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Generosity, Giving Theme Hour

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From the headquarters of Ramsay Solutions broadcasting from our car rental. Syria's adds that day, Ramsay, where that is down just pay it off on mortgage as taking the place of the Bmw status, I'm diver empty your host. Thank you for joining us America. This is the annual giving show on the day rooms issue in honour of Christmas is only son sent the baby to a major. Opting in swaddling clothes born of the virgin Mary wish.
Bright generosity we do what we do around here. We teach you to get out of debt so that you can change your family tree so that and retire with dignity so that you can live a life of our Rages: generosity, which is where you have the most fun with money by So we're taking your calls this, our all about generosity, your Jim actually story the time that you were able to give or time that you received from great calls in the first couple Hours of the show we do this. The last lie broadcast before Christmas and that's what today is so thank you for joy. Surely is in Connecticut. I surely tell us you're giving story. A few years ago I had a hysterectomy, and I was out of work for about eight weeks,
My daughters were around seven and nine at the time and going to a christian school hours, a single mom, Of course I worry about the financial impact of being out of work. Sure, my second week home after the surgery I went down to the school to Peter Muffy tuition. It turned out that I'm one had pay my daughter's tuition for that entire year. Oh my gosh, also for the next four years. I received cash every December. My mailbox from it on persons fast forward four years later, God has really bless me financially and I was able to pick a single mother were for two girls on vacation Wherefer and also help pay for her daughter, the tuition budget as you know, reels right. Oh yes! Yes, I do So when you walk down there, you're still recovering from surgery and you walk into the principal's office administrators office.
Hold your breath kiss. You didn't, have a money but you're going given that last few dollars to keep the kids in that school and then you find out that someone's paid for the entire year other feel. We're at first I thought it was from one more so the following mouth. When I went back to pay- and I was told for the entire year and I couldn't believe it I'll. Take your brother, wider area, You spend the rest of your time now. Driver got away. Take some Wellesley brother. Why right? That's I! love it good job Surely good job well done rob. In Connecticut, hey Rob tell us your giving story a day, thanks, call about of inspiring. As the previous stories, but the I'll make a quick, I grew up poor and didn't know it
I was told on education is at the freedom and well first to graduate high school than a college and then to dampen school. And with little no money contributed the family. We just don't have the money. Scholarships and grants are good old fashioned artwork, like you, praise got me to school and grown up to pour dental care from a private debt office, my siblings, and I we were lucky enough to be seen in the local health clinic for the underprivileged, not the best care, but we were very appreciative after the completion of the school embarked on a vision.
Two and create a tremendous damage practice for grandma twenty. Two years later, we are a big bunch, was serving almost twelve thousand. Europe like it forgets private practice. Yet now corporate prior practice, where staff, a twenty three I mean real small, carry this past summer. I just hate me up. I realised that a most happy when I'm surrounded by people who love or are just happy and safe- and you know it's been a thing my might to start with, I love to take care of people and serve people. I need your help me. I need you know we gotta have this. We gotta do this thing for patients in practice. We will. You know this past summer decided created
annual occurrence its. It was the first free dentistry for the day, so my entire staff donated services to the public that we did reclining in failings extractions education was tremendous, was credible day. On that day, we ask. We were able to help seventy four undeserved, individuals with respect and in while preserving a dignity every one of them very appreciative. The most incredible thing I experienced was how to stay. Yet again and awaited no team building exercise. How reply then could ever could have yet always is credible, it would lose it was it was there gave me, but it really truly was a day of receiving gods blessings on our part. As a team, there was a super cool and it was all what you can do every year and everyone's game art. So now the only you have only mistake. We made us. We really should
every day that more, I was hoping. You'd have more people deserve, but next year ago, in guns, loaded full place, we're gonna have to show for these two hundred two hundred fifty still it was experience, but have you not wonderful? Really? I can't I can't their express the feelings of of the just joy of seed people, just really you so just simple, happy civil little thing for us makes such a bit prison someone up. My job and repented do get area a man good job, allotment, rob love it. Everybody. There are so many different touch points in all story that that moves things around. That's very, very good, you know sometimes stories that you hear argon inspire you to do something.
I remember one time I was at a leadership thing and I got told us that he he lets him. He gives us his employees extra time off for ministry work and about what he go. So we came almost are doing an extra week. Show you get your normal pity. Oh, if you were to remedy, but have you been here year? You get another week off to do ministry work. So if you want to go on emissions drew up, are you gonna do not serve somewhere in ministry now at home, petty Dog is not a ministry. That's this should not be DIA, so it has to be serving along with a non approved, real actual ministry, and show. But if you're doing that, that's go, and you know what we find is a lot of folks. Don't aren't take not enough people, the advantage of it so my daughter, Dimitri, runs, our family foundation comes shot our company an hour hinges, work days-
changes days, that our team can use their ministry time working in a local ministry here in the end, area, and sometimes it's our web guy's going in rebuilding their website. Sometimes it's Into the local food bank and packing boxes of food for families We actually had won this year. That was a hawk farm. They they ve arm, hogs and and the meat is given the privilege to our guys, go down and work the hall farm. For that. I know that on the other side. But and then we gave an extra bunch of time this year right after Thanksgiving, because had the same thing happened, Rob had an body went out and serve somewhere for one day. The same day, but I mean we had twenty different things over twenty different days team building the aspect of this is absolutely amazing, people were
together serving outside their normal element of work it brings together. This is that Abraham solution, business leaders, if you're looking to add to your team in twenty twenty, get started now with linked in jobs. We pushed on linked in jobs because we know the right person will have an impact on our company for years to come and linked in jobs matches the right person with a ride. Job so find the right person for your team and give the gift of rewarding new career get started today and get fifty dollars off your first job post visit linked in dotcom slice. Ramsay, that's linked in dotcom, Slash, Ramsay terms and conditions apply
Joshua isn't taxes Joshua welcome to a generosity, our talents, your generosity story. Why did they take my around this time. Last year you might a bit might be November when I called the first time that was the first time I ever called yourself, and I explained to you what was going on with me. You gave me some advice and you actually sent me a makeover and that kind of was the beginning of this year. Everything has been don't think, I'm pretty good. We have got real memo. I've got really upset with cannot by debt and and were almost were almost clear well done but let me and my wife ratcheted fitting in the liver about a day we were looking at each other in us. Now. We have a house. Last year we were in an apartment and we
looking at each other and last year, We couldn't even we can't even get me Christmas gift for our daughter. In this year I mean there's more it must have a thing she can, even she you have done so now looking at each other, just like just in awe of Are we came this year, one of the other things that There comes a trap, and just recently last week me and my mentor we're talking in key comical We have been wanted to invest money in my family driver said you wanted to invest in the past we're getting my truck and I would super excited about it. And he called me after we had written everything up any com, Yes, I will pay. I can't I can't lonely the money anymore, because I'm just gonna give it to you. I'm gonna give you
the money to buy your own truck n Do I couldn't even I had The forum on about body. Will you joking around alone? He sent me a chance thirteen thousand dollars to buy my truck. Why oh yeah batch we're starting out. Not only give you this much protection. This is a means to make a living yet further aid at big rig up. I will not it's a twenty four for box sharks. But yet it's what I do every day. It's it's gonna give us if it's gonna, change everything so that that was that will happen to US just the other thing to that. I wanted to say, you gave me, as you say it every every everytime I listen to each other and
Somebody asked you: how are you doing you take that as an auditor- and I cannot you stole it- ok and I started to marry bite at any time. Somebody asked me that I thought is saying to people and just there were mine everytime, you say it. Sometimes. You know if you like saying it, but every time you say you just as you are doing better than you deserved, it could be like. I said they found my shift anyway Britain to give him my treat. So if I just wanna take Thank you and very diverse. Listen! I just don't stop keep going. I made possible a lover, Joshua Wild answer. Thank you. You did get it because that is the meaning of the answer to the question its statement of grace
Belarus down that but I've I have survived an amazing amount of my own stupidity, and- and yet in spite of that, God has blessed us to the point that we can't breathe and it's amazing and and deserve help, I'm not getting it because a Jesus. So there you go. I am better than I deserve gotTa Joshua, you figured it out. I love it. Dog is whether some Missouri, a dog, merry Christmas tone giving story merry Christmas about. Ten years ago I was singing a large choir and the piano player was up. Being a baby from foreign country now. I've been there. They were instructed to take a large amount of cash with them. To do this, sir,
adoption and when they, when they got to know where the foregoing, when they got to the airport labour targeted and had all the money stolen, and so they were unable to come on what their rapid girl well she got back to town and what we found out about this. The next a rehearsal The end our friend and I just decided didn't let that happen, and still after the rehearsal, we pass the hat they and the next rehersal. We gave her a money about with four thousand dollars in cash. Blouse ended That was already an option when I was gonna do with it. Kay, em adoption while other world? Maybe I would hope the part that they will have to bring about a cash right right and they and then finally, the second time and they are, they were wearing the belt. Unmarried, discreet, life, luckily airport. Thus there
There were about while Dan I love it. I love it had some one of the best possible things. You can fund very cool, good job Doug. I like that one well, if you're not care, if you're just joining Us- and you don't know what you walked into this is a special edition of the diver amply show it's our giving show. We are show the last lie broadcasts before Christmas and in this case the landslide broadcast of this year or so we have lots of best of IRAN and will rally round this one again through the holidays and on but the Our three hours is dedicated to giving stories stories of generosity stories of outrageous generosity, three hours full of it, and so you don't want to go back and tune in to them. The pod cashed in relation to this,
There are some real tier jokers and here there some real things that inspire you to be generous and to give, and thus the purpose of this inspires good works. We share what you have done, or God is done through you or what someone did for you. I'd inspires and get people ideas. Sometimes people I don't know about. You are not very on something I'm not very creative, and I need somebody to give me an idea. Shall I can steal it and go you'd go, do what they did right and so then to be original right. It just gotta, be we just gotta be good, that's all so on. What is your guy being story, Rochelle is Withers and flower I will show thank you so much for taking my customary.
Merry Christmas tell us giving story what it's very, very basic and very simple, and twenty seven years ago I was in college, and I have moved to the college where my boyfriend was, which was bad idea. Material horrible break up and I went into a deep depression. Not really understanding what was going on with my motion, I had three were made where Opera college Students- and they didn't know what to do with me back my one roommate Tiffany, just told me, I told her. I was scared to be alone. I was despair. I wanted to end my life bone. She let me night after night until I got better she. Let me sleep on the Ford and
it wasn't Monday. It wasn't anything extravagant, but it was just her company so that I wouldn't be alone. I'm out forever ever be grateful for that sometimes just being present, and we never say anything right. Nothing. I just scared. Be alone, I was scared. I was gonna hurt myself and Cuba. Mcbay night after night there were still fresh twenty seven years later, yes on for ever ever great bought, it was the best gift. Anyone could give me, and that is just to be present at the Ministry of Presence, so not not with them with a tea with sea presents some very well done.
I was going to Bible study in my late twenties and doing pastoral care stuff, and I got taught us that and I've never forgotten it that you don't have to say something cliche. You don't have to have the right words to fix someone. That's hurting, because, usually you don't you can't, but sometimes just being present is being physically they're. Just saying, with your presence are changes everything everything so wow good call generosity they now. This is the day rams. Russia.
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it's a giving show on the day room. She showed, above all about generosity, one of our own Ramsay team members, alarm of LA planners, whether she had European University adviser, meaning she speaks with church the coordinators, Oliver America help and glasses. Get started in their community now for about a year and a half halon, Merry Christmas sharing Christmas day, how are you better than deserve? Tell me you're giving story, so somewhere that guy's on our team got together. They wanted to do something to serve the single Ladys on the team, I'm so they came up with the idea to why shark as for all of us, I'm so they can on a Friday. They brought all the supplies in and on their lunch in a hundred degrees. Summer day they wash our cars as in an out they tracked the tie.
Pressure the oil Everything may share. We were all good to go and they also had us pick a number between and a hundred and their closest also won a free tank of gas, and I was the winner arrived. You gotta, clean car got their old shirk the tires jerked and look at an attack against the courtesy of your coworker vs agents on age. You to do something to Lightner loads me near very made cool and it does get hot air in the summer it s so they were. They were out there sweating doing that. Yes, what a good idea very good and very thoughtful, a girl- and I can Imagine the Ladys appreciated that we dead averages die there such great Christ. Ambassador is a people. Team at just a reminder, you are loved and you are not forgotten the room minimum people her watching over you
with your watching over here, we want to say it right, good, stuff, good step that family. Yes very well, well. Thank you for sharing that as things now, they may need good staff pay. That's that can be. I take right there, you just think of something and bring your bucket to work. That's all you got. There was a punch you just gotta something so you don't have to be like a rocket science. Don't have to be some highly sophisticated thing. Be doing something for someone just it's like I would say in the south, the Tipp of the hat, which took our had to you and that's what they were doing very well done, love it very good our eye, Cathy, is weathers, gathers and Ohio. I Cathy welcome to, and you shall tell us your giving story tat gave thank you so much for taking my car
This is a recipients story, my family, My husband- and I, ten years ago today lost are on John Chromosomes anomaly, today that nor had left us with that loss. He gave us a great church to walk back to us through that with us and we received so much support from our friends and so many people in our family, but he also left us with some help with his burial expenses, and I sat down from people who just gave during that time, also during that time, one of our cars needed replaced and in January of that next year I came home from church. My husband was still there working on the fear team and I came home from church-
there was a ban in our hearts and our drive for the people who gave it to us. Demanded that anonymous, but you were so excited to be able to share just the gift of that to email to, and given that we are giving story. I have been listening to your stories today and we are huge fancy. And were huge bands and were on our own journey albert or debt free, except for our house, but put
hopefully one day we will be able to bless people like these stories that you share to the Mayan like like you received, because they want it most painful things about anyone can possibly go through is losing lodging a child and the general to have people love you and tangible wage during that time and pick up the cost of the funeral pick up the cost of that pick up the cost of this unjust, just dumb. You know that a matter so much as you said, is ten years ago in so many ways it feels like it was just ten minutes ago, while a thanks for calling in open phones a triple light, eight to five five, two to five. It is giving theme hour on the day. Ramsay show Lane is in Washington. High lane. Tell us your giving story. I do
I have an amazing Christmas. Mr share with you I have one and I were dealing with infertility and were not an amazing two year old, four year old in December two thousand and ten, over the next couple years. We wanted to be really intentional because we felt like we have lost out on memory. Again they have both done a memory making by having a rough Sarkozy adopted them from foster care. Are we really wanted to be intentional with our memory, and especially at Christmas time, and so I, make sure that I had all my Christmas shopping down and wept before December. First, so that the home of the December there could be tree with lots of present around there and they could see their names honour and really feel the magic of Christmas and We were out Christmas party, about ten days before Christmas,
and we came home and someone had into our homes, and who did up our Christmas gift and our tv and taken them. Good night. The great had on our children to fill in and stable or like these couldn't have everything we wanted to leaders pretend like everything was fine and we were gonna, go replace everything, but you know what the budget, I welcome you went in the stores, everything was gone. We were paying three four times the price, and so the sitting and I living room and we got O Connor door. That within giant bag full of wealth to Turkey remains on them and a boxer cookies and an envelope with cash in it Liza like family, come now, is the most amazing Christmas because we don't know within the gas and oil.
Open on Christmas morning. It was amazing I have to tell you that the Kurds its change everything. For me, I were pretty pessimistic when people like a Christmas, I might well have been December every year. Can't you plan ahead, like I'd, be that person, and I feel like Heavenly Father needed me. I feel that pain that year, so that and were game like charity and really now, every year we find a family and whenever we you know Dorado, ditch I leave a basket our box. I might back in that place because I know how it feels as a mom. You wanna give your kids everything and to not be able to provide for them. What
no magical Christmas. You wanted man, that's a breakthrough that really cool. They are a friend amongst us. I don't trust people that don't work with a lamp now that now that you ve had that are now that you ve had that experience You never view it again, the same yeah, that's all that is so powerful, I'm so glad you're Christmas gift got stolen. Getting now not so glad they got stolen, so that this whole story get involved, because if you just put him on the train that opium eligible but have been boring. This is much better. This is a much better way to go God. Why do go Santa Claus ago, Santa Claus and gods, people who showed up on the doorstep I kind of oak runner. This is that IRAN's regime,
our scripture that I had twenty and thirty five. In all things. I have shown you that by working hard in this way, we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said it is. Blushing to give he to receive, don't arose about said. Since you get more joy out of giving to others, you should put a good deal of the thought into the happiness that you are able to give. The other you go. It's giving theme our here on the day. Ramsay show we teach you to get out of. So that you can build. Well, so that you can retire with dignity so that you can be outrageously generous so that you can be the happiest you can possibly be because,
generous people happier people, then shellfish people, their kinder people, then salvaged Paypal, generous people are their highly attractive, though the kind of people you want to be there, the kind of people you want to hang around with the kind of people you want a moat, the kind of people you want, representing your business, the kind of people you want. Marrying your daughter, you just really it's hard to find something bad to say about generous people.
Billy, it's hard to find something bad to say about generous people in maybe we oughta wag, more embark lasher. Maybe that's what the seasons about reminding us that certainly were reminded by God. Sending his only and that's what this whole seasons all about, so where we go from here, gosh put yourself in a position that not only can you have the intent and the heart to be generous, but you actually have the freaking money, but yourself, tint and the heart to be generous, but you actually have the freaking money put yourself in a position that did you know if you give a single mom a thousand our cars.
You know if you do that ten times changes turned over lunch, so we ten grand site in Greenland as ten people comp lately transformed, I mean you ve been there. I been there have been some broken by attention. Gas haven't Arafat because my utilities were got off. I know what to do you. People are all around us. You just gotta, keep your ears in your eyes, open and your mind still enough, but God can speak to your site over there. You needed to go. Do that when you take her that, when you put tyres on that car now needs a tank, a gas?
your light bill paid through the end of next year. The shift is really a lot of money. It's just a matter paying attention, and you know the only way you can actually get where you can pay attention. Is you get your act together? So you need not worry about yourself are to be generous for Nord about shone like bill. That's why we teach the stuff we teacher. I want you to have a fully developed London life at least, is where those were giving story for south care from South Carolina. I analyse merry Christmas. Merry Christmas, MR envy. I'm super excited to share the story with to end the listeners. Reminds out of college. I found myself in an unplanned pregnancy and I was very scared of
come so pretty alone and very overwhelmed, both financially and just very hopeless, Myspace and give us an he's, never ending love or even, If you are actually worse lily, that's me and give me the keys. I needed to begin find a way to make way. For my son, I I could first story after story of God's faithful and how you supplied every thing just time after time, but honestly, this story is something about how he used his people and so I'm sorry that I want to share is: are we have family and of ours to upon you not thing my pregnant, one, a few find a guest and they wanted something that would mean a lie and where do you live in?
to find a guest, and they wanted to do something. That would mean a lie and with you alive and so on. Actually, her husband asked her. He your raised by a single market mind to pay for an see, said diet. What would be something that you were just be so scared of every month to pay for, and she said, divers loosely there I never ending, He was finally party chain that three years old on Brazil, Irish I received wine to Cuba, the divers a mind, oh my doorstep, from Amazon guys. So I to this day while now, especially by, but she had never paid for diaper and it was just a symbol. The wine I remember when I see the first boxes elaborate ice like who is that next boxes. I read, and I just I called her- and I just you know it's bobbing thinking you this way
I was scared, I'm when you're researching like how much it is to raise and childish. Diapers is the number one thing it says. So do not have that fear of you know finding diapers, and there is a huge say and just to know that somebody cared about me and my son, that might to do that was, as it could be, Samson get the ituri I'd. Tell you now that that's cool yeah. I guess I will show you what what what occurs to me, as you can even automate that right away you jump on them. I promise on schedule, and you don't think about again and twelve months later years, targeting diversion the person did it, and thought about again. Yet was its remit to hit my it may be hidden in August and Sydney. Carton remark, but well see lies, although they were so, I mean just intentional about I mean she would tell me, maybe, unlike the middle of the month and be like hey, are you running short again need extra with you? You know sick this, my employer did between diaper thigh there, you know just like he had stolen
it's all about. You know one month he did change divers size in the Middle I didn't have the next month it s, okay, like I'll go by of I think diapers they get me fringed with absolutely not theirs. There's some coming to you right. Go by of, I think diapers they get me during the food. We not theirs. There's some coming to you right now. While these would not let me biodiversity Sir Simon, you know that people like us at their story, a story. I've got upon his faithfulness through my through our story, but that's just one though using shareholders, your son. Now he is three and a half hour. I very cool great story. Thank you for sharing all at inhalation. Merry Christmas to you, very well done very well done. Neil is next in Washington. Neo little short on time, go straight to lecture you're, giving story,
new neighbourhood people moving across the street gather eighteen year old artistic sign, each stand out in front of the house curious little sisters, one right, your bikes he kept no I'd one. So I made my mission to go figure out what I mean do we want. We bought him a recumbent bike, not knowing it wishes birthday that weak on him home recumbent, three wheel, bicycle that that was about noontime at that o clock at night bomb Damn straight kind of Europe we come in, and that is every word. I write I love, and not only that, but for Christmas, why Christmas present the family across the street. We'll go under the monster dream. He loves monster. Trucks carries the schedule around with them and we bought all family tickets in were right down front.
We're going to be covered dirt when we come out of the stadium I'll love it world an obvious God gave your hard for this gap. That's pretty amazing! Well done, Sir very, very wilder. Well, that's all folks, you get yourself. And opposition or you don't have to think about yourself. All the time. An amazing blows debate. Generosity is not lack, that's a character. Quality like integrity or work, ethic, leisure, character, qualities. The act comes from the character, quality. The character, qualities of decision, our region There are three hours to help you decide. You live your life, that puts us our that I Ramses show in the books merry Christmas. We back with you before you know it. Meantime remember
of your life a puts us our that IRAN should show in the books merry Christmas, we back with you before you know it in the meantime. Remember, there's ultimately only one way This is James Childs producer of the day branch ship did you know you can now listen to the day. Brandy show on Pandora and spot a fight for all the ways to watch and listen to our showcase Dave, Ramsay, DOT, com, flash
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