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The Difference Between Commission and Allowance for Your Kids (Hour 3)

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From the head waters of the transition from a dollar studios day. Ramsay were damaged, casual gaming and unpaid, or has taken the place of the Bmw status of jobs on day Ramsay. Your host. They give joining us America of Recall, a triple aid to fifty five thousand two hundred and twenty five, that's eighty eight thousand eight hundred and eighty two, I've? Five two to five others I gonna be Christian in Greensborough North Carolina Kristen welcomed that I've Ramsay show
I deem calling today, because my husband and I are recent graduates of appeal- and we are now in that area. Position of trying to pay off his lungs, and his doctor. It end result. That is about fifty k and stood alone that Georgia's doktor them in communications. To turn what community communication studies. Ok, what together teach. He already is teaching actually Hooker Matsumoto Forty two sharp Measures don't make forty two with Phds a contract, decision making start now I'm not like a hundred and forty two is what I am back, and so once you get, job is already started.
Two hundred and forty, two thousand larger. Oh, if you don't go, spend a hundred eighty grander work for forty, two right Yes, so an end with my salary at an onto that word about. Seventy two wheel stay on this career thing- doesn't really disturbed you. You are, telling me that he is going to be making north of a hundred, as it professor, I hope, some day, Don't let that starting out here, really I'm up community a Phd in communications teaching communications that are in an solution of higher learning would pay north of a hundred thousand dollars that's right? I mean I've known re Y Y know
would you do anything else? After going all this trouble and spending all his money why, what's rehabilitation, I don't understand I we ve tried to fine positions that were the pain lesson- and this was really the only we're in a line up by guess some even on the market, for quite a while and there's a lot of people applying for the same positions than his field. While we ve got to work on their cause, you got judgment. Much money on this. You you'll have a choice, to go make more money than this and so saw his his job Hahn is ongoing. Until he lamb something north of a hundred. I mean it's not there. This is you have to believe that I mean, and you have to go, get that and do that. That's just not Europe
absolutely crazy to say, Esben hundred ninety grandam, forty two, there's nothing. We can do with them, The interest will continue to build for those that concern as well yeah, but journeys. Is that making seventy grand you guys have to ourselves Worse than that and you shouldn't be making seventy grand be making a hundred and seven agreement yeah a concern. And that's a lot of your problem, my because now. You are now facing a huge mountain where they tiny, shovel and we know what we need is. What we need is a a big shovel to attack a big mountain. And that's why I went they earn just for you, I'm not trying to show me or something, but I mean you guys. We got to get your you need to get some professional career, counselling and coaches. And and find out how in the world you land, professorships and The process is because
throwing your name out and applications and saying: oh there's a lot of people in the field, so I can't win. I not ok, you guys gonna go make some money and he has. They really do he's, got freedom ph solves everything you got them In the meantime, you're gonna tread water because you're not gonna, make big progress with you're. Giving me of shovel two whole to our does not at all what certainly does not travel. Good news is that we should be making a whole lot more and so on is the answer to you guys dilemma, is let's get him employed as he should be spent time on that. So you can do this, you can do it. Get help ya. You know. Maybe I haven't collagen common show can may have some insight on on Atalanta. Phd into a professor I don't know I've never done that, but but I'm by work with enough Phd. He's in professorships that I know that you know that is it but go income.
Maurice is weathers in Detroit Michigan Amory welcomed that I Ramsay show I adore better than I deserve. What's up in your world question for you about that, tat. All men are my life and I we cod. I wanted a company. The thing we can do that I would get out pretty, must adjust actually road and the collection of seeing I got big over the summer before they got me. And I guess you know with the with the hospital they somehow they ended up. Transfer it over to the collection of aid, be without proper authorization developed by the autumn or they can they do to proceed on earning ever got. It said it. They gonna put review and I get somehow they never got back on my life about the review of giant through the procedure it. Yet I did The theatre is out what is up for review Sidney. I guess I've got a problem I was saying ass. He would find that they were to get authorization to do the procedure
get to the stars. Company right bow. Somehow she found out, they did that they didn't do that. They didn't get, the information through to the company are basically, they said it was an overview that he was right now we didn't get off my they sat, and I agree that it will do that and they said it was a review and the next thing you know I got sent over the college now how much a hundred dollars and what should have been with the insurance if the insurance should pay? What there is both to pay I'm not sure exactly what should have been. We have to act. My life, that to get more information on a good that'll collections is offering you want what are they when are they wanted to pay the full amount avidity Monday night at it? in another chance. Here's the deal, you're Bozo Hospital, didn't turn this in for insurance properly, and they did the procedure anyway. It's on them, it's their fault. We will give two hundred dollars and settle this that ok, ok, you academic
How come you today and up and up to a manager at the collector company? He said you know, and I did everything that you know that you need to know about the clean I'll. Do it I'll ride, he fell. Not we don't do anything more than you don't get any money. Right right in the end, any parent around his head on So you know I wanna, do you know either money order or check if they are not? We only to electronic kill me right now. That's why we tell you there's every day, because you can't righteousness so now, you can do a money order or you can do a prepaid debit card ringing. Do whatever, but no electronic access to your checking account a house in writing and but to an dollars will probably whatever the insurance company wouldn't have paid that you should have paid start with the hospital needs to heat, stay with collections and schedule a meeting over the hospital with one of the people in the business offices the little maid Locum Jesus meeting here, because this is not right
I mean you should not owe one thousand one hundred dollars, so I'm not willing to pay one thousand one hundred dollars house that That's the truth. This show reasonable, reasonable person. Hearing this case was gonna. Have that reaction, including people who work at the hospital? gotta call the other day, and I thought it was worth talking about again. It was from a wife looking for life insurance for her family. She asked why I only recommend term life insurance system of cash value plans like whole life. I use explain how you over pray for coverage, earn a horrible rate of interest and don't get your cash value when you die, but this time I just had to go straight disaster dot com and get a rate, and then we compare that right to the whole life plan and she immediately saw the huge savings. That's why suggests that everyone, gotta zander dot com or call them at eight hundred three five, six four.
To eighty two and get a free quote: the lobby aware energy solutions closely in favour, Witherspoon Way go checks say guys. Our day area welcome to emerge will hear more dead, breeze green much you be paid off. We have paid out just over ninety thousand and Helen this take you in seventeen months, while you're kick at it and your range of income during that time is from thirty up to one thirty and then now back down to thirty so confused. Well, how the you go up a hundred thousand men back down a hundred cases. This is where our story begins. I took a really good job. As a project construction, pro manager for pipeline construction company and though
the big increase in income, and then I was able to pay off all that and then say that six months, emergency fund then I was laid off and burn their happen. All the planning so long, one that can keep a job, is faith. I don't have a job making birdie, that's us were crafting we're doing all kinds of stuff run over. Just four were actually taken real estate classes, we're gonna start The journey here. Five makes good sense. So what happened seventeen months ago? They started this all get out a debt journey at least taking classes, FBI class at church, timber in church and seasonal taxes over dating and going to college and then about seven weeks into the class, I was offered a job and then I took that job moved the Pennsylvania and then may we got engaged and then
in June of this year. We are married, but so then that's where our star story starts together, like I actually your work and get out of that plan separately. But today and then getting even when the merit, how long since June wow Congratulations you! What a way to start off ninety thousand dollars on me. That's like the perfect job and knocked out It was. This is all a good thing. Your clear, you knew what everyone do. That's, that's the star This new journey were so excited and dream, verse lights and all cause your church taught financial patient. Firstly, and I was able to coordinate a few Non lived, Indiana Pennsylvania outside able to engage in some couples and help the mountain their journey and those as a lot of fun as a big source and motivation. For me, it is you want, other people are doing it. It keeps you ruin for sure for accordingly
class, why you're getting out that's, not a bad idea made hold you in algae rather on the road for sure so far, What are you got? What you guys tell people the key to getting out of that is really, I think, for ass. We because we started separate, we were our biggest cheerleaders and then it so normal to have debt and we Wanna be normal. I guess- and so I guess just really intend tenacity and getting started. That's just what it takes at your feet off the ground and go not normal shocks. The answer being a mass right. Now, if you still had all this powder rounder, they were able to face this job for me. I was gonna ear to ear gazelles able to move back to Texas. And he put me in his office. We gotta, let you go. We ve been shut down, sir
oh said man, this is this is actually kind. Of course we have found the job anyway, so that is the great you'd start something fun it has changed that conversation. Then I've got a big power money. I have no doubt Isabel recovery, I gotta lay offs are different conversation and I'm a big There are no money and I got lay off it's a different different rule while worldwide are, you guys were proud. I view congratulations very, very well. I'm gonna copy across organs book for your retire. Inspired! That's the next chapter in your story, for you to be millionaires- and you are on your way without a doubt, you know how to do it now make the stuff all money behave, rather than a very young age and very young in your marriage to learn a lot of people go twenty thirty years, there's stuff about money. All the time. The advantage of being ahead of the curve on their way to go gadget.
Star thinking of Don Quixote, advise why go taxes- ninety thousand dollars by seventeen months, Megan thirty than one thirty than thirty you're the story. I love encounter down. Let's era, debt pre scream three too well well, well, down world on our coasts, girls from blinds dot com out for yourself. Why blondes outcome is the number one online retailer of custom window covering you get free samples, free shipping. I am of a new promoters that they run every month. We'll save even more use the promo code Ramsay to get the best deals, rules and restrictions apply. Today's question comes from Christian. In Florida. Dave took a lease on a vehicle about four months ago, before enrolling internet in
If you like, I made one the worst mistakes in my life, you have I was wondering if you could give me, Advice on how it would affect me if I were to return leash car to the dealership, or at this point I just keep the vehicle. None of the above. We take your car back that you owe money on sound lease on that's effectively of and Harry Repossession and that that would be dumb. Because they're gonna sell the car after they. He possessed it. On the other hand, all repossession lot and then there are going to sue you for reference. If you don't pay them. Difference immediately and you have the difference because you're broke now. That would be a doll. My dear we're, not gonna. Do that what we are, gotta do is find out two pieces of information. One is called Car fleece company, that you are paying the fleet to the azure being fleeced and find out what the
early by out on the car is now the early by is different than the total of your lease payments pleasure residual value. At the end, it should be less this leases, a very new, and there should be Scaliger early off on a lonely. Doesn't include all the interest from the time that the real from keeping alone the whole time show the earth by out as your early pay off now. Now that's what it's, what state by the car off and get the title in your hand. Then you compare vat to Kay BB, dot com, Kelly, Bluebook, dot, com, private sale. What the car is actually worth and I'll just make up some numbers. Let's pretend that the early by out is twenty thousand, when you look it up in the car is actually worth sixteen thousand. That would leave you.
Four thousand dollars in the whole, probably not far off what you're gonna find Four thousand dollars and the whole means you sell the car for sixteen. You ve gotta put four thousand dollars cash with the sixteen in order to get the title for the buyer. And so on your desk the four thousand dollars to build would cover the whole that European the amount that you are upside down in the You would do that is obviously alone, and so you start working with local credit union with local bank. You get alone lined up for the amount that Europe sat down. You put the car up for sale, sell the car for as much as you can possibly for which is more than they will sell it for the repo lot The bottom line is you're gonna, be responsible for this difference either way, but the differences greater
you do more damage to your life and lose more control of your life by doing repossession, and so you cover the deference cover. Now that you're upside down with another alone and I'd rather you before thousand dollars on that in twenty four thousand dollars in there or whatever the numbers are so reggie, told you to borrow money, now diverges journey to move some of the dead and get rid of the majority of the debt. By doing that, answer borrow and cover the amount that you're upside down you know gas. We ve been talking a lot about this millionaire mindset around here and why it is so important to be intentional. Even with the little things there is one you can do right now to take her the little things before they become big things, and that is true. Coverages and make sure you ve got them right? We have a five minute coverage check up. All you do is too check up to thirty, three, seven, eighty nine or go to their rooms. You got comes like checkup up takes five minutes
five minute coverage check up, and you can make sure you do a millionaire stuff, you ve got a ride, amounts the wrong things. Have the right things in the right amounts very important to get up. Do that five minute coverage check up text. The word check up two hundred and thirty, three, seven hundred and eighty nine
dropping by the lobbies, Ramsay Solutions, Rick is weight with us from should go California. I recall our great day. Thank you for having me here. It's wonderful love. It, and just one really appreciate you on my list. Your pipe cast every day is, as I heard, a scripture recently in Romans five. It said that we rejoice in our suffering because it produce perseverance and perseverance, character and that character, hope- and I know you're about hope and the reason I listened to your show every day, even though I am doubtful except for my house is because you are continuing to develop my character and hoping you do for a lot of people say. Thank you. Thank you. So it brings me to ask my question today. Is I have four children, two four six and eight. Just getting started and we just got a puppy
yeah. So myself, you didn't everything's gonna, be exactly my wife. I've wanted another child, so we can have a puppy. Instead, I worked out and I've got three girls and a boy. The boys, a two year old. Question is simply I was he's getting allowance, but I've I've read some stuff and of herds, and we talk about the talk about this We are kind of trying to get started with a chores idea and what I'm trying to figure is number one had a really kick into it, but to decipher between. The commission based chore and what's a mandatory chore, and so we want to go with the commission base. We love that, but we understand you have to brush your teeth. You have to make your way you have to clean your room, but now have dug too ok I'll, take the dog to go through your business, but where I just wanted to have a rotation and understand we are coming from. How do we parts out the commission based and if we say to my oldest hey, go clean the base boards or go vacuum,
and you're gonna get a couple dollars for it. I'm good I've got enough money. So what motive Stan too then go ahead and do that on the commission based chores and doing then do it anyway. So, ok, good good good discussion ratio only regionally. The word from a launched commissioners that words are powerful. Commission says, worked, you get paid, don't work, you don't get paid allowance as I get money because a break, and I'm on making allowance for you, because you're in the apt is what the word and the words or powerful want. Welfare cannot try to my kids. Had you no kind of thing so that's, namely difference on that. We did have both council shores of our house some we did. You did because I'm your dad- and I said so and some you did because you are much doing them and there is no real formula that were used for that. We just wanted to develop both things. We want to turn them, we wanted,
you're part of the family, and that means that you help your mom. You know an infidel, you do something you do, it adds, and obedience is ok and we wanted to develop that family connection. The sometimes you just love your family well by doing things with them. For them. The second part, then, is I wanted them to make the emotional and visual connection between work and money. So you can just say: do everything because I said so there's nothing wrong with that, but you lose the teachable moment of work is where money comes from and you want to let not meet fifty eight year olds and haven't learn that an eight year olds that have struck the announced. I work is where money comes from and you work you get paid. You don't work. Don't get paid. I want them seeing that visually I want them experiencing there. I want them being able to give with money that the quota quota, and I want them by some for themselves with money. They quote, unquote call them some saving with money that they could
in kyoto- and I shall quote on quotas- are not there almost, never worth what we pay them. That's not you know, that's not the point. Now it was not an economic transaction. It's a teachable moment, it's parenting. So that's what you do now as far as whether if they just governor Rwanda there I'd like to things there. You can do that occasionally and not get paid. If it's something like feeding the dog, that's one folded. The dog. If you ve agreed to do that and that's why you're chores you're gonna get paid for you're gonna need the dog I mean because the poor dog needs to be fed, and so that actually was one of ours that they get paid force, feeding that keeping the water bowl fraction all that kind of stuff around the dough brushing the dog was another one. We had one that needed brushing and so that
so you could eat you can just decide and putting on putting your dishes in the dish. Water after dinner was one you didn't get paid for. That was so you're helping your mom clean the kitchen in that, but you can decide. I don't care is not that the point is have some. We Some because we wanted you to understand. You support the family and son that your money. Now I don't want to do. It is ok occasionally, but my job as dad your job is my mom's. Listening is for your child to learn skills and one of those life skills work so I don't wanna, do it ever is like an order, my homework ever you know we can. That you gotta your homework. Is you need to get a degree and make money, so you can leave here later. Italy is Asia South, but you know what I have allowed our kids to without me standing over their shoulder to Guph off and not study for attached and suffer the consequences on a singular
ISIS, but not as an ongoing pattern. I wanted them to feel what it feels like to be embarrassed by not having done your work, and I want out it's ok to feed what it feels like to be broke. As you didn't know, you weren't new money, you know, but over the scope, Annie, each their muskets study of the scope of their life over the scope of their life. They need to have the self discipline do work to create so eventually you're just gonna. Do it because I said so air and no one. Ever and everything is not a union negotiation is somewhat. I get paid rugged paid. You don't get into that with everyone. So often it was wages, might really really fun we didn't have. A lot those kinds of conversations that we're just like that, Here's a link. Northanger put the charm Draw race board on refrigerator in all Would we made up our own matters, one in financial peace junior in the kid you know to teach them how to do it, but you know it was we them suffer. The natural consequences of poor choices are limited basis, but we don't let them
patterns of poor choices that we're gonna, cripple. To their whole life in and that's not working or not rushing or to either we're not whatever in so that that kind of thing, so we weren't overly strict, but we also didn't you let you do whatever the flip you wanna do is not anarchy either in front of them again sensitively and they like it because you could say no these things, our commission and these things are mandatory, but that rubric guy. I really appreciate that cause. I want to leave along legacy. And I want to develop my children to be able to work hard on the people who ask a question about Do these kinds of things very seldom that the biggest mistake, though the most often mistake as they just get to the parents, get to wired up about it, and that's me Anne and it's like every friction. Detail, every little thing is like like they have an mba or something in there not doing their strategic thought. Oh my gosh, lighten up it's an eight year old.
I love my wife absences me. I just have a little will have little rhythm, withered and so sometimes we'd bailing out if they goofed up with their money or they got there. They didn't didn't quite have enough money about a couple times. I was telling them. Listen. You don't have enough money. Go down a twitter them and get the barbie anyway and they get down there. I want of money, I let him southern experience it and that's that's good to have a sort of Gaul out there, like hey we're going to the cow. The festival are going to land or executive Libya. We got a lot of families of save up for a trip like that and the kids you gonna get to purchase stuff on the trip you're about popcorn you by your own popcorn you wanna, buy stuff animal or whatever you get to buy your own little souvenirs. That guy is dire own cake pop that yeah the cake but play you know and there's the buccaneers what's interesting as soon as they do that with money they earned. You watched their body, language change, they throw their law shoulders back, stick their little chest out. They walk a little different. There's a dignity to working in accomplishing a goal with money, and
there's something is going on in there in the development of that child as well as, teaching them economic skills to survive life skills to survive, so very, very cool stuff. Have you got, ensure peace, Junior, the kitchen age. I have it the old one we want to give now you're. So thank you. Thank you for drop and Barbara in an e just made my dog low, more expensive by that time. The kids- so I don't know if they're gonna listen to this, I'm sure they were, but that's where, besides, that could be the one that they don't give me that our south legs brother good to have you thanks for grab a black cat. Take care of him get him a copy that financial peace junior. If you don't know what that is folks, that's the box of teaching agents, got them three envelopes and for the child, give save and spend Envelope Scott the Dry Race Board for the average writer and teaching instructions how the stuff we just talk about it. We talk about in the books, more money, smart goods do teach kids how to handle money. It's how you break
trains off your family tree. You break the family, cursor being broke, not only you get your financial together, but help them do the same. Our scripture of the day James one hundred and twenty two do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: common sense is genius dressed in its working glows. Go, love it open volunteers. Our triple eight eight to five. Five, two to five Lee is in Pittsburgh: ITALY outcome of the neighborhood, you show stigma, go sure. What's up so I'm looking forward to pay up.
Mortgage. I think a bit too much for my house and I wanted your opinion Ah now, if I should so my paid off truck or not only three years old and I went about twenty eight thousand dollars, and would it be worth it I saw a man like to point out. Down on the mortgage and click it that way, Would you recommend man? I mean it. The new truck yeah, what's wrong with it while one sixty nine on it and my payments like problem it always a month and probably gonna give up a little bit now, because school district is that my accident, but I just want to pay off in its. The line that the last thing I do not have any other get the money maker you're. What your household income
I fear that made a hundred twenty six thousand, but my bases, eighty grand, though those were with a lot over doc Well, your house, by not out of line and your truck is not out of line and your mom in progress and we make an hundred twenty six thousand. How fast you pay off a hundred and sixty nine, what three four years yeah! I guess I guess I could Maybe five years on we hold, I am twenty thick never paid for when your thirty one yeah yeah, I guess so, be nice day. Right am I mean five years under one sixty nine, that's that's doable. Thirty grand a year ago, So without someone that Iraq now I mean, I think, you're on a really good path, and Getting the ring your hands about you're, really,
Agnes you're really making big decisions. You're doing is weird stuff. The normal people don't do normal people are broke. So you're doing you know you're the european Really fine position very soon. If you keep this up, I assume you have. Your emergency fund implies that is six months weight Will you do all the stuff in the right steps and I would just keep Duncan on that house and say you know thirty four. Grand a year, you gotta be done. For years as you get Jesus during this time. Get more. Moreover time which is what you ve been doing, it sounds like then, you just junk in on it and you're gonna, be there really really fast before you know it Heather is in Portland Main high Heather. How are you Thank you so much for taking my car sure what's up in your world well, my mother, my dad brought your book about thirteen The girl I was in the tunnel
I was myself out of that got, set free and now on baby steps forward. On. Income. At that time I on when I bought a house to have a mortgage by two hundred and sixteen thousand on a single mom I made about forty thousand year old. My parents, pass most recently. He Asher thanks, think we on the other- and I thought his home and I have put twenty five housing into I think, a five nine for my son my brother, care that I'm pretty sure but anyway, I have about eighty thousand on good. I'm wondering what the best thing to do that is, I do have.
Thousand in and I are able fifteen percent of your income away in return. Good, you're working baby steps for five six, it sounds like five has gotten taking care of the twenty five towards the five twenty nine and then that leaves us to six was pay off your house. You owe a hundred and sixteen eighty towards it would just leave twenty six thousand dollars are thirty dollars load, pay that all fast? How can you be already. How old are you holding me like shouted may like when you are in your early fifties, is actually paid for. What's the housework, Well one forty eight, while very good menu then close to being dead free. You sound, like thirty thousand right clean
Only I do have an emergency fund. Good idea was concerned. The pudding all of that money into the house and not having anything, where do you now just beside my mom How do you need something liquid for I don't know if I win this knowing nervous about it, but I don't really why I wanted your base. I also pardon me really wants to do Son somewhere on a trip- I don't know my God would really like that drivers will pull final grandma pull five grand known accrues within resumption. Ok The study of the world there sure you can do some of that if you want to but The point is that, where you are you're working, baby steps, five or six years have already got foregoing. That's fifteen percent of your. On five. You check that box, but the one twenty four. Thousand five: twenty nine six. As the house, which is the staying in order. So yeah I mean have you
six months of savings in your emergency fund or three I had the actual aid would be set up a little bed. To give you a little bit more about them throw money towards the trip and brother. The mortgage and unless you start looking at gosh, how quickly can we pay off this? I also get her dying as fast as you possibly can that would be caused to to have no house payment of what a great legacy Parents want censure the book in the first place the great legacy that have the house paid off, and it was therefore you know from their inheritance, so very cool v. Well done, branch weather boy. She Idaho hybrid, welcomed that I've Ramsay show things are taken MIKE are sure, what's up well life, and I we got around thirteen five and credit card that twelve Ivan collections we ve got to older cars that are paid for
and she is, she actually have a car through her work that provided for her, but we're trying to see if we should so one of the cars to can expedite the process or gonna, keep it at the back of simple. Both are fairly old and possibly unreliable, so They or their worth Gonna be the one that we're looking at seven a cry about three thousand seven hundred yards, and what's more that is at an early hour ago, Jude in Ali, that's probably worth about four or five, but we need that one more, because we ve got five judge that we may be based on that one. Will the Cardiff summit about the lay down to the point, you need a spare bright. Yeah, I mean we ve had some problems in the last year we pride, but about both the two thousand into it by minister. If no to sell it
there's two out, I don't worry letters to options are keeping the car is silly, but the other or so there's two options. Salad Sal Ali and by a new car and not a brand new car, but the car with money together, boss seven, eight nine thousand other car pay cash for it and get you know you gotta go solid car there, and then you ve got hers or just keep that analogy. Pink, keep pattern it up for now and throw the money of the debt, which is probably what I do welcome, not all the Unita spare now go far enough. Oh yeah, you got, you got way, get twenty thousand that you need clean up here. So journalists were income, just under ninety, what the boy made last year mocha! you ve got your written budget going on every dollar, where you're really attacking this? Are you just starting to discuss it? Now? We, it actually in December, actually right now down and do in every dollar and and saw me we're on a process to day I'm gonna pay off our first, our small,
way to go now, I don't know where we're all any. I love it Yeah we're! Ok, I'm not! Where everything go on yeah, I'm I'm nervous. I think I may use that three thousand to continue this momentum, so yeah sell the car, and I would add, though, that you're dead Obama, I'm with you there you're gonna, do this you're gonna blow through it. You ve got this. You really do on it. I love a man. Well done proud of you very proud of you.
That puts us our that I rams you show in the box will be back with you before you know it in the meantime, remember there is ultimately only one way to financial peace and that's two more daily with the prince of peace, Rice Jesus. This is Jean Charles producer at daybreak. Shell did you know you can now listen to the day. Ramsay show on Pandora ants, qualify for all the ways to watch and listened check out our showcase, Ramsay dot com, Slash Have you got questions about retirement, investing becoming an everyday millionaire, go bigger and broader, with my man, Chris Open on the crisis in Georgia. I M excited to be able to talk to you all week in week out we're gonna focus on your calls and it's going to focus on building well investing and how to become an everyday millionaire subscribe to the Christian, ensure wherever you listen about gas, hey! It's you!
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