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Slow and Steady Wins the Race to Get Out of Debt (Hour 2)

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From the headquarters of Ramsey Solutions, broadcasting from a dollar car rental studios. It's the Dave, Ramsey show work that is done, has taken the place of the B M. W does the status symbol, I'm Dave Ramsey your host! Thank you for joining us, open phones at triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two! Five! That's triple eight, eight, two, five, five, two two five Joe, is Weatherson Arizona, hi Joe welcome to the Dave Ramsey Show I Missouri
Thank you so much for taking my call sure, what's up so I got into a car loan right now the debt is at twenty one thousand dollars and hour figure out. What's my next move? Initially, I should sell this vehicle. What is your household income? Forty, five thousand? Yes, you should sell a car, ok and what is the car worth? So I just got into a car accident. Somebody ran a red light in keyboard mean so currently I have I'm working on getting an appraisal, but not too sure at this point, probably I'm going to guess. Fourteen thousand, but the car is going to be repaired by the person who hit you right, correct! Ok, so that's already taken care of, but I don't know how much teen thousand you just bought the car true
just making a estimation, because I don't know how much of the value was lost because of that accident. Oh, not anywhere near that you're guessing yeah, ok, so is car has been repaired. Correct, ok, well, just jump on Kelley Blue Book and see what a private sale is, ok and it's going to be somewhere around there I mean you may have lost one thousand dollars in value or two thousand value, but you didn't lose eight thousand dollars in value. So what do you think this car is actually worth on Kelley Blue book? You have any idea uh twenty about nineteen to twenty thousand? Ok, so, are you going come up with the difference. Why do my savings is about one thousand dollars right now: I was hoping on building up a bigger savings by buying a hoped.
And then not having to worry about that payment. That way, I can pay off the difference during that time period. Okay, all right, our house, your credit, Chris good, what should borrow the three or four thousand dollars yeah and then use no covered runners and to cover the difference, and then you can get the car sales of the car sales for eighteen and in you, twenty two. You need for thousand dollars to be able to get the title, Correct, ok, so we need alone set up now you have to take the loan today You need the loan arranged for four thousand dollars in order to have a here, come up in hand you a check for eighteen, then you put the house on the Marr or put the car on the market and get it sold now you're four thousand dollars in debt instead of twenty two thousand And now we're moving in the right direction and, of course, in. Somewhere in there is the saving and getting the hoop dee and that kind of stuff, so
laundry, not walking, but you have to start with the hoop dee and then you can move you can move up rapidly for what your car payments are. I mean your car payments to reduce. Matthews in Florida, hey Matthew! How are you I'm great? How to better than I deserve. What's up? Okay, so I read any book that we should do a health savings account or that that's a good option, and I just want to see if it's a good option for me in my current so right now I have a family of five three kids, wife and three kids, an I'm I'm self employed. So I I currently have Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance, The whole family is one thousand four hundred dollars a month, so the health savings account would be one thousand four hundred and sixty three so sixty three more dollars a month through Blue Cross blue shield? Why, and I don't make sense.
And I know that includes that include a savings contribution. I'm not, it will be. The only difference between the two things would be: a six thousand dollars maximum out of pocket for the health savings account one and. The two hundred dollars MAX out of pocket for the normal one that I currently have. Financial advisor said it would save me a seven k20 one hundred and taxes. Maximum contribution is seven thousand what he was saying. Yeah. But it is looking pretty one thousand built into the fourteen thousand one hundred and sixty three. It must be. Here's one! Okay! What's your current deductible on your current, my current deductible is, I believe, Five thousand five hundred, but within maximum out of pocket of eight thousand three hundred so you're running a high deductible anyway yeah
'cause. Usually in Hsa, is a higher deductible, but is cheaper premium in most cases, weird, this one's a lower deductible, but a higher premium. Well, you are carrying a very high deductible yeah. The for the health savings account. Be a six thousand dollars deductible come out, but I'm and you said yours is six thousand five hundred on your current plan. Right, yes, yeah, which most people have like one thousand, really yeah, which would probably cost you one hundred dollars the they're charging you there Thank you. Obama care your man. You are getting hammered Yeah I'm getting hammered, I'm hoping something happens with this soon, but I'm used to it. I guess I'm used to used to well, if you still that the only purpose of the health savings account. Do you still have that Now we were on step four five and six, and we do about two hundred and fifty a year. Ok! Well you can.
Through the Hsa, but the only reason to do it, then, is to create the savings account option and you don't need to do ' Necessarily it's not that big a deal I mean. Obviously, if you don't do that, you cannot contribute to seven thousand dollars right you do do it. You can contribute to seven thousand dollars which, in your tax bracket, will save you more than two thousand dollars in taxes, 'cause you're gonna, forty percent bracket. I don't know how you calculate that so probably more like three thousand five hundred in taxes. Three thread, but anyway somewhere. It's not a big difference. Bottom line is sixty three dollars a month. Extra is not anything except you've. Lowered your out of pocket, stop LOS you've lowered your deductible and you've lowered your stop LAS right, which you don't need to do so you recommend to not do it the help they account in the situation. In your situation, I would not I wouldn't mess with it. I would keep the higher deductible the slightly higher out
rocket the slightly lower monthly and then I would just do my investing somewhere else. The only reason to do this is to lower your risk. You can handle the risk, it's not that much different and the only to do this, the only other reason to do it would be to get the seven thousand dollars into the health savings account, and I wouldn't do all this for that now I'll pass very unusual situation. You're in though the reason is your income, so high, you were willing to take on an unusual health policy which is a super high deductible, and that's that's. What's that's? What's changed the numbers here but normally what it would be. As you would be like with one thousand dollars deductible and you have like a two thousand dollars premium, but if you went with a higher deductible Hsa plan, you don't like fourteen thousand one hundred and sixty three dollars print. That would be the normal comparison with the typical person calling me that's what the book was addressing Matthew. Eight thanks for the call is the Dave Ramsey show
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we've got a real mess and you can find borrowed, turn on apple podcast. Spotify Google play anywhere great podcasts are or in the top our ten on almost every one of these right now it is the thing has exploded. It's become very, very popular. It's very well done too so new endeavour for the Ramsey network to do this format. All of our other podcasts are one of US personality jacking, and this is more of the NPR style with an interviewer in a host and George Campbell's the host on it. He did eight incredible incredible job Bridget is whether Syntaxis Hi Bridget welcome to the Ramsey show hi guys, I'm so excited to be talking to you right now. You too, how can I help? Well, I have been a student loan that I guess Basically, I was first generation student and
a masters degree, so I have one hundred and fifty thousand student loans. I've been ca, come prepainted based plan where they're supposed to out there. One hundred and eighty payments or ten years discharged rest of it. For two years in my payment has been zero based on my income. Nurse practitioner How is your income solo as a nurse practitioner that you qualify zero well because When I first well in Texas is very saturated, so it could be almost a year to find a job, so they were basing it off. My income, but with it comes at the time I didn't have any I am now you found a job. What do you make now like a ninety, nine thousand plus bonuses, cool overtime. Can you pick up? I have
picking up any overtime. They allowed me to get ok, so you can kick the it up even and oh, how much it's one hundred and fifty thousand ok and your questions. What wow yeah, considering because my interest rate is five point. Eight one with the current credit around with for my bank offer because they work with the Baylor students in Waco TX We offer refinancing an. I would probably get a three point. Seventy nine is the highest interest rate for me. If I refunded my student loans got, it know if there was a good choice or if I should just because I'm basically two years ahead according to this, get loan forgiveness program. I ate more years then, but there should be-
and when I added it up, it should be like eighty five thousand that I end up paying in the at the most generous for dinner. Ok: here's the problem, thirty two thousand people have applied for the forgiveness. Ninety four have been granted. Now it's not happening. Ok, so that plan is not that ship has sailed. We're not going to wait on the government to keep its word and forgive these loans. It just not happening, so instead, the Good NEWS is, you make one hundred plus you're picking up overtime and you use your used to living on nothing because that's what you just made was nothing right before this right, and so what? If we put seventy five thousand of your one hundred on student loans? I think your student loans will be
in two years? So here's the problem hi, I just heard about you last month, so following up in only the baby? Steps are currently bother, come back in April, Hum I am a single mother at the time of the two kids will follow. How did you buy a home with no income? I had. I had got a full time job. I had it for about two or three months in
they gave me the home. Ok. So what is your house payment? It's right now, one thousand six hundred and seventy two sell the House sell the house you're broke and deeply in debt. You can't afford a one thousand six hundred dollars house payment, while you're trying to get out of one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in student loan debt go rent. You a two bedroom apartment. How many kids have you got too good? Ok, go rancher, two bedroom apartment, three bedroom apartment,
the cheapest thing you can get live on nothing and go get out of that. If you didn't have any payments in the world with the money you're making now you'd be in really good shape. Very soon, wouldn't you right, but if it's going to add a year and a half to two years to you getting out of debt is a key. If you try to keep this house, if you want to keep it, you keep it, but it was a mistake to buy it in the mess that urine and it's going to be like trying to run a race with ankle weights on it's going to be very, very difficult mathematically,
and you know, Mom- is going to be helping. You watch these babies for two years and you're going to be laying it on fast on the overtime and you can get this cleared up in two years, but it's going to take you three years. Maybe four. If you keep that, if you keep the house, that's what the math changes on this cuz you're, paying double what you'll be paying somewhere else and yeah
and so you do what you want to know, but that's what I would do if I woke up in your shoes and no, I would not be waiting on the government to forgive anything when ninety three people, out of thirty two thousand have actually been granted it. That says they lied. Is what that says. You can see it a lot of different ways. You can say policy changing, so they didn't fill out the paperwork right. You can say a lot of different things, but the bottom line is that they lied and when you wait on the government to fix your life, that's the kind of crap you end up with child. The thing is you go fix your life and you'll, get yourself out. I'm sorry you're facing this thanks for the call open phones at eight hundred and eighty eight, two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five, let's eight billion eight hundred and eighty eight million two hundred and fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five Sonia is on Twitter. Are there certain types of debts that should be paid off first before starting that snowball? If your butt
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in the lobby of Ramsey Solutions, three stage of Nathan and Callie, or whether hey guys, how are yeah great pretty well Dave. How are you better than I deserve good to? Have you guys welcome? Where do you live? Louisville KY Fawn and how much data you paid off two hundred and fifty five thousand hours. I love it, and how long did this take? Yes, twenty months, why it go and your range of income during that time, started at two hundred and seventy three thousand and we are trending. Today, at around four hundred and thirty thousand goodness, gracious. Will do for a living Ann HR leader at a private conveyor, manufacture, program manager for ecommerce company away to go gosh man you're killing it look at this.
Income Dang, dang well done Two was what eighteen thousand car fourteen thousand personal loan, thirty three thousand credit card words in one hundred and eighty eight thousand student loans. You just got the thumb do. Did you see that she just thumbed you I saw it? I got free reign to apply for all the loans in school myself, so I took him out for cars. Barbecue everything but class. Ok, alright cars and barbecue yeah? The first two things come to mind. I was pretty popular for the first two years: love it. Oh, how long have you two been married two years on the 24th cool? How have you been school sixers. Sixers me several more. Good well at your careers are very, very impressive
and the fact that you decided to attack this right after marriage is impressive. So tell story, what happened? You woke up you know you're marrying into this big student loan debt. Obviously I mean Kelly you're looking anyone, that's not how it went. That's not how it went. She found another plane where we get married, though oh that's good! Oh now story. This is great. I want to hear this, so she mentioned a couple times about doing and like to debt free. My experience like for when I grew up the only time see you as if you were selling me, Amway, a Kirby vacuum or a like term. I never did in there that are you talking about like this is the that was my experience going by that came to me trying like teach about a like handle money, all I so I thought for so when she mentioned, I anticipate like like This is going to result in six years of trying to sell nature generic Amway, cleaner light out of my basement for the next seven years, so it took it took.
Well then she initially said something like oh babe, hey by the way before we get started. I know where about to merge finances here. Sallie Mae receipt of a hundred and like eighty four grand just just now that we have this here, but overall you are on the plane. When you did this, yes going to did a destination wedding. Yes, we got married in Cancun, your Cancun. Midair yeah you can throwing him out the door. That was probably the nicest thing I can see cost less than one hundred and eighty grain turn the plane around Oh man mess up on honeymoon, you will dude, you really or something made it. The last minute
she was asking for log in info- has gone yes, this is it here we go, and so I headed toward the point I knew we had to add. I mean I had a car. I knew we had a credit card. I just didn't know how substantial yeah so as we're sitting in our first class seats on this flight, then I find out we have an additional one hundred eighty thousand dollars worth of that. So all joking aside, Nathan, or you just. You didn't think it was that big a deal or where you're too ashamed or what watt? How do you almost get and she doesn't know uh. So I think that it took a lot of realize that space I was in, but just the space I was in was always thought that there was something quick that I could do to get rid of it. So it wouldn't be and so you always hear about like you know going, you can flip houses or you can do this. Like. I give you thirty grand real, quick turn in the sixties, and so I was always seeking out to look for like the really rich person or somebody that was sent me to tell me something the get rich, quick idea
The first thing I did when I got that info was always immediately over my mouth with some kind of rebuttal like, oh you don't understand, you don't make enough money or, like you, don't have as much debt. So you don't know what I'm going through as opposed to listening to the most people that are wealthy, give you the advice of like well. This is how you go about it or like this is how you gradually build your money, as opposed to like there's, nothing, that's quick, and so when she would give me like the risk averse approach to kind of talk through finances. I just felt like. If I can shut up long enough, then I can find something quick get rid of that and then sure my account after all, if it's gone so it took awhile to get to the point of communication would be transparent and then just say like we're here here is that we have you, don't have to hide it, and then we started to work together so like that was the difference. I think when things kind of flipped around for me 'cause it was the first time I felt like you could do things together and be transparent and then you're able to see change as opposed to having to avoid the pain of being like oxen, transmitting so yeah. It keeps you from being outed in first class and
yes yeah, ouch, ouch wow, that's a good discussion, that's interesting, very interesting, and so all kidding aside Kelly. What was your? What happened like I mean when you hear this, what happened to you? What I have I know about you and I had been on a date before I've been merry previously. It had did at cleared all that up. So I've had my own little solo, private. You know I'm debt free spring in so while I was upset because again he wasn't very transparent. I knew that there was a way out. We make really great money, yeah view this broke yeah, so I knew that if we can get on the same page and follow the plan that eventually we'd be able to, you know live the life that I want.
Live, yeah, very cool, and so she starts telling you that this is possible and it has. It doesn't, involve selling a rainbow vacuum or in the Amway Show powder. And did you start believing or at that point then? No, because then you sent envelopes of the house. That's will put my money into that was it was it was to fight it. It took a couple months of like all right? Well, here's you know here's the thing we want or like. If you just listen this plan when things happen, they're not emerged. So the first time I learned like just stick to the plan, pay things off the day that we got that free air conditioner went out yeah and it was so awesome to go upstairs and say all right. It's really hot, like all right, maybe are concerned because you know x amount of dollars, we'll just cancel it. We got the money and then we'll put it back. You know next paycheck, and so that was that was. That was the best part. Thank you for holding different way there just just a whole different way, yeah all different way from the way you the way you look at things previously so did either one of you grow up in homes that were responsible for
naturally, no family, four thirty grand my parents recently passed and I found out we had it was over one hundred and more than that just on that side. So that same answer is what continue for me we have. Is you live like based off minimum payments, not based off of what you can actually for to cancel? So that's that's! My son had up until you know nine months ago, and then you don't make thirty grand. I mean you're slaying the income side, but you can't beat stupidity, so I just,
I cannot earn it yeah. I said yeah wow good for you. What about you Kelly? No, no! It was my mom and- and I and I mean I think the most you may was four dollars an hour work in a factory job and she was the same mentality. You know parking for the minimum payment, then we're good. So now this was completely foreign to me. Until I heard on the radio, I think one day going to work. I was young twenties, but that that was the very first time I ever heard anything about being debt free and actually I'm no saving up to buy things. I'm telling you if your mom and dad look at your incomes now and the fact that you don't have a single that and the fact that you're under control with money they have to be very proud. That would have sent looking at your from Heaven or whatever, but they have to be very proud. We're proud of you absolutely incredible! You are a rockstar couple.
I mean this: is these numbers are just on their their? My amazing, absolutely amazing and man you got. You got a really really bright future. It's gonna be incredible! Well, well, done you guys very well on all right we've. Copy of Chris Hogan's book for you. Everyday millionaires, you'll be one in twenty seconds if you're not already. Oh my gosh everyday millionaires, yep how ordinary people built extraordinary wealth and how you can too, and it's what those rich p slow and steady right, saying nothing all right, it's Nathan and Kelly Louisville KY, two hundred and fifty five thousand dollars paid off in twenty months, making two hundred and seventy three to four hundred and thirty wow But now, let's hear a debt free, scream. Thirty two amazing wow
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I own, my townhouse, which, when I purchased it, I plan What kind of being my retirement where I would rent it out? It's currently worth about ten thousand, I could probably rent for about one thousand dollars a month, more of a bachelor pad and I'm looking to move out of it with my daughter so? The question is two: how do you determine how much house to move into despite the fact that you're debt free and how do you determine whether or not to sell the potential rent we're currently living in your rented one thousand months or do you sell it with one hundred and ten thousand, it's kind of a dilemma on it. Yeah do you have? the cash to pay for the next house in cash. No, I'm no only saving money at about thirty thousand in the bank. Right now I would sell the condo and here's why if you own the other house and you put the ten thousand down on the house, and then you work to get it paid off. That's your first financial star next financial step, then: okay, the
If, because, if you own the other house, borrow money on it. Refinance and borrow money on it to buy a rental condo. No, you would not, and by not selling this, it has the same exact effect to your finances as having borrowed in your new home to buy it because you're listening your mortgage by one hundred and ten thousand dollars by selling it so I would I would sell it and then I get the other property paid off as soon as it's paid off. If you want some rentals at that point, I start saving Kay and by the rentals with cash. It is actually what I did by the way personally Years and years ago got started in the rental started back in the rental business. Only this time with no mortgages, and now we own a bunch of real estate but overtime. It just keeps making more and more and more money. It's wonderful investment,
All right bill is with us in Connecticut, Hey Bill. How are you doing well Jay, thanks for taking my call sure. What's up, my son is a senior in high school and he's looking at colleges for next year, and we have been fortunate enough to save in a five hundred and twenty nine plan, saving up for pretty much any school that he would choose. There's roughly about two hundred and seventy thousand. In his five hundred and twenty nine plan, wonderful we've been very fortunate to be able to do that. That said, I want your opinion on whether or not we should pay for his entire for your schooling or whether we should insist that she paid for some of it himself.
Well, I already know what your view will be on debt, but he could take her job while in college- and you know, chip away it, let's put a number on it- perhaps five thousand dollars in the course of the year Right- and you think this is a good way of having him put some skin in the game. Or would you say he needs to focus on his studies, but it doesn't work that way. Well, I don't use it. I don't use the studies as an excuse, because the data we we have says that a kid who works twenty hours a week actually has a higher GPA than one that doesn't work. So that's what the data tells us now. Having said that, I did not, and it sounds like you guys have done very well, financially and so you're in a position to do anything you need to do here and he doesn't have to pay for the only question, four! Is him having skin in the game him having focus and intensity and intention
already about graduating and studying hard and not get sidetracked and take three three classes and beer to beer pong, or something right so yeah, and so what we did was we just had real open discussions with our kids. We said you can work a job if you want some extra money. Here's your monthly budget for your spending money, we're going to cover your housing, your tuition and your books, and you know what. But your first job is to be hey and then we list about what that meant and for us it means that were at work. I have a family of believers were family Christians, and so that means you're walking the way God wants you to walk you're, not you're, not rolling. You know you're you're, not doing a whole bunch of weird crap and run around doing stuff that most college,
Students do so you're going to behave morally. The second thing you're going to do under the heading of behave, is your job is to go to class. Your job is to do the homework your job is to make sure you take the classes necessary, an complete them to graduate in four freaking years, not That is your job. If you behave and you do the act, like part of behave and the moral part of behave. We will pay for this. The moment that you don't, we will pay for zero. And we just said this is your job now in. If you don't like the budget, that's okay, you can work extra. My son worked a lot. He he's entrepreneurial and he liked to earn extra money and have some extra pocket money and he worked a lot while he was in school
One of my daughters did Alot Rachel did do some events and things with US weekends, a lot of stuff over the summers and things. Then each did a little bit but neither one of them held outside jobs out. Of Ramsey in terms of earnings, so I didn't do that- I didn't I didn't put that on to have skin in the game. But we had very, very clear, very blunt, repeated over and over and over for four years. Discussions of what behave looks like. And that's how you earn this money, in other words, to go to school. I'm not paying this because huge happened to hit the Lotto and your last name is Ramsey, I'm paying contingent upon you behaving an it. Does that make sense I mean it worked for us all three of ours graduated in three years and- None of them are drug, rehab and so on. So it worked, and I don't think they are they
all three work with us there. At the end, they have excellent work ethic Lester they're, not spoiled brats. You know which is kind of what you're concerned about and also I was concerned about that too, but we just said we're not going to force you to do that and that's how we handled it, but you can do whatever so it's just it's a neat discussion to have and if you want to put five thousand dollars on, am not in debt let's say you have to earn, one thousand dollars of your deal every year just to prove you can, Ok, that's not that onerous mean in Spanish. It's but five hundred bucks a month or something geez, I mean that's not that big a deal you can do that. So what you're proposing is not that out of line it! I just can't tell you that I did it 'cause. I didn't. I did what I just outlined and got a good result out of it, but it was combined with again a lot of clear open, Ramsey style Communication there's a lot
Brown, Ramsey's within our family that happens, but lack of clarity, someone arguments, yes, lots of them, lack of clarity. No so a heated argument. Yes, lack of clarity knows so that's how we approached it. And it worked out well for us and I'm okay. I've got a friend. It's a multi millionaire and he said not paying for odometer school, they can work their way through. I did, and he put the whole thing on him. I just wouldn't we did, but that's it what you want to do with your kid in your money and so with the direction. But those are the Dave Ramsey Show in the books, are thanks to James child. Star producer, Kelly Daniels are associate producer and phone screen, or I am Dave Ramsey. Your host will be back with you before you know it.
Hey it's Kelly associate producer in phone screen or for the Dave Ramsey show this episode is over, but if you heard about a product or service and didn't have a chance to write it down, don't worry we list everything that is mentioned during this episode in the podcast show notes section thanks for listening
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