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Should I Change Jobs to Get One With Better Money? (Hour 2)

2019-10-15 | 🔗
Ken Coleman, Career

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Headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from the dollar studio. This is the Dave. Ramsey show to have a conversation about your life and your money sitting in for Dave Ramsey this hour on can call with the bestselling author of the proximity principle and host of the CAN Coleman show, which is a part of the. From the network so thrilled to be with you today. The phone Where is eight hundred and eighty eight quadrillion, eight hundred and twenty five trillion five hundred and twenty two billion five hundred and eighty eight million eight hundred and eighty two thousand five hundred and fifty two five will make this a career hour. This hour, so if you've got a question about,
Yorker ear? Are you stuck? Are you scared? Are you confused, no idea to the age old question: what should I? do with my life. I promise you, you do have the It is my job to get it out of. You and we're going to look at a very simple construct. What do you do best Anne. What do you love to do most the sweet for every man and woman is at that intersection, where you use your talents and skills. That's what you do best to do. Work that you're passionate about work, that you look forward to work that when you engage in it you get the juice your heart comes alive, and then it creates results. That matter tremendously to you, that's what we mean by passion, what you love to do most in that sweet spot there are multiple jobs and career paths. But why do we talk about this? Why is it so important.
Because every man and woman on the planet was created to fill a unique role? That means you're needed, but it also means there's a silly for you to do it. Somebody out there needs you to be So this is not a selfish person but it is a selfless pursuit. So, let's get about the business of helping you Bu, eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five will start in New York or Erica, is on the line Erica. How can I help hello hi? Thank you for taking. Call sure. What's going on so here's my question hi I have a job and like the pay is ok. There are no benefit, I'm working on my side, business, which is actually my dream business, an my question, should, I put a I on that, while I'm building and networking and all that other good stuff.
Find a better job to help support myself better or continue pushing the business and I did get that upset are financially ok. What, if you got a better job, then? The one you have now is the day job and you continued ' Do the side hustle, which is the dream job, so I'm giving different scenario that you just gave us I'd like to see you get better day, job which pays you better. Maybe is a better environment that are called. Or maybe pays you the same, but there's a ladder, there's a there's, a culture where they have proven that they invest in their people, they develop their people and they promote their people. So if you can find a better job that has one of those two unique circumstances: they're better pay instantly or the opportunity for better pay soon and then keep pursuing the side up. I want you to stop the side job, because the side job is the eventual dream job and it is creating additional revenue so
I, like that scenario, a little bit better. Is that possible it's absolutely possible. That was a trick question. Ok, so you're looking for something that is a better temporary job meeting that it's not the dream job, it's not long term, but it's something that you could move into pretty soon and it just keeps you on the path. This is important thing. Doubt Erica and to the rest of you that are in a similar situation. Eric's day job is funding her future. Until that side, hustle that dream job is ready for her to step into then that day, job it, whether it's the current one, that she days or she goes and gets another one gets her out of debt faster, and then she keeps that it also going, and while that site also grows that all that money gets contributed to paying off debt so Erica, that's the plan, that's the best way forward. Eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five
in Coleman sitting in for Dave Ramsey this hour, so we do a career. Our all of the Dave Ramsey show all this Minnesota where Quinn is on the line queen. How can I help he can how's it going? I'm In the dream, what's going on, ah I'd recently just accepted a new job yesterday and I'm kind of feeling like obligated that I should go to tool for what they want me to go for, but I know that I don't really want to go for what they want me to go for it, though we just kind of took it to fund school yeah. Don't don't go school for what they want you to go to school, for I don't understand why you would feel obligated to go. Get schooling that you have no desire to get. Is that something
required is a part of the deal. It was one of those handshake deals and hang on, give you a job and will pay for your school. But it's got to be this no, but they they kinda wanted me. It sounds like You want me to kind of move up in the management that like What do you want your four year, um I'd still trying to figure that out. Ok, so in the process of trying to figure that out, don't feel pressure to take a path that you absolutely no, you shouldn't go down. Are you a dad Queen Bunny chance? No, I'm not. Do you remember being uh one that long ago, right, you're, still a son, remember it being in your mom and dad's house hold on My dad tell you if you are a kid: if you came to them and you're a teenager, say: fourteen year old Quinn comes his mom and dad and says hey mom and dad I'm not sure what path I want to go,
all my friends want me to go down this path, and I know I don't want to do that. What do you think I should do? What would your mom and dad say? Don't do it all right, so I'm trying to check the voice of your mom and dad and Quinn, to do it because here's what happens if you succumb to this pressure to take a path that somebody else thinks you should take, but you know in your heart You shouldn't take it, you will not only regret going down that path.
You will also resent those people and potentially resent yourself you're in a really interesting crossroads. You don't know what your path is and you need to examine right now what you do best 'cause. You know that and what you would love to do, motion really think if there were no risks guaranteed success. What path would you take? I think you know the answer, but we know for sure it's not the path that your employers are so seen you take. So this is a moment for you that a lot of people faced with this kind of pressure won't have the courage to say I'm not going down that path, because, while I'm sure which path I should take. I know it's not this path source, this is a warning sign like a construction zone, RD
close lights are flashing. Road closed, don't go down that path just because they gave you a job. Quinn doesn't mean you owe them a poor personal decision which It's not a good decision for them either. No true leader, healthy leader, wants you to make a decision that Hinders your ability to be all you can be for them. So keep that in mind. Alright, folks, quick break when we come back more of your calls this the hour. Dave, Ramsey, show KEN Coleman sitting in for Dave Ramsey, don't move a muscle,
If you
on a time share and feel stock time share exit team provides a way out. They've been doing this for over seven years, and I've helped over eighteen thousand people exit their time. Sure contracts they know what it takes to take on the industry. Getting out of a time share can sometimes be a long process, but it's worth it time sure exit team is so confident in their process if they can't get you out in a timely manner. They'll give you your money back, call eight four, four, nine, nine, nine exit or time share exit team, dot, com and schedule today welcome back America. This is the Dave Ramsey Show, I'm KEN Coleman, Randy Personality, author of the bestselling book, the proximity principle and host of the King Coleman show part of the Ramsey network said for Dave Ramsey this power, it's a career hours of your like seventy percent of Americans.
Who wake up on Monday morning and are miserable because they know they've got to go into a job that there is no connection to? They are overwhelmed They are underappreciated they're in a toxic culture or their board relief is on the way, and it's available to you by simply getting clear. Who am I? What do I do best Ann what do I love to do most and I need to find that intersection mine, a sweet spot? Do you think that wonderful analogy? Do you think of a baseball bat? A golf club hockey stick a tennis racket, the
Description of the sweet spot is such a beautiful analogy of what it's like to live in a state of flow to work in a state of flow where you are operating at such a high level of efficiency, it appears and feels at times effortless. That is the analogy. That's where we get that, and so your personal sweet spot is at the intersection of what you do best and what you love to do most. In other words, we use what we do best as tools to perform the work. That brings us tremendous joy and satisfaction. So, let's help you get clear, triple, eighty two quadrillion five hundred and fifty two trillion two hundred and fifty eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five we go to Michigan Ornate is on the line Nate. How can I help hey? Can taking my call sure? How can I help. Uh. Well, I guess I kind of fall under thirty percent of people every day I wake up and make super excited to go to work. I actually don't feel like remember working, but I've got I've got this
it's a predicament where I've I'm. Happy with, where I work now, but I've had other companies reaching out to me in on one count. They were stuck out to me where they actually offered double my current and come to go work for them, but I'm kind of sitting in this particular I'm super well very happy where I'm at an. If I leave for a company, that's been good to me and I've been good to them uh and I go to a company that I don't really know the atmosphere that well I mean I feel like. I could be shoot myself in the foot. That is true, but it seems to me that you're not absolutely certain, and I would want you to be certain on that fact. So, for instance, have you talked to anybody besides
folks have contacted you. Want you to work for them. Have you talk to anybody else in the company to say hey? What's the culture like what what is what is the leadership atmosphere like how do they treat their people? Have you ask those questions and gotten answers yeah? I I yep I've spoken to two people that work there. They both are super excited and happy about what they do there. So I mean it was uplifting for me. I can hear that kind of stuff great, so you heard from them the culture's really healthy, similar to what you're in now yep and all the income yep? What am I missing? What do you really? Truly, I don't know I I guess I just kind.
From you know, operating in and go on. That's what it's going for it: okay, yeah! I'm so glad you said it because I'm trying to drive you to that. We have to name what is holding us back. Is it a fear? Is it a doubt? Is it a combo? Do you doubt that you have what it takes? Do you think I got the chops. There's no question! I could win in this role. Well, at this without a question I can get a job, so what you really want to do now great. So what you're really fearing is this is a change. We're gonna, be moving zip codes and we're gonna, be uprooting everybody I'm going to be dealing, something that's a little bit unknown, even though I hear good things and- and I believe I can do the role and women in the role. Let's just be honest: human beings. Are we don't like change? Some of us really don't like it, and I don't know where you fall on spectrum, but if you are going to really don't you don't like change at all? Ok, so you need to understand, what's really going on this
This is a natural fear that you have something new there's a lot of natural fear there, and so You have to call that out and see. This is a fear. This is the same level of fear that our kids have when they think there's something under the bed or something in the closet. All this up, their mom dad there's something in the closet. We know there's nothing in the closet, but we still open up the door turn the lights on and let Junior Susie look in there and see, there's no monster in the closet, and you have to probably ask a few more questions. You've already started the process, but this is a situation where you need to sit down with a good friend somebody who's. Telling your life, who is completely objective in this situation and say here's what I'm afraid of and get a little bit more detail than you were with me. Well, I'm afraid about doing this to my kids, I'm afraid about finding the right school in this new place. Just let's go ahead and just list all the things that are giving you some anxiety over this and in doing so number
you can see, what's the answer to that fear? Well, we're going to go, find a good school, we're going to go to daveramsey dot com and we're going to find a world class realtor who's going to walk us through all these things that we need to think about when we find a new house and therefore I don't need to be scared anymore. This is exercise. This is how we overcome fear. We shine the light of truth on the live that fears telling us. Well, if you do this you're going to uproot your kids they're not going to it's cool you're going to find an awful house in a bad, neighborhood and you're going to make it all the money, but everybody's going to be miserable. This is this is what fear says, and it sits on our shoulder so continue to expose that get some objective opinions in your life, who will reinforce the truth that will shine the light on the fear and move forward. This is exciting. This is amazing way,
go Nate, that's huge. I absolutely love it. Let's go to Jennifer, who is in Wiscconsin Jennifer. How can help? First of all, it's a pleasure to speak with you today I really appreciate it. Thank you make out very I'm sorry, very short, I am pretty much at a crossroads. I have multiple degrees and, for some reason, not find any jobs that will hire me in those degrees. My current employer has said they will not promote me do to they don't think I can handle it. I have a medical situation that I'm dealing with. Unfortunately, I will have this medical situation, the rest of my life, and I am dealing with it. Yeah
I am drowning in student loan debt because I I was the first college graduate in my house and my family, and I did it basically to show my kids. Yes, you can go to college and have a life and work. You can do all this. It just takes. You know some scheduling and some willpower um, I'm still working in this job, making barely, if that enough, to survive, let alone to get anything paid of. How much are you making it? What you think and this year will be about thirty two thousand a year including over. And what do you do I have several people who I work with square listening to this song to be very Ok, just tell me, the industry tell me the industry. I work in clerical and government
ok you're in a government, job and you're. Basically, administrative clerical work. What did you get your degree real quick. You said you had three: what are they? I have a double bachelor's business management business. In a situation- and I have a masters in management- okay, great so you're in a a role that is that is way, but if you as far as your potential and it's not what you yeah do either. So, let's just real quick Jennifer. No I'm but you did not think about fear and doubt, and your debt and all that stuff. I just want you to think from your heart for a moment. Let your heart answer this question. If I could give you something tomorrow, and there was no risk, it was guaranteed that you were going to succeed in it and you could just try it just to see what I love this. What would come to the top of your mind when I ask that
as far as career goes ping, probable, probably like financial, um or management, there's. The reason I went with the degrees that I did is because there's a lot of different please. I could go with it yeah, but do you want to lead people you want to lead? People want to be a part of leading people still up waiting on I love teaching people and I love the numbers stay. I love so Jennifer I want you to listen to me. You need be using your web of connections hang on. The line call is going to give you a copy of my best selling book, the proximity principle, you know, what you want to do. You want to be leading people, and we economy right now that needs people that are just quality people, they'll train you on the specifics of the company but
But who knows how to serve people can get hired, leading people that you're going to have to use your web of connections. I walk you through step by step, how to do it in this book. The proximity principles, my gift to you, read it and do it don't move more show, right. Which your cellular service to pure talk, USA and save money, jazz, from Maine said. I heard about pure talk, USA from Dave Ramsey, Pier USA is the best cell phone service I have ever had. There is a monthly, affordable plan for everyone, folks all talk. Usa's plans include: unlimited talk text and data and no contracts. Try it risk free today call pound two hundred and fifty and say the Keyword, Dave, Ramsey,
let's take a rear themed hour on the Dave Ramsey Show. I'm can Coleman Ramsey personality host up the KEN Coleman show part of the Ramsey network sitting in for Dave. The shower eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five is the number eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five. If you're stuck confused scared down. You just need mirror somebody to show
who you, who you really are you do have the answers. You really do. You can identify what you do best, because everybody is born with talent that can be honed into skill, and you do know what work tasks functions rolls make your heart come alive. This is passion, you're, born with that as well. An you put, those two together. You use what you do best to do, what you love to do most, why to create, to contribute to your fellow man. That's what this is about. This isn't about this ambition. To just you know, be super rich super successful know know know, know there miss
or people that are crazy, wealthy because they're not doing work that makes their heart come alive? There's no connection to the work, and you lay your head down at night, all of us long to know that we played a role that day that mattered, not just us but to others, and so that's what we're here to help you with eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five is the number. Let's go to Arizona where Fred is online friend. How can I help hey KEN good afternoon? Thank you for taking my call sure. Just be like I'm stuck where I'm at I'm just plain old, stuck, I'm lost my head and it career about ten years ago and uh. I want to get back in. Do it and I just don't know which way to point and I'm just stuck well, the good it is you know where you want to go. So, let's have more fun with that and let's unlock your brain a little bit and let your heart kind of seep up into your brain? So if we
get back into that it career tomorrow and I could wave a magic wand and get you into a situation where ok, so we've right, ok, no, big deal that happens from time to time, we'll get Fred back on the line. But let's talk about free. Situation because it's interesting is on the KEN Coleman show every day we get calls like this every day. So what is Fred's situation? Ken I'm just stuck I have absolutely no idea how to get where I want to go because he's in the same sentence said I had an I career ten years ago- and I I enjoyed it, but I don't know how to get back in it. And so what's going on here. It's almost as if Fred has a blindfold on his head. Let's go back to the
kids birthday parties. I only kids do this anymore, but we used to do, pin the tail on the donkey right, just the classic Birthday party game. They had this cheap little plastic picture of a donkey and they put it on the wall and then the kids got. You know, donkey mail with tape on the end of it, and it's gotta walk right up to you, cinema round, then you go. Ok, go pin the tail okay. We all laugh as the person with the blindfold walks aimlessly around trying to figure out where to put the tail so what's happening Fred and we're getting feedback on the line. What Fred is feeling right now is other hopelessness Which is why saying he's stuck 'cause he's gone. I know To get in the field, but I don't know how to get back in it when, in all reality, he does so well I do is identify. What is afraid of there's a fear and then, what's the doubt, we got Fred back on the line. Great ok! Here we go back to Fred,
Fred, show your back in the house and here's the Good NEWS encourage your heart with You know you want to get back into it. So search paint, a clearer picture of the destination, so when you say you'd like to get back into it, is there roll and forget about job title for a second. But what would you be doing every day if I could cable one and give it to you tomorrow, and you knew that you would succeed would you be doing in it uh networking great. Did you do networking in the past. I did more help desk in the past. Ok, what's the you have to forgive me here? What is the? Are there a clear differences between what you did before help
you're going in and and get everybody back, you know it up and run in and fix in solving problems. What's the difference between that and networking? Well, on the help let's get it more of a first call resolution type thing, and then I just want to go one step for they're going to know more of the problem. Solving ok, great! I want you to be very honest with me. How qualified do you feel you are forget about current qualifications in the marketplace? Just if we gave the job to you and you had to figure it out as you go. How confident are you that you could actually pull this off? You've got shops. I would probably need a little more current little bit of training. They come come up to speed with the Kerr. What's up, currently: okay, great, so you're, pretty confident, 'cause, it's a little bit of training this,
something brand new. You gotta learn. So we'll talk about a little bit of training to get back in the game. Do you know where you can get that training. Um, community college, ok, certifications there we go so Fred First step for you is what do I need to learn and do to get qualified so you're not stuck. You feel stuck because you're thinking about down the road but will get down the road once we stepped onto the road, we can't get down the road less were on the road and getting on the road for you means tonight before you go to bed, you need to identify community college classes online certification, webinars, whatever everything you just You know you need to get it. You need to identify that tonight then tomorrow throw in the next day, you need to talk to somebody who you,
work with ten years ago or somebody that knows somebody and go hey? Here's what I've researched- and this is what I believe need to have to be qualified to get back in and be in networking. Can you verify this? skip that step verification. Now you should have total confidence. Alright, I know what I need to learn do to get qualified now. What I need to do, how much money is it going to cost me and based on your financial situation, Fred? That becomes the plan? Ok. Well, I'm going to have to save up to be able to pay for this certification, slash, qualification and and how long is it going to take me? Ok, so I'm making this up Fred. But let's say we look down and we say it's going to take me twelve to eighteen months to get qualified and now I'm ready to go so beyond learning and doing in the qualification this thread, the other thing you need to be doing is reaching back out to all those contacts, and I know it years ago, so they're not around great, but how much
people. Do you know in your zip code, your metropolitan area, Fred? How many people I know quite a few- I am quite a few- are still in the field. Great give me a number, though just I just want you to see something play along with me. How many people do you think you know on acquaintance or very close this relationship. How many give me fifty to seven five hundred and fifty to seventy five and how many people give me a number Fred. Do you think those fifty to seventy five people know collectively? I know it doesn't for sure no fifty to seventy five people, they all know at least zero dollars and fifty cents. So we're talking collecting we're talking, hundreds of people fret you see where I'm going with this and here's the Good NEWS. You actually know people in the technology industry, so Fred, you got your homework once you figure out what you need to learn and do how much is going to cost how long it's going to take.
Then we start working our relationships. The web of connections, Kelly, let's give him a call my best selling book, the proximity principle, five people, five places Fred. I walk you right up to these people. I walk you into these places. I tell you. Find am what to do when your there and proximity The right people plus the right places Fred what equal opportunity, always if you're, not getting opportunities, and you're sitting around going. Can I can't catch an opportunity? I can tell you right now. You're, not around the right people and you're, not in the right places. Fred. You know where you need to go figure out the best path to get there and then step out on the path and here's the best part stay on the path turns out this success journey. Isn't this complex as we make it. Don't move more career hour on the Dave. Ramsey show coming right up,
it's the career hour of the Dave Ramsey Show on KEN Coleman reams personality, bestselling, author of the proximity principle and host of KEN Coleman show on the Ramsey network. You get it all around the country. Can Coleman dot com for the list? on Siriusxm or wherever you enjoy listening to podcasts eighty eight quintillion, eight hundred and eighty two quadrillion five hundred and fifty two trillion two hundred and fifty eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five is the number we go to Georgia or destiny is on the line destiny. How can I help hi? Can I just had a question on I'm kinda feeling in which way to go. I'm a recent college graduate, but I'm going up the only way to really get there is either
no it's about if you're having a masters degree. So I'm just trying to figure out what I should do next. Ok, what is the field? but I'm going to either do college advising or workforce development to hoping, like other people, figure out what job I want to do like kind of that aspect of things so did, did you say, develop meaning raising money for images or nonprofits. I thought no workforce development as like helping ok, alright, I'm tracking with you, ok, who is do that. The only way to get that is a master's degree. Where'd you get that information. Well I'll apply the multiple positions and everything always says they prefer to master
I can't seem to even get in the door for an interview, so the people I've talked to in the colleges they say kinda, either getting your foot in the door. Knowing someone in another position or having a masters degree at all, they seem people glad that you got verification of that, because what you need to understand here is that the master's degree isn't the only way what they said was masters degree, is what everybody's kind of put it out there, as you got to have that requirement, but then the very people you talk to or you got to have a relationship and- and I'm going to tell you that working your web of connections. This is an actual site Aladji sociology term, I write about it in my book, the proximity principle. This is uh, full strategy, in fact there is a sociologist by the name of Mark Wren of better who did a study many years ago and and he's been in and he's been quoted pretty much up in any type of Kerr.
The rear study that has to do with this idea of networking, which, I can't stand that word I like the word connecting, but what we know from other studies that acquaintances destiny. Are the greatest source of jobs for people. So when I talk about an acquaintance, I don't mean somebody that you spend a lot of time acquaintances, somebody while you may mutual relationship. You know this person lightly. You know for lack of a better word. You know just casually is probably the word there, when you see each other going to be kind to each other. You can conversation with that person so one hand you need to Into a college staff it my advice is: if you want to eventually be doing career, advising in a college, university setting just gay on the staff of the college
be the lowest of form of entry. That they'll be easiest point of entry. Rather than a master's degree, what college did you just graduate from Gordon State College yeah, I mean what kind of relationships do you have there and I keep in touch with them? They haven't actually persons there in particular, but we have a few practical colleges around the area that I've applied. For one reason I'm right and the one thing I also considered with a masters degree. I was looking into why I would be getting two years of work experience democratic system chip and ground cover tuition, okay, can you? So if you can cash flow, your way through a masters? Degree? Okay! Yes! Well! That changes everything for me because because, when I hear Master's degree, what is usually a tad
that is massive amounts of money that people don't have it and they they try to get a loan and, and so two things. I think that that is something you need to explore, because again, you'll get the role. Work experience an you. Can cash flow your way through it, obviously, with the help of some of that tuition assistance, so I think it's a great way to go and it certainly will get you there, but I would not in the time that it takes to get the masters degree. I wouldn't just you know, ride those coattails. I would be working relationships at Gordon State where you you're talking to people going hey. While I'm doing this, I'm getting this masters degree and getting this experience, I'm looking to just get in And when you come out with his master's degree, We run into a situation where you can't get that gig that you want right away. I, try hammer this. Just getting in the door is always a good move, so if you want to be in
college career, advisement This is over there, it any school. You go okay, I want to be there and I've got the the requisite master's degree. I've got some Xperience a jobs, not open right now? What do I do get on a college or university staff just get in the door? Here's where the whole thing changes for you once you're in you're, an employee, then you're able to go meet the. Folks in the department. You want to work in and you go hey I'm working over here in this department. Oh great, we're all on the same team, don't see each other everyday but we're on the same team now you're, not an outsider, trying to get in you're an insider look into maybe move over big difference, and this is the key just because you get the masters degree does not guarantee that a job is going to be waiting for you with a giant ribbon wrapped around it. Now that's your baseline
qualification, but it doesn't mean that the door swings wide open and there's all this wonderful music and we walk in there's glitter and confetti and trumpets, and all this stuff done work that way so you're still going to need. Work, those relationships. I also want to give you a copy of PAL Anthony O'Neill he's on book tour week, two of his book debt free degree I know. You've got a plan, but I want you to have Anthony's book as well, because again he gives you a wonderful step by step guide on how, go to school without going into debt. So I don't want you to be tempted there so check that out and Kelly's going to give that to you. Thank you. Call destiny. Alright, let's go to a social media question. I love this one. This comes from Facebook uh from Mario. He says I'm curious about getting into voice acting to see. If it's something I want to do, do you have any advice or insight?
right. So this is a very specific of field. So how do you start from scratch to get into voice acting just to see if it's something he likes to do alright? So let's talk about. Is this something that I'd really like to do so? The way you do that is you've actually got to get online and voice actors and you can find voice actors in your area. In fact, I know there's a database, you could find people in it. You just reach out to me to listen, I'm thinking about getting into your space Europro you're, making this happen. I'd like to tag along the next time. You've got a commercial that you're cutting are doing some type of script? You know for some corporate client. I just want to watch you do your thing, watch how they warm their voice up. What is it like, they pushing their own buttons, meaning there cutting it themselves, they're doing the editing they're doing the recording. Did they give it to somebody else, just by in proximity and observe Irving somebody? Do this you're going to
tremendous clarity on ok, that would be a lot of fun for me, 'cause, you can actually sit there and observe. So observation is key. Second thing is: why don't you try a few things? Even if it's not a real client, go get a script, take the same car commercial script that you heard, that guy do or that gal do or watch it on tv type. It out. Do it yourself, so if you enjoy the process of recording it and making it sound, really good try, it doesn't mean you have to get paid for it just to try and go. Did I get juice when I was engaged in this process, so those two things observation and then low risk testing just kind of I'm going to participate in this? Maybe I'll create a website. Put some demos together, see if I get a few clients, try it on the side market going to be full time anyway. So just trying, if you just try, it looks
Can you get around you're gonna, get verification. All this is big fun to spend a career our here on the Dave Ramsey Show. I want to thank our producer, James Child, and are so she producer Kelly Daniel, of course they ranted, for. Let me hang out his show and, of course you, America. Thank you for listening. This is the Dave Ramsey Show hey really associate producer and phone screen or for the Dave Ramsey show this episode is over, but if you heard about a product or service and didn't have a chance to write it down, don't worry we list everything that is mentioned during this episode in the podcast show notes section thanks for listening,
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