Take your hip replacement by. You know, I'm gonna nervous about everything with our economy nowadays them Give a little little bit upset I have started looking for a job, but there's not much here and there and this late notice, it's gonna, difficult, suffer No I'm ok if you can use a hip replacement done and get through nursery school Selling, this piece of property. You know that you and your mid fifties with an nursing degree and There's no reason you stay. There then in go wherever you want to go right, yeah, that's true, and that kind of an auction you know, especially with long distance, nursing her. They call it travel merchant yeah, but I mean you there's nothing that is there. Anything here is your danced alive.
Now I watch holding you learn the girlfriend. That's why you're not so reasonable anchor was a welcoming you just gonna go start laying out your girls, like that in saying what do I want more than I want something else in my role as I don't want anything badly enough to go into bed for it period just period not We know that now want to start that them. Valet. That is my foundation. Then I got look round. Ok, how can I do this? There we're gonna they're, not gonna house over, not gonna get that's all I'm moving back their thy widens zoramites. Let's get us all. That money finish up nurse and get the replacement on. Hopefully, they're gonna pay for that, hopefully them well the funding on that too and you know, get you get, as you said, get your shit blood. The controls are eating it? That's our drew down, and you know what? Let's cup with a game plan where we're doing
something you want to do with your life a few months, I'm a few years from now, you systematically take steps towards and that all sounds more important than owning a thirty thousand Warehouse North Carolina to me of is in Springfield High Cliff our you It is better than deserve. What's up great, ok Dave I got a question so basically we, my wife and I paid off all that thirty Kay and I make about sixty occasion, makes about thirty three good for you, You saw, but that being right now we're she really want the house even made for about four years now, no kid but I'm sure We want the house good, but now my red, I read for my colleague and friend when connection Cyber acquainted Adam, my rent is about six hundred and forty bucks
Now that includes heat, our water, electricity, cable, internet, everything right now I'm not really in a rush to review the flat. So would you recommend that you know J, that twenty percent down and just getting that's gonna, make her happy or would you take will be smarter, just awaited by not me for years and possibly get a house now pass. Well, I mean you, you needed decide together which of those rout. You're gonna go and you know you to say, ok how much money do we need to buy a house exactly How long will it take us to save that amount and do the actual mouth we're gonna save this a month for these many months that gets us. Paying cash or paying twenty percent down or whatever. We tell folks to be net free hand. Emergency fund implies.
And have a strong down payment before you by, and I think you're pretty much in that situation. Never by more than a fifteen year fixed where the payment is more than a fourth of your income. I am if knew that we don't yellow people if c mon that we show you're not write about how ship that's done. But if you ve got your margins we find your dead free, plus some kind of a down payment and on a fifteen year, fixed you're to pull this off. Where the payments, no more than a fourth of your take on back, there's nothing wrong with that. I dont borrow money at all, but it's the one kind of debt in there. Situation that for a short period of time I don't yell at you, for I still want you get that pay if, as quick as again right, for the rest of your life, because your guys giving you a good deal is not a plan renting for a period of time you're getting a good deal in order to achieve our goal of a certain
payment level or a hundred percent down payment level. That's fine, too, but just this they are, that all we're gonna, because it's cheap and some day will buy house now now live and work in in forty money from my house in forty four months parties months, thirty, seven months, whatever it is ciao, we're gonna by our house and she doesn't see that in the new. All don't do the hard work to give move towards that Recently, a month and she's not gonna, be ok having patients with this, because she's gonna Your discussion then read the rest of your life and that's not a plan, and she would be right about that. We don't want you're running the rest, your life. We want you to have a plan, under the plan, whatever it is, but somewhere between the fifteen year fixed worthy payments no more than a fourth of you take on pay somewhere between that and- sit down anywhere in that ranges. Is an oak conservative range
and then turn around the house right off as fast as you, possibly again so and thanks for calling him, we appreciate your joining us this is the Dave Ramsay Shell
in the lobby of Ramsay solutions saw whether I saw how are you gave her you better than deserve, or do you live? Loving Texas? Well, To Nashville one of our guys here's a lover, Texas Guy, he said it so flat. Are you guys want your dog runaway for three days? That's it outright love. That line will welcome man good to have you. Thank you, so how much data be paid off a little bit close to forty eight thousand dollars? way to go and how long Take you seven months arrived
and your range of income during that time went from making about sixty thousand a year to close do about a hundred and thirty thousand here you double your income and seven months. Yes, sir, how graduated practitioner school helped in God every job that I could, while we're here but you did. You did do both for you great career and relax. Yes, Sir well done Congratulations shall forty, thousand Mr Lombard Street or London from no it's under graduate school initially. Essentially that was debt that I incurred. When I went to school in the early two, thousands my parents initially let us do it alone in my name, and there is credit cards and they're so by the time I got to paying that off. It was quite some time later. So that's where that initial debt came from how'd, you get their nurse practice
good. I join the United States. Army gave him a couple years of my life, I'm overseas and Afghanistan, and they paid for my nursing, my bachelors in nursing and minors, pressure Wow, that's wonderful will thank you for your our vote and it worked out for ya. You, sir, thank you for the support. Very cool, very well done. So you're no longer in the service, Is our status actually had drill this weekend and caught the ready to come here too? To be here this morning, oh my goodness while well. Thank you so much congratulations. So what a Jew seven months ago, decide you're gonna, get this debt knocked out this fast. Well, said a little bit earlier. Essentially my parents, my entire adult life, had used my identity to take it student loans in my name when I went to school the first time and credit cards in store cards of all kinds, are when a graduated school. Initially I had a little bit over fifty five thousand Further student loan dead credit cards ahead. Idea, even existed. So when I
to join the army after graduation. Initially, I couldn't even get a security clearance at the time because I had so much debt built up but paid off it enough to to get into the service and which has been on the journey ever so. You chose instead of let turning it as identity theft to pay it. My family, you know close knit family, no matter how much I might have pressed my mom or my dad about the student loan dead or the credit cards or any of it, and there is no work. Really so you know instead The numbers that didn't make sense about how much school really did pay for or cost I just Let it right for a long time and just let it kept on going until I decided to do Think about a credit card you didn't use at all now know I didn't you paid all those paid all those off came back from a deployment from Afghanistan and two thousand ten came.
When you leave as a single soldier yet to leave your life. Your life goes on even though were deployed in being a single soldier knowing everything my parents had done. I was like you know that I can do anything well. Platinum, Annetta combat area than I cannot do anything like that. So what had happened was. I had my moment being sick and tired of being sick and tired. When I came home from that deployment we know. My fingers and all my toes and their forget me. It's not me down and told me son, we borrowed some money from you. I looked at my bank account statement and that was called for by the way while you were deployed, we were using your checking account of their atm machine and have anything to show for it. So at that point I really had that sick and tired of being entire moment where I just looked at my life and said: I'm a college graduate and combat better animal Sgi nights, its army and I don't have any to show for it other than a mountain of debt, piece of paper on the wall? So none of the debtor fall. So I have you done something to stop
from doing this anymore. At two thousand ten I had talked my parents, and I told them you know I will not drown with you any more of my told that's my mother, my father in their travel agents for guilt trip, so that was kind of The dew initially packed up all my stuff moved away chains, the phone number and decided that I wanted better and stopped stopped it when I decided to do something about it even though I should have done a lot sooner so though they ve stolen your identity. Since two thousand now I've got a danger, account watch that thing like a hawk number, I'm so sorry what heartbreak, but you took response for every bit of it wasn't years, including all up in the last seven months, while their congratulations. So what is the key to getting? out of debt sergeant, I would say two things: biggest thing. One in this is, first and foremost the mindset. We talk about that in the military. A lot you can be a Viking or it can be a victim and when
lies all this was happening. You know I cried, I was upset and you know I could stay there and my pity in deciding cry, but the debt was gonna go anywhere. I needed to take action to do something about it and decided to be A Viking go out there were that warrior mentality and get it done and then having a big one keep him motivated as well? I mean when you come back from a deployment anybody that's ever served in the military overseas. Take take. It takes stock of your life, because there are men and women that do not get to come home, and I was in spite of everything. Come home to. I got to come home at least, and I think we honour those that don't get to come home by live in the best life that we absolutely can. So I share out of respect. It makes you appreciate the opportunities and a lot of it will take for granted. Yes, I mean that you can walk down the street imbibing you want to buy walk into a Walmart nurse more stuff there than an entire country, as in other places
you can go in and you ve got the freedom to make choices in your own life and economic opportunity all around you and I suspect you see that there are different lines. Don't you change your perspective on a lot of things, any kind of see that's coming home, yet it takes stock of its really port in verses. You know things that aren't so much, but yes it s very, very cool, Well, congratulations are very proud of you very proud. Every who is your biggest cheered later, would save my girlfriend and her parents Katy England. They were really big supporters. My girlfriend was excited, and we talked about it and why? I wonder, do it and you know before we decided to you know get married, even those aid has to be added to get married. I was like this is something I want to do my own, so we can just have a clean slate and start a whole new life. When now you do yes, very well that we ve got a copy across organs, everyday millionaires book for you, we think that's the next chapter in your story. Are you
we not only dead free, but now on your way to being a millionaire nurse practitioner completely paid for, better law, making two hundred and thirty and a bright future for very proud of. You are very well done. Thank you. Thank you again, for your service saw from Lubbock taxes. Forty thousand dollars, boat off and seven months, making six till one. Thirty, down, let's era that British grew three two one, well. Where very well done all some stuff, great job, Sir open phones at eight hundred and eighty eight, eight hundred and twenty five five thousand two hundred and twenty five. Talk about your life, your money, eight hundred and eighty eight, eight hundred and twenty five. Five thousand two hundred and twenty five let's go to where I not do that since from right,
about time, you're out his watch? What I'm doing a little bit? David on Twitter says Dave, I'm thinking about buying zero turn mower from my yard. Their offerings RO percent financing. I normally Nancy anything, but my interest rate the bank to pursue him. I could pay cash I got should finance. What do you think I did best investment opportunity is borrowing money on a zero turn. Turn more. You might be a redneck seriously, it's you ve gotta, be kidding you're a borrowed money on a lawnmower in order. Money in the bank at two percent now no, no, no! No! No get caught up in that stuff So here's the thing you write a check and you buy a more for cash. Assuming you're out of that, for you
by the law more and you don't do that if it getting into your marginally fund to cover that so there you go. While open volumes, a triple aid to five five to two, five
thank you for joining us America. This is the Dave. Ramsay showed leases on Facebook, Dave, I'm fifty three daughters, the term life insurance to cover for working years. I plan to working more years, or should I come through age. Seventy three to seventy. Eight! We need life insurance to the extent that someone is counting on your income and your replacing your income and LISA from your question on Facebook account of them. If you are a single lady who is fifty three and you have a tiny bit of money saved over ten thousand dollars so that your parents or your friends or your kids would not have to pay to bury you. Then you really- need any life insurance. If
especially if you have a little bit of money yourself ensured as a single person who does not have dependence. Now, if you people who are counting on your income to of their life. Well, like, for instance, was site. Your fifty three and you're married, and you have a college student well Then you would need some life insurance until you hadn't money, but you do need life insurance for limited an example a good way. Is this was take a thirty two year old that has well, let's make them thirty three censure, fifty three and they have a two year old and Arthur Yours will now have a two year old and a five year old gang and that's a husband and wife and the wife makes fifty thousand and the husband makes forty thousand each of them would need, ten to twelve times their income in term life insurance over fifty?
in a twenty year level term. So, let's say that the wife bought. She makes fifty thousand that she bought six hundred thousand be twelve and the husband Megan Forty and anxiety about five thousand, that's about twelve times on him and they, twenty year level, term insurance policies, from Zander Insurance. Get them prices anywhere, Zander Insurance, Nikon right they put. That implies that anything happen. Today. I must say that husband walked out morning in something bad happens. The wife gets fired, thousand dollars invested- would create forty thousand dollars worth of income view, invest three fifty five. Thousand are made eight percent or that the forty thousand dollars worth of income to replace the hush. Forty thousand dollars. I worry that died when he did and that gives
the ability to raise those children with the same income level, but the household was before the husband passed, but let's say that that doesn't happen which, by the way are usually doesn't statistically and they live to fifty three well now, let's visit that family. Twenty years later there term life insurance was twenty years. It's done after twenty. They got a by new life insurance or they ve gotta, be without life insurance. They Ramsay plan. Fifth, twenty years later, they will pay off their fifteen year. Fixed rate mortgage usually in about ten years, and so it's been paid off for good decade. The kid who were three and five are now twenty three and twenty five they are grown. Through college or should be statistically go, you graduate from college in full
years. I'd be twenty two years old for those of you that now that works okay, so your fifty three, your kids are grown through college and out of the house. Your house's paid for. Oh, you ve been investing like. I teach over all these years- fifteen percent, of your income until your house with paid off and then you have invested even more into good grow start mutual funds in Europe One case and Roth I raised in so you ve, seven or eight hundred thousand dollars in mutual funds. Now, there's no kids at home! There's no mortgage. And their seven thousand dollars in your for a one case if he dies you're, ok, with no life insurance, if she dies he's ok with no life insurance. They have become self ensured by getting out of debt
and building wealth and raising their kids to leave? Come back only with grandkids for visits? That's the plan. We want the inmates to escape the asylum, that's the goal, fly and be freely piglets, and so that's when the kids are grown and gone, no mortgage as a pile of money and our retirement, then need for life insurance or fifty three in that scenario is gone now, dont know where LISA is. We know she's fifty three, we don't know if she did all of that. To this point, or, if she's, a single lady at fifty three but the when is, is there someone that is counting on you? Have your thirty three years old you get to look kid. You need life insurance in almost every Kay Leisure Multi millionaire anyone really good shape today. At fifty eight, I said have life insurance, but it- not because I need it is
simply does my wife wants it. It's called s w I share and wants it and she'd rather have another three million dollars or the term life insurance on me for some strange reason: cohesion real sure she's going out live me. That's our whole state plan to set up and well she's, probably ride. Seventy five percent of your Ladys do outlive your husbands, so where you go, but it's a lot better shape than I am too, which is simultaneously shaming and sickening? But I wonder, but anyway the bee ourselves. She just wants some live injured, but there's no finance planning me that the refugees have for life insurance believe Sharon's more than ok with the income. Of the riddle, property alone You didn't have anything else, and she's got a lot more than that, so you become so FR insured by building wealth. If there are dependence, if there are no dependence
maybe twenty six years old single and have ten thousand dollars which now what the pay to bury you if you got your mom and she found savory have little tiny life insurance, Bosley dont go by big term policy. You don't need a bunch of it current right now and you sure, don't use life insurance as an investment vehicle either. Get your term insurance in place, all of you the term life insurance unless you're rich or you have no dependence shall go, get rich and get rid of the dependence This is an everyday millionaire, children moving out as part of my financial plan, so you thirty four year olds, leave your mother's basement does is how it works gosh open, you're a triple a two five five two to five Brad is in Memphis Brad welcomed that I Ramsay show go and better than deserve. What's up in your world? Well,
my wife, my wife, introduce you to the actual years ago, and I just have not got on board as well as I should have so we're years later, worse off than we started a years ago, my question, is we have one eighty, six thousand in debt from credit cards and loans good Lord? As a lot- and but a year and a half or two years ago we bought effect. Will and we all forty four thousand on it and I've heard you say to other people, you I'll get a person alone just to lay down what your upside down and get rid of it kind of struggle mom, in relation to throw you ve ever trouble. Finding alone is owed me or you don't want to know your going with getting rid of it, because if we stay as Gazelle panthers we
be in here, because we have been that free ones before this was before we left the air force. All you guys, Thirty seven. My life had actually listening right now. What your household incomes are household is one hundred and five one. Sixteen one twenty I have a second start. My own business is well landscape company, the rebels get the ba down at this brown, and I think I can see the idea. You're gonna have to get more sick and tired of being sick and tired than you. How I am, therefore I think it tired of now. You just told me you want to keep a forty four thousand dollar fifth we'll when you make a hundred sixteen thousand dollars and anyone dead a hundred eighty six thousand you're not going. For five years, keeping that stupid thing you're upset right engines at Santa better. That I shall put me about three point: eight about for years. It all up in its country keeping a bunch of crap. You need to cut loose, it's a stupid, camper,
seriously awry. Your life is in the balance. Here. It's a stupid camper. I like I got some nice boats- but man- it's about you now That is why it is not blessing your family if it's not causing a future to be really want it's about anchor and cash you can do this? What you're gonna have to cut some crap loose man Thanks for Mona Option, mobile phones trouble. I ate two five five two to five. This is that I am sure this is James Kyle's producer of the day. Ramsay Chill did you know you can now listen to this day, bravely show on tens or an spot by for all the ways to watch and listened check out. Our showcase Dave, Ramsay, Dotcom, slash, hate aims producer of the Dave. Ramsay show this
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