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The Emergency Fund Is Murphy Insurance (Hour 3)

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M live from the headquarters of Lambsy solutions: Bodgasti ROM, the Dollagaventals Dudios, it's the day, Ramsey show Wher that is, do casious king, an the madiialarage has taken the place of the bee in W. Has the fattest symbol of joy. I NAM Ramse Amoved to your Vill tot about your life and your Moneyit Wecall Iplite two five five two to five Jose is starting off this hour in Boston Hilos. I ow you, I di you than I deserve. What's up all Tre
on like an Nije Da Oll, Deg Stepp Two and I'm I give my question I cled all is expectation in egression autoward them that to attackle our debt, Amone you'll hunt Hambout an hour. I think we can do it, I'm, but par together. Commy Knome wet are thinked it by nature. We cannot her thin law that e nough always eems to a glasser of Shebi. No, I upped at Det with an Aoter one Miar and Ving really issued on that out of etracation. So you just started a yet er. I, like a month fug. Boma lookin in O. What's your household in come bod I obasia toe hundred and forty five to than were going, but that Pobic coterre that on to the one sixty army, which in an othe time, which I rtarterer good. Well come a ded of Ponch Dout. If YE gut.
Ntoi the we Avacabli Tom Knowledge, a death on Aec about eighty FI precent of that school onm and all we ah mortgage, ovehinded a TE create owlet, Luncan, and so what's the other fifteen per cent of the fifty eight thousand on rasally am. He is on her. We want to son with quick and took on, we took o alone against a pollen chais Ahm me be a back up too firs sat Interestsu the Oney Pretenting Dreft, an Almsell Bwe De Peneto another oncale. We have no more grat ta Carpy in the grey night doubt dan't YO, Uca well, o KI shall fifty eight thousand making an hundred sixty five thousand. When do you propose to pay it off? I ONG e think it can take
Well, my doct mying. Now I wonderif I wanted to a liccanhallmont, I wante E cut office, so a while Wen Pishin Sark. I know not Cin to be about the alone befor, that notern month, just towards Thas, am in the land Uno. You say Rigt to Theeve Han I'm. I think I wol do that. Onyet TI, get bolt on the Fainta yen Non, so your first Shon Knowlodge of him ammet when you did your budget for the first month that both of you agreed to how much is going towards death. An will Cloly agree to it. Cdiar twenty for Weer. After after everything else, we have about twenty two hundred dollars, look n es. I puts on about two year, Scendal Creck ham. Again I think we have Bu not do anything as done dot of kive all the time. You know Ta Exmaken a be defamide Weet to for me arso. I think after everything I in the cofament-
ber to be with much like Refot, another Monh that make sense. I I n't curse what I think, but I think I think, you're doing really really good. You've gotten started you're both talking you've both looked at the budget. You've both approved the git and you're, paying at a rate of thirty thousand dollars a year against your deat? That's pretty impressive! That is a very good start now in order to double it. What have we got to do? Which would be a one year plan instead of a two yer plan? And I'm then you know what youre gon to to end up. Diagion od increase your intensity, but so what I would do is this: why don't you work? The plan? You're working and just keep me walking about it each month without panicking about. Are we doing enough and just go look at how much progress we may Bhat
generally happens is the more success you have, the more excited you become and that's o the reasons we work. The debt snowball, the smallest debt, the largest debt, because it gives you some some success and reason to believe that you're goin a win right This is a little bit theory because you've yet to prove it in your life, and so I I would do this, I I would work it and just get more and more excited and get morea more excited and let her get more more excited because the closure you get to the finish line, the harder you can run, and so, if it takes you a two or three months to get from the two thousand up to two thousand five hundred three thousand four thousand
in Olt by this time next year. You know you you'll probably be well on your way. It might take YO eighteen Monch using that, but I think your going to be fine. I don't think you have to go completely betan as if you both want to gopen in as that's fine but you're, saying she's she's willing to try this at this level. Let's have some success and when she sees that success I suspect that excitement will. I caused both of you to want to dial down some of others: ORF, Rother expenses and dol up your income as much as you can and knockd us out as fast as you can I think you're going to get there Ih. I don't think it's gont be any year. Ah, it's probably gont a being Lall over a year, and I an I think. Thats can be just fine that the trick is to get there. That's the big deal Merrel is in Chicago high Merral. Welcome of the Deh Ramse show. Thank you so much I taking my
assily appreciate it was on. I am calling because I am a little embarraned but desperate a I heard, all the great story. Thebous a couple det of you'll tackle their debt. Now there you not doing it together, but I'm a fifty two year old That is single, and I am about a hundred and eleven thousand dollars. If you Beng I'm getting over a cold, but I am about a hundred and eleven thousand dollars, a Yed AM in clue a credic heart, a Ma Carloan. Ah you oned. I went back and get my finish, my undergrand and got my mangative degree from DE pall and a Ermuc Sty, and I help Dodals D'Ye know it's sixty you Shaid a hundred and what total hundred and eleven Noca in how much of this is car, a a douten le could an how much of its cretic cards
credit card is a round my bad with credit cards. Right at five thousand Itsireston o nout. It would be like how the eihte by the car- I don't think I gogot seventy again. Seventy two and Nothermitree O when the cler gave Mowten. Then I owe on my home. Oh lets your house and everything, my thirty eighth iwell what I am when I owe on my out yet lets your house and everything that is the one eleven OCA Ye. I got. You see not much of a house payment. That's great she'll, let her ancom though my income, I'm light, add a cityfic fousthen and it was its actually decreed. I was dumb a caregiver for my brother, a one of my older brothers at has multiple corosive, but I had deledantely make a decision to Transision am to a autical, fabilities and Tho, which Anna Di
I don't care about that money. You loos, like making the best e fision sure sure you demorr, that eet well ought to be a care giver. Could you do them for some one else, thet aint a is that I work a full time to O Calld for the Pitty N and Di. I make me like a venemat fiftye, an I thousand a year, but Ih YO an OA, Ingle parent of an adult child but Ihm what I want to live like the second Habs. You know Nouet Tfree and did leave humping for my daughter and my own name, I, let's coo a lovin, won't you to to no you Roba increase your income you're going to get on a written budget for the first time in your life and I'm going to help you through all of it. I want you to go through financial peace versity Wi Ov one year, membership is nine classes, Nine lessons in the class and the every dollar plush cluded in it. I might give it all to use my gift, and I want your back from me how you're doing
e of the things that distinguishes a world class thoroughbred and racing is the size of their heart. That's what we Foreone were hiring a new tea member heart and that's why we also trust and use linked in jobs they screem candidates for both those hard and soft skills you are looking for. So you can hire the right person. No one is better at matching the right person with a right job, Gat started to day pay what you want and get fifty dollars off. Your first job post visit, Linkod Otcome slice, Ramsay terms and conditions apply
M her folloy on Instegram. I we're lioving everyday. Thank you for that. A favor am se Abo pot hog stuff on there too. By the way for those She some interesting different things that som. My musings I'll. Do that very often, but I started a gin a little while back TE feel U floating round their own instagram and on our blood page ' de RIM did not come to, but Enwy SAM says I they e'm so clouwse to be in dedfrey. One thousand dollars left and I have eleven hundred dollars in my emergency for can I just take it out and Payit off to Morrow. You can leave you prevulnerable, though, and I'm that's why we tell you keep a thousand dolla
Mame one of your alternator goes on on your car the next day and it's four hundred box what you yonder certain til payday. I mean harm it's up to you even do what you wander won't you be out of Det as bad as anybody on the planet, I'll love, getting people ot, o Dat. I love you been out of that. I love you bein this close to being out of dead, but we tell you baby steppmorns. Thousand dollars and I wouldn't get below that because you're, you know, that's not even enough. It's just a starter emergency fond is not even a real emergency fon you but Mayan used tit. There was nothin ye at a Hur hours or some which you got you go eleven Hundredn thousand or that yet Uve. One hundred dollers left you night, but I mean if that to morrowand you get paid the next day and you can put the thousandars back then' just wait. One day, you know wait one week whatever it is your ear that I wouldn't do it now. I want to have a little bit. Em a taint and thousand dollars is not much margin, but it just gives you a littl
of Murphy Insurance, Maggins and Madison Wisconsin, I'm Megin welcome to the Davraham she shell. I gave im thinking for all that you do. I can't I I wont without hoping I would bo quiti her Pflaf all the Strieg of clerk sum. Five year ago I went on a trip to ITALY and in an orrental, Carty drove the foreign I'm. An Arean near the city fenters. The said Authoras Trafic. Only so hen came on the barrier for ET. I don't recall, anback off other than the street was narrow, but I made a new turn around the barrier. Alm later after our trip, I got a picket, to meet Hor ITALY, for something like two hundred yeros Ahl, my tured calling TI get out of it, but I wasn't able to talk to anybody, so I decided to ignore. Ah now I- later, and we suddenly got a letter from e collector asting for four hundred thirty dollars in appearance Ley. There are actually two ticket, but I don't know where the fecon Offens
because I wasn't I'm aware of the time that weve bid there twice ahso, I don't I Didn'T- the second one hell now, but the total between the two tickets is eight hundred and sixty dollars with the collector, because I don't really feel Siket Evallnif. On what happens. I Aon an from Bloet. Now as Ther with collections. I think it's too late for me to try to work with the Italian Plai Figet, Lord of them Bu one Vife and whether this is the same type of collection that you talk about, where I can, after a month found to go it a book that Aen. My e, Ically are lether, not that's possible. How much you think I should offer Alsother Don you need for me to worry about their seeing a mycrartic report all make Cuntlyn good, but my husband and I are working on baby such fixed San. An on havin e zeal, credit fo and buying our next home with cash um an I ask it. The further collector, naturally port, or as if something I should worry about. Becore o also pale a plan on Hafin Onor out or to relief. I don't know what has happened here. Ah
But I smell a rat man. I it that they're in the Credic card world, which is not what we're talking when the crowing hard world of view of an old credit harden at the bank's cell, tos off for three to five cents on the dollar Ansle fifty bucks for a thousand dollars in these debt buyers. By these thing, and a they oftentimes as Minseuvel gles out they'll try to collect on a death. That's actually been bankrupted, which is illegal to try tocllect on a bankrupted debt they'll try to collect on a debt that outside the statute of limitations and their bind junk. Deadt is one of amount and then they just go after people and rather than deal with the hastle of it and the fear that has gote to be on thei Bour report people pay him. Something when they shouldn't have to asers bankrupt iints that balances zero after bankruptcy, so
I'm not saying any. That applies here, except that this feels like one of those people. This feels like a debt buyer buying junk dead from from tickets. Itly on me, my God from five year yaw a mey really so I I honeso do know anything about the wall on it, hypothetically anybody P, something under your credit barrel report. Ah, I suspect that there's a stature imitations on this. I suspect the chance of them collecting internationally on you is almost zero. I I suspect you probably could beat the snot out of these gas. Um, and so what is your household income? An had? Four hundred and fifty five thousand it not that we can't hil that wander when I was Assin Gos when iwstranda determine as if YO wanted to fight. Could you afford it because that was me.
Right now, and that happened. Ah, I would hire OU. I would call my attorney and give a hundred dollars in tell Hime to pound these people into sand, as I shall know, all right. I think this is a skunk. I don't think there were two tickets. I think there was one and I like their trying o the load. You up and just see what happened see what thing way with. I shall, yeah I did. A Bi omglia call. First, an on the Guardi MUS er I gave him might enal address because he was ten, a fendly evidence of the second picket Colen that I don't know why. Nor did you ah yet he Didi there are apparently that he got Fromga. The italian Clee AMS with lightness in the car at O. Fifteen minutes of heart like I said I don't know where the second Happensd and how we didn't Notic am but
ATO conveyed Fetme like fertified mail, ri'm, almost clositive, your not dealing with the italian government, nor if the prodectorally a collections the other collechion's agency that bought this debt yeah. They are Det bire. I come Toldingm Ther there, their bottom feet or ra away and so in that case they probably have fifteen dollars in this. U Ta's! Why playing shall yed off if you want, if you want a pound em, it sounds like got alow, but a evidence. I don't know chion limitations as run or not ahm. If a fool with that you can or you say I'll, give you a hundred bucks, oh nopnaw shall be anonele and gettin. There's no possible way. I'm given a made unher honors Yeh, just on principle mere most than a thousand dollars to not give Meht hundred. I mean I want thinking about. You know whether or not it should get any tort of lawyer an Vulve, but it seamed like I. I thought I
at funning, my well er, and I will an't you will, but it's just I'm unjest um, I'm to tell Billy I like a good fight. So ye know. That's what comes down to and saw Insit that's a I Ides CAE stand on by scrirmme around and I think you get Ta Screwd around I really doe, Eiter too. That's what YO the story toll me. Let me to believe that right, Ye Yeh, I so the Ania thing is to settle it, for some amount of money you can afford zero to eight hundred. It's none of those numbers are going to kill you. What do you get it in riding and a you stape, what all those emales in hard copy and you keep in the fowl rust your life case is in these idiots may raises up again as if you didn't hang it before or something removed, because I am Cusaly Ittalin government of me ling, but I am telling you that debt buyers are the bottom feeders of this world there, Ai Fef, of them that are decent, but most of them are scum. You're dealing with slimy and so be careful.
And get slimed get everything in writing. No electronic access, Yrou checking, can't keep part copies of everything. When you're done and I then, if it comes up again you can. You can defend yourself, hypothetically from more hypothetical crap wow, that's hard to believe ho diy. You turn it fivey o goin Italay, and I get a eight hundred dollar bill ha haha. While Oh my gosh, this is the day. Ramse shall M an LO and Flo Bdl be BO mother, murder, AA,
o mmp many Poopleplern Lid you know I get asked all the time at what age should I buy life insurance? Let me be clear: if you have a family, if there are people depending on your income, now is the time to have term life insurance. I don't care if you're, twenty thirty forty, fifty or whatever your age is less important than your financial situation. If you have debt and a lack of savings, it makes no sense to risk your family's financial well being based on the cost of a term life policy term. Life rates are just plain cheap and the best way to compare those rates is through Zander Insurance. Call, eight hundred three five six forty to eighty two or visit the sand or dot com
you in H, Lofy of Ramsay Syllugious, Jaff adles Wha ye are whether Psycheyes, how are you up? Yeat airy yof, welcome, welcome more. He does live just that, nor Angreatbi, Fidalt, YE, wonderful area, who'll, welcome to Nashvilkhy and all the way up here to do a deadfree scream as e, very cool, how much Dat af be played off a just over sixty thousand home. It took about twenty four months good for you, Eltdone very well done and your range of incomeder. In that time, I started around sixty amen. Then we ended as one of five to one twenty coal GA doubled your income is what he'll do for living. I I'm a Goisan engineer at Microsolf and I home school orchids, ok and cool so
been Gemen on the You what Comein Jener an excalation engineer. What, as hat a esculation in I support the cor operating system, Al Ocan, yet Nocka, I canno knew what some of the was area. Good, very good cool, so you'd hast, been accelerating in your career, is o escalading. The narthurmumcnee I Ce adoubt was the sixty thousand itwere MOS E was a motorcycle on her car Stiol long appointed her a little motor side, not aside a letter, a ha ha ha hathing. You is sucited Lone an some medical debt. Oh think it was a death, not tha got it Ko Othe cars Tammera. So how ill be two been married? Ten years on Thanksgiving Ter eight years of marriage, he decided that o what happened so, a kind of goes back a little bit from that, so that Agus Tis start weat. We both grew up at a church where the paster on has been out the debt out of dens ANC, Othay
ndes and these kin of taught those principles along the way, good outin and I would say about aight Ogo, a friend o mine Ben Dave, or Mony make over I'm an read it in about a day and a half, and I came home and told Leslie were selling everything an worked. It not a debt, and she kind of gave me a thumb's off an ten I hain't aany and that went on. For you know it's. It was just trying to not get further in debt over the time and then about two years ago. I'm, ah, I just said hay. If I bought after you would enough about the home study. Kess WI, you wout, you got throwt with me.
An and then we went to Reh p you and I'm I getting her on board. A not saying was completeed her faught off isly, but getting her on board was Kound of a keyta to move it forward from theres. I was grocer chopping making payments Nous my Jov o Kond Sha, you 're like Spendin money on ridiculously like food ye ye. I can't imagine thar, yes, o whar lie. You would do that by'm food cash. What kind of a woman Ar Youha ha ha ha ha? Well done. You gos o Kae, so Simon USA was Kintd of hovering in the background. So's beg as comie out there in the edge of the fog, but it comes out of the fall. And you go. We can do this and you bought a went o it and then did it ho. So what prompted you to come out a a theedges of that does Jeff Ou came in. You said: if I bore it, would you do it? What caused you to do that? You know I think it was am. I think I realized Thit
kind of been just spenning our wheels for six years, and that was Kay. We had we had Combroat OC. Budgeting every month and were watching her and he goes and we're keeping track of where the money goes, but not making any progress, and I think I think that was what it was finally was kind of. I just said, came home. One day was like an donin fed up with this pleasly ye are Dut. You said you were Biso Fer, you doin the budget too. I was signing the budget and LEN just kind O. Not abiding by the budget now I am Gindwis dead. Wait for like six years. I can admit it HU. He had to drag me. Well, bu Appen was, I see o case some. What happen was is that you got her work ou together, but you're. Like o k, I got a get until Leslie, get Thento wer doing this togethers likin o work correct. That's only You haven't fand e hity, how you did WY
Ed, a home with Dave Dav was a cursed word for the hour six years, a alberd inthunya, now church people, Cousing, yenahaha, ha ha ha ha P Humse, you for Yeu guises were well Dona, brought up young agear how's. It feel out that you did amazing stolon Rio Etli was it warn then Leslie? Yes, yes, I was Sworth it, and I saw his motor cycle sold his motorcycle? I was o ka wish. Eva ha, Haham, YO, Hin, Wook out o Byke was it. It was a Kasaki Vulcan calm. No, oh, that's Marti Gereta Mim Litl Viv, a tier when that way after Aaka has cut up little eyes and eyes leak and a little we kept UN him in family, yes olds. My brother, oh Bety, exclaim rogd it Whenee, we oll guess I do some tes Golk Litis, not the Sameont, I'll get another with the Hants and keeping your brother, your braza. Ha ha ha ha it AL go job, bad, good, Jovs or e hell, AO
Katy. Getting out of that is now that you did it um, I think. For me there are two aspects of getting on to dead, not getting upset. When the savor wants to say cause. The goal is to get out o debts. Ye can do SOF, Hoou am and, as a moment was really hard to velike. Only you can do that's not in the budget over it. Now they'd get to do and they're here they've got to do everything they wanted to do on vacation that we've paid for knowing that Theve, no dress sin. I co sure you want that Gid, no I'm! So that was a big dialt Tus living like no one else, so that YE n live and give like no one else en clude the kits yes eh, good ferger YO, it's OM, the others is a delayed gratification thing is what you're talking about there e God. What about you Jeff? What's a key to getting out of Det, I would say, aside from the budget, a MA nete for me that was thick the key, but on
getting your spouse on the saint, Pier, a femaleal story, Havn'T um, yet just getting giddy getting Hon the same page to understand. I'm seeing long term in what I was thinking, O'M Longturn, rather than I'm. You know just the short term gratification. Ah that that was. I think that was key for me ye now. This isn't interesting dynamic because Leslie's the relationship person hear the process. Guy, the Proram or Guy- and so you see things through the programme or process as and she no you're, not ging, a process or family. You know, then, as her nother had had n Ntil, she figured out that it was relational to do it and then we did gether, and then there were yet that sight. That's a good! It's a good story, oh thinking, a very good story! Well that outside the two. You hurry your biggest shareleaders um, probably there's a like. I said my friend Ben I am Ben and his wife Kelly on that there Wans Dhat he he can a got the while rolling when he have me that the tormony make over he's always he's always encouraging.
An Dun an when he go Ben Ena Y, an n ovicer our family had nobody's been negative about it. They voalted we got really lucky I say nobody. Nobody in our families been negative about emla, I'm obviously friends and and people like that, AR what would he doing like the OTO anvication with your eyes, but I'm Nat YE, I would say I would save Thenykallia in our family, EN. Ah, you brought the kettles with you. Orer Ther names in Agesunt Jason is eight and Laurel is all right, very cool, very cool med job, and so we got a copy at Chrishoken's book for you, Rety inspire that is the next chapter in your story, Belonc to be millionaires now and outrageously, Urse along the way, and with your incomes shooting up and not Newfoundcon ll of money and no debt, you're gon to be a position to do that. Yo, Sir Well's done saw the kennols been practice in Ther debt o believe we had arrived from Texas Thin. We practised a good portion of a haha, ha ha ha all right. Let's see, Outhe Pract
rked out as Jason and Laurel Jeff and Lesley Dales Taxas Sixty pi dollars paid off in twenty four months, Maken sixty Nofive down. Let's ere a debt freeze, gree rin, three, three, two one wart, no vi le you that's ow! It's done! You know what you, then did you hear the sound That was the sound of a family tree, changing it just changed. That family will never go back there done and even those olkadso remember the day. They did. This weird thing called a deadfree scream that was the celebration of
Mmy getting out of dead and never ever ever ever ever ever going back were free. Finally, free this is that I Ren l, Mein N, Meyou, B,
Mars GRE for the day, James Four, seventeen I whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it for him. It is Zom Juliet Dordelosa right as right, even if no one else does it now your make up the truth. You dost get to participate wether, I don't care fof you log gravity or not: dry drumping off a building as he hat works. To make it up your little won't work. You will find the sidewalk Splatty Spatty there we go. There goes a fool who thought they Make up their own rules now there are rules, there's life, there's truth north is always that way. You can the other way and call it your truth and you'll get the evenge it's the long way around north is that way ride as Rerh
even if no one else does it just because no People who are all broke do something money doesn't make it the right thing to do. It is a matter of fact. It probably tell you it's the wrong thing to do with money. Since there broke seventy percent of Americans a paycheck to pay check, so what do we care? What they think about money, their plans now working fly kind, personal trainer in walking in Findang other four hundred pounds, his kind of a problem I mean, if you have a Kag and they have a six pack, listen to what they say do what they say to do. This is how it works. Er's, a truth. That's independent of your feelings! I don't feel I don't care about your feelings, I'm sorry! Your feelings don't affect me, you're, sweet! I'm glad you have feelings, it's good call. The way
Lence call somebody else that cares. I'm noing to tell you the truth. That's can change your life. The only questions are you going to a line yourself with that? Are you going to do it and you can do it? You can know at you can win? I'm telling you! People are Winnin like I've, never seen in my life right now. It is so such exciting times our question that I from blinds died. Calm brand new Custo, NDS from Blandsdocom are the easiest and most affordable way to give your entire holme a face. Lift with Blind's not gone to get free sample reeshipping and with the new promos they run every month. You'll save even more use the magic word, the promo Ramsay and you get the best possible deal. Tad Kalm Winnies in Colorado. Is it better to bank with a local credit union, a stake credit union, a local?
or a national bank. Most banks are national banks. Technically they participate in the Federal Reserve, the Efty icy insurance upplies, most credit union are ah insured by the INC. U a which is the equivalent for credit unions of the eftiacee and inso most financial institutions that you DEA with
our days that ninety some odd person of them- I don't worry about their financial solvency as a matter of whether you bank, with them or not. Now I dont deal with the large mega banks under any circumstances, and I actually don't understand why anybody does why you would get treated the way you get treated at Wells, Fargo, Bank of America and then keep doing businesses beyond me, because if you want a fine incompetence and bought a bushel basket, you can find it around places like that, it's horrendous I mean there's domiciles, airlines or dragon people off their aeroplanes in it. Just the customer does not matter people don't matter to them. Europe. Umber, so I have chosen to do business only with regional banks, where I can have solid connectivity with relationships and or smaller local banks and or cried a inions. Ah there are a few Credy indions, but
every few that are very, very large and kind of lost or soul. The Ninety nine percent of credit unions out there are very customer oriented there like a very, very small town bank, in most cases, but if you can get a local bank you're, just gotning GE treated better and the in time with the inner at and the way they they package. Their services. Ye can get the same level of in a Webb access web sophistication for dealing with your checking account moving money for savings to checking and balancing yer wreck Siling You'R checking, Acoiunt EAST Caulht bouncing a checking gown on line. All that you can do it all just about everybody's got all that now onmy if he finds som by the substandard on that and don't do business with him. But but you know it's sus, really, even the smallest of the small. Pretty much has a cut and paced thing they put together in there that they bought from somebody, but the bottom mine is Assur to you is just fine, just find you got access to Multiplate to Youmes YO got access to. You know everything out there and what's your
four is relationship and you make Some better fees here or there, a credit, Enion, bined large, ll have better deals on checking and a feual as may be a little bit better interest raid on your savings or something like that. Ah, but not always, but most of time, so just call o the hanit and that's what you're looking for, but I'm not going to take a a quarter of a point on my savings. And then be dealing with Frekenwell's Fargo. No, thank you. There's not no money on a planet to get me to go in that place again. No thank you when they have fired almost ten thousand people now for creating accounts fraudulently for people just to meet sails gulls when you fird ten thousand people for Fraudin your bank, hello. I mean
guilty and when you deal with somebody like for whilst Fargo just at we surely Bank of America the way they treat people fifth are the way they treat people saunter us the way that report I mean just did look at these large banks and look at no thank you, only thing to do with that stuff, no, I'm ny callin for a boycott. Call an utest. Tell you look, why do you do business or people TOT give you a lousy service and in yenn't n mistreat you that just Don't do it. Matthew is with Providence, Rhode, island, high Matthew. How are you e I gon it better than I deserve. What's um a sue, Mywife and I are an baby step too. I will undred ninety thousand dollars a debt beside the House Lor, I'm Wante he ar mostly private to it. Lon Dat of Mine: what are you a doctor or a lawyer? Amust, do Benediti a stupid musician
her. I actually a Umum, not arly, working. Ah with you, the Greatnotic in my imaxian insurance, Thellegricoficao, the biggest stupid tack, I've ever doneo what is your degree. Did you get a degree noi know yo my Lordn, how much of Thes ninety thousand. Did you spend on that? Not getting a degree thing here, a hundred fifty you have en beat myself up last Howi Te So what is your household in come now, sir? It is one victory, Posly loves, Geduce YE o you gat, a big, lay an I yet a big a decent shove of good Oak, an an so on Aasome ST all the one nine he has stood alone then AR one is abier. Hiller is Mo Thinken alone, a Hoat Incredigargan about I em giv UNDE, five of a card that would n'n a pay Al Ter SU yea, so you're working the Dat Snowballin
To'Ll orken the Der no wall on day e question is so much Plan a plan I should say, was to finish this in about three years: Thoug. I dincome that we have ye am an we' Ben Upgreeden, howt of famming afour after arm Capter Asily after the Quertion a Proposor. Our house in them were a hundred his equity in the house, so she was proposing what if we get down to about the eighty thousand dollar mark or show FE year, two years, any tat OU at the dead hevely I sill in the house at that point finishing it off on and linking while we gave up her still the same parried o time to get into a new house, though,. Yes eut. My my original plan, Worsood Je War Ted that noble you're Goin N, get to you're got to go. I meek, tonserves a thing if you sell the House and Idad early. You still got to put the hundred thousand back in an account before you buy Hols right
a Zarsa, it's a eager to swapint pockets with your money here, you're, not gaining any time on your calendar towards get home. So am Etright there almoss, O Eluing is expensive, emotionally and financially Fou arm I mean if you have E hundred Thousard further equity and you still have, er to buy house with later that be different, but you got a hundred and it's gome be gone and do this so Thot ye start over saving for down payment. And so you don't really gain anything on your calendar. Doing that. No, I am work in your way through it, it sounds like you got it lined up and HAM E. All e up e stuff in the pastets in the past, put it behind. You keep the plowh, though it clean it up to learn your lesson teacher don't do this sos- that you' change your family tree now, Ma'Am White, a go good for you, congratulations,
's this hour that everahamsy show in the books will be back with you before you know it. In the meantime, I member ultimately only one light of financial peace and as to walk daily with the FR, FAS cries Jesus. This is Jane's child. The ducer of the day ran to shown once again you made the day. Readly show what of the top Bie close down with his hot hath last year to get your daily does of motivation and inspiration subscribes day from
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